Archelaus, and Mary Eliot, Nov.8,1774.CR1*

Ebenezer, of Danvers, and [Mrs.int.] Abigail Cutler, Jan.14,1781.CR1*

Emma, and Francis Benson, jr., Jan.6,1803.CR2*

Eunice, and John Porter, 2d, Apr.22,1804.*

Lydia, of Danvers, and John Huse, int.Aug.26,1827.

Sarah, of Salem, and Nathaniel Wallis, at Salem, July1,1740.*


Jesse, and Priscilla [L. int.] Bradford [int.Mar.31,1839.]*


Samuel, Rev., of Marblehead, and Henrietta Bridge, Feb.29,1808.*

Susanna Coombs, and William Richards Lawrence of Boston, int.Nov.18,1838.


Harriot, and John Tuck, May7,1805.*

Molly, of Ipswich, and William Ellinwood, int.June16,1776.

Nathan, and Polly [Mrs.Mary.int.] Brown, Nov.14,1779.CR1*

Samuel, and Mrs.Hannah Ellinwood, Nov.26,1771.*

Sally, and Ezra Cleaves, Apr.10,1798.*

Sarah, and Henry E. Woodberry,末蔓末, [bef. 1843.]

Sophia [of Chelmsford.int.], and John Elliot, 2d, Apr.16,1826.*

Tabitha, and Joseph Lovett, jr., Mar.18,1777.CR1*

DANFORTH (Danfort)

Abigail H[ouper.PR167], and Edmund K[imball.PR167] Gallop, Mar.13,1842. [1843.PR167]*

Lucy Ann, and Henry Kitfield of Boston, May31,1840.*

Lydia, Mrs., of Manchester, and Jacob Groce, int.Oct.4,1829.

Pamelia, and Philip S. Young, a.32y., cordwainer, s.William and Abigail [of Wneham, int.May1.], 1849.*

Stephen, of Ipswich, and Mary Hibbert, Dec.9,1754.*


Joshua, and Hepzibah Putney of Danvers, int.Apr.5,1807.

DARLING (Darlin)

Esther Allen, and Charles Woodbury, July4,1839.PR45

Hannah, of Marblehead, and Jacob Selman, int.Dec.2,1792.

DAVIDSON (Davison, Davisson)

Dorcas, of Ipswich, and Nicholas Williams, Nov.16,1705.*

Betsey, and Joseph Grant, Aug.29,1793.*

Hephzibah [Davisson. int.], and Robert Baker, jr., Dec.1,1799.*

Josiah, and Abigal Thorndick, Nov.末,1757.*

Martha, of Ipswich, and Benjamin Conant, int.Dec.25,1720.

Peter, and Sarah Eaton, July30,1735.*

Sarah, and Daniel Kimball [of Wenham.int.], Dec.16,1708.*

Sally, and John Moulton, June16,1785.

Tamme, of Ipswich, and John Roberts at Ipswich Hamlet, Apr.24,1788.*

William, of Manchester, and Martha Masters, at Manchester, Feb.21,1754.*

DAVIS (Davice, Davies)

Abigail [Elizabeth.CR2], and Ephraim Pickard of Rowley, Dec.10,1772.*

Charles, and Helen M[aria.int.] Stephens, June17,1841.*

Cunningham, and Sally Cheever, both of Manchester, Nov.19,1795.CR1

Elizebeth, and George Nickles of Marblehead, int.July15,1716.

Elisabeth, wid., of Salem, and Osman Trask, at Salem, Jan.2,1752.

Enoch, of Salem, and Betsey Prince, Dec.31,1809.*

Ira, cordwainer, and Thirza A. Haskell, a.18y., d.Paul and Thirza, Jan.17,1849.*

Isaac, and Lidia Black, Sept.28,1659.

James P[aine.PR117], of Cambridge [East Cambridge. int.], and Elizabeth W. Webber, Apr.21,1837.*

John, and Elizabeth C. Beckford of Salem, int.June15,1823.

John W., of Boston, and Elisabeth L. Lee, Mar.27,1836.*

Joshua W., and Martha Patterson, May28,1841. [May26.PR122]*

Lucy, and Pyam Lovett, Sept.22,1814.

Mary, and Richard Biles, int.Jan.22,1695-6.

Mary, see Pears, Mary.

Mary, of Wells, and Josiah Stone, int.Oct.22,1748.

Nancy [Mrs.int.], and John Moore of Chelsea, Aug.17,1835.*

Rebeccah [Mrs.int.], and John Launder [resident of Beverly.int.], at Danvers, Sept.25,1784.*

Samuel, and Polly Sears, Aug.16,1791.*

Samuel, and Mary [Nancy.int.] T. Wallis, Nov.2,1830.*

Sarah, Mrs.[of Gloucester. int.], and Capt. Henry Herrick, at Gloucester, Nov.11,1739.*

Sarah, and Aaron Potter, Sept.30,1777.CR1*

Sally, and John Stephens, Nov.19,1788.*

Silvanus, and Mary Harris, at Salem, Mar.11,1707.

Thomas, of Salem, and Abigal Stephens, Sept.27,1746.*

Thomas, of Marblehead, and Rebecca Twist, Nov.5,1778.CR1*

Thomas, jr., and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Woodberry, May24,1788.*

William, resident of Beverly, and Mrs.Elizabeth Godfrey, int.Apr.14,1822.

William F., and Martha A. Messervey, June14,1840.*


Andrew, of Manchester, and Christian West, Sept.11,1753.*

Anna, Mrs., of Manchester, and Richard Ober, 3d, int.June9,1816. [died at the Eastward before marriage.]

Anstiss, of Ipswich, and Benjamin Foster, at Ipswich, June16,1796.*

Benjamin, of Salem, and Polly Barrett, Dec.27,1809.*

Christian [Mrs.int.], and Joseph Mooers [Moors.int.] of Haverhill, June24,1760.*

Eliza F., of Alfred, ME, and Alvin F. Dodge, a.26y.20d., s.Dudley and Sophronia, Aug.27 [Aug.29. dup.], 1843.*

Elizabeth [Mrs., late of Boothbay, now resident of Beverly.int.] and Nicholas Carrel, jr., Apr.30,1788.*

Betsy, and John Tuck, jr., both of Manchester, Dec.3,1795CR1

Isaac S., of Manchester, and Eliza Ann Allen, Jan.8,1839.*

Lucinda, and Isaiah H. Dodge, a.25y.9m.23d., s.Dudley and Sophronia, Apr.24,1845.*

Mary, and James Lindall, both of Wenham, Mar.22,1749.

