TAILER (Taylor)

Rebeckah, d.James, Feb.14,1723-4.CR2

TARBALL (Tarbell)

Nancy, w.William, Jan.28,1796, a.36y.9m.CR1

TARBELL (Tarball)

William, June9,1815, a.62y.GR6


Benjamin, s.Daniel and Elizabeth [dysentery.CR1], Sept.28,1805. [a.1y.4m.CR1]

Daniel, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, Apr.7,1820.

Daniel, jr., fever, at Santiago, Cuba, Dec.末,1820, a.15y.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Daniel, Aug.29,1802, a.abt. 1y.

Elizabeth, d.twin, Daniel and Elizabeth, Sept.8,1808.

Elizabeth, d.Daniel, Jan.13,1825, a.16y.

Elizabeth H., d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Jan.10,1826.

Elizabeth, w.Daniel [consumption.CR1], Feb.19,1837. [a.63y.CR1]

Elizabeth L., d.John L. and Mary, Apr.末,1841.

George Augustus, s.John L. and Mary,末蔓末,1841.

John H., s.John L. and Mary, dropsy in the head, Feb.4,1845, a.12y.11m.

Mary A., d.John L. and Mary, Apr.末,1841.

Mary, unm., brain fever, June20,1844.


末末, ch.wid., bur. Sept.11,1783.CR1



Louisa, w.Jewett, Feb.29,1840, a.34y.GR4

TAYLER (Taylor)

Sarah, w.William, Sept.10,1754, a.25y.[Sept.8.PR1]

TAYLOR (Tailer, Tayler)

末末, Mrs., May末,1718.CR1

末末, ch.James, Apr.15,1738.PR1

末末, wid.,末蔓末,1748, a.81y.PR1

末末, inf.ch.William,末蔓末,1755.PR1

末末, inf.ch.William,末蔓末,1759.PR1

末末, twin chn. Asa, fits, bur. Apr.24,1807, a.2w.CR1

Abigail, wid., bur. Jan.17,1789, a.89y.8m.CR1

Abraham,末蔓末,1759, a.19y.PR1

Andrew, at Eustatia,末蔓末,1746.PR1

Asa, s.the late Asa and Molly, victualler, brain fever, Feb.11,1844, a.43y.4m.5d.

Bartholomew, "in ye army,"末蔓末,1758.PR1

Benjamin Edwards, s.Asa, Oct.26,1798, a.abt. 1y.

James,末蔓末,1751, a.66y.PR1

William, bur. Mar.15,1784.CR1

William, s.Asa, Oct.26,1802, a.9m.


Susan P., w.Richard, Sept.17,1831.GR4


末末, Mr., drowned in Wenham pond, July3,1836, a.19y.CR2

THISSEL (Thissell)

末末, inf.ch.Jeffery,末蔓末,1763.PR1

末末, s.Jeffery, foundered,末蔓末,1764.PR1

末末, wid.Richard, Dec.5,1764, a.85y.PR1

末末, w.James, bur. May30,1783.CR1

末末, d.wid.Hannah, bur. July14,1796, a.5y.CR1

Abigail [d.James and Margaret.GR1], bur. Nov.23,1783.CR1 [Nov.18, in her 25th y.GR1]

Abigail, d.Capt. Issachar and Hannah, Nov.3,1794, a.6y.20d.GR4

Andrew, s.Andrew, 2d and Elisabeth, fits, June21,1849, a.1y.2m.4d.

[Anna.CR1], wid.[old age, at the poorhouse.CR1], Feb.2,1827, a.84y.[a.85y.CR1]

Ebenezer, jr., Nov.14,1799, a.24y.

Ebenezer, yellow fever, at Havanna, Aug.末,1809, a.24y.CR1

[Eliza Ann.GR4], ch.Capt. John [and Hannah.GR4], Aug.11,1828, a.1y.[Aug.10.GR4]

Esther, July18,1835.

George, s.John and Rebeckah, Feb.6,1831.PR201 [Feb.3, a.27y.6m.GR4]

Ginger, m.[w.Thorndike.GR4], d.Henry and Sarah Herrick, consumption, July10,1849, a.78y.[July9.GR4]

Hannah, wid.Capt. John, Jan.30,1831. [a.27y.CR3]

Hannah F., d.John [the late Capt. John.GR4] and Hannah, July24,1839. [a.16y.GR4]

Issachar, s.James [dysentery.CR1], Oct.11,1796, a.2y.1m.

James, injury of the brain, bur. Dec.9,1804.CR1

Jeffry, dysentery, bur. Aug.31,1794, a.77 2/3y.CR1 [Aug.29.GR4].

John [Capt.GR4], Jan.4,1797, a.47y.[a.48y.GR4]

John, Capt. [s.John and Rebeckah.PR201], master of the Brig Persia, of Salem, lost on Cape Ann, in a violent snow storm.He was returning from a foreign port, and the ship and all on board perished, abt. Mar.5,1829, a.29y.

Joseph [s.John and Lucy.PR12], drowned at Batavia, bur. Feb.22,1804, a.27y.CR1

Joseph, s.Capt. John and Rebecca, Dec.27,1804, a.5m.GR4

Josiah, May24,1799, a.48y.10m.[a.50y.dup.]

