William [resident of Beverly.int.], and Hannah Town, Aug.23,1778.CR1*

TAILER (Taylor)

Charity, and Robert Patch, Nov.25,1731.*

Emme, and John Haskol, Dec.27,1704.*

James, and Charity Witrige, Oct.10,1706.

James and Sarah Woodbery, Feb.16,1731-2*.

James, and Abbigal Felten of Salem, int.June26,1737.

Lucey, and Dixey Morgan, Dec.17,1733.*


Gilbert, jr., and Sarah Archer of Salem, Aug.21,1707.

TAPPAN (Tappin)

Henry S., of Manchester, and Elisabeth Eldredge, a.20y., d.West D. and Anna, Dec.17,1846.*

Samuel, and Aurelia Bingham of Canterbury, CT, int.Apr.26,1789.

Samuel F., of Manchester, and Nancy Smith, Dec.25,1827.*

TAPPIN (Tappan)

Elizabeth [Toppan.CR2], and Nathaniell Dodge, jr., Oct.23,1745.*

TARBAL (Tarbell)

William [Tarbell. int.], and Abigail Carter,末蔓末,1796.CR2 [int.Oct.16,1796.]*

TARBELL (Tarbal)

Nancy, and John Harwood of Salem, int.July12,1818.

Susannah, Mrs.[Miss.int.], and Jesse Woodberry, Jan.8,1822.*

William, and Susan Prince, Mar.5,1818.*


Anna, of Wenham, and Daniell Conant, jr. int.Dec.7,1766.

Daniel, and Elisabeth Lovett, July12,1794.*

Eunice, of Wenham, and George Rayment, jr., int.Nov.3,1765.

John [L. int.], and Mary E. Moulton, Dec.22,1829.*

Mary, of Wenham, and Robert Dodge [3d.int.], at Wenham, Dec.17,1745.*

Mary, and Joseph Rodgers of Salem, Nov.22,1830.*

Mehitable, of Wenham, and John Herrick [3d.int.], Dec.4,1720.*

Samuell, and Elizabeth Maxey, both of Wenham, Jan.19,1715-16.

Sally, and Aaron Knight of Salem, int.Feb.4,1827.

Susanna, of Wenham, and Samuel Raymond, at Wenham, May18,1768.*

Thomas, and Hester Edwards of Wenham, Mar.13,1706-7.


Mary [Torr. int.], of Danvers, and Asa Brown, Sept.27,1841.*


Benjamin [resident of Beverly.int.], and, wid.Lydia Dennis, Jan.22,1826.*

Jewett, of New Market, NH, and Loisa Haskell, Jan.22,1834.*

Jewett, of New Market, NH, and Lydia Lefavour, Oct.14,1841.*


Peggy [of Salem.int.], and Nathaniel Abbot [jr. int.], June2,1806.*


Joel, and Jane Shale, Dec.23,1804.*

TAYLER (Taylor)

Charity, and John May, Nov.12,1761.*

Mary [Mrs.int.], and Josiah Morgan, Feb.1,1787.*

William, and Sarah Meacham [Meeckom.int.], of Salem, July4,1751.*

William, and Mrs.Mary Foster, Dec.5,1771.*

TAYLOR (Tailer, Tayler)

Asa, and Polly Edwards of Wenham, at Wenham, Mar.31,1796.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Thistell, int.Dec.16,1716.

James, sr., and Sarah Hoar, June21,1720.*

James, jr., and Esther Giles of Salem, Aug.6,1735.*

James, and [Mrs.int.] Anna Corning, at Danvers, Aug.5,1784.*

John, and Mrs.Hannah Woodberry, int.Jan.5,1783.

Joseph, resident in Beverly, and Sarah Trask, Nov.13,1768.*

Joseph G., of Salem, and Sarah E. Lunt, June24,1841.*

Josiah, and Betsy Dodge of Wenham, at Wenham, Apr.14,1796.*

Mary [Tailer. int.], and Ambrose Cleaves, Jan.20,1742.*

Mathew [Tailer. int.], and Mary Martin, Jan.6,1731-2.*

Mercy [Marcy.int.], and Joshua Ray of Salem, Mar.7,1715-16.*

Rebekah, and John Pierce of Dudley, Apr.10,1745.*

Sarah, and John Morgan, jr., May21,1775.CR1*

William, and Mary Baker of Wenham, at Wenham, Apr.8,1756.*


Richard, and Mrs.Lucy S. Clark, Jan.4,1841.*

Susan M., and Daniel H. Cutter of Newburyport, Sept.15,1840.*


Susannah, wid.[Duexberry.int.], of Salem, and John George Fratocter [Trautveller. int.], at Salem, July30,1767.*


Christopher T., Rev., and Augusta Brewster of Boston, int.Aug.30,1835.

THISALL (Thissell)

Richard, and Martha Thorndick, int.Apr.30,1706.

THISSEL (Thissell)

Amos, and Abigail S. Lunt, Oct.11,1832.*

Andrew, and Anna Smith, int.Jan.10,1802.

Andrew, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Jackson, Apr.22,1842.*

Benjamin, and Mary [Abigail F. int.] Roberts, Aug.17,1824.*

Charles, and Hannah Quill [Quel. int.], Oct.27,1789.*

Clarissa, and Peter Pride, jr., Nov.24,1814.

Daniel, and Mary Stephens, June3,1771.*

David, and Anna Woodberry, Mar.1,1825.

Dorcus, and John P. Obear, int.Mar.9,1794.

Dorcus, and Solomon Dike, Dec.6,1795.*

Ebenezer, and Nancy Ober, Nov.7,1804.*

Ebenezer, and Eliza Staples of Bangor, ME, int.June10,1842.

Edith, and Nicholas Woodberry [jr. int.], Jan.末,1895.*

Elisabeth, and Peter Pride, jr., June26,1770.*

Elizabeth G. [Thissell. dup.], and Ezra Edwards, jr., Mar.30,1843.*

Esther, and Jupiter Burn, int.Oct.11,1789.

Hannah, and Jonathan Harris, Sept.8,1767.*

Hannah, and Christopher Croel of Salem, int.Aug.7,1796.

Hannah, and Josiah Foster, 3d, Feb.15,1798.*

Hannah, and John Killy, Dec.30,1799.*

Issachar, and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Butman, Feb.5,1768.*

James, and Mrs.Priscilla Williams, int.Mar.7,1784.

James, jr., and Nabby Williams, Feb.12,1799.*

John, and Mrs.Lucy Lovett, Aug.27,1772.*

John, and Rebecca Ober, Oct.31,1797.*

John, 2d, and Mehitable Clark, int.Jan.31,1802.

