HAGGIT (Haget, Hagget)

Abigail, and Thomas Spofford, Sept.22,1768.

Anna, and Thomas Stickney, Nov.4,1779.

Benjamin, and Abigail Runnels of Haverhill, at Haverhill, June30,1785.

Elisabeth, and John Philips, Dec.29,1757.

Josiah, and Tryphene Kimbal, Nov.27,1766.CR1

Lydia, and Nathaniel Jennings, Jan.9,1820.

Mary, and Abel Kimball, Jan.5,1762.

Mary, Mrs., and Lt. Benjamin Hall of Methuen, Sept.末,1785.

Mehitable, and Samuel Phillips, Feb.末,1788.

Moses, of Andover, and Sarah Head, Mar.11,1728-9.CR1

Moses, and Easter Lakeman, Feb.8,1768.

Sarah, and Ros Wyman of Shrewsbury, Apr.15,1761. [Apr.28.CR1]

Sarah, and William Kimbal, Apr.26,1764.CR1

Timothy [jr.CR1], and Elisebeth Carlton, June30,1733. [Jan.31,1733-4.CR1]

HALE (Haile, Hale)

David, and Sarah Bond of Haverhill, at Haverhill, May29,1740.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Wicome, Mar.8,1747. [1748.CR2]

Ebenezer, and Hannah Savory, Oct.22,1815.

Eliphlet, and Rachel Johnson of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.29,1769.

Eliza, and Stephen Harvey of Rowley, Nov.6,1826.

Elizabeth, and Moses Poor, July17,1806.

Ezekiel, and Hannah Balch, Apr.7,1752.

E. James M., of Haverhill, and Lucy L. Parker, Feb.2,1837.[Unconfirmed:His name was Ezekiel.]

Hannah, and Thomas Lull of Rowley, at Rowley, Sept.25,1745.

Hannah, and Jonathan Jewett of Rowley, Nov.17,1791. [1792?]

Hannah, and Alfred I. [W.CR1] Stickney, Nov.2,1826.

Jane, and Philip Tenny, June30,1730.

Jonathan, and Susannah Tuttle of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.10,1729.

Jonathan H., of Dover, NH, and Ollive Boynton, Sept.5,1825. [ Sept.1.CR2]

Joshua, of Newbury, and Hannah Pemberton, at Newbury, Jan.13,1761.

Martha, and Moses Jewet of Exeter, Nov.17,1737.

Martha, and Stephen Plumer, May24,1781.

Mary, and John Bond,末蔓末,1715.

Mary, and George Carlton, Nov.9,1725.

Mary, and David Nelson of Rowley, at Rowley, May7,1752.

Polly [Molly.CR2], and Asa Tenny, Oct.末,1780.

Polly, and Moses H. Palmer of Rowley, Oct.26,1819.

Mehitable, and Jonathan Chaplin, jr. of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.30,1757.

Samuel, and Hannah Hovey, Dec.5,1723.

Samuel, and Mrs.Sarah Hazzen of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.30,1723.

Samuel, and Sarah Haseltine, at Newbury, Dec.13,1725.

Samuel, and Rebeckah Carlton, May末,1793.

Sarah, and Henry Poor of Rowley, at Rowley, May20,1751.

Sarah, and Moses Pillsbury, 3d of Newbury, Jan.17,1772. [Jan.1.CR2]

Sarah, Mrs.and John Plaats, at Boxford, Sept.7,1773.

Sally, and Broadstreet Pearson of Rowley, Oct.末,1780.

Thomas, of Boxford, and Mary Kimball, Feb.17,1740.

William, and Lydia Ayer of Haverhill, July31,1832.CR1


Abigail, and Samuel Watts of Haverhill, Jan.15,1740.

Alma, and Capt. Ebenezer Poor of Newbury, June末,1822.CR1

Alma, and 末末 Broadstreet of Pelham, NH, Apr.末,1824.CR1

Benjamen, of Rumford, and Rebeccah Farnam of Andover, Oct.9,1735.

Benjamin, Lt., of Methuen, and Mrs.Mary Hagget, Sept.末,1785.

David, and Naomi Gage, Sept.22,1737.

Hannah, Mrs., and Lt. John Tenny, Feb.末,1786.

Harriet, and Eliphalet Kimball, Aug.19,1813.

John, and Sarah Kimbal, June28,1733.

Jonathan, of Chester, and Meheteble Kimball, Dec.25,1740.

Joseph, and Sarah Kimball, Dec.24,1706.

Judith, and Abraham Kimball, Dec.30,1736.

Judith, and Ephraim Farnum of Rumford, Mar.23,1758.

Lydia, and Nathaniel Downs, Sept.16,1835.

Martha, and Stephen Farnum of Concord, NH, Sept.25,1766.CR1

Mehitabel, and Amos Head, June1,1794.

Nancy, and Daniel Fitz, Jan.5,1820.

