Joshua, of Salem, and Nancy V. Prince, Apr.30,1815.

Nathaniel, and Martha Fisk Dodge of Hamilton, int.Sept.16,1810.


Bethiah, and John Herrick, Apr.21,1684.

SALLOS (Sallows)

Hannah, and Henry Skerry of Salem [at Salem, Nov.末,1744. dup.], Feb.5,1744.*

Margrot [], and James Thistle,末蔓末,1746.*

SALLOUS (Sallows)

Hannah [jr. int.], and Joseph Eaten, Jan.27,1708-9.*

Joseph, and Rebekah Groves, Mar.9,1726.*

Mary, and Joseph Standley, Dec.31,1724.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Larcum, Feb.9,1714-15.*

Sarah, and Herbert Thorndike, Oct.末,1740.*

SALLOWES (Sallows)

Freeborne, and 末末 Black, July29,1664.

Lydia, and Thomas Cary, Dec.24,1753.*

Mercy, and Jonathan Standley, Nov.21,1734.*

Robert, and Mary Thistle, Dec.14,1697.*

SALLOWS (Sallos, Sallous, Sallowes)

Abigel, and Herbert Thorndike, Jan.8,1718-19.*

Abigail, and Ebenezer Runels of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], July6,1747.*

Anna, and Joshua Bisson, Dec.26,1723.*

Ebenezer, and Soberitey Hilten, July25,1740.*

Expearance, and Edmon Ashbe, May24,1739.*

Hannah [], and Joshua Prisson [Bisson. int.], Dec.14,1710.*

John, and Anna Elwell, May17,1753.*

Lidia, and Jonathan Elwell, int.Nov.8,1722.

Sarah, and Benjamin Wallis, Dec.26,1704.*

Thomas, and Sarah Oglesby, Sept.29,1724.*


Eliza B. [parents of Alton, NH. int], and Daniel Wallis, house carpenter, Nov.3,1844.*

John, and Sarah Pease, Oct.22,1667.


Nathaniel P., and Sophia Earle, both of Manchester, Mar.29,1840.

SANDAURS (Saunders)

Sally [], and Jonathan Fisk of Salem, Nov.1,1801.

SANDERS (Saunders)

Daniel [], and Abigail Trask [], Nov.25,1788.*

Joseph, of Salem, and Burlenda Stephens, int.Oct.18,1807.

Mary, Mrs., of New Salem, NH, and Lt. Caleb Balch, int.Feb.13,1780.

Polly, and Henry Gage, May1,1796.*

Rebecca, and William Wing, June19,1794.*

Thomas [Capt. int.], of Salem, and Esther Giles, July8,1773.CR1*


John, resident of Beverly, and Mariam Poland, Dec.27,1802.*

Lucy, and William Roberts of Manchester, int.Aug.11,1805.

Mary, and John Herrick, 2d, Dec.16,1827.*

Miriam, wid., a.65y., d.末末 Poland, and John Wyer [], a.35y.7m.22d., mariner, s.Timothy and Lydia, Dec.5,1844.*

Perley P., Rev., and Hannah E.B. Blair of Boston, int.Sept.26,1841.


Edith, and Thomas Derby, May10,1778.CR1*

Betsey, of Hamilton, and Thomas Raymond, int.Mar.2,1800.

Lydia, and Samuel Dodge, 2d, Dec.24,1780.CR1*

Stephen, and Judith Raymond, Oct.12,1828.*

SARGEANT (Sargent)

Clarissa U., and John Haskell, int.Nov.22,1835.

Winthrop, Capt., of Salem, and Nancy Cleaves, Oct.15,1826.*

SARGEN (Sargent)

Philip [Sargent. int.], and Sally Young, Nov.17,1811.*

SARGENT (Sargeant, Sargen, Sergeant)

Catharine [], and Joseph Ober, jr., May26,1793.*

Francis N., resident of Beverly, and Mary Jane Loring of Boston, int.May31,1840.

Hannah, and Ezra Thistle, Feb.10,1809.*

Henry [Sergant. int.], of Boston, and Mary Todd, July20,1794.*

John, and Joanna Butman, Jan.2,1798.*

Mary [], and William Spencer, May3,1787.*

Sarah E., a.19y.4m., b. Gloucester, d.Daniel and Mary E., and John Pickett, 2d, a.24y.4m.8d., cordwainer, s.John and Mahala, Dec.14,1845.*

Winthrop [Sergent. int.], jr., and Hannah Obear, Mar.8,1791.*

Winthrop, jr., and Rebecca Cleaves, Dec.21,1794.*

SAUNDERS (Sandaurs, Sanders)

Savory, of New Rowley, and Ellen [] Falls, Feb.10,1833.*


Samuel P., of Boston, and Abigail Rowe, Nov.12,1835.*

Sally, and William Nicholls [], Oct.4,1804.*


Charles, resident of Beverly, and Nancy Vickery, Feb.19,1814.

Hannah H., and John J. Annable, Dec.1,1831. [int.Dec.4,1831; Dec.25.CR1]*

Robert, of Salem, and Jane Hill, Nov.30,1808.*

Thomas C., of Boston, and Hannah [L. int.] Smith, Dec.7,1817.*


Amos, and Mary Appleton of Ipswich, at Ipswich, June7,1798.*

Ichabod, of Danvers, and Anna Woodberry, June15,1828.*


Fanny, and Francis Benson, jr., Jan.12,1807.*

James, resident of Beverly, and [] Lucy Thissel, May1,1783.CR2*

Mark, and Anna Knowlton of Wenham, May27,1804.*


Maria, and Elisha Cook, mariner, Dec.19,1844.*

SEAIRS (Sears)

Elisabeth [], and Abner Dodge, at Hamilton, Oct.25,1781.*

SEARL (Searles)

Richard, of Marblehead, and Rachel Raymond, Mar.3,175. [1757.CR2]*

SEARLES (Searl, Searls)

Joseph, and Rachel Osborn, July7,1807.*

Joseph, of Danvers, and Nancy Standley, int.Sept.28,1823.

SEARLS (Searles)

Joseph, and Mrs.Eleonar Smith of Salem, int.Aug.7,1784.

SEARS (Seairs, Seers, Seirs)

Anna, and Nathaniel Jacobs, Mar.28,1793.*

Joseph, and Rebecca Raymond, at Ipswich, Jan.30,1732.*

Polly, and Samuel Davis, Aug.16,1791.*

William, of Manchester, and Elisabeth Cole, Mar.25,1723.*

William, and Elizabeth Robinson, Mar.28,1756.*

SEAWARD (Seward)

Henry [], and Joanna Woodberry, Nov.30,1790.*

SEERS (Sears)

Joseph [], of Bridgton, and Sally Morse, Mar.6,1806.*

SEIRS (Sears)

Rebecca, and Michael Webb of Danvers, at Danvers, Aug.25,1784.*



Jacob, and Hannah Darlin of Marblehead, int.Dec.2,1792.

SENNET (Sennot)

James, and Sally Johnson, both residents of Beverly, int.Mar.11,1811.

SENNOT (Sennet)

James, and Mary Crampozie [both residents of], Sept.16,1788.*

SERGEANT (Sargent)

Anna [Sargent. int.], and Caleb Knowlton, Dec.23,1800.*

Elsy [], and David Odell, Nov.27,1836.*


Eli, of Wenham, and Sarah Dodge, Aug.20,1778.CR1*


Ephraim, and Abigail Trask, Feb.22,1748. [1747-8.CR2]

SEWAL (Sewel)

Demonicas, and Searah Thorndik, Feb.28,1758.*

SEWARD (Seaward)

Henry [Nathaniel B. int.], and Sally Thissel, July6,1819. [July8.PR51]*

Joanna W., and Levi Cole, May30,1839.*

SEWEL (Sewal)

Elizabeth, and William Tuck, June4,1733.*

Judeth, of Gloucester, and Robert Pickett, Oct.22,1761.*

Sary, and Joseph Cole, Mar.10,1724.*


Stephen, resident of Beverly, and Mrs.Abigail Pickett, int.June20,1773.

