John, a.22y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Dennis, and Catherine Coghlin, a.25y., b. Ireland, d.Timothy, of Ireland, Nov.12,1849.


John, of Salisbury, and Anna Atwood, Aug.19,1782.


Stephen [of Boston.CR1], and Eliza Kimball, Jan.7,1827.

MARBLE (Marbel)

Hannah, and Siman Weggins [of Stratham.CR1], July22,1756.

John, and Eliza Parker, Oct.6,1807.

John, jr., and Mary Kimball, Nov.17,1818.

Joseph, and Mary Woodman, May12,1757.

Mary J., a.27y., d.John and Mary, and Benjamin L. Dorr, a.26y., shoemaker, s.William and Agness, Oct.18,1846.

Nathaniel, jr., of Haverhill, and Ruth Hardy, Dec.28,1762.

MARDEN (Mardin)

David, and Meheteball Hardy, July21,1740.

David, and Molly Marden, Jan.末,1786.

David, and Hannah Hardy, May12,1804.

Hannah, and Reuben Hardy, Aug.16,1787.

John, and Hannah Coose, Mar.末,1785.

Jonathan, and Hepzibah Harddy, June1,1729.

Lemuel, and Hannah Greenough, Feb.4,1770.

Molly, and David Marden, Jan.末,1786.

Mary, and Theodore Parker, Sept.15,1807.

Philip C., of Newton, and Louisa Buswell, Nov.7,1848.

William, and Rachel Greenough, Aug.15,1776.


Caleb, of Danvers, and Mary G. Peabody, Apr.12,1827.CR1

John, of Dracut and Martha Rolf, Dec.1,1737.

Martha, and Jonathan Wolenford, Jan.14,1741-2.

Sarah, and Jonathan Hardy, Sept.8,1737.

Varnum, and Hannah B. Parker, Dec.10,1825.


Sarah, and Samuel Trask, Feb.27,1752.


Sarah, and Nathaniel Hopkinson, Nov.23,1769.


Mary, and William Blaisdell of Hampton NH, Nov.27,1783.


James, and Abigail Kimball, Sept.8,1785.CR1


Daniel, and Rebekah Carleton, Oct.25,1801.

MERRILL (Merrel, Merril)

Abel, of Methuen, and Hannah Might, at Methuen, Aug.18,1773.

Abiah, and John Tenney, Mar.16,1747.

Abigall, and Thaddeus Gage, Nov.30,1775.

Albion M., a.30y., shoemaker, b. Georgetown, s.James and Judith, and Charlotte M. Hopkinson, a.21y., d.Paul and Sally, June8,1848.

Anna, and Jonas Runnels of Boxford, Nov.25,1802.

Asa, and Bethiah Hopkinson, Apr.16,1753.CR1

Benjamin, and Sally Parkerr, Apr.16,1809.

Burton E., and Elizebeth B. Savary, Dec.13,1838.

Daniel, and Abigail Carlton, Apr.3,1749.

Elizabeth, of Boxford, and Samuel Tenny, Oct.末,1786.

Enoch, of Newbury, and Mary Morse, Jan.末,1822.CR1

Jesse, of Boxford, and Betsy [E.CR1] Carleton, July23,1809.

John, and Ruth Gould, May14,1826.

John, a.19y., shoemaker, s.Thomas & Sarah, and Sarah P. Cook, a.19y., d.John D. & Harriet, Apr.1,1846.

Lucy F., and Newman B. Hardy, Apr.17,1833.PR11

Lydia, and John Head, Mar.6,1770.

Maria B., and William Varney of Rowley, Sept.13,1830.

Maria, and Myren Bailey of Andover, July9,1835.

Moses, of Newbury, and Betsey Russell, Oct.4,1802.

Otis B., and Sarah Ann Coffin, Dec.29,1849.PR1

Phinehas, and Rachal Goodhue, Sept.5,1776.

Sally, and Stilman [Samuel S.CR1] Jackman of Haverhill, Apr.20,1806. [Apr.22,1805.CR1]

Sarah H., and George M. Warner of Ackworth, NH, Sept.24,1840.

Sarah, Mrs.[wid.CR2], and Dr. Charles L. Cook, Mar.4,1841.

Stephen, and Keziah Hardy, at Amesbury, May27,1731.

Thomas A., Rev., of Middlebury, VT, and Betsey Allen, June18,1812.

Thomas A., and Caroline F.C. Holt, June28,1843.PR1


Alfred, of Methuen, and Mehitable Kimbal, Dec.10,1788.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Hubard, Sept.23,1797.

Thomas, and Jane Pearl, July9,1722.CR1

MIDDLETON (Medelton, Middletine)

Dorathy, and John Lull of Rowley, May19,1737.

Ebenezer, and Abigail Boynton, Sept.13,1739.

Joanna, and Joseph Pudney, June9,1716.

Mehetabel, and Dawson Heaseltine, Dec.3,1730.