Lucy, w.John, May19,1834, in her 79th y.PR12

Margaret [w.James.GR1], old age, bur. June26,1810, a.83y.CR1 [July25, a.84y.GR1]

Martha, bur. Mar.2,1782.CR1

Polly, d.James, jr., Nov.1,1799, a.3w.

Sarah, wid., palsy, bur. Jan.6,1814, a.93y.CR1

Sele [Silla.GR4], d.Jeffry [and Jemima.GR4], consumption, bur. Feb.8,1807, a.21y.CR1 [Feb.6.GR4]

THISSELL (Thissel, Thissle, Thistle)

末末, s.stillborn, Ebenezer, laborer, and Nancy, June11,1846.

Abigail S., w.Amos, d.Benjamin S. and Judith Lunt, fits, Dec.9,1843, a.36y.5m.3d.

David, lost at sea, May11,1830.GR4

Hannah, w.David, Dec.9,1823, a.33y.GR4

Hannah, d.David and Hannah, Nov.末,1830, a.abt. 4m.

Harriet, w.Samuel, Mar.12,1836, a.25y.GR4

Jeffrey, "a soldier of the Revolutionary war," Sept.24,1829, a.74y.[Sept.16.GR4]

Jemima, wid.Jeffry, May13,1837, a.84y.

John G., s.Thorndike and Ginger (Gale), June19,1817. [a.3y.GR4]

John M., at Derry, NH, Jan.18,1848, a.50y.6m.GR4

Mary Ann, d.John M. and Betsy G., Dec.21,1832.GR4

Mary, d.Samuel,末蔓末,1841.

Moses, s.Samuel, June5,1833. [June7, a.3y.CR1]

Nancy, d.Samuel, July14,1816. [a.3m.CR1]

Robert, Jan.末,1800, a.22y.2m.

Samuel, s.Samuel, Aug.9,1834.

Sally, d.Samuel, Mar.18,1826. [a.5m.CR1]

Zalmon, Nov.15,1826, a.21y.3m.GR4

Thankful, d.Robert and Sally, Aug.5,1838, a.46y.GR4

THISSLE (Thissell)

末末, w.Samuel, Sept.13,1834, a.43y.CR1

末末, w.Samuel, consumption, Aug.3,1839, a.32y.CR1

Lydia, wid.William, Nov.11,1824, a.77y.CR3

THISTLE (Thissell)

末末, ch.Jeffry, June22,1738.PR1

末末, inf.ch.Jeoffry, May21,1742.PR1

末末, ch.William,末蔓末,1746.PR1

末末, two chn. Jeffery,末蔓末,1749.PR1

末末, ch.Josiah, bur. Apr.28,1775, a.7m.CR1

末末, w.Paul, bur. June2,1779.CR1

末末, s.James, bur. May16,1792, a.1d.CR1

末末, d.stillborn, James, jr., bur. May11,1801.CR1

末末, ch., bur. Dec.16,1802.CR1

Ebenzer, suddenly, bur. July15,1801, a.56y.CR1

James, bur. Nov.12,1773.CR1 [Nov.10, a.50y.GR1]

Mary, wid., bur. Dec.21,1802.CR1

Richard, sr., Oct.18,1715.CR1

Richard, Mar.17,1752, a.67y.PR1

Robert, rheumatism, bur. Jan.17,1800, a.32y.2m.CR1 [Jan.15, in his 32d y.GR4]

William, bur. Mar.13,1778, a.57y.10m.CR1


末末, s.David, inflammation of the brain, bur. Aug.21,1802, a.6y.3m.CR1

David, jr., drowned at sea, June24,1818, a.18y.CR1

David, Capt. [epilepsy.CR1], Aug.16,1827, a.59y.[bur. Aug.4.CR1]

Elizabeth [Pride.GR4], w.Capt. David.Aug.1,1821, a.48y.[bur. Aug.1.CR1]

Jonathan Pride, s.David and Elizabeth, May19,1801.

Sally, d.David, decline, bur. Nov.1,1819, a.19y.CR1

THOMPSON (Thomson, Tomson)

末末, ch.William, Apr.16,1753.PR1

末末, ch.John,末蔓末,1763, a.3y.PR1

末末, s.James, bur. July4,1803.CR1

末末, s.James, bur. July7,1803.CR1

末末, s.James, bur. July11,1803.CR1

末末, wid.James, supposed an apoplectic fit, bur. Aug.20,1807, a.39y.CR1

末末, ch.Rhoda, bur. May1,1815, a.9m.CR1

Anna, at Salem, cancer, Mar.29,1842, a.81y.

Elizabeth, affection of the heart, Feb.16,1836, a.62y.CR1

Lydia, epilepsy, June12,1832, a.31y.CR1

Sarah, wid., Dec.6,1836, a.90y.

Zilpha, d.Rhoda, lung fever, bur. Jan.18,1814, a.14y.CR1

THOMSON (Thompson)

末末, ch.Jacob, bur. July18,1775, a.18m.CR1

末末, d.James, scarlet fever, bur. July18,1795, a.1y.11m.CR1

末末, s.James, scarlet fever, bur. July18,1795, a.3y.8m.CR1

末末, s.James, scarlet fever, bur. July18,1795, a.5m.CR1

George A., s.Jacob [and Elisabeth.GR4], Nov.23,1800, a.abt. 3m.

Joanna, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Oct.20,1763, a.4y.2m.20d.

