Bartholomew Smith, s.Eliphalet and Huldah (Smith), Apr.21,1815. [Apr.5. dup.]

Bartholomew Smith, s.Bartholomew Smith and Abba (Lowd), Dec.25,1845.

Charles H., s.Bartholomew Smith [laborer. dup.] and Abba (Lowd), Oct.25,1845.

Clementine, d.Bartholomew Smith and Abba (Lowd), Sept.4,1842.

Eliphalet, s.Eliphalet and Huldah (Smith), Oct.23,1797.

Elizabeth T., d.George W. and Abigail S. (Spiller), July1,1833.

George Washington, s.Eliphalet and Huldah (Smith), Aug.27,1800.

George W., at Lyndeboro, NH, May27,1801.

George W.B., s.George W. and Abigail S. (Spiller), Aug.15,1835.

Irene, at Lyndeboro, NH, Jan.20,1780.

Laura Jane, d.Barhtolomew Smith [cordwainer. dup.] and Abba (Lowd), Mar.29,1844. [1845. dup.]

Mary Ann G., d.Eliphalet and Huldah (Smith), Sept.21,1809.

Mary Eleanor M.A., d.George W. and Abigail S. (Spiller), Apr.17,1831.


Almon Fisk, s.John and Mary (Allen), at Grafton, NH [at Corinth, VT. dup.], Mar.30,1819. [Mar.13. dup.]

Amos, s.John and Mary (Allen), at Plaistow, NH, July8,1807.

Charles Warren, s.Almond Fisk and Louisa (Nason), Sept.12,1849.

Dolly Nichols, d.John and Mary (Allen), at Grafton, NH, Jan.24,1818.

Elizabeth Allen, d.John and Mary (Allen), at Plaistow, NH, Sept.17,1812.

Francis Allen, s.John and Mary (Allen), at Grafton, NH, July22,1816.

Francis Allen, s.John and Mary (Allen), at Corinth, NH, Feb.17,1831.

Franklin Augustus, s.Almond Fisk [Alexander. dup.] and Louisa (Nason), July6,1844. [July3. dup.]

George A., s.Almond [Fisk. dup.], yeoman, and Louisa [(Nason). dup.], May3,1847.

Harriet Jane, d.John and Mary (Allen), at Corinth, NH, Jan.26,1829.

Henry M. [A. dup.], s.John, jr. [yeoman. dup.] and Judith Ann (Stone), July15,1846.

John, at Amesbury, Aug.13,1786.

John, jr., s.John and Mary (Allen), at Grafton, NH, June13,1822.

Julia Ann, d.John and Mary (Allen), at Corinth, NH, July8,1824.

Louisa, d.John and Mary (Allen), at Plaistow, NH, Sept.23,1808.

Lydia Drew, d.John and Mary (Allen), at Corinth, NH, Aug.31,1826.

Mary Osgood, d.John and Mary (Allen), at Grafton, NH, May19,1814.

Mary Osgood, at Grafton, NH, May9,1842.

Sarah Whittier, d.John and Mary (Allen), at Grafton, NH, Apr.11,1820.

William Wallis, s.John, jr. and Judith Ann (Stone), Jan.25,1849.


Amanda, at Wenham, Sept.11,1812.

Ann, at Rowley, Nov.9,1793.

Benjamin Pickett, s.David and Almira (Pickett), at Georgetown, Jan.16,1843.

Caroline, at Wenham, Dec.5,1809.

Charles Kendall, s.Amos and Almira (Pickett), at Georgetown, July23,1844.

David, at Wenham, Oct.7,1817.

David, s.Amos and Almira (Pickett), May29,1849.

Harriet Emily, d.David and Almira (Pickett), at Georgetown, Dec.17,1838.

Sarah Whittier, Apr.11,1820.

William Henry, s.David and Almira (Pickett), at Georgetown, Dec.4,1840.


Elen C., ch.John, farmer, and Elizabeth (Martin), Feb.24,1849.

Fanny, d.John, bp. Jan.18,1778.CR1

Francis, at Beverly, Dec.19,1809.

