Samuel, and Abiel Goodhall [Goodal. int.] of Topsfield, at Topsfield, July18,1738.*


Loisa, and Asa Andrews, Oct.3,1830.*

Mary, and Abel Spaulding, jr. [of Jaffrey, NH.CR2], June4,1833*

TENNEY (Tenny)

Jonathan, of Bradford, and [wid.int.] Lydia Perley, Apr.29,1740.*

Samuel, of Bradford, and Elizabeth Merrill, at Bradford, Oct.末,1786.*

TENNY (Tenney)

Samuel, of Littleton, and Sarah Tyler, Oct.10,1745.*

THIRSTON (Thurston)

Martha, of Newbury, and Ezekel Jewet, at Newbury, Jan.9,1718-19. [Jan.1.BC]


Prissilla, of Topsfield, and Nathan Peabody, at Topsfield, Mar.27,1723.


Benjemin, of Wilmington, and Mary Killum, July26,1758.*

Benjamin, of Salem, and Ann Cowing, Feb.22,1838*

Rebecca, of Dear Isle, and Nathan Low, jr., Oct.23,1792.*

Sarah A., of Middleton [a.18y.int.], and Cornelius Pearson [a.27y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Olive. int.], Sept.15,1846.CR1*


Elizabeth, and Stephen Goodwin of Newbury, int.Sept.2,1822.

THURSON (Thurston)

Peter, of Fairfax, and Eunice Chadwick, int.Apr.22,1787.

THURSTON (Thirston, Thurson)

Nathaniel, of Bradford, and Mary Chadwick, Jan.1,1807.*


Horace, a.23y., currier, b. at Sanford, ME, s.Paul and Sarah, and Mary Ann P. Spofford, a.20y., d.Richard and Hannah, June22,1845.*


William, of Boston, and Belinda Kimball, Dec.2,1827.CR2*

TILLER (Tyler)

David, and Elizabeth Coy, int.June1,1735.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Bodkin of Marblehead, int.May15,1727.

Hannah, and John Spofford of Rowley, int.Oct.27,1728.

Job, and [Mrs.int.] Priscilla Peabody, June1,1736.*

Lucy, and Ebinezer Wallis [of Boston. int.], Sept.9,1732.*

Lydia, and Jonathen Porter of Wenham, int.Aug.24,1724.

Margarett [Peggy.BC; Tiler. int.], and Zebadiah Foster, at Andover, Jan.30,1723[-4].*

Mary [Tyler.CR1], and Caleb Cogswell [of Ipswich.int.], Oct.1,1728.*

Mahittabel, and Isaac Dodge of Wenham, int.Aug.18,1728.


Abraham True, of Cornville, ME, and Sally Bixby, Feb.16,1815.*


Benjamin, of Newbury, and Lydia Wood, Aug.20, 末末. [1741. int.]*


Hannah M., a.34y., of Rowley, d.Henry B. and Priscilla, and Solomon Dodge, jr., a.34y., farmer, b. at Rowley, s.Solomon and Martha, June8,1848. [July8.CR1]

John, of Salem, and Dorothy Hood, Nov.30,1806.*

TOWN (Towne)

Abigail, and Asa Smith, Oct.13,1767.*

Absolom, and Judith Hale, Apr.12,1768.*

Amos, and Rebecca Clark, Jan.7,1794.*

Catharin [of Andover. int.], and Joseph Curtis, Oct.4,1738.*

Deliverance, of Topsfield, and John Stiles, Nov.24,1684.CTR

Dorcas, and John Foster, 3d, both of Andover, Mar.21,1782.

Elishua, and, wid.Deliverance Emery, Oct.9,1764.*

Ezra, and Sarah F. Cole, Sept.21,1824.*

Jonathan, and Esther Gould, July9,1751.

Mehetabel, and Jacob Dwinell, Feb.11,1768.*

Oliver, of Topsfield, and Sarah Fisk, at Danvers, Sept.16,1772.*

Phebe, of Topsfield, and Joseph Curtis, at Topsfield, Jan.11,1761.*

Rebecca, of Andover, and Dudly Peabody, Oct.10,1791.*

Ruth, and Samuell Gould, Feb.13,1792. [Feb.23.CR1]*

Sarah, and Josiah Adams of Ipswich, Oct.16,1788.*

TOWNE (Town, Towns)

Anna, and Solomon Averill of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.11,1794.*

Elijah, and Eunice Dwinnell, Apr.24,1764.

