Elizabeth, and Rev. Caleb Jewett of Gorham, Nov.末,1783.

Josiah, and Abigail Knowlton, Oct.7,1745. [Oct.4.CR2]

Josiah, and Abigail Atwood, Sept.8,1788.

Mary, and Zechariah Atwood, May7,1741.

Polly, and John Savory, Dec.末,1779.

Samuel, Lt., and Sally Perley, Feb.25,1788.CR2

Susannah, and Ebenezer Palmer, Dec.10,1751.

William, and Polly Greenough, Dec.1,1778.

Zechariah, and Hannah Porter of Boxford, at Boxford, Dec.2,1792.

BAILEY (Baily, Baley, Bayel, Bayley)

Abigall, and Joseph Carlton, Oct.30,1729. [1728.CR2]

Abigaill, and John Day, June1,1731.

Abigail, and Joshua Dodge of Brookfield, Nov.11,1760.CR1

Abigail, of Haverhill, and Stephen Parker, at Haverhill, Nov.20,1777.

Abner, 3d, of Newbury, and Sally Hardy, Jan.21,1819.

Allis, and Thomas Wood, July8,1770.

Amos, and Sarah Cottel, Apr.1,1745.

Anne, and Jonas Platts, Sept.10,1702.

Beulah, and Daniel Grefing of Newbury, Feb.24,1735-6.

Ebenezer, of Haverhill, and Sarah Palmer, Apr.3,1740.

Ednah, and John Hastings, May2,1717.

Ednah, and Jonathan Greffin, Oct.28,1731.

Edward, and Elisabeth Burbank, Oct.12,1732.

Elisabeth, and Robert Hastings, Mar.18,1706.

Hannah, and James Hardy, July4,1727.

Hannah, of West Newbury, and Dr. Luther Rogers of Portland, ME, June23,1834.CR2

Hannah L.H., of West Newbury, and Joseph E. Hodgkins of Newbury, Dec.3,1835.CR2

James, and Hannah Wood, July14,1702.

James, and wid.Mary Bacon. "He then Declared that he took the said person without anything of Estate and that Lydia, the wife of Eliazer Burbank, and Mary, the wife of Thomas Stickney and Margaret the wife of Caleb Burbank, all of Bradford, were witnesses that the Cloaths she then had on ware of his providing and bestowing up on her. William Balch, minister of ye Gospell. " Nov.22,1733.

Jeremiah, of Haverhill, and Marcy Burbank [at Haverhill. dup.], Mar.19,1740-1. Mary.

John, and Debora Lovejoy of Andover, at Andover, Dec.13,1732.

John, and Abigail Haseltine, Oct.1,1751.

Jonathan, and Rebackah Hardy, Sept.25,1733.

Jonathan, jr., and Mary Eames, Jan.24,1773.

Jonathan, and Betsey Currier, July4,1822.CR1

Joseph, jr., and Abigail Webster, Feb.14,1710-11.

Joseph, and Elisebeth Boynton of Rowley, Jan.1,1735.

Joseph, and Deborah Harde, Feb.24,1757.

Joseph, of Hollis, and Abigail Walker, Mar.3,1774.

Joshua, and Mary Clough, Mar.17,1774.

Margret [Bayly.CR2], and Joseph Poor, Apr.22,1756.

Miriem, and Moses Tylor, Sept.25,1734.

Mary, of Rowley, and Amos Jewett, at Rowley, Feb.18,1735.

Marey, and Eliezer Burbank, Apr.18,1735.

Mary, of Newbury, and Abraham Dayes, at Newbury, Jan.25,1737-8.

Mary, and David Spofford of Rowley, at Rowley, May27,1756.

Mehitabel, and John Goos, July30,1728.

Myren, of Andover, and Maria Merrill, July9,1835.

Nathan, and Mary Palmer, Oct.18,1732.

Nathaniel, and Mary Spofford, Oct.20,1757.

Nathaniel, and Mehitable Wells of Haverhill, at Haverhill, May31,1793.

Rachel, and Nathaniel Clement, jr., Aug.23,1743.

Rebacah, and William Balch, Nov.15,1758. [1759.CR2]

Rebeca, and Silas Tenney, Oct.28,1795.

Richard, and Joanna Webster, Feb.21,1706.

