Abraham, and Nancy Mitchel, Sept.22,1800.

SANDERS (Saunders)

Abel, and Hannah Wallingford, July13,1794.

Abel, and Rebecka Savory, Dec.5,1797.CR2

Adner, and Thomas Andrews of Nottingham West, NH, May14,1821.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Perkins, Dec.22,1822.

John, and Mrs.Sophia Sanders [Sophronia, wid.CR2], Oct.18,1836.

Mary Jane, and Aaron Hardy, Sept.7,1834.

Moses, of Amesbury, and Ednah Hopkinson, Apr.末,1787.

Sarah, and Moses Wood, jr., Dec.14,1809.

Sophia, Mrs.[Sophronia, wid.CR2], and John Sanders, Oct.18,1836.

SARGENT (Sargant, Sergeant)

Albert, of Amesbury, and Abigail D. Noyes, Nov.26,1840.

Hannah, and Jacob Bartlett of Newbury, Feb.15,177[2. copy].

Patty [Polly.CR2], and Eliphalet Rollins, jr., Sept.末,1782.

Mary, of Newbery, and Daniel Barker, Feb.9,1743.

Orlando, and Sarah Balch, Dec.26,1751.

Rachel, of Newbury, and Nathaniel Parker, at Newbury, Nov.25,1739.

Ruth A., and Eliphalet H. Colby, Apr.27,1842.


Martha, of Gloucester, and Isaiah Jewet, Oct.26,1828.PR1

SAVORY (Savary, Savery)

Abigal, and Abraham Burbank, Apr.25,1753.

Abigail, and Nathaniell Wallingford, Sept.8,1768.

Anne, and John Hardy, jr., July8,1701.

Benjamin, and Judith Burbank, Aug.26,1789.

Benjamin, and Lydia Parker, Dec.8,1815.

Bethiah, and Capt. David Walker, Nov.28,1815.

Charles G. [G.S. dup.], and Martha E. Griffith, Nov.30,1841.

Charles P., a.21y., shoemaker, b. Haverhill, s.Thomas, and Sarah H. Balch, a.20y., d.Jonathan, Oct.25,1849.

Chase, and Prisilla Hardy, Apr.13,1747.

Chase, and Hannah Burbank, June11,1779. [June20.CR2]

Dorkcas, and Seth Petty, Mar.30,1730.

Elder, of Londonderry, and Betsy Kimball, May末,1822.CR1

Eliphelet, and Lucy Perkins of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Mar.9,1797.

Bettay, and Solomon Tenney, Dec.31,1761.

Betty, and Samuel Balch, May5,1794.

Elizebeth B., and Burton E. Merrill, Dec.13,1838.

Ellen Maria, and Thomas Greenough, Oct.20,1842.

George, and Louisa Balch of Salem, Jan.31,1822.PR1

Hannah, and Eldad Hardy, Nov.26,1744.

Hannah, and Parker Smith of Newbury, Jan.11,1776.

Hannah, and Wadleigh Noyes of Newbury, Feb.3,1801.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Hale, Oct.22,1815.

John, and Sarah Wood, Sept.11,1755.

John, and Polly Bacon, Dec.末,1779.

John, and Ruthy Goodrich of Newbury, July30,1810.

Jonathan, and Hannah Tenny, Mar.末,1783.

Martha, and Francis Wingate, of Hallowell, ME, Jan.14,1823.

Martha W., a.21y., d.George and Loisa B., and Eldred S. Parker, a.24y., s.Benjamin and Hannah, Dec.24,1844.

Mary, and John Rawlins, July31,1722.

Mary, and Samuel Palmer, jr., Jan.24,1749.

Polly, and Noyes Jaques, Aug.2,1788.

Mary, and Samuel Adams, jr., Dec.31,1809.

Marcy, and John Burbank, Dec.20,1748.

Moses, and Sukey Dutch, June15,1791.

Priscilla, and Retier Parker, Apr.15,1802.

Rebecka, and Abel Saunders, Dec.5,1797.CR2

Robart, and elizabeth Anderton of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.10,1717-18.

Robert, and wid.Rebecca Moulton of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.13,1722.

Samuel, and Abigail Ordway of Newbury, at Newbury, July24,1724.

Sally, and Silas Hardy, Nov.25,1806.

Sophia, and John Pearson of Bangor, ME, Sept.21,1836.

Susannah, and David Foot, Dec.15,1793.

Thomas, and Bethiah Carlton, June18,1778.

Thomas, and Polly Rollins, Sept.末,1786.


David, and Sally Wood, June29,1800.

Mary, and Jonathan Langly of West Newbury, June23,1825.