John M., and Betsy [G. int.] Standley, Apr.1,1819.*

Joseph, and Hannanh Wallis, int.Aug.28,1803.

Joseph, and Sally Standley, Dec.10,1829.*

Judith, and John Pickett, July19,1774.CR2*

Lucy, and Samuel Ober, Sept.23,1798.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Clark, Nov.4,1798.*

Mahala, and Paul Standley, Apr.14,1816.

Margaret, and Israel Biles, int.July7,1776.

Mary [Mrs.int.], and John Molson, Apr.7,1774.*

Mary, and Joshua Bisson, Dec.22,1801.*

Nancy [Mrs.int.], and Ephraim Harris, Aug.1,1819.*

Paul, and Hipsibath Ellinwood, Feb.20,1767.*

Rebecca, and Sands Standley, jr., May15,1823.*

Robert, and Sarah Corning, Sept.2,1790.*

Samuel Morse, and Dorcas Picket, Nov.5,1801.*

Samuel [2d.int.], and Harriet Cole, Oct.3,1834.*

Samuel, and [Mrs.int.] Rachel Wyeth [Wyatt. int.], Apr.19,1835.*

Sally, and Henry [Nathaniel B. int.] Seward, July6,1819. [July8.PR51]*

Susanna, Mrs., and Isaac Smith, int.Nov.14,1784.

Thorndike, and Mrs.Sarah Bradshaw, int.May20,1781.

Thorndike [Thistle. int.], and Mrs.Ginger Gale, Jan.17,1811.*

Zilpha, and Joseph Woodberry, 3d, Sept.7,1824.*

THISSELE (Thissell)

Paggy, Mrs.[Miss.CR2], and Samuel Haskel, Aug.7,1803.*

THISSELL (Thisall, Thissel, Thissele, Thistell, Thistle)

Abigail, and Thomas W. Boden, Nov.20,1823.*

Andrew, and Lucy Morgan of Manchester, Dec.6,1804.*

Anna, and West Eldridge, Dec.12,1810.*

Anna, Mrs., and John Patten, formerly of NY, Apr.30,1840.*

Anna W., a.19y., d.David and Anna, and Ira D. Batchelder, Mar.28,1847.*

David, and Joanna Gentlee, Dec.20,1840.*

Ebenezer, a.27y.1m., laborer, s.Samuel and Mary, and Nancy Baker, Jan.21,1844.*

Betsey [Thistle. int.], and Henry Brower, Sept.19,1811.*

George, a.27y.1m., cordwainer, s.Thorndike and Ginger, and Mary P[rince. dup.] Foster, a.21y.3m.27d., d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.30,1843.*

John M., jr., cordwainer, and Betsey Foster [int.Oct.15,1843.]*

Lucy A., of Cambridge, and Nathaniel Wallis, int.Sept.12,1841.

Mary, and Thomas Raymond, Feb.10,1822.*

Mary, and James E. [G. int.] Tiplady of Salem, Sept.22,1837.*

Nicholas S., a.23y., cordwainer, s.John M. and Betsy G. [of Londonderry, NH. int.], and Mary Ann P. Dodge, Dec.3,1846.*

Paul, and Bethiah Lovet Woodberry, at Manchester, Sept.5,1793.*

Samuel [Thistle. int.], and Mary Wyatt, Aug.24,1811.*

Samuel, 2d, and Lydia Elliott, int.Feb.12,1837.

Samuel, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Crampsey, Oct.22,1839.*

Sarah, and Benjamin L. Foster, widr., trader, May14,1843.*

Thorndike, and Ginger Gale, Jan.22,1809.

THISTELL (Thissell)

Ebenezer, and Hannah Taylor, int.Dec.16,1716.

THISTLE (Thissell)

末末, and Peter Prid, int.Dec.22,1700.

Nabby [Mrs.int.], and Nathaniel Bunker, June16,1808.*

Anna, and Josiah Foster, June8,1738.*

Anna, and Amos Creesy, Nov.8,1774.CR1*

Anna, and Nicolas Patch, Sept.20,1778.CR1*

Anna, and Josiah Foster, 3d, Nov.9,1800.*

Bethiah Lovett, and Paul Cahoo of Salem, Sept.27,1804.*

Bethiah L., and William Gibson, resident of Beverly, int.Oct.6,1811.

Elizabeth, and William Paten [of Wenham.int.], June21,1740.*

Ezra, and Hannah Sargent, Feb.10,1809.*

Hannah, and Caleb Coy of Wenham, Oct.24,1750.*

Hannah, and Andrew Eliot, June23,1774.CR1*

James, and Margrot Sallos [Sallis.int.],末蔓末,1746.*

James and Anna Pride, Dec.1,1774.CR1*

Jefery, and Mary Butman, Jan.11,1738-9.*

Jeffery, jr., and Jemima Morse, Oct.12,1777.CR1*

Joan, and William Hathorn, May19,1679.

Joanna, and George Ogelvie, Mar.29,1805.*

Joanna, and Amos Stow, Oct.27,1807.*

Josiah, and Lydia Foster, Sept.2,1773.CR1*

Lydia, and Cornelius Woodberry, Nov.24,1742.*

Lydia, and Mark Morse, jr., June11,1779.CR1*

Margaret, and Samuel Morse, Nov.27,1781.CR1*

Margaret [Thissel. int.], and Liberty Perry, Sept.8,1801.*

Mary, and Robert Sallowes, Dec.14,1697.*

Prisila, and David Corning, Feb.23,1726.*

Richard, jr., and Abiel Ellinwood, Feb.24,1742.*

Richard, and Joanna Larcom, Mar.5,1778.CR1*

Sarah, and Benjamin Cole, int.Nov.16,1710.

Sarah, and Andrew Foster, Feb.23,1773.CR1*

Susanna, and Bartholomew Dodge of Wenham, Apr.26,1753.*


Charles, and Elisabeth McFarland, Apr.1,1792.

Clarissa, and Israel Elliott, June24,1838.*

David, and Elizabeth Pride, int.Jan.23,1791.

Eliza Jane, and Robert Grimes, Dec.20,1838.*

Elizabeth, of Middleton, and Amos Stickney, Sept.10,1771.*

Betsy, and Ezra Cleaves, May23,1834.*

Nancy, and Ezra Ober, June15,1826.*

THOMPSON (Thomson)

Elisabeth [Mrs.int.; wid.CR1], and Currier True of Danvers, Sept.7,1808.*

Hannah [of Ipswich.int.], and James Giles, at Ipswich, Nov.16,1749.*

Jacob, of Marblehead, and Sarah Gage, Sept.20,1770.*

John, and Susanna Benson, int.Aug.17,1806.

