CARLETON (Carlton)

George, Ens., Feb.13,1783 or 1785, in his 81st.CR1


Leonard, m., s.Joseph and Sarah, farmer, consumption, Sept.5,1849, a.63y.2m.10d.

Samuel, of disease incidental to aged persons, Mar.18,1843. [Mar.22, a.93y.CR2]

Warren Henry, s.William H. and Sarah O. (Spofford), drowned,末蔓末, 末末.BC

CARLTON (Carleton)

末末, w.George, 末蔓13,1783, in her 81st y.CR2

末末, ch.Joseph, Sept.8,1795, a.4y.CR2

末末, ch.Joseph, Sept.15,1795, a.2y.CR2

末末, w.Samuel, Mar.23,1802, a.74y.CR2

末末, w.Capt. Moses, July18,1804, a.44y.CR2

末末, w.Capt. Moses, Aug.30,1813, a.50y.CR2

末末, w.Richard, May30,1841, a.53y.CR2

Abigail, wid., June25,1813, a.86y.CR2

Amos, s.George, jr., Mar.11,1762, a.2y.CR2

Amos [jr.GR1], Nov.4,1828, a.27y.CR2 [Nov.1, a.26y.GR1]

Isaac, s.Samuel, Dec.21,1812, a.15y.CR2

Joseph, Nov.2,1826, in his 76th y.GR1

Joseph, Nov.4,1829, a.75y.CR2

Mary, w.[Ens.GR1] George, Nov.28,1780, in her 71st y.CR2 [in her 76th y.GR1]

Mehetabel, d.Samuell [and Rebecca.BC], Oct.16,1756, a.almost 2y.CR2

Mehetabel, d.Samuell, Dec.27,1762, a.6y.CR2

Moses, Capt., Sept.29,1835, a.84y.CR2 [Sept.25.BC]

Nathan, Sept.28,1820, a.34y.CR2 [Sept.26, a.31y.GR1]

Rebekah, d.Samuell, Oct.21,1762, a.4y.CR2

Richard, s.George, jr., Dec.24,1763, a.6y.CR2

Samuel, Mar.1,1803, a.76y.CR2

[Sarah.GR1], w.[Lt.GR1] Leonard, Nov.26,1821, a.24y.CR2 [Nov.23, a.23y.GR1]

[Sarah.GR1], wid.Joseph, Mar.21,1840, a.86y.CR2 [Mar.20, a.84y.GR1]

Warren, s.William, July1,1840, a.9y.CR2


Thomas, Mar.9,16末. [168?]


末末,, May19,1761.CR2

末末, w.Thomas, June21,1815, a.51y.CR2

末末, wid.Ephraim, Nov.8,1824, a.98y.CR2

末末, ch., wid.J., Oct.29,1830, a.8m.CR2

末末, w.Moses, July2,1832, a.56y.CR2

David, Apr.2,1779, a.63y.CR2

Ephraim [s.John and Mehitable.BC], May16,1778. [in his 68th y.CR2]

Eveline, Mar.9,1829, a.18y.CR2

Isaac, Aug.9,1802, a.48y.CR2 [Aug.8, a.47y.GR1]

J., Ens., s.Dea.末末,末蔓末,1797.BC

John, Feb.16,1756, a.79y.CR2 [1755.BC andGR1]

John, s.Ephraim and Mary, Nov.10,1762. [Nov.11, a.2y.CR2]

John, Dea.[s.John and Mehitable.BC], Apr.2,1797, a.76y.CR2 [Mar.31,1797.GR1]

Lydia, d.Thomas, Mar.4,1738-9, a.abt. 2w.CR2

Mary, wid., Oct.4,1798, a.83y.CR2

Mehetabell, w.John [suddenly.CR2], Jan.17,1748. [a.62y.CR2]

Moses, s.Moses and Sarah, Feb.17,1806. [Feb.18, a.3y.CR2]

Moses, s.Moses, Sept.19,1822, a.14y.CR2

Moses, m., s.David and Prudence, blacksmith, b. at Andover, old age [at the Almshouse.CR1], Aug.19,1848, a.82y.

Samuel, Nov.28,1801, a.47y.CR2 [Nov.26, a.46y.GR1]

Sarah, wid.[Samuel.GR1], Feb.26,1806, a.48y.CR2 [Feb.24.GR1]

Susanna, w.Dea.John, Oct.16,1794, a.73y.GR1 [a.72y.CR2]

Susanna, d.Thomas, Jan.14,1808, a.7y.CR2

Thomas, s.Dea.Thomas, Nov.20,1749, a.2y.CR2

Thomas, Dea., Feb.16,1788, in his 76th y.GR1

Thomas, May5,1831, a.81y.CR2 [May4,1831, a.80y.BC]


Elizabeth, wid., Sept.28,1755, a.47y.CR2


Daniel,末蔓末,1799, a.59y.PR29

Daniel ["killed by wheel running over him."BC] Aug.31,1835, a.68y.GR3 [Aug.30.BC]

George Washington, s.Daniel and Sarah [Sally Symonds.BC], Nov.1,1811, a.5y.8m.GR3 [a.6y.PR29]

Hepzebah, wid.Daniel, Jan.11,1810, a.66y.GR3 [Jan.10.PR29]

Louis, ch.Daniel and Hepzibah, Mar.17,1835.BC


Hannah, m., d.Moses and Rebecca Kimball, consumption, Apr.19,1848, a.74y.10m.11d.


末末, ch.Peter, Jan.29,1748-9, a.6w.CR2


Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, June25,1774, in her 35th y.GR3

Lucy, wid., Sept.10,1833.PR29


Lucinda, unm., d.Jabez and Lydia P., b. at Norway, ME, consumption, seamstress, Oct.25,1844, a.23y.

