Seth, of Danvers, and.Anna Andrews, Oct.18,1803.*

SARGENT (Serjant)

Moses, of Methuen, and Esther Runnels, at Methuen, Nov.29,1767.*

Sarah, and Moses Chadwick, Apr.9,1789.*

Winthrop B., of Georgetown, a.22y., shoemaker, s.Eliphalet and Abigail, of Derry, NH, and Arabella J. Goodale, a.16y., d.Samuel and Nancy, int.July5,1846.


John, and Sarah Killam, Apr.24,1803.BC

Johnson, and Mrs.Mary Gale of Rowley, int.Jan.10,1829.


Elizabeth, and [Capt. int.] Samuel Kimball, Mar.17,1831.BC*

George W., and Polly Killam of Middleton, Mar.27,1800.BC

John, and Elizabeth N. Lamson of Boston, int.Sept.3,1842.

Jonathan, of Atkinson, and Hannah Johnson, Jan.22,1776.*

Samuel, of Hopkinton, NH, and Lucy Perley, May30,1784.*

Sarah Ann, and Samuel Lamson of Andover, int.June15,1832.

Thomas, a.36y., farmer, s.George W. and Polly, and Sophia B. Howe, a.26y., of Salem, d.Abijah and Martha, Jan.25,1848.*

William, a.32y., manufacturer of shoe pegs, s.George W. and Polly, and Mary O. Foster, a.20y., b. at Salem, d.Jonas and Mary, July17,1845.*


Elisabeth, and Thomas Abbot of Andover, Apr.26,1759.*


James, of Rowley, and Sarah Curtice, Mar.10,17末. [1700-1705?]


Sarah J., of Rowley, and Isaac Adams, int.Mar.14,1833.


Mehitable, of Chatham, and Rev. Isaac Briggs, int.Oct.16,1813.

SECTOWN (Seeton)

Elizabeth [Seaton? Seeton.BC], of Lunenburg and Richard Kimbal, at Lunenburg, Jan.23,1750-51.*

SEETON (Sectown, Seetown)

Ismenia, of Andover, and John Seeton, Nov.6,1744.*

John, and Ismenia Seeton of Andover, Nov.6,1744.*

SEETOWN (Seeton)

Andrew, and Margreet Wood of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Sept.14,1741.*

SERJANT (Sargent)

M末末, of Andover, and Benjamin Porter, 3d, int.Jan.25,1778.


Abigail, wid., of Andover, and Amos Kimball, July16,1765.*

Josiah, and Martha Merrill,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Stephen, and Polly Stevens of Epping, int.May4,1797.

Timothy, of Andover, and Abigail Black, Feb.27,1738-9.*


Samuel, jr., of Newburyport, and Sarah Hood, Nov.23,1806.*

SHEARIN (Sherwin)

Ebeneser, and Susanah Howlet of Topsield, at Topsfield, Feb.1,1699-1700.

SHERRIN (Sherwin)

Ebinezer, and Hephzibath Cole, Sept.21,1726.

Jonathen [Sherwin. int.], and Mary Lurvey [of], Nov.26,1728.*

Susannah, and Matthias Cowdrey [of], May20,1725*

SHERWIN (Shearin, Sherrin, Sherwine)

Asa, and Mehitable Porter,末蔓末,1764.BC [int.Apr.26,1764.]*

Asa, of Andover, and Mercy Kimball, at Andover, Nov.1,1768.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Hovey,末蔓末,1748.BC [int.Jan.15,1748-9.]*

Frances, and Isaac Cumings of Ipswich, at Topsfield, Nov.23,1696.

Jonathan, and Mary Crumme of Bradford,末蔓末,1755.BC [int.Dec.14,1755]*

SHERWINE (Sherwin)

Elisabeth, and James Carlton of Andover, Aug.25,1761.*

John, and.Mary Gould of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Nov.8,1764.*

Mary, and Benjamin Porter, jr., Apr.28,1763. [Aug.28.BC]*


Sarah, and Henry Keeler, Nov.30,1837.*


Peter, and Mariah Smith, at Topsfield, Feb.11,1700.


Daniel, of Salem, NH, and Mary [] Cole, Jan.10,1778.*

Sarah, of Andover, and Alien Richardson, int.July25,1772.