Francis Allen, s.Francis and Susan P. (Jacobs), Feb.14,1839.

Frederick A., at Salem, Aug.18,1823.

Joanna, d.John, bp. Jan.7,1776.CR1

Joseph L., at Boston, June30,1827.

Louisa Melvina, d.Joseph L. and Ellen Elizabeth (Cross), Oct.18,1849.

Mary, at Manchester, NH, Sept.2,1813.

Sarah, at Newburyport, Aug.1,1795.

Sarah, at Beverly, Nov.15,1804.

Susan S., d.Francis [cashier of bank. dup.] and Susan P. (Jacobs), May26,1845.


George Washington, s.twin, Rev. Benjamin and Joanna, bp. Oct.26,1777.CR2

Horatio Gates, s.twin, Rev. Benjamin and Joanna, bp. Oct.26,1777.CR2

Polly, at Francistown, NH, Nov.4,1780.


Israel, in Nova Scotia,末蔓末,1821.


Lydia Ann, d.Thomas Davis and Lydia (Rhodes), Aug.22,1834.

Ruhana Davis, d.Thomas Davis and Lydia (Rhodes), Mar.7,1824.

Thomas Davis, at Billerica,末蔓末,1796.

William Henry, s.Thomas Davis and Lydia (Rhodes), July1,1827.


末末, s.Thomas and Clarissa (Aborn), Mar.9,1826.

Abigail, at Salem, May19,1817.

Alpheus Woodbury, at Salem, May16,1810.

Alpheus Derby, s.Alpheus Woodbury and Charity (Galeucia), July25,1833.

Annette Weston, d.George Washington and Sarah (Needham), June1,1849.

Caroline Augusta, d.Thomas and Clarissa (Aborn), May3,1827.

Clarissa Lucelia, d.Thomas and Clarissa (Aborn), May23,1829.

Edward Payson, s.Thomas and Clarissa (Aborn), Sept.2,1831.

Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Phebe, Apr.11,1812.

Elizabeth Brown, d.Thomas and Clarisa, Jan.2,1824.

Elizabeth Osborn, d.Alpheus Woodbury and Charity (Galeucia), Sept.13,1838.

George Washington, Jan.15,1813.

George Cowles, s.Thomas and Clarissa (Aborn), May12,1838.

George Washington, s.George Washington and Sarah (Needham), May2,1844.

James, at Salem, Dec.27,1818.

James Brown, s.Thomas and Clarissa (Aborn), Jan.13,1834.

Jane Townsend, d.George Wahsington [carpenter. dup.] and Sarah (Needham), Oct.26,1845.

Lydia Brown, d.Thomas and Clarisa, Mar.31,1818.

Mary Flint, d.Thomas and Clarisa [(Aborn). dup.], Mar.31,1820.

Malinda, Salem, Dec.31,1827.

Robert Brown, s.Alpheus Woodbury and Charity (Galeucia), at Salem, May7,1836.

Samuel Aborn, s.Thomas and Clarisa, Jan.21,1822.

Sidney, s.James and Hannah (Bond), Aug.21,1849.

Thomas, at Reading, Dec.1,1791.

Thomas Frederic, s.Thomas and Clarissa (Aborn), at Salem, Apr.13,1816.

Walter Channing, s.George Washington and Sarah (Needham), June15,1847.

William Henry, s.Ebenezer and Phebe, Jan.30,1817.

BARDING (Burding)

Henry W[illard.CR5], s.William and Sally [Elizabeth.CR5], Sept.10,1817.

Sally S[aunders.CR5], d.William and Sally [Elizabeth.CR5], June23,1821.


Abagail, at Newburyport, June5,1804.

Abigail, d.Charles and Betsey (Willson), Feb.5,1831.

Charles, at Landsgrove, VT,末蔓末,1800.

Charles, jr., s.Charles and Betsey (Willson), Nov.20,1828.

Edward, s.Charles and Betsey (Willson), Sept.1,1835.

Eliza Ann, d.Charles and Betsey (Willson), Aug.9,1825.

George W., s.Jeremiah and Hannah, Aug.27,1826.

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, at Salem, Mar.23,1815.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Hannah, June29,1812.