SHALE (Shaol)

Anny [] Elliott, and Joshua Ellinwood, Sept.27,1803.*

Eleanor, and John Waters of Salem, Dec.1,1799.*

Jane, and Joel Tay, Dec.23,1804.*

SHAOL (Shale)

Andrew, and Jane Smith, Oct.28,1779.CR1*


James of Portsmouth, NH. and Sarah Champney, Nov.1,1807.*



Mercy, of Salem, and Andrew Eliott, jr., Dec.9,1680.


Abigail, and Joseph P. Bradstreet, of Boston, Apr.8,1832.*

Anna, and Jonathan Williams, May4,1710.*

Benjamin, and Jerusha Brown, Aug.3,1756.*

Benjamin [], and Elisabeth Cushing of Ipswich, at Hamilton, May7,1778.*

Bethiah, and Nehemiah Haward of Salem, Sept.6,1711.*

Bethiah, and Samuell Herrick, June10,1755.*

Elizabeth, and Roger Haskins, int.Aug.10,1712.

Elisabeth, and John Greene, Sept.29,1776.CR1*

Elisabeth, and Joshua Wiat, at Danvers, Feb.22,1784.*

Elizabeth [], and William Trask, 2d.[jr.CR1], Sept.9,1788.*

Elizabeth, and Rev. John Nichols, "a missionary about to sail for Bombay" [resident of], Sept.28,1817.*

Emerson G., and Lucy Kimbal Merrill of Wenham, int.Nov.11,1832.

Jemima, and John Thomson of Ipswich Hamlet, at Hamilton, Nov.14,1774.*

Lydia [], and Benjamin Conant, May28,1789.*

Mary, and John Lovett [], Jan.3,1826.*

Neal, and Hephzibeth Glazier, Dec.14,1705.

Peter, and Bethiah Lovit, int.Oct.14,1705.

Peter, and Jemima Woodbery of Ipswich, int.Dec.1,1728.

Peter, jr., and Elizabeth Meachum of Salem, May29,1753.*

Peter, and Nabby Gould of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Feb.9,1792.*

Sarah, and John Tuck, Nov.8,1694.CTR

Walter, and Anna Gale, Dec.4,1696.*

SHELDEN (Sheldon)

Amos, and Fanny Brown, May27,1810.*

David, and Abigail Walden, May8,1825.*

Edwin, and Lucinda Peirce, int.Apr.12,1829.

Eli, and Clarissa Foster of Essex, int.May18,1828.

Fanny, and Abraham B. Lord, Dec.20,1831.*

Israel, and Sally Peirce, Dec.26,1819.*

Jesse, and Mary Dodge, Feb.4,1816.

John, jr., and Nancy Batchelder, July21,1811.*

Joshua, and Elisabeth Downer, int.Feb.21,1808.

Levi D., and Nancy Woodberry, May26,1839.CR2*

Maria, and John Stone, Apr.26,1835.*

Mary, and Caleb Lord, July17,1831.*

Nancy C., and Benjamin T. Lane, Aug.11,1833.*

Olivia, and Daniel Woodberry, 2d, Oct.11,1812.*

Sally, and Richard McCollister of Salem, Jan.9,1806.*

Sally, and Luther Lord, Dec.11,1831.*

Susan, and Benjamin Perry of Salem, Mar.29,1812.*

SHELDON (Shelden)

Caroline, and John Welch [jr.CR2] of Danvers, Oct.5,1836.*

Charles H., a.26y., butcher, s.Joshua and Elisabeth, and Mary A.C. Smith, a.18y., b. Salem, d.Jeremiah and Sally Nov.29,1849.*

Edwin, and Nancy Pierce, int.Apr.3,1836.

Eliza A., and Cyrus W. Lord, Dec.15,1842.*

Elizabeth, and Grafton Nutter, Apr.17,1836.*

Fidelia [b. May4,1823d.Jesse. int.], and Charles W. Lord [b. Apr.30,1821, farmer, s.Abraham and], Jan.2,1845.*

Mary Jane, and Nathaniel Ham, Dec.8,1836.*

Nancy Ellen, a.22y., d.Israel and Sally E., and Samuel B. Symonds, a.27y., trader, b. Wenham, s.Jacob and Anna B. Jan.19,1848.*

Phebe, of Lynn, and Ebenezer Raymond, May4,1777.CR1*

Sally, and Isaac Young, Sept.11,1836.*


John B., of Marblehead, and Anna T. Webber, int.May19,1839.


James B., of Boston, and Augusta P. Masury, d.Joseph, Feb.25,1849.

SIBBLE (Sibley)

William, of Salem, and Hannah Hutchison, int.Dec.30,1770.

SIBLEY (Sibble)

William H., of Danvers, and Mary P. Clark, of Danvers, Dec.19,1844.


Susannah, and Thomas Cole of Marblehead, Nov.4,1706.


Elisabeth, and John Trask, jr., Nov.22,1838.*

Joseph, and Hannah Low, Feb.23,1808.*

Joseph, jr., and Lydia Falls, Dec.24,1835.*

Mary, a.22y.8m.24d., d.Joseph and Hannah, and Robert G. Porter, a.28y.10m.29d.[cordwainer. int.], s.Joseph and Anna, Dec.19,1844.*

SIMMENS (Symmes)

Daniel [Symme, resident of], and Mary Green, Aug.14,1774.CR2*

SIMMONS (Simonds)

Elisabeth, wid., of Boxford, and Josiah Stone, at Boxford, Nov.9,1757.*

Mary, and David Raymond, June15,1790.*

Sally, and Daniel Thorndike Smith, Jan.9,1794.*

SIMONDS (Simmons, Simons, Symonds)

Abigail [], and Zachariah Morgan, Jan.7,1787.*

Daniel, jr., and Nancy Richardson, Nov.3,1810.*

Eunice, and Joshua Bisson [jr. int.], Aug.1,1763.*

Francis [], of Topsfield, and Abigail Porter of Wenham [of], May10,1748.*

Hannah, of Wenham, and Asa Dodge, int.Oct.25,1778.

John [], and [Mrs.CR2] Hannah Porter, Jan.6,1763.*

Thomas, and Mary Blashfield, Apr.8,1764.*

SIMONS (Simonds)

Eunice [], and Giles Johnson, Sept.10,1765.*

John, and Priscilla Stricklen, int.Feb.14,1808.

Thomas [], and Eunice Tuck, Jan.18,1736-7.*


Edward, jr., of Bluehill, ME, and Elizabeth Haskell, July5,1825.*


Henry, of Salem, and Hannah Sallos [at Salem, Nov.末,1744. dup.], Feb.5,1744.*


Sally, and Samuel Leach Walker, both residents of Beverly, Aug.26,1818.*


Jonathan G., and Lydia Whittredge, Oct.14,1821.*


Harriet L., of Salem, and Israel T. Howe, a.35y., master mariner, s.Abner and Sarah, at Salem, Aug.3,1846.*

SLU (Slue)

Lenard, and Abigal Jonson, Nov.23,1703.

SLUE (Slu)

Samuel, and Dinah Trask of Salem, at Salem, Dec.28,1735.*


Abigail, and Samuel Hill [both residents of], Oct.16,1779.CR1*


Abigal, and John Tuck, Nov.20,1744.*

Abigail, and Joshua Smith, Feb.5,1789.*

Nabby, and Benjamin Stanly, 2d, July2,1789.*

Abigail, and Peter Lovett, Jan.10,1790.*

Abigail, and Joseph Pedrick, Mar.25,1792.*

Nabby, and Azariah Edwards of Manchester, Dec.8,1801.*

Nabby, and Willoughby Woodberry, Jan.11,1807.*

Nabby, [Abigail. int.], and Samuel Allen, Jan.20,1829.*

Achsah, and Joseph S. Morse of Danvers, May2,1824.*

Adams, and [] Anna Wallis, Nov.9,1783.*

Amoss, and Mary Edwards, Mar.19,1793.*

Andrew, and [] Nabby Woodberry, Nov.17,1772.*

Anna, and Jabez Backer of Gloucester, Dec.4,1733. [May18,1732. dup.; int.Nov.10,1733.]*

Anna, of Salem, and Thomas Morse, int.July1,1753.

