Abigail, d.Ambros and Joanna, Apr.8,1730.

Abner, s.Joseph and Mary, bp. Aug.末,1706.CR1

Abner, s.Abner and Ruth, July22,1737.

Alfred, s.John and Matilda Ann, Nov.11,1829.BC

Amanda, d.John and Matilda Ann, June19,1838.BC

Ambrose, s.Ambrose, bp. July29,1739.CR1

Amos, s.Abner and Keziah, May25,1752.

Augusta, d.Joseph and Martha [Martha W.BC], Oct.3,1838.

Benjamin, s.[Lt.CR1] Joseph and Joanna, Mar.2,1721-2. [bp. Mar.12,1720-21.CR1]

Benjamin, s.Ambros and Joanna, Mar.14,1727-28.

Syrus, s.Jacob and Hannah, Oct.3,1726.

Daniel, s.Joseph and Martha, July25,1807.

Daniel, s.John, shoemaker, and Matilda Ann, June12,1846.

David, s.Amros and Joanna, Nov.26,1725.

David, s.Abner and Keziah, Nov.23,1749.

Dorathy, d.William and Anna, Mar.1,1780.

Edna, d.Ambrose, bp.末蔓末,1735.CR1

Eliphelet, s.John and Priscilla, May20,1763.

Elisabeth, d.Moses and Sarah, Feb.18,1772.

Elisabeth, d.William and Anna, Mar.19,1772.

Elisabeth, d.Rev. Moses and Elisabeth, Nov.5,1776.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Joanna, Apr.27,1719.

Hannah, d.Ambros, bp. Sept.末,1737.CR1

Hannah, d.John and Priscilla, Oct.26,1743.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.31,1758.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Martha, Aug.13,1803.

Hannah, d.John and Matilda Ann, Oct.3,1826.BC

Harrison, s.John and Matilda Ann, Oct.8,1840.BC

Henry, s.John, bp. May3,1747.CR1

Henry Otis, s.Joseph and Martha [Martha W.BC], Apr.9,1841.

Hepzibah, d.Joseph and Joanna, Sept.24,1709.BC

Isaac, s.Joseph and Martha, May5,1814.

Isaac, s.John, farmer, and Matilda A., Aug.7,1844.

Israel, s.Joseph and Martha, Jan.18,1812.

Jacob, s.Joseph and Mary,末蔓末,1695-6.BC

Jacob, s.Jacob and Mary, Apr.3,1730.

Jacob, s.Ambros and Hannah, Nov.23,1733.

Jacob, s.Abner and [Keziah?], Dec.8,1744.

John, s.Joseph and Joanna, July12,1717.

John, s.John and Priscilla, Sept.6,1745.

John, s.Joseph and Martha, Aug.9,1801.

John, s.John and Matilda Ann, Aug.22,1831.BC

Jonathan, s.Joseph, bp. Feb.末,1733-4.CR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, July5,1756.

Joseph, 3d, s.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, June5,1761.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Martha, Sept.26,1805.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Martha W., Nov.16,1832.BC

Josiah, s.Joseph and Martha W.,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Jude [Judith.CR1], d.Abner and Keziah, Oct.14,1747.

Lucy, d.Abner and Ruth, July13,1735.

Lucy, d.Abner and Keziah, Sept.26,1756.

Ledya, d.Joseph and Johannah, Mar.23,1710-11.

Lydia, d.Jacob and Mary, Jan.14,1724-5.BC

Lydia, d.John, bp. Nov.1,1741.CR1

Margaret, d.Joseph and Johannah, Feb.23,1712-13.

Margaret, d.Ambrose, bp. Dec.末,1723.CR1

Margaret, d.Joseph, farmer, and Martha W., Aug.6,1846.

Martha, d.Joseph and Martha W.,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Martha, d.Ambros and Joan[na.BC], Dec.6,1723.

Martha, d.Moses and Sarah, Dec.14,1773.

Martha, d.Joseph and Martha, Dec.14,1799.

Martha, d.Joseph and Martha, July10,1809.