Richard, of Manchester, and Abbigall Hill, int.Oct.6,1728.

Samuel, and Sophronia A. Dodge, a.16y.8m.25d., d.Dudley and Sophronia, May16,1844.*

Sarah P., of Ipswich, and Luke R. Prince, int.June7,1812.

Sarah, and Edward L. Kimball of Wenham, [int.Sept.2], 1848.*


Nethaniel, of Ipswich, and Mary Pickott, July9,1769.*

Sarah, of Ipswich, and Ebenezer Ellinwood, jr., int.Jan.27,1771.


Ebenezer, and Hannah Dyson, Feb.18,1816.

Henry, a.20y.10m., tin plate worker, of Danvers, s.Henry and Abigail, and Mary Ann Cary, a.18y.10m.22d., d.Robert and Sally, Oct.22,1845.*


Morten, and Betsey Quill, int.Dec.2,1798.

DEDMAN (Deadman)

Polly, and Oliver Cole, Dec.9,1800.*

Polly [Sally.int.], and Henry Creesy, 2d, Apr.2,1801.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Cole, Nov.15,1807.*

Sarah, and William Dedman, resident of Beverly, Nov.23,1797.*

William [resident of Beverly.int.], and Sarah Creesy, Nov.30,1779.CR1*

William, resident of Beverly, and Sarah Deadman, Nov.23,1797.*

DELAND (Daland, Dealand, Deland)

Benjamin, and Katherine Hodg, Dec.7,1681.

Benjamin, jr., and, wid.Sally West of Salem, at Salem, Nov.16,1788.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Foster, int.Sept.30,1792.

George, of Salem, and Joanna B. Trow, Sept.7,1809.*

Mary, and John Roundy, Dec.2,1703.

Phillip, and Abigel Bradford, int.July10,1708.

Thorndike [jr. int.], of Salem, and Mehitible Batchelder, Sept.6,1801.*


Elijah, Rev. [of West Newbury.int.], and Lucy Brown, May29,1821.*


Roger, and [Mrs.int.] Elisabeth Stone, Mar.12,1786.*


Charles, and Sarah Glasier, Oct.31,1789.*

Charles, and Sarah Endicott Ford, Aug.23,1803.*

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Hale Hilton, int.Sept.14,1800.

George, and Nancy Wyatt, int.May26,1816.

George, and Nancy Andrews, Feb.29,1820.*

James [resident of Beverly.int.], and Mary Giles, Nov.7,1779.CR1*

James, and Sukey Benson Webb, June16,1806.*

John, and Lydia Allen, Feb.27,1816.

John [of Marblehead.int.], and Margaret H. Lunt, June2,1833.*

John, and Mary E. Herrick, at Wenham, Oct.25,1842.*

John J., a.28y.5m.10d., cordwainer, s.Charles and Sarah E., and Ann S. Lunt, a.25y.11m.10d., d.Benjamin S. and Judith, Dec.8,1844.*

Joseph, of Wenham, and Susanah Lucas, Nov.16,1710.*

Lucy, and William Lakeman of Wenham, int.May31,1835.

Lydia, wid., and Benjamin Tasker [resident of Beverly.int.], Jan.22,1826.*

Mary H., and Amos Dodge, Nov.17,1828.*

Mary, and Victor Turat, resident of Beverly, int.Sept.1,1833.

Mary, and Daniel Dodge, int.Aug.23,1835.

Mary, and Daniel Blanchard, int.Sept.6,1835.

Nancy, and Samuel Bell Perkins of Lynnfield, Apr.18,1831.*

Nancy B., and Alvah Woodberry, Oct.21,1832.*

Ruth, and Josiah Wood, at Gloucester, Jan.31,1718.*

Sally, and Thomas Pousland, Sept.15,1823.*

Tabitha, and Andrew Toutain, Aug.28,1788.*

DERBY (Darby, Darbye, Derbey)

Nabby, and John Pouslin, jr., June末,1796.CR2*

Ales, and John Woodbery, July2,1690.

Alce, and Jonathan Piper of Ipswich, int.Sept.21,1700.

Lucy [Mrs.int.], and Hon. Benjamin Greenleaf of Newburyport, at Danvers, Jan.22,1784.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Hebert, Mar.2,1703-4.

Thomas, and Edith Sands, May10,1778.CR1*


Margaret [Devericks.int.], and Joshua Guppy, Jan.27,1731-2.*


Abigail, and Nathaniel Woodberry, Sept.24,1747.*

Nabby, and William Herrick Lovett, Nov.20,1800.*

Anna, and Joseph Butman, Oct.27,1725.*

Benjamin, and Ann Lucas, Jan.18,1702-3.

Benjamin, and Lidia Gold, int.Apr.19,1724.

Benjamin, and Sarah Moor of Salem, July7,1747.*

Eleoner, and Robert Rimmons, Sept.10,1785.

Eleanoer, and Francis Smith, Aug.12,1792.*

Elisabeth, and Elijah Dodge, int.Apr.16,1727.

Eunice [Mrs.int.], and Benjamin Cook, Aug.12,1788.*

Hannah, and Edward Pousling, Dec.26,1790.*

John, and Abigail Stephens, Nov.9,1777.CR1*

John, and Anna Chipman of Salem, int.June24,1798.

John, jr., and Mercy Wood, Jan.3,1805.*

John, and Elisabeth Thorndike, Aug.6,1807.*

John, jr., and Priscilla M. Manning of Salem, int.Sept.14,1817.

John, Dea., and Mrs.Lydia Thorndike, May8,1823.*

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and Nicholas Byles [Boiles.int.], Aug.9,1786.*

Nancy, and John W. Ellingwood, int.Dec.25,1803.

Samuel, and Mary Morgan, June5,1834.*

Solomon, and [Mrs.int.] Lydia Woodberry, Dec.8,1791.*

Solomon, and Dorcus Thissel, Dec.6,1795.*

William, and [Mrs.int.] Eunice Gallup, Nov.18,1761.*

William, and Eleanor Spence, int.Jan.31,1779.

William, and Betsy Dodd [of Marblehead.int.], July15,1804.*


Mary, and Joshua Batchelder, both of Salem, Apr.3,1740.


Martha, Mrs., of Marblehead, and Not Vickery, int.Nov.16,1783.

DIXON (Dickeson, Digeson)

Fanna, of Salem, and Benjamin Rose, int.Apr.20,1800.

Josiah [Isaiah.int.], of Boston, and Fanny W. Caldwell, June6,1841.*

Rhoda, of Salem, and William Gardner, int.Sept.28,1800.


