BACHELLOR (Batchelder)

George, of Bradford, and Sally Wood, June4,1829.*

BACHELOR (Batchelder)

Benjamin [of], and Hannah Hale, Jan.25,1738-9.*


Doraxa [], and Daniel Hosmer,末蔓末, 末末.BC [int.Oct.23,1830.]*

Jacob, Rev., of Plymouth, and Mrs.Mary Wood, June22,1749.*

John, and Doraxa Peabody, Apr.23,1812.*

Josiah, Dr., and Abigail Ayer,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Maria, and Edward Poor of Rowley, int.May14,1831.

Mary, Mrs., and Broadstreet Tyler, Dec.27,1798.

Retire [of], and Mary Hale, Apr.14,1741.*

Retire, and Margaret Burnham of Ipswich, at Rowley, Aug.27,1764.*

Zechariah, of Bradford, and Hannah Porter, Dec.2,1792. [Dec.22.CR2]*


Dorothy, and John Cushing,末蔓末, 末末.BC

BAILEY (Baley)

Amos, and Zilpha Hardy of Pelham, NH, int.July25,1778.

Benjamin [of Middleton. int.], and Sarah Burch, Dec.8,1748.CR1*

Lydia, of Salem, and John Carnell, at Salem, Oct.29,1723.

Matilda Ann, of Wenham, and John Hale, Nov.24,1825.BC*

Moses, of Salem, NH, and Elizabeth Merrill, Jan.27,1758.*

Susanna, of Methuen, and Nathaniel Kimball, at Methuen, July29,1761.*


Hannah, and Henry C. Lawrence, Jan.27,1814.CR2*


Henrietta Salara, and John Peabody, Sept.7,1839.BC

Jacob, and Kezia Smith, Aug.5,1736.*

Keziah, and Abner Hale, Nov.28,1738.*

Priscilla, and Tarrant Putnam of Salem, Dec.9,1742.*

Thomas, jr., of Topsfield, and Sarah Hale, Feb.26,1752.*


Cornelus, and Martha robinson of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Jan.27,1739-40.*

Roger, of Topsfield, and Sarah Perley, May14,1782.*


Joshua, of Charlestown, and Sarah Reynold, Dec.2,1824.*

BALEY (Bailey)

David, and Almira Picket of Rowley, int.Mar.9,1838.


Polly, of Lynnfield, and Benjamin Peabody, jr., at Lynnfield, June8,1794.*


Abiall [of Andover. int.], and Hannah Stiles, Sept.28,1732.*

Abiel, of Andover, and Sarah Hovey, Feb.19,1760.*

Nabby [Abigail. int.], of Haverhill, and William Tyler,末蔓末,1799.BC [int.Feb.4,1799.]*

Anna, and Dea.Francis Swan of Methuen, Aug.7,1777.*

Asa, of Andover, and Lucy Porter, int.Sept.12,1767.

Benjamin, and Betty Ames, Dec.15,1774.*

Edmond, and Eleanor Barker, Dec.1,1814.*

Eleanor, and Edmond Barker, Dec.1,1814.*

Ephraim Foster, and Hannah Morse of Bradford, int.Aug.18,1801.

Eunice, of Andover, and Pelatiah Lakeman,末蔓末,1767.BC [int.May7,1767.]*

Hannah, and Elias Smith, jr., Feb.13,1750.*

Hephzibah, of Andover, and Nathaniell Peabody, Feb.26,1755.*

Isaac, of Andover, and Rebecca Robinson, Oct.13,1790.*

James, of Rowley, and, wid.Hannah Stickney, July10,1764.*

John, of Andover, and Mehetable Goodridge, June11,1747.

John, 3d, of Andover, and Phebe Wood, Oct.31,1780.*

Lavina, of Methuen, and Jacob Tyler, at Haverhill, Jan.23,1794.

Maria, and Daniel Wood, Oct.12,1820.*

Mary, and James Black, Oct.5,1721.CR1

Mary, of Andover, and Ephraim Chadwick, Feb.7,1753.*

Mary, of Andover, and Daniel Low of Michigan City, IN, July6,1837.

Mehitable, of Andover, and Solomon Cole, int.Jan.8,1766.

Mehetable, of Andover, and Dudley Carlton of Bradford, Feb.10,1776.