THORNDIK (Thorndike)

Edward, s.John and Joanna, Apr.21,1711.

THORNDIKE (Thorndik)

末末, Mrs., May12,1716.CR1

末末, w.Herbert,末蔓末,1718.CR1

末末, Mrs., bet. Nov. and Mar.16,1718.CR1

末末, ch.Jonathan [Aug.末,1736.]PR1

末末, ch.James, Nov.24,1741.PR1

末末, inf.ch.Herbert, May13,1743.PR1

末末, inf.ch.Andrew,末蔓末,1748.PR1

末末, ch.Jonathan,末蔓末,1749.PR1

末末, ch.stillborn, John, 3d,末蔓末,1755.PR1

末末, inf.ch.Andrew,末蔓末,1757.PR1

末末, inf.ch.John, 3d,末蔓末,1757.PR1

末末, ch.Isaac, bur. June18,1774.CR1

末末, ch.Isaac, bur. Sept.19,1777, a.8m.CR1

末末, ch.Israel, bur. Oct.23,1782.CR1

末末, ch.Osmon, bur. Nov.12,1785, a.1m.CR1

末末, wid., bur. Apr.20,1786, a.97y.CR1

末末, s.wid.Elisabeth, quincy, bur. Dec.22,1787, a.8ス y.CR1

末末, d.wid Ruth, measles, bur. June12,1790, a.3セ y.CR1

末末, s.Benjamin, Oct.19,1800, a.12d.

Abigail, wid.[Capt. Nicholas.GR1], bur. Oct.21,1795, a.55y.10m.CR1 [Oct.18.GR1]

Albert William, s.Albert and Joanna [B.GR4; scarlet fever.CR1], Dec.3,1832, a.8y.[Dec.4.CR1]

Andrew, foundered coming from Philadelphia,末蔓末,1761.PR1

Anna, wid., bur. Aug.27,1778, a.64y.CR1

Anna, d.Israel [and Anna.GR4], Dec.4,1793, a.1y.8m.

Anna, w.Hon. Israel, dysentery, bur. Aug.5,1817, a.52y.CR1 [Aug.4.GR4]

Augustus Lovett, s.Albert and Joanna [B.GR4; throat distemper.CR1], Apr.29,1841. [a.6m.dup.]

Benjamin, drowned at Philadelphia,末蔓末,1744.PR1

Benjamin, bur. Sept.10,1774.CR1

Clara, d.Albert and Joanna [B.GR4; fever.CR1], Jan.15,1837, a.4y.6m.

Daniell, s.Josiiah, coming from Gibralter,末蔓末,1760.PR1

Ebenezer, s.Paul, coming from Gibralter,末蔓末,1760.PR1

Edward, at the West Indies,末蔓末,1746.PR1

Eleanor, wid.[Capt. Osmond.GR1], cancer, palsy and dropsy, bur. June19,1805, a.45y.CR1 [June16, a.44y.GR1]

Elizebeth, w.John, Jan.13,1749. [Jan.15,1750, a.46y.GR1]

Betty, d.Col. Larkin and Ruth, Aug.末,1765, a.13y.GR1

Elizabeth, w.John, jr., Mar.23,1768, a.72y.

Elizabeth, Mrs., Nov.24,1814, in her 70th y.GR4

Elizabeth, w.Henry, Jan.1,1832, a.70y.GR4

Freeborn, supposed to have foundered in a storm on his way to Havanna, Jan.末,1812, a.30y.CR1

George, s.Israel and Anna, Oct.末,1788, a.1y.9m.

Hale, s.John, jr., July8,1737.PR1

Hannah, d.Robert and Elizabeth, Jan.末,1727, a.abt. 4y.

Henry, s.John, jr. and Elizibeth, Aug.24,1745, a.4y.3m.

Henry, jr., fever, at Philadelphia, bur. Oct.末,1809, a.24y.CR1

Henry, dropsy, bur. Apr.23,1811, a.54y.CR1

Henry O., s.Capt., Nicholas and Elizabeth, at Boston, May3,1841, a.30y.GR4

Herbert, jr., July10,1746.PR1

Herbert, Jan.6,1762, a.78y.PR1

Hezekiah, s.John, jr. and Elizabeth, Mar.8,1724-5, a.4m.

Hezekiah, on board man of war,末蔓末,1758.PR1

Huldah, w.Larkin [Col. Larkin, d.Major John Leach.GR1], bur. Aug.24,1790, a.49y.CR1 [Aug.21.GR1]

Isaac, smallpox, bur. Oct.16,1779.CR1

Isaac [nervous fever.CR1], Mar.3,1798, a.26y.

Israel,末蔓末,1754, a.30y.PR1

Israel, s.Capt. Israel and Mercy, Nov.2,1782, a.2y.GR1

Jeremiah, at Havana, May15,1821, a.20y.GR4

Joanna, d.John, jr. and Elizabeth, Aug.8,1729, a.7m.

Joanna, d.Henry [and Elizabeth.GR4], Sept.30,1796, a.11m.[Sept.28.GR4]

John, Capt., Mar.13,1760, a.abt. 86y.[Mar.24.PR1]

John, jr., foundered,末蔓末,1764.PR1

John, July10,1769, in his 69th y.GR1

John Lovett, s.Albert and Joanna [B.GR4], Sept.1,1829. [a.13m.20d.GR4]

Jonathan, at Halifax, Sept.28,1750.PR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, drowned going to the West Indies, Mar.末,1765, a.26y.