John, and Anna Smith, Sept.3,1807.*

Martha, of Ipswich, and Joseph Raiment, at Ipswich, Apr.22,1751.*

Rhoda, and Peter Jackson, resident of Beverly, Nov.10,1807.*

Ruth, of Manchester, and Oliver Kinsman, Sept.17,1826.*

Sally, and George W. Herrick, Apr.23,1815.

Thomas, and Mrs.Lydia Givings, int.Mar.26,1809.

THOMSON (Thompson)

George Roberts, of Salem, and Rhoda Jackson, int.July8,1810.

Jacob [jr. int.], and Betsy Buckman, Jan.24,1793.*

James, and Betsy Patch, Sept.14,1791.*

John, of Ipswich Hamlet, and Jemima Shaw, at Hamilton, Nov.14,1774.*

THORNDICK (Thorndike)

Abigal, and Josiah Davisson, Nov.末,1757.*

Betey, and Joseph Swasey of Salem, int.Dec.8,1759.

Lydia, and Andrew Lovett, Dec.7,1758.*

Martha, and Richard Thisall, int.Apr.30,1706.

Mary, and Benjamin Smith, Apr.20,1757.*

THORNDIK (Thorndike)

Hannah, and William Pride, int.July22,1699.

Nicolas, and Abigal Trask, Oct.14,1757.*

Paul, and Mary Bachelder, Dec.11,1701.

Searah, and Demonicas Sewal, Feb.28,1758.*

THORNDIKE (Thorndick, Thorndik)

Abigal, and Jacob Woodbry, Nov.11,1745.*

Abigail, and Paul Thorndike, Oct.7,1747.*

Abigal, Mrs., and Benjamin Edwards of Wenham, June17,1756.*

Nabby [Mrs.int.], and Gideon Rea, Feb.20,1787.*

Albert, and Joanna B. Lovett, May27,1823.*

Andrew, and Anna Morgan, July末,1744.*

Andrew [Capt. int.], and [Mrs.int.] Ruth Batcheldor, Oct.14,1781.CR1*

Anna, jr., and John Groves, Jan.31,1754.*

Anna, and John Wallis, Nov.28,1754.*

Anna, Mrs., and Lieut. Joshua Dodge [2d.int.], Aug.12,1766.*

Anna, and Jacob Oliver [of Salem.int.], May18,1779.CR1*

Anna, and Stephen Mascoll of Salem [int.Mar.30,1800.]*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Hovy, int.Mar.4,1798.

Benjamin, and Lydia Foster, Feb.2,1800.*

Bethiah, of Wenham, and Jesse Dodge, int.July6,1766.

Clarissa, and Rev. Asa Rand of Gorham [ME. int.], Feb.8,1820.*

Ebinezer, and Lydia Herrick, Sept.6,1750.*

Elizabeth, Mrs.[Miss.CR2], and William Langdall, jr., Apr.1,1772.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Foster, 2d, Sept.9,1790.*

Betsy, and Silas Stickney, Aug.29,1796. [Sept.29.CR1]*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Francis of Boston, Nov.3,1799.*

Elisabeth, and John Dike, Aug.6,1807.*

Betsey, and Nicholas Thorndike, jr., int.Feb.11,1810.

Emma, of Wenham, and John Conant, jr., at Wenham, Feb.21,1763. [int.Jan.15,1764.]*

Esther, Mrs., and John Harmon of Marblehead, May13,1753.

Freeborn, and Nancy Lovett, Oct.25,1806.*

Henry, and Elisabeth Batcheldor, June24,1781.CR1*

Hipzebeth, and Joseph Baker [resident of Beverly.int.], July27,1762.*

Hepsibah, Mrs., and Jeremiah Trask, jr., Nov.7,1810.*

Herbert, and Sarah Herrick, Jan.17,1711-12.*

Herbert, and Abigel Sallows, Jan.8,1718-19.*

Herbert, and Abigael Ober, Feb.4,1730-1.*

Herbert, and Sarah Sallows, Oct.末,1740.*

Hesekiah, and Sarah Prince, Sept.7,1750.*

Israel, and Mercy Trask, Oct.9,1777.CR1*

Israel, Capt., and Anna Dodge of Salem, at Salem, Oct.31,1784.*

James, and Anna Ober, int.Jan.21,1727-8.

Jeremiah, and Mrs.Jerusha Cleaves, int.May14,1780.

Jeremiah, and Hipsabeth Woodbery, Oct.5,1797.*

Jerusha, and Cornelus Woodberry, Nov.14,1750.

Joanna, and Ebenezer Lovitt, Apr.27,1725.*

Joanna, and William Standley, jr., Nov.28,1753.*

Joanna, and Nathaniel Allen of Manchester, Apr.19,1768.*

Joanna, and Seaward Lee of Marblehead, Feb.5,1778.CR1*

John, and Joanna Dodg, Apr.20,1696.*

John, Lt., and Christian West, int.Mar.30,1718.

John, and Elizabeth Ober, Nov.13,1723.*

John, Capt., and [Mrs.int.] Abbigal Ober, June末,1732.*

John, and Elisabeth Dodge of Wenham, at Wenham, Jan.17,1751.*

John, jr., and Sarah Cleeves, Mar.6,1753.*

Jonathan, and Rebecca Dodge, Jan.13,1731-2.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Thorndike, Nov.3,1763.*

Joshua, and Sary Thorndike, Dec.14,1738.*

Joshua, jr., and Rebeckah Thorndike, Jan.29,1775.CR1*

Josiah, and Anna Lovett of Stratham, int.June9,1734.

Judith, and John Hilton, Mar.9,1748.*

Larkin, and Ruth Woodberry, Dec.12,1751.*

Larkin, Capt., and Huldah Leech, Oct.12,1775.CR2*

Larkin, Esq., and Mrs.Mary Jewett of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Jan.3,1792.*

Lucy, and Mial Woodbery, Dec.11,1764.*

Lydia, and John Hunt of Duxbury, int.May26,1751.

Lydia, Mrs., and Azor Roundey, int.Dec.4,1785.

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and Abner Chapman, Jan.17,1788.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Timothy Wyer, Jan.20,1803.CR2*

Lydia, Mrs., and Dea.John Dike, May8,1823.*

Martha [Mrs.int.], and Capt. John Burke, at Hamilton, June17,1783.*

Mary, and Robert Morgan, Jan.7,1702-3.

Mary, and Robert Haskal, int.Nov.20,1737.

