Jane, and William Nutt, May30,1723.

CAMPBELL (Campbel)

Elisabeth, and Joshua Wood, Oct.19,1752.

Hugh Moore, of Reading, and Lucy Stratton, Aug.9,1832.CR1

Phebe, and James Fry of Methuen, Dec.6,1788.

Sarah, and Abraham Day, jr., Apr.9,1778.

CARLTON (Carleton)

Aaron, and Prudence Gage, Apr.21,1735.PR24

Aaron, and Mehetabel Chadwick, Jan.26,1769.

Abigail, and Francis Woster, Apr.14,1720.

Abigail, and Daniel Merril, Apr.3,1749.

Abigail, and Obadiah Kimball, Nov.6,1750.

Abigail, and Jonathan Balch, Aug.13,1796.

Abagail, and Benjamin Morse, jr., Jan.20,1814.CR2

Abigail B., and Thomas M. Hopkinson, June8,1834.

Abraham, and Mary Clark, June5,1746.

Alice, and John Peabody, Sept.末 [15.PR21], 1788. [Oct., 1789.CR1]

Alma H., and John Robinson, Mar.28,1837.

Amos, and Mary Edwards, Feb.27,1777.

Benjamin, and Sally Peabody, Sept.末,1808.

Bethiah, and William Huchens, Feb.2,1721.

Bethiah, and Thomas Savory, June18,1778.

Bethiah, and James Palmer of Londonderry, NH, June25,1821. [June5.CR2]

Bezaleel, and Sarah Perkins, Jan.20,1763.CR1

Bezaleel, and Mary Richardson, Feb.13,1797. [Feb.1.CR1]

Bezaleel, and Sarah Richardson, Apr.10,1828.CR1

Cary, and Lavinia Kimball, Dec.31,1829.CR1

Charlotte, d.Enoch and Betsey, and William H. Whittier, laborer, Apr.30,1849.

Daniel, and Mehitable Gage, Mar.末,1787.

David, and Martha Currir, Nov.末,1787.

Deborah, and Andrew Alsors, Nov.末,1820.CR1

Dolly, and Thomas Wood of Tewksbury, Mar.1,1779.

Dudly, and Abigail Willson, Feb.25,1745.

Dudly, and Mehitable Barker of Andover, at Boxford, Feb.10,1776.

Ebenezer, and Ellis Kimball, Aug.18,1729.PR24

Ebenezer, and Mary Peabody, Apr.11,1810.

Ebenezer, and Abigail C. Balch, Dec.1,1842.

Edward, and Hannah Kimbal, June13,1712.

Elisabeth, and Jeremiah Stickney, Nov.12,1724.

Elisebeth, and Timothy Haget [jr.CR1], June30,1733. [Jan.31,1733-4.CR1]

Elisabeth, and Thomas Todd, Oct.22,1753.

Elisabeth, and Samuel Kimball, Dec.21,1762.

Betsy [E.CR1], and Jesse Merril of Boxford, July23,1809.

Betsey [wid.CR2], of Haverhill, and Free G[roves.CR2] Parker, June3,1818.

Enoch, and Betsy Phillips, Dec.7,1809. [1810.CR1]

Enos, of Boxford, and Elizabeth Burbank, Aug. [15.CR2], 1785.

Ezekiel [of Andover.CR1], and Marcy Kimbal, Nov.10,1731.

George, and Mary Hale, Nov.9,1725.

George, and Sally Parker, Nov.28,1810.

George, jr., and Nancy Day, Mar.27,1834.

George P., and Tameyson G. Pemberton, Nov.17,1842.

Guy, of Roxbury, and Abigail Hovey, Dec.8,1811.

Hannah, and Daniel Jaquish, Nov.8,1722.

Hannah, and Daniel Wood of Berwick, ME, Dec.7,1763.CR1

Hannah, and William Wallace of Newburg, NY, Feb.11,1779.

Hannah, of Newbury, and Bayley Day, at Newbury, May5,1787.