Ruth, of Newbury, and Lt. Nathaniel Parker, at Newbury, Sept.22,1782.

Samuel, and Mary Rolf, Feb.2,1727-8.

Sarah, and James Davis [of Haverhill, at Haverhill. dup.], Mar.29,1716.

Sarah, and John Grashea, Dec.14,1732.

Sally, and William Little of Newbury, Mar.29,1797.CR2

Sarah S., and Moody Chase, Sept.17,1832.

Stephen, and Sarah Church of Newbury, at Newbury, June14,1737.

Stephen, and Judith Warren, at Amesbury, May22,1740.

Susanah, and Samuel Grenough, Jan.26,1758. [ June29.PR9]

Susanna, and Nathan Ames, Jan.21,1793.

Thomas, and Eunice Walker, Dec.8,1700.

Uriah, of Newbury, and Jula Gage, Dec.2,1818.


Mary, wid., of Topsfield, and John Griffen, at Topsfield, Aug.11,1730.


Abigail, and Dr. Seth Juett, Sept.16,1782.

Abigail, and James Cristy of Marblehead, Jan.22,1789.

Abigail C., and Ebenezer Carleton, Dec.1,1842.

Benjamin, and Susanna Norton, Mar.29,1792.

Betsy, and Stephen Greeley of Haverhill, May7,1793.

Hannah, and Ezekiel Hale, Apr.7,1752.

Hanna, and James Greenough, Mar.末,1784.

Hannah, and Silas Hopkinson, Oct.11,1788.

John, of Beverly, and Eunice Kimball, Dec.15,1743.

Jonathan, and Abigail Carleton, Aug.13,1796.

Jonathan, and Mehitable Carleton, Nov.29,1803.

Jonathan, jr., and Sally Hopkinson, Mar.19,1829.

Jonathan, and Mrs.Betsey Danforth, Apr.3,1832.

Joshua, and Hannah Woodman, Sept.22,1772.

Leonard, and Mary Ann Hopkinson, July8,1823.

Louisa, of Salem, and George Savary, Jan.31,1822.PR1

Louisa S[hattuck.CR2], Mrs., and Amos Parker, Mar.21,1837. [Mar.2.PR18]

Mary, and Thomas Perkins of Topsfield, Mar.29,1786.

Polly, and Nathaniel Wallingford, Apr.27,1798. [Apr.19.CR2; Apr.17.PR5]

Mary E., and Charles Wyman of Woburn, June27,1822.

Mary A., and James Swett of Georgetown, at Haverhill, June18,1840.

Mehetable, and William Palmer, Oct.16,1781.

Nathanael, and Joanna Day, Apr.13,1759.CR1

Nathaniel, and Lucy Russell, Oct.2,1790.

Rebackah, and Bradstreet Parker, Nov.1,1750.

Rebecca, and Niles Tilden, Nov.26,1786.

Samuel, and Betty Savory, May5,1794.

Samuel, and Abigail Bartlett, July6,1821.

Sarah, and Orlando Sargant, Dec.26,1751.

Sarah, and Daniel Stickney, Mar.10,1789.

Sarah H., a.20y., d.Jonathan and Charles P. Savary, a.21y., shoemaker, b. Haverhill, s.Thomas, Oct.25,1849.

Sophrona, and John Morse, Dec.7,1818.

Thomas H., and Sophia B. Tenney, Nov.12,1838.

Westly Perkins, and Margret Lord, at Ipswich, Nov.5,1795.

William, Rev., and Mrs.Rebekah Stone of Beverly, at Beverly, Mar.12,1727-8.

William, and Rebacah Baley, Nov.15,1758. [1759.CR2]

William S., and Mary Stickney, June4,1823.

William, jr., and Louisa Shattuck, Dec.2,1824.

William, 3d, and Abigail Parker, May3,1825.


William, a.24y., farmer, s.Paletiah and Hannah, and Catherine Davis, a.21y., d.William and Orna, Oct.28,1847.


Samuel, and Lediah Hardy, at Medford, Aug.24,1725.


Benjamin, of Andover, and Mehetabell Gadge, at Andover, Jan.21,1720.

Daniel, and Mary Sargant of Newbury, Feb.9,1743.

Elisabeth [Burbank.CR2], and Joseph Danford, Jan.末,1786.