Mary J., of Georgetown, a.20y., d.William & Joanna, and Arial K. Winter of Georgetown, a.22y., shoecutter, s.William & Susanna, May20,1846.

Reuben, and Betsy Hardy, Aug.21,1827.CR1

Samuel C., and Martha K. Ayer of Haverhill, May7,1839.

William, of Amesbury, and Doratha Richardson, Oct.4,1798.

William, and Joanna Pickett, Oct.7,1825. [Oct.3.CR2]


James, of Andover, and Mercy Gage, Nov.29,1764.CR1


Joshua, and Mrs.Sarah Symmes, May25,16末. [1697?]


John, and Bethiah Danford, June1,1756.

Nancy, and Thomas Spafford, Sept.10,1800.


Anna [wid.CR1], and Samuel Runels, Feb.18,1730.

Josiah, and Martha Hopkenson, Mar.8,1749.


William Henry, of Exeter, NH, and Maria Parker Perry, Dec.19,1839.


Louisa, and William Balch, jr., Dec.2,1824.

Rebecca Ann, and [Dr.CR2] Joseph E. Fiske of Salem, Mar.9,1837.


Charles a., a.24y., carpenter, s.James and Sarah A., and Sarah E. Pemberton, a.21y., d.John and Susan, Nov.19,1846.

David D., and Laura A. kelly, Sept.24,1840.

Susanna, and Simeon Hardy, Oct.7,1789.


Jonathan [of Boxford.CR1], and Mary Crumme, Mar.18,1756. [Feb.26.CR1]


William, of Haverhill [of Portsmouth NH. dup.], and Dolly Gage [at Haverhill. dup.], July23,1796.


William O., widr., a.38y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Sarah, and Mary E. Perry, wid., a.41y., b. Maine, d.M.C. Card, July14,1848.

SILLOWAY (Silleway, Silliway)

John, of Haverhill, and Mary Greenough, Apr.末,1782.

Reuben of Haverhill, and Mary Greenough, at Haverhill, [1790-1791?].


Caroline, and Benjamin G. Ropes of Apalachicola, FL, Oct.2,1840.

Emma, and Thorndike Proctor of Salem, June30,1842.

SIMMONS (Simons, Symmons)

John, and Mary Pierce, July19,1678.CTR

John, and Elizabeth Wolenford, Nov.28,1747.

Mary [Simmons.CR1], ahand Hugh Miller, Apr.1 [Apr.12.CR1], 1720.

Rebecca, and Hugh Miller, June16 [15.CR1], 1727.

Zechariah and Mary Crocker, June4,1716.


Sophia, and Benjamin Day, Aug.18,1816.


James, and Ruth Remick of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Apr.22,1786.


Asa [Smiley.CR1], and Jane Kimball, Jan.16,1802.


William [St. Clair.CR1], of Bluehill Bay ME, and Polly Carlton, Oct.末,1789. [1790.CR1]


Joseph, and Sarah Hutchins, Jan.1,1713.

SMILEY (Smilee)

Asa, see Simsby, Asa.

David, of Haverhill, and Athelia Foot, Nov.10,1805.


Elisabeth, and Samuel Tenney, at Newbury, Jan.17,1771.

George O., a.23y., teacher, b. Bradford, NH, s.Jacob, of Bradford, NH, and Melinda A. Lunt, a.20y., b. West Newbury, d.Nathan, at Providence, RI, July16,1849.

Hugh, and Hannah Hardy, May14,1719.CR1

Mary, and Ebenezer Hopkinson, Sept.17,1789.

Mary, of Methuen, a.38y., d.William and Mary, and Jonathan Kimball, jr., widr., a.57y., yeoman, s.Jonathan and Mahittable, Oct.17,1845.

Parker, of Newbury, and Hannah Savory, Jan.11,1776.

Rebackah, of Rowley, and Ichabod Cheney, July25,1739.

Samuel, and Hanah Hardy, Aug.27,1730.

Thomas, and wid.Judith S. Place, both of West Newbury, Nov.25,1839.CR2


Adaline, and William Hopkinson, June24,1834.


Timothy, of Ipswich, and Eliza P. Greenough, Aug.13,1822.

SPARKS (Sparcks)

John [of Ipswich.CR1], and Mary Cromme, Apr.12,1733.

SPOFFORD (Spafford, Spaford, Spoffard)

Anstris, and Leonard Carlton, Feb.7,1814.

Affee, of Rowley, and Moses Wood, May17,1810.

Charlotte E., and George W. Chaplin, June27,1844.PR1

Daniel, of Rowley, and Hannah Hardy, Nov.6,1812.

Daniel M., of Rowley, and Hannah Barker [Parker.CR1], Dec.19,1813.