Nathaniel, of Chester, and Mary Wood, Oct.27,1743.

Obadiah, and Hannah Kimbal, Jan.2,1753.CR1

Ralph, and Abigail Kimball, Mar.11,1739.

Richard, and Abigail Dalton, Apr.24,1699.

Sarah [wid.CR1], and Peter Green [of Haverhill.CR1], Jan.7,1752. [1751-2.CR1]

Sarah, and Aaron Gage, Apr.23,1752.

Theresa Jane, a.22y., d.Joseph, and Horatio Pearl, a.30y., farmer, b. Boxford, s.Peter, of Boxford, Sept.11,1849.

William, and Emily Spofford, Feb.7,1832.CR1


Hannah, see Horn, Hannah.[Death record gives name as Ham.]

HAMLET (Hamblet, Hamlet)

Abigail, and William Kimball [3d.CR1], June4,1786.

Eleanor, of Dracut, and John Webster of Andover, Nov.19,1840.

HANNAFORD (Hunnaford)

Asa, and Hannah Batys, Aug.22,1777.CR2


Isaac, of Haverhill, and Elizabeth Morse, June22,1824.

HARDY (Harddy, Harde, Hardee, Hardie, Hardye)

Aaron, of Boston, and Mehitable Dutch, Mar.1,1803.

Aaron, of Boston, and Hariot Webster, Dec.14,1806.

Aaron, and Mary Jane Sanders, Sept.7,1834.

Abigail, of Boxford, and Abraham Farnum of Dracut, Nov.3,1736.

Abigail, and Joseph Kidder, Sept.6,1739.

Abigail, and Jesse Atwood, Dec.31,1778.

Abigail P., and Benjamin Hinkson, Feb.28,1832.

Abner, and Rebecah Hardy, Nov.10,1756.

Abner, and Mary A. Gale [of Haverhill.CR2], Feb.8,1832.

Albert S., widr., a.29y., shoemaker, s.David, and Sarah B. Dow of Amesbury, a.26y., d.Jacob, of Raymond, NH, Apr.17,1845.

Alice, and Benjamin Wallingford, jr. of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.9,1762.

Amos, and Mary Chaney of Newbury, at Newbury, Feb.22,1738-9.

Andrew, and Ann Hardy, Feb.27,1738-9.

Anna, and Samuel Runnels of Boxford, Sept.1,1795.

Anne, and Ephraim Lacy, July25,1710.

Ann, and Andrew Hardy, Feb.27,1738-9.

Affa, and Thomas Wicom of Nottingham West, NH, Nov.18,1779.

Arthur Parry, and Priscilla Hardy, Nov.5,1770.

Bailey, and Ursula L. Knapp, Feb.16,1825.

Benjamin, and Rebecca Bond, [Jan.19.CR1], 1709.

Benjamin, and Rebackah Rolf, Sept.27,1738.

Benjamin, and Mary Hardy, Feb.7,1780.

Bethiah, and Zachariah Hardy, Feb.5,1735-6.

Bethiah, and Samuel Cole, jr. of Boxford, at Boxford, Oct.5,1738.

Caroline M., and Fling Weston of Rowley, [Oct.18,1830.CR1]

Caroline K., a.19y., d.Jacob, jr. and Louisa K., and Alvan M. Montierth, a.23y., carpenter, b. Wiscasset, ME, s.Benjamin B. and Adeline M. Somes, of Wiscasset, ME, Apr.30,1848.

Chandler B., a.23y., shoemaker, s.John B. and Lavina, and Betsey J.C. Johnston, Oct.27,1844.

Charles, and Abigail George of Newburyport, Aug.27,1833.

Charlotte A. [Hadley.dup.], and John C. Williams, Apr.30,1842.

David, and Dorkis Gage, Dec.6,1732.

David, of Rowley, and Joanna Palmer, at Rowley, Aug.6,1772.

David, and Elisabeth Hardy, Feb.末,1786.

Deborah, and Joseph Baley, Feb.24,1757.

Dorcas, and Ebenezer Burbank, May6,1753.

Darcos, and Joshua Hereman, Nov.13,1753.

Dorothy, and Moses Hardy, Apr.22,1729.

Ebenezer, and Martha Palmer, Nov.8,1731.

Ebenezer, jr., and Susannah Hardy, July26,1769.

Edmond, and Sarah Gage, May16,1731.

Edmond, and Ruth Burbank, Apr.12,1737.

Edmond, and Sarah Juet, Dec.29,1757.

Edmond, jr., of Pelham, NH, and Mary Hardy, Oct.28,1765.

Ednah, and Retire Harthorn Parker, May19,1768.

Eldad, and Hannah Savory, Nov.26,1744.

Eliphalit, and Hannah Plats, Jan.4,1738-9.

Eliphet, jr., and Mehetebel Hardee, Nov.9,1758.