Benjamin, cordwainer, of Lynn, and Charlotte S[ophia.int.] Hathaway, a.16y., d.James and Hannah, May21,1846.*


Crowell, of Eastham, and Mrs.Hannah Ayres, Dec.15,1831.*

Julia Ann, a.21y.9m.25d., b. Eastham, MA, d.Crowell and Hannah A., of East Boston, and Wells Smith, a.40y.11m.10d., cordwainer, s.Jonathan and Emma, Dec.19,1844.*

DOBBIN (Dobben)

Hannah [Dobbins.int.], and Josiah Creesy, May3,1834.*

Sarah B., and John Elliot, 2d, int.Oct.4,1812.

DODD (Dod)

Bethiah, and James Acester [both residents of Beverly.int.], Feb.19,1779.*

Betsy [of Marblehead.int.], and William Dike, July15,1804.*

DODGE (Dodg)

Aaron, and Abigail Mears, Dec.17,1840.*

Abel, and Lucy Whittredge, both of Wenham, Sept.13,1832.

Abigail, and John Perkins of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.26,1751.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Lee, jr., of Manchester, at Manchester, Apr.8,1756.*

Abigal, Mrs., and Nathaniell Conant, Dec.16,1756.*

Abigail, and Simon Dodge of Wenham, Nov.16,1769.*

Abigail, and Livermore Landall [Langdall. int.], Mar.5,1775.CR2*

Nabbey, Mrs., and Abner Raymond, int.Dec.5,1784.

Nabby, and Ebenezer Trask, jr., May19,1791.*

Nabby, and Amos Lefeavor, Feb.8,1798.*

Abigail, and Samuel Cole, jr., Dec.19,1822.*

Abigail, and Daniel Annable, July1,1824.*

Abigail, and Robert Remmonds [jr. int.], at Salem, July30,1834.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Porter of Hamilton, Sept.3,1835.*

Abner, and Lydia Pride, Apr.10,1764.*

Abner, and Eleanor Dodge, Oct.16,1777.CR1*

Abner, and [Mrs.int.] Elisabeth Seairs, of Hamilton, Oct.25,1781.*

Abraham, 2d, of Wenham, and Augusta Edwards, Sept.24,1829.*

Albert Thorndike, a.29y., farmer, s.Thomas and Emma, and Elisabeth Creesy Herrick, a.27y., d.John and Mary, at New York, Oct.20,1846.

Alvin F., a.26y.20d., s.Dudley and Sophronia, and Eliza F. Day of Alfred, ME, Aug.27 [Aug.29. dup.], 1843.*

Alzira, and William Lefavor of Salem, Jan.15,1838.CR2*

Amos, and Hannah Green of Salem, 末釦 9,1751. [Sept.9,1751.CR2]*

Amos, and Hepzibah Dodge of Wenham, at Wenham, Oct.29,1775.

Amos, and Mary H. Dennis, Nov.17,1828.*

Andrew, and Hannah Fiske of Wenham, int.Apr.4,1696.

Andrew, and Esther [Eleanor. int.] Edwards of Wenham, at Wenham, Jan.14,1736.*

Andrew, and Mary Conant, July20,1813.

Andrew, and Anna Dodge, Dec.28,1817.*

Anna [Mrs.int.], and Dr. [Timothy.int.], Clemons of Salem, Nov.22,1722.*

Anna, and John Huker [Hoker. int.; Hooker.CR2], Dec.24,1745.*

Anna, Mrs.[Miss.CR2], and Samuel Woodberry [jr. int.], Oct.31,1771.*

Anna, and Israel Perkins, Nov.20,1781.CR1*

Anna, of Salem, and Capt. Israel Thorndike, at Salem, Oct.31,1784.*

Anna, and William Curtice [3d.int.] of Marblehead, Apr.2,1789.*

Anna, and Jonathan Dodge, int.Feb.5,1792.

Anna, and Andrew Dodge, Dec.28,1817.*

Anna B., and Jacob F. Perry of Danvers, Nov.20,1823.*

Ann, and Thomas Smith [of Danvers.int.], Sept.21,1830.*

Aretas, and Nancy Dodge of Wenham, int.Jan.5,1812.

Asa, and [Mrs.CR2] Sarah Traske, Dec.26,1765.*

Asa, and Hannah Simonds of Wenham, int.Oct.25,1778.

Asa Rix, and Dorcas Woodberry, Dec.24,1795.*

Asenath, of Wenham, and Thomas D. Pousland, int.Nov.25,1821.

Azor, and Elizabeth Foster, Dec.31,1818.*

Barnabus, of Wenham, and [Mrs.CR2] Lydia Woodberry, Jan.31,1764.*

Barnabus, jr., of Hamilton, and Peggy Dodge, Nov.15,1801.*

Barnabas, of Littleton, and Sarah Corning, Apr.4,1820.*

Bartholome, and Margret Cleves, Sept.30,1742.*

Bartholomew, of Wenham, and Susanna Thistle, Apr.26,1753.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Dodge, Apr.23,1742.CR2*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Lydia Dodge of Ipswich, at Ipswich, June19,1754.*

Benjamin, and Jane Goodwin, Feb.21,1822.*

Benjamin C., and Almira Beckford of Topsfield, int.Nov.19,1837.

Bethiah, and John Parker of Malden, Jan.27,1818.*

Bethiah P., a.25y.1m.18d., d.Azor and Elisabeth, and John P. Putnam, a.27y.10m.9d., teamer, b. at Danvers, s.John and Sally, of Danvers, Dec.18,1845.*

Caleb, and Hannah Woodbery of Salem, July8,1736.*

Charity, and John Kimball, of Wenham, Dec.22,1711.*

Charles, and Molly Trask, Feb.16,1805.*

Charles, of Gloucester, and Mary Clark, Mar.20,1834.*

Charles P., and Mary Robinson, June7,1838.*

Daniel, and Elisabeth Brown of Reading, at Reading, Feb.8,1732-3.*

Daniel, and Hannah Hooker of Wenham, at Wenham, Feb.11,1756.*

Daniel, and Mary Dennis, int.Aug.23,1835.

David, and Elizabeth C. Dodge, Apr.4,1836.PR14

Dudley, and Sophronia Dodge of Wenham, Dec.8,1816.*

Eben[ezer. int.], and Lydia Nowell of Salem, at Salem, Jan.14,1696.*

Ebenezer, and Rebeccah Standley, Aug.13,1767.*

Edith, and Israel Wood, Mar.9,1708-9.*

Edith, and Levi Tibbetts, Apr.8,1821.*

Edward, and Mary Hascall, Apr.末,1673.