Anna, Mrs., and Ephraim Laskey, int.Nov.2,1783.

Anna [], and Josiah Obear, Dec.3,1786.*

Anna, and John Kettle of Danvers, Nov.6,1794.*

Anna, and Andrew Thissel, int.Jan.10,1802.

Anna, and John Thompson, Sept.3,1807.*

Asa, and Abigail Wood, Feb.15,1794.*

Azadiah, and Hannah Grover, May27,1684.

Bartholomew, and Sarah Woodbury, Dec.12,1775.CR1*

Benjamin, of Salem, and Mary Roundey, Dec.23,1714.*

Benjamin, and Elizabath Ober, int.Aug.23,1746.

Benjamin, and Mary Thorndick, Apr.20,1757.*

Benjamin, and, wid.Lydia Woodbery, May13,1765.*

Benjamin, and Charlotte Wilkins, Nov.24,1825.*

Daniel Thorndike, and Sally Simmons, Jan.9,1794.*

David L., and Harriet Wallis, int.Mar.24,1839.

Deborah, and James Lovett, Dec.1,1743.*

Debby, and Benjamin Foster of Manchester, Nov.2,1797.*

Ebenezer, and Emme Butmun, Jan.13,1772.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Lydia Rea, Jan.8,1797.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Hannah Putnam, Oct.22,1829.*

Eleonar, Mrs., of Salem, and Joseph Searls, int.Aug.7,1784.

Elias, of Manchester, and [] Thankfull Groves, Feb.26,1765.*

Eliza, and Humphry Horrell, Jan.10,1687-8.CTR

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Woodberry of Salem, at Salem, Nov.24,1728.*

Elizabeth, and John Coye, Nov.15,1742.*

Elizabeth, and Nicholas Woodberry, Nov.25,1766.*

Elizabeth [], and Aaron Cheaver of Danvers, Nov.30,1773.*

Elisabeth, and Beamsly Glazier, Feb.22,1794.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Gardner McKey [], Jan.29,1795.*

Betsy, of Hamilton, and Zachariah Standley, int.Apr.28,1816.

Betsy, and Jesse Dodge, July22,1828.*

Elizabeth E., and Daniel Whittredge, Nov.23,1828.*

Emma, and Capt. Stephen Roundy, jr., Jan.21,1830.*

Esther [], and Henry Burchsted, Aug.10,1783.CR2*

Eunis, and Frances Smith, May5,1758.*

Eunice, Mrs., and William Batcheldor, jr., int.June30,1782.

Eunice, of Salem, and Capt. James Trow, Jan.10,1819.*

Ezekiel, and Lucy Obear, Jan.29,1822.*

Ezekiel, and Mary Ann Bisson, int.Jan.10,1843.

Ezra, and Bethiah Batchelder, May25,1790.*

Ezra, and Elizabeth Gould of Boxford, int.June16,1805.

Frances, and Eunice Smith, May5,1758.*

Frances [E. int.], and John H. Cross, Nov.22,1841.*

Francis, and Mrs.Jane Elliott, int.June20,1784.

Francis, jr., and Jane Elliott, Jan.27,1791.*

Francis, and Eleaner Dike, Aug.12,1792.*

George, resident of Beverly, and Loisa Stone, July30,1818.*

George, of Danvers, and Nancy Smith, at Danvers, Sept.2,1832.*

Hannah, and Nehemiah Porter of Wenham, Jan.3,1716-17.

Hannah, and Richard Butman, Apr.12,1736. [int.Mar.27,1737.]*

Hannah, and John Porter, jr., Apr.14,1769.*

Hannah [], and Simon Jude Anthony Luques, Aug.8,1790.*

Hannah [L. int.], and Thomas C. Savory of Boston, Dec.7,1817.*

Hannah, and Henry Wallis, Jan.12,1821.*

Hannah E., and Ezra Cleaves, jr., Oct.14,1827.*

Hannah, and William Bray, Mar.27,1834.*

Hazadiah, jr., and Anna Woodbery [of Chebacco. int.], Jan.30,1708-9.*

Hazdiah, and Abigal Woodbry, Mar.19,1756.*

Hazediah, and, wid.Anna Groves [wid.John. int.], Nov.26,1765.*

Hasadiah, jr., and [] Lois Woodberry, Apr.30,1786.*

Herbert S., and Hannah Brown of Salem, int.Dec.8,1833.

Isaac, and Mrs.Susanna Thissel, int.Nov.14,1784.

Isaac Woodberry, and Thirza Woodberry, Dec.1,1799.*

Isaac P. [B. int.] Dr. [of Manchester. int.], and Hannah Wallis, May18,1826.*

Isaac, 2d, and Rebekah Elliott, Apr.19,1835.*

Israel, and Jane Elliott, Nov.19,1764.*

Israel, of Danvers, and Betsey Batchelder, int.Aug.23,1795.

Jacob, and Rhoda Standly, Oct.30,1716.*

James, and Sarah Cresy of Salem, Feb.2,1718-19.*

James, and Abigail Baker of Wenham, at Wenham, Nov.21,1753.*

James, and Abigail Groves, Aug.17,1777.CR1*

James, jr., and Nabby Lee, Feb.20,1803.CR2*

Jane, and Andrew Shaol, Oct.28,1779.CR1*

Jane L[ove. dup.], a.19y.7m.14d., d.George and Louis, and William T[row.dup.] Trask, jr., a.20y.11m., cordwainer, s.William T and Lydia, Nov.9,1843.*

Job, jr., and Elisabeth Foster, Apr.5,1781.CR1*

John, and Mrs.Elizabeth Giles, int.Aug.3,1783.

John, and Mrs.Mary Herrick, int.May23,1784.

John, and Abigail Baker of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Feb.24,1788.*

John, jr. [of Bradford, NH. int.], and Dorcas Woodberry, Jan.26,1809. [Mar.28,1810.PR125]*

John L., and Lucy A. Smith, Oct.12,1834.*

John Groves, and Hannah C[hoate.PR250] Cross, June25,1837.*

Jonathan, and Rebekah Wood, Apr.4,1723.*

Jonathan, and Anna Wood, Nov.28,1763.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Lummas of Ipswich, int.Dec.8,1771.

Jonathan, and Lucy Hubard, int.May19,1782.

Jonathan, 2d, and Emme Stanley, Jan.22,1789.*

Jonathan, Esq., and Mrs.Betsy Fellowes, Nov.12,1834.*

Jonathan, and Emma C. Bennett of Durham, NH, int.Apr.15,1837.

Joseph, and Betsey Johns, Mar.29,1794.*

Joseph J., a.27y.7m.24d., pedlar [laborer. dup.], b. Athlington, Eng., s.Zachariah and Elisabeth, and Sarah A. Trask, wid., a.21y.9m., d.Robert and Sally Andrews, May3,1845. [1847. dup.]*

Joshua, and Abigail Smith, Feb.5,1789.*

Josiah, and Martha Trenance, Oct.22,1724.

Lucy, and William Woodberry, 2d, Aug.29,1813.

Lucy A., and John L. Smith, Oct.12,1834.*

Lydia, and Thomas Barrett, Nov.24,1818.*

Lydia, and Joseph Elliott, 2d, Sept.17,1822.*

Lydia, and Dr. Ingalls Kittredge, int.Mar.27,1836.