Elisha, jr., of Topsfield, and Mercy Foster, at Topsfield, Jan.11,1737-8.*

Elizabeth, of Topsfield, and Jacob Gould, at Topsfield, Oct.24,1751.*

Elizabeth, and John Wells of Topsfield, Nov.27,1834.

Ephraim, of Andover, and Hannah Kea, June12,1806.*

Ezra, and Elizabeth Dorman, int.July29,1759.

Henry A., a.27y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Charlotte, and Elizabeth B. Long, a.22y., b. at Andover, d.Elijah and Elizabeth, Apr.2,1846.*

Jacob, of Topsfield, and Susannah Brown, at Topsfield, Dec.2,1762.*

John, jr., and Lois Peabody, July29,1799.*

John N., cordwainer, s.Jacob, and Harriett A. Bunker, d.Elisha G., Mar.21,1844.*

Louisa, and Joseph W[arren.CR2] Moulton, Dec.3,1835.*

Lucy B., and William Tufts, May5,1842.*

Lucy, a.24y., d.Samuel and Charlotte, and Moses T. Kimball, a.27y., shoemaker, of Danvers, s.Andrew and Mary, Apr.3,1845.*

Martha, of Topsfield, and John Smith [jr.BC], at Topsfield, July1,1760.*

Mary, and Abijah Spofford of Rowley, at Rowley, Feb.10,1756.*

Mary S., and John K. Cole, Mar.9,1837.*

Mary K., and Samuel Killam, Sept.2,1841.*

Rebecca C., and Amos Berry of Andover, Sept.8,1836.*

Ruth, and Jacob Hale, Dec.7,1767.*

Samuel, and Charlotte Fletcher, May29,1807.PR16

Samuel H., and Lydia Apple ton of Salem, int.Sept.19,1841.

Sarah, of Topsfield, and Levi Andrew, at Topsfield, Nov.1,1749.*

Susan P., and Greenleaf K. Hazen of Rowley, int.Sept.13,1828.

Susannah, of Londonderry, and David Foster Porter, int.Aug.17,1771.

Susanna, of Topsfield, and Osgood Dale of Middleton, May20,1830.

TOWNS (Towne)

Benjamin, Lieut, of Methuen, and Lucy Porter, Nov.25,1790.*


Thomas, and Priscilla Peabody, Nov.29,1798.*


Bartholomew, of Beverly, and Ruth Curtis, int.May2,1796.


Hannah Pike, and John Stevens of Andover, Feb.28,1808.*


Alies, of Rowley, and Mark Sneling, int.Dec.21,1740.


Isaac M., of Worcester and Phebe Gould, Apr.10,1819.*


William, and Lucy B. Towne, May5,1842.*

TYLAR (Tyler)

Molley and John Peabody, Dec.2,1788.*

TYLER (Tiller, Tylar)

Aaron P., and Susan S. Kimball, int.Mar.18,1845.

Abigail and Isaac Dodge, Apr.12,1744.*

Abigail, and George Carleton, jr., Jan.4,1749.*

Abigail, and Richard Kimball, jr. of Rindge, NH, int.June12,1784.

Abner, and Hannah Stevens of Andover, at Andover, Feb.11,1741-2.*

Abraham, and Abigail Stickney, Aug.29,1756.*

Abraham, and Jerusha Mersay [Massay.int.], June4,1780.*

Abraham [jr. int.], and Hannah Bartlet of Rowley, Jan.12,1792.*

Abraham, and Anna Peabody of Andover, Feb.25,1812.*

Asa [Tiller. int.], and Hannah Peabody,末蔓末,1734.BC [int.Aug.11,1734.]*

Asa, and Elizabeth Tyler of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.15,1768.

Brodstreet, and Mary Foster of Andover, int.Mar.29,1769. [Marriage forbidden by father of the woman.]