Edward, and Abigail Hayward of Salem, Mar.14,1716-17.

Edward, and Mary Endicot, Apr.27,1783.*

Elenar, and Thomas Bray of Gloucester, Jan.29,1716-17.

Eleanour, and Elisha Dodge, Nov.10,1742.CR2*

Eleoner [Mrs.int.], and Joseph Langdell, Feb.16,1773.*

Eleanor, and Abner Dodge, Oct.16,1777.CR1*

Elijah, and Elisabeth Dike, int.Apr.16,1727.

Elijah, and Elisabeth Moulton of Wenham, at Wenham, Nov.22,1728.*

Eligah, and Dorcas Brown of Reading, Jan.28,1730-1.*

Elisha, and Mary Kimbal of Wenham, int.Oct.8,1709.

Elisha, and Eleanour Dodge, Nov.10,1742.CR2*

Elisha, and Rachel Purkins of Middleton, int.Mar.15,1747.

Elisha, and Sarah Foster of Wenham, at Wenham, Mar.30,1748.*

Elisha, and Mrs.Deborah Lovett, Mar.23,1769.*

Elisha, jr., and Mrs.[Miss.CR2] Genger Raymond, Mar.12,1772.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Herrick, Oct.28,1696.*

Elisabeth, and James Hayward of Salem, at Salem, Mar.14,1717.

Elezebeth, d.Jonathan, and Thomas Dodge, s.Andrew, Apr.2,1731.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Dodge, Apr.23,1742.CR2*

Elizabeth, and David [Daniel. int.] Conant, jr., Feb.2,1743-4.CR2*

Elisabeth, of Wenham, and John Thorndike, at Wenham, Jan.17,1751.*

Elizabeth, and James Rea, Sept.9,1755.*

Betty [Mrs.CR2], and Ebenezer Trask [jr. int.] Jan.31,1765.*

Betsy, of Wenham, and Josiah Taylor, at Wenham, Apr.14,1796.*

Elizabeth, of Hamilton, and Josiah Patch of Salem, Feb.27,1803.CR2

Betsy, of Wenham, and Abraham Lord, int.Apr.13,1806.

Betsy, and Daniel Harris, July1,1810.*

Betsy, and William Curtis, jr., Nov.26,1812.*

Elizabeth K., of Wenham, and Nathaniel Conant of Topsfield, Oct.3,1819.

Betsy F., and Amos Stow, Nov.7,1830.*

Betsy, of New Boston, NH, and Aaron Creesy, int.Nov.4,1832.

Elizabeth C., and David Dodge, Apr.4,1836.PR14

Elisabeth T., and Ephraim Patch, Feb.14,1843.*

Elisabeth Foster, and Israel Foster West, Mar.30,1843.

Elizabeth Foster, and Israel Foster West, Mar.30,1843.*

Elisabeth A., wid., a.27y., d.Thomas and Joanna Standley, and John Moore, widr., housewright, Aug.16,1846.*

Elnathan, a.23y.2m.18d., miller, b. New Boston, NH, s.Elyaphan and Levina, of New Boston, and Augusta Bell, a.22y.4m.20d., d.John and Betsey, Aug.12,1845. [1844.PR46]*

Emma, and Joseph Perkins of Wenham, at Wenham, May12,1761.*

Emma Thorndike, and Ebenezer Perry of Dublin, NH, Apr.3,1825.*

Epharaim, and Bethiah Baker of Haverhill, int.Jan.20,1771.

Ephraim, and Patty Cleaves, Dec.23,1798.*

Esther, Mrs., and William Morgan, 3d, int.Nov.2,1783.

Eunice, and Benjamin Felloes [Felows.int.], of Ipswich, Dec.1,1736.*

Eunice, and Edmund Harford of Scarborough, Oct.7,1773.CR1*

Ezekiel, and Anna Cleaves of Hamilton, int.Sept.25,1803.

Ezra, and Hannah Whitting of Haverhill, at Haverhill,末蔓末, 末末.

Ezra, and Mary Brown of Groton, int.Jan.12,1806.

Ezra, of Wenham, and Sophia Herrick, int.Dec.6,1818.

Francis, and Sarah Dodge, Feb.19,1729-30.*

Francis, and Salla Dodge, int.May10,1789.

Francis, and Elizabeth L. [A. int.] Standley, Apr.12,1840.*

George, and Lydia Herrick of Wenham, at Wenham, Aug.25,1746.*

George, jr., of Ipswich, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Cleaves, Apr.24,1774. [Apr.14,1774.CR2]*

George, and Mary D. Whipple of Hamilton, int.Oct.24,1830.

George B., a.28y., farmer, of Hamilton, s.Jesse and Martha, of Hamilton, and Priscilla S. Goodhue, a.22y., of Ipswich, d.Ephraim and Eunice, of Ipswich, Dec.31,1848.

Gideon, of New Boston, NH, and Mrs.Charity Cole, int.Feb.20,1785.

Hanah, and Ebinezor Woodbery, May15,1690.

Hanah, and John Green, Jan.24,1692.CTR

Hannah, of Salem, and Samuel Woodberry, at Salem, Oct.29,1713.*

Hannah, and Samuell Curtis of Topsfield, June15,1720.*

Hannah, and Solomon Dodge of Wenham, Dec.30,1742.CR2*

Hannah, and Daniel Killam of Wenham, Jan.30,1752.*

Hannah, and Josiah Batchelder, jr., Feb.17,1760.*

Hannah [wid.int.], and Nathan Wyman of Woburn, May30,1765.*

Hannah, and John Trow, Oct.12,1768.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Standley, Nov.18,1774.PR121

Hannah [Mrs.int.], and John Cabot, May9,1779.CR1*

Hannah, Mrs., of Hampton Falls, NH, and Lt. Joseph Raymond, int.Jan.11,1784.

Hannah, of Wenham, and Benjamin Dunbar, int.May11,1788.

Hannah, and Joseph Woodberry, June15,1795.*

Hannah, and Daniel Tripp of Coxhall, Sept.27,1801.*

Hannah, and John Edwards, jr., int.June30,1805.

Hannah, and Joseph Trask, both of Wenham, Apr.9,1821.

Hannah [K. int.], and Elbridge Fisk, July12,1821.*

Hannah W., and Ebenezer D. Kimball of Rindge, NH, Jan.15,1827.*

Hannah, and John Bomer of Danvers, May20,1828.*

Hannah H. [of Hampton, NH. int.], and Richard Dodge, jr., Apr.25,1831.PR14*

Hannah A. [E. int.], a.21y., d.William F. and Hannah, and John A. Greene, a.22y., trader, s.Israel and Sarah, at Providence, RI, Oct.15,1848.*

Hepzibah, of Wenham, and Amos Dodge, at Wenham, Oct.29,1775.