Elizibeth, and Samuel Stickney, Apr.22,1729.

Elisabeth, and Rowel Foot, Nov.29,1752.

Bettee, and Joseph Hill Ordeway of Haverhill, May22,1766.

Elisabeth, and David Hardy, Feb.末,1786.

Elizabeth, and Aaron W. Nelson of Rowley, Mar.28,1826.

Betsey, and Reuben Sawyer, Aug.21,1827.CR1

Ephram, and Susanna Cheney, at Newbury, Nov.17,1767.

Esther, and Samuel Potter, Mar.4,1730-1.

Esther, and Richard Perry, Jan.26,1743.

Eunice, and Samuel Burbank, Apr.1,1740.

Ezekiel, and Sarah Mooar of Andover, at Andover, Sept.1,1763.

Fanny, and Samuel Tyler, July6,1796.

Francis, and Abigail Cheney of Newbury, Feb.27,1738-9.

Gideon, and Mary Gage, May24,1744.

Gidon, and Mary Hardee, June28,1753.

Hannah, and Samuel Hardy, July5,1700.

Hannah, and Hugh Smith, May14,1719.CR1

Hannah, and Samuel Smith, Aug.27,1730.

Hannah, and Joseph Jennings, Dec.25,175 [1759.CR2]

Hannah, and William Parker, Nov.21,1771.

Hannah, and Jacob Hardy, Nov.3,1792.

Hannah, and David Marden, May12,1804.

Hannah, and Daniel Spofford of Rowley, Nov.6,1812.

Hannah, and Theodore Parker, Dec.29,1833.CR2

Henry, and Rachel Danford, Oct.24,1780.

Hepzibah, and Jonathan Mardin, June1,1729.

Irene, and Benjamin Nelson, July29,1834.

Isaac, and Esther Barker, Apr.6,1721.

Jacob, and Sarah Clark, June27,1706.

Jacob, jr., and Hannah Woster, Mar.3,1714-15.

Jacob, and Hannah Hardy, Nov.3,1792.

James, and Hannah Bailey, July4,1727.

Jane, and John Plummer of Hampstead NH, at Haverhill, July17,1753.

Jane, and William Atwood [jr.CR2], Apr.2,1765.

Jemima, and Andrew Palmer, Dec.6,1732.

Jeremiah, and Rachel Hardy, Aug.29,1734.

Jeremiah, and Lois Pearley, Dec.29,1813. [Jan.20,1814.CR2]

Jerusa, and Flint Tyler, Nov.26,1815.

Job [Jacob.CR2], and Hannah Rolenings, Sept.24,1744.

John, jr., and Anne Savory, July8,1701.

John, and Sarah Barker, June20,1746.

John, and Martha [W.CR2] Burbank, Aug.19,1821.

Jonas, and Molly Hardy, Aug.5,1773.

Jonas, and Mehitable Hardy, Feb.末,1780.

Jonathan, and Sarah Marsh, Sept.8,1737.

Jonathan, jr., and Rebeca Peabody, Feb.12,1796.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Burbank, Apr.6,1698.

Joseph, and Sarah Carlton, Apr.3,1729.

Joseph, and Ruth Kimbal, Oct.2 [28.CR2], 1730.

Joseph, and Mary [Edna.CR2] Hopkinson, Mar.31,1757.

Joseph, and Susanna Kimbal of Boxford, Oct.9,1764.CR1

Joshua, and Hannah Tyler, Oct.15,1765.PR19

Joshua, jr., and Polly Goss, Apr.14,1796.

Josiah G., and Sally C. Parker, Mar.17,1835.

Judith, and Timothy Palmer of Warner, Mar.30,1807.

Keziah, and Stephen Merrill, at Amesbury, May27,1731.

Leamuel, and Hannah Juet, Apr.8,1762.

Leonard, and Mrs.Elizabeth Goodrich of Haverhill, Oct.12,1826. [Oct.22.CR2]

Lois, and Asa Robertson [Robinson.CR2] of Boxford, Sept.末,1784. [Apr.13,1785.CR2]

Lediah, and Samuel Bariot, at Medford, Aug.24,1725.

Lydia, and John Wardwell of Andover, at Andover, Aug.23,1759.

Lydia, and Thomas Hardy, jr., Feb.2,1763.

Manly, and Rebeccah Hardy, Apr.10,1828.

Mansel, and Martha L. Foster of Haverhill, Aug.9,1818.

Martha, and Thomas Hardy, Jan.4,1721-2.

Martha, and Benjamin Atwood, Apr.21,1763.

Mary, and Nathaniel Clark, Feb.6,1753.

Mary, and Gidon Hardee, June28,1753.

Mary, wid., and William Pilsbury, Oct.21,1762.CR2

Mary, and Edmund Hardy, jr. of Pelham, Oct.28,1765.

Molly, and Jonas Hardy, Aug.5,1773.

