DAGET (Dagget)

John, and Elizabeth Dorman, Nov.30,1721.

DAGGET (Daget)

Israel [Dagedd, of Rehobeth.int.], and Hannah Dorman, Apr.15,1724.CR1*


Sarah, and David Coburn,末蔓末, 末末.BC


Osgood, of Middleton, and Susanna Towne of Topsfield, May20,1830.

Samuel, Lieut., and Betsy P. Wood, Mar.8,1827.*


Eunice, Mrs., and Oliver Killam, Apr.17,1828.*

DANFORD (Danforth)

Nathaniell [of Newbury.int.], and Prisci[lla.CR1] Wycom, Oct.19,1724.*

DANFORTH (Danford)

Moses, and Pamela Chadwick, May26,1825.CR2

DANIELSON (Dannilson)

Prudence, and William Willson of Andover, May13,1756.*


Amos, and Elizabeth B. Powers, at Haverhill,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Daniel, and Lucy Emerson, Oct.12,1812.*

Elizabeth, of Topsfield, and Benjamin Woodbury, at Topsfield, Mar.29,1748.*

John Ladd, and Hannah Cole, May5,1808.*

Lois M., and John C. Foote, int.Oct.5,1844.

Sally, and Asa Cole, Mar.1,1792.*

Sally, and Jonas Runnels, June22,1817.*

Willard H., and Hannah M. Foss of Georgetown, Oct.2,1842.*

William J., and Abigail Johnson of Sutton, NH, int.July29,1837.


Jane, of Bradford, and Jonas Lovekin, int.Nov.15,1800.


Abigail, and Guy Carlton of Methuen, Nov.7,1832.*

Elisabeth, of Bradford, and Daniel Cole,末蔓末,1762.BC [int.May23,1762.]*

Elizabeth [I. int.], and Albert Kimball of Bradford, Nov.8,1836. [Nov.9.PR23]*

Elivira Jane, a.21y., d.Joshua T. and Elvira, and John Pearl, a.27y., farmer, s.Simeon and Mary, Nov.4,1849.*

Eunice, and Jonathan Chadwick of Bradford, Dec.9,1823.CR2 [1824.PR23]*

Harriet, and Herman Kimball of Bradford, Apr.16,1829.*

John, jr., of Bradford, and Mary Tyler, Feb.25,1798. [Feb.16.PR23]*

John, jr., and Emily Kimball of Bradford, int.Oct.22,1831. [m.Dec.8,1831.PR23]

Joshua T., and Elvira Kimball of Bradford, int.Nov.3,1827. [m.Nov.28,1827.PR23]

Mary T., and Daniel K. Gage of Andover, Nov.30,1826.*

Myra J., a.24y., d.John and Mary, and Henry A. Bodwell of Methuen, a.26y., s.Joseph and Mary, int.Oct.9,1846. [m.Nov.3,1846.PR23]

Palatiah, of New Salem, and Hannah Curtis, Oct.14,1773.*


Ebenezer, jr., of Reading, and Lydia Dresser, int.Apr.20,1768.

DEELAND (Deland)

Abigail [Daland.CR1], and John Ammy, Feb.2,1721-2.

DELAND (Deeland)

Benjamin, and Mary Cariell, June29,1710.


Hannah, and John Stiles, Mar.14,1757.*


Richard, Dr., of Topsfield, and Mrs.Mehetable Putnam, at Topsfield, June18,1741.*

Richard, of Malden, and Rebecca Peabody, Nov.26, [1741?].*


John, jr., of Rowley, and mehetable Pickard, at Rowley, Nov.6,1750.*

Mary, of Rowley, and Joseph Andrews, at Rowley, Mar.13,1696. [Mar.29,1694.BC; Mar.29, 末末. dup.]

Mehitable, of Rowley, and John Dresser, at Rowely, Mar.13,1783.*

Sarah, and John Andrews, Apr.18,1683.BC


Anna, and Mark How of Methuen, at Methuen, Apr.18,1776.*

Daniel, of Topsfield, and Mary Dodge, Dec.7,1778.*

Isaac, of Wenham, and Mahittabel Tiller, int.Aug.18,1728.

Isaac, and Abigail Tyler, Apr.12,1744.*

Isaac, of Wenham, and Mehitable Tyler, at Wenham, Apr.1,1758.

Joanna, and Ambrose Hall [Hale.CR1], Dec.11,1723.

Mary, and John Brown of 末末, NH, int.Feb.18,1775.

Mary, and Daniel Dodge of Topsfield, Dec.7,1778.*

Mary, and Daniel Cummings of Andover, Feb.28,1782.

Solomon, jr., a.34y., farmer, b. at Rowley, s.Solomon and Martha, and Hannah M. Todd, a.34y., of Rowley, d.Henry B. and Priscilla, June8,1848. [July8.CR1]

William, Dea., of Wenham, and Joanna Herrick, Aug.11,1806.*


Greenleaf, and Sophia Dole of methuen, Nov.30,1826.BC

Jane, of Methuen, and Daniel Harriman, Oct.17,1816.BC*

Judith, of Rowley, and Samuel Cheney, at Rowley, Nov.2,1797.