Hannah, wid., of Haverhill, and Richard Kimball, at Haverhill, Apr.10,1788.

Hannah, and Phillip Tenney, Nov.27,1800.

Hannah, and Amos Perley of Salem, Mar.31,1810.

Isaac, and Mary Carleton, Apr.11,1826. [Apr.1. dup.]

James T., a.29y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Sally, and Joann Parshley of Strafford, NH, a.23y., b. Strafford, NH, d.John, of Strafford, NH, Nov.29,1848.

Jane, and Dudley Cole [Dole.CR1], of Andover, Nov.25,1802.

John, and Hannah Platts of Rowley, at Rowley, Apr.4,1732.

John, andMary Chisemore of Newbury,June10, 1797.CR2

Joseph, and Abigall Baily, Oct.30,1729. [1728.CR2]

Joseph, and Mary Goodridge of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct.12,1742.

Joseph, and Mehetebel Head, July27,1773.

Leonard, and Anstriss Spofford, Feb.7,1814.

Louisa, and Henry W. Doyle of Andover, Jan.24,1837.

Lydia, and Nathaniel Carleton, Nov.29,1827.CR1

Martha Jane, and Lorenzo Waldo, Apr.9,1835.

Polly, and William Sinclair [St. Clair.CR1] of Bluehill Bay, ME, Oct.末,1789. [1790.CR1]

Mary, and Alfred Ingals of Methuen, Aug.25,1797.CR2

Mary, and Samuel Stiles, Sept.22,1799.

Mary H., and James Richardson, Apr.6,1825.

Mary, and Isaac Carleton, Apr.11,1826. [Apr.1. dup.]

Mehitable, and Thomas Bradley, June2,1796.

Mehitable, and Jonathan Balch, Nov.29,1803.

Mehitabel, and Joseph Day, Mar.末,1807.CR1

Mehitable, and James Bartlett, Apr.13,1819.

Nancy J., of Boxford, and James S. Morse, Oct.17,1830.

Nathaniel, and Lydia Carleton, Nov.29,1827.CR1

Nathaniel, and Priscilla Gage, Dec.1,1842.

Nehemiah, and Elisabeth Haseltine, Apr.15,1725.CR1

Nehemiah, and Sarah Gage, Oct.12,1758.CR1

Nehemiah, and Judith Foster of Andover, July8,1760.CR1

Obadiah, and Sally Hopkinson, Mar.13,1789.

Phineas, and Susanna Stickney, at Boxford, Dec.8,1763.

Phineas, and Sarah Mulliken, Aug.末,1784.

Rebeckah, and Samuel Hale, May末,1793.

Rebekah, and Daniel Meder, Oct.25,1801.

Rebecca, and Kendall Johnson of Haverhill, Mar.6,1804.

Samuel, of Boxford, and Susanna Morse, Feb.末,1784.

Sarah, and John Hopkinson, Aug.22,1728.

Sarah, and Joseph Hardy, Apr.3,1729.

Sarah, and John Abbot, of Andover, Mar.1,1753.CR1

Sarah, and Jacob Kimbal, Mar.25,1766.CR1

Sarah, and Eliphalet Rollin, Mar.24,1789.

Sarah, a.35y., d.Benjamin and Sally, and Henry Richardson, widr., of Dracut, a.39y., farmer, s.Jonas and Joanna, May16,1849.

Stephen, and Judith Chase of Newbury, at Newbury, July30,1793.

Susanna, and Jonathan Kimball, Nov.10,1813.

Thomas, and Abigail Currier of Haverhill, at Haverhill, June6,1727.

Thomas, jr., and Mary Parker, Jan.8,1760.

Thomas, and Jenny Burbank, Jan.9,1785.CR2

William, and Sarah Head, Nov.16,1769.

William, and Polly Stickney, Dec.27,1792.


Thomas, and Ednah D. Parker, Mar.30,1841.