Herbert, of Hamilton, and Mary Jane Etheridge, int.Sept.18,1842.

Huldah, and Lot Conant, Sept.4,1794.*

Huldah, of Hamilton, and Eleazer W. Webber, int.Feb.26,1832.

Isaac, and Lois Herrick of Wenham, Oct.12,1732.*

Isaiah H., a.25y.9m.23d., s.Dudley and Sophronia, and Lucinda Day, Apr.24,1845.*

Israel, of Wenham, and Abigal Larcom, at Wenham, Mar.27,1758.*

Israel, and [Mrs.CR2] Joanna Dodge, July14,1763.*

Israel, and Mrs.Molly Allen, Oct.29,1828.*

Jacob, and Abigail Edwards of Wenham, at Wenham, Jan.1,1740.*

Jacob, and [Mrs.int.] Anna Batchelder of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.9,1772.*

Jacob, jr., of Wenham, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Corning, Apr.24,1788.*

Jacob, of Wenham, and Jerusha Conant, Dec.26,1819.*

Jacob, jr., of Wenham, and Joanna A. Dodge, Oct.10,1832.*

James, and Jemima Patch of Wenham, at Wenham, May14,1740.*

James, and Anna Bayley [Bailey.int.] of Wenham, Apr.19,1774.*

Jerusha, and Paul Dodge of Ipswich, Dec.13,1732.*

Jerusha, and William Green of Salem, at Salem [Nov.9,1742.CR2].*

Jerusha [Mrs.CR2], and Benjamin Trask, jr., Dec.1,1761.*

Jerusha, and Joseph Leech of Manchester, int.Sept.28,1766.

Jerusha, and Samuel Molton of Cox Hall, May6,1792.*

Jerusha, and Israel Green, Nov.25,1806.*

Jesse, and Bethiah Thorndike of Wenham, int.July6,1766.

Jesse, and Ruth Smith, July21,1818.*

Jesse, and Betsy Smith, July22,1828.*

Joanna, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel Dodge, at Haverhill,末蔓末, 末末.*

Joanna, and John Thorndike, Apr.20,1696.*

Joanna, of Wenham, and John Gredly, Dec.19,1717.*

Joanna, and Andrew Woodbery, Aug.19,1736.*

Joanna [Mrs.CR2], and Israel Dodge, July14,1763.*

Joanna, Mrs., and John Upton of Danvers, Dec.3,1767.*

Joanna, and Nathaniel Clark, jr., Mar.3,1768.*

Joanna, and Edward Trask, Apr.11,1809.*

Joanna A., and Jacob Dodge, jr. of Wenham, Oct.10,1832.*

Joanna O., a.21y., d.Azor and Elisabeth, and Thomas A. Morgan, a.22y., cordwainer, b. Essex, s.Luke and Anna B., Nov.末,1847. [Dec.7.CR5]*

John, of Wenham, and Ruth Grover, jr., Apr.11,1698.*

John, and Hannah Fouler of Ipswich, int.Mar.22,1740-1.

John, and Mary Meachum, Mar.12,1760.*

John, 3d, and Mehitable Batchelder, Dec.1,1768.*

John, and Martha Haggit of Wenham, at Wenham, Sept.9,1773.*

John, of Blue Hill Bay, and Susanna Morgan, int.Apr.5,1778.

John, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Bradstreet of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Jan.30,1780.*

John, of Blue Hill, and Susannah Morgan, at Rowley, Mar.13,1783.

John, jr., of Wenham, and Sarah Raymond, int.July3,1791.

John B[ordman. int.], of Ipswich, and Olly Lovett, Oct.13,1791.*

John, 4th, of New Boston, NH, and Mary Thorndike Lovett, June22,1823.*

John, unm., a.63y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Hannah, and Hannah Twiss, wid., a.48y., d.Ezra and Bethiah Smith, Dec.19,1847. [Dec.19,1849.CR2]*

Jonah, and Sarah Frind of Wenham, Mar.27,1707.

Jonah [Jonas.int.; jr. dup.], and Mary Edwards of Wenham, at Wenham, Feb.22,1738.*

Jonah, and Prescilla Lovet, Oct.20,1743.CR2*

Jonah, jr., and Lydia Herrick of Gloucester, int.Feb.28,1762.

Jonathan [sr. int.], and Jerusha Rayment, May15,1705.*

Jonathan, and Lois Dodge, Dec.9,1736.*

Jonathan, 4th, and Deborah Balch, Apr.13,1743.*

Jonathan, 2d, and Mrs.Hannah Standly, int.Feb.15,1784.

Jonathan, and Anna Dodge, int.Feb.5,1792.

Jonathan, of Ossipee [NH. int.], and Mehitable Trask, Nov.19,1793.*

Jonathan, 3d, and Polly Lefeavour, June25,1801.*

Jonathan [of Sedgwick. int.], and Hannah Wallis, July11,1806.*

Joseph, and Sarah Eaton, Feb.21,1671.

Joseph, and 末末, Feb.19,1672.

Joseph, and Rebekah Balch, Nov.28,1695.*

Joseph, jr., and Prissilah Eaten of Reading, int.July9,1705.

Joseph, jr., and Ruth Woodbery, int.Apr.29,1716.

Joseph, and Elisabeth Clark, Apr.12,1722.*

Joseph G., teacher, b. Wenham, s.Stephen, and Rebecca L. Standley, a.24y., d.Wells and Rebecca, [Sept.12.PR264], 1848.*

Joshua, and Hannah Rayment [Raymond.CR2], June14,1716.*

Joshua, jr., and Mary Dodge, Jan.5,1737-8.*

Joshua, 3d, and Margarett Conant, Oct.17,1743.CR2*

Joshua, jr., and [Mrs.CR2] Martha Conant, Dec.8,1761.*

Joshua, Lieut. [2d.int.], and Mrs.Anna Thorndike, Aug.12,1766.*

Joshua [Lt. int.], and Mary Whittridge, 2d, June11,1776.CR2*

Joshua, jr., of Danvers, and Abiah Woodbury, Apr.9,1797.CR2*

Josiah, and Prudence Dodge, both of Wenham, Jan.27,1717-18.