Samuel, and Sarah Davis, at Gloucester, Mar.27,1735.

MIGHILL (Mighil)

Mehitable, of Rowley, and Rev. Ebenezer Dutch, at Rowley, Aug.18,1780.

Mehitable, and Samuel Air of Haverhill, Apr.末,1788.

Stephen, of Rowley, and Elisabeth Woodman, Oct.22,1735.


Hannah, and Abel Merrill of Methuen, at Methuen, Aug.18,1773.


Hugh, and Mary Simons [Simmons.CR1], Apr.1 [Apr.12.CR1], 1720.

Hugh, and Rebecca Symmons, June16 [15.CR1], 1727.


James, and Elizabeth Pecker, Oct.2,1832.

Reuben, and Sally Gage,末蔓末,1780.CR2

MIRICK (Merick, Merrek, Mireck)

Ezra [of Methuen.CR1], and Mehetibel Green, July3,1735.

Hannah, and Elijah Homes of Rowley, Sept.26,1769.

Susannah, and John Blasdel, Sept.25,1757.

MITCHELL (Michel, Michell, Mitchel)

Andrew, and Abiah Haseltine, Apr.12,1715.

Anna, and Amos Buck, June5,1805.

Charles, and Nancy Mitchell [wid.CR2], Apr.25,1839.

Daniel [David.CR1], and Hannah Hovey, Nov.29,1804.

Day, and Susannah Greenough, Apr.末,1786.

Day, and Abigail Parker, Oct.24,1802.

Jeremiah, Col., and Ann Gage, June21,1826.

Joseph, and Rebecca Parker, Jan.9,1790. [Jan.27.CR2]

Mary, and Edmund James, June23,1669.CTR

Meheteball, and Jacob Juet, July1,1762.

Nancy, and Abraham Saford, Sept.22,1800.

Nancy [wid.CR2], and Charles Mitchell, Apr.25,1839.

Nathaniel, and Abigal Day, Nov.23,1756.

Nathaniel, and Alice Parker, June21,1787.

Peter, and Lucy Greenough, Sept.30,1798. [1797.PR9]

Rebecca, and Amos Noyes, Oct.30,1809.

Thomas [of Haverhill.CR1], and Sarah Annice, Jan.18,1756. [Jan.13.CR1]


George K., and Elisabeth Hodgkins of Newburyport, Sept.10,1835.

William, of Andover, and Abigail Gennings, Jan.29,1809.


Alvan M., a.23y., carpenter, b. Wiscasset, ME, s.Benjamin B. & Adeline M. Somes, of Wiscasset, ME, and Caroline K. Hardy, a.19y., d.Joseph, jr., & Louisa K., Apr.30,1848.


Ebenezer, of Newbury, and Lucy Wood, Jan.26,1810. [Jan.28. dup.]

Eleanor, Mrs., of Dedham, and Thomas Symmas, at Dedham, Jan.19,1720.

Hannah, of Newbury, and Samuel Tenny, at Newbury, Jan.26,1709-10.

Joseph, of Amesbury, and Elizabeth Crombe, May18,1806. [1807.CR1]

MOORE (Mooar, Moores, More, Mores)

Greenleaf, of West Newbury, and Mary Poor, May末,1824.CR1

John and Dorety Stickney, May17,1758.

Joseph, of Haverhill, and Tamer Atwood, Oct.末,1789.

Polly, and Zebediah Chandler of Andover, June19,1810.

Robert, and Philadelphia Pepper [both from England.CR2], Dec.25,1822.

Sarah, of Andover, and Ezekiel Hardy, at Andover, Sept.1,1763.


Charles, of Parish Carval, LA, and Jane Coburn of Dracut, Sept.9,1840.


Mary, of West Newbury, a.25y., d.Josiah & Lavinia, of West Newbury, and Frye B. Barnett of Methuen, a.29y., yeoman, s.Robert & Betsey, of Methuen, May16,1848.

MORRISON (Morrisson)

Jeremiah, of Windham, NH, and Eleanor R. Kimball, Jan.27,1836.

Thomas, and Sophia Trask, Oct.29,1813.

MORSE (Mors, Morss)

Abel [of Newbury.CR1], and Grace Parker, June3,1714.

Able, Capt., of Chester, and Sarah Kimball, Sept.29,1757.

Ann Maria, and Robart Estas of North Bridgewater, Apr.4,1839.

Benjamin, jr., and Abigail Carleton, Jan.20,1814.CR2

Eliza E., and Moses Morse, jr., Apr.2,1837. [Apr.20.CR2]

Elisabeth, and Moses Spofford of Rowley, July16,1776.

Betsey, and Savory Tenny, Feb.28,1799.

Elizabeth, and Isaac Harding of Haverhill, June22,1824.

Elizabeth Ann, and Elijah Clark, jr., Apr.22,1832.