John A., s.Jeremiah and Hannah, Mar.29,1819.

Lydia B., d.Jeremiah and Hannah, Sept.16,1829.

Martha Ann, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, May11,1823.

Martha L., d.Charles and Betsey (Willson), Oct.25,1841.

Mary Annable, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, May8,1817.

Warren Proctor, s.Charles and Betsey (Willson), July9,1833.

William, s.Charles and Betsey (Willson), Apr.20,1839.


Clarissa Ann, Mrs., at Salem, Dec.13,1820.

Edward, s.Dr. Edward and Judith, bp. Nov.28,1781.CR2

Betsey, at Hollis, NH, Dec.1,1799.

John W., s.Willis and Susan (Southwick), Jan.21,1840.

Willis, at Enfield, NH, Feb.2,1807.

Willis, jr., s.Willis and Susan (Southwick), at Saugus, Nov.19,1834.


John, s.John and Apphia (Porter), Apr.21,1824. [Apr.1. dup.]

Joseph E., at Montpelier, VT,末蔓末,1836.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Michael and Hannah (Leach), May15,1849.

Michael, at Salem, Aug.21,1806.


Rufus Greenough, s.John Symonds [harness maker. dup.] and Mary Flagg (Gile), Sept.6,1846.


Edward, s.Thomas and Nelly (Barnes), in Ireland, July末,1835.

Eleazer Pope, s.Jonathan and Gertrude, Sept.29,1824.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Ellen (Barnard),末蔓末,1848.

Ellen, d.Thomas and Nelly (Barnes), Aug.15,1844.

Ellen, d.Thomas, b. West Indies, and Ellen (Barnard), b. Ireland, in Ireland,末蔓末,1845.

Hannah, w.Joseph, Dec.29,1749.

Hannah, in Ireland, Jan.26,1815.

Hannah Osborn, d.Joseph, jr. and Mary (Winn), Aug.14,1822.

Hannah Osborn, 2d, d.Joseph, jr. and Mary (Winn), Oct.19,1825.

James Winn, s.Joseph, jr. and Mary (Winn), June23,1818. [1819. dup.]

Jonathan, at Salem, Dec.11,1790.

Joseph, at Salem, May22,1750.

Joseph, jr., at Salem, Aug.22,1778.

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Mary (Winn), at Salem, July4,1816.

Margart Joann, d.Thomas, b. West Indies, and Ellen (Barnard),末蔓末,1847.

Margaret, d.Thomas and Nelly (Barnes), Dec.25,1848.

Martha Osborn, d.Jonathan and Gertrude, July9,1827.

Mary, d.Joseph, jr. and Mary (Winn), Jan.26,1806.

Mary, d.Thomas and Nelly (Barnes), in Ireland, Dec.25,1840.

Mary Bartlett, d.Thomas, b. West Indies, and Ellen (Barnard), b. Ireland, in Ireland, Dec.25,1840.

Michael, s.Thomas and Nelly (Barnes), in Ireland, Dec.25,1832.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Nelly (Barnes), Dec.25,1845.

Thomas B., s.Thomas, currier, and Mary, Feb.10,1846.

BARREY (Berry)

David Henry, s.Michael Henry and Eliza Celia Safford (Newport), at Boston, Nov.14,1844.

John H[enry.dup.], s.Michael H[enry.dup.], currier, and Eliza, Feb.20,1847. [Feb.21. dup.]

Michael Henry, at Salem, May26,1819.

Sarah Ann, d.Michael Henry and Eliza Celia Safford (Newport), at Woburn, Jan.6,1845.


Thomas A., in England, Apr.末,1837.


John C., at Hanover, Feb.6,1805.


Lucy Buswell, at West Newbury, Jan.19,1823.


James H., at Bath, ME, Jan.26,1817.

Mercy Ann, d.James H. and Marinda P. (Bursiel), June23,1838.

Nancy Whitman, at Bath, ME, July17,1815.


Frank Appleton, s.Philander Randolph and Martha Ann (Symonds), Aug.23,1849.

