Amasa, of New York City, and Olinda A. Hovey, May22,1835.*


Sarah N., a.18y., b. at Middleton, and John G. Johnson, cordwainer, b. at Andover, May4,1843.*


Rachel, and Thomas Hunkings, Nov.30,1710.


Elizebath, and Samuel Stiels, May2,17末. [1700-1705?]

CARLTON (Carleton)

Abigail, and David Poor of Rowley, Oct.19,1773.*

Amos, and Mary H. Stiles, Mar.12,1825.*

Asa, of Andover, and Hannah Kimbal, Jan.6,1757.*

Benjamin, and Rebeckah Barker, June18,1811.*

Catharine, and Solomon Spofford, both of Andover, July14,1828.

Deborah, and Moody Kimball, July25,1816.*

Dudley, of Bradford, and Mehetable Barker of Andover, Feb.10,1776.

Betty, and Reubin Gragg of Rowley, Jan.15,1771.*

Betsy, and Moses Morse of Bradford, Nov.26,1807.*

Betsey Aidwards, of Bradford, and Jesse Merrill, int.May20,1809.

Elizabeth M., and William T. Spiller of Georgetown, int.June17,1843.

Enos, and Elisabeth Burbank of Bradford, at Bradford, Aug.末,1785.

George, and Mary Hale, Nov.9,1725.BC

George, jr., and Abigail Tyler, Jan.4,1749.*

Guy, of Methuen, and Abigail Day, Nov.7,1832.*

Harriet F., and John Prescott Foster, both of Andover, Apr.29,1829.CR2

James, of Andover, and Elisabeth Sherwine, Aug.25,1761.*

James, and Abigail Gage, Apr.27,1838.*

Jane, and Peter Robinson of Andover, int.Apr.14,1781.

Joseph, and Sarah Wood, Dec.28,1780.*

Joseph, of Andover, and Mary J. Coburn, Feb.26,1841.*

Leonard, Ensign, and Sarah Barker of Andover, Dec.25,1817.*

Leonard [Lieut.CR2], and Esther Runnels, Mar.13,1823.*

Martha [of Andover. int.], and William Ross, Nov.12,1818.BC*

Mary, and Samuel Ayer of Haverhill, Oct.7,1761.*

Mary [of Andover. int.], and Simeon Pearl, Sept.21,1820.BC*

Mary, and Samuel Howard of Randolph, Dec.5,1822.*

Mary Ann, and John D. Chadwick, int.Nov.20,1829.

Mary S., and Dean Foster, both of Andover, May14,1840.CR2

Hitte, and Josiah Morss of Peacham, int.Oct.14,1786.

Mehitible, and Israel Foster, Apr.17,1794.*

Moses, Lieut., and Sarah Spafford, Apr.16,1789.*

Moses, Capt., and Huldah Spofford, May23,1805.*

Nancy Jane, and James Sydney Morse of Bradford, int.Aug.14,1830.

Noyes, of Reading, and Nancy T. Adams, May18,1815.*

Phinehas, of Bradford, and Susanna Stickney, Dec.8,1763.*

Rebecca, and Rufus Kimball of Bradford, Dec.4,1817.*

Richard, and Hannah Stevens, of Andover, Nov.15,1814.

Robert E., of Andover, and Maria E. Brown, Oct.27,1839.*

Samuel, and Rebekah Goodridge, May17,1750.*

Samuel, and Susanna Morse of Bradford, at Bradford, Feb.末,1784. [int.Aug.25,1781.]*

Samuel B., a.24y., yeoman, s.Leonard and Sarah, and Martha Stiles, b. at Andover, Mar.22,1844.*

Sarah, and Thomas Hovey, July21,1762.*

Sarah, and Caleb Foot, int.Apr.20,1782.

Sally, and Leonard Hovey, Aug.28,1803.*

Sally, and Timothy Stacy, Oct.6,1823.CR2

Sarah H., and William B. Long of Andover, Dec.30,1840.*

Sarah A., a.20y., of Bradford, d.George and Sarah, and Luther Runnels, a.22y., shoemaker, of Bradford, s.Theodore and Hitty, Oct.13,1847.

Sophroney, and Charles Peabody, Nov.26,1812.

Susanna [], and Samuel Foster of Bradford, May10,1807.*

Theodore, of Exeter, NH, and Deborah Wood, Nov.5,1763.*

Thomas, and Jane Stickney, Nov.28,1754.*

William H., and Sarah O. [S. int.] Spofford [of Haverhill. int.], Mar.22,1825.BC*


John, and Lydia Bailey of Salem, Oct.29,1723.