Joseph, supposed to be lost coming from Newfoundland, Nov.末,1747.PR1

Josiah, bur. Mar.24,1773.CR1

Larkin, Esq. [of Ipswich, paralysis.CR1], Dec.19,1796, a.66y.abt. 6m.

Luke, "at Vinyard",末蔓末,1763.PR1

Mary, d.Paul and Abigail, Apr.末,1749.

Mary, bur. Mar.14,1780, a.15y.CR1

Mehetabel, smallpox, bur. Aug.21,1778, a.73y.CR1

Mehitable, w.Nicholas [consumption.CR1], May25,1808. [in her 41st y.GR4; a.44y.CR1]

[Mercy.GR1], w.[Capt.GR1], bur. Oct.24,1783.CR1 [Oct.20, a.27y.GR1]

Mercy, sister of Nicholas [d.the late Capt. Nicholas and Abigail.GR4], consumption, bur. Apr.25,1807, a.24y.CR1 [Apr.23, a.23y.GR4]

[Nancy.GR1], d.Henry [and Elizabeth.GR1], hydrocephalus, bur. Dec.9,1790, a.11m.CR1 [Dec.4.GR1]

Nancy, d.[Capt.GR4] Freeborn [and Nancy.GR4], consumption, occasioned by the whooping cough, bur. Nov.22,1808, a.1y.CR1 [Nov.27, a.17m.GR4]

Nancy, w.William, d.John and Sarah Stephens, at Bath, ME, June5,1823, a.26y.GR4

Nicolas, bur. Feb.19,1788, a.54y.CR1 [Feb.17.GR1]

Nicholas, Capt., lost at sea,末蔓末,1819, a.29y.GR4

Nicholas, Esq. [dropsy.CR1], Mar.31,1821, a.57y.[Mar.27.GR4]

Osmond [Capt.GR1], bur. May30,1796, a.34 2/3y.CR1 [May28.GR1]

Paul, jr., supposed to be lost in a hurricane, in ye West Indies, Aug.18,1738.PR1

Paul, Feb.14,1742.PR1

Paul, at Halifax, Oct.12,1750.PR1

Samuel, supposed to be lost coming from Newfoundland, Nov.末,1747.PR1

Sarah, wid., old age, bur. Oct.15,1806, a.71y.CR1

Sidney, s.Israel and Anna, May29,1802, a.10m.

William A., s.[Capt.GR4] Jeremiah [and Haphzibah.GR4], Jan.4,1799, a.9d.[a.1y.dup.]

William [consumption.CR1], s.Nicholas and Mehitable, July12,1835. [a.40y.CR1]


Nabby, w.James, childbed, bur. Jan.28,1820, a.23y.CR1

Betsy, w.James, dysentery, bur. Oct.末,1822, a.67y.CR1


James William, s.John R. and Lucy Ann (Pickett), erysipelas, Aug.6,1845. [a.6m.17d.GR4]


Caroline [C.GR6], d.Eli [W.GR6] and Emily [J.GR6], consumption, May30,1848, a.4y.[May29.GR6]

Phebe O., d.Eli W. and Emily J., Aug.16,1848, a.1y.GR6

Samuel, July4,1836, a.18y.10m.GR6


末末, w.John, bur. Sept.20,1777.CR1

Elizabeth, d.the late Capt. John, suddenly, July8,1831, a.67y.[July6.GR4]

John, Capt., Dec.9,1800, a.65y.6m.[Dec.8.GR4]

Joseph E., convulsion fits, Oct.5,1837, a.3 2/3y.CR1

Lydia, w.Capt. John, Apr.25,1818, a.65y.GR4

TOD (Todd)

末末, ch.John, bur. June6,1776, a.18m.CR1

TODD (Tod)

Mary, wid., decline, bur. Oct.29,1815, a.75y.CR1

TOMSON (Thompson)

Lydia, d.Jacob [and Elisabeth.GR4], Sept.23,1800, a.1y.9m.[Sept.3.GR4; bur. Sept.4.CR1]

TORREY (Torry)

Mary (Cutler), w.Joseph,末蔓末,1836.PR94

Sophia, d.Joseph and Mary,末蔓末,1797.PR94

TORRY (Torrey)

末末, ch.末末, Nov.29,1712.CR1

末末, Mrs., Nov.29,1712.CR1


Tabitha, w.Andrew, May15,1792, a.24y.6m.GR3


Christian, d.John and Mary, May15,1688, a.abt. 1y.

John, "of Winverd, in old England, neare Bristow, afterward apprentice with Andrew Elliott, shoemaker, of Beverly, husband unto Mary Herrick, d.Ephraim (now wid.), unfortunately drowned coming from Winter Island, in a cannoo; not to be forgotten," Aug.24,1686.

TOWN (Towne)


TOWNE (Town, Towns)

Andrew K., unm., trader, b. Boston, s.Jonathan [and Rebecca P.GR4], consumption, at Roxbury, Mar.9,1849, a.25y.2m.16d.[Mar.7.GR4]

Jacob, s.Cyrus K. and Mary Ann, lung fever, July23,1843, a.6d.