Sarah, Mrs., of Newbury, and Daniel Perkins, at Newbury, Nov.27,1740.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and jeremiah Harriman,末蔓末,1792.BC [int.Feb.5,1792.]*

Sophia, of Methuen, and Greenleaf Dole, Nov.30,1826.BC


Acksah, and Benjamin French, Apr.2,1829.*

Ancill, a.28y., shoemaker, s.Moses and Huldah, and Hannah Hale, a.21y., d.John and Matilda A., Oct.28,1847.*

Debby [Deborah.CR2], and John Fowler, jr. of Ipswich, Apr.19,1804.*

Dolly, and Aaron Crombie, jr. of B[everly?], int.Sept.19,1812.

Elizabeth, and John Daget, Nov.30,1721.

Elizabeth, and Ezra Towne, int.July29,1759.

Ephraim, and Hephzibah Peabody, Apr.11,1738.*

Eunice, wid., and Joshua Jackson of Rowley, Oct.1,1765.*

Hannah, and Israel Dagget [Dagedd, of Rehobeth.int.], Apr.15,1724.CR1*

Huldah [2d.PR24], and Benjamin Pike, jr. of Topsfield, Apr.24,1827.*

Jabez, and Abiel Fesher, Aug.16,1716.

John, and Rebeckah Smith, Jan.28,1729. [1729-30.BC]*

John [jr. int.], and Hannah Jackson of Rowley,末蔓末,1762.BC [int.May8,1762.]*

John, and Hannah Andrews, Dec.27,1792.*

John S., and Ann M. Esney of Georgetown, int.June17,1842.

Mary S., and William Tyler, June23, 末末. [June24,1835.CR1]*

Mary, of Topsfield, and Timmothy Foster, at Topsfield, Oct.2,1699. [1692.BC]

Mary, and Joseph Stanley of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.29,1716.

Mary, and Joseph Matthews, Sept.29,1754.

Moses, and Huldah Gould, June30,1801.*

Moses, jr., and Huldah Gould, Apr.1,1828.

Moses, jr., and Phebe Perley, Nov.6,1839.*

Nathaniel [Nathan. int.], and Pamelia Gould [of Topsfield.int.], Dec.17,1825.BC*

Nathaniel, and Mary E[lizabeth.int.] Purer[se.CR2], Feb.11,1836.*

Perley, and Mehitable Symonds, Feb.7,1809.*

Rebecca, Mrs., and Lieut. Jonathan Foster, June28,1764.*

Ruth, of Topsfield, and John Simonds, at Rowley, May13,1746.

Sarah, and John Peabody, May18,1736.*

Thomas, and Judith Wood, Mar.16,1662.BC

Timothy, and Debe Perley,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Timothy, and Elisabeth Knowlton of Ipswich, Nov.15,1688.BC

Timothy, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Bolton [of Andover. int.], Jan.15,1738-9.*

Timothy, and Eunice Burnam of Lunenburg, at Lunenbury, May27,1754.*

William H., and Sarah Barnes, Apr.19,1832.PR22*


Joseph Warren, Rev., of Tyringham, NH, and Sarah Peabody, May12,1812.*

Sarah P., of Tyringham, and Putnam Perley, int.May15,1836.

Sarah, wid., and Silas Hady, carpenter, widr., of Bradford, int.July10,1848.


Mary [Dowing. int.], and Amos Foster of [Upper. int.] Ashuelott, Dec.22,1751.*


John, and Mrs.Sally Cole, Feb.9,1803.*


Dorcas, and Henry Atherton of Fitchburg, Oct.28,1841.*

Jacob, of Ipswich, and Rachel Bradford, Feb.4,1741-2.*

Jacob, and Sarah Adams, Aug.末,1823.*

John, and Jane [Jean. int.] Harriaman of Rowley,末蔓末,1760.BC [int.Aug.3,1760.]*

John, and Mehitable Dickinson of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.13,1783.*

John P., a.21y., shoemaker, s.Nathan and Sukey, and Lydia E. Strout, a.22y., d.William W. and Cynthia, Nov.26,1846.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Foster of Andover, at Andover, Nov.28,1748.*

Lydia, and Ebenezer Deam, jr., of Reading, int.Apr.20,1768.

Mehitable, a.60y., sempstress, d.John and Mehitable, and Clark D. Tyler, a.46y., cordwainer, b. at Reading, s.Isaac and Dorcas, July16,1845.*

Nathan, and Susanna Long,末蔓末,1817. [int.July5,1817.]*

Phebe, of Rowley, and Samuel Perley,末蔓末,1798.BC [int.Apr.6,1798.]*

Suky [Mrs.Susanna.int.], and Elijah Wilson of Salem, NH, Apr.15,1830. [Apr.14.BC]*

Thomas, and Hannah Hazen, Nov.15,1791.*


Joseph G. [of Bangor.CR1; of Newbury.int.], and Mary P. Peabody [Sept.28,1835.CR1].*


Thomas, and Ann Ayer of Haverhill, int.Feb.28,1823.


John [of Haverhill. int.], and Mercy [Mary.dup.] Mors [at Haverhill. dup.], Apr.4,1738.*

DWINEL (Dwinell)

Israel, and Martha Hale, Apr.2,1828.*

DWINELL (Dwinel, Dwinnel, Dwinnell)

David, and Mary Richardson, int.Apr.27,1843.

Jacob, and Mehitabel Town, Feb.11,1768.*

Ruth, and Jesse Emory, July16,1776.*

DWINNEL (Dwinell)

Jonathan, of Bradford, and Phebe Runnels, int.June4,1785.

DWINNELL (Dwinell)

Eunice, and Elijah Towne, Apr.24,1764.

Stephen [of Londonderry, NH. int.], and Sarah Rea, May24,1775.*

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