Mary, d.Jacob and Hannah, Feb.25,1722-3.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Jan.14,1724-5.

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Dec.31,1745.

Mary, d.Joseph, 3d and Sarah, May22,1754.

Mary, d.Moses and Sarah, June2,1769.

Mary Emery, d.Rev. Moses, bp. May9,1785.CR2

Mary Ann, d.Joseph, yeoman, and Martha [Martha W.BC], Oct.16,1843. [May22,1844.BC]

Matilda Ann, d.John and Matilda Ann, Apr.12,1836.BC

Matthew, s.John and Matilda Ann, Apr.16,1828.BC

Mehetable, d.John and Priscilla, Feb.2,1755.

Mehetable, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, Nov.14,1763.

[Mose.BC]s, s.Joseph and Marey, Dec.25,1701.

Moses, s.Abner and [Keziah?], June5,1742.

Moses, s.Rev. Moses and Elisabeth, Sept.26,1778.

Nathaniel, s.Abner and Keziah, Sept.4,1754.

Patience, d.Moses and Sarah, May14,1776.

Ruth, d.Abner and [Keziah?], Dec.31,1739.

Samuel, s.Abner, bp. May5,1765.CR1

[Sara.BC]h, Josaph and Maray, Apr.6,1704.

Sarah, d.Joseph, bp. Feb.20,1731-2.CR1

Sarah, d.Joseph, 3rd and Sarah, Nov.13,1751.

Sarah, d.Rev. Moses and Elisabeth, Dec.4,1782.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Martha, Apr.18,1798.

Susannah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.2,1756.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Johannah, Jan.8,1714. [bp. Jan.10,1714-15.CR1]

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, Jan.22,1743.

William, s.Thomas and Mary, Nov.9,1741.

William, s.John and Matilda Ann, Oct.7,1833.BC


末末, s.Samuel and Olive, July末,1837.BC

Daniel Webster, s.Samuel and Olive, June2,1838.BC

Eleanor A., d.Samuel and Olive, Jan.2,1831.BC

Samuel W., Samuel and Olive, Jan.12,1836.BC

Sarah A., d.Samuel and Olive, Jan.4,1834.BC

HARDE (Hardy)

Martha, d.Nathaniell and Prudence, Nov.30,1720.

Richard, s.Nathaniell and Prudence, May3,1718.

HARDY (Harde)

Abigell [Harde. dup.], d.Nathaniell and Prudence, Oct.19,1715.

Abigail, d.Matthew, bp. Oct.29,1752.CR2

Abigal, d.Matthew and Ann, Nov.16,1753.

Asa, s.Mathew and Anna, May26,1755.

Daniel, s.John, bp. Mar.15,1746-7.CR2

Edmund, s.Asa and Mehitable, Nov.7,1771.

Elizebeth, d.Nathaniell and Prudenc, Feb.3,1709.

Jesse, s.Mathew and Anna, Mar.16,1757.

Keziah, d.Nathaniell and Prudenc, Nov.16,1711.

Naomi, d.Mathew and Anna, Feb.14,1762.

Noah, s.Matthew, bp. Sept.23,1759.CR2

Perry, s.John, bp. May11,1755.CR2

Richard, s.John, bp. May14,1749.CR2

Roos, d.Nathaniel and Prudence, Jan.16,1707.

Zacariah, s.Nathaniel and Prudence, Oct.3,1713.

HARRIMAN (Herriman)

Caroline Foster, d.George, yeoman and Eliza, June27,1843.

Daniel Francis, s.Daniel and Jane, Jan.5,1822.BC

David Poor, s.Jeremiah, jr. and Betsy, Apr.7,1817.

Maria P., d.George and Eliza, Oct.30,1837.BC


Nathaniel, s.John, bp. Mar.15,1729-30.CR1


Augustus, at Andover, Mar.1,1814.PR14

Hannah, w.Albert Perley, June23,1817.PR14

HAZEN (Hazzen)

末末, d.Thomas and Mary, Sept.1, [169.BC; 1694-6?]