Eliza E., and Samuel Mosian, July3,1833.

CARROLL (Carell, Cariell, Carrell, Carrill)

Daniell, and Mary French [of], Sept.21,1727.*

Mary, and Benjamin Deland, June29,1710.

Mary, of Middleton, a nd Phinehas Macentier, int.Aug.26,1739.

Samuell, and Rebecca Eliot, Sept.14,1719.


Margaritt, of Salem, and Israel Willkins, int.June-Sept., 1726.


Harriet H., wid., a.22y., d.John and Rhoda Kneeland, of Rowley, and Joseph Kneeland, a.27y., shoemaker, s.Moses and Priscilla, of Harrison, ME, int.Sept.22,1849.


Dorothy, Mrs., and Capt. Ashley Bowen of Marblehead, May7,1758.*

Betty, and Rev. Jonathan Eames of Newtown [NH. int.], Dec.15,1763.*

Betty, and Jonathan Robinson of Andover, Apr.24,1783.*

Ephraim, and Mary Barker, of Andover, Feb.7,1753.*

Eunice, and Peter Thurston of Farifax, int.Apr.22,1787.

John, and Mehitable Haseltine of Bradford,末蔓末,1703.BC

John, and Susannah Peabody,末蔓末,1743.BC [int.Dec.26,1743.]*

John D., and Mary Ann Carleton, int.Nov.20,1829.

Jonathan, of Bradford, and Eunice Day, Dec.9,1823.CR2*

Martha R., and Clifford Farnham, Nov.1,1832.*

Mary, and John Peabody, Feb.26,1735-6.*

Mary, of Bradford, and Moses Porter, Dec.3,1741.BC*

Molley, Mrs., and Peter Russell of Salisbury, Nov.26,1762.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Thurston of Bradford, Jan.1,1807.*

Mehitable, and Dr. Samuel Hazeltine of Methuen, at Methuen, Sept.12,1771.*

Moses, and Sarah Sargent, Apr.9,1789.*

Moses, and Eliza Meriam [of Charlestown.CR2], Apr.7,1833.*

Pamela, and Moses Danforth, May26,1825.CR2*

Samuel, and Sarah Chadwick, Mar.28,1782.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Parker of Andover, at Andover, Sept.19,1727.*

Sarah, and Phineas Spofford, both of Andover, Oct.7,1780.

Sarah, and Samuel Chadwick, Mar.28,1782.*

Sarah, and Stephen Spofford, Jan.2,1783.*

Sally, and Ebenezer Foster, Apr.14,1811.*

Susanna [Susan. int.], and Lieut. Joseph Parker, June24,1807.*

Thomas, and Mary Porter, Jan.12,1737-8.*

Thomas, and Susanna [] Porter, May22,1796.*


Nathaniell, and Elizabeth Hunkins, Mar.31,1714.


Elizabeth, and John Kimball, Dec.末, 末末.BC

Elizabeth, and Thomas Smith of Rowley, at Rowley, Apr.17,1769.*


Mehitable, and Dea.Charles Foster, Nov.18,1807.CR2


Hannah, of Rowley, and Israel Hazen, int.May19,1724.

John [jr. int.], of Rowley, and Hepzibah Jewett, Jan.27,1746-7.*

Richard Bailey, of Salem, and Sophia Brown, Dec.1,1809.*


Anne, and John Clefford, June25,1716.

Daniel, and Sarah Symonds, 2d, Feb.15,1803.*

Dolly, and John Brown of Middleton, int.Dec.16,1786.

Edward A., and Mary Hook of Danvers, int.Oct.4,1834.

Elizabath, and John Kimbol, Dec.5, [1704-08?].

Hepza [Hepzabah.CR2], and Joseph Smith, Dec.24,1799.*

Lois, and Oliver Peabody, Feb.4,1817.*

Lucy S., and William Perley, int.Feb.3,1826.

Martha, and Samuel Howlet of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Apr.3,1722.

Moses, and Betsy Giddings of Middleton, May18,1813.*

Sarah, and Rufus Burnam, Nov.20,1777.*

William, and Ann Jenks, Dec.25,170. [1702-1707?]


Elvira, and Edwin S. Adams, Jan.14,1842.*

Hannah, and Thomas Whittier, int.Nov.15,1842.


Mary E., a.18y., d.Jonathan and Mary, and Moses M. Spofford, a.22y., shoemaker, both b. at Georgetown, s.Parker and Hannah, Nov.18,1849.

