Mary, of Byfield, Rowley, and John Barker, at Newbury, Mar.27,1781.

Paul, of Rowley, and Sally Burbank, Nov.24,1801.

Stilman [Samuel S.CR1], of Haverhill, and Sally Merrill, Apr.20,1806. [Apr.22,1805.CR1]

Timeothy, 3d, of Byfield, Rowley, and Molly Burbank, at Newbury, Oct.19,1768.


Edmund, and Mary Michell, June23,1669.CTR


Hezekiah, and Mary Bartlett of West Newbury, June19,1845.PR1

James Noyes, a.24y., shoemaker, s.Nathaniel & Sarah, and Sarah Jane Morse, a.22y., d.Moses & Betsy, Aug.24,1848.

Lucy, and Joseph K. Pemberton, Mar.23,1830.CR2

Lydia D., and John Brown, Feb.7,1832.

Martha Ann, a.23y., d.Nathaniel & Sarah, and Joseph C. Pecker, a.28y., shoemaker, s.Bartholomew C. & Betsy, Feb.13,1849.

JAQUES (Jaquis, Jaquish)

Abigail, and Benjamin Allen of Suffield, Oct.23,1718.CR1

Abigail, and William Tennny, Mar.末,1801.

Daniel [Jaques.CR1], and Hannah Carlton, Nov.8,1722.

Daniel [Jaques, jr.CR1], and Abigal Mullicken, Dec.9,1756.

Daniel, and Sarah Dustin of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Mar.15,1764.

Ebenezer, and Elizebath Mullicken, Oct.22,1747.

Betsy E., a.25y., b. West Newbury, d.Moses & Hannah, of West Newbury, and Nathaniel G. Kimball of Lowell, a.28y., machinist, s.John & Lydia, Nov.30,1848.

Hannah, and Ezra Buck, June15,1794.

Harriet H., and George S. Walker, Dec.20,1842.

John and Sarah Heasletine [Haseltine.CR1], Nov.21,1723.

Judith, and [Dr.CR2] Ebenezer Jewitt, Jan.27,1807.

Maria, and John Page of Windham, NH, Apr.12,1831.

Mary, and James Greenough, at Newbury, Dec.13,1759.

Noyes, and Polly Savory, Aug.2,1788.

Richard, and Mary Woodman, May11,1779.

Ruth, and Ezekiel Wilson, Sept.7,1727.

Sally, and Little Day, Mar.末,1791. [Feb.末,1792.CR1]

Sally, and Samuel Jewett of Newbury, Mar.23,1814.

Susan, and John Page, Feb.28,1844.

Thomas, shoecutter, s.Parker & Catherine, and Sarah Hull, seamstress, d.Samuel & Sally, Nov.19,1844.


Margarette A.F., a.22y., d.Samuel & Survier, and William B. West, of South Reading, a.25y., butcher, s.Henry & Sarah, Jan.4,1848.

JENNINGS (Genins, Gennings)

Abigail, and William Montgomery of Andover, Jan.29,1809.

John, and 末末 Greenough,末蔓末,1781.CR2

John, and Hannah Atwood, May末,1782.

Joseph, and Elisebeth Rolf, Dec.5 [15.CR2], 1735.

Joseph, and Hannah Hardee, Dec.25,175房1759.CR2]

Nancy, and Capt. Jacob Wildman of Hampshire, Mar.末,1785.

Nathaniel, and Lydia Hagget, Jan.9,1820.

Tamer, and Rowel Foot, Dec.12,1813. [Dec.20.CR1]


Samuel B., of Marblehead, and Caroline E. Kimball, Feb.14,1837.

JEWETT (Jewet, Jewitt, Juet, Juett)

Amos, and Mary Bayley of Rowley, at Rowley, Feb.18,1735.

Ann, and Ephraim Pemberton of Amesbury, Apr.16,1737.

Caleb, Rev., of Gorham, and Elizabeth Bacon, Nov.末,1783.

Caleb, Rev., and Masten Hovey,末蔓末,1785.CR2

Ebenezer [Dr.CR2] and Judith Jaquis, Jan.27,1807.