Mary, and Samuel Foster, Aug.31,1741.*

Mary, and John Lovit [3d.int.], Jan.2,1744.*

Polly [Mrs.int.], and Capt. Simeon Brown, at Danvers, June11,1782.*

Mary, and Noah Quiner, Dec.4,1798.*

Mehitable, jr., and Joseph Rea, int.Aug.30,1755.

Nancy, and Nathan Lynde of Charlestown, Dec.4,1814.

Nicholas, and Mehitabel Rea, June2,1789.*

Nicholas, jr., and Betsey Thorndike, int.Feb.11,1810.

Osman, and Mrs.Eleanor Loveitt, int.July20,1783.

Paule, and Mary Patch, Apr.28,1668.

Paul, and Mehetabel Woodbery, Sept.30,1725.*

Paul, and Abigail Thorndike, Oct.7,1747.*

Rebeckah, and Joshua Thorndike, jr., Jan.29,1775.CR1*

Robert, and Elizabeth Woodbery, Nov.20,1718.*

Ruth, Mrs., and Dr. Isaac Spafford, int.Oct.17,1784.

Ruth, and [Capt. int.] William Leech, Jan.4,1795.*

Samuell, and Ester Woodberry, Sept.13,1747.*

Sary, and Joshua Thorndike, Dec.14,1738.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Thorndike, Nov.3,1763.*

Sarah, wid., and Nathaniell Wallis, Apr.9,1764.*

Sarah, and Jedidiah Holt of Blue Hill Bay, Feb.24,1778.CR1*

Sarah, [Mrs.int.], and William Morgan, 2d, Feb.13,1787.*

William, Esq., of Bath, ME, and Nancy Stephens, Nov.8,1821.*


Mary J., of Peterboro, NH, and Hugh A. Rogers, int.Aug.22,1841.


James, and Nabby Black, Jan.10,1817.*

James, and Louisa Rea, Nov.20,1821.*

Lydia, of Danvers, and Benjamin Creesy, Dec.29,1807.*

Ruth [Thurstin.CR2], and Jonathan Creesy, 2d, Feb.16,1802.*


John R., and Lucy Ann Pickett, Dec.20,1838.*

Levi, and Edith Dodge, Apr.8,1821.*


Enos, of Boston, and Mary Curtis, at Wenham, Dec.25,1834.*


Horace S., of Londonderry, NH, and Elisabeth W. Trask, Aug.14,1839.*


Ebenezer, and Sarah Tuck, Mar.3,1800.*

Margarett Anne Ross, of Newburyport, and Rev. Joseph Abbott, Apr.23,1835.*


James E. [G. int.], of Salem, and Mary Thissell, Sept.22,1837.*


Henry, and [Mrs.int.] Abigail Arbuckel, July19,1792.*


Abigail, and Warren Stickland, Oct.1,1820.*

John [Capt. int.], and Lydia Tuck, Apr.19,1780.CR1*

Lydia, and William Haskell, Oct.22,1801.*

Lydia, and William Cook, 3d, Oct.18,1804.*

Nancy, and Thomas Haskell, May6,1810.*

Olphert, and Sarah Fellows of Ipswich, int.May21,1820.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Allen of Marblehead, Jan.3,1779.CR1*

Sophia, and Levi T. Prescott of Chelmsford, Sept.11,1823.*


Mary, and Henry Sargent [Sergant. int.] of Boston, July20,1794.*

Susanna, of Rowley, and Richard Ellis, at Rowley, Sept.12,1755.*


Anna, and William Brown, both of Wenham, Aug.20,1799.CR1



Augustus [Dr. int.], and Deborah Cox, Mar.6,1834.*


Andrew, and Tabitha Dennis, Aug.28,1788.*

Andrew, and Ruth Woodberry, Jan.15,1793.*

Ruth, and James Wallis, Aug.29,1811.*


John, and Mary Herrick, Nov.5,1684.

TOWN (Towne)

Hannah, and William Tactor [resident of Beverly.int.], Aug.23,1778.CR1*

Samuell, of Danvers, and [Mrs.CR2] Anna Trow, Sept.6,1763.*

Samuel, and Patty Williams of Salem, int.Nov.29,1795.

Solomon, of Danvers, and [Mrs.CR2] Hannah Trow, Nov.20,1764.*

Thomas, of Danvers, and [wid.int.] Anna Trow, Feb.2,1758.*

TOWNE (Town, Towns)

Andrew K., b. Dec.21,1823, at Boston, pedler, s.Jonathan and Rebecca P., of Roxbury, and Clarissa Nye Webber, b. July3,1824d.John P. and Desire W., int.Jan.29,1846.

Lewis S., a.24y., cordwainer, b. Kennebunk, ME, s.Jacob and Mary, and Rosalie Linscott, a.18y., b. Shapleigh, ME, d.William and Hannah [at Wenham.dup.], Jan.4,1844.

Nathan W., a.25y.4m., mariner, b. Boston, s.Jonathan and Rebecca P. of Boston, and Sophia A. Strickland, a.23y.3m.9d., d.Warren and Abigail, Nov.28,1844.*

TOWNS (Towne)

Amos, and Lydia Porter, Feb.24,1801.*

Anna [Mrs.int.], and John Knowlten of Newburyport, June23,1772.*


Susanna, and Samuel Sumner, Jan.6,1820.*


Joseph, widr., a.51y.7m., clergyman, of Boston, b. Hartford, VT, s.Joseph and Ruth, of Hartford, and Sarah C. Prince, a.41y.10m.11d., d.Joseph and Joanna, June3,1845.*


Sarah H., a.38y., of Shapleigh, ME, d.Samuel and Susan, and Benjamin Prince, widr., a.45y.2m.7d., cordwainer, s.Brackenberry and Joanna, July17,1845.*


Philip, and Elisabeth Haskell, Mar.15,1808.*

TRASK (Traske)

Abba C., a.24y., d.Josiah and Sarah, and George F. Berry, a.26y.[baker. int.], of Salem, s.Samuel and Anna, Mar.15,1848.*

Abigail, and Ephraim Severance, Feb.22,1748. [1747-8.CR2]*

Abigal, and Nicolas Thorndik, Oct.14,1757.*

Abigail [2d.int.], and Daniel Sanders [Saunders.int.], Nov.25,1788.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Creesy [jr. int.], July22,1791*

Alpheus, a.26y., block tin worker, s.Israel and Polly, and Mary B. Kittredge, of Tewksbury, May25,1847.*

Amos B., a.18y., cordwainer, s.William T. and Lydia, and Martha Jane Carey, a.17y., d.Robert and Sally, Nov.24,1847.*

Anna, 2d, and Benjamin Roundy, Oct.5,1817.*

Anna Maria, and James Friend, Feb.18,1835.*

Barnabas, and [Mrs.int.] Mercy Trask,末蔓末,1781.CR2 [int.Dec.31,1780.]*

Bartholomew, and [Mrs.CR2] Judith Raymond, Jan.24,1765.*

Bartholomew, and Elisabeth Nichols of Danvers, at Danvers, Feb.22,1785.*

Bartholomew, and Mrs.Ruth Curtis of Boxford, June9,1796.CR2*

Benjamin, and Tryphena Herrick of Salem, at Salem, May9,1711. [Mar.31,1711. dup.]*

Benjamin, of Salem, and Abigail Gilbert, at Salem, Nov.16,1727.*

Benjamin, and Mary Elliott, July1,1742.*

Benjamin, jr., and [Mrs.CR2] Jerusha Dodge, Dec.1,1761.*

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Stone, Aug.28,1796.*

Benjamin, and Catharine Foster, Apr.20,1815.