Mary, and William Parry, Jan.23,1774.

Mary, and Benjamin Hardy, Feb.7,1780.

Polly, and Benjamin Nichols of Haverhill, Sept.27,1795.

Mary W., and Moses S. Hardy, July16,1840.

Mary R., a.26y., d.Sylvanus and Mary, and John Stalker, widr., of Ipswich, a.46y., farmer, s.Robert and Margaret, Sept.18,1845.

Meheteball, and Seth Juet, Sept.6,1739.

Meheteball, and David Marden, July21,1740.

Mehetebel, and Eliphet Hardy, jr., Nov.9,1758.

Mehitable, and Jonas Hardy, Feb.末,1780.

Marcy, wid., and Henry Chase of Nottingham, "he took the said person without any estate of hers, and the cloaths she was married in were of his own procuring and providing," Dec.23,1773.

Merribah, and Rowel Foot, July26,1769.

Miriam, and Moses Hardy, jr., May6,1767.

Moses, and Dorothy Hardy, Apr.22,1729.

Moses, and Mary Boynton, at Newbury, Dec.3,1760.

Moses, jr., and Miriam Hardy, May6,1767.

Moses S., and Mary W. Hardy, July16,1840.

Newman B., and Lucy F. Merrill, Apr.17,1833.PR11

Niles, and Isabella B. Knapp, Feb.16,1825.

Parker, and Sally Lurvey, Nov.25,1787.

Patience, and Hanniel Emerson of Methuen, Oct.12,1736. [Oct.14.CR1]

Phillip, and Hannah Tenny, Dec.22,1743.

Phineas, and Abigail Gage of Haverhill, at Haverhill, May末,1749.

Phineas, and Rachel Hopkinson, Mar.29,1789.

Phineas, jr., and Olive Parker, May1,1810. [Apr.24.PR11]

Phineas B., and Ann M. Kimball, May7,1841.PR11

Phebe, and Thomas Johnson [of Almsbury.CR1], Mar.14,1732-3. [Mar.4.CR1]

Phebe, and John Goss, Apr.8,1823.

Prisilla, and Chase Savory, Apr.13,1747.

Priscilla, and Arthur Parry Hardy, Nov.5,1770.

Prudence, and Simeon Stevens of Andover, Oct.24,1765.

Rachel, and Jeremiah Hardy, Aug.29,1734.

Rachel, and Samuel Lindsay of Andover, Mar.2,1773.

Rebackah, and Jonathan Bailey, Sept.25,1733.

Rebacah, and Edmond Chenay, Aug.12,1756.

Rebeccah, and Manly Hardy, Apr.10,1828.

Rebecah, and Abner Hardee, Nov.10,1828.

Rebeca R., and Jacob N. Town, Oct.26,1831.

Reubin, and Elizabeth Adams of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.21,1743.

Reuben, and Hannah Marden, Aug.16,1787.

Rhoda, and Simon Hardy, Nov.27,1792.

Richard, and Sarah Hardy, Jan.23,1723.

Rose, and Peter Cheney, Apr.1,1742.

Ruth, and Samuel Jewet, Oct.23,1718.CR1

Ruth, and Samuel Wood, Jan.30,1749.

Ruth, and Nathaniel Marble, jr. of Haverhill, Dec.28,1762.

Ruth, and Samuel Boynton, Oct.24,1765.

Samuel, and Hannah Hardy, July5,1700.

Sarah, and Francis Jewet, June20,1693.CTR

Sarah, and Ebenezer Burbank, Apr.19,1711.

Sarah, and Richard Hardy, Jan.23,1723.

Sarah, and Joseph Bradly of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Feb.5,1753.

Sarah, and Samuel Burbank of Nottingham West, Oct.15,1766.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Parker, Sept.末,1801.

Sally, and Abner Baley, 3d of Newbury, Jan.21,1819.

Sarah, and Darius Hull, Aug.2,1831.CR1

Silas, and Sally Savory, Nov.25,1806.

Silas, widr., of Boxford, a.66y., carpenter, s.Henry and Rachel, and Sarah Dow, wid., of Lowell, a.62y., d.Ebenezer and Lydia Kimball, Aug.8,1848.

Simeon, and Susanna Shaw, Oct.7,1789.

Simon, and Rhoda Hardy, Nov.27,1792.

Sophia, and Moses Foot, Oct.4,1831.

Stephen, and Mary Holms of Rowley, at Rowley, Aug.20,1740.

Stephen, and Polly Joseph, Sept.末,1786.

Susanah, and Timothy Burbank, Nov.14,1729.

Susannah, and Ebenezer Hardy, jr., July26,1769.

Susanna, and Free Parker, Dec.4,1777.

Susanna, and Benjamin Thurston, jr. of Newbury, Sept.18,1805.

Susanna, and George Huntress, May6,1824.