Rebeckah, and Benjamin Carlton, June18,1811.*

Sarah, of Andover, and William Smith, at Andover, Feb.12,1727-8.

Sarah [], of Andover, and Moses Wood, Dec.31,1778.*

Sarah, of Andover, and Ens.Leonard Carleton, Dec.25,1817.*

Stephen, of Andover, and [] Assenath Pearl, Aug.3,1791.*

Susan, and Dr. Samuel Johnson, Nov.21,1827.CR2

Susanna, and Moses Fessenden of Newbury, Nov.30,1777.

Timothy, of Andover, and Mehetabel Kimball, Nov.15,1744.*


Daniel, of Bridgton, and Reuth Andrews, Feb.3,1794.*

Lydia, Mrs.[of Watertown. int.], and Aaron Wood, Esq., at Cambridge, May8,1776.*


Benjamin S., and Dorcas F. Kimball of Salem, Nov.5,1840.*

Lydia, and Jesse K. Kimball of Andover, Dec.5,1839.

Mary, and Elijah Gould, June6,1833. [June t.PR22]*

Phineas, of Waltham, and Sally Spofford, Dec.22,1807.*

Phineas W., and Harriet M. Russell, Apr.6,1845.PR22

Rebecca, and william Picket, Sept.9,1841.*

Sarah, and William H. Dorman, Apr.19,1832.PR22*

BARTLET (Bartlett)

Hannah, of Rowley, and Abraham Tyler [jr. int.], Jan.12,1792.*

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Betsy [of], and Joshua Tyler, at Newbury,末蔓末,1800.BC [int.Mar.8,1800.]*


Samuel, of Salem, and Abigail Wood Northey, June22,1831.*

BATCHELDER (Bachellor, Bachelor, Batcheller)

Jacob, and Mary Cummings, at Topsfield [June8,1802.]BC

John Q., a.30y., mechanic, b. at Lynnfield, s.Jacob and Mary, and Melissa Peabody, a.20y., d.Samuel and Polly, Feb.18,1845.*

Lydia, and Daniel Gould, int.Aug.11,1832.

Samuel H., a.24y., yoeman, b. at Lynnfield, s.Jacob and Mary, and Caroline A. Peabody, a.21y., d.Benjamin and Rachel, June7,1843.*

Sally, and samuel Felton of Haverhill,末蔓末,1817. [int.Oct.12,1817.]*

BATCHELLER (Batchelder)

Joseph [of], and Mary Perley, Jan.31,1737-8.*


Samuel, of Boston, and Charlotte Wood, Feb.23,1812.*


Mehitable, and William Monies, jr. of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Apr.17,1795.*


Catherine, and Stephen Tyler,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Lucinda, of Rindge, NH, and Israel Adams, int.Dec.5,1807.


Martha, of Wrentham, and Jonathan Jewett, int.Nov.21,1761.

BENNET (Bennett)

Stephen, jr., and Elizabeth Clark of Ipswich, int.Dec.21,1746.

BENNETT (Bennet)

Mary, and Thomas Perkins of Topsfield, int.Apr.8,1744.


Mary Ann, a.21y., and James Steele, a.20y., manufacturer of cotton wicking, s.John, Nov.28,1844.*


Amos, of Andover, and Rebecca C. Towne, Sept.8,1836.*

Andrew, and Sally Peabody of Middleton, Sept.9,1830.

Isaac, of Middleton, and Anna Bixby, Nov.16,1766.*

Rachel, of Middleton, and Amos Peabody, int.Nov.26,1788.


Henry, and Lucinda Ham of Topsfield, int.Dec.7,1832.


Joseph, and Sarah Gold of Topsfield, Mar.29,1682.CTR


Henry F., of Worcester, and Nancy P. Perley, int.June14,1833.

BIXBE (Bixby)

Lyddia, and Thomas Page of Haverhill, Nov.2,1715.

Phebe, and Samuel Pickard, Mar.18,1713.

Prisellah, and Joshua Higens of Eastham, Oct.27,1720.

Ruth, and Thomas Andrew, Mar.1,1721-2.

BIXBEE (Bixby)

Jonathen, and Sarah Smith of Topsfield, Feb.1, 末末. [Feb.2,1691-2. Topsfield Rds.]

Josaph, and Ledyah Peabody, Jan.4,170. [1705-08?]