Mehitable G., and Joseph Low, both of West Newbury, Apr.11,1837.CR2


Elizabeth, and Edmund T. Wintworth, June9,1833.

Jeremiah, and Eliza Stiles, Apr.15,1827.


Abiah W., and Roswell S. Williams, painter, July3,1843.


Richard, of Stratham, and Sarah Palmer, July15,1728.PR23

CHADWICK (Chadwack)

Abigail, and Richard Haseltine, Jan.14,1702-3.

David, and Sarah Haseltine, Dec.25,1760.CR1

Ebenezer, and Hannah Webster, Nov.27,1782.

Edmund, and Mary Kimbal, Dec.11,1718.CR1 [Nov.4.PR6]

Betsey, and Thomas Hills of Newbury, Apr.末,1783.

Elizabeth, and Isaac Gage of Falmouth [of Portland, ME.CR1], Oct.末,1793. [ Sept.CR1]

Ester, and Ephraim Kimbarl, jr., Nov.30,1724.

Eunice, and Samuel Kimbal, June21,1711.

Eunice, and Richard Kimball, Apr.9,1752.

George, and Susan Brewster Gilbert, Oct.25,1830.PR6

Hannah, and Dr. Dustin Barret [of Nottingham West, NH.CR1], June8,1826.

James, and Mary Thurston, Mar.5,1752.

James, and Anna Woodman, Dec.25,1784. [Nov.25.CR1]

John, and Mehitable Haseltine, abt. 1703.PR6

John, and Susannah, Peabody, Jan.12,1743.

Jonathan, and Hannah Kimball, Oct.25,1722.

Jonathan, and Sarah Kimball, Feb.17,1756.

Jonathan, and Eunice Day, Dec.9,1824.PR6

Joseph, and Mary Parker, June30,1787.

Mary, and Moses Porter of Boxford, Dec.3,1741.

Mary [wid.CR1], and Daniel Eames [of Wilmington.CR1], Aug.9,1748.

Polly, and Thomas Webster, Oct.末,1784.

Polly, and James Ordeway of Haverhill, Mar.末,1791.

Mehetabel, and Aaron Carlton, Jan.26,1769.

Mehitable, and [Lt.CR1] Edward Kimball, Oct.27,1788. [1789.CR1]

Parker B. [Benjamin Parker.PR6], and Deborah R[obins.PR6] Day, Dec.27,1827.CR1

Ruth, see Church, Ruth.

Samuel, and Mary Kimball, June1,1756.

Samuel, and Hannah Gage, Oct.20,1801.

Sarah, and John Barker [Burbank.PR6] of Andover, at Andover, June21,1711.

Sarah, and Dr. Benjamin Muzzy, Jan.5,1764.CR1

Susannah, and Ebenezer Kimball, Jan.末,1788.


Eliza, and Joshua Abbott of Concord, NH, Oct.23,1766.CR1

Ephraim, and Joanna Barker of Andover, Aug.25,1772.

Jeremiah, of Andover, and Martha Parker, Oct.22,1772. [Oct.9.CR2]

Joanna, and Silas Plumer, Oct.4,1778.

Joseph, of Andover, and Sarah Richardson, Dec.10,1741.

Sally, and William Curtis, Oct.28,1797.CR2

Zebediah, of Andover, and Polly Moores, June19,1810.


George W., and Charlotte E. Spofford, June27,1844.PR1

Jonathan, jr., of Rowley, and Mehitable Hale, at Rowley, Nov.30,1757.


Aaron, and Jane Foster, Sept.28,1799.

CHASE (Chace)

Abner, and Betsey Parker, June20,1828. [Apr.20.CR2]

Abner, a.44y., cordwainer, s.Amos & Patty, and Susanna Hardy, a.48y., d.Jacob and Hannah, Sept.1,1847.

Andrew J., andSarah E.W. Ingalls, Apr.6,1843.

Caroline B., and Francis B. Stanwood, both of West Newbury, Feb.7,1845.

David, and Allice West, June29,1811.