Elizabeth, and Josiah Stone of Beverly, Nov.9,1757.*

Joseph, resident, and Martha Fowler of Ipswich, int.Dec.30,1754.

Lydia, and David Kimball [], July11,1786.*

Sarah, and Enos Runnels, Mar.21,1782.*

SIMONDES (Symonds)

Josaph, and Mary Pebody, Jan.31,1711.

SIMONDS (Symonds)

John, and Hannah Hazen, Feb.13,170. [1705-08?]

John [jr. int.], and Ruth Dorman of Topsfield, at Rowley, May13,1746.*

Phebah, and John Fuller of Salem, Jan.22, [1703-08?].

Ruth, and Andrew Eallit of Boston, July19,17末. [1703-08?]

SIMONS (Symonds)

Gras, and Zorobabell Endicote of Topsfield, July末, 末末, [bef. 1691].

Samuel, and Abigail Porter of Salem, at Topsfield, June8,1698.


Anna, and Joseph Stickney, Oct.5,1758.*


Abigail, and John Foster, Sept.18,1779.*

Abijah [of Luningburg. int.], and Lydia Rogers, July22,1740.*

Abraham, and Kezia Stiles, Dec.18,1777.*

Anna, and Ivory Hovey of Topsfield, Apr.28,1778.*

Asa, and Mary Coffeen of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Nov.8,1765.*

Asa, and Abigail Town, Oct.13,1767.*

Benjamin, of Salem, and Sarah Peabody, at Salem, Oct.22,1700.

Calvin [L. int.], and Elizabeth [G.P. int.] Pierce [of],末蔓末,1834.BC [int.Feb.15,1834.]*

Charles, and Laura M. Washburn of Ipswich, Feb.15,1838.*

Elias, and Ruth Stiles,末蔓末, 末末. [1716-17? Nov.5,1716.BC]

Elias, jr., and Hannah Barker, Feb.13,1750.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Elnathan Hubbard, int.Sept.9,1803.

Erastus, and Judith A. Cummings, Apr.12,1843.*

Ezra, of Beverly, and Elisabeth Gould, Jan.21,1806.*

Hannah, and Isaac Estey of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Sept.2,1755.*

Hannah, and William Gunnison of Salem, Mar.4,1814.*

Hephzibah, and Joseph Brown, jr., Dec.19,1761.*

Hezekiah, Rev., of Haverhill, and Mrs.Hephzibah Kimball, at Haverhill, June27,1770. [1771. dup.]*

Isaac, of Londonderry, and Betty Curtice, int.Jan.4,1782.

Jehiel, Rev., of Haverhill, and Syrena Killam, int.Mar.10,1832.

John, and Hannah Peabody, Oct.25,1733.*

John [jr.BC], and Mary Foster, Oct.1,1751.*

John [jr.BC], and Martha Towne of Topsfield, at Topsfield, July1,1760.*

John, and [] Deborah Gage of Methuen, Dec.2,1760.*

Joseph, and Hepza [Hepzabah.CR2] Chapman, Dec.24,1799.*

Joseph, and Kezia Gould, Dec.17,1805.*

Judith, of Rowley., and Nathaniel Perkins, at Rowley, Nov.3,1774.*

Kezia, and Jacob Baker, Aug.5,1736.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Gould, int.May3,1730.

Marian, and Peter Shumway, at Topsfield, Feb.11,1700.

Polly, of R. owley, and Simeon Cole, July5,1785.BC*

Mary, and Aaron Cross of Salem,末蔓末,1815. [int.Dec.31,1814].*

Mary, and.Jonathan K. Harriman of Bradford, int.Sept.7,1839.

Miriam, and John Perkins, Dec.8,1785.*

Moses, of Shrewsbury, and Phebe Syraonds, May24,1749.*

Moses [of Henniker.CR2], and Mary [] Symonds, Feb.26,1795.*

Nathan, and Rebecca Bixby, at Haverhill, Aug.26,1737.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Burpee of Rowley, at Rowley, May23,1751.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary Hood, Feb.2,1778.*

Nathaniel, and Mehitable [M.G.CR1] Pierce, Apr.14,1842.*

Priscilla, and Robert Greg [Grey?], int.Dec.12,1731.