Hannah, and John Colby, Oct.13,1799.

Isaac, and Lydia Chace, Nov.25,1813.

James, and maria Greenough, Apr.8,1830.

James S., and Nancy J. Carleton of Boxford, Oct.17,1830.

John, and Sophrona Balch, Dec.7,1818.

Joseph, of Newbury [of Newburyport.CR2], and Olive Morse, July26,1807.

Judith, and [Lt.CR2] Ephraim Wesson, of Haverhill, NH, Feb.25,1788.

Judith, and David Palmer, jr., Feb.17,1805.

Polly, and Daniel Richardson, Sept.末,1786.

Molly, and Andrew Peabody of Boxford, Jan.15,1788.

Mary, and Enoch Merril of Newbury, Jan.末,1822.CR1

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Daniel Parker, Dec.25,1822.

Moses, jr., and Eliza E. Morse, Apr.2,1837. [Apr.20.CR2]

Olive, and Joseph Morse of Newbury [of Newburyport.CR2], July26,1807.

Patience, of Methuen, and David Perry, at Methuen, Aug.15,1799.

Rebekah, and Moses Kimball, Nov.25,1800. [Oct.15.PR8]

Richard, and Polly Burbank, July29,1800. [July24.CR2]

Samuel, and Esther Betteys, Aug.18,1793.

Sarah, of Newbury, and Daniel Parker, at Newbury, Nov.26,1713.

Sarah, wid., of Newbury, and John Hopkinson, jr., at Newbury, June18,1742.

Sally, and Paul Hopkinson, Nov.14,1806.

Sarah H., and Edwin Hopkinson, Mar.24,1829.

Sarah K., and John G. Ingersoll, July16,1840.

Sarah Jane, a.22y., d.Moses & Betsy, and James Noyes Jameson, a.24y., shoemaker, s.Nathaniel & Sarah, Aug.24,1848.

Stephen, and Lydia Tenney, Nov.9,1762.

Susanna, and Samuel Carlton of Boxford, Feb.末,1784.

Thomas, jr., and Rebekah Cole of Boxford, Aug.13,1771.

Thomas, jr., and Priscilla Kimball, Dec.30,1800.

Thomas, jr., and Judith Parker, Nov.18,1807.

Thomas, and Rebecca Greenough, Oct.12,1831.

William H., and Rebecca G. Pemberton, Apr.29,1841.

MOULTON (Molton)

Daniel, a.25y., butcher, b. Gilmanton, NH, s Daniel, of Gilmanton, NH, and Rhoolta E. Currier of Haverhill, a.25y., b. Salem, NH, d.Nathan of Salem, NH, at Providence, RI, Dec.12,1849.

Jonathan, and Sarah Burbank, May21,1741.

Paulina, and Charles Lane of Gilmanton, NH, Sept.3,1822.

Rebecca, wid., of Newbury, and Robert Savory, at Newbury, Dec.13,1722.

MULLIKEN (Millikan, Mulicken, Mullican, Mullicken, Mullickim, Mullikin)

Abigal, and Daniel Jaquish [Jaques, jr.CR1], Dec.9,1756.

Amos, and Mehitable Dodge of Sutton, at Sutton, Feb.28,1750-1.

Amos, and Mehitable Gage, May14,1776.

Benjamin, and Ruth Peabody of Boxford, Aug.4,1763.CR1

Ebenezer, and Sarah [Susanna.CR1] Platts, Mar.28,1776.

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Nixon, Sept.末,1786.

Elizebath, and Ebenezer Jaques, Oct.22,1747.

Isaac, Dr., and Hannah Barker, Oct.31,1779.

John, and Mary Pore of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.15,1717.

John, and Sarah Grifen, Jan.29,1732-3.

Joseph, and Phebe Tylor, June3,1736.

Joseph, and Betty Tyler of Boxford, at Boxford, Apr.13,1763.

Mary, and Thomas Stickney, June19,1716.

Mary, and Samuel Kinney [Tenny.CR2], jr. of Newbery, Feb.2,1743.

Rebach, and Benjamin Gage, Aug.2,1722.

Rebecah, and James Heseltine, Nov.14,1754.

Robert, and Mary Hoit, Oct.4,1737.

Ruth, Mrs., and Capt. Issac Osgood of Andover, Nov.2,1774.

Sarah, and Ephraim Kimball, Feb.5,1740.

Sarah, and George Kimball [of Lunenburg.CR1], Oct.21,1748.

Sarah, and Phineas Carlton, Aug.末,1784.

Susanna, and Caleb Norton of Newbury [of Newtown.CR1], Sept.末,1787.


John, of Taunton, a.25y., and Hannah H. Brown, a.22y., d.William and Catharine, Dec.4,1845.


Benjamin, Dr., and Sarah Chadwick, Jan.5,1764.CR1

Sally, and Dr. Benjamin Walker of Clarendon, VT, Jan.6,1794.

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