Hannah, of Newbury, and Abraham Parker, jr., at Newbury, Dec.14,1738.

Henry, of Nottingham, and wid.Marcy Hardy, "he took the said person without any Estate of hers and the cloaths she was married in were of his own procuring and providing. The above sd Henry Chase and Marcy Hardy were married by me the subscriber and sd Chase declared before marriage that he Intended to marry the sd person without any Estate and Should have no concern with her Estate or Debts, and provided the cloaths which she was to be married in. William Balch, Minister." Dec.23,1773.

James, and Hannah Kimball, Mar.2,1809.

Jonathan, of Newbury Port, and Hannah Rollins of Newbury, Aug.13,1767.

Judith, of Newbury, and Stephen Carleton, at Newbury, July30,1793.

Lucy, and Uriah Hopkinson, widr., June7,1814.CR2

Lucy Ann, a.17y., d.William and Olive P., and Stephen B. Danforth, a.23y., shoemaker, s.William and Hannah E., of West Newbury, June13,1848.

Lydia, and Isaac Morse, Nov.25,1813.

Martha, and William Tapley, May22,1775.

Meriam, of Haverhill, and Samuel C. Hovey, Oct.5,1826.

Moody, and Sarah S. Bailey, Sept.17,1832.

Rachel, of Sutton, and Isaac Platts, jr., at Sutton, Sept.21,1773.

William N., and Ollive P. Stickney, Mar.26,1829.

CHENEY (Chaney, Cheaney, Chenay, Chenney, Cheyney, Cheyny)

Abigail, of Newbury, and Francis Hardy, Feb.27,1738-9.

Anna, and Samuel Holmes of Rowley, at Rowley, Feb.19,1771.

Daniel, and Dorcus Tyler [wid.CR2], Nov.23,1816.

Edmond, and Rebacah Hardee, Aug.12,1756.

Eldad, and Mary Walker, at Newbury, Dec.31,1707.

Eldad, and Johannah Woodbury of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.28,1734.

Bettee, and Jese Rolons [Rollings.CR2], Nov.10,1763.

Hannah, and David Spofford of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.6,1735.

Huldah, and Timothy Woster, Jan.20,1690-1. [Jan.29.CTR]

Ichabod, and Rebackah Smith of Rowley, July25,1739.

James, and Hannah Boynton, Sept.1,1788. [ Sept.7.CR2]

Joannah, and Daniel Tenney, June25,1761.

John, of Newbury, and Susanna Cheney, at Newbury, Oct.16,1766.

Martha, and William Woster, Jan.29,1690-1.

Mary, and Francis Woster, Jan.29,1690-1.

Mary, of Newbury, and Amos Harde, at Newbury, Feb.22,1738 or 39.

Mary, and Ebenezer Tinney, Apr.14,1757.

Peter, and Rose Hardy, Apr.1,1742.

Susanna, and John Chenney of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct.16,1766.

Susanna, and Ephram Hardy, at Newbury, Nov.17,1767.

Thomas, and Hannah Danford, Jan.3,1779.


Deborah, and Elias Durgett, Sept.25,1842.


John, of Andover, and Sarah Webster, Nov.13,1770.

Susannah, Mrs., and Capt. Benjamin Stevens, Oct.18,1815.


Amos, of Peckersfield, NH, and Hannah Griffin, Jan.末,1793.

CHISEMORE (Chisimore)

Mary, of Newbury, and John Carleton, int.June10,1797.CR2

Ruth, of Newbury, and Barker Lapham, Feb.10,1795.


Ruth [Chadwick.CR1], and Simon Wardwell of Andover, June15,1777.

Sarah, of Newbury, and Stephen Bayley, at Newbury, June14,1737.


Earl, Maj., of Woodstock, CT, and Mrs.Phebe Dutch, Dec.17,1815.

CLARK (Clerk)

末末, and Mary Kenny of Boxford, Nov.7,1718.CR1

Aaron, of Danvers, and Polly Adams, Dec.25,1822.