Benjamin, of Andover, and Elizabeth Wallis, Dec.31,1828.*

Bethiah, and John M. Hanners, May3,1832.*

Caroline, and Jacob Peabody of Lowell, Nov.9,1840.*

Catharine F., and John W. Quiner, int.Dec.9,1838.

Charlotte, and William Webb, Nov.12,1837.CR2*

Daniell, and Elizabeth Wackfild [Wakefield.CR2] of Salem, July10,1744.*

Dinah, of Salem, and Samuel Slue, at Salem, Dec.28,1735.*

Dorinda, and Andrew C. Baker, Feb.28,1838.*

Ebenezer, of Salem, and Mary Rix, Mar.5,1729-30.*

Ebenezer, of Salem, and Mrs.Elizabeth Trow, Mar.30,1752.

Ebenezer, and Mary Herrick, Feb.15,1762.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and [Mrs.CR2] Betty Dodge, Jan.31,1765.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Nabby Dodge, May19,1791.*

Ebenezer, 2d, and Sally [Ann. int.] Andrews, Apr.13,1837.*

Ebenezer, a.25y., housewright, s.Israel, 2d, and Mary C. Libby, of Portland, ME. [Mar.10,1846.PR276; int.Jan.18,1847.]*

Edward, and Deborah Roundey, int.Apr.21,1700.

Edward, and Marcy Eliot, June28,1705.*

Edward, and Hannah Lovering of Ipswich, June13,1769.CR2*

Edward, and Joanna Dodge, Apr.11,1809.*

Edward D., and Hannah L. Brown, Apr.15,1832.*

Elizabeth, wid., and John Gyels, widr., of Salem, May5,1679.

Elizabeth, and Steven Herrick, Dec.3,1691.

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Jonathan Backer [Baker. int.], Feb.6,1728-9.*

Elizabeth, and Josiah Woodbery, jr., Apr.26,1739.*

Elizebeth, and Robert Roundy, int.Nov.28,1748.

Elizabeth, wid., and Solomon Cole, Oct.8,1765.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and William Goodridge, int.Dec.20,1772.

Elisabeth, and Moses Brown, Oct.16,1774.CR1*

Betsy, and Phinehas Hovey, Dec.26,1805.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Tuck, jr., Sept.29,1822.

Betsy, and John G. Butman, Sept.13,1824.*

Elisabeth W., and Horace S. Tillison of Londonderry, NH, Aug.14,1839.*

Elisabeth, a.27y.7m.22d., d.Israel and Elisabeth, and Stephen F. Bartlett, a.33y., hatter, of Boston, b. Newburyport, July16,1843. [July19.PR276]*

Emma, and William Eliott, Mar.26,1747.*

Experance, of Salem, and Josia Trow, Feb.2,1736-7.*

Ezra, and Hannah Green of Salem, Apr.14,1747.*

Frederick, and Eliza Gage, int.June2,1839.

Freeborn, and Mrs.Molly Woodberry, Aug.22,1771.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Clark, int.Feb.21,1730-1.

Hannah, and James King, int.Nov.22,1730.

Hannah, and Joseph Foster at Ipswich, Nov.12,1735.

Hannah [Mrs.CR2], and James Woodbery, Nov.5,1761.*

Hannah, and William Trask, jr., Sept.2,1766.*

Hannah, and Andrew Woodberry, July29,1819.*

Hannah W., and William G. Woodberry, June9,1840.*

Hepzibah P., and Emerson C. Whipple of Charlestown, int.Aug.2,1835.

Israel, and Sarah Trow, Jan.12,1789.*

Israel, and Polly Wallis, Dec.31,1809.*

Israel, 2d, and Elisabeth Porter, Feb.12,1815.

Israel, 3d, and Sally Vickery, Dec.7,1825.*

Israel, 3d, and Mahala Burnham of Essex, int.Apr.5,1829.

Israel, and Elizabeth Prentiss of Medfield, int.June23,1835.

Israel W., and Martha F. Dodge, June2,1840.*

Israel, 3d, 3d m., a.43y., cordwainer, b. Danvers, and Sarah Leach, 2d m., of Salem, b. Hallowell, ME, June21,1849.*

Jane, and James Peirce, Nov.12,1762.*

Jeremiah, jr., and Mrs.Hepsibah Thorndike, Nov.7,1810.*

Jerusha, of Salem, and Peter Pride, Dec.9,1736.*

Jerusha, and Benjamin Balch Lovett, July11,1775.CR1*

Jerusha, and Thomas Brown of Marblehead, int.Apr.13,1777.

Joanna, and Israel Green, Jan.28,1779.CR1*

John, and Christian Woodberrie, Apr.9,1679.

John, widr., of Salem, and Mary Dodg, Oct.30,1690.

John [Josiah.CR2], of Salem, and Mary Woodbury, at Salem, May13,1719.*

John, and Preselah Trask, Nov.20,1744.*

John, and [Mrs.int.] Betsey Trow, Oct.4,1787.*

John [2d.int.], and Bethiah Twiss, Dec.5,1802.*

John, jr., and Elisabeth Silver, Nov.22,1838.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Gadge, Jan.21,1719-20.CR2*

Joseph, and Emme Tuck, Jan.16,1717-18.*

Joseph, jr., and Lydia Lovett, Oct.13,1743.*

Joseph, and Sally Cheever of Danvers, at Danvers, Dec.28,1797.*

Joseph, 2d, and Sally Dodge, Feb.13,1800.*

Joseph, of Salem, and Mrs.[Miss.int.] Susanna Hovey, Oct.11,1804.*

Joseph, and Hannah Dodge, both of Wenham, Apr.9,1821.