Samuel, and Judith Dole of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.2,1797.


Henrietta, of Canterbury, CT, and Rev. Isaac Briggs, int.Dec.31,1815.


Hepsibah, of Ipswich, and John Butman, int.Mar.17,1810.

Josiah, of Gloucester, and Lucy Lord, int.Nov.1,1817.


Charles L., a.19y., shoemaker, and Mary R. Adams., a.22y., both b. at Bradford, Oct.3,1844.

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

Abigail, of Rowley, and Anthony Atwood, at Rowley, June11,1734.*

Daniel [Lieut. Clark.CR1 and int.], of Topsfield, and Hannah Perley, Nov.12,1771.*

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Stephen Bennett, jr., int.Dec.21,1746.

Hannah [Clark. int.], and Benjamin Perley, Jan.2,1759.*

Mary, and Jonathan Byxbe, int.July19,1730.

Mary [Clarke. int.], of York, and William Foster,末蔓末,1747.BC [int.Feb.7,1747-8.]*

Mary, of Topsfield, and Stephen Symonds, at Topsfield, Nov.6,1756. [1755.BC]*

Mary, of Tewksbury, and Rev. William Coggin, int.July11,1840.

Rebecca, and Amos Town, Jan.7,1794.*

Samuel, of Danvers, and Dolley Hovey, July25,1775.*

Samuel, of Atkinson, NH, and Nancy P[orter.CR2] Cross, Sept.13,1812.*

Sarah, of Topsfield, and William Parly, at Topsfield, Mar.26,1761.

Sarah B., of Rowley, and Samuel Adams, int.Aug.27,1824.

Thomas, and Mary Stiles, Mar.30,1736.*


William N., of Topsfield, and Harriot Perley, May25,1829.*


Joshua, of Beverly, and Huldah Perley, Apr.22,1761.*

CLEMENT (Clemment)

Edward, "Resident in Boxford," and wid.Prudence Harde, int.May-Oct., 1725.

Mary, d.Henry, and Gilman Hull, widr., cordwainer, Sept.9,1743.*

Samuel W., and Sally Cole, Oct.24,1811.

CLIFFORD (Clefford)

John, and Anne Chapman, June25,1716.

CLOUGH (Cluff)

Daniel, and Eliza Galloway of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.1,1739.*

Harriet B., a.21y., d.Jonathan and Lydia, of Readfield, ME, and Samuel P. Fowler, a.20y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Harriet, int.Oct.8,1847.

Irene, and Robert B. Anderson, at Boston, Oct.2,1827.BC


Almira, and William R. Kimball of Bradford, Apr.21,1836.*

David, and Sarah Daken,末蔓末, 末末.BC

David [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Tyler, Sept.27,1797.*

David, and Sally Tyler, Mar.29,1818.*

James, and Mary Hall [of Pelham, NH. int.], Oct.10,1811.*

James, and Sarah Gage, Dec.4,1816.*

Justus, and Hannah Burnam, May21,1804.*

Mary J., and Joseph Carleton of Andover, Feb.26,1841.*

William M., and Abigail Kimball of Bradford, int.Oct.1,1815.

COFFIN (Coffeen)

Mary, of Topsfield, and Asa Smith, at Topsfield, Nov.8,1765.*


William, Rev., and Mary Clark of Tewksbury, int.July11,1840.


Caleb [of], and Mary Tiller [Tyler.CR1], Oct.1,1728.*

Margary, and Amos Perley, Mar.1,1721-2.


Asa, and Sally Davis, Mar.1,1792.*

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Gage of Pelham, NH,末蔓末,1765.BC [int.Oct.5,1765.]*

Bethiah, and Stephen Blood of Orford, int.Nov.6,1784.

Catharine, and Benjamin Whitcher of Northfield, NH, Nov.30,1801.*

Daniel, and Elisabeth Day of Bradford,末蔓末,1762.BC [int.May23,1762.]*

Eliphalet, and Ruth Marsh of Pelham, NH, int.July29,1775.

Elisabeth [], and Samuel Kimball, Sept.10,1778.*

Betty, and Nathaniel Peabody, Apr.1,1789.*

Ephraim F., and Eliza Spofford, Dec.10,1830.*

Ephraim F[oster. int.], and Sarah Spofford, Mar.5,1833.BC*

Hannah, and Daniel Eaton [of Winser. int.], Dec.19,1727.*

Hannah, and John Ladd Davis, May5,1808.*

Hephzibath, and Ebenezer Sherrin, Sept.21,1726.