Josiah, and Clara [Elenor. int.] Edwards of Wenham, at Wenham, May14,1771.*

Kerenhappuch [Mrs.int.], and John Leech, Aug.30,1787.*

Levi [of Fishersfield, NH. int.; of Beverly.CR2], and Mary Dodge, June3,1791.*

Lois, and Jonathan Dodge, Dec.9,1736.*

Louise, a.19y.11m.23d., d.Thomas and Mary, and Daniel Foster, 2d, a.23y.5m., cordwainer, b. Marblehead, s.Seth and Nancy of Marblehead, May28,1845.*

Lucy, of Ipswich, and Daniel Conant, int.Dec.16,1716.

Lucey, of Ipswich, and John Whitridge, int.July30,1769.

Lucy, of Wenham, and Nehemiah Stanley, at Wenham, Nov.7,1793.*

Lucy, and Jacob Archer, Feb.16,1809.*

Lucy, and John Stanton of Barrington [Barnstead.int.], NH, Nov.19,1809.*

Luke, of Ipswich, and Hannah Whitteredge, Apr.9,1761.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Woodberry [jr. int.], June24,1735.*

Lydia, and Robert Dodge, jr., Aug.4,1742.CR2*

Lydia, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Benjamin Dodge, at Ipswich, June19,1754.*

Lydia, and Thomas Dodge, May29,1770.*

Lydia, of Salem, and Andrew Cabot, int.Mar.28,1773.

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and William Campbell [resident of Beverly.int.], Nov.17,1774.CR2*

Lydia, and Joseph Wadden, resident of Beverly, Feb.2,1777.CR2*

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and Edmond Persons [Parsons.CR1; resident of Beverly.int.], Sept.11,1786.*

Lydia, and James Dowling, Nov.22,1789.*

Lydia, and Capt. William Pousland, July5,1821.*

Lydia, and Lewis Elliott of Portsmouth, NH, Jan.19,1823.*

Lydia, and Samuel Odell, int.Nov.13,1836.

Lydia S., and Francis Jenness [jr. int.], May7,1838.*

Lydia, and Thomas Lefavour, 2d, cordwainer, Mar.7,1844.*

Lydia C., wid.Wenham, d.Nicholas Dodge of Wenham, and John Curtis, widr., a.44y., cordwainer, s.William and Anna [int.Dec.11,1847.]*

Marcia, of Wenham, and Charles Brown, int.Mar.14,1824.

Peggy, and Barnabas Dodge, jr. of Hamilton, Nov.15,1801.*

Maria, of Wenham, and Israel Brown, Dec.28,1823.*

Mark, and Sarah Dodge of Wenham, Nov.29,1717.*

Mark, and Elisabeth Woodberry, Jan.25,1721-2.*

Mark, and Lucy Edwards of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.21,1742.*

Mark, jr., and [Mrs.int.] Rebecca Phitteplace, May4,1773.*

Martha, of Ipswich Hamlet, and Joseph Trow, int.Mar.22,1767.

Martha, of Ipswich, and Jeremiah Woodberry, Nov.24,1768.*

Patty, of Wenham, and William Curtis Woodberry, int.Jan.8,1804.

Martha Fisk, of Hamilton, and Nathaniel Safford, int.Sept.16,1810.

Martha F., and Israel W. Trask, June2,1840.*

Mary, and John Trask, widr., of Salem, Oct.30,1690.

Mary, of Wenham, and Samuel Corning, jr., Oct.23,1717.*

Mary, and Nathanel Evens [Evans.CR2] of Marblehead, May19,1725.*

Mary, and Jonathan Herrick, Feb.17,1731-2.*

Mary, and Joshua Dodge, jr., Jan.5,1737-8.*

Mary, and Samuell Andrew of Danvers, Mar.3,1763.*

Mary, and Benjamin Jones [jr. int.], Oct.6,1763.*

Mary, and Nathaniell Allen, Mar.13,1766.*

Molly, and John Lane [resident of Beverly.int.], Oct.10,1770.CR2*

Mary, and John Knowlten of Ipswich, int.June30,1776.

Mary, and Levi Dodge [of Fisherfield, NH. int.; of Beverly.CR2], June3,1791.*

Mary, and Nathan Smith, Aug.25,1794.*

Mary Cleaves, of Hamilton, and Ebenezer Fisk, Feb.5,1805.CR2*

Mary, of Wenham, and Joseph Whittredge, Apr.30,1805.*

Mary, and Jesse Shelden, Feb.4,1816.

Molly, and Joseph Robinson, June30,1816.*

Mary, and Benjamin Ludden, Apr.4,1824.*

Mary, and Hervey [Harvey.int.] Nichols, July26,1825.*

Mary [B. int.; d.Ezra.CR2], and Caleb [P. int.] Bomer of Danvers, May12,1836.*

Mary Ann, and Henry B. Foster, Aug.27,1837.*

Mary D., of Hampton Falls, NH, and William Lord, int.Apr.23,1838.

Mary Ann, and Thomas Lefavor of Marblehead, at Wenham, June30,1839.*

Mary Ann P., and Nicholas S. Thissell, a.23y., cordwainer, s.John M. and Betsy G. [of Londonderry, NH. int.], Dec.3,1846.*

Hitty, and Paul Weston, Oct.1,1775.CR1*

Hittee, Mrs., and Robert Elliott, int.Nov.15,1784.

Mehitable, Mrs., and James Carr of Salisbury, int.Nov.21,1784.

Mehitable, and James Carr of Salisbury, at Danvers, Jan.3,1788.

Mehitable, and Peter Marsh of Lynn, Dec.7,1834.

Mehitable [E. int.], wid., a.32y., d.William C. and Betsey Dodge, and Olney Cole, widr., a.46y.of Providence, RI, s.Edward and Deborah, June29,1845.*

Mercy, and Caleb Kimball [jr.CR1; 2d.int.] of Wenham, Dec.28,1797.*

Moses, and Sarah Fellows of Ipswich, int.Jan.25,1761.

Nancy, and Samuel Trask, Aug.14,1808.*

Nancy, of Wenham, and Aretas Dodge, int.Jan.5,1812.

Nancy, Mrs., of Wenham, and Sylvester Wilkins, int.Nov.23,1817.

Nancy B., a.32y., d.Ezra and Mary B., and Jacob H. Richards, widr., a.43y., tanner, of New Boston, NH, s.Luther and Mary, Apr.19,1848.*

Nathan, and Mary Patch, int.Feb.16,1728-9.

Nathan, and [Mrs.int.] Molly Waters of Carlisle [of Billerica.int.], at Carlisle, Nov.21,1786.*

Nathaniel, and Joanna Dodge of Ipswich, at Haverhill,末蔓末, 末末.

Nathaniell, jr., and Elizabeth Tappin [Toppan.CR2], Oct.23,1745.