Jonathan, Mar.4,1845, a.53y.GR4

Mary Ann, b. Kennebunk, ME, d.Jacob and Edith Webber, consumption, July23,1848, a.30y.

William Lewis, s.Lewis S. and Rosalie [(Linscott). dup.], dropsy, Feb.5,1849, a.4y.9m.18d.

TOWNS (Towne)

末末, d.Amos, Feb.26,1799, a.1y.10m.

Mary, w.Amos [pulmonary consumption.CR1], Oct.15,1798, a.30y.9m.


末末, w.Phillip, dropsy, bur. May26,1807, a.42y.CR1

William Haskell, s.Betsy, fever and ague, bur. Aug.13,1810, a.17y.CR1

TRASK (Traske)

末末, ch.Samuel, Sept.30,1715.CR1

末末, ch.Samuel [Aug.末,1736.]PR1

末末, 2d ch.Joseph [Aug.末,1736.]PR1

末末, inf.ch.stillborn, Osman,末蔓末,1760.PR1

末末, wid.Joseph, aged,末蔓末,1761.CR2

末末, inf.ch.Osman,末蔓末,1761.PR1

末末, ch.Osmon, jr., bur. July1,1777, a.18m.CR1

末末, ch.Osman, jr., bur. July5,1777, a.3y.CR1

末末, ch.Freeborn, bur. Sept.11,1777, a.3y.CR1

末末, ch.Osmon, jr., bur. Apr.29,1781, a.20m.CR1

末末, d.stillborn, Ebenezer, May30,1783.CR2

末末, ch.Jeremiah, bur. Nov.26,1783.CR1

末末, s.Edward, bur. Aug.10,1784.CR1

末末, s.stillborn, Benjamin, bur. May25,1797.CR1

末末, twin chn., John, bur. Oct.末,1805.CR1

末末, w.Osmon, consumption, Feb.24,1806, a.57y.CR2

末末, w.Osmond, fever, bur. Aug.末,1807, a.61y.CR1

末末, ch.Jeremy, sore mouth, bur. Aug.末,1807, a.61y.CR1

末末, ch.Israel, bur. Aug.11,1812, a.2w.CR1

末末, w.Benjamin, asthma and influenza, bur. Nov.1,1815, a.60y.CR1

末末, ch.John, canker in the bowels, bur. Sept.27,1819, a.1y.7m.CR1

末末, inf.d.Capt. Israel, May1,1828.CR2

末末, inf.d.William Trow, July15,1838.CR2

末末, ch.Mrs.Eliza, Aug.末,1841, a.9w.

末末, ch.Josiah T. and Sarah, fever, Jan.2,1845, a.12d.

Albert, s.Samuel and Nancy [D.GR6], Sept.6,1824, a.5y.[Sept.11, a.7y.GR6]

Anna, bur. Aug.25,1773, a.14y.CR1

Anna, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, Sept.25,1809.

Anna, unm., d.Manasah and Elisabeth, old age, Feb.19,1846, a.91y.6d.

Bartholomew, jr., decline, May2,1803, a.29y.CR2

Bartholomew, cancer, May1,1811, a.76y.CR2

Benjamin, May8,1753, a.84y.

Benjamin, Apr.2,1825, a.69y.GR4

Benjamin, m., s.Osmand, laborer, consumption, May27,1848, a.63y.5m.7d.[May25.GR4]

Caroline, d.Israel and Polly, Nov.12,1837. [Nov.11, a.25y.GR4]

Caroline, unm., b. Salem, d.Benjamin and Betsy, at Salem, Jan.13,1848, a.19y.

Charles W., s.Nathaniel and Nancy, Nov.6,1819.

Charles W[illiamGR4], s.Nathaniel and Nancy, Apr.21,1832, a.11y.6m.[Apr.19.GR4]

Christian, w.John, of Salem [Coves.TC], "being violently asalted by the temtations of Satan, cut her owne throte with a paire of sisers to the astonishment and grief of all, espesialy her most nere relations," June3,1689.

Daniel, lost bound to Virginia,末蔓末,1746.PR1

David, s.twin, Samuell and Susanah, Oct.31,1702, a.1w.

Deborah [Aug.末,1736.]PR1

Deborah, unm., May18,1825.CR2 [a.83y.GR6]

Ebenezer, Dec.6,1762.PR1

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer, jr. and Nabby, Oct.3,1807.

Ebenezer, h.Betsey, Mar.9,1814. [a.72y.GR6]

Edward, May5,1737.PR1

Edward, Apr.8,1752.PR1

Eliza, unm., July末 末,1840.

Eliza (Lee), wid.Osmand, jr., b. Manchester, consumption, Sept.2,1843, a.61y.[Sept.6. dup.; Sept.3.CR2]

Elizabeth, w.John, Nov.26,1715.CR2

Elisabeth, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Apr.8,1753, in her 22d y.GR3

Betsy, d.Ebenezer and Betsey [quincy.CR2], Nov.16,1782. [a.3y.CR2]

Elisabeth, w.Retire, tetanus, bur. Feb.1,1786, a.58y.CR1

Elisabeth, wid.[Capt.GR1] Osmond, old age, bur. Oct.5,1804, a.88y.CR1 [Oct.4.GR1]

Betsey, w.Ebenezer [insanity.CR2], Dec.23,1811. [a.65y.GR6; a.68y.CR2]

Elizabeth, w.Benjamin, Oct.31,1816, a.55y.GR4

Elisabeth C., d.Benjamin and Catharine, Sept.12,1822.