末末, s.Thomas and Mary, Dec.5, [1690-2?]

末末, d.Thomas and Mary, Aug.30, [1694.BC]

末紡h, s.Thomas and Mary, Jan.4,1701-2.

末貌s [Alice.CTR], d.Thomas and Mary, June10,1686.

[Ednah.CR1], d.Thomas and Mary, Dec.25,1704.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Mary, Oct.10,1685.CTR

Hannah, d.Israel, bp. Jan.7,1727-8.CR1

Hapsibah, d.Thomas and Mary, Mar.22,169 [1696-7?].

Hepzibah, d.Israel, bp. Sept.6,1730.CR1

Israel, s.Israel, bp. Nov.末,1734.CR1

Jeane, d.John, bp. July末,1722.CR21

[John.BC], s.Thomas and Mary, Mar.23, [1687-8?]

Josiah, s.Jacob and Abigail, Oct.23,1774.CR1

Peggye, d.Israel, bp. Jan.7,1727-8.CR1

Phebe, d.Jacob and Abigail, bp. Dec.15,1771.CR1

Ruth [Hazon. dup.], d.Thomas and Mary, Oct.3,1[699?]

HAZZEN (Hazen)

Enoch, s.Jacob and Abigail, Mar.9,1770.

Hannah, d.Jacob and Abigail, July3,1764.

Hephzibah, d.Jacob and Abigail, Apr.2,1768.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Abigail, Oct.22,1762.

[Joh.BC]n, s.[John.BC], Feb.21, [1710.BC]

Phebe, d.Jacob and Abigail, Dec.3,1772.

[Thomas.BC], s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.7, [1690-1?]

William, s.Jacob and Abigial, May26,1766.

HEAL (Heall)

[Heph.BC]saba, d.Josaph and Joannah, Sept.24,1709.

HEALL (Heal)

Abner, s.Josaph and Mary, Aug.2,170[0.BC]

Ambros, s.Josaph and Mary, Feb.10,16[99-1700?]

Mary, d.Josaph and Mary, Oct.1,1697.


Laura Arieadne, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Nov.9,18[10.BC]

[Mary Leath.CTR], d.Francis and Mary, Dec.23,168[6.BC]


Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Nov.末,1733.CR1


Abigal, d.Israel and Abiagal, Oct.12,1761.

Elmire [Almira.CR1], d.Edmund and Hitty, Dec.12,1791.

Artemas, s.Edmund and Hitty, July3,1788.

Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Mar.8,1789.

Caroline, d.Edmund, bp. Apr.3,1796.CR1

Edny [Edna Gould.CR1], d.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Apr.30,1801.

Eli, s.twin, Israil and Abigail, Sept.5,1759.

Elisabeth, d.Israel and Abigail, Aug.29,1754.

Elisabeth, d.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Jan.8,1796.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Dec.7,1799.

Huldah, d.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Sept.13,1797.

Israel, s.William H. and Lois, Feb.15,1833.BC

Jacob, s.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Nov.3,1792.

Joanna, d.John, bp. Mar.9,1766.CR1

John, s.Edmund, bp. June22,1800.CR1

Lucy, d.Edmund and Hitty, Mar.11,1790.

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Dec.27,1790.

Mary, d.Israel and Abigail, Feb.24,1757.

Hitty, d.Edmund and Hitty, Oct.13,1786.

Pamela, d.Edmund and Hitty, Mar.9,1794.

Samuel, s.twin, Israil and Abigail, Sept.5,1759.

Samuel K., s.William H. and Lois, May末,1836.BC

Samuel Killam, s.William H. and Lois, Mar.26,1842.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Feb.21,1803.

William Hale, s.Israel and Elisabeth, Feb.4,1806.

William Augustus, s.William H. and Lois, Jan.14,1829.BC

William Augustus, s.William H. and Lois, Jan.6,1831.BC

HERRIMAN (Harriman)

Betsy, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Feb.2,1793.


Sarah C., d.Albert, Nov.14,1841.