Susanna, a.48y., d.Jacob and Hannah, and Abner Chase, a.44y., cordwainer, s.Amos and Patty, Sept.1,1847.

Silvanus, and Polly Boynton, Oct.25,1797.CR2

Thomas, and Deborah Wallingford, May14,1719.CR1

Thomas, and Martha Hardy, Jan.4,1721-2.

Thomas, jr., and Lydia Hardy, Feb.2,1763.

Thomas, and Abigail Clough, May14,1775. [May15.CR1]

Timothy, jr., and Priseler Eams, Feb.14,1765.

Timothy, Dea., and Mrs.Mary Ames, May22,1775.

Timothy, and Molly Atwood, Nov.26,1803. [1804.CR2]

Tyler, and Mary E. [G.CR2] Parker, Dec.22,1831.

William, and Ruth Tenny, May3,1678.CTR

William, and Sarah Walker, Apr.10,1703.

William, jr., and Hannah Burbank, Mar.8,1716.

Zechariah and Hephzibah Wallingford, Feb.23,1715-16.

Zachariah, and Bethia Hardy, Feb.5,1735-6.

Zilpha, and Benjamin Guild, Nov.1,1791.

HARRIMAN (Hariman, Harriman, Herreman)

Abigail, of Haverhill, and William Eastman, at Haverhill, Mar.7,1743-4.

Betsey, and Thomas Wood, Jan.8,1818.

Enoch, of Rowley, and Martha Palmer, at Rowley, June5,1759.

Hannah, of Rowley, and Joseph Palmer, at Rowley, Oct.1,1745.

Hannah P., and John C. Hoyt, Oct.16,1823.

Henry, and Clarisa Boynton, Apr.26,1827.

Joshua, and Darcos Hardee, Nov.13,1753.

Peggy, of Rowley, and Samuel Adams [jr.CR2], Aug.23,1792.

Mary, and John Killam, of Boxford, Dec.21,1835.

Sarah, of Plaistow NH, and Richard Kimball, at Haverhill, July22,1755.

Sally, and John Palmer, Jan.18,1788.


Elisabeth, and Joseph Francis of Medford, Dec.18,1735.

Ruth, see Hartshorn, Ruth.

William, and Ellener Wood, Dec.3,1751.


Ruth [Harris.CTR], and John Watson, Feb.2 [25.CTR], 1691-2.


Stephen, of Rowley, and Eliza Hale, Nov.6,1826.

HASELTINE (Hasleton, Hazeltine, Heaseltine, Heasletine, Heseltine)

Abiah, and Andrew Mitchel, Apr.12,1715.

Abiah, and Phineas Cole of Boxford, Jan.19,1766.CR1

Abigail, and Jeremy Hunt,末蔓末,1709.

Abigail, and John Baley, Oct.1,1751.

Abraham [Alvah.CR1], and Rachael Frye, Jan.25,1722.

Amos, of Lunenburg, and Abigail Gage, Feb.17,1785.

Anne, and William Stickny, Sept.4,1701.

Bethiah, and Thomas Spofford, Dec.30,1701.

David, and Mary Jewet, 26:9m:1668.CTR

David, and Rachel Frye, Feb.3,1735-6.

Dawson, and Mehetabel Middletine, Dec.3,1730.

Dorothy, and Amos Kimball, May29,1744.

Eliza Ann, d.Richard, and James Munroe Gage, shoemaker, s.Jonathan, at Providence, RI, June6,1849.

Elisabeth, and Ichabod Boynton, Feb.18,1706.

Elisabeth, and Nehemiah Carleton, Apr.15,1725.CR1

Gershom, and Abiah Dalton, June23,1690.CTR

Gershom, and Debrah Howard of Haverhill, Apr.23,1744.

Hannah, and Thomas Green, Aug.7,1700.

James, and Rebecah Mullicken, Nov.14,1754.

James, and Hannah Kimball, July2,1765.

Johannah, and Thomas Roberds, Feb.14,1742-3.

John, and Abigail Ross, Aug.21,1701.

John, and Mary Webster, Jan.24,1738-9.

John, and Rebecca Barton, Nov.15,1781. [Nov.25, .CR1]

Lucretia, of Atkinson NH, and James Kimball, Dec.末,1790.

Mary, and Moses Gage, Apr.12,1733.

Mary, and Eliot Payson of Rowley, Nov.30,1760.CR1

Mary, and Rev. Stephen Peabody of Atkinson, NH, Jan.19,1773.

Maxcy [Maximilian.CR1], and Abigail Win, Mar.1,1749.

Mehitable, and John Chadwick, abt. 1703.PR6

Mehitebel, and Edward Webber, Nov.19,1747.

Mehitable, and Dea.David Walker, Jan.2,1759.CR1

Nancy, and Rev. Adoniram Judson of Plymouth, [Feb.17.CR1], 1812.

Nathaniel, and Joanna Weed, June24,1713.