Elisabeth (Cheever), wid.Osmand [T.CR2], b. Danvers, old age, Sept.18,1843, a.92y.[Sept.17, a.91y.CR2]

Elisabeth, d.Ebenezer and Jane Wallis, at Salem, Sept.7,1845, a.43y.

Ezra, Nov.6,1789.

Freeborn, 1st, h.Mrs.Molly Dodge, at a foreign port, Sept.末,1796.GR8

George Warner, s.Israel, 2d and Elizabeth, Oct.8,1828. [a.4y.10m.GR6]

George Oliver, s.Oliver and Elizabeth, at Mansanilla, Cuba, Mar.3,1844, a.21y.GR4

Gustavus, unm., s.Oliver and Elisabeth, consumption, Feb.28,1847, a.21y.2m.17d.[Feb.27.GR4]

Hannah, d.Philip and Mary, Nov.30,1795. [a.2y.4m.dup.]

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, Feb.10,1830.PR16

Henry, drowned at Marblehead,末蔓末,1747.PR1

Herbert W., s.Jeremiah and Hephzibah, June1,1813, a.13d.GR4

Ire, s.John and Elizabeth, Dec.12,1795.

Israel, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Jan.13,1754, in his 7th y.GR3

Israel, bur. Nov.28,1783.CR1

Israel Milton, s.Israel W. [jr. dup.] and Martha F., consumption, Sept.22,1843, a.2y.6m.

Israel, jr., May29,1846, a.29y.CR3

Israel W., m., s.Israel and Polly, consumption, June1,1846, a.29y.1m.24d.

James D., s.Oliver and Elizabeth, Sept.8,1819, a.7m.22d.GR4

[Jane.GR1], w.Osman, Dec.23,1749.PR1

Jeremiah, h.Hannah, Feb.22,1840. [Feb.23, a.80y.CR3]

Joanna, w.Edward, suddenly, May13,1836, a.57y.

John, May13,1720, a.abt. 62y.CR2

John H., s.John and Elizabeth, Oct.24,1843, a.1y.5m.GR4

John D., b. Salem, s.Benjamin and Betsey, dropsy, at Salem, Sept.9,1848, a.8m.

Jonathan, s.twin, Samuell and Susanah, Oct.31,1702, a.1w.

Josiah, s.Manasseh and Mary, May28,1808, a.3m.GR4

Josiah Raymond, s.Josiah, influenza or catarral affection, June27,1812, a.9m.CR2

Josiah F., s.Benjamin and Catharine, Oct.30,1826.

Josiah, consumption, Sept.27,1841, a.63y.

Judith, w.Bartholomew, childbirth, Apr.16,1783, a.39y.CR2

Lucy, unm.[palsy.CR1], Nov.30,1823, a.69y.[bur. Nov.30, a.70y.CR1]

Mahala, Mrs., pleurisy and fever, Apr.21,1844, a.37y.CR5

Maria Rosabella, d.Ebenezer and Mary Caroline, teething, June22,1849, a.1y.6m.27d.

Mary, w.Ebenezer, June19,1751, a.47y.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Betsey, Feb.19,1772.

Mary Baker, d.Samuel and Nancy, Sept.7,1824, a.1y.5d.

Mary H., d.Benjamin and Catharine, Oct.4,1824.

Polly, w.Israel, Aug.8,1834, a.45y.GR4

Mary Elizabeth, d.William T. and Lydia, July末,1839.

Mary Baker [Miss.GR6], consumption, at Lowell, Nov.9,1845, a.47y.[Nov.15.GR6]

Menassiah, Oct.11,1761.PR1 [Oct.12, a.40y.GR1]

Marcy, w.Benjamin, Apr.2,1710, a.abt. 52y.

Mercy, w.Samuell, Apr.末,1752. [May1.PR1]

Miles, bur. Sept.4,1773.CR1

Miles, typhus fever, Apr.25,1832, a.47y.CR1

Nancy E., d.Nathaniel and Nancy, Dec.10,1824.

Nancy Adams, d.Israel, 2d and Elizabeth, May1,1829. [a.3y.7m.dup.; 1828, a.2y.4m.GR6]

Nancy [D.GR6], w.Samuel [apoplexy.CR2], June13,1846, a.56y.

Nathaniel, "killed in an Engagement with a British Privateer,"末蔓末,1782, a.22y.CR2

Osborn, Feb.末,1825.CR2

Osman, s.Freeborn and Molly, at a foreign port, Sept.末,1796.GR8

Osmon [old age.CR1], Nov.21,1833, a.91y.abt. 7m.

Peter, inf.s.Josiah, Mar.17,1721-2.CR2

Priscilla, wid., bur. June30,1782.CR1

Retire, bur. Apr.3,1802, a.82y.CR1


Ruth, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, Apr.末,1845.

Ruth, unm., d.Manasah and Elizabeth, old age, Mar.1,1846, a.87y.7m.16d.

Samuel, Mar.末,1751. [a.62y.PR1]

Samuel, s.Ebenezer and Betsey, Feb.17,1777.

Sarah, w.Joseph, Aug.28,1800, a.32y.