CLARK (Clarke)

John, s.William and Jean [Joan.BC], July30,1714.

CLARKE (Clark)

William, Feb.8,1742-3.CR2


Henry, yeoman, consumption, Dec.13,1843, a.58y.11m.17d.[Dec.12, a.55y.CR2; Dec.14.GR1]

William Henry, s.Henry and Hannah, Dec.28,1833, a.9y.6m.GR1

William, Dec.29,1833, a.12y.CR2


末末, w.David, July6,1811, a.53y.CR2

David, Jan.27,1835, a.75y.CR2

James, June4,1821, a.38y.CR2 [June2, a.37y.GR1]

Mary, w.James, May28,1813, a.25y.GR1

Sarah, wid., d.Abraham and Abigail Tyler, palsy, Sept.14,1844, a.88y.11m.10d.[Sept.5, a.87y.CR2]

William, Jan.10,1816, a.25y.CR2


末末, ch.Daniel, Sept.27,1775, a.4d.CR2

末末, w.Samuel, Dec.10,1795, a.abt. 80y.CR2

末末,, Oct.10,1839.CR2

Abigail, w.John, Mar.8,1746-7, a.23y.CR2

Abigail [d.Kimball and Abigail.GR1], June8,1833, a.19y.CR2 [June6, a.20y.GR1]

Benjamin, Feb.12,1774.CR2

Bethiah, d.Samuell, jr., June12,1762, a.2y.CR2

Bethiah, w.Samuell, jr., June27,1764, a.41y.CR2

Caleb [Currier.BC], s.Simeon [and Polly.BC], Aug.9,1802, a.13y.CR2 [Aug.8.BC]

David, s.twin, Samuell, jr., June11,1762, a.5y.CR2

[Eliza S.GR1; Eliza Spofford.BC], d.Ephraim [F. and Eliza.GR1; Eliza (Spofford).BC], Dec.18,1831, a.3m.CR2 [Dec.19.GR1]

[Eliza.GR1; Eliza (Spofford).BC], w.Ephraim [F.GR1], Apr.24,1832, a.26y.CR2 [Apr.25, a.25y.GR1]

Jesse, s.twin, Samuell, jr., June9,1762, a.5y.CR2

John, "very suddenly," Feb.5,1736-7, a.68y.CR2

Judah [Judith.CR2], d.Simeon and Polly, Nov.23,1797. [Nov.25, a.4y.CR2; Nov.24, a.4y.1m.PR3]

Kimball [Lt.GR1], Jan.16,1822, a.48y.CR2 [Jan.15, a.43y.GR1]

Mary, wid., Oct.7,1746, a.78y.CR2

[Polley.BC (Smith).PR3], w.Capt. Simeon, Jan.6,1826, a.66y.[Jan.5.BC]

Mehitable Barker, d.Kimball and Abigail, Feb.9,1835.BC

Rebekah [d.Kimball.GR1; and Abigail.BC], Feb.21,1834, a.26y.CR2 [Feb.19.GR1]

Samuel, Apr.3,1805, a.88y.CR2

Samuel, m., Simeon and Polly, laborer, dysentery, Sept.7,1849, a.52y.2m.14d.

Sarah Foster, d.Kimball and Abigail, Mar.8,1834.BC

Sarah (Carlton), 2d, w.Simeon, July18,1837.PR3 [July19, a.72y.CR2]

Simeon [Capt.CR2], yeoman, fever, Dec.9,1843, a.81y.5m.9d.[Dec.12, 84y.CR2]

Susanna, Mrs., July20,1785, a.95y.CR2

COMINGS (Cummings)

Mehetable, w.Thomas, May9,1738, a.56y.15d.


William, Oct.11,1796, a.64y.CR2


Thomas, m., s.Thomas and Rebecca, b. at Medford, July11,1848, a.53y.6m.11d.


末末, and Hannah, Jan.2,1737-8.CR2

Hannah, w.Robert, Jan.2,1737-8.CR2


Samuel [s.Samuel and Mary.BC], Apr.12,1840, a.66y.CR2 [Apr.11, a.70y.GR1]


Betsey, unm., Mar.13,1826, a.31y.PR29

CUMMINGS (Comings, Cummins)

Dudley, suicide by hanging,末蔓末,1815, a.67y.PR29

Jacob, s.Jacob and Mary, Apr.10,1757.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Mary, Apr.3,1769.

Jacob,末蔓末,1803, a.88y.PR29

Mary, w.Jacob, Dec.2,178. [1781.BC]

Molly, unm.,末蔓末,1817, 65y.PR29

Mehitable, d.Jacob and Mary, Dec.5,1752.

William, s.Jacob and Mary, Nov.10,1776.

CUMMINS (Cummings)

Thomas, s.Jacob and Mary, May21,1834.BC [May29, a.72y.PR29]


Mark B. [J.CR2], cordwainer, fever and consumption, Mar.13,1844, a.42y.[Mar.14.CR2]

CURTICE (Curtis)

Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Oct.13,1747.

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Oct.13,1747.

Ruth, w.John, Mar.末,1829.BC

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Oct.11,1748.

Stephen, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Oct.15,1747.

CURTIS (Curtice)


Cattern [Catherine.BC], w.Joseph, Aug.19,1760.

Betsey,末蔓末,1795, a.14y.PR29

Francis, Oct.11,1829, a.52y.GR2

Mary [Molly.GR2], wid.[Francis.PR29], d.John and Prescilla Killam, lung fever, Dec.31,1847, a.70y.3m.17d.[Dec.30, a.73y.CR1; a.73y.GR2]


John, Rev. [pastor 2d church, in the 36th y.of his ministry.GR1], Jan.25,1772. [a.61y.CR2; in his 63y.GR1]

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