Daniel M., of Rowley, and wid.Hannah Parker, Jan.19,1814.CR2

David, of Rowley, and Hannah Chenney, at Rowley, Mar.6,1735.

David, of Rowley, and Mary Bailey, at Rowley, May27,1756.

David, and [wid.CR1] Alisabeth Griffing, Nov.26,1761.

Betsey, and Joseph Noyes, Apr.19,1807. [1808.CR2]

Emily, and William Hall, Feb.7,1832.CR1

George, and Clarisa T. Thurston, Mar.25,1819.

Hannah, and Robert Creig, both of Rowley, Dec.4,1735.

Hannah, and John Parker, Mar.22,1803.

Hannah H., of Georgetown, a.26y., d.Daniel & Hannah Hardy, of Georgetown and James G. Rand of Georgetown, a.24y., shoemaker, b. Epsom, NH, s.John & Judith, of Epsom, NH, June11,1844.

Hershall A., a.23y., trader, s.Jeremiah & Azer, and Sarah Stickney, a.22y., d.Daniel B. & Ann, June5,1845.

Laura A., and Moses P. Atwood, Feb.1,1841.

Martha, and Caleb Hopkinson, jr., Dec.19,1705.

Mary, of Rowley, and Edward Wood, at Newbury, Dec.23,1713.

Mary, and Nathaniel Baley, Oct.20,1757.

Moses, of Rowley, and Elisabeth Morse, July16,1776.

Moses [Thomas.CR1], of Rowley, and Hannah Kimball, July1,1779.

Sarah, and Richard Kimball, Sept.19 [17.CTR], 1682.

Sarah, wid.John, and Caleb Hopkinson, June12,1701.

Sarah, and Robert Haseltine, June10,1702.

Sarah, and Samuel Kimball, Jan.1,1712-13.

Sally, and William T. [David.CR2] Poor of Rowley, Mar.5,1809.

Thomas, and Bethiah Haseltine, Dec.30,1701.

Thomas, and Abigail Haggit, Sept.22,1768.

Thomas, and Nancy Searl, Sept.10,1800.


Nanne, and Jonathan Webster, Dec.8,1742.


Sarah Ann, d.Timothy and Sarah, and Bradley Atwood, cordwainer, s.Simeon and Mary H., Sept.2,1847.


John, widr., of Ipswich, a.46y., farmer, s.Robert and Margaret, and Mary R. Hardy, a.26y., d.Sylvanus and Mary, Sept.18,1845.


Francis B., and Caroline B. Chase, both of West Newbury, Feb.7,1845.


Ann, and David Heath, May24,1732.CR2


John, and Polly Larkin, Dec.末,1779.

STEVENS (Stephens)

Abigail, and Samuel Page, Jan.27,1811.

Benjamin, Capt., and Mrs.Susannah Chickering, Oct.18,1815.

Betsey, and Ephraim Flagg of Salem, Sept.2,1810.

Hannah, of Andover, and Aaron Gage, at Andover, May16,1745.

H. Matilda, a.24y., d.Enoch and Hannah, and Daniel Gage, a.21y., shoemaker, s.Jonathan and Mary, Apr.2,1848.

Lowisa, and Charles Day, May23,1839.

Martha, of Methuen, and Samuel Day, at Methuen, Aug.30,1774.

Mary, of Andover, and Samuel Parker, at Andover, May3,1742.

Phebe, and Isaac Buswell, Nov.22,1804.

Samuel, a.20y., shoemaker, s.Enoch and Hannah, and Lydia Kimball, a.22y., d.Henry and Sally, Dec.2,1847.

Sarah, and John Green, both of Newbury, Sept.7,1735.

Simeon, of Andover, and Prudence Hardy, Oct.24,1765.

Timeothy, of Newbury, and Susanna Gage, at Newbury, Oct.11,1743.

STEWART (Steward)

Edward, and Hannah Green, June5,1718.CR1

STICKNEY (Stickny)

末末, and Richard Kimbal, jr.,末蔓末,1716.

Abigail, and Nathaniell Head, Dec.1,1768.

Alfred I. [W.CR2], and Hannah Hale, Nov.2,1826.

Amos, and Hannah Syles of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.22,1743.

Anna, and William Parker, jr., Apr.21,1796.

Anne, and Samuel Hunt, Mar.31,1709.

Catharine [H.CR2], and Edmund P. Rundlet, July3,1831.

Daniel, and Sarah Balch, Mar.10,1789.

Daniel B., and Ann Parker, Apr.30,1822.

Daniel, Dea., and Mrs.Sarah Lapham, Apr.28,1840.

Dorety, and John More, May17,1758.

Dorothy, and Ebenezer Perry, May5,1774.