Clinton, Rev., of Pompey, NY, a.30y., s.Roxana, of Granby, and Hannah W. Health, a.22y., d.Harriet N., Mar.25,1845.

David, and Elsey (?) West,末蔓末,1811.CR1

Elijah, and Sally Parker, July2,1806.

Elijah, jr., and Elizabeth Ann Morse, Apr.22,1832.

Mary, and Abraham Carlton, June5,1746.

Moses [Hosea.CR1], of Haverhill, and Mary Kimball, Nov.29,1804.

Nathaniel, and Mary Hardee, Feb.6,1753.

Sarah, and Jacob Hardy, June27,1706.

CLEMENT (Clemant)

John, and Nancy Tenny, Dec.27,1804.

Mehitable, of Haverhill, and John Griffing, jr., at Haverhill, Dec.13,1727.

Nathaniel, jr., and Rachel Baley, Aug.23,1743.

Sophronia, and Johnson Griffin, Apr.11,1836.


Abigail, and Thomas Hardy, May14,1775. [May15.CR1]

Daniel, of Methuen [of Dracut.CR2], and Abigail Atwood, May [15.CR2], 1785.

Mary, and Joshua Bailey, Mar.17,1774.


Abigail, and Alpheus Buttrick, Mar.2,1826.

Jane, of Dracut, and Charles Morgan of Parish Carval, LA, Sept.9,1840.

Martha, and Benjamin Cole, June5,1818.

Simeon, of Salem, NH, and Harriet Ames of Dracut, Oct.29,1840.

William M., of Boxford, and Abigail Kimball, Nov.30,1815.


Aaron, widr., of Boston, carpenter, and Delia Lapham, wid., of Boston, d.Rowell and Thankful Foot, Aug.24,1848.

Ann Maria, of West Newbury, a.18y., d.John and Margaret M., of West Newbury, and Robert Vine, widr., of West Newbury, a.21y., comb maker, s.Thompson and Mary, July6,1848.

Sarah Ann, and Otis B. Merrill, Dec.29,1849.PR1


Catherine, a.25y., b. Ireland, d.Timothy, of Ireland, and John Mahoney, a.22y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Dennis, Nov.12,1849.


George, and Abigail Parker, Aug.4,1831.

George, 2d m., and Elisabeth Doane, Dec.2,1843.PR7

COLBY (Colby, Coleby)

Anthony, and Elisabeth West, Dec.4,1721.

Eliphalet H., and Ruth A. Sargent, Apr.27,1842.

Jane, and Ira S. Woodman, Dec.11,1834.

John, and Hannah Morse, Oct.13,1799.

John S.M., and Rebeca Hopkinson, Nov.15,1832. [Mar.15.CR2]

Lydia A., and John E. Brown, July4,1844.

Polly, and Benjamin Atwood, Aug.末,1786.

Mary A[lmira.CR1], and Jonathan Gage, Nov.14,1813.

Sarah, and John Kindrick of Amesbury, at Amesbury [at Haverhill. dup.], July4,1790.

Sally, and Moses Adams, June14,1830. [Jan.14.CR2]

Timothy, of Amesbury, and Hannah Brusdel [Blasdel.CR1], Oct.20,1757.


Benjamin and Martha Coburn, June5,1818.

Caroline K., and John T. Burbank, June23,1836.

Daniel, of Boxford, and Elisabeth Day, Nov.25,1762.

Deborah, and Ezra Dame, Mar.末,1798.

Dudley [Dole.CR1], of Andover, and Jane Carleton, Nov.25,1802.

Phineas, of Boxford, and Abiah Haseltine, Jan.19,1766.CR1

Phenehas, and Catharine Hudson, late of Boston, May17,1776.

Rebekah, of Boxford, and Thomas Morse, jr., Aug.13,1771.

Samuel, jr., of Boxford, and Bethiah Hardy, at Boxford, Oct.5,1738.

Samuel, of Boxford, and Clarisa Pettingale, Feb.19,1824.