Esther, and Isaac Hardy, Apr.6,1721.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Griffen,末蔓末,1709.

Hannah, and Dr. Isaac Mulliken, Oct.31,1779.

Hannah [Parker.CR1] and Daniel M. Spofford of Rowley, Dec.19,1813.

James, and Elizabeth Brown of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Feb.22,1781.

Jededah, and Sarah Stickney, Feb.11,1757. [Feb.1.CR2]

Jedidiah, of Boston, and Abigail Dwinnels, Sept.10,1807.

Joanna, of Andover, and Ephraim Chandler, Aug.25,1772.

John [Burbank.PR6], of Andover, and Sarah Chadwick, at Andover, June21,1711.

John, of Andover and Mehitebel Stickney, July24,1729.

John, and Mary Jackman of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Mar.27,1781.

Lucy, of Andover, and Peter Kimball, at Andover, Oct.13,1791.

Mehitable, of Andover, and Dudly Carleton, at Boxford, Feb.10,1776.

Nathan, of Andover, and Ann Plats, Jan.2,1736.

Priscilla, and Thomas Emery, both of Andover, Aug.4,1738.

Sarah, and John Hardy, June20,1746.

Susannah, and John Wool, May5,1748.

Susanna, and Eliphalet Burbank, Jan.末,1781.

Timothy [Parker.CR2], of Andover, and Abiah Kimbal, Oct.26,1791.

BARNES (Barns)

Joseph, and Hannah Boynton, Dec.8,1712.

Sarah, and Richard Heaseltine, Nov.12,1730.


Frye B., of Methuen, a.29y., yeoman, s.Robert and Betsy, of Methuen, and Mary Morrill, of West Newbury, a.25y., d.Josiah and Lavinia, of West Newbury, May16,1848.

BARRETT (Barret)

Dustin, Dr. [of Nottingham West, NH.CR1], and Hannah Chadwick, June8,1826.


Sarah [of Bedford.CR1], and [Lt.CR1] Richard Haseltine, Aug.13,1752.

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Abigail, and Samuel Balch, July6,1821.

Amos G., of Boston, and Georgianna H.M. Pike of Newburyport, July20,1840.

Christopher, Capt., of Haverhill, and Rachel Haseltine, Mar.24,1735-6.

Jacob, of Newbury, and Hannah Sargent, Feb.15,177[2. copy].

James, and Mehitable Carleton, Apr.13,1819.

James, and Miranda Trow, of Haverhill, Nov.16,1837.

Margaret, of Newbury, and Isaac Platts, at Newbury, Mar.10,1735-6.

Mary, of West Newbury, and Hezekiah Jameson, June19,1845.PR1

Samuel, Capt., of Haverhill, and Sarah Kimball, Dec.24,1804.

Susan, of Haverhill, and Thomas Wason, May17,1835.CR2


Rebecca, and John Haseltine, Nov.15,1781. [Nov.25.CR1]

BATCHELDER (Bachelor, Batcheller)

George, and Martha Perley, Feb.15,1814.

Lois H., and Gardner P. Ladd, Nov.10,1836.

William, and Rebecca Stocker, June17,1838.


Susan S., of Georgetown, a.20y., d.John and Betsey, and Isaac T. Bickford of Georgetown, a.22y., shoemaker, s.John and Elisabeth, May14,1846.

BATTEYS (Betteys)

Hannah, and Asa Hunnaford, Aug.22,1777.CR2

BEEDLE (Beetle)

Timeothy, of Haverhill, and Hannah Gage, at Haverhill, June24,1773.


Esther, and Samuel Morse, Aug.18,1793.


Isaac T., of Georgetown, a.22y., shoemaker, s.John and Elisabeth, and Susan S. Bateman of Georgetown, a.20y., d.John and Betsey, May14,1846.

Lettice, and Nelson S. Vance, Apr.10,1833.


Enos, and Phebe Day, Nov.19,1769.

James P., and Charlott Peabody, Apr.末,1818.

BLAISDELL (Blaisdel, Blasdel, Brusdel)

Hannah [Blasdel.CR1] and Timothy Colby of Amesbury, Oct.20,1757.

Hannah, and James Leslie of Washington NH, Feb.末,1780. [1781.CR2]

John, and Susannah Merick, Sept.25,1757.