Ebenezer, and Molly Palmer, Jan.9,1770.

Elizabeth, and Daniell Tenny, July21,1680. [Aug.17.CTR]

Elisebath, and Josiah Hills, Nov.5,1751.

Elizabeth F., and Gorham P. Tandy, Nov.17,1828.

Erastus B., and Lydia Currier, Oct.16,1829.

Erastus B., and Lucy Pemberton, Nov.3,1839.

Faith, and Samuell Gage, June10,1674.CTR

Hannah, and Timothy Hunt of Tewksbury, Apr.15,1806.

Hannah H., and Ebenezer G. Pressey, Apr.9,1835.

James, and Ellener Wilson, both of Rowley, Jan.1,1735.

Jeremiah, and Elisabeth Carlton, Nov.12,1724.

Joseph P., widr., a.25y., shoemaker, s.Joseph M. & Olive, and Elisabeth C. Johnston, wid., a.30y., d.Moses & Sarah Wood, Nov.24,1844.

Mary, and Joseph Tidd, Aug.30,1722.

Mary, and Moses Worstor, Mar.25,1743.

Mary, and Samuel Adams, Sept.15,1764. [ Sept.25.CR2]

Polly, and William Carleton, Dec.27,1792.

Mary, and William S. Balch, June4,1823.

Mehitabel, and John Barker of Andover, July24,1729.

Meheteball, and Moses Wood, Nov.21,1739.

Mehitable [P.CR2], and Nathaniel Parker, June1,1831.

Merrebe, and John Adams of Rowley, Sept.18,1764.

Ollive P., and William N. Chase, Mar.26,1829.

Rebeckah, and Joseph Hovey, Mar.21,1743-4.

Samuell, and Prudence Gage, Apr.6,1674.CTR

Samuel, and Elizibeth Hardy, Apr.22,1729.

Samuel, and Susannah Jonson, June3,1742.

Samuel, jr., and Merebath Tenney, Oct.11,1743.

Samuel, and Polly Atwood, Apr.29,1792.

Sarah, and David Boynton, both of Newbury, Sept.19,1738.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Wood, May24,1749.

Sarah, and Jededah Barker, Feb.11,1757. [Feb.1.CR2]

Sally, and Jonathan French of Hopkinton, NH, Sept.8,1790.

Sarah, a.22y., d.Daniel B. and Ann, and Hershall A. Spofford, a.23, y., trader, s.Jeremiah and Azer, June5,1845.

Susanna, and Phineas Carleton, at Boxford, Dec.8,1763.

Thomas, and Mary Mullicken, June19,1716.

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Tenney, Jan.6,1761. [Jan.8.CR2]

Thomas, and Anna Hagget, Nov.4,1779.

William, and Anne Haseltine, Sept.4,1701.


Ebenezer, and Dorothy Dalton, July23,1701.

Eliza, and Jeremiah Carter, Apr.15,1827.

Samuel, and Mary Carleton, Sept.22,1799.


Rebecca, and William Batcheller, June17,1838.


Selah, Rev., of Lynn, and Mary H. Blood, July30,1832.CR1


Jane, of Beverly, and Ebenezer Kemball, at Beverly, Dec.18,1735.

John, see Hony, John.

Rebekah, Mrs., of Beverly, and Rev. William Balch, at Beverly, Mar.12,1727-8.


Lucy, and Hugh Moore Campbell of Reading, Aug.9,1832.CR1


John H., of Methuen, a.23, y., mechanic, s.Oliver and Mary P., and Charlott Allis, a.18y., d.Andrew, Dec.23,1845.


Henry, and Mary Falkender, at Boston, Aug.31,1738.


James, and Hannah Horn [Ham.dup.], both of Georgetown, Jan.29,1843.


Ann B., and Daniel N. Poor, Nov.3,1832.


Joseph, of Methuen, and Elizabeth Danford [Danforth.CR1], June末,1786.

SWEET (Swett)

James, of Georgetown, and Mary A. Balch, at Haverhill, June18,1840.

Margaret, see Jewet, Margaret.


Hannah, of Rowley, and Amos Stickney, at Rowley, Jan.22,1743.

SYMMES (Sims, Symes, Symmas)

Rebeca [Mrs.dup.], and Ebenezer Osgood, at Andover, Dec.20,1710.

Sarah, Mrs., and Joshua Scottow, May25,16末. [1697?]

Thomas, and Mrs.Hannah Pike, Mar.28,1714-15.

Thomas, and Mrs.Eleanor Moody of Dedham, at Dedham, Jan.19,1720.

Zechariah, and Mrs.Mehitabel Dolton, Nov.26,1683.CTR

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