Priscilla, and Robert Grage, Mar.30,1738.*

Rebeckah, and John Dorman, Jan.28,1729. [1729-30.DC]*

Rebecca [of Andover. int.], and William Peabody, Mar.25,1740.CR1*

Ruth Aim, and Hiram Perley, yeoman, Apr.4,1844.*

Sarah, of Topsfield, and Jonathan Bixbee, Feb.1, 末末. [Feb.2,1691-2. Topsfield Rds.].

Sarah, and.James Johnson of Andover, at Andover, Aug.28,1716.

Sarah, and.Nathaniel Spofford [of], Oct.31,1734.*

Sarah, and Amos Perley, Feb.4,1779.*

Sally, and Jacob [C.BC] Parker, Nov.14,1793.*

Thomas, of Rowley, and Elizabeth Champney, at Rowley, Apr.17,1769.*

Vashti, of Topsfield, and Solomon Curtis, at Topsfield, Sept.15,1763.*

William, and Sarah Barker of Andover, at Andover, Feb.12,1727-8.


Mark, and Alies Trevis of Rowley, int.Dec.21,1740.

SPAFFORD (Spofford)

Amos, and Abigail Pearl, Mar.7,1754.*

Benjamin, and, wid.Lydia Wood, Nov.14,1792.*

Eunice, of Andover, and Jonathan Hale of Bradford, Oct.21,1783.

Isaac, of Andover, and Mehitible Wood, June21,1792.*

Parker, and Mary Wood, Dec.9,1787.*

Samuel, and Deborah Robinson, Oct.6,1793.*

Sarah, and Ephraim Jewitt of Ipswich, int.May18,1771.

Sally, of Rowley, and William Perley, jr., int.Jan.15,1789.

Sarah, and Lieut. Moses Carltan, Apr.16,1789.*

Thomas, and Rooxby Moody, Dec.6,1750.*

Thomas, and [Mrs.CR2] Elizabeth Foster, Nov.9,1791.*

William, and Abigail Perley, Nov.1,1750.*


Abel, jr. [of Jeffrey, NH.CR2], and Mary Templeton, June4,1833.*


Nathaniel G., and Joanna Plummer of Newbury, Apr.11,1827.BC

Sarah, and JohnFegan [of Rowley.CR1], Oct.27, 末末. [1835.CR1]*

William T., of Georgetown, and Elizabeth M. Carleton, int.June17,1843.

SPOFFORD (Spafford, Spoford)

Aaron [Capt.CR2], and Betsy Foster, Nov.7,1822.*

Abigail, and Jacob Hazen [of],末蔓末,1761.BC [int.Sept.9,1761.]*

Abijah, of Rowley, and Mary Towne, at Rowley, Feb.10,1756.*

Benjamin, and Pegge Cole, int.Sept.18,1784.

Charles A., and Sarah Hardy cf Bradford, int.Mar.13,1842.

Deborah, Mrs., and Abijah Cross of Methuen, int.Oct.末,1833.

Eliza, and Ephraim F. Cole, Dec.10,1830.*

Eunice, and John Cole,末蔓末,1748.BC [int.Dec.4,1748.]*

Frederick, and Mary Kimball, Nov.26,1807.*

Frederick, and Deborah Wilkins of Rowley, int.Mar.7,1812.

Harrison B., of Rowley, and Abigail P. Killam, int.Sept.24,1835.

Huldah, and Capt. Moses Carleton, May23,1805.*

John, of Rowley, and Hannah Tiller, int.Oct.27,1728.

Joseph, and Sarah Earns, Sept.3,1745. [Oct.10.BC]*

Julia M., a.18y., d.Aaron and Betsey, and Joseph B. Perkins, a.23y., shoemaker, s.末末 and Betsey Rea, int.Oct.14,1848.

Leverett W., of Georgetown, and Julia A.M. Adams, int.Jan.6,1844.

Polly A., and Nathaniel Nelson of Rowley, Dec.31,1828.*

Mary W[ood.BC], and [Capt. int.] Josiah Kimball, Dec.30,1833.*

Mary P., and Samuel Peabody, Apr.13,1837.*

Moses M., a.22y., shoemaker, b. at Georgetown, s.Parker and Hannah, and Mary E. Cheney, a.18y., b. at Georgetown, d.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.18,1849.