John, and Abigail Brown, Apr.14,1746. [int.July6,1746.]*

John, and Eunice Spofford,末蔓末,178.BC [int.Dec.4,1748.]*

John K., and Mary S. Towne, Mar.19,1837.*

[Jon.DC]athen, and Jeudeth B[rown, Apr.8,1724.CR1]*

Kimball, and Abigail [] Runnels of Methuen,末蔓末,1804.BC [int.Apr.2,1804.]*

Manly H., and Hannah S. Robinson, Apr.1,1824.*

Pegge, and Benjamin Spofford, int.Sept.18,1784.

Mary, and John Hovey, jr., Jan.11,1757.*

Mary [], and Daniel Silver of Salem, NH, Jan.10,1778.

Mehitable B., and Henry C. Sullivan, Mar.27,1832.*

Phineas, and Abiah Hasseltine of Bradford, int.Dec.20,1765.

Rebekah, an Andrew Bradord, June16,1743.*

Rebecca, and Thomas Morse, jr. of Bradford, int.July20,1771.

Samuell, jr., and Bethiah Hardy of Bradford, Oct.5,1738.*

Samuel, of Methuen, and Mary Peabody, May26,1748.*

Samuel, and Abigail Currier of Haverhill, int.Mar.21,1766.

Samuel, and Clarissa Harlow Pettengill, of Bradford, int.Jan.31,1824.

Sally, Mrs., and John Downing, Feb.9,1803.*

Sally, and Samuel W. Clemment, Oct.24,1811.

Sarah F., and Ezra Towne, Sept.21,1824.*

Simeon, and Polly Smith of Rowley, July5,1785.BC*

Simeon, Capt., and Mrs.Sarah Foot, of Bradford, int.Nov.6,1826.

Solomon, and Mehitabel Barker of Andover, int.Jan.8,1766.

Susana, and Andrew Byxbe of Soughegan, Nov.4,1746.*

Thomas, and Sally Kimball, Jan.11,178. [Jan.18.CR2]*

Triphena, and Gardner Eames, Nov.12,1805.*

Tryphena [Tryphena Ames.CR2 and int.], and Joseph Pike, Apr.4,1822.*


Joseph [of], and Sarah Jewett, Dec.9,1725.*


Hannah, of Oxford, and Joseph Curtice, at Oxford, July8,1728.*


Matthias [of], and Susannah Sherrin, May20,1725.*


Elizabeth, and David Tiller, int.June1,1735.


Samuel, and Mary Fisk [May10,1768. Topsfield Rds.].BC

CRESEY (Creecy)

Henry, and, wid.Betsey Kimball, int.Oct.18,1823.

Lucy, of Rowley, and Asa Andrews, int.Mar.8,1757.


Olive, and Samuel Hall, Jan.13,1834.*

CROCKER (Croker)

Ebenezer, of Kinterhook, NY, and Lucia F. Porter, Feb.15,1817.*

Mary [Creeke. int.] of Ipswich, and Cornelius Brown,末蔓末,1734. [int.Apr.14,1734.]*

CROMBIE (Crumbe, Crumey, Crumme)

Aaron, jr., of B[everly ?], and Dolly Dorman, int.Sept.19,1812.

Gisiell, and [Walt.CR1]er Stewart, [July.CR1] 18,1722.

James, of Andover, and Mary Hovey, at Andover, Aug.18,1767.*

Mary, of Bradford, and Jonathan Sherwin,末蔓末,1755.BC [int.Dec.14,1755.]*

Ruth, andNathaniel Burpee, of Rowley, int.Aug.21,1779.


Aaron, of Salem, and Mary Smith,末蔓末,1815. [int.Dec.31,1814.]*

Abijah, of Methuen, and Mrs.Deborah Spofford, int.Oct.18,1833.

Betsey, and William, Girley [May.BC], 1817. [int.Sept.19,1817.]*

Martha, of Methuen, and Stephen Merril, May8,1783.*

Mary, of Methuen, and John Smith, Dec.14,1770.*

Moses, and Sarah Merrill, int.Sept.18,1784.

Nancy P[orter.CR2], and Samuel Clerk of Atkinson, NH, Sept.13,1812.*

Samuel, and Persis Kimball, Feb.26,1801.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Whood, of Topsfield, Sept.4,1777.*

Sally, and Jeremiah Rea, July21,1833.*

Thomas, of Bradford, and Lucy Hovey, int.Nov.6,1767.


Mary, see Croker, Mary.