Joshua, and Elizabeth Potter, July6,1831.*

Joshua, and Elizabeth C. Foster, int.Oct.24,1841.

Josiah, and Mrs.Sarah Porter, Apr.5,1808.*

Josiah T. [b. Jan.13,1825, cordwainer, s.William T. and Lydia.int.], and Sarah V. Trask [d.Israel and Sally V., int.Nov.23,1844.]*

Judith R., and Hiram L. Roberts, June5,1842.*

Levi D., and Mrs.Rebecca Grant of Salem, int.Aug.23,1840.

Lydia, and Thomas Lovit, Jan.12,1720-1.*

Lydia, and Gowen Wilson, Nov.6,1836.*

Manasseh, and Mrs.Mary Woodberry, Apr.11,1807.*

Manassa, and Elizebeth Butman, Oct.17,1849

Mariam [Miriam.int.], and Joseph Pool of Gloucester, Jan.30,1800.*

Martha, of Salem, and James Kimball, July30,1753.*

Martha, and Jonathan Cutler of Danvers, Dec.11,1760.*

Martha, and Paul Foster, Nov.17,1774.CR1*

Martha, and Edward [Edmond.CR2] Putman [jr. int.] of Danvers, July29,1795.*

Martha P., a.25y.3m.11d., d.Israel and Elisabeth, and Daniel Trow, a.29y.1m., cordwainer, b. Andover, s.Charles and Mary, Nov.30,1843.*

Mary, of Salem, and Benjamin Rayment [Raymond.CR2], Dec.12,1723.*

Mary, and Andrew Elliott, Nov.15,1734.*

Mary, and Israel Elliott, Apr.29,1742.*

Mary, and Jonathan Perkins of Wenham, Feb.7,1754.

Mary, and William Dodge [2d.int.], Aug.1,1764.*

Mary [Mrs.CR2], and Thomas Hutchenson of Marblehead, Nov.22,1764.*

Mary, wid., and Joseph Hannah, resident of Beverly, Nov.20,1765.*

Mary [Mrs.int.], and Solomon Cole, jr., Aug.19,1773.CR1*

Polly, and Timothy Berry, Jan.21,1794.*

Molly, and Charles Dodge, Feb.16,1805.*

Mary, and John Tuck, Oct.7,1828.*

Mary Ann, and Ezekiel W. Webber, trader, June21,1843.*

Hitte Hutchinson, and Jonathan Cresy, Nov.22,1759.*

Mehitable, and Jonathan Dodge of Ossipee [NH. int.], Nov.19,1793.*

Mehitabel, and Charles Hildreth of Westminster, int.Sept.5,1819.

Marcey, and William Haskul, June30,1737.*

Mercy, and Israel Thorndike, Oct.9,1777.CR1*

Mercy [Mrs.int.], and Barnabas Trask,末蔓末,1781.CR2 [int.Dec.31,1780.]*

Miles, and Joanna Ellingwood, July27,1758.*

Miriam [Mrs.CR2], and Josiah Creesy, Sept.3,1767.*

Nancy, and Joshua Phippen of Salem, int.Feb.3,1799.

Nancy, and Michael Smith of Danvers, July6,1828.*

Nancy, and Jonathan Moulton, Jan.25,1829.*

Nathanel, and Anna Rayment [Raymond.CR2], Apr.18,1716.*

Nathaniel, and Nancy Cox, Apr.6,1817.*

Oliver, and Elizabeth Dowling, Dec.28,1817.*

Osman, and Jean Groves, Feb.12,1733-4.*

Osman, and, wid.Elisabeth Davis of Salem, at Salem, Jan.2,1752.

Osman, 2d, and Mary Bean of Wenham, int.Nov.2,1766.

Osman [2d.int.] and Mrs.Mary Hooper of Salem, Aug.6,1771.*

Osmon, 2d, and Elizabeth Cheever of Danvers, June29,1806.CR2*

Osman, 3d, and Elisabeth Lee, Mar.29,1808.*

Preselah, and John Trask, Nov.20,1744.*

Rebecca, and Noah Creesy, both of Salem, Dec.13,1733.

Rebecker, and John Eden of Salem, May18,1749.

Ruth, of Salem, and Samuel Peabody of Middleton, Apr.13,1749.

Ruth, and George D. Chapman, Dec.12,1835.*

Samuel, and Nancy Dodge, Aug.14,1808.*

Sarah, and William Cox, Nov.9,1721.*

Sarah, and Stephen Jewet of Rowley, int.Oct.13,1723.

Sarah, of Salem, and Robert Meacham, at Salem, Nov.16,1727.*

Sarah [Mrs.CR2], and George Leech, Mar.19,1761.*

Sarah, and Joseph Taylor, resident in Beverly, Nov.13,1768.*

Sarah, and Peter Mangey [resident of Beverly.int.], May10,1778.CR1*

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Asa Brown, July26,1796.CR2*

Sarah V. [d.Israel and Sally V. int.], and Josiah T. Trask [b. Jan.13,1825, cordwainer, s.William T. and Lydia, int.Nov.23,1844.]*

Sarah D., of Gloucester, and Simeon Beckford, int.Aug.19,1832.

Sally Ann, Mrs., and Thomas P. Turner, int.Jan.23,1842. (Intentions altered.)

Sarah A., wid., a.21y.9m., d.Robert and Sally Andrews, and Joseph J. Smith, a.27y.7m.24d., pedlar [laborer. dup.], b. Athlington, Eng., s.Zachariah and Elisabeth, May3,1845. [1847. dup.]*

Sarah T., a.20y., d.William T. and Lydia, and Ebenezer Lovett, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Ebenezer, Nov.4,1847.*

Susanna, and Joseph Wakefield, both of Salem, Dec.10,1719.CR2

Susannah, of Danvers, and Peter Stokes, at Salem, [Dec.26,1756. Danvers Rds.]

Susannah, Israel Hutchinson of Danvers, at Danvers, Jan.15,1788.*

William, and Sarah Marstone, June11,1696.*

William, and Martha Balch, June5,1735.*

William, jr., and Hannah Trask, Sept.2,1766.*

William, 2d [jr.CR1], and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Shaw, Sept.9,1788.*

William, 2d, and Molly Woodberry, Apr.2,1795.*

William T., and Lydia Morgan of Manchester, int.June14,1818.

William T[row.dup.], jr., a.20y.11m., cordwainer, s.William T. and Lydia, and Jane L[ove. dup.] Smith, a.19y.7m.14d., d.George and Louis, Nov.9,1843.*

TRASKE (Trask)

Sarah, and John Williams, jr., Feb.15,1694-5.CTR

Sarah [Mrs.CR2], and Asa Dodge, Dec.26,1765.*


John George, resident in Beverly, and Elizabeth Harris, May25,1762.*

TREADWELL (Tredwell)

George W., of New York City, and Abigail Farley of Ipswich, Apr.16,1835.