Sarah B., d.Nathaniel and Nancy, Mar.30,1818.

Sally, w.Israel, 3d, consumption, Dec.30,1826, a.21y.[bur. Dec.28., a.22y.CR1]

Sarah B[atchelder.GR4], d.Nathaniel and Nancy, Apr.19,1829. [a.5y.10m.GR4]

Sally [E.GR6], d.Josiah, typhus fever, Sept.13,1839, a.20y.CR2 [a.21y.GR6]


Triphena, w.Benjamin, d.Joseph Herrick, Nov.末,1756, a.70y.[Dec.10, a.72y.PR1]

William, May12,1811, a.70y.CR2

William, at the Almshouse, Feb.6,1834, a.58y.

TRASKE (Trask)

末末, inf.ch.Benjamin, Jan.19,1730-1.CR2

末末, inf.ch.Josiah, May6,1730.CR2

末末, inf.ch.Benjamin, Apr.7,1731.CR2

末末, w.Josiah,末蔓末,1732.CR2





Mercy, w.Benjamin, Apr.2,1710, a.abt. 52y.



William, Jan.16,1722-3, a.51y.CR2


Martha, wid.John, Mar.5,1717-18, a.abt. 55y.



末末, s.stillborn, John, bur. Aug.12,1788.CR1

John, s.James Elliot's wife by a former husband, yellow fever at Norfolk, VA, bur. Nov.末,1811, a.22y.CR1

TROUT (Trowt)

末末, s.Abraham, bur. Feb.17,1794, a.1d.CR1


末末, inf.d.William, June25,1722.CR2

末末, inf.d.William, Mar.12,1729-30.CR2

末末, inf.ch.William, Mar.17,1730-1.CR2

末末, wid.George, Nov.1,1751, a.84y.PR1

末末, w.Josiah, Aug.29,1802, a.abt. 65y.CR2

末末, s.stillborn, James, Dec.6,1803.CR2

末末, ch.Charles, canker and fits, Aug.18,1805, a.10m.CR2

Anne, Mar.7,1736, a.3y.

George,末蔓末,1749, a.abt. 84y.PR1

George, at the Camp [near Lake George],末蔓末,1756.CR2

James, Capt., mortification, Feb.12,1838.CR2 [a.58y.GR6]

Josiah, Feb.28,1814, a.76y.CR2

Mary, w.Capt. James, June2,1818, a.43y.GR6

Mary [d.Capt. James and Mary.GR6], consumption, Nov.26,1836, a.24y.CR2

Rager, s.George and Sarah, July2,1707, a.11y.

Sabrina, d.Capt. James and Mary, June4,1818, a.12y.GR6

Sarah, d.George and Sarah, Jan.25,1699-1700, a.10y.11m.

William, Jan.15,1745, a.55y.



TROWT (Trout)

末末, inf.ch.Jacob, Dec.末,1838.CR5

Abraham [consumption.CR1], Feb.6,1826, a.69y.[bur. Feb.6, a.62y.CR1]

Addison, s.Abraham and Nancy, Feb.21,1835.PR144

Anna, w.Abraham, consumption, Jan.6,1825, a.56y.[bur. Jan.6, a.59y.CR1]

Ruth Ober, w.Abraham, jr., Sept.27,1824.PR144

Ruth Ober, d.Abraham and Nancy, Mar.12,1837.PR144


Sarah, w.末末, pulmonary consumption, bur. Jan.21,1794, a.38y.CR1


Jerusha, Mrs.[w.John.GR4], Mar.31,1828.CR6 [a.58y.GR4]


末末, ch.stillborn, Thomas, Aug.2,1737.PR1

末末, ch.William, jr., Jan.3,1740.PR1

末末, inf.ch.George, Aug.12,1742.PR1

末末, inf.ch.William, Sept.5,1742.PR1

末末, wid.John, Nov.25,1743.PR1

末末, ch.Thomas,末蔓末,1744.PR1

末末, ch.George,末蔓末,1745.PR1

末末, ch.Ralph,末蔓末,1747.PR1

末末, w.George,末蔓末,1751, a.70y.PR1

末末, d.Ralph,末蔓末,1762.PR1

末末, inf.s.Ralph, at Boston,末蔓末,1762.PR1

末末, inf.ch.Samuel,末蔓末,1764.PR1

末末, inf.ch.Sewall, bur. Mar.31,1773.CR1

末末, w.George, bur. Nov.11,1777, a.72y.CR1

末末, ch.William, bur. Sept.4,1778, a.2y.CR1

末末, ch.Sewall, bur. Sept.26,1781, a.13m.CR1

末末, ch.Sewel, bur. Oct.9,1782.CR1

末末, s.Samuel, bur. Oct.19,1790, a.1y.CR1

末末, d.Henry, bur. Apr.16,1794, a.2y.CR1

末末, ch.John, bur. Oct.15,1813, a.1y.CR1

Abigel, d.Joseph and Sarah, drowned, July17,1718, a.abt. 12y.

Abigail, wid., bur. Apr.27,1792, a.nearly 68y.CR1

Abagail [wid.William.GR4; pulmonary consumption.CR1], Sept.30,1798, a.45y.5m.[a.44y.6m.GR4]

Charles A., s.Galvin and Mehetable, Sept.25,1840.GR4

Ebenezer, bur. Sept.5,1778.CR1

Eleseph, d.William and Elizebeth, Jan.7,1739.