Mary, and Shubel Walker, Dec.5,1754.

William, of Hampton NH, and Mary McAm, Nov.27,1783.

BLODGETT (Blodget)

Amos, and Mary Head, Mar.末,1806.


Mary H., and Rev. Selah Stocking of Lynn, July30,1832.CR1


Charles O., of Plaistow, NH, a.23y., brickmaker, s.Josiah P. and Fanny O., of Plaistow, NH, and Anstice Maria Day, a.24y., d.Joseph and Hannah, May21,1846.


Edith, of Haverhill, and Daniel Buswell, jr., at Haverhill, May12,1789.

William, and Mary Gage, Apr.7,1803.

BOHONAN (Bohonnon)

Abigail F., and George M. Brown, Apr.20,1841.

Dorothy, a.35y., d.Jonathan and Dolly, and Phillip Kimball, widr., a.40y., yeoman, s.Abel and Abigail, Jan.27,1846.

Betsey S., and Phillip Flanders of Haverhill, Mar.1,1829.CR1


John, and Mary Hale, [Dec.8.CR1], 1715.

Rebeckah, and Benjamin Hardy,末蔓末,1709.

Sarah, of Haverhill, and David Hale, at Haverhill, May29,1740.

Sarah, and Joseph Kimball, jr., Nov.13,1740


John, of Haverhill, and Betsy Gage, July22,1804.

BOYNTON (Bointon, Boynton)

John, and Abigail Boynton, Feb.21,1800.

Abigail, and Ebenezer Medelton, Sept.13,1739.

Abigail, and John Boynton, Feb.21,1800.

Abram D., and Hannah M. Burbank, July1,1841.

Anna, and David Warner, June12,1744.

Charles, and Matilda Burbank, July20,1846.PR1

Clarisa, and Henry Harriman, Apr.26,1827.

David, and Sarah Stickney, both of Newbury, Sept.19,1738.

David, of Rowley, and Susanna Woodman, Jan.7,1773.

Dolly A.M., and Augustus H. Atwood, June4,1846.PR1

Elisebeth, of Rowley, and Joseph Bailey, Jan.1,1735.

Enoch, a.30y., cordwainer, s.Methusalah and Amelia, and Charlotte G. Kimball, a.26y., d.George and Betsey, Nov.25,1847.

Hannah, and Joseph Barnes, Dec.8,1712.

Hannah, and James Cheyney, Sept.1,1788. [ Sept.7.CR2]

Ichabod, and Elisabeth Haseltine, Feb.18,1706.

Jane, and William Brown of Rowley, at Rowley, June17,1747.

John, Elder, and Mrs.Mary Wainwright, Feb.19,1718-19.CR1

Jonathan, of Rowley, and Elisabeth Wood, June5,1739.

Love, and Bartholomew Pearson of Newbury, at Newbury, May25,1737.

Margaret, of Rowley, and Daniel Gage, at Rowley, May12,1742.

Mary, and Zechariah Boynton, Feb.19,1718-19.CR1

Mary, and Moses Hardy, at Newbury, Dec.3,1760.

Polly, and Silvanus Hardy, Oct.25,1797.CR2

Olive, and Jonathan H. Hale of Dover, NH, Sept.5,1825. [ Sept.1.CR2]

Osgood G., and Rebecca Wallingford, Apr.13,1825.

Richard, of Rowley, and Jerusha Hutchins, at Rowley, Sept.2,1730.

Samuel, and Ruth Hardy, Oct.24,1765.

Sarah, and Samuel Tenny, Dec.18,1690.

Sarah, of Rowley, and Joseph Hutchins, Nov.11,1736.

Sally, and Thomas Knight of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.27,1791.

Zechariah, and Mary Boynton, Feb.19,1718-19.CR1


Margret, see Burbank, Margaret.

BRADLEY (Bradly)

Charles, of Haverhill, a.26y., farmer, b. Haverhill, s.Joseph and Miriam, of Haverhill, and Charlotte H. Brown, a.25y., d.Joseph and Abiah, Apr.24,1849.

Hannah, of Haverhill, and Simeon Atwood, at Haverhill, Nov.14,1790.