Nancy J., and Jonathan J. Porter, Jan.11,1838.

Nathaniel [of], and Sarah Smith, Oct.31,1734.*

Olive, and Jacob Stevens, jr. of Bridgeton, int.Feb.2,1782.

Parker, and [Mrs.CR2] Abigail Wood, Apr.26,1798.*

Philena P., of:Pelham, NH, and Samuel Kimball, 3d, int.Apr.27,1826.

Phineas, and Sarah Chadwick, both of Andover, Oct.7,1780.

Rebecca, and Peter Pearl, Mar.14,1813.*

Richard, Lieut., and Hannah Tyler, May6,1824.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Mary Poor of Newbury,末蔓末,1752.BC [int.July26,1752.]*

Sarah, Mrs., of Rowley, and Jonathan Wood, at Rowley, Nov.24,1778.*

Sally, and Phinias Barnes of Waltham, Dec.22,1807.*

Sarah O. [S., of Haverhill. int.], and William H. Carleton, Mar.22,1825.BC*

Sarah, and Ephraim F[oster. int.] Cole, Mar.5,1833.BC*

Sarah S., and Hiram Herriman [of Rowley.CR2], Apr.12,1833.*

Sally, of Georgetown, and William Perley, Dec.16,1840.CR2

Sarah C., a.26y., d.Frederick and Deborah, and George K. Davis of Haverhill, a.27y., currier, s.John and Sarah, int.Oct.7,1848.

Solomon, and Catharine Carleton, both of Andover, July14,1828.

Sophia, and Isaac Adams, at Rowley, Mar.27,1823.BC

Stephen, and Sarah Chadwick, Jan.2,1783.*

Thomas, and Bethia Haseltine of Bradford, Dec.30,1701.BC

William H,, a.20y., shoemaker, b. at Andover, s.Henry and Hannah, and Fidelia R. Swan, a.21y., b. at Andover, d.Joseph and Mary, Aug.3,1847.

SPOFORD (Spofford)

Samuel, and Sarah Stickney, June17,1717.


Timothy, and Sally Carlton, Oct.6,1823.CR2

STANDLY (Stanley)

Abigaell, and William Stuart, Mar.3,1736.*

Mary, and Thomas Gould of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Jan.13,1728-9.*

Samuel, and Lydia Gould of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Nov.23,1732.

STANLEY (Standly)

Elizabeth, and Joshua Stephens, June7,1744.

Joseph, of Topsfield, and Mary Dorman, at Topsfield, Mar.29,1716.

Ruth, and John Obey [Obe.CR1], Apr.15,1746.*

STEEL (Steele)

Rachel, of Andover, and Dudley Foster int.Dec.5,1767.

STEELE (Steel)

James, a.20y., manufacturer of cotton wicking, s.John, and Mary Ann Bently, a.21y., Nov.28,1844.*

STEPHEN (Stevens)

Samuel, and Rebekah Stiles of Middleton, int.Feb.22,1761.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Amos [], and Rebecca Jones of Wilmington, Apr.6,1842.*

Joshua, and Elizabeth Stanley, June7,1744.

Samuel, and Alice Booth of Danvers, at Danvers, Mar.28,1758.*

STEVENS (Stephen, Stephens)

Ebenezer, of Topsfield, and Lucy Herrick, Mar.3,1811.*

Betsy, and John Gould, May10,1795.*

Hannah, of Andover, and Abner Tyler, at Andover, Feb.11,1741-2.*

Hannah, of Andover, and Richard Carleton, Nov.15,1814.

Jacob, jr., of Bridgeton, and Olive Spofford, int.Feb.2,1782.

John, of Andover, and Hannah Pike Treca, Feb.28,1808.*

Polly, of Epping, and Stephen Sessions, int.May4,1797.

STEWART (Stuart)

[Walt.CR1]er, and Gisiell Crumey, [July.CR1] 18,1722.


Abigaill, of Salem, and Benjamin Endicutt, int.Mar.26,1732.