Elisha, bur. June17,1781.CR1

George, May8,1751, a.74y.PR1

George, bur. June7,1784.CR1

Hannah, w.Thomas, bur. Sept.29,1774.CR1

Hannah, w.Samuel, parturition, bur. Nov.末,1792, a.23y.CR1

Harriet D., d.Galvin and Mehetable, Nov.29,1847.GR4

John [3d.CR1], s.John, jr. and Sarah, Apr.10,1718, a.abt. 18y.[Apr.19.CR1; Apr.24.GR1]

John, s.George, "drowned coming fr. Phil.,"末蔓末,1761.PR1

John, bur. Jan.12,1775, a.55y.CR1

John [at Martinique.GR4], Nov.30,1817.PR111 [a.36y.GR4]

John, yellow fever, at Port au Prince, bur. Jan.末,1818, a.38y.CR1

John William, s.Robert and Anna, Jan.22,1825, a.6y.9m.

John, unm., mariner, s.John and Martha, consumption, June9,1849, a.43y.

Joseph, Mar.2,1717-18, a.abt. 42y.7m.[a.41y.6m.GR1]

Joseph, s.William and Elizabeth, Dec.20,1736.

Joseph, s.William and Elizabeth, Sept.18,1742.

Lois, w.Ralph, bur. Oct.7,1778, a.77y.CR1

Mary, w.Samuel, lung fever and old age, bur. Mar.15,1806, a.69y.CR1

Mary Ann, Sept.17,1814.PR111

Mary, consumption, Oct.12,1835, a.73y.CR1

Nancy, w.Robert, childbed, bur. Mar.22,1806, a.18y.CR1 [Mar.20.GR4]

Nancy F., w.Robert, consumption, Feb.17,1842, a.53y.[Feb.16, a.52y.GR4]

Ralph, atrophy, bur Jan.13,1786, a.80y.CR1

Samuel, Feb.7,1740.PR1

Samuel, fever, on his return from Calcutta, Mar.末,1817, a.29y.CR1

Samuel, widr., mariner, s.John and Abigail, old age, Sept.23,1849, a.88y.20d.

Sarah, wid., pulmonary consumption, bur. Oct.29,1792, a.41y.10m.CR1

Sarah, pulmonary consumption, bur. Nov.17,1793, a.20y.11m.CR1

Sally, w.Samuel, dropsy, bur. Dec.29,1807, a.48y.CR1

Sally, w.Henry, consumption, bur. Sept.23,1814, a.44y.CR1

Sally, burnt to death in consequence of a fit, bur. Apr.9,1815, a.22y.CR1

Sally, unm.[dysentery.CR1], Sept.26,1827, a.31y.

Sewall, bur. May15,1784.CR1

Thomas, bur. Mar.20,1775, a.60y.CR1

William, s.William and Elizebeth, Jan.3,1737.

William, jr.,末蔓末,1750, a.abt. 40y.PR1

William, bur. Nov.27,1772, a.75y.CR1

William, s.William and Hannah, at the Almshouse, Jan.25,1832, a.29y.


末末, ch.Thomas, bur. Sept.18,1778, a.4m.CR1

Daniel, July15,1724, a.abt. 36y.

Lydia [w.Richard H.GR6], May23,1836.CR4 [a.30y.10m.8d.GR6]

Lydia, d.Richard H. and Mary, scarlet fever [throat distemper.CR2], Nov.4,1846, a.5y.2m.3d.


Abigail, wid.John, Apr.16,1828, a.80y.CR3


Annis, Feb.21,1798, a.68y.

TWISS (Twist)

末末, d.Benjamin, bur. Aug.7,1793, a.11m.CR1

末末, d.Benjamin, bur. Sept.23,1795, a.9ス m.CR1

末末, d.Benjamin, fever, May17,1802, a.6y.CR2

末末, d.Benjamin, June10,1802, a.2y.CR2

末末, w.Robert, bilious fever, bur. June11,1811, a.70y.CR1

末末, ch.Joshua, worm fever, bur. Oct.8,1811, a.2y.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, June21,1803.

Benjamin F., s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, dropsy in head, Feb.4,1846, a.9m.18d.

Clarissa, w.Joshua, jr., spasmodic headache, bur. Oct.29,1813, a.22y.CR1

Robert, jr., Nov.20,1798, a.abt. 22y.

Robert [lung fever.CR1], Dec.28,1834, a.89y.[a.90y.CR1]

Sally, d.Robert, a swelling in the abdomen, bur. July16,1815, a.45y.CR1

TWIST (Twiss)

末末, s.Benjamin, bur. Sept.21,1803.CR1

末末, ch.Joseph, bowel disease, Sept.17,1836, a.20m.CR1

Clarissa, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, [throat distemper. dup], Jan.18,1844. [a.2y.6m.dup.]

Daniel [s.Benjamin and Eliza T.GR6; dumb.CR2], fits, Mar.17,1844, a.15y.[Mar.16.GR6]

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth [throat distemper. dup.], Feb.28,1844. [Feb.27, a.6y.9m.GR6; a.8y.dup.]


Aaron, s.Aaron, canker in the bowels and influenza, bur. Nov.22,1815, a.1y.CR1

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