Rachel, and Capt. Christopher Bartlett of Haverhill, Mar.24,1735-6.

Rebeckah, and Nathaniel Walker, Jan.8,1700-1.

Rebecca, and REv. Joseph Emerson of Beverly, Jan.16,1810.

Richard, and Abigail Chadwick, Jan.14,1702-3.

Ricard, and Sarah Barns, Nov.12,1730.

Richard [Lt.CR1], and Sarah Barron [of Bedford.CR1], Aug.13,1752.

Richard, of Chester, NH, and Lucy Cross, Nov.12,1772.

Richard, Maj., and Rebeca Gage, Apr.8,1823.CR1

Robert, and Elizabeth Jewett, July21,1680.CTR

Robert, and Sarah Spofford, June10,1702.

Robert, and Mary Frether, [Mar.31.CR1], 1709.

Ruth, and Moses Day, Apr.11,1731.

Samuel, and Ema Kent, at Newbury, June10,1701.

Sarah, and John Jaquis, Nov.21,1723.

Sarah, and Samuel Hale, at Newbury, Dec.13,1725.

Sarah, and David Chadwick, Dec.25,1760.CR1

Sarah, of Haverhill, and James Kimball, at Haverhill, May25,1783.

HASKELL (Harskell)

Lydia, and Jabez Rollings, July15,1792.


Affe, and Amos Kimball, May末,1795.

John, and Ednah Baily, May2,1717. [1718.CR1]

Robert, and Elisabeth Baily, Mar.18,1706.


Huldah, and Joseph W. Brown, Aug.27,1839.

HATHORNE (Harthen, Harton, Hathorn)

Catharine, and William Brown, Dec.4,1823.

Hannah, and Abraham Parker, jr., Feb.17,1745-6.


Sarah, Mrs., of Newbury, and Samuel Hale, at Newbury, Dec.30,1723.


Abigail, and Robert Davidson, Sept.11,1795.

Amos, and Mehitabel Hall, June1,1794.

Daniel, and Ruby Phillips, May10,1818.

Elisabeth, and Jeremiah Kimbal, June20,1732.

Bettee, and Francis Kimball, Feb.18,1768.

Betsey, and Stephen Whittier, Aug.28,1810.

Grace, and Andrew Cook, Mar.20,1716-17.

James, and Sarah Atwood, Feb.13,1709-10.

James, and [wid.CR1] Sarah Thirston, Dec.14,1748.

John, and Lydia Merrel, Mar.6,1770.

Mary, and Amos Blodget, Mar.末,1806.

Mary A., and James M. Palmer of Haverhill, Oct.15,1840.

Mehetebel, and Joseph Carlton, July27,1773.

Hitty, and Richard Ayer of Haverhill, Nov.5,1815.

Nathaniell, and Abigail Stickney, Dec.1,1768.

Reuben, and Lydia Day, Sept.8,1785.

Richard, of Pembroke, NH, and Sarah Watts, Feb.20,1776.

Ruth, and Thomas Kimball, Oct.22,1741.

Sarah, and Moses Haggit of Andover, Mar.11,1728-9.CR1

Sarah, and William Carlton, Nov.16,1769.

Sarah, and Leonard Phillips, Jan.20,1819.


David, and Ann Staples, May24,1732.CR2

Hannah W., a.22y., d.Harriet N., and Rev. Clinton Clark of Pompey, NY, a.30y., s.Roxana, of Granby, Mar.25,1845.

Laura A., and Charles K. Kelly of South Reading, May4,1829. [May14.CR2]

Mary M., and William Adams, jr. of Boston, Sept.30,1841.

William, jr., of Haverhill, and Elizabeth Green, at Haverhill, June18,1730.


Jacob, of Beverly, and Sarah Webster, Aug.末,1780.

Reuben, and Elizabeth Frost, Mar.26,1829.*

HILL (Hills)

Abigail K., and John F. Noyes, Apr.2,1835.

Albert S., and Eunice A.H. Perkins, both of Rowley, June4,1835.CR2

David [Thomas.CR1], of Haverhill, and Susanna Cole, Nov.29,1787.

Elizabeth B., and Jeremiah Hull, May9,1836.

Hannah, of Newbury, and Moses Wood, at Newbury, Oct.25,1781.

Josiah, and Elisebath Stickney, Nov.5,1751.

Obediah, jr., of Rowley, and Lidia Wood, Nov.10,1812.

Thomas, of Nwbury, and Betsey Chadwick, Apr.末,1783.

Timothy, of Haverhill, and Betsey, Lapham, Oct.17,1791. [Oct.1.CR1]


Benjamin, and Abigail P. Hardy, Feb.28,1832.


Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and George K. Montgomery, Sept.10,1835.

Emma E., a.29y., d.Joseph and Emma, and George Johnson, a.29y., clerk, s.Frederick and Nancy, Mar.20,1848.