Joseph Gorham, s.Philander Randolph [stable keeper. dup.] and Martha Ann (Symonds), Apr.7,1847.

Philander Randolph, at Dixmont, ME, June23,1822.

Samuel Symonds, s.Philander Randolph [stable keeper. dup.] and Martha Ann (Symonds), Sept.17,1844.


Caroline Matilda, d.Richard Davenport and Sarah Jane (Chipman), Oct.28,1846.

George Grafton, s.Richard Davenport and Sarah Jane (Chipman), Oct.28,1848.

Richard Davenport, in Virginia, Sept.17,1821.

William Henry, s.Richard Davenport and Sarah Jane (Chipman), in Virginia, Nov.15,1844.


Clara H., at Salem, July23,1828.

Lydia Ann, at Salem, June21,1823.

BATCHELDER (Batchelor)

Abba Ellen, d.Andrew Putnam and Bethiah (Lee), Mar.8,1834.

Abigail, d.Ezra and Mary, Nov.1,1767.

Abigail P., d.Andrew and Sally, 2d w., Oct.3,1813.

Almira Putnam, d.Andrew and Ruth, Oct.5,1802. [Oct.6. dup.]

Andrew, s.Ezra and Mary, Apr.16,1772.

Andrew Putnam, s.Andrew and Sally, 2d w., at Brookfied, Sept.9,1807.

Anna, d.James M., cordwainer, and Susan, May3,1847.

Ann Porter, at Salem, Dec.5,1807.

Asa, May12,1762.

Asa, s.Asa and Mehetables, Apr.11,1804.

Augustus, s.Ezra and Anna, June10,1806.

Charles Albert, s.Oliver Felton and Sally (Osborn), Feb.23,1849.

Eliza Cogswell, d.Andrew and Sally, 2d w., July13,1827. [1828. dup.]

Betsy, d.Asa and Mehetables, Mar.19,1796.

Elizabeth B., d.Ezra and Anna, Aug.1,1808.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Sally, July5,1810.

Ella Louisa, d.George Osgood [blacksmith.dup.] and Elizabeth Preston (Prince), June10,1845.

Emily, d.Ezra and Anna, Nov.25,1796.

Emily Osborn, d.Oliver Felton [grocer. dup.] and Sally (Osborn), Dec.28,1846.

Esther Malinda, d.James and Malinda (Parker), Aug.31,1832.

Ezra, s.Ezra and Mary, Nov.13,1769.

Ezra, s.Ezra and Anna, Jan.18,1813.

Francis Dodge, s.John Henry and Emma Eaton (Dodge), Aug.11,1848.

Franklin, s.Ezra and Anna, Apr.29,1802.

George F., s.Andrew and Sally, 2d w., at Brookfield, Nov.13,1808.

George O., s.Ezra and Anna, June20,1815.

George Osgood, s.Ezra and Anna, May16,1817.

George Washington, s.James and Malinda (Parker), Sept.27,1831.

George Augustus, s.Andrew Putnam and Bethiah (Lee), Apr.末,1832.

George Gardner, s.George Osgood and Elizabeth Preston (Prince), Nov.7,1842.

George Washington, s.James and Malinda (Parker), Dec.24,1842.

George Henry, s.John Henry [sash maker. dup.] and Emma Eaton (Dodge), Jan.17,1847.

Georgiana, d.Augustus and Esther (Carr), Mar.2,1839.

Gideon, s.Asa and Mehetables, May9,1803.

Hannah Elizabeth, d.Andrew and Sally, 2d w., July23,1822.

Harriett S., d.Ezra, laborer, Nov.19,1846.

Henry, s.Ezra, bp. July25,1779.CR1

Henry Lee, s.Andrew Putnam and Bethiah (Lee), Jan.21,1830.

Henry N., at Wenham, Feb.7,1841.

Ira Alonzo, s.James and Malinda (Parker), Apr.30,1836.

James, at Kensington, NH, Dec.8,1804.

James H., s.Andrew and Sally, Oct.3,1820.

James Warren Roe, s.James and Malinda (Parker), Feb.26,1830.

Joanna, d.Ezra and Mary, Dec.10,1763.

John Peirce, s.Andrew and Ruth, Nov.26,1803.

John Henry, at Salem, Jan.23,1817.

Laura Tapley, d.Nathaniel and Ann Maria (Hazen), Dec.13,1849.

Louisa Maria, d.Andrew Putnam and Bethiah (Lee), Feb.16,1840.

Lucy W., at Beverly, Apr.12,1841.

Lydia [d.Ezra.CR1], Jan.1,1775.

Lydia, d.Asa, bp. June3,1798.CR1

Lydia [Holt.CR1], d.Asa and Mehetables, Dec.27,1800.

Lydia Peirce, d.Andrew and Sally, 2d w., Dec.23,1816.

Lydia P., at Middleton, June30,1820.

Malachi Felton, s.Jonathan and Sally, Apr.22,1812.

Martha, d.Jonathan and Sally, Feb.11,1805.

Polly, d.Asa and Mehetables, Aug.15,1794.

Polly, d.Ezra and Anna, Sept.9,1810.

Mary J., d.Andrew and Sally, 2d w., July23,1822.PR74

Mary Woodbury, d.Andrew Putnam and Bethiah (Lee), Jan.15,1836.

Mary Ann Eunice, d.James [carpenter. dup.] and Malinda (Parker), July12,1844.

Mehetables, w.Asa, May20,1772.

Nancy, d.Ezra and Anna, July23,1804.

Nathaniel, s.Ezra and Mary, Oct.13,1765.

Nathaniel, at Beverly, July21,1824.

Oliver Felton, s.Andrew and Sally, 2d w., June7,1815.

Rachel, at Salem, Dec.2,1818.

Ruthy Felton, d.Andrew and Sally, 2d w., June20,1810.

Ruth Putnam [d.Andrew and Sally.PR74], Dec.3,1818.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sally, Nov.27,1806.

Sarah Felton [d.Andrew and Sally, 2d, w.dup.], Feb.12,1812.

Susan M., at Moultonboro, NH, Dec.7,1822.

Susan M., Apr.23,1845.PR52

Theodore, s.Ezra, shoe manufacturer, Mar.25,1846.

Theron, s.Ezra and Anna, July7,1800.

William Brown, s.Ezra and Anna, July31,1798.

William Henderson, s.Andrew Putnam and Bethiah (Lee), Feb.1,1838.

William Henry Goding, s.James and Malinda (Parker), Aug.21,1838.

William Oliver, s.Oliver Felton [grocer. dup.] and Sally (Osborn), Oct.11,1845.

BATCHELOR (Batchelder)

Molly, d.Ezra, bp. Feb.9,1777.CR1


Albert Augustine, s.John and Martha (Page), May14,1832. [May10,1833. dup.]

Anna, at Dedham, Jan.30,1818.

Edward Whiting, s.John and Martha (Page), Mar.5,1823.

Ellen Maria, d.John and Martha (Page), Jan.7,1837.

John, at Dedham, May20,1797.

John Page, s.John and Martha (Page), Nov.4,1829.

Martha Page, d.John and Martha (Page), Dec.2,1824.

Martha Endicott, d.John and Martha (Page), Apr.9,1826.

William E., s.John [gardener. dup.] and Martha (Page), Apr.16,1845.


Tabitha, at Salem, Nov.11,1808.


Abigail Lucy, at Nottingham, NY, July3,1816.

Addison Franklin, s.V.O., currier, and Mary, May29,1843.

Albert W., s.John H., laborer, and Sarah Ann, Mar.26,1846.

Hannah, at South Berwick, June12,1822.


Albert Forrest, s.Benjamin [carpenter. dup.] and Mary (Prince), Aug.17,1846. [Aug.19. dup.]

Benjamin, at Salem, Sept.18,1814.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary (Prince), May17,1840.

Caroline Augusta, d.Joseph [carpenter. dup.] and Mehitable Caroline (Ruee), July15,1845.

Ellen Maria, d.Joseph [carpenter. dup.] and Mehitable Caroline (Ruee), Dec.24,1846. [Dec.21. dup.]

George Augusta, s.Benjamin and Mary (Prince), Sept.3,1842.

Georgiana, d.Joseph and Mehitable Caroline (Ruee), Nov.8,1848.

John, s.Benjamin and Mary (Prince), Dec.8,1848.

Joseph, at Salem, Oct.15,1819.

William Cook, s.Benjamin [housewright. dup.] and Mary (Prince), Dec.10,1844.

BECKFORD (Bickford)

末末, d.twin, Pinson and Lydia (Brown), Sept.21,1834.

Asa Nurse, s.Pinson and Lydia (Brown), Sept.19,1829.

Charles, s.Pinson and Lydia (Brown), Feb.22,1832.

Charles Henry, s.Josiah and Benedicta (Moore), at Salem, Apr.3,1841.

Charles Henry, s.Josiah [Thomas, laborer. dup.] and Benedicta (Moore), July22,1847.

Ebenezer, s.Pinson and Lydia (Brown), Jan.29,1826.

George Augustus, s.Pinson and Lydia (Brown), Dec.19,1827.

Hannah Hayes, d.Josiah and Benedicta (Moore), June3,1845.

John Walsh, s.Pinson and Lydia (Brown), at Salem, Aug.31,1824.

Josiah, at Topsfield, Sept.15,1811.

Mary Jane, d.Josiah and Benedicta (Moore), at Topsfield, May18,1839.

Pinson, at Salem, Apr.17,1799.


Almira C., d.William and Susan (Gerry), at Acton, ME, Feb.13,1829.

Charles Edwin, s.William [laborer. dup.] and Susan (Gerry), Oct.8,1847.

George Anderson, s.William and Susan (Gerry), Oct.4,1843.

George F., s.Ruben, shoemaker, July28,1848.

John Wilkins, s.William and Susan (Gerry), at Acton, ME, Apr.23,1831.

Louisa A.G., d.William and Susan (Gerry), Nov.14,1841.

Martha Jane, d.William and Susan (Gerry), at Acton, ME, Dec.22,1838.

Mary Adalaide, d.William and Susan (Gerry), at Acton, ME, Mar.30,1827.

Mary Susan, d.William and Susan (Gerry), at Acton, ME, Dec.13,1835.

Reuben Mace, s.William and Susan (Gerry), at Alfred, ME, Dec.26,1824.

Silas Newell, s.William and Susan (Gerry), at Acton, ME, Nov.6,1833.

William, at Alfred, ME, Oct.5,1799.


Mary, at Salem, Aug.24,1802.


Bridget, d.Timothy and Catherine (Heafey), in Ireland,末蔓末,1843.


Amasa King, d.William and Sally, Oct.23,1802.

Charlotte, d.William and Sally, Apr.28,1810.

Joseph, s.William and Sally, Apr.1,1815.

Lydia S.K., d.William and Sally, Mar.31,1807.

Mary Green, d.William and Sally, June17,1805.


Daniel, Oct.8,1762.

Daniel Calder, s.Daniel and Hannah, Sept.4,1795.

Elizabeth Ellen, at Salem, Mar.14,1826.

George F., s.Daniel and Hannah (Verry), Apr.20,1801.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Hannah, May28,1785.

Mary, d.Daniel and Hannah, Dec.2,1787.

Samuel, s.Daniel and Hannah, June8,1786.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Hannah, Oct.13,1790.


Charles, at Salem, May16,1805.

Charles Wheellock, s.Charles and Hannah (Cree), at Salem, Jan.24,1834.

Elizabeth W., at Salem, Nov.30,1809.

Harriet Maria, d.Charles and Hannah (Cree), Sept.14,1839.

Phebe Ellen, d.Charles and Hannah (Cree), at Salem, June9,1836.


Amos, s.Amos and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.19,1780.CR2

Molly, d.Amos and Elizabeth, bp. July19,1778.CR2

William S.M.C., at Sandwich, NH, Feb.25,1831.


Ellen Burns, at Yarmouth, N.S., Dec.7,1840.

Hannah E., in Nova Scotia, July21,1840.

BERRY (Barrey)

Abigail, at Newburyport, June26,1763.

Abigail, at Middleton,末蔓末,1772.

Abigail Ann, d.Michael and Anna, Sept.10,1816.

Albert Augustus, s.Eben G. and Elizabeth J. (Abbott), Dec.30,1834.

Amos, s.William, bp. Jan.16,1774.CR1

Augusta Adeline, d.Eben G. and Elizabeth J. (Abbott), Sept.7,1844.

Benjamin, at Salem, Dec.末,1798.

Caroline Amanda, d.Eben G. and Elizabeth J. (Abbott), Mar.2,1842.

Daniel, at Middleton, Aug.8,1808.

Ebenezer, at Andover, Jan.1,1779.

Ebenezer Gardner, s.Ebenezer and Hitty, Feb.19,1809.

Ebenezer, at Middleton, Oct.13,1820.

Ebenezer Eugene [Eben G. dup.], s.Ebenezer and Isabella (Reid), Nov.26,1846.

Elizabeth Newman, d.William Newman [cordwainer. dup.] and Caroline (Langmaid), Sept.1,1847.

Emily Gardner, d.Eben G. and Elizabeth J. (Abbott), Aug.2,1839.

Eunice E., d.Jacob S. and Almira L. (Annible), at Hamilton, Dec.7,1843.

Frances A., d.Daniel [butcher. dup.] and Mary May (Wright), Apr.26,1845.

Francis Parker, s.Ebenezer and Isabella (Reid), Oct.28,1848.

Hannah, d.William, bp. Jan.16,1774.CR1

Hannah Tappan, d.Michael and Ann, Feb.24,1824.

Harriet, at Newburyport, Oct.3,1794.

Harriet, d.Michael and Ann, Feb.5,1819.

Harriet Augusta, d.Eben G. and Elizabeth J. (Abbott), Apr.29,1833.

Harriet Elizabeth, d.Eben G. and Elizabeth J. (Abbott), May29,1837.

Harriett A.N., d.Susan Wiggin, Apr.19,1846.

Hiram Agustus, s.Ebenezer and Hitty, July6,1814.

Israel, s.William, bp. July28,1776.CR1

Jacob S., at Strafford, NH, Aug.3,1817.

John, at Middleton, Nov.2,1816.

John M., at Strafford, NH, May18,1820.

John Webster, s.John M. and Lorana M. (Ferrin), Oct.29,1849.

Jonathan P., at Middleton, Oct.5,1785 or 1786.

Jonathan, s.Daniel and Mary May (Wright), Apr.29,1839.

Joseph C., at Dover, NH, Apr.7,1830.

Maria I., d.Jacob S. and Almira L. (Annible) at Hamilton, Nov.13,1841.

Martha Louisa, d.Daniel and Mary May (Wright), Apr.8,1842.

Martha Jane, d.John [carpenter. dup.] and Sarah Gale (Webb), Oct.7,1844.

Mary, at Salem, Apr.7,1807.

Mary, in Ireland,末蔓末,1828.

Mehitable Preston, d.Ebenezer and Hitty, Aug.12,1810.

Michael, at Newbury,末蔓末,1789.

Michal, s.Michael and Ann, Dec.5,1817.

Nancy Gerry, d.Jonathan P. and Hannah (Southwick), at Salem, Dec.3,1820.

Nancy Webb, d.John and Sarah Gale (Webb), Apr.1,1849.

Phebe Ann, d.Jonathan P. and Hannah (Southwick), at Topsfield, Feb.15,1818.

Sarah Eliza, d.William Allen and Pamelia Stone (Smothers), July10,1836.

Sarah Allean, d.John and Sarah Gale (Webb), Oct.22,1842.

Susan Ellen, d.William and Susan Howard (Nichols), Nov.21,1848.

William, at Salem, Oct.15,1808.

William Allen, at Salem, Aug.12,1815.

William N[ewman. dup.], s.Michael and Ann, Aug.11,1821. [1822. dup.]

William Jonathan, s.William Allen [butcher. dup.] and Pamelia Stone (Smothers), Nov.1,1847.


Eliza Maria, Dec.3,1823.


Lucy, d.illegitimate, Tabithy, "Lewis Denis is said to be the fathr," Jan.2,1771.

BICKFORD (Beckford)

Almira, at Topsfield, Mar.25,1815.

Harriett H., d.Josiah, miller, and Benedictu, June3,1845.

Sarah Ann, at Newburgh, ME [at Newburyport. dup.], Aug.12,1815.


Adelaide, at Quincy,末蔓末,1834.


末末, s.James and Sarah (Brevet), at Manchester, Eng., Aug.15,1839.

Amelia, d.James and Sarah (Brevet), July19,1849.

Edwin, s.James and Sarah (Brevet), at Manchester, Eng., Aug.24,1846.

James, at Manchester, Eng., Mar.22,1814.

Jeremy, s.James and Sarah (Brevet), at Manchester, Eng., Dec.24,1840.

Reuben, s.James and Sarah (Brevet), at Manchester, Eng., Dec.末,1842.

William, s.James and Sarah (Brevet), at Manchester, Eng., July末,1844.


Elenor, at Lynn, Aug.6,1824.


Daniel, s.James and Priscilla, July25,1797.

James Peabody, s.James and Priscilla, at Middleton, Feb.5,1793.

Margaret, at Salem, Feb.6,1795.

William, s.James and Priscilla, Sept.29,1795.


末末, d.Moses, jr., morocco dresser, and Harriett, July31,1844.

Nabby, at Beverly, Nov.17,1797.

Adaline, d.James and Harriet Wells (Ames), June1,1844.

Alexander, at Boston, Oct.20,1821.

Alice G., d.Moses, jr. and Harriet N. (Page), Mar.31,1845.

Archelaus Putnam, s.Moses and Phebe, Apr.5,1818.

Arthur Melvin, s.James D. and Sally Page (Fowler), Apr.26,1843.

Austin, s.Moses, jr. and Harriet N. (Page), Nov.29,1842.

Caroline Elizabeth, d.Moses, jr. and Harriet N. (Page), Apr.24,1839.

Catherine, d.Moses, jr. and Harriet N. (Page), Apr.9,1847.

Charles, s.Moses and Phebe (Putnam), Sept.28,1824. [1825. dup.]

Charles Edward, s.James and Harriet Wells (Ames), Apr.2,1831.

Charles Augustus, s.William [morocco dresser. dup.] and Mary P. (Cheever), Mar.4,1848.

Clara Page, d.James D. and Sally Page (Fowler), Mar.28,1841.

Ellen Maria, d.Alexander and Eliza Maria (Betton), at Lynn, Mar.23,1842.

Emma Blanche, d.Alexander and Eliza Maria (Betton), at Lynn, Jan.29,1847.

Florence May, d.Alexander and Eliza Maria (Betton), Aug.10,1849.

Frank Dowse, s.Moses, jr. and Harriet N. (Page), Aug.26,1848.

Harriet P., d.Moses, jr. and Harriet N. (Page), Feb.19,1836.

Henry James, s.James and Harriet Wells (Ames), Apr.9,1833.

Horace Wyman, s.James and Harriet Wells (Ames), Mar.25,1842.

Israel Putnam, s.Joseph Stearns [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Emeline (Putnam), Apr.27,1845.

James, at Derryfield, NH, June12,1803.

James D., s.Moses and Phebe (Putnam), Nov.10,1813. [1814. dup.]

Joseph Stearns, s.Moses and Phebe, Apr.4,1820.

Joseph W., s.Joseph S. and Emeline, Apr.13,1847.PR59

Madeline Louisa, d.William and Mary P. (Cheever), May26,1836.

Mary Ober, d.Moses and Phebe, May3,1822.

Mary Ann, d.Moses, jr. and Harriet N. (Page), Aug.30,1837.

Mary Ellen, d.William and Mary P. (Cheever), Sept.27,1839.

Mary Adalaide, d.Alexander and Eliza Maria (Betton), at Lynn, Oct.3,1844.

Moses, at Haverhill, Dec.16,1780.

Moses, jr., s.Moses and Phebe, Jan.22,1808.PR112 ~B424~

Moses, jr., s.Moses and