Sarah F., d.Jeremiah, shoemaker, and Catherine, Jan.31,1846.


Charles, s.Elizur and Hannah, Nov.11,1781.

Edward, s.Rev. Elizur and Hannah, Jan.15,1772.

Elizur, s.Rev. Elizur and Hannah, Nov.18,1764.

Elisabeth, d.Rev. Elizur and Hannah, May28,1767.

Hannah, d.Rev. Elizur and Hannah, Oct.16,1774.

Oliver Peabody, s.Rev. Elizur and Hannah, Apr.4,1769.

Samuel, s.Elizer and Hannah, Aug.5,1761.

Samuel, s.Rev. Elizur and Hannah, Oct.15,1762.


Allen G., s.Francis and Hannah, Apr.12,1816.BC

Andrew G., s.Francis and Hannah, Sept.19,1811.BC

Benjamin,., s.Francis and Hannah, Feb.4,1818.BC

Caroline, d.Francis and Hannah, Nov.14,1809.BC

Francis A., s.Francis and Hannah, Apr.9,1825.BC

George W., s.Francis and Hannah, Jan.9,1808.BC

Jeremiah, s.Francis and Hannah, at Topsfield, Nov.4,1804.BC

Mary Ann, d.Francis and Hannah, Apr.26,1820.BC

Sally, d.Francis and Hannah, at Ipswich, Apr.28,1806.BC

Sarah, d.Francis and Hannah, Oct.4,1813.BC

Sarah Peabody, d.Samuel and Phebe [April 2,1828.PR11], bp. July13,1828.CR1

William Henry, s.Samuel and Phebe [June25,1825.PR11], bp Sept.11,1825.CR1


Eben Levett, s.Eben, farmer, and Elizabeth, Nov.23,1847.


Charles Peabody, s.Perry G. and Hannah, Mar.15,1810.


David, s.Jonathan, bp. Aug.25,1751.CR2


Aaron, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.3,1778.

[Abig.BC]al, d.Loouck and Sewesannah, July6,1710.

Abigail, d.John and Mary, bp. Feb.20,1736-7.CR2

Abigail, d.Luke [Jr.CR2] and Darces, Feb.26,1744. [bp. Feb.28,1741.CR2]

Nabby, d.twin, Luke, bp. July12,1790.CR2

Abijah, s.Luke and Susannah, Dec.9,1719.

Alert Parker, s.Thomas S. and Sarah C., Nov.23,1828.BC

Amos, s.Joseph and Rebecca, May31,1757.

Benjamin, s.Luke, jr., bp. Jan.31,1779.CR2

David, s.Richard and Sarah, July30,1758.

[Dorcas.BC], d.Loock and Susannah, May10, [1701.BC]

Dorcos, d.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.12,1763.

Dorcas, d.Luke, jr., bp. Mar.30,1777.CR2

Dolley, d.Joseph and Rebecca, Dec.30,1744.

Edward Beecher, s.Thomas S. and Sarah C., Apr.3,1832.BC

Elizabeth, d.Rufus P. and Jane, at Methuen,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Elizabath, d.Luke and Suesannah, Oct.3,1705.

Elizabeth, d.Samuell, bp. May7,1738.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Luke, jr. and Dorcus, Dec.30,1739.

Betty, d.twin, Richard and Sarah, Jan.13,1770.

Esther, d.John, bp. Apr.19,1741.CR2

[Ha.BC]nnah, d.Luke and Sewesannah, July18,1703.

Hannah, d.Luke and Dorcas, Apr.9,1736.

Hannah, d.Richard, bp. May2,1773.CR2

Hannah, d.Luke, jr., bp. June16,1776.CR2

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Oct.16,1783.

Isaac, s.Luke, jr., bp. Apr.13,1783.CR2

Ivory, s.Joseph and Rebeckah, July14,1750.

John, s.twin, Richard and Sarah, Jan.13,1770.

Jonathan, s.Richard and Sarah, Aug.12,1767.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.31,1776.