Nathaniel, jr. [resident in Beverly.int.], and Elisabeth Marshall of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Feb.18,1768.*

Nathaniel [2d.int.], and Sarah Bayley [resident of Beverly.int.], Mar.27,1774.*

Nathaniel, of Perry, NH, and Sarah Polan, int.Nov.18,1798.

Nehemia, and Abbigal Grover, Feb.3,1741.

Nehemiah, of Ipswich, and Elizabeth Grover, int.Dec.13,1741.

Nehemiah, and Hannah Phitteplace, int.July13,175. [1751.]

Nehemiah, and Ruth Woodury [Woodberry.int.], May1,1775.CR2*

Nicholas, and Experience Woodbury [Experence Dodge. int.], Mar.3,1752.*

Nicholas [of Wenham.int.], and Hannah Cole, Apr.25,1775.CR1*

Nicholas, of Wenham, and Lydia Cleaves, June23,1801.*

Noah, and Joanna Lovett, Oct.14,1773.CR1*

Paul, of Ipswich, and Jerusha Dodge, Dec.13,1732.*

Peter, and Sarah Dodge, Sept.1,1752.*

Peter, of Wenham, and [wid.int.] Elisabeth Batchelder, at Danvers, Jan.6,1762.*

Phebe, of Ipswich Hamlet, and Nathaniel Raymond [jr. int.], at Hamilton, Dec.15,1774.*

Prudence, and Samuel Lovet, Feb.5,1699-1700.*

Prudence, and Josiah Dodge, both of Wenham, Jan.27,1717-18.

Prudence E., of Wenham, and Albert T. Roberts, at Wenham, Apr.8,1841.*

Pyam, and Love Langdell, July22,1798.*

Rebekah, and William Barns, of Portsmouth, NH, Dec.22,1719.*

Rebecca, and Jonathan Thorndike, Jan.13,1731-2.*

Rebecca, and Dimond Fittaplace [Phitteplace. int.] of Marblehead, Jan.31,1754.*

Rebecca, and William Curtice Woodberry, Aug.18,1792. [int.Sept.30,1792.]*

Richard, and Nabby [Abigail.PR14] Edwards, June7,1804.*

Richard, jr., and Hannah H. Dodge [of Hampton, NH. int.], Apr.25,1831.PR14*

Richard, Dea., and Elizabeth Curtis, Oct.17,1831.*

Robert, and Lidia Woodbery of Chebacco, int.June26,1709.

Robert, jr., and Lydia Dodge, Aug.4,1742.CR2*

Robert [3d.int.], and Mary Tarbox of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.17,1745.*

Robert, and Mary Standley, Apr.30,1818.*

Ruth, and Richard Ingersoll of Salem, at Salem, Apr.28,1698.*

Samuel, of Ipswich, and [Mrs.CR2] Jemima Hayward, Sept.11,1766.*

Samuel, 2d, and Lydia Sands, Dec.24,1780.CR1*

Samuel, jr. [2d.int.], and Hannah Elliot, Aug.13,1809.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Esther Conant of Westford, int.Nov.18,1821.

Samuel, of Hamilton, and Elizabeth W. Appleton, Apr.19,1842.*

Sarah, and Peeter Woodberry, July末,1667.

Sarah, of Wenham, and Mark Dodge, Nov.29,1717.*

Sarah, and Joseph Creesey of Salem, at Salem, Feb.26,1719.*

Sarah, and Samuel Raymond of Salem, Jan.29,1729-30.*

Sarah, and Francis Dodge, Feb.19,1729-30.*

Sarah, and Peter Dodge, Sept.1,1752.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Freeborne Balch, Nov.5,1753.*

Sara, and Jonathan Allen [3d.int.] of Manchester, May29,1764.*

Sarah, Mrs.[Miss.CR2], and Solomon Dodge [jr. int.], of Topsfield, Jan.23,1772.*

Sarah, and Josiah Morgan [jr. int.], June11,1773.CR1*

Sarah, and Job Creecy [2d.int.], Jan.6,1778.CR2*

Sarah, and Eli Servey of Wenham, Aug.20,1778.CR1*

Sarah, and [Capt. int.] Jonathan Hart, Sept.30,1781.CR1*

Salla, and Francis Dodge, int.May10,1789.

Sally, and Joseph Trask, 2d, Feb.13,1800.*

Sarah A., of Hamilton, and Thomas Patterson, int.Oct.14,1832.

Sarah E., and William J. Dodge [of Lexington. int.], May1,1837.PR14*

Sarah Ellen, a.17y.5m.16d., d.Thomas and Mary, and William Edwards, widr., a.30y.8m.26d., painter, b. Salem, s.Joseph, of Salem, Apr.6,1845.*

Sarah Jane, wid., and Robert Remmonds, jr., widr., a.36y., housewright, s.Robert and Mary, Sept.末,1847.*

Sally E., of Wenham, d.Stephen, of Wenham, and Ezra Conant, jr., a.27y., mason, s.Ezra and Molly, at Wenham, Apr.27,1848.*

Seth, and Elisabeth Allen, Sept.8,1810.*

Seward, blacksmith, of Charlestown, and Sarah E. Cole, a.21y., d.Oliver and Polly, Oct.6,1846.*

Simeon, jr., and Mary Balch, Dec.31,1780.CR1*

Simon, of Wenham, and Abigail Dodge, Nov.16,1769.*

Simon, of Wenham, and Abigail Cook, resident of Beverly, int.Oct.9,1774.

Solomon, of Wenham, and Hannah Dodge, Dec.30,1742.CR2*

Solomon [jr. int.], of Topsfeild, and Mrs.[Miss.CR2] Sarah Dodge, Jan.23,1772.*

Sophronia, of Wenham, and Dudley Dodge, Dec.8,1816.*

Sophronia A., a.16y.8m.25d., d.Dudley and Sophronia, and Samuel Day, May16,1844.*

Stephen, of Wenham, and Mrs.Polly Standley, Nov.29,1838.*

Susan, of Wenham, and Capt. Abraham Lord, Sept.18,1825.*

Susan H., and William Standley, 3d, June11,1840.*

Susanna, of Ipswich, and Benjamin Woodberry, 3d, Jan.12,1769.*

Theodore, of Wenham, and Sally Presson, Feb.23,1819.*

Thomas, s.Andrew, and Elezebth Dodge, d.Jonathan, Apr.2,1731.*

Thomas, and Lydia Dodge, May29,1770.*

Thomas, and Abigail Stickney of Newbury, at Newbury, July25,1781.*

Thomas, and Mary Felton of Danvers, Aug.21,1798.*

Thomas, and Emne [Emme. int.] Conant, Dec.1,1801.*

Thomas, 3d, and Polly Elliot, Nov.11,1810.*

Uzziel, a.25y., milk man, b. New Boston, NH, s.Elyphan and Lavina, and Harriet N. Chelhis, a.22y., of Salem, b. ME, at Salem, [int.Oct.24], 1849.*

William, of Cogr., and Elizabeth Haskall, July10,1665.["of Cogr." should be "of Coker, Eng." He was called Coker William.NEHGR, Oct.1892, pp. 383-391]

William [2d.dup.], and [wid.dup.] Johanna Larkin of Charlestown, at Charlestown, May26 [6. dup.], 1685.