Lydia Ann, and William Edwards, Mar.11,1838.*

Martha, and Benjamin Blashfield, Feb.6,1759.*

Mary, of Salem, and Mark Hascall, Mar.20,1677-8.

Mary, Mrs.[Miss.CR2], and Jonathan Green, Jan.14,1772.*

Molly, Mrs., and Ebenezer Loveitt, int.Feb.2,1783.

Mary, Mrs., and Benjamin Verry, int.June19,1785.

Mary [] and Jason Wilkins, Jan.17,1805.*

Mary E., Mrs.[], and Thomas Gordon, Feb.11,1829.*

Mary, Mrs., and Nathaniel Friend, int.Mar.7,1841. (altered their intentions at present.)

Mary, wid., a.70y., b. Gloucester, d.Ebenezer and Hannah Marble, of Gloucester, and Nathaniel Friend, widr., a.80y.[a.81y.CR2], b. Wenham, farmer, s.James and Sally, of Wenham, Apr.6,1845.*

Matthias [resident of], and Anna Clark, Dec.26,1793.*

Mehitable, and Calvin Tuck, Oct.26,1834.*

Hitty, and A[] N. Clark, Aug.13,1838.*

Mercy, of Danvers, and James Holt, int.Mar.7,1819.

Michael, of Danvers, and Nancy Trask, July6,1828.*

Nancy, and Robert Tuck, Apr.16,1805.*

Nancy, and William Lamson, June18,1816.*

Nancy, and Samuel F. Tappan of Manchester, Dec.25,1827.*

Nancy, and George Smith of Danvers, at Danvers, Sept.2,1832.*

Nathan, and Mary Dodge, Aug.25,1794.*

Nehemiah, and Martha Ellenwood, Dec.13,1724.*

Nehemiah, and Hannah Elenwood, Apr.12,1774.CR1*

Nehemiah, jr., and Achsah Herrick, July9,1801.*

Philip, of Danvers, and Eunice P. Webb, int.Aug.13,1837.

Robert, of Salem, and Mary Ellingwood, at Salem, June7,1720.*

Robert, and Lydia Roundy, at Danvers, Nov.23,1783.*

Ruth, and Simeon Obear Beckford, May7,1807.*

Ruth, and Jesse Dodge, July21,1818.*

Ruth, and Samuel W. Baker [of], Sept.14,1830.*

Salome, and Asa Brown, Mar.26,1776.CR2*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Hayward, Jan.19,1715-16.*

Samuell, of Salem, and Rebecca Lovett, May15,1765.*

Samuel, and Abigail Stanley, Feb.24,1780.CR1*

Samuel, and Hittee Edwards [of Wenham, int.Sept.2,1804.]*

Samuel, of Ipswich, and [] Elisabeth Lamson, Nov.20,1811.*

Samuel, jr., and Julia Ann Holt, Sept.3,1833.PR30

Sarah, and Robert Roundey, Apr.25,1744.*

Sarah, and Isaac Haskal, Nov.26,1772.CR1*

Sarah, and Israel Woodbury [], Feb.24,1774.CR1*

Sarah, Mrs., and James Watson, int.June19,1785

Sarah, wid., and Edward Giles, at Danvers, May2,1788.

Sarah, and Andrew Ober, jr., Oct.3,1824.*

Sarah A., Mrs., and John Buckman, int.May18,1828.

Sarah G. [], and Thomas Barrett, Dec.31,1840.*

Simeon, and Polly Marvel, Dec.31,1793.*

Susannah, and Benjamin Elliot, Apr.20,1817.*

Thankful, and Nathan Leech, 2d, July2,1797.*

Thomas, and Unice Ellinwood, Apr.19,1795.*

Thomas, and Margarate Chadwick, int.Sept.18,1803.

Thomas B., and Judith K. Blyth, Sept.22,1824.*

W. Isaac, widr., b. Oct.23,1816, at Lynn, cordwainer, s.Simeon and Mary, and Ellen M. Edwards, b. May20,1818d.Ezra, at Wenham, Aug.17,1845.*

Wells, a.40y.11m.10d., cordwainer, s.Jonathan and Emma, and Julia Ann Doane, a.21y.9m.25d., b. Eastham, Mass, d.Crowell and Hannah A., of East Boston, Dec.19,1844.*

William, and Sarah Arnold [Martin. int.] Vickerie, Oct.9,1803.*

William, jr., and Sarah Nichols, Aug.18,1823.*

William Isaac, and Sarah T. Lendall, int.Jan.20,1839.


John Buffington, and Betsy Foster, Dec.4,1806.*


Mary, and Anthony Williams, Sept.25,1676.


Francis, and Nancy Friend, Dec.3,1818.*


Abigail, and Mordecaie Larkum, Nov.10,1681.


Ebenezer, of Danvers, and Mrs.Elizabeth Trask, Oct.18,1812.*

George [of], and Mrs.Mary Lakeman, Aug.1,1810.*

Mary D., and Henry L. Reed, both of Salem, Nov.15,1840.

SPAFFORD (Spofford)

Isaac, Dr., and Mrs.Ruth Thorndike, int.Oct.17,1784.

SPAULDIN (Spaulding)

Sheribiah, and Relief Webber, Nov.17,1801.*

SPAULDING (Spauldin)

George, and Emeline A. Larcom, Apr.5,1843.PR214


Benjamin, and Betsey Standley, int.Jan.16,1803.


Eleanor, and William Dike, int.Jan.31,1779.

George, and Racheh [Rachel.CR2] May, Jan.22,1756.*

SPENCER (Spenser)

Edward [resident of], and Mary [] Tuck, Oct.15,1796.*

Elizabeth, and Allen Strickland, May21,1805.*

Mary [G. int.], and John W. Brashear, June19,1825.*

Paul, and Nancy Porter of Danvers, int.Nov.19,1820.

Rebecca H., and Thomas S. Pope of Salem, Mar.13,1825.*

William, and [] Mary Sargent, May3,1787.*

SPENSER (Spencer)

William, and Mary Gale Homan, Nov.3,1795.*


Moses, and [] Ruth Lord, Jan.7,1823.*

SPOFFORD (Spafford)

Mary Ann, Mrs., and [Rev. int.] Elijah Foster, Dec.7,1826.*

Phineas F., and Mary Ann Peirce, Sept.15,1822.*


Mary, of Newburyport, and William Porter, jr., int.June28,1807.

SPRIG (Spriggs)

Mary [], and Samuell Tuck, July12,1763.*

SPRIGGS (Sprig, Sprigs)

Benjamin, and Hannah Morgan, Sept.3,1780.CR1*

Jeremy, and Mary Masury [Majery.CR2], July9,1752.*

Miriam, and Michael Coes of Salem, July18,1748.

SPRIGS (Spriggs)

Phillip, and Miriam White, Dec.7,1721.*



Nabby, and Charles Roberts, Feb.25,1808.

Jane, jr., and George Stanley, at Marblehead, Nov.4,1692.


Hannah S., b. Salem, and William W. Baker, a.29y.8m.4d., cordwainer, s.Joseph and Lucy, June1,1845.*

Joseph W., and Mary Elkins, both of Salem, Mar.末,1845.

STANDELY (Stanley)

Jane, and Andrew Woodbery, int.Sept.23,1759.

Richard, and Ester Edwards of Wenham, at Wenham, Nov.29,1759.*

Sarah, and Thomas Woodberrey, Nov.21,1757.*

STANDLEY (Stanley)

Abba H., and Luke Morgan, jr. int.Apr.17,1842.

Abigail, and Cornelous Barns, Dec.2,1725.*

Abigail, and George Standley, Nov.29,1764.*

Abigail, and William Fielder, Sept.5,1820.*

Abigail, and James Butman of Wenham, Oct.5,1828.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Prince, June11,1829.*

Abigail T., and Samuel Woodberry [], Nov.10,1831.*

Abigail F., and Isaac Patch, Dec.29,1839.*

Andrew, and Margret Eliott, July31,1750.