Joseph E., of Newbury, and Hannah L.H. Bailey of West Newbury, Dec.3,1835.CR2


Joseph, of Reading, and Jane Atwood, Aug.30,1788.

HOLMES (Holms, Homes)

Benjamen, and Mary Burbank, Oct.7,1734.

Elijah, of Rowley, and Hannah Merrek, Sept.26,1769.

Mary, of Rowley, and Stephen Hardy, at Rowley, Aug.20,1740.

Samuel of Rowley, and Anna Cheney, at Rowley, Feb.19,1771.

William A., of Londonderry, NH [Derry, NH. dup.], and Mary Jane Page, Dec.16,1841.


Jeremiah M., and Catharine W. Rollins, Nov.7,1838.

Joshua, and Charlotte Gage, Apr.12,1836.

Stephen, jr., see Hoyt, Stephen, jr.


John [Stone.CR2], of Bolton, and Sarah Atwood, Oct.31,1765.


Stephen, of Newburyport, and Alice [Elizabeth.CR2] Roberts, Dec.末,1780.

HOPKINSON (Hopkenson)

Abigail, and william Parker, jr., Nov.7,1815.

Abigail J., a.20y., d.Daniel and Sarah, and Albert Griswold, widr., of Cambridge, a.38y., machinist, s.Jeremiah and Lucy, May6,1846.

Adaline C., a.19y., d.Uriah and Lucy, and Paul Hopkinson, jr., a.21y., shoemaker, s.Paul and Sally, May14,1846.

Alice, and Daniel Nichols of Amesbury, Aug.10,1775.

Ann O., and Leonard P. Dresser, July8,1839. [July18.PR13]

Ann Matilda, and John W. Estabrooks of Haverhill, Dec.12,1839.

Bethiah, and Asa Merril, Apr.16,1753.CR1

Caleb, and Sarah Wallingford, Nov.25,1679.

Caleb, and Sarah(Wheeler) Spofford, wid.John, June12,1701.

Caleb, jr., and Martha Spofford, Dec.19,1705.

Charles W., and Abigail C. Davis, Oct.26,1843. [Oct.22.PR22]

Charles W., and Laura A. Potter of Beverly, at Danvers, Apr.18,1848.

Charlotte M., a.21y., d.Paul and Sally, and Albion M. Merrill, a.30y., shoemaker, b. Georgetown, s.James and Judith, June8,1848.

Daniel, and Sarah Richardson, Jan.末,1783. [June, 1781.PR22]

Daniel, and Sarah Poor, Dec.1,1816.PR22

David, and Elisabeth Plats, Dec.22,1731.

David W., and Sarah Webster of Haverhill, Nov.18,1828.PR1

Ebenezer, and Mary Smith, Sept.17,1789.

Ebenezer, jr., and Hariot Lapham, June5,1803.

Ednah, and Moses Saunders of Amesbury, Apr.末,1787.

Edwin, and Sarah H. Morse, Mar.24,1829.

Bette, and Stephen Burbank, Nov.28,1757.

George W., a.26y., shoemaker, s.Uriah and Lucy, and Sarah G. Putnam, a.23y., d.Joshua and Eunice, May12,1846.

Hannah, and Silvanus Lowel of Amesbury, Aug.2,1770.

Hannah N. [M.PR22], and Charles M. Howard, Jan.14,1841. [Jan.19.PR22]

Ira, and Julia Poor of Rowley, June5,1823.

John, and Sarah Carlton, Aug.22,1728.

John, jr., and wid.Sarah Morss of Newbury, at Newbury, June18,1742.

John, and Sarah Dexter of Malden, at Malden, June28,1753.

Jonn [jr.CR2], and Rebackah Tenney, Oct.8,1761.

Jonathan [of Newbury.dup.], and Margaret Burbank [Bradford.dup.], at Haverhill, [Mar.28,1738. dup.]

Judith, and Nathaniel Parker, jr., Mar.29,1768.

Judith L., and Ebenezer Greenough, June24,1835.

Martha, and Ebenezer Kimbail, June5,1732.

Martha, and Josiah Sessions, Mar.8,1749.

Mary [Edna.CR2], and Joseph Hardee, Mar.31,1757.

Mary, and James Palmer, Mar.15,1764.

Mary Ann, and Leonard Balch, July8,1823.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Maxfield, Nov.23,1769.

Paul, and Sally Morse, Nov.14,1806.

Paul, jr., a.21y., shoemaker, s.Paul and Sally, and Adaline C. Hopkinson, a.19y., d.Uriah and Lucy, May14,1846.

Priscilla K., and William N. Kimball, July28,1831.CR1

Rachel, and Phineass Hardy, Mar.29,1789.

Rebeca, John S.M. Colby, Nov.15,1832. [Mar.15.CR2]

Samuel, and Betty Palmer, May28,1741.

