Mercy, of Cambridge, and Samuell Foster, at Cambridge, Sept.2,1703.


Phinehas, and Mary Carell of Middleton, int.Aug.26,1739.


Joseph, of Danvers, and Hannah Pritchard, Dec.27,1753.*


Sarah, and Zacheus Curtis, int.Sept.2,1744.


Angelina, a.23y., of Bradford, d.John and Mary, and William H. Newhall, a.24y., shoemaker, of Bradford, s.Samuel and Mary, May18,1848.

Elisabeth, and Abraham Peabody, Jan.21,1789.*


Mahala K., of Epsom, NH, and Samuel Perkins, int.Sept.14,1831.


William S. [Maj. int.], of Andover, and Sarah Northey, June4,1835.*


Mary Jane, a.19y., of Bradford, d.John and Abigail, and Lawson F. Jenkins, a.21y., farmer, of Bradford, s.Samuel and Sophia, Nov.23,1847.

Ruth, of Pelham, NH, and Eliphalet Cole, int.July29,1775.


John, of Landaf, VT, and Rebecca Perkins, int.Mar.22,1811.

MARSTEN (Maston)

Samuel, of Methuen, and Eunice Runnels, Dec.9,1779.*


Elizabeth [of Boston. int.], and Rev. John Gushing, at Boston, Apr.8,1740.*

Sarah, Mrs., and John Porter, int.Oct.10,1767.

MASTON (Marsten)

Suesannah, of Salem, and John Rogars [Rev. John Rogers, 2d Minister in town, ord.1709.BC], Mar.24,17末. [1705-9?]


Joseph, and Mary Dorman, Sept.29,1754.*

Thomas, mariner, b. at Salem, and Angelina Killam, d.Oliver, Aug.2,1843.*


Benjamin, jr., of Shrewsbury, and Martha Kills, Nov.13,1783.*


Naomi, and Timothy Stiles, Dec.22,1774.CR1*


Robert, of Rowley, and Emily Mitchel, int.Mar.22,1834.


Richard, jr. [Robert, int.andCR1], of Beverly, and Mrs.Elisabeth Robbinson, Dec.9,1763.*


Thomas J., a.23y., shoemaker, b. at Candia, NH, s.Jacob and Louisa, and Alathea H. Wells, a.21y., b. at Topsfield, d.Daniel and Betsy, Dec.23,1849.*


Phebe E., of Andover, and Charles F. Foster, int.Mar.31,1843.


Phebe, Mrs., and John Stiles [jr.CR1], Feb.9,1761.*

MERIAM (Merriam)

Eliza [of Charlestown.CR2], and Moses Chadwick, Apr.7,1833.*

Frederick J., of Topsfield, and Hannah Perley, June1,1815.*

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Martha, of Topsfield, wid., a.43y., d.Thomas and Hannah Eastman of Sanbornton, NH, and Solomon Lowe, a.66y., farmer, widr., s.Nathan and Lucy, int.Feb.17,1849.

MERRIL (Merrill)

Stephen, and Martha Cross of Methuen, May8,1783.*

MERRILL (Merril)

Anna, of Bradford, and Jonas Runnels,末蔓末,1802.BC [int.Sept.11,1802.]*

Dorothy, and Samuel Herrick of Methuen, Nov.2,1806.*

Elizabeth, and Moses Bailey of Salem, NH, Jan.27,1758.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Tenney of Bradford, at Bradford, Oct.末,1786.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Richards, Mar.5,1816.*

Jesse, and Phebe Pearl, May5,1763.*

Jesse, and Betsey Aidwards Carleton of Bradford, int.May20,1809.

John, of Rowley, and Mehitable Hale, Mar.30,1786.*

John, and Eunice Pearl, June13,1813.CR2*

John, Capt, and Ruth Gould, int.Apr.16,1826.

Martha, and Josiah Sessions,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Mehetabel, and Asa Hardy, July18,1771.*

Sarah, and Moses Cross, int.Sept.18,1784.

Stephen, and Dorcas Peabody, June3,1777.*


Jerusha [] and Abraham Tyler, June4,1780.*


Anna, of Boston, and John Tyler,末蔓末, 末末.BC


Stephen, Dea., of Rowley, and, wid.Mehetible Kirnball, Mar.26,1783.*


Jeremiah, and Mary Gould, int.July6,1826.

MILLIKAN (Milliken)

Joseph [Mulliken. int.], of Bradford, and Betty Tyler, Apr.13,1763.*

MILLIKEN (Millikan)

Benjamin, of Bradford, and, wid.Ruth Peabody, int.June23,1763.


Charlotte, and Lewis F. Lane of Loudon, NH, July14,1834.*

Emily, and Robert McQuesten of Rowley, int.Mar.22,1834.

Harriet, a.29y., d.Daniel and Hannah, and John L. Platts, a.37y., shoe manufacturer, of Georgetown, s.John and Mary, Feb.5,1846.*

Rebeccah, and John Blodget [of Roxbury.CR2], Aug.19,1833.*

MOESLY (Moseley)

Increase, and Mary Hazzen, July4,1711.


William, jr., of Topsfield, and Mehitable Bavige, at Topsfield, Apr.17,1795.*

MOODEY (Moody)

Rooxby, and Thomas Spafford, Dec.6,1750.*

MOODY (Moodey)

William, of Newbury, and Almira Kimball, Nov.10,1825.CR2


Lucy, of Danvers, and Jonathan Gould [Jonathan], at Danvers, Mar.14,1785.*


Dolly, of Salisbury, and Asa Foster, Jan.20,1802.BC*

Mary, of Salisbury, and Asa Foster, int.Sept.6,1834.


Thomas, and Mary Hadlock, Dec.9,1755.*

MORS (Morse)

Hannah, and Samuel Greenleaf, of Newbury, July19,1730.

Mercy [Mary.dup.], and John Duston [of Haverhill. int.; at Haverhill. dup.], Apr.4,1738.*

MORSE (Mors, Morss)

Hannah, of Bradford, and Ephraim Foster Baker, int.Aug.18,1801.

James Sydney, of Bradford, and Nancy Jane Carleton, int.Aug.14,1830.

Molly, of Bradford, and Andrew Peabody, at Bradford, Jan.15,1788.*

Moses, of Bradford, and Betsy Carleton, Nov.26,1807.*

Samuel, and Mary Parker, Mar.20,1823.*

Susanna, of Bradford, and Samuel Carleton, at Bradford, Feb.末,1784. [int.Aug.25,1781.]

Thomas, jr., of Bradford, and Rebecca Cole, int.July20,1771.

MORSS (Morse)

Joshua, of Newbury, and Hannah Hazen, at Newbury, July13,1727.*

Josiah, of Peacham, and Hitte Carlton, int.Oct.14,1786.

Samuell [of], and Abigaill Pearley, Dec.12,172. [1728.CR1]*

Sarah, of Newbury, and Jacob Pearly, at Newbury, May28,1729.*


Samuel, and Eliza E. Carr, July3,1833.

MOSELEY (Moesly)

Sarah, of Dorchester, and John Peabody, at Dorchester, Nov.26,1703.


Elizabeth [], and Jesse Perley, June10,1788.*

Joseph W[arren.CR2], and Louisa Towne, Dec.3,1835.*

Mary, and Thomas Lancaster of Rowley, Apr.1,1799.*

Sally, and Jonathan Herriman of Rowley, int.Aug.7,1800.

MULLIKEN (Millikan)

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