Andrew, and Mrs.Abigail Obear, Feb.11,1772.*

Andrew, 2d, and Mrs.[] Nabby Peirce, May13,1830.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Wels, int.Mar.19,1726-7.

Benjamin, and Phebe Stone, Oct.23,1741.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Dodge, Nov.18,1774.PR121

Benjamin, 2d, and Hannah Raymond, Jan.26,1797.CR2*

Benjamin, and Catharine P. Porter, Dec.31,1815.

Benjamin, and Mary C. Brown, June7,1818.*

Benjamin, and Huldah B. [P. int.] Kimball, Feb.5,1822.*

Catherine A. [S. int.], and John L. [S. int.] Clark, Nov.30,1841.*

Daniel O., and Mary Ann Williams, int.Dec.22,1839.

David, and Elizabeth Standley, May7,1767.*

David, 3d, and Hannah Trowt, Nov.26,1818.*

David, of Wenham, and Jerusha Edwards, int.Feb.23,1834.

Eliza, and Edmond Munroe of Danvers, int.Mar.14,1830.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Patch, Dec.30,1736.*

Elizabeth, and David Standley, May7,1767.*

Betsey, and Benjamin Speed, int.Jan.16,1803.

Betsy [G. int.], and John M. Thissel, Apr.1,1819.*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Elwell of Danvers, int.May24,1829.

Elizabeth L. [A. int.], and Francis Dodge, Apr.12,1840.*

Emmeline A., and James Williams, cordwainer, June29,1843.*

Francis L[], and Hannah W. Standley, at Wenham, Apr.11,1839.*

George, and Abigel Morgan, Apr.8,1720.*

George, and Elizabeth Pressen [Presston. int.], June24,1762.*

George, and Abigail Standley, Nov.29,1764.*

Hannah, and Josiah Morgain, Nov.1,1750.*

Hannah, and Jedediah Stiles, June24,1817.*

Hannah, and John Baker, jr., Nov.18,1819.*

Hannah, and Capt. Jonathan Batchelder [], Sept.16,1824. [1825.PR44]*

Hannah, and Herbert T. Standley, Mar.29,1827.*

Hannah W., and Francis L[] Standley, at Wenham, Apr.11,1839.*

Harriett, and Paul Hall, at Wenham, Jan.末,1834.*

Herbert, and Lydia Standley, Mar.29,1827.*

Isaac, and Ann Currier, Dec.13,1840.*

Jane, and Andrew Elliot, Apr.14,1767.*

Jean, and John Morse, Dec.24,1724.*

Joanna, and William Eborns, Feb.28,1755.*

Joanna, and Moses Stickney, June12,1819.*

Joanna, and Benjamin Gentlee, of Wenham, Jan.6,1820.*

John, jr., and Anna Groce, Apr.29,1830.*

John O., and Sally Curtis, Nov.27,1834.*

John D., a.23y., mason, s.Benjamin and Huldah, and Ann Wallis, a.18y., d.Andrew, 2d., and Abigail, Nov.25,1848.*

Jonathan, and Mercy Sallowes, Nov.21,1734.*

Jonathan, jr., and Lydia Preston, Apr.17,1766.*

Jonathan, and, wid.Elizabeth Peirce, Mar.7,1816.

Joseph, and Mary Sallows, Dec.31,1724.*

Lucy, and William H[] Patch, May12,1831.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Shadrack Fisk, Jan.15,1832.*

Lucy, and Nathan W. Hull, Dec.2,1838.*

Lucy D., a.18y., d.Nicholas and Lydia, and Reuben Edwards, a.26y., farmer, s.Ezra, at Wenham, Apr.21,1847.*

Lydia, and Jeremiah Foster, jr., Jan.19,1800.*

Lydia, and Joseph Woodbury, 2d, Jan.11,1803.CR2*

Lydia, and Benjamin Pickering of Salem, int.Apr.22,1827.

Lydia, and Herbert Standley, Nov.6,1828.*

Lydia, and Timothy Standley, jr., Nov.2,1830.*

Mahala, and John Pickett, jr., Feb.8,1818.*

Margret [], and William Buttman, Dec.27,1769.*

Maria D., a.16y.5m.23d., and Henry Wilburn, a.21y.2m.8d., cordwainer [of Wenham.CR1], b. at Hamilton, Sept.26,1844.*

Patty, wid., a.53y.8m.24d., d.Isaac and Dorcas Hull, and Jonathan Patch, widr., a.62y.11m., house carpenter, s.William and Anna, Jan.13,1845.*

Mary, and Benjamin Butman [jr.CR1], Mar.14,1816.

Mary, and Robert Dodge, Apr.30,1818.*

Mary C., Mrs., and Jonas [W. int.] Chapman of Gloucester, Sept.4,1825.*

Mary D., and James Webber of Wenham, July2,1838.*

Polly, Mrs., and Stephen Dodge of Wenham, Nov.29,1838.*

Mary, Mrs., and Cornelius Larcom, Sept.22,1841.*

Mary Ann, and John Brazil, Oct.21,1841. [Oct.22,1842.PR90]*

Hitty, and Nathaniel Haskoll, jr., Nov.29,1798.*

Marcey, and Philip Curne of Marblehead, int.Sept.20,1730.

Marcy [], and Thomas Mors, Oct.12,1751.*

Mercy, and William Woodberry, June19,1800.*

Nancy, and Edmund Stone, May17,1821.*

Nancy, and Joseph Searles of Danvers, int.Sept.28,1823.

Nancy, and Cornelius Larcom, jr., Aug.4,1825.*

Nancy, a.27y.[mantua maker. int.], d.Thomas and Joanna, and William H. Cole, a.26y., cordwainer, s.Oliver and Polly, May16,1847.*

Nicholas, and Mrs.Lydia Groce, Jan.1,1828.*

Paul, and Mahala Thissel, Apr.14,1816.

Peter, and Mary Abbott, Nov.8,1818.*

Phebe, and Ebenezer Rogers, Feb.21,1768.*

Rebeccah, and Ebenezer Dodge, Aug.13,1767.*

Rebecca, and Ezra Foster, Mar.7,1805.*

Richard, and Sally Patch of South Reading, Mar.18,1830.*

Ruth, and John Conant, jr., Oct.6,1816.*

Sands, jr., and Rebecca Thissel, May15,1823.*

Sally, and Jonathan Batchelder, 2d, July14,1818.*

Sally, and Isaac Blodget of Medford, int.Jan.6,1822.

Sally, and John Andrews, May24,1827.*

Sally, and Joseph Thissel, Dec.10,1829.*

Stephen, Capt., and Polly Chapman, Oct.1,1822.*

Susan, and Phillip H. Kimball of Danvers, Oct.2,1823.*

Thomas, and Joanna Stone, Feb.9,1800.*

Thomas, 3d [b. Sept.13,1818. int.], cordwainer, s.Timothy and Patty, and Sarah A. Knowlton, Dec.31,1844.*

Thomas, jr., and Lucy Boden, int.Feb.18,1827.

Timothy, of Salem, and Abbigal Lucas, Mar.29,1737.*

Timothy, 2d, and Patty Hull, July25,1813.*

Timothy, jr., and Lydia Standley, Nov.2,1830.*

Timothy M., and Anna P. Elliott, Nov.21,1839.*

Titus, and Joanna Allen, June13,1748.*

Wells, and Emme Hayward, Sept.4,1753.*

Wells, and Rebecca Lovett, Apr.30,1823.*

William, and Hannah Stone, Sept.2,1724.*

William, and Mariam [] Harris, Feb.20,1753.*

William, jr., and Joanna Thorndike, Nov.28,1753.*

William, 3d, and Hannah Ober, Mar.16,1815.