Elizabeth, and Nicholas Wallingford, jr., Mar.12,1680.CTR

Elizabeth, and Robert Haseltine, July21,1680.CTR

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Isaac Kimball, at Rowley, May17,1733.

Francis, and Sarah Hardie, June20,1693.CTR

Hannah, and Leamuel Hardy, Apr.8,1762.

Isaiah, and Martha Saville of Gloucester, Oct.26,1828.PR1

Jacob, and Meheteball Mitchel, July1,1762.

Jedediah, Rev., of Rowley, and Mrs.Elizabeth Parsons, Oct.29,1765.

Jonathan, of Rowley, and Hannah Hale, Nov.17,1791. [1792?]

Joseph, and Mary Gage, Jan.20,1731-2.

Margaret [Sweet.CR2], and Nathan Ames of Newbury, Aug.11,1805.

Mary, and David Haseltine, 26:9m:1668.CTR

Moses, of Exeter, and Martha Hale, Nov.17,1737.

Nathaniel, and Susanna Gooden, Dec.25,1734.

Samuel, and Ruth Hardy, Oct.23,1718.CR1

Samuel [Jewell.CR2], of Newbury [Byfield.CR2], and Sally Jaques, Mar.23,1814.

Sarah, and Edmond Hardee, Dec.29,1757.

Seth, and Mehetebell Hardy, Sept.6,1739.

Seth, Dr., and Abigail Balch, Sept.16,1782.

JOHNSON (Johnston, Jonson)

Amos P., a.24y., shoemaker, s.Jesse & Rebecca, and Martha Jane Peabody, a.23y., d.Nathaniel & Mary, Dec.11,1844.

Anna, of Newbury, and Dr. John Tenney, at Newbury, May4,1774.

Ann Maria, a.25y., d.Frederick & Nancy, and John Girdler of Manchester, a.31y., mechanic, s.William, Jan.20,1846.

Edmund, of Andover, and Nancey Kimball, Oct.29,1799.

Eleazar, of Newburyport, and Sally Newman, June11,1797.CR2

Elisebath, and Daniel Burbank, Apr.1,1745.

Betsey J.C., and Chandler B. Hardy, a.23y., shoemaker, s.John B. & Lavina, Oct.27,1844.

Elisabeth C., wid., a.30y., d.Moses & Sarah Wood, and Joseph P. Stickney, widr., a.25y., shoemaker, s.Joseph M. & Olive, Nov.24,1844.

George W., and Elizabeth C. Wood, Dec.1,1831.

George, a.29y., clerk, s.Frederick & Nancy, and Emma E. Hodgkins, a.29y., d.Joseph & Emma, Mar.20,1848.

Henry C., shoemaker, s.Moses, and Mary Eliza Cowdry, b. Haverhill, d.Joseph, of Haverhill, at Providence, RI, Apr.10,1849.

Jesse, and Rebecca Webster, Nov.末,1819.

Kendall, of Haverhill, and Rebecca Carleton, Mar.6,1804.

Leverett W., a.22y., trader, s.Leonard & Myra, and Catherine A. Brown, a.20y., d.Josiah & Mary, Nov.28,1844.

Nathan, and Betsey Robinson of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Nov.21,1797.

Patrick, and Abigail Pecker, May6,1828.

Phinehas, of Methuen, and Mary Gage, Apr.28,1802. [Apr.18.CR1]

Rachel, of Rowley, and Eliphlet Hale, at Rowley, Jan.29,1769.

Samuel, of Andover, and Elisebath Gage, Apr.22,1742.

Samuel, and Sarah Lakeman, June21,1764.CR1

Samuel, of Andover, and Anna Kimbal, Nov.13,1766.CR1

Sarah, of Haverhill, and Timothy Duston, Nov.7,1718.CR1

Susannah, and Samuel Stickney, June3,1742.

Thomas [of Almsbury.CR1], and Phebe Hardy, Mar.14,1732-3. [Mar.4.CR1]

Thomas, and Rhoda Atwood, May17,1793.


Sally, of West Newbury, and Capt. Solomon H. Parker, Dec.2,1830.


Polly, and Stephen Hardy, Sept.末,1786.

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