Simeon, Capt., of Boxford, and Mrs.Sarah Foot, Nov.28,1826.

Susanna, and David [Thomas.CR1] Hills of Haverhill, Nov.29,1787.


Ann, of Newbury, and Daniel Tenney, at Newbury, May15,1733.


Henry, Capt., of Edgartown, and Hatty Cummings of Boston, Sept.10,1846.PR1


Andrew, and Grace Head, Mar.20,1716-17.

Charles L., Dr., and Mrs.Sarah Merrill [wid.CR2], Mar.4,1841.

Sarah P., a.19y., d.John D. and Harriet, and John Merrill, a.19y., shoemaker, s.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.1,1846.


Hannah, and John Marden, Mar.末,1785.


William H., of Haverhill, a.26y., tailor, s.William M. h.and Harriet, and Mary E.D. Kimball, a.26y., d.Rufus and Lucy E., Dec.7,1847.

COTTLE (Cottel)

Ruth, and Samuel George of Haverhill, Apr.27,1817.

Sarah, and Amos Baley, Apr.1,1745.


Mary Eliza, b. Haverhill, d.Joseph, of Haverhill, and Henry C. Johnson, shoemaker, s.Moses, at Providence, RI, Apr.10,1849.

CRAIG (Craage, Creig)

David, and Elizabeth Griffin, Apr.15,1725.CR1

Robert, and Hannah Spaford, both of Rowley, Dec.4,1735.


James, of Marblehead, and Abigail Balch, Jan.22,1789.


Mary, and Zechariah Simmons, June4,1716.

CROMBIE (Crombe, Cromme, Crumme, Crummy)

Anna, and Richard Gage, Aug.20,1752.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Moody of Amesbury, May18,1806. [1807.CR1]

Mary, and John Sparcks [of Ipswich.CR1], Apr.12,1733.

Mary, and Jonathan Sherwin [of Boxford.CR1], Mar.18,1756. [Feb.26.CR1]

Susanna, and Daniel Thurston, Nov.5,1782.

William, of Boston, and Hannah Gage, Dec.22,1821.CR1


David, of Haverhill, and Pamealy Eames, July末,1805.

Lucy, and Richard Hazeltine of Chester, NH, Nov.12,1772.

Rhoda, and Nicholas Buswell, Apr.28,1774. [Apr.23.CR1]

CUMMINGS (Cummins)

Hatty, of Boston, and Capt. Henry Colt of Edgartown, Sept.10,1846.PR1

John L., and Elizebeth Kimball, both of Boxford, June30,1842.


Abigail, of Haverhill, and Thomas Carleton, at Haverhill, June6,1727.

David, and Mrs.Elizabeth Peabody of Boxford, at Boxford, May30,1780.

Betsey, and Jonathan Bailey, July4,1822.CR1

Grace, wid., of Haverhill, and Thomas Kimball, at Haverhill, Sept.4,1729.

Jonathan, of Methuen, and Ester Gage, Aug.1,1739.

Lydia, and Erastus B. Stickney, Oct.16,1829.

Martha, and David Carlton, Nov.末,1787.

Rhoolta E., of Haverhill, a.25y., b. Salem, NH, d.Nathan, of Salem, NH, and Daniel Moulton, a.25y., butcher, b. Gilmanton, NH, s.Daniel, of Gilmanton, NH, at Providence, RI, Dec.12,1849.

Sophia H. [of Plaistow, NH.CR2], and Moses Thompson [of Haverhill.CR2], June2,1831.

CURTIS (Curtic)

Ebenezer, and Elizebeth Palmer, Nov.14,1729.

Betsey, and Chevers Pecker, June30,1794.

Mary, and Daniel Gage, Feb.13,1800.

William, and Sally Chandler, Oct.28,1797.CR2


David S., of Newburyport, a.21y., clerk, s.David and Caroline, and Lucy B. Ordway of Newburyport, a.21y., d.Stephen and Mary R., May3,1846.

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