Joseph, of Haverhill, and Sarah Hardy, at Haverhill, Feb.5,1753.

Ruth A., of ME, and Moses Atwood, Nov.28,1833.PR1

Sarah, and William Atwood, Mar.29,1757.

Sarah M.S., and Leonard Runnels, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Theodore and Hitty, Nov.13,1843.

Thomas, and Mehitable Carleton, June2,1796.


Patty, of Andover, and Capt. Nathaniel Thurston, at Andover, Nov.18,1791.


Rebecca, of Rowley, and John Pemberton, at Rowley, Oct.21,1729.


末末, of Pelham, NH, and Alma Hall, Apr.末,1824.CR1

BROCKLEBANK (Bracklebank)

John, jr. and Sarah Tenney, both of Rowley, June1,1738.


Aaron, and Hannah Hovy, Dec.30,1718.CR1

Abigail, and Jonathan Kimball, Sept.2,1806. [1807.CR1]

Ann C., and John Hoyt, both of West Newbury, Sept.9,1839.CR2

Benjamin, and Perthenia Peabody, Mar.12,1815.

Catherine A., a.20y., d.Josiah and Mary, and Leverett W. Johnson, a.22y., trader, s.Leonard and Myra, Nov.28,1844.

Charles H., and Sarah A. Phillips, Apr.20,1841.

Charlotte H., a.25y., d.Joseph and Abiah, and Charles Bradley of Haverhill, a.26y., farmer, b. Haverhill, s.Joseph and Miriam, of Haverhill, Apr.24,1849.

Elizabeth, of Byfield, Rowley, and James Barker, at Newbury, Feb.22,1781.

Francis W., of Brownville, ME, and Maria Jane Griffin, Oct.28,1839.

George M., and Abigail F. Bohonnon, Apr.20,1841.

Hannah H., a.22y., d.William and Catharine, and John Murry of Taunton, a.25y., Dec.4,1845.

James, and Abigail Kimball, May9,1787.

John, and Lydia D. Jameson, Feb.7,1832.

John E., and Lydia A. Colby, July4,1844.

Joseph and Mary Greely, May3,1768.

Joseph W., and Huldah Hatch, Aug.27,1839.

Nancy, and Jonathan Gould, both of Dracut, Sept.10,1840.

Oliver, of Haverhill, and Mary Ann Parker, Mar.25,1828.CR1

Sarah, of West Newbury, and Rev. Gardner B. Perry, May22,1827.PR1

William, of Rowley, and Jane Boynton, at Rowley, June17,1747.

William, and Catharine Harton, Dec.4,1823.


Emma B., of Lawrence, a.21y., d.Andrew and Mary, and Lawson E. Woodward of Lawrence, a.21y., teamster, s.Joseph and Betsy, Sept.5,1847.


Amos, and Anna Mitchel, June5,1805.

Ezra, and Hannah Jaques, June15,1794.


Abigail, and Asa Wood of Brentwood, NH, Jan.末,1781.

Abigail and Nathan Parker, Aug.4,1800.

Abraham, and Abigal Savory, Apr.25,1753.

Asa, and wid.Sarah Burbank, Aug.6,1754.

Benjamin, jr., and Bethiah Tenny, Feb.10,1805.

Caleb, and Margeret Wheeler of Newbury, at Newbury, Aug.17,1732.

Daniel, and Elisebath Jonson, Apr.1,1745.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Hardy, Apr.19,1711.

Ebenezer, and Dorcas Hardee, May6,1753.

Eliezer, and Hannah Rolf, Apr.14,1731.

Eliezer, and Marey Bailey, Apr.18,1735.

Eliphalet, and Susanna Barker, Jan.末,1781.

Elisabeth, and Edward Bailey, Oct.12,1732.

Elizabeth, and Enos Carlton of Boxford, Aug. [15.CR2], 1785.

Betsey, and David Richardson, Sept.14,1794.

Elizabeth T., and John N. Quimby, May4,1830.

Hannah, and William Hardy, jr., Mar.8,1716.

Hannah and Chase Savory, June11,1779. [June20.CR2]

Hannah, and Samuel Greenough, Feb.2,1790.

Hannah R., and John A. Renton, Nov.26,1840.

Hannah M., and Abram D. Boynton, July1,1841.

Jane, and John Nichols, May7,1805.