Sarah, and John Huce, Oct.22,1730.

Sarah, and Andrew Flood, Aug.17,1753.

Sally, and Obadiah Carleton, Mar.13,1789.

Sally, and Jonathan Balch, jr., Mar.19,1829.

Silas, and Hannah Balch, Oct.11,1788.

Sophia, and Gilman Parker, Jan.12,1836.

Thoms M., and Abigail B. Carleton, June8,1834.

Uriah, and Judith Latham, Nov.6,1812.

Uriah, widr., and Lucy Chase, June7,1814.CR2

Walter H., and Sarah Griffith, June15,1847.PR22

William, and Maria Atwood, Nov. [21.CR2], 1811.

William, and Adaline Somes, June24,1834.


Elizabeth B., and John Peabody, Aug.11,1822.CR1

Hannah [Ham.dup.], and James Sullivan, both of Georgetown, Jan.29,1843.


Caroline F.C., and Thomas A. Merrill, June28,1843.PR1

HOVEY (Hovy)

Abigail, of Ipswich, and Job Reynolds, at Ipswich, Nov.19,1733.

Abigail, and Guy Carleton of Roxbury, Dec.8,1811.

Benjamin K., and Abigail Foster, June23,1839.

Hannah, and Aaron Brown, Dec.30,1718.CR1

Hannah, and Samuel Hale, Dec.5,1723.

Hannah, and Daniel [David.CR1] Mitchel, Nov.29,1804.

Hester, of Ipswich, and Stephen Reynolds, at Ipswich, Nov.20,1728.

Joseph, and Rebeckah Stickney, Mar.21,1743-4.

Luke [of Boxford.CR1], and Darkis [Dorothy.CR1] Kimbal, Oct.10,1732.

Luke, of Boxford, and Hannah Kimball, Mar.2,1775.

Masten, and Rev. Caleb Jewett,末蔓末,1785.CR2

Olive, and Asa Gage, Aug.30,1770.

Samuel C., and Meriam Chase of Haverhill, Oct.5,1826.

Susan M., of Boxford, a.20y., d.Samuel C. and Maria, and John W. Libby of Boxford, a.22y., carpenter, s.Theodore and Deborah C., Dec.1,1847.

Washington, of Newburyport, and Deborah Gage, Aug.30,1803.


Charles M., and Hannah N. [M.PR22] Hopkinson, Jan.14,1841. [Jan.19.PR22]

Debrah, of Haverhill, and Gershom Haseltine, Apr.23,1744.

Emily, of Newbury, and William Pemberton, Dec.21,1820.

HOYT (Hoit)

John C., and Hannah P. Hariman, Oct.16,1823.

John, and Ann C. Brown, both of West Newbury, Sept.9,1839.CR2

Mary, and Robert Mullickim, Oct.4,1737.

Stephen, jr. [Holt.CR1], of Andover, and Sophronia Austin, Mar.15,1826.

HUBBARD (Hibard, Hibbard)

Hannah, and Samuel Trask, Nov.25,1746.

Samuel, and Hannah Wicom, Sept.15,1743.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Messer, Sept.23,1797.


Catharine, late of Boston, and Phinehas Cole, May17,1776.

HUGHES (Huce, Huse)

John [Huse.CR2], and Sarah Hopkinson, Oct.22,1730.


Darius, and Sarah Hardy, Aug.2,1831.CR1

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth B. Hill, May9,1836.

Sarah, seamstress, d.Samuel and Sally, and Thomas Jaques, shoecutter, s.Parker and Catherine, Nov.19,1844.


Jeremy, and Abigail Haseltine, [Jan.6.CR1], 1709.

Peter, of Tewksbury, and Mary Kimball, at Haverhill, Feb.2,1749.

Samuel, and Anne Stickney, Mar.31,1709.

Stuard, of Rowley, and Adnah [Ednah.CR1] Woodman, Jan.5,1761. [ Sept.15.CR1]

Timothy, of Tewksbury, and Hannah Stickney, Apr.15,1806.


George, and Susanna Hardy, May6,1824.

HUTCHINS (Huchens, Huchins, Hutchens)

Abigail, of Haverhill, and Attwood Fales, at Haverhill, May2,1747.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Russell, at Newbury, Sept.19,1722.

Jerusha, and Richard Boynton of Rowley, at Rowley, Sept.2,1730.

Joseph, and Sarah Boynton of Rowley, Nov.11,1736.

Margaret, and John Kimbal, June末,1717.

Mary, and Joshua Warner, Jan.12,1731-2.

Samuel, and Mary Williams of Beverly, at Ipswich, Oct.6,1729.

Sarah, and Joseph Sleeper, Jan.1,1713.

William, and Elizabeth Grath, Apr.30,1685.CTR

William, and Sarah Palmer, Jan.26,1718-19.CR1

William, and Bethiah Carleton, Feb.2,1721.

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