STICKNE (Stickney)

Ancil, and Mehitable Perley, June27,1793.*

Jonathen, and Allis Symonds, Jan.21,1734-5.*

STICKNEE (Stickney)

Apphia, and Jonas Warren, Apr.27,1784. [1783.BC]*

Joseph, and Hannah Goodridge, Nov.7,1737.*

STICKNEY (Stickne, Sticknee)

Abigail, and Abraham Tyler, Aug.29,1756.*

Anna, and Daniel Peabody, Sept.15,1761.*

Hannah, and Joseph Emmery, jr. of Andover, June2,1763.*

Hannah, wid., and James Barker of Rowley, July10,1764.*

Hannah, and Nathan Peabody [of Buckstown.CR2], Nov.12,1794.*

Hannah, and Jacob Lofty, Nov.末,1810.*

Jane, and Thomas Carleton, Nov.28,1754.*

Jedediah, and Peggy Tyler of Rowley, at Rowley, May24,1757.*

Jedediah, Lieut., and Sarah Herrick, Jan.5,1796.*

Joseph, and Anna Sloss, Oct.5,1758.*

Moses, and Abigil Hales, Aug.28,1750.*

Rebecca, of Bradford, and Joseph Hovey, Mar.21,1743-4.BC*

Sarah, and Samuel Spoford, June17,1717.

Susanna, and Phinehas Carlton of Bradford, Dec.8,1763.*

STIELS (Stiles)

Mahittabell, and Samuell Gould, June9,1726.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Carey, May2,17末. [1700-1705?]

STILES (Stiels)

Abigail, and John Emmery, of Newbury, Dec.18,1753.*

Asa, and Huldah Bixby, Dec.27,1764.*

Benjamen, and Elizabeth Foster [of Andover. int.], Jan.11,1737[-8].*

Deliverance, and Stephen Emery of Newbury, Oct.20,1743.*

Edmund, and Elisabeth Preston, Oct.11,1763.*

Elijah [jr., of Andover. int.] and Mary [Emeline. int.] Runnels,末蔓末, 末末.BC [int.Oct.25,1829.]*

Elesabeth, and John Bussell, both of Boxford, at Topsfield, July8,1700.

Elisabeth, and John Frame, Oct.13,1719.BC

Unies, and Robart Willes, Dec.15, [1688-92?].

Ezra, and Mary Warren, Nov.20,1740.*

Ezra, and, wid.Sarah Johnson of Andover, at Andover, Apr.29,1760.*

Gideon, and Sarah Faulkner of Andover, at Andover, Nov.30,1736.*

Hannah, and Abiall Barker [of Andover. int.], Sept.28,1782.*

Israel, and Catherine Runnels, Apr.24,1838.*

Jacob, and Hannah Harriss of Methuen, int.Apr.9,1798.

John, and Deliverance Town of Topsfeild, Nov.24,1684.CTR

John, and Mary French, at Ipswich, Dec.14,1705.

John, and Elenor Perl, Jan.18,1715.

John, and Hannah Holt, of Andover, at Andover, Nov.16,1752.*

John, and Hannah Demcy, Mar.14,1757.*

John [jr.CR1], and Mrs.Phebe Meraser, Feb.9,1761.*

John, jr., and Rebecca Peabody, of Andover, Dec.20,1770.*

Keziah, and Moses Woltton [of Boston. int.], Dec.27,1734.*

Kezia, and Abraham Smith, Dec.18,1777.*

Lucy, and Peter Louis [Lovis.CR1] of Marblehead, Nov.1,1764.*

Lydia, of Andover, and Jesse Runnels, Dec.1,1831.*

Martha, b. at Andover, and Samuel B. Carleton, a.24y., yeoman, s.Leonard and Sarah, Mar.22,1844.*

Mary [Mercy.CR1], and [Ja.DC]mes Richardson, May24,1722.

Mary, and Thomas Clark, Mar.30,1736.*

Mary, and Jacob Curds, May26,1752.*

Mary, and Amos Kimball, both of Andover, Nov.23,1779.

Mary H., and Amos Carleton, Mar.12,1825.*

Moses, and Polly Averell of Middleton, int.Sept.6,1805.

Noah, of Andover, and Lydia Curtis, June16,1772.*

Rebekah, of Middleton, and Samuel Stephen, int.Feb.22,1761.

