Mary, w.Samuel, Feb.10,1827, a.45y.GR1

TILER (Tyler)

Joshua, s.John and Anna [(Messenger).BC], Feb.8,1715.

TOWN (Towne)

Ezra, June9,1838, a.35y.CR2

John, s.John and Anna, Feb.末,1830.BC

John, Mar.8,1830.BC [a.89y.PR29]

Sally [Sarah F., w.Ezra.GR1], Mar.10,1834, a.28y.CR2 [Mar.8.GR1]

TOWNE (Town)

Anne, m.,末蔓末,1816, a.72y.PR29

Bathsheba [unm.PR29], July25,1830.BC [a.83y.PR29]

Dolly, wid.Asa [mother of Mrs.Oliver T. Peabody.CR1], May28,1840, a.73y.PR29 [a.74y.CR1]

John, jr., Jan.25,1830, in his 59th y.GR4 [Jan.26.BC]

John Henry, s.john N. and Harriet A [(Bunker).PR29], bowel complaint, Oct.11,1849, a.4 m 9d.

Mehitable, unm., d.Joshua and Sarah, housekeeper, b. at Topsfield, heart complaint, June9,1845, a.65y.

Nancy Adams, d.Samuel and Charlotte (Fletcher), Nov.19,1832.BC [a.4y.PR29]


Ruth [(Peabody-Curtis).PR29], wid.[Bartholomew.PR29], Mar.22,1829, a.85y.BC


Horace C[linton.CR1], s.William and Lucy B. [Lucy (Town).PR29], Mar.21,1847, a.2y.GR3 [Mar.13.CR1; Mar.12, a.2y.1m.14d.PR29]

Maranda, m.[w.Samuel.CR1], d.Jabez and 末末 Chub, b. at Norway, ME, consumption, Oct.14,1848, a.21y.

William, Oct.29,1846, a.28y.CR1 [Oct.28, a.26y.PR29]

William F., s.William and Lucy B [Lucy (Towne).PR29], Dec.12,1846, a.8d.GR3

[William Francis.CR1], s.Samuel and Maranda [Miranda (Chubb).PR29], consumption, July26,1848, a.3m.27d.

TYLER (Tiler)

末末,, Nov.8,1736.CR2

末末, ch.stillborn, Abraham, Oct.5,1763.CR2

末末, s.Phinehas, Feb.1,1764, a.abt. 10h.CR2

末末, w.Moses, Sept.29,1781.CR2

末末, ch.stillborn, Jonathan, Oct.3,1783.CR2

末末,, Nov.3,1784.CR2

末末, w.Broadstreet, June22,1798, a.abt. 47y.CR2

末末, ch.William, Jan.5,1809, a.5d.CR2

末末, w.Abraham, Nov.26,1811, a.75y.CR2

末末, ch.Joseph, Feb.23,1813, a.3d.CR2

Aaron, s.Bradstreet, July9,1801, a.14m.CR2

Aaron, s.Bradsteet and Mary (Bacon),末蔓末,1803.BC

Aaron Parker, m., s.Flint and Jerusha, shoemaker, b. at Wilton, NH, fever, Nov.6,1846, a.26y.27d.

Abigail (Stickney), w.Abraham, Aug.1,1779, a.41y.BC [Aug.3.CR2]

Abraham, Apr.4,1815, a.80y.CR2

Amos, s.Gideon and Mehitable (Kimball), Sept.23,1833, a.80y.BC

Anna [(Messenger).BC], w.Capt. John, Feb.11,1745-6, a.69y.CR2 [a.70y.BC]

Anna, Sept.25,1833, a.80y.CR2 [Sept.23.GR1]

Bradstreet [Dea.CR2; s.Job and Elisabeth (Parker).BC], Apr.5,1842, a.97y.[Apr.7.CR2; 1849.BC]

Cate [Katy.GR1], d.Stephen [and Patty.GR1], July28,1796, a.3y.CR2 [July26.GR1]

Dean, at Marietta O., Oct.末,1802, a.52y.GR1

Ebenezer, Dec.1,1743, a.71y.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.19,1736.BC

Elizabeth, wid.[w.Ebenezer.BC], Apr.9,1745, a.77y.CR2

Gideon [Ens.CR1; s.John and Anna (Messenger).BC], Oct.9,1800, a.87y.CR2 [Oct.7.GR1]

Hannah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.13,1736.BC

Hannah, w.Phinehas, June3,1769, a.30y.CR2 [June1.GR1]

Hannah, w.Joseph S., Oct.24,1832, a.59y.GR1

Jesse, s.Nathaniel, Oct.7,1748, a.7y.CR2

John, Capt., suddenly, June17,1756, a.88y.CR2

John, Jan.18,1823, a.72y.CR2 [a.71y.GR1]

Jonathan, June29,1840, a.89y.CR2 [June26.GR1]

Joseph, inf.s.David, Oct.29,1739.CR2

March (Adams), w.John, Oct.末,1832.BC

Martha, w.Moses, Feb.13,1735, in her 87th y.GR1

[Martha.GR1], w.Jonathan, Feb.15,1825, a.66y.CR2 [Feb.12.GR1]

Molly [inf.CR2], d.Abraham and Abigail (Stickney), May16,1761.BC

Mary [(Foster).BC], w.Broadstreet, Aug.7,1785, a.36y.CR2

Mary (Bacon), w.[Dea.CR2] Bradstreet, May20,1820.BC [May29, a.68y.CR2; May26, a.62y.GR1]

Mary, d.Joseph S. and Hannah, Nov.5,1833, a.31y.GR1

Mehitable, w.Ens.Gideon, July4,1777, a.52y.CR2 [in her 51st y.GR1]

Mercy, wid.[John.GR1], Nov.17,1832, a.76y.CR1 [Nov.15.GR1]

Moses, Oct.11,1732, in his 66th y.GR1

Moses Colburn, s.Abraham and Jerusha (Mersay), at sea,末蔓末,1802, a.22y.BC

Nathan, s.Phinehas, Mar.9,1763, a.2y.CR2

Phinehas, s.Phinehas, Nov.23,1762, a.4y.CR2

Phebe, inf.d.Moses, June14,1773.CR2

Prudence, July23,1804, a.100y.CR2 [July21.GR1]

Rebeckah, d.John [and Mercy.GR1], Sept.26,1797, a.6y.CR2 [Sept.24.GR1]

Rebeckah, d.John, Sept.7,1803, a.4y.CR2

Richard, Feb.14,1781, a.82y.CR2

Ruth, wid., May10,1738, a.62y.CR2

Stephen, Nov.25,1812, a.52y.CR2 [Nov.23, a.54y.GR1]

William, s.Ens.Gideon, canker, Nov.2,1764, a.abt. 10m.CR2

William, July11,1841, a.31y.CR2

Zebadiah, s.Job, Mar.19,1763, a.6y.CR2


Martha [Symonds.CR1; d.Joseph and Lucy.GR4], Apr.27,1842, a.26y.[a.27y.CR1]

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