William, 3d, and Anna Foster, Mar.27,1831.*

William, 3d, and Jane O. Foster, Feb.21,1839.*

William, and Hannah P. Orne of Marblehead, int.May9,1841.

Zachariah, and Betsy Smith of Hamilton, int.Apr.28,1816.

Zachariah M., and Nabby Larcom, May16,1816.

Zachariah M., and Nancy Peirce of Wenham, int.Oct.27,1822.

STANDLY (Stanley)

Abigel, and William Reth, int.Dec.3,1704.

Andrew, and Lydia Lefavor, Dec.29,1796.*

Andrew, of Wenham, and Elizabeth May, Dec.4,1835.*

Andrew W., and Ann E. Wilkins, June8,1837.*

Benjamin, and [] Susanna Stone, Feb.6,1787.*

David, and Mary Fluant, Nov.12,1730.

David, jr., and Mary Ober [Obear. int.], Mar.6,1794.*

Betsy, and Thomas Gentle [Gentlee. int.] of Wenham, May29,1794.*

Betsy, and William Haskell [jr. int.], Dec.8,1807.*

Gorge, and Jean Stasy, Nov.4,1692.

George, and Abigail Lee, Nov.26,1772.CR1*

Hannah, Mrs., and Jonathan Dodge, 2d, int.Feb.15,1784.

Hannah, and Joseph Patch, Feb.28,1793.*

Herbert S., and Susanna Appleton, Apr.10,1838.*

Jane [Jean. int.], and John Stone, Apr.21,1726.*

Joanna, and Henry Blanchard, Aug.16,1835.*

Joanna, and William Ward, Mar.20,1838.*

Mary, and Nicholas Lucas, Jan.27,1714-15.*

Mary, and Wells Standly, int.Apr.19,1772.

Molly, and Andrew Larcom, int.July24,1803.

Rhoda, and Jacob Smith, Oct.30,1716.*

Robert, and Lydia Ober, Nov.18,1756.*

Robert, 2d, and [] Hannah Morgan, Sept.15,1786.*

Ruth [], and Aaron Francis, Jan.24,1773.*

Stephen, and Sally Pride, Dec.25,1806.*

Thomas, 3d, and Margaret Abbot, May7,1835.*

Timothy, 2d, and Patty Hull, int.Oct.25,1812.

Wells, and Mary Standly, int.Apr.19,1772.

Wells [jr. int.], and Ruth Baker, Nov.22,1795.*

William, jr., and Mrs.Sarah Morgan, int.Feb.20,1785.

William, 3d, and Anna Trout, Apr.14,1811.*

STANLEY (Standely, Standley, Standly, Stanly)

Abigail, and Samuel Smith, Feb.24,1780.CR1*

Nabby, and John Glidden, Dec.15,1793.*

Nabby, and Francis Woodberry Larcom, Jan.14,1796.*

Andrew, and Annis Preston [Presson. int.], May21,1789.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Woodbury, Dec.18,1774.CR1*

Emme, and Jonathan Smith, 2d, Jan.22,1789.*

George, and Jane Stacey, jr., at Marblehead, Nov.4,1692.

Henry, and Edith Pickett, Mar.2,1802.*

Jane, Mrs., and Richard Obear, 3d, Apr.27,1780.CR1*

Joanna, and Sans Stanley, Dec.17,1789.*

John, and Polly Gentlee of Wenham, at Wenham, Mar.10,1796.*

Kenny, and Elisabeth Biggs, July17,1776.CR1*

Margaret, and Benjamin Cleaves, jr., Jan.15,1793.*

Mary [], and Nicolas Pearce [Pierce. int.], June4,1794.*

Mercy, and William Roberts of Manchester, Jan.11,1776.CR1*

Peter, and [] Elizabeth Prescott, June3,1788.*

Rebecca [], and Richard Coy, at Ipswich, Jan.14,1731. [int.Dec.8,1731.]*

Robert, and Mary Lovett, Dec.5,1779.CR1*

Sans, and Joanna Stanley, Dec.17,1789.*

Sally, and Ephraim Morgan, Jan.7,1790.*

Timothy, and Anna Woodberey, Mar.24,1796.*

Wells, and Elizabeth Webb, Aug.14,1788.*

STANLY (Stanley)

Benjamin, 2d, and Nabby Smith, July2,1789.*


Lydia, and Jonathan May, both of Manchester, Mar.19,1795.CR1


John, of Barrington [], NH, and Lucy Dodge, Nov.19,1809.*


Eliza, of Bangor, ME, and Ebenezer Thissel, int.June10,1842.

STEARNS (Sterns)


Fanny, of Wrentham, and James Bradburn, at Wrentham, June4,1797.*

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Abigal, and Thomas Davis of Salem, Sept.27,1746.*

Abigail, and John Dike, Nov.9,1777.CR1*

Anna, and William Leach, Nov.30,1779.CR1*

Burlenda, and Joseph Sanders of Salem, int.Oct.18,1807.

Charles, and Nancy Giddings, Dec.12,1824.*

Elizabeth, and Ezra Obear, Mar.12,1789.*

Helen M[], and Charles Davis, June17,1841.*

Jane, Mrs., and Francis Varney of Coxhall, int.Jan.30,1785.

John, and Sally Davis, Nov.19,1788.*

Joseph, and Harriet Batchelder, June5,1828.*

Mary, and Daniel Thissell, June3,1771.*

Nancy, and William Thorndike, Esq., of Bath, ME, Nov.8,1821.*

Robert, and Jane Green [both residents of], Sept.13,1779.CR1*

Thomas, and Anna Rea, Nov.4,1756.

Thomas, jr., and Hitty Thorndike, Aug.18,1814.


Hannah, and John Chapman, Jan.7,1694-5.CTR

STETSON (Stedson)

STEUART (Stewart)

William, resident of Beverly, and Louis Barrot, int.June2,1811.

STEVEN (Stevens)

Joseph, jr., and Mary Grover, Oct.29,1708.*

STEVENS (Stephens, Steven)

Abigel, of Wenham, and William Killam of Ipswich, Jan.15,1705-6.

Anne, wid., of Gloucester, and Ebenezer Cleves, at Gloucester, Mar.4,1744.*

Elizabeth, of Topsfield, and Richard Leech, int.Dec.30,1759.

George Honor (Williams), and Charity Woodberry, Nov.16,1769.*

James, 2d, of Andover, and Lydia Gardner, June16,1835.*

John, and Abigel Stone, Nov.27,1717.*

Joseph, and Mary Millit, Apr.7,1719.*

Mary, and William Haskol, Dec.27,1704.*

Mary K., of Louden, NH, and Stephen Mascoll, jr., int.Sept.19,1830.

Nancy I., and Benjamin B. Quimby of Bedford, NH, Jan.末,1842.*

Ruth [], and John B[axter. int.] Allen of Salem, at Salem, Nov.8,1784.*

STEWARD (Stewart)

Elizabeth A., and Walter Rodgers of Newbury, int.June5,1836.

Joseph, and Sally Woodberry, Mar.4,1813.*

STEWART (Steuart, Steward)

Elizabeth, and Edward S. Colby of Salem, int.May13,1832.

James, of Salem, and Polly Morgan, July23,1789.

John, and Mary Roberts, both of Salem, May21,1715.


Allen, and Salley Woodberry, Oct.2,1788.*

Warren, and Abigail Tittle, Oct.1,1820.*


Abigail, of Newbury, and Thomas Dodge, at Newbury, July25,1781.*

Addison, of Topsfield, and Mary E. Caswell, Mar.25,1841.*

Amos, and Hannah Picket, May14,1816.*

Agustanna, a.19y.11m.14d., b. Nashua, NH, d.Luther and Ruth, of Nashua, NH, and Nathaniel S. Batchelder, a.25y.8m.15d., tailor, s.Jonathan and Sally, Dec.29,1844.*

Benjamin, and Eunice Lee of Manchester, int.Nov.7,1819.