CUMMINGS (Commings, Cumings, Cummins)

Abigail, and John Buswell, Nov.16,1743.*

Allice [], and Thomas Bixby [Byxbe. int.],末蔓末,1725.BC [int.Apr.22,1725.]*

Daniel, of Andover, and Mary Dodge, Feb.28,1782.*

David, of Topsfield, and Joanna Jones, int.July17,1748.

Elisha, of Topsfield, and Mary Andrew, at Topsfield, Nov.22,1744.*

Hannah, and Mathew Bootman, July14,1720.CR1

Isaac, of Ipswich, and Frances Sherwin, at Topsfield, Nov.23,1696.

John L., and Elisabeth Kimball, July2,1842.*

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Mary Hale, Nov.20,1744.*

Judith A., and Erastus Smith, Apr.12,1843.*

Maria F., a.22y., d.Sylvester and Judith, and Stephen Peabody, a.27y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Polly, int.Oct.31,1849.

Mary, of Topsfield, and Daniel Black, July14, [169?].

Polly, and Thomas Andrews, int.Mar.29,1785.

Mary, and Jacob Batchelder, at Topsfield, [June8,1802. Topsfield Rds.]BC

Mehetabel, and Oliver Andrews, May7,1740.*

Thomas, and Mahitabel Porter of Salem, at Topsfield, Mar.20,1705.


Abigail, of Haverhill, and Samuel Cole, int.Mar.21,1766.

David, of Bradford, and Elisabeth Peabody, May30,1780.*

CURTIS (Corties, Curtice)

Abner, and Ruth Hale, June29,1758.*

Benjamin, of Middleton, and Elizabeth Eils, int.July28,1744.

Cynthia, and Charles A. Upton of Reading, int.May1,1833.

Daniel, of Topsfield, and Mary Goodall, at Topsfield, Oct.4,1757.

Elisabeth, and William Iles, Nov.10,1719.

Betty, and Isaac Smith of Londonderry, int.Jan.4,1782.

Betsey, and Henry Giddings of Topsfield,末蔓末,1816. [int.Dec.13,1816.]*

Ephram, and Ruth [Kyllam.CR1;], Mar.25,1725.*

Francis, and Mary [Polly.CR2] Killam, Jan.11,1798. [Jan.18.CR2]*

Hannah, and Palatiah Day of New Salem, Oct.14,1773.*

Jacob, and Mary Stiles, May26,1752.*

James, and Mary Killam, Jan.21,1723-4.*

James, and Sarah Buswell,末蔓末,1731.BC [int.Oct.1,1731.]*

John [of Middleton. int.], and Hephzibah Hale, Jan.16,1732-3.*

John, and Ruth Peabody, of Middleton,末蔓末,1765.BC [int.Jan.26,1765.]*

John, and Eunice Harris, of Ipswich,末蔓末,1785.BC [int.June25,1785.]*

John Brittan, and Peggy Robinson, Dec.6,1795.*

John, and Altheia Killam, May6,1841.*

Joseph, and Hannah Cooper of Oxford, at Oxford, July8,1728.*

Joseph, and Catharin Town [of Andover. int.], Oct.4,1738.*

Joseph, and Phebe Town of Topsfield, at Topsfield, June11,1761.*

Love, and Thomas Gallop,末蔓末,1719.BC

Lydia, and Noah Stiles of Andover, June16,1772.*

Mary, and Thomas Kendall [of], July27,1737.*

Mary, and Nathan Town [Dec.3.CR1], 1767.*

Polly, and John Gould, jr. of Topsfield, May4,1820.*

Hitty, of Middleton, and Edmund Herrick,末蔓末,1786.BC [int.Apr.3,1786.]*

Marcy, and Joseph Killam, Apr.14,1714.

Phebe, and Ebenezer Fish of Andover, June28,1770.*

Ruth, and James Wood of Danvers, Oct.8,1766.*

Ruth, and Asaph Wilkins, May4,1786.*

Ruth, and Bartholomew Trask of Beverly, int.May2,1796.

Sarah, and James Scaels, of Rowley, Mar.10,17末. [1700-05?]

Sarah, and Ebenezer Ingalls of Andover, July29,1765.*

Solomon, and Vasti Smith of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Sept.15,1763.*

Zaccheus, and Sarah Mansfield, int.Sept.2,1744.


John, and Dorothy Bagley,末蔓末, 末末.BC

John, Rev., and Elizabeth Martyn [of Boston. int.], at Boston, Apr.8,1740.*


Timothy Tufts, of Medford, and Dorcas Andrews, Jan.29,1824.CR2*

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