William, and Mary Porter of Salem, at Salem, Dec.12,1689.

William [Capt. int.], and Mrs.Mary Cratey [Creaty.int.] of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Oct.27,1698.*

William, and Mary Balch, at Ipswich, June16,1736.*

William, jr., and Deborah Balch, July13,1738.CR2*

William, and Mary Baker of Wenham, at Wenham, Nov.14,1752.*

William [2d.int.], and Mary Trask, Aug.1,1764.*

William, jr., and [Mrs.CR2] Anna Creesy, Dec.6,1764.*

William, 3d, and Sarah Williams, Jan.26,1775.CR2*

William, of Wenham, and Jerusha Cleaves, Jan.18,1791.*

William, 2d, and Betsy Eaton, May7,1801.*

William, 2d, and Mary Kimball Adams, Mar.19,1805.*

William, 3d, and Polly Patch of Hamilton, int.Oct.27,1805.

William, jr. [2d int.], of Wenham, and Nancy Conant, Mar.3,1808.*

William Cook, of New Boston, NH, and Betsy Elliot, Aug.26,1810.*

William, and Hannah P. Batchelder, Feb.3,1824.*

William B., of New Boston, NH, and Sophia Friend, May27,1824.*

William P., of Wenham, and Rebecca Perkins, int.Mar.2,1834.

William E., and Edith R. Friend, Apr.14,1836.*

William J. [of Lexington. int.], and Sarah E. Dodge, May1,1837.PR14*

William F., and Harriet W. Etheridge, Jan.14,1841.*

William, 2d, and Charlotte Burke of Salem, int.Mar.28,1841.

Zachary, and Martha Cleaves, Apr.26,1753.*

Zadok, and Lydia Hadley, June1,1806.CR2*


Elisha, and Catharine Mason, Nov.22,1789.*

Elisha, and Elisabeth Holland, Mar.6,1796.*


George T., and Jane P. Treat,末蔓末, [bef. 1846.]


Catharine, and James Patch, both of Dedham, June27,1837.


Michael, of Salem, and Mary Porter, int.Apr.9,1775.


Nansey, Mrs., and Michael Wormstead, resident of Beverly, int.June25,1780.

Samuell, of Salem, and Sarah Creesy, Aug.8,1758.*

William, of Marblehead, and Hannah Grove [Groce. int.], Jan.21,1834.*


Eliza Ann, a.19y., d.James and Eliza, and Franklin N. Burchstead, a.21y., cordwainer, s.Allen and Eliza, Apr.13,1848.*

James, of Manchester, and Eliza Roberts, Jan.20,1819.*

James, jr., and Susan Larcom, Sept.22,1842.*

Jane [Mrs.int.], and Jacob Williams [residents of Beverly.int.], Aug.20,1809.*

Moses, Rev., and Hannah Knight of Atkinson, NH, int.Apr.19,1801.


Elizabeth, and Oliver Trask, Dec.28,1817.*

James, and Lydia Dodge, Nov.22,1789.*


Elisabeth, and Joshua Shelden, int.Feb.21,1808.


Charles M., of Salem, and Mary Ann Arnold, int.June14,1829.

Lucey, and David Larcum, Jan.22,1723.*

Sarah, of Salem, and William A. Homans, int.Jan.9,1820.

DOWNS (Down)

Catharine, of Boston, and Daniel Cross, jr., int.Oct.3,1841.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel P. Holman of Cambridge, Mar.12,1822.*

John, and Anna Larcom, Apr.27,1794.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Hase of Salem, int.Jan.30,1831.

Nancy, and John Whittredge, Oct.5,1817.*

Ruth, and Robert Hart, both of Manchester, May10,1796.CR1


William, resident of Beverly, and Edith Pickett, int.Apr.21,1799.


Joseph, of North Yarmouth, and Mary Leech, Aug.10,1760.*


Apphia, of Manchester, and Charles Adams, int.May19,1805.

David, and Rebecca Raymond, Dec.21,1830.*

David, and Emma E. Hammond, June27,1837.*


Elvira W., and Benjamin C. Putnam of Danvers, int.June2,1842.

Jonathan, and Hannah Carter, Apr.21,1795.*

Mary, d.Samuell, of Exeter, and Samuell Hardie, schoolmaster, s.Robert, "citizen and Haberdasher, of London," Jan.24,1675.


Benjamin, and Hannah Dodge of Wenham, int.May11,1788.


Sarah, and Ebenezer Morton, both of Wenham, Aug.25,1822.


James, and Sarah C. Batchelder, int.Nov.11,1839.


Amos, of Fitchburg, and Joanna Lovett, May30,1816.*


Paul C., of Farmington, NH, and Mrs.Jane Williams, int.Mar.11,1811.


Timothy, of Haverhill, and Mrs.Lydia Raymond, Nov.29,1739.CR2*


John [jr. int.], of Salem, and Hannah Batchelder, Apr.29,1798.*

Nathaniel, of Ipswich, and Mrs Lydia Cook, int.Mar.13,1808.

Samuel, of Danvers, and Mrs.Hannah Woodberry, Sept.3,1771.*

Susanah, and Benjamin Knowltn, both of Ipswich, Dec.26,1705.


Jesse, resident in Beverly, and Mary Tredwell of Ipswich, int.Oct.7,1770.

DWINNEL (Dunnell)

Hezekiah, of Danvers, and Sophronia Bomer, Oct.28,1828.*

Joseph, jr., of Danvers, and Lucy Welch, int.Nov.25,1838.


Susannah [Mrs.CR2; Joannah Dunnel. int.], and Josiah Trow, Dec.7,1802.


Abigail, and Capt. William B. Lovett, Dec.31,1828.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Beckford, jr., Nov.28,1805.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Dearborn, Feb.18,1816.

Mary, and Samuel Ives, Apr.20,1817.*

Sally, and Isaac Appleton, Oct.4,1801.*

Thomas, and Louisa Bridge of Petersham, int.Aug.18,1799.

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