Jenny, and Thomas Carleton, Jan.9,1785.CR2

John and Marcy Savory, Dec.20,1748.

John T., and Caroline K. Cole, June23,1836.

Joseph, and Sarah Dowse, Oct.17,1744.

Judith, and Benjamin Savory, Aug.26,1789.

Margaret [Bradford.dup.], and Jonathan Hopkinson [of Newbury.dup.], at Haverhill [Mar.28,1738. dup.]

Martha, and Daniel Gage, Mar.9,1697-8.

Martha [W.CR2], and John Hardy, Aug.19,1821.

Mary, and Joseph Hardy, jr., Apr.6,1698.

Mary, and Benjamen Wallingford, Feb.14,1731-2.

Mary, and Benjamen Holms, Oct.7,1734.

Mary, and John Farfield, Oct.17,1751.

Molly, and Timeothy Jackman, 3d, of Byfield, Rowley, at Newbury, Oct.19,1768.

Polly, and Richard Morse, July29,1800. [July24.CR2]

Matilda, and Charles Boynton, July20,1846.PR1

Mehitable, and Daniel Parker, Sept.5,1803.

Marcy, and Jeremiah Baley of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], Mar.19,1740-1.

Nathan, and Elisabeth Palmer, Feb.末,1781.

Rebeckah, and Ebenezer Plamer, at Haverhill, Aug.19,1760.

Ruth, and Edmond Hardy, Apr.12,1737.

Samuel, and Eunice Hardy, Apr.1,1740.

Samuel, of Nottingham West, and Sarah Hardy, Oct.15,1766.

Sarah, and Samuel Adames [of Rowley.CR1], June28,1732.

Sarah, and Jonathan Molton, May21,1741.

Sarah, wid., and Asa Burbank, Aug.6,1754.

Sally, and Paul Jackman of Rowley, Nov.24,1801.

Stephen, and Bette Hopkinson, Nov.28,1757.

Stephen, and Hannah Parker, Feb.3,1788.CR2

Susanah, and Benjamin Greenough, Jan.6,1756.

Susanna, and Aaron Atwood, Dec.9,1813.

Timothy, and Susanah Hardy, Nov.14,1729.

Timothy, Lt., and Mary Atwood, Nov.16,1758.

William, and Hannah Atwood, May5,1789.


Mary, and Daniel Peirce, Nov.26,1799.

BURPEE (Burpe, Burpey)

Mary, and Nathan Ames, May6,1735.

Nathaniel, and Easter Rolf, Apr.19,1748.


George, and Lydia Russell, Apr.26,1827.

BUSWELL (Bussell, Busswell, Buswel, Buzzil)

Abigail, and James Row, Oct.18,1814.

Benjamin P., and Sally G. Kimball, Apr.18,1825.

Daniel, and Sarah Eaton of Salisbury, at Salisbury, June30,1726.

Daniel, and Mary Runils, Jan.25,1759.CR1

Daniel, and Abigail West, Sept.10,1767.CR1

Daniel, jr. and Edith Bodwell of Haverhill, at Haverhill, May12,1789.

Deborah, and Timothy Phillips, Oct.末,1787.

Betsey, and Ezra Trask, Nov.末,1787.

Isaac, and Phebe Stevens, Nov.22,1804.

James, and Sally Pearl of Boxford, at Boxford, Dec.16,1792.

John, a.23y., shoemaker, s.John G. and Hannah, and Emeline Lewis, a.26y., d.Samuel and Sally, Mar.26,1846.

Joshua, and Polly Gage, Apr.末,1797.

Louisa, and Philip C. Marden of Newton, Nov.7,1848.

Nicholas, and Rhoda Cross, Apr.28,1774. [Apr 23.CR1]

Rhoda, and Thomas Buswell, Apr.末,1797.

Sarah, and Joshua Kimball, Mar.18,1756.

Susan W., a.23y., d.Humphrey and Rebecca, and Benjamin L. Pearson, a.24y., shoemaker, s.Joseph and Mary, July9,1846.

Thomas, and Rhoda Buswell, Apr.末,1797.

BUTTRICK (Butrick)

Abel, and Betsey Perry, Mar.末,1813.

Alpheus, and Abigail Coburn, Mar.2,1826.

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