Bradstreet, and Eunice Adams of Newbury, at Newbury, Sept.18,1788.*

Broadstreet, and Mrs.Mary Bacon, Dec.27,1798.

Clark D., a.46y., cordwainer, b. at Reading, s.Isaac and Dorcas, and Mehitable Dresser, a.60y., sempstress, d.John and Mehitable, July16,1845.*

David, and Martha Howard of Lynn,末蔓末,1735.BC [int.Nov.28,1736.]*

Betty, and Joseph Millikan [Mulliken. int.] of Bradford, Apr.13,1763.*

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Asa Tyler, at Rowley, Dec.15,1768.*

Elizabeth, and David Coburn [jr. int.], Sept.27,1797.*

Frances, and Lemuel Wood, Mar.21,1782.*

Gideon, and Mehetabel Kimball, Apr.14,1748.*

Hannah [of Rowley.int.], and Moses Tyler, Oct.11,1763.*

Hannah, and Joshua Hardy of Bradford, int.Aug.17,1765.

Hannah, and Lieut. Richard Spofford, May6,1824.*

Hannah [F. int.], and Charles F. Kimball, Jan.18,1841.*

Isaac, and Dorcos Goodridge of Rowley, int.Aug.25,1794.

Jacob of Andover, and Abigail Foster, at Andover, July13,1727.*

Jacob, and Lavina Barker of Methuen, at Haverhill, Jan.23,1794.

Job [Tiller. int.], and Elisabeth Parker of Bradford, July17,1730.BC*

John, and Anna Messenger of Boston,末蔓末, 末末.BC

John, and Marcy Addams, May15,1791.*

Jonathan, and Martha Symonds, June15,1780.*

Joseph, of Haverhill, and Phebe Wood, at Haverhill, June2,1748.*

Joseph S., and Hannah Nelson of Rowley.int.July9,1798.

Joseph [S. int.], and Sarah Burnham, May2,1844.CR2*

Joshua, and Betsy Bartlett, at Newbury,末蔓末,1800.BC [int.Mar.8,1800.]*

Lucinda, and Joseph F. Kimball of Methuen, May26,1825.CR2*

Lucy, of Rowley, and Thomas Ames, at Rowley, Apr.14,1761.*

Peggy, of Rowley, and Jedidiah Stickney, at Rowley., May24,1757*

Mary, and John Day, jr. of Bradford, Feb.25,1798. [Feb.16.PR23]*

Mary F., and William Ross, Apr.3,1834.*

Mehitabel, and Isaac Dodge of Wenham, at Wenham, Apr.1,1758.

Mehitable, and Moses Welch of Plastow, NH, Oct.8,1807.CR2

Mehitable, and Capt. Enoch Wood [of Boston.CR2], Sept.25,1828.*

Moses, and Sarah Lindall of Bradford, at Bradford, May末,1783.*

Nathanel, and Sarah Wood [Weed.int.] of Rowley, May14,1741*

Nathaniel, jr., of Methuen, and Abigail Andros, at Methuen, Feb.22,1770.*

Phinehas, and Hannah Foster of Andover, Feb.14,1758.*

Priscilla, and Benjamin Robinson, Apr.7,1794.*

Richard [Tiller. int.], and Elisabeth Lull of Rowley, at Newbury, Feb.14,1725-6.*

Roxana, and Enoch Abbott [jr. int.] of Andover, Dec.8,1831.*

Ruth, and Daniel Hovey, Mar.31,1742.*

Sarah, and Samuel Tenny of Littleton, Oct.10,1745.*

Sarah, and John Robinson of Andover, Apr.3,1781.*

Sarah, and Daniel Peabody, int.Nov.5,1804.

Sally, and David Coburn, Mar.29,1818.*

Sally, and Samuel G. Robinson, Jan.13,1831.*

Solendia, and Nelson Bodwell [of Berwick, ME. int.],末蔓末,1826.BC [int.Feb.11,1826.]*

Stephen, and Catherine Baxter.末蔓末, 末末.BC

William, and Mary S. Dorman, June23, 末末. [June24,1835.CR1]*

William, and Nabby [Abigail. int.] Barker of Haverhill,末蔓末,1799.BC [int.Feb.4,1799.]*

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