BIXBY (Biggisby, Bixbe, Bixbee, Byxbe)

Anna, and Isaac Berry of Middleton, Nov.26,1766.*

Aphia, and John Powers of Salem, Feb.26,1771.*

Charles, and Hannah French, Dec.31,1818.*

Daniel, and Caroline Emerson, at Ipswich, Sept.6,1839.BC

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Elias Johnson of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], June17,1760.*

George, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Daniel and Sarah, of Topsfield, and Lydia Ann Perley, of Topsfield, a.17y., d.John and Lydia, int.Oct.30,1845.

Gideon, and Rebekah Foster, June20,1751.*

Gideon, and Sarah Wood, July18,1780.*

Huldah, and Asa Stiles, Dec.27,1764.*

Rebecca, and Nathan Smith, at Haverhill, Aug.26,1737.*

Rebekah [], and Solomon Gould of Topsfield, May12,1756.*

Samuel, and Eleanor E. Johnson of Andover, Feb.4,1830.BC

Sally, and Abraham True Tilton of Cornville, ME, Feb.16,1815.*

Sarah F., a.28y., d.Charles and Hannah, and Daniel F. Harriman, a.27y., farmer, s.Daniel and Jane, Nov.29,1849.*

Susanna, and Daniel Johnson, at Haverhill, Apr.3,1734.*

Thomas [Byxbe. int.], and Alice Cummins [Alliss],末蔓末,1725.BC [int.Apr.22,1725.]*


Abigail, and Timothy Sessions of Andover, Feb.27,1738-9.*

Daniel, and Mary Commings of Topsfield, July14, [169?].

Daniel, and Sarah Adams of Yorke, at Topsfield, July19,1695.

Daniel, and Sarah Symonds, Apr.10,1740.*

James, and Mary Barker, Oct.5,1721.CR1

James, and Merebe Lull of Rowley, int.Sept.10,1727.

Sarah, and Nathan [Ephraim.CR1 and int.] Holt, Jan.7,1762. [Jan.17.CR1]*


William, and Lucy Savels Gay, of Wrentham,末蔓末, 末末.BC [int.July7,1832.]*


Abijah, Rev., of Weathersfield, NY, and Mehitable Gould, int.Oct.27,1832.


John [of Roxbury.CR2], and Rebeccah Mitchel, Aug.19,1833.*


Stephen, of Oxford, and Bethiah Cole, int.Nov.6,1784.


Elizabeth, of Cambridge, and Rev. Thomas Symmes,末蔓末, 末末.BC


Elisabeth, of Andover, and Jonathan Eames, at Andover, Apr.末,1738.*


Ann B. [], and Samuel Goodale [of], Dec.末,1825.BC [int.Dec.1,1825.]*

Elizabeth, wid.[of], and Artemas W. Perley, May11,1823.BC*


Thomas, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Tiller, int.May15,1727.


Alice, of Methuen, and Samuel Haseltine, int.Mar.22,1804.

Daniel, and Abigail Nevens of Pelham, NH,末蔓末,1810.BC [int.Aug.19,1810.]*

Harriet D., and Jeremiah R. Frye, both of Methuen, Dec.26,1843.CR2

Henry A., of Methuen, a.26y., s.Joseph and Mary, and Myra J. Day, a.24y., d.John and Mary, int.Oct.9,1846.

Nelson [of Berwick, ME. int.], and Solendia Tyler,末蔓末,1826.BC [int.Feb.11,1826.]*


Susanna, and Allen Perley, a.native of Wales,末蔓末,1636.BC


Elizabeth [Mrs., of Andover. int.], and Timothy Dorman, Jan.15,1738-9.*

BOOTH (Bouth)

Alice, of Danvers, and Samuel Stephens, at Danvers, Mar.28,1758.*

Mary, and Daniel Gould of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec.24,1782.*

William, of Hillsborough, and Eunice Gould, at Topsfield, June3,1787.*

BOOTMAN (Butman)

Hannah, and Hubbard Gould, Mar.8,1743.*

Mathew, and Faith Jewett, May10,1716.

Mathew, and Hannah Cumings, July14,1720.CR1

BOUTH (Booth)

Martha [], of Middleton, and William Iles [],末蔓末,1744.BC [int.June10,1744.]*


Ashley, Capt., of Marblehead, and Mrs.Dorothy Chadwick, May7,1758.*


Denison, Dr., and Fanny Perly, May19,1791.*


Huldah, and Amos Spafford [jr. int.], Feb.22,1792.*

James, of Rowley, and Mary Wood, June14,1763.*

Jane, of Groton, and Samuel Foster, at Pepperell, Nov.24,1748.