Benjamin, and Sally Webber, Dec.26,1830.*

Benjamin [housewright, b. Lowell, s.Benjamin and Eunice. int.], and Lydia Woodberry [tailoress, d.Jesse and Susan. int.], Mar.28,1844.*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Appleton, int.Feb.2,1840.

Emeline, and Eleazer Wallis, 2d, Dec.8,1840.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Herrick, Nov.30,1812.*

Hannah, and John Bradshaw [jr. int.], Dec.9,1821.*

John [Capt. int.], and Martha Whittredge, Oct.29,1835.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Elliot, Apr.11,1809.*

Joseph, and Hannah Pouslin, Feb.23,1790.*

Joseph P., widr., a.45y., farmer, of Concord, NH, and Elisabeth W. Edwards, a.33y.9m.25d., d.Abraham and Nancy, Aug.31,1843.*

Josiah, and Joanna Wallis, Dec.9,1830.*

Luther, and Ruthy Glover, July20,1817.*

Margarett [], and Charles T. Harris, Sept.3,1833.*

Mary, and James Gray, Dec.26,1794.*

Moses, and Joanna Standley, June12,1819.*

Nancy, and [Capt. int.] George Abbott, Apr.2,1820.*

Nancy J., wid., a.37y.9m.16d., mantua maker, d.Seaward and Nancy J. Lee, and Gilbert T. Hawes of Boston, Oct.12,1845.*

Nancy J., a.24y.3m.4d., [milliner. int.], d.Moses and Joanna, and Joseph D. Glover, a.25y.9m.4d., cordwainer, s.Peter and Abigail, Nov.26,1845.*

Rebecca, and Philip Berry, Sept.24,1788.*

Rebecca, and Albert Knight [of], June22,1830.*

Samuel, and [Mrs.CR2] Rebeckah Raymond, Jan.23,1766. [Jan.5. dup.]*

Samuel, jr., and Edith Wallis, Dec.14,1794.*

Sally, Mrs., of Billerica, and Ezra Trask Foster, int.Aug.22,1784.

Sally, and William Webber, jr., June16,1799.*

Sarah, of Danvers, and James Graham, int.Feb.12,1804.

Silas, and Betsy Thorndike, Aug.29,1796. [Sept.29.CR1]*

Silas, jr., of Boston, and Nancy J. Lee, Aug.18,1831.*


Hannah R., and Robert Brown, Feb.3,1836.*

Jedediah, and Hannah Standley, June24,1817.*


John M., and Nancy Foster, int.Sept.17,1837.

Lucy I., and Francis Eveleth of Danvers, Feb.1,1842.

Martha B., tailoress, d.John and Bethiah, and Benjamin Raymond, a.53y., tool maker, s.William and Hannah, Nov.末,1846.*

Sarah B., and Nathaniel F. Masury, Nov.26,1837.*


Septerius [Septinus.CR5], of Boston, and Jane J. Wilkinson, Mar.10,1842.*


Peter, and Susannah Trask of Danvers, at Salem, [Dec.26,1756. Danvers Rds.]

STON (Stone)

Andrew, and Abigal Ellinwood, May22,1744.*

Samuell, and Mary Chapman, Jan.21,1745.*

STONE (Ston)

Abigel, and John Stevens, Nov.27,1717.*

Abbigal, and Zebulan Hill, int.Oct.27,1728.

Abbigal, and Daniel Butman, May18,1732.*

Abbigal, and Andrew Knolten of Manchester, int.Nov.1,1741.

Abigail, and George Gallop, Aug.17,1777.CR1*

Abner Chapman, and [] Mercy Mansfeild, Apr.27,1786.*

Anna, and Dr. Nathan Jones of Temple, NH, May10,1820.*

Charity, and Benjamin Roundy, Apr.12,1722.*

Daniel, and Hannah Woodberry, Jan.14,1702-3.

David, and Elisabeth Corning, at Ipswich, Jan.18,1726.*

Dorithy, and Jonathan Harres [jr. int.], Dec.6,1739.*

Edmund, and Nancy Standley, May17,1821.*

Edmond, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Edmond and Nancy, and Mehitable Larcom, a.20y., d.Cornelius and Nancy, May28,1846.*

Edward, and Prissa Putnam, Mar.21,1804.*

Edward, and Mrs.Hannah Groves, Aug.12,1827.*

Elisabeth, and William Gadge, int.Nov.1,1730.

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Balch Lovett, Sept.9,1773.CR1*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Low [], May5,1776.CR2*

Elisabeth [], and Roger Dempsey, Mar.12,1786.*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Trask, Aug.28,1796.*

Elisabeth, and Elijah Maxey [], Nov.7,1811.*

Emme, and David Fornis, jr., Dec.20,1792.*

Ephraim, of Lowell, and Sarah Mascoll, Jan.10,1832.*

Esther, and Richard Woodbery, May17,1711.*

Eunis, and John Allen of Gloucester, Mar.6,1716-17.*

Eunice, and Peter Highersell [resident of], Dec.30,1828.*

Experience, and Edward Bond, Mar.13,1734.*

Fanny, and Nathaniel Perry, Jan.3,1811.*

Hannah [Hannah], and Peter Groves, Jan.7,1718-19.*

Hannah, and William Standley, Sept.2,1724.*

Hannah, wid., and John Lovett, 2d, Nov.2,1758.*

Hannah, and William Groves, Apr.6,1806.*

Israel, and Anne Morgan, May5,1721.

Israel O., and Rebecca Cleaves, Jan.14,1821.*

Israel O., and Mrs.Nancy Stone of Boston, int.June5,1825.

James, and Lydia Foster, Nov.13,1817.*

Jane, and Ebenezer Kimball of Bradford, Dec.18,1735.*

Jean [Joan. int.], and Samuell Morgan, Jan.26,1720-1.*

Jean, and Joseph Leech, Sept.28,1737.*

Joanna, and James Parker [resident of], Aug.24,1779.CR1*

Joanna, and Thomas Standley, Feb.9,1800.*

Joanna, and John Haskell, resident of Beverly, June27,1814.

John, and Hester Gaines of Ipswich, Apr.12,1683.

John, jr., and Ruth Waldron of Wenham, int.May18,1712.

John, and Jane [Jean. int.] Standly, Apr.21,1726.*

John, and Hannah Rea, Feb.18,1752.*

John, and Hannah Obear, June20,1775.CR1*

John, and Maria Shelden, Apr.26,1835.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Herick, June21,1706.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Lovett [Levet. int.], Oct.31,1726.*

Joseph, and [] Rachal Lufkin, Oct.30,1785.*

Josiah, and Mary Davis of Wells, int.Oct.22,1748.

Josiah, and, wid.Elisabeth Simmons of Boxford, at Boxford, Nov.9,1757.*

Josiah, jr., and Martha Ashby, Dec.27,1759.*

Josiah, jr., and Mrs.Mary Wales, int.May16,1784.

Josiah, jr., and Susanna Hix [], Jan.25,1795.*

Loisa, and George Smith, resident of Beverly, July30,1818.*

Lucy, and Mark Knowlton, Dec.4,1796.*

Lidia, and Abraham Whittecer, Dec.17,1716.*

Mary, and Joseph Hebard, int.Dec.23,1716.

Mary, and William Wails, at Salem, Aug.21,1744.*

Mary, and Asa B[aker. int.] Edwards of Salem, at Salem, June7,1798.*

Mary, and Thomas Edwards, int.Mar.28,1813.

Mary, and William Abbot of Pelham, NH, Nov.4,1819.*

Mary A., and James G. Bennett, mariner, s.John and Rebecca, Dec.13,1848.*

Miriam, and Samuel Hoskins, Mar.15,1715-16.*

Nancy, Mrs., of Boston, and Israel O. Stone, int.June5,1825.