Lydia B.P., of Ipswich, and James P. Whitney of Shirley, May31,1836.

Nathaniel, jr., of Ipswich, and Liefa Homans, Nov.11,1834.*


TREDWELL (Treadwell)

Mary, of Ipswich, and Davis Allen, int.Aug.21,1768.

Ruth, of Ipswich, and John Parret, int.June11,1769.


Joseph, and Marcy Chubb, Mar.2,1695-6.*


James, of Marblehead, and Susan Lufkin, Nov.4,1831.*


Elizebeth, and John Weber, Dec.9,1708.*

Martha, and Josiah Smith, Oct.22,1724.*

Rose, and Luke Blashfield, Dec.1,1720.*


Russell, of Marblehead, and Susanna Ellis, Mar.21,1742.*


Sally, of Ipswich, and John Roundey, int.Dec.20,1789.


Daniel, of Coxhall, and Hannah Dodge, Sept.27,1801.*

TROFATTER (Traufuetter)

John George, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Bradshaw, May13,1787.*

Samuel, and Mary Perry, both of Manchester, May10,1796.CR1

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and James Elliot, Sept.2,1791.*

TROUT (Trowt)

Abraham [Trowt. int.], of Manchester, and Anna Woodberry, Oct.20,1789.*

Anna, and William Standley, 3d, Apr.14,1811.*

Mary H., a.24y., d.Abraham and Ruth, and William Odell, a.23y., cordwainer, s.William, Dec.7,1848.*


Anna [wid.int.], and Thomas Town of Danvers, Feb.2,1758.*

Anna [Mrs.CR2], and Samuell Town of Danvers, Sept.6,1763.*

Anne, and Edmund Gale, Nov.3,1718.*

Charles, and Mary Patch, Dec.16,1802.*

Daniel, a.29y.1m., cordwainer, b. Andover, s.Charles and Mary, of Andover, and Martha P. Trask, a.25y.3m.11d., d.Israel and Elisabeth, Nov.30,1843.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Ebenezer Trask of Salem, Mar.30,1752.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Raymond, jr., Nov.28,1758.*

Betsey [Mrs.int.], and John Trask, Oct.4,1787.*

George, and Anne Brown of Salem, Mar.28,1751.*

Hannah, and Joseph Corning, Nov.11,1746.*

Hannah [Mrs.CR2], and Solomon Town of Danvers, Nov.20,1764.*

James, and Mary Woodberry, Feb.20,1803.CR2*

James, Capt., and Eunice Smith of Salem, Jan.10,1819.*

Joanna B., and George Daland of Salem, Sept.7,1809.*

John, and Hannah Dodge, Oct.12,1768.*

John, jr., and Martha Swan of Andover, at Andover, Sept.13,1792.*

John, and Hannah Brewer of Hamilton, int.Aug.17,1828.

John F., a.27y.6m.12d., farmer, s.James and Eunice, and Phebe Prince, a.24y.4m.14d., d.John and Mary, Apr.9,1846.*

Joseph, and Martha Dodge of Ipswich Hamlet, int.Mar.22,1767.

Josiah, and Experance Trask of Salem, Feb.2,1736-7.*

Josiah, jr., and Elizabeth Batchelder, Feb.28,1758.*

Josiah, and [Mrs.CR2] Susannah [Joannah Dunnel. int.], Dunnell, Dec.7,1802.*

Martha [Mary.int.], and William Pert of Salem, June11,1728.*

Malle, and Simon Lovett, int.Jan.11,1767.

Mary [Mrs.int.], and Zachariah Batcheldor, Feb.23,1786.*

Nathaniel, and Betsey Gilman, Aug.13,1799.*

Rebecca, and Abner Coffin of Salem, July11,1799.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Balch Lovett, Nov.25,1777.CR1*

Sarah, and Israel Trask, Jan.12,1789.*

Susannah, Mrs., and James Friend of Wenham, int.Jan.11,1818.

William, and Elizabeth Rayment, Jan.26,1720-1.*

William, and Joanna Baker, June25,1789.*

TROWT (Trout)

Abraham [Trout. int.], jr., and Ruth Ober Haskell, Nov.30,1817.*

Abraham, and Mrs.Nancy Stone, Jan.9,1827.*

Betsy, and James Lee of Wenham, Oct.17,1822.*

Hannah, and David Standley, 3d, Nov.26,1818.*

Jacob, and Nancy Haskell, June29,1826.*

Molly, and Ira Knowlton, Jan.6,1820.*

Rebecca, and John Haskell, June21,1829.*


Currier, of Danvers, and [Mrs.int.; wid.CR1], Elisabeth Thompson, Sept.7,1808.*


Andrew, and Mrs.Sarah Lurvey, both of Salem, July22,1779.


Mary, and Rev. Edward Hollister of Danville, VT, int.Aug.3,1823.


John [of Sedgewick. int.], and Jerusha Woodberry, Oct.4,1803.*


Abigail, and James Herrick, Dec.5,1769.*

Abigail, and Roger Lenon [Leanon. int.], Sept.10,1795.*

Anna, and John Masury of Danvers, Sept.2,1766.*

Anna, and Joseph Pickett, 3d, Dec.2,1790.*

Calvin, and Mehitable Smith, Oct.26,1834.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Sarah Foster, Feb.11,1772.*

Elizabeth [wid.int.], and John Marshel, July17,1765.*

Elisabeth, and William Haskoll, June16,1768.*

Emme, and Joseph Trask, Jan.16,1717-18.*

Emma, and George Raymond [jr. int.], Mar.2,1779.CR1*

Eunice, and Thomas Simons [Symonds.int.], Jan.18,1736-7.*

George, and Mary Lovett of Exeter, int.July2,1727.

Hannah, Mrs., and Asa Gouldsbery, int.Apr.6,1803.

Harriet R., of Manchester, and Samuel H. Fielder, int.Jan.13,1833.

Harriett, and William Lord, Mar.26,1835.*

Henry, and Sarah Hull, Jan.5,1792.*

Jane, and Robert Elliott, Dec.16,1761.*

John, and Sarah Shaw, Nov.8,1694.CTR

John, and Abigail Smith, Nov.20,1744.*

John, and Elizabeth Leach, Dec.21,1755.*

John, and Hannah Herrick, at Hamilton, Feb.7,1785*.