Charles C., and Sarah Peabody, Dec.24,1833.*


Andrew, and Rebekah Cole, June16,1743.*

Marcy, and Abraham Gadge [of], Aug.7,1734.*

Rachel, and Jacob Dresser of Ipswich, Feb.4,1741-2.*

Sarah [of Boston. int.], and Nathan Peabody, at Boston, Nov.29,1739.*

William, and Mary Lambert of Middleton,末蔓末,1737.BC [int.Oct.23,1737.]*


Isaiah, of Haverhill, and Huldah Perley, int.Jan.3,1806.

Sarah M., and Leonard Runnels, both of Bradford, Nov.13,1843.CR2

BRADSTREET (Broadstreet)

Nabby, of Topsfield, and Joseph Killam, int.Dec.13,1800.

John, and Rachel Brown, July27,1838.*

Lucy, of Topsfield, and Robert Andrews, jr., at Topsfield, Mar.19,1746-7.*

Margarett, of Topsfield, and Thomas Andrew, jr., at Topsfield, Nov.27,1739.*

Polly [of], and Samuel Peabody [jr. int.], Apr.30,1818.BC*

Prisciller, of Topsfield, and Ensign John Killam, at Topsfield, June12,1764.*


Daniel, Reb., of Topsfield, and Hannah Porter, Mar.23,1786.CR1

BRIDGES (Briges)

Edman, and Easter Wheler of Beverly, Dec.28,1710.

Ruth, and Robert Stiles, both of Boxford, at Salem, Nov.10,1699.

Tehtia, and Joseph Peabody, Oct.26,1668.BC

BRIGES (Bridges)

John, and Huldah Wood, Jan.19,17末. [1709-10?]


Isaac, Rev., and Mehitable Sears of Chatham, int.Oct.16,1813.

Isaac, Rev., and Henrietta Chester of Canterbury, CT, int.Dec.31,1815.

Mary, and Gilman Prichard of Boston, int.Feb.27,1823.

BROADSTREET (Bradstreet)

[Joh.DC]n, and Rebecca Andrew, Feb.20,1721-2.

Samuel, jr., of Topsfield, and Mehitable Gould [], Oct.25,1810.*

Billy, of Topsfield, and Betsey [] Killam, June20,1805.*


John, of Rowley, and Nancy Poor Hariman, Oct.25,1807.*


Abigail, and John Cole, Apr.14,1746. [int.July6,1746.]*

Cornelius, and Mary Croker [Cruke. int.] of Ipswich,末蔓末,1734. [int.Apr.14,1734.]*

David, and Sally Gould of Topsfield, int.Mar.15,1804.

Debby, and Simeon Putnam of Danvers, int.Oct.24,1801.

Hannah, and Tyler Porter, June28,1807.*

James, of Wilton, NH, and Sarah Killam, Jan.18,1768.*

John, of Monson, and Martha Jewett, int.Feb.1,1761.

John, of NH, and Mary Dodge, int.Feb.18,1775.

John, of Middleton, and Dolly Chapman, int.Dec.16,1786.

John W., and Mary E[] Ayers of Andover, Dec.22,1836.*

Joseph, jr., and Hephzibah Smith, Dec.19,1761.*

Joshua, and Rachel Buckminster, May25,1788.*

Jeudeth, and [Jon.DC]athen Cole [Apr.8,1724.CR1]*

Lydia, wid., of Topsfield, and [] Joseph Hale, at Topsfield, Oct.18,1759.*

Lydia, and Nathan Fuller of Marblehead, Mar.26,1805.*

Maria E., and Robert E. Carleton of Andover, Oct.27,1839.*

Mary, and Francis Peabody, Nov.18,1742.*

Mehitabel, of Rowley, and Lieut. Jacob Pearley, int.June24,1733.

Olive, and Moses Herriman of Rowley, int.Apr.15,1804.