Nancy, Mrs., and Abraham Trowt, Jan.9,1827.*

Nathaniell, and Mary Balsh, Mar.26,1689.CTR

Phebe, and Benjamin Standley, Oct.23,1741.*

Prisilla, and John Patch [jr. int.], Dec.5,1723.*

Priscilla, and Washington Stott of Boston, Aug.9,1829.*

Rebeckah, Mrs., and Rev. William Balch of Bradford, Mar.12,1727-8.*

Rebecca, and Stephen Lovett, Feb.13,1819.*

Remember, and Benjamin Allen, at Ipswich, Aug.5,1725.*

Robert, and Elisabeth Elliott, Jan.23,1723.*

Ruth, and Luke Morgan, Mar.6,1717-18.*

Samuell, and Elizabeth Herrick, Mar.11,1683-4.

Samuell, and Abiel Gains of Ipswich, May27,1690.

Samuel, and Ruth Knights of Manchester, int.Mar.31,1717.

Samuel [jr. int.], and Lucy Woodbery of Ipswich, May21,1719.*

Samuel, and Mehitebel Butman, int.Dec.5,1736.

Samuel, and Joanna Ober, Feb.14,1771.*

Sarah, and Caleb Wallis, Dec.12,1687.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Cleves, Jan.15,1712-13.*

Sarah, and William Prince, Mar.12,1718-19.*

Sally, and Nicholas Patch, 2d, int.Sept.3,1826.

Sally, and Thomas Butman, July7,1836.*

Sally, a.43y.11m.29d., tailoress [d.Abner and], and John Abbott, widr., a.44y.27d., cordwainer, s.Dudley and Anna, Nov.10,1844.*

Susanna, and Randal Presson, July2,1723.*

Susanna [], and Benjamin Standly, Feb.6,1787.*

Susanna Forster, and Nathaniel Appleton of Salem, July7,1805.*

William, and Mary Tuck, Mar.5,1735-6.*

William, of Manchester, and Anna Woodberry, Sept.24,1761.*

William, of Danvers, and Harriet Evans of Salem, July23,1837.

Zacheriah, and Jane Curtis, Sept.9,1706.

Zachariah, and Susanna Foster, Apr.25,1754.*

Zachariah, 2d, and Mrs.Hannah Howard of Salem, int.Dec.19,1784.


Aaron, jr., of Essex, and Amelia [] B. Lendall, Nov.17,1839.*

Charles D., a.26y., cordwainer, of Manchester, b. Danvers, s.Stephen, of Manchester, and Sarah C. Lee, a.22y., d.Philip and Abigail, Nov.28,1848.*

Daniel, and Betsy Quiner, Aug.31,1806.*

Isaac, jr., lawyer, of Boston, and Elisabeth B. Woodberry, d.Jacob, Nov.19,1846.*

Lucy, of Essex, and Asa Edwards, May20,1824.*

Mary P., and Goram A. Howard, Oct.17,1841.*


Washington, of Boston, and Priscilla Stone, Aug.9,1829.*


William, of Haverhill, and Margarate Cole, int.Aug.22,1784.

STOW (Stowe)

Amos, and Joanna Thistle, Oct.27,1807.*

Amos, and Betsy F. Dodge, Nov.7,1830.*

Joanna [F. int.], and Alden Harris, May7,1829.*

STOWE (Stow)

Augusta H., and Elisha Pride, int.Oct.18,1840.

Sarah C., and Leander J. Johnson, mariner, Oct.27,1843.*


John, resident of Beverly, and Mrs.Susanna Hicks, int.Apr.23,1786. (banns forbidden by Susanna Hicks, Apr.29.)

STRICKLAND (Stricklen)

Abigail, and Philip Lee, Nov.3,1812.*

Allen, and Elizabeth Spencer, May21,1805.*

Sarah, and James Briant, Nov.28,1820.*

Sophia A., a.23y.3m.9d., d.Warren and Abigail, and Nathan W. Towne, a.25y.4m., mariner, b. Boston, s.Jonathan and Rebeca P., of Boston, Nov.28,1844.*

STRICKLEN (Strickland)

Priscilla, and John Simons, int.Feb.14,1808.

STUART (Stewart)


William, and Clarissa Whittemore, int.May9,1813.


Samuel, of Plympton, and Elizabeth Horril, Aug.12,1715.*


George [resident of], and Lucy Lovett, Mar.18,1781.CR1*

Jacob [resident of], and [] Lydia Carey, Aug.23,1785.*

Lucy, and Edward Chapman, Jan.3,1808.*

Lydia [], and John Givings [resident of], Dec.10,1788.*

Sally [Sugding. int.], and Samuel Adams, Feb.2,1806.*


Benjamin Clough, and Mrs.Polly Witt of Boston, int.Nov.2,1783.

Benjamin C., a.24y., cordwainer, s.Samuel and Susanna, and Abigail Ramsdell, a.16y., June25,1846.*

James [jr. int.], of Boston, and [] Betsey Foster, Feb.6,1788.*

John W., and Deborah Hogins, June10,1810.

John, and Betsy Legro, Feb.24,1820.*

John, and Hannah P. Arbuckel, Nov.29,1838.*

Mary, and James Jannes, int.July10,1803.

Mary, and Nathaniel B. Hogins, Jan.16,1809.*

Samuel, and Susanna Townsend, Jan.6,1820.*

Susannah, Mrs., and John Ray, July14,1829.*

William C., and Nancy Black, June23,1816.*


Joseph, Rev., and Mrs.Elizabeth Warren, both of Wenham, July3,1751.


Martha, of Andover, and John Trow, jr., at Andover, Sept.13,1792.*

SWARTEN (Swarton)

Abigel, and Edward Belshar of Boston, Oct.12,1708.*

SWARTON (Swarten)

John, and Abbigaile Hibbard, Jan.8,1671.

John, and Abigail 末末北ins, July4,1702.


Joseph, of Salem, and Betey Thorndick, int.Dec.8,1759.

SWEETLAND (Swetland)

SWETLAND (Sweetland)


Martha, and Isaack Harlow, Mar.18,1770.PR34

Mary, wid., of Salem, and William Ellingwood, at Salem, May14,1735.*

SYKES (Siks)


Sarah [Mrs.Sarah Springer. int.], of Wenham, and John Moulton, at Wenham, July28,1789.*

SYMMES (Simmens)

Henry, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Zachariah P. and Elisabeth D., of Salem, and Almira W. Wiley, a.23y.[d.Robert and Abigail. int.], of Lowell, at Lowell, June14,1847.*

Lewis, and Sarah P. Hood of Marblehead, int.Oct.30,1842.

Stephen, a.21y.9m.19d., cordwainer, s.Zachariah P. and Elisabeth, and Sarah D. Hildreth, a.19y., Jan.8,1846.*

Zachariah P., and Mrs.Elizabeth Young of Salem, int.Sept.13,1835.

Zachariah P., and Mrs.Caroline Esty of Danvers, int.Sept.19,1841.

SYMONDS (Simonds)

Daniel, and Sarah Orne, Sept.26,1819.*

Ephraim G., of Salem, and Priscilla E. Quiner, at Salem, Nov.28,1834.*

Francis, of Danvers, and Elizabeth Green, June21,1759.*

Hannah, and Abijah Hancock, Dec.21,1835.*

Lydia [], and Isaac Rea, Oct.7,1804.*

Martha, and David Allen of Salem, int.May31,1812.

Mary, and Joseph Goodridge, June3,1804.*

Mary Mixter, and Samuel Ball Robbins, Apr.5,1807.*

Samuel B., a.27y., trader, b. Wenham, s.Jacob and Anna, and Nancy Ellen Sheldon, a.22y., d.Israel and Sally E., Jan.19,1848.*

Sally, and Moses Green, Apr.20,1789.*

William F., of Salem, and Hannah J. Roberts, Sept.19,1830.*

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