John, and Susanna Martin of Wenham, at Wenham, Jan.1,1788.

John, jr., and Betsy Day, both of Manchester, Dec.3,1795.CR1

John, and Harriot Dane, May7,1805.*

John, and Mary Trask, Oct.7,1828.*

Joseph, and Sarrah Reith of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Oct.27,1698.*

Joseph, and Martha Parker of Andover, at Andover, Feb.2,1727.*

Judith, and Israel Wood, Mar.7,1738-9.*

Lidia, and Jeremiah Allen of Manchester, Nov.14,1727.*

Lydia, and Andrew Herrick, Jan.27,1752.*

Lydia, and [Capt. int.] John Tittle, Apr.19,1780.CR1*

Lydia, of Manchester, and Asa Osborn, 2d, int.Dec.22,1822.

Mary, and John Balch, 3d, Dec.24,1708.*

Mary, and John Ober, jr., Mar.22,1719-20.*

Mary, and William Herrick, July1,1734.*

Mary, and William Stone, Mar.5,1735-6.*

Mary, and John Heath of Woodstock, int.Dec.30,1753. "Banns forbidden Jan.5,1754 by the sd.Mary Tuck. "

Mary, and Mathew French, Mar.21,1756.*

Mary, and Nicolas Obear, July18,1776.CR1*

Mary [Raymond.int.], and Edward Spencer [resident of Beverly.int.], Oct.15,1796.*

Mary, and Abraham Littlefield, Sept.9,1798.*

Nancy, and Robert Goodwin, Nov.27,1828.*

Rachal, and John Porter, Nov.21,1744.*

Ralph, and Loes Herrick, Feb.12,1731.*

Robert, and Nancy Smith, Apr.16,1805.*

Robert, and Anna Fellows of Ipswich, int.Sept.16,1810.

Ruth, of Manchester, and David Presson, at Manchester, Dec.19,1765.*

Ruth Raymond [Mrs.int.], and Abraham Froathingham, July28,1789.*

Samuell, and Mary Leech of Salem, int.June7,1761.

Samuell, and [wid.int.] Mary Sprig, July12,1763.*

Samuel, 2d, and Sarah Richardson, int.Feb.16,1794.

Samuel, and Bethiah Baker, both of Manchester, May10,1796.CR1

Samuel, and Mary Craft, Mar.7,1808.*

Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth Trask, Sept.29,1822.

Sarah, and Samuel Allen, jr., of Manchester, May1,1717.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Ellinwood, Mar.23,1718-19.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Dea.Benjamin Allen of Manchester, Dec.8,1720.*

Sarah, and Robert Matthews of Salem, at Salem, Sept.16,1750.*

Sarah, and Ozman Cox, Nov.19,1767.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Tilton, Mar.3,1800.*

Sarah D., and Henry E. Woodberry, Apr.9,1840.*

Sewall, and Ruth Raymond Lee of Manchester, at Manchester, May21,1772.*

Susanna, and Gilbert Cox of Salem, Sept.7,1764.*

Thankfull, and Peter Groves, jr., Sept.14,1758.*

Thomas, and Anna Lovitt, Nov.3,1737.*

Thomas, jr., and Mrs.Emme Butman, Dec.3,1771.*

William, and Mary Eliott, int.Aug.12,1711.

William, and Elizabeth Sewel, June4,1733.*

William, and Mary Lee of Manchester, at Manchester, Nov.24,1773.*

William, and Abigail Roundey, Nov.25,1773.CR1*

William, and Hannah Porter of Hamilton, int.Sept.5,1802.


Barnard, Dr., and Lucy Kimball of Wenham, at Wenham, Oct.9,1797.*

Richard H., and Mary McIntire of Salem, int.Aug.27,1837.

Sarah, b. Peru, ME, and Benjamin Kenniston, a.20y., farmer, b. Ossipee, NH, s.Benjamin and Sally, at Wenham, Oct.末,1846. [int.Oct.3.]*


Samuel, and Mrs.Susanna Obear, int.Sept.2,1787.


Charles, of Portland, ME, and Judith W. Wallis, July22,1827.*


Victor, resident of Beverly, and Mary Dennis, int.Sept.1,1833.


John [resident of Beverly.int.], and Abigail Watts, Mar.27,1781.CR1*


John, and Anna Cook, June4,1783.

Thomas P., and Mrs.Sally Ann Trask, int.Jan.23,1842. (Intentions altered.)


Cyrus, and Mrs.Mary Mason, Jan.10,1836.*

Laurenza, and James W. Haskell, May20,1842.*

Sally, of Hamilton, and Isaac Worden [Wadden. int.], at Hamilton, July25,1799.*


Charles A., of Lowell, and Ruth Green, Feb.2,1836.*

TWISS (Twist)

Bethiah, and John Trask [2d.int.], Dec.5,1802.*

Daniel, resident of Beverly, and [Mrs.int.Miss.CR2] Rebeccah Creesy, Dec.3,1772.*

Daniel, resident of Beverly, and Elisabeth Twiss, Oct.12,1797.*

Diman Creesy, and Sally Irason, Sept.13,1798.*

Dimond Creesy [Twist. int.], and Mary Woodberry, Feb.5,1795.*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Twiss, resident of Beverly, Oct.12,1797.*

Hannah, and Joseph Poland, Sept.15,1776.CR1*

Hannah, wid., a.48y., d.Ezra and Bethiah Smith, and John Dodge, unm., a.63y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Dec.19,1847. [1849.CR2]*

Joseph, and Elisabeth Standley, Nov.15,1831.*

Joshua, and Clarissa Pickett, int.May8,1808.

Lucy, and John Evoleth, int.Sept.18,1803.

Lucy, and Thomas Bootman, Dec.6,1804.*

Mary, and Jonathan Raymond, Jan.16,1794.*

Mary, and Joseph Glidden, May5,1819.*

Mehitable, and Thomas Bootman, May17,1801.*

Nancy, and Philip Claxton, Dec.4,1794.*

Robert, jr., and Mehitable Roundy, Apr.6,1797.*

TWIST (Twiss)

Benjamin [Twiss.int.], and Nancy Burchsted, Dec.29,1791.*

Benjamin, 2d, and Sally Batchelder, int.Oct.18,1795.

Huldah, and Thomas Andrews, Aug.21,1789.*

Rebecca, and Thomas Davis of Marblehead, Nov.5,1778.CR1*

Robert [resident in Beverly.int.], and Huldah Batchelder, Dec.18,1764.*


Aaron, and Elisabeth Obear, Feb.29,1808.*

Anna [Taylor.PR263], and Abraham Knolten of Wenham, int.July6,1777.

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