Rachel, and John Bradstreet, July27,1838.*

Samuel, and Olive Gage, Nov.11,1773.*

Samuel, of Danvers, and Lydia Warren, Feb.20,1808.*

Sophia, and Richard Bailey Chaplin of Salem, Dec.1,1809.*

Susanna, and William Lakeman [of], Nov.25,1731.*

Susanna, and Jacob Towne of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec.2,1762.*

William, and Dorcas Jennings, Apr.末,1829.BC


Elisabeth, Mrs., and Lieut. James Andrews, Apr.16,1765.*


Jacob, of Haverhill, and Hannah Eams [at Haverhill. dup.], May7,1752.*


Joses, of Charleston, and Hannah Peabody, at Charlestown, Feb.24,1690-1.


John, and Deborah Wood, Nov.29,1789.*


Rachel, and Joshua Brown, May25,1788.*


Eliza K., a.18y., d.Elisha G. and Nancy T., and James B. Giles, a.27, y., shoecutter, of Georgetown, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, May3,1849.*

Harriett A., d.Elisha G., and John N. Towne, Cordwainer, s.Jacob, Mar.21,1844.*

Mary Jane, aged 18y., d.Elisha G. and Nancy T., and Samuel P. Peabody, aged 26y., farmer, s.Samuel and Polly, Apr.29,1847.*


Asa, and, wid.Sarah Burbank of Bradford, int.July21,1754.

Elisabeth, of Bradford, and Enos Carleton, at Bradford, Aug.末,1785.

Lydia, and Benjamin Foster, Oct.2,1730.*

Sarah, wid., of Bradford, and Asa Burbank, int.July21,1754.


Sarah, and Benjamin Bailey [Baley, of Middleton. int.], Dec.8,1748.CR1*

BURNAM (Burnham)

Eunice, of Lunenburg, and Timothy Dorman, at Lunenburg, May27,1754.*

Hannah, and Justus Coburn, May21,1804.*

Nathan, and Abigail Verrie, Dec.26,1745.*

Reubin, of Bridgton, and, wid.Hannah Foster, Oct.23,1777.*

Rufus, and Sarah Chapman, Nov.20,1777.*

BURNHAM (Burnam)

Charlotte H., a.27y., d.Seth and Caroline, and Asiel H. Learned, widr., a.26y., trader, of Cambridge, s.John and Priscilla, Mar.18,1848.*

Margaret, of Ipswich, and Retire Bacon, at Rowley, Aug.27,1764.*

Sarah, and Flint Estey of Middleton, int.Sept.11,1842.

Sarah, and Joseph [S. int.] Tyler, May2,1844.CR2*

Seth, and Caroline Herrick, Oct.6,1818.*


Benajah, and Anna Runnels, Feb.27,1810.*


Jonathan, of Rowley, and Mehitable Jewett, at Rowley, Feb.4,1730.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and Nathaniel Smith, at Rowley, May23,1751.*


Elizabeth O., and Jonathan Howard, Jan.8,1744.*

Jonathan, and Martha Procter, Aug.27,1742.


Hannah, and Corp. John Kimbol, Oct.29, [1705-09?].

BUSSELL (Buswell)

John, and Elesabeth Stiles, both of Boxford, at Topsfield, July8,1700.

BUSWELL (Bussell)

Abigail, wid., and Jonathan Whipple of Danvers, Oct.25,1757.*

James [Dr.CR1], of Dunbarton, and Gane [Jenny.CR1] Wood, July26,1792.*

James, of Bradford, and Sally Pearl, Dec.16,1792.*

John, and Abigail Cumings, Nov.16,1743.*

Ledia, and Roburt Willis, Mar.6,1721-2.

Priscilla, and Aaron L. Parker, May18,1822.*

Ruth, and John Love, "a Trancient Person," int.Jan.28,1775. [Marriage forbidden by the woman.]

Ruth, and David Butman [Bootman. int.] of Danvers, July9,1778.*

Sarah, and James Curtice,末蔓末,1731.BC*


Sarah S., and Samuel Adams, Mar.9,1835.*

BUTMAN (Bootman)

David [Bootman. int.], of Danvers, and Ruth Buswell, July9,1778.*

John, and Hannah Andrews, Aug.2,1764.*

John, and Hephzibah Choate of Ipswich, int.May17,1810.

Mehitable, and Lewis Whitehouse, Mar.6,1818.*

BYXBE (Bixby)

Andrew, of Soughegan, and Susana Cole, Nov.4,1746.*

Jonathan, and Mary Clark, int.July19,1730.

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