Robert, and Ruth Bridges, both of Boxford, at Salem, Nov.10,1699.

Ruth, and Elias Smith,末蔓末, 末末. [1716-17?; Nov.5,1716.BC]

Samuel, of Middleton, and Edny Gould, Dec.13,1781.*

Samuel, and Betsy Stickney Warren,末蔓末,1816. [int.Aug.17,1816.]*

Timothy, and Phebe Kimball of Andover, at Andover, Aug.15,1764.*

Timothy, and Naomi McMillion, Dec.22,1774.CR1*


Josiah, of Beverly, and, wid.Elizabeth Simmons, Nov.9,1757.*

Orren J., and Adeline Warren, Dec.14,1842.*

Sarah, of Reading, and Rev. Peter Eaton, at Reading, Sept.2,1792.*


Lydia E., a.22y., d.William W. and Cynthia, and John P. Dresser, a.21y., shoemaker, s.Nathan and Sukey, Nov.26,1846.*

STUART (Stewart)

William, and Abigaell Standly, Mar.3,1736.*


Henry C., and Mehitable B. Cole, Mar.27,1832.*


Daniel, and Betty Gragg, Nov.26,1789.*

Fidelia R., a.21y., b. at Andover, d.Joseph and Mary, and William H. Spofford, a.20y., shoemaker, b. at Andover, s.Henry and Hannah, Aug.3,1847.

Francis, Dea., of Methuen, and Anna Barker, Aug.7,1777.*

Isaac, of Methuen, and Sarah Robinson, int.Aug.29,1810.

Josiah, and Elisabeth Robinson, Nov.29,1801.*

SWET (Swett)

Joseph, of Hampton, and Sarah Andrews, at Topsfield, Nov.20,1701.

SWETT (Swet)

Sarah, Mrs., of Andover, and Rev. Peter Eaton, int.Aug.17,1824.

Sarah Alien, and Maj. Samuel Phillips of Andover, Oct.23,1827.CR2*


Thomas, Rev., 1st minister in town, and Elizabeth Blowers of Cambridge,末蔓末, 末末.BC

SYMONDS (Simondes, Simonds, Simons)

Abigall, and John Killam, Feb.3,1724-5.*

Adeline E., and Sewall Lancester of Augusta, ME, Sept.6,1836.*

Allis, and Jonathan Sticknee, Jan.21,1734-5.*

Elizabeth, and Daniell Robinson [of], Jan.15,17末. [1728-9]*

Francis, and Abigail 末末 of Beverly, int.Apr.3,1748.

Hannah, and Ambrose Hale,末蔓末,1732.BC [int.Dec.10,1732.]*

Hannah, and Asa Foster of Canterbury, NH, Nov.13,1763. [Nov.16,1762.CR1; int.Oct.16,1762.]*

Joanna, and Asail Foster, May2,1771.*

Joseph [jr.BC], and Sarah Gould of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Feb.22,1750. [Feb.2,1749-50.BC]*

Joseph, of Middleton, and Lucy Kimball, Oct.31,1754.*

Joseph [of], and Susannah Hale, Apr.25,1776.*

Joseph, jr., and Lucy Kimball, Jan.12,1802.*

Martha, and Jonathan Tyler, June15,1780.*

Martha Jane, a.22y., d.Jonas and Martha, of Andover, and George N. Foster, a.29y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Mary, int.Nov.7,1846.

Mary, and Nathaniel Peabody of Middleton, int.Sept.22,1750.

Mary [], and Moses Smith [of Henniker.CR2], Feb.26,1795.*

Mehitable, and Asa Kimball, Dec.6,1787.*

Mehitable, and Perley Dorman, Feb.7,1809.*

Phebe, and Moses Smith of Shrewsbury, May24,1749.*

Rebecca, and Nathaniel Rogers, May11,1741.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Andrews, d.Robert A.,末蔓末, 末末.BC

Sarah, and Daniel Black, Apr.10,1740.*

Sarah, wid., and Nathan Andrews, Feb.6,1764.*

Sarah, 2d, and Daniel Chapman, Feb.15,1803.*

Stephen, and Mary Clarke of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Nov.6,1756.*

Stephen, and Mary Nurse of Danvers, atDanvers, Jan.14,1764.*

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