Joseph Henry, s.Thomas S. and Sarah C., Apr.30,1830.BC

Leonard, s.Luke, jr., bp. Feb.11,1781.CR2

Lois, d.Joseph and Rebekah, Sept.24,1752.

Lois, d.[Lt.CR2] Joseph and Rebecca, June14,1759.

Lucy, d.Joseph and Rebekah, Mar.15,1748.

Lucy Porter, d.Thomas S. and Sarah C., Oct.6,1826.BC

Luke, Ens.May3,1676.BC

Luke, s.Luke [jr.CR2] and Darces, Feb.26,1748.

Luke, s.Luke [jr.CR2] and Darcas, Sept.13,1749.

Luk, s.twin, Luke, bp. July12,1790.CR2

Marantha Ann, d.Rufus P. and Jane, Nov.25,1837.BC

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Nov.1,1781.

Mary, d.Thomas, jr., bp. Mar.3,1844-5.CR2

Mehitable, d.Luke, bp. May2,1779.CR2

Marcy [Mercy.CR2], d.John, jr. and Marcy, May11,1755.

Moses, s.Daniell, bp. Oct.30,1748.CR2

Moses, s.Joseph and Mary, Apr.7,1773.

Nancy Jane Porter, d.Rufus P. and Jane, Mar.19,1836.BC

Nathan, s.Luke, bp. July2,1795.CR2

Olinda Ann, d.Hannah, Sept.20,1808.

Olive, d.Luke [jr.CR2] and Darces, Feb.24,1743.

Orville Lauriston, ch.Thomas S. and Sarah C., Feb.28,1823.BC

Phinehas, s.Luke [jr.CR2] and Darces, Jan.18, [1746.BC; bp. Jan.19,1745-6.CR2]

Priscilla, d.wid.Sarah, bp. Oct.18,1747.CR2

Rebecca, d.Joseph and Rebecca, Dec.15,1754.

Rebecca, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.17,1788.

Richard, s.John and Mary, Aug.3,1733.

Richard, s.Richard and Sarah, Feb.4,1762.

Rufus Porter, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.5,1790.

Sarah, d.Abijah and Lydia, Nov.19,1746.

Sarah, d.Richard and Sarah, Mar.1,1760.

Sarah, d.Richard and Sarah, June15,1765.

Solomon, s.Abijah and Lydia, Nov.7,1748.

Stephen, s.Richard and Sarah, Feb.3,1773.

Thomas, s.Luke and Dorcas, Dec.8,1733.

Thomas, s.Luke [jr.CR2] and Darces, Nov.29,1737.

Thomas, s.[Dea.CR2] Joseph and Rebeccah, Feb.9,1762.

Thomas Stickney, s.Joseph and Mary, Sept.8,1792.

Washing[ton.CR2], s.Luke and Mehetabel, Mar.7,1777.

Billey, s.Thomas and Sarah, May12,1765.

Celinda, d.Luk, bp. Aug.19,1792.CR2

HOW (Howe)

末末, d.John and Saray, Jan.8,1705-6.

末紡y, d.John and Sarey, Apr.3,1703.

Joseph, s.John and Sarah, Oct.7,1719.

[Ma.BC]rk, s.John and Sarah, Apr.18,1701.


Molly, d.Jonathan, bp. Nov.23,1746.CR2

HOWE (How)

Edward Levitt, s.Edward, shoe manufacturer, and Lydia S., June12,1847.

Emily, d.William A., shoemaker, and Ruth G., Feb.5,1849.

Frederic Augustus, s.William A. and Ruth (Bartlett), May27,1841.

Mary A., w.Edward, June17,1815.GR3

Mary Ann, d.Edward, shoe manufacturer, and Elizabeth Lydia, Mar.11,1849.

William B., s.William A., shoemaker, and Ruth, Nov.14,1845.


Alice, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.16,1768.CR1


Ann Cumingham, d.Mary, bp. May11,1828.CR2

Margaret, d.Mary, bp. May11,1828.CR2

Mary Francis Shepherd, d.Mary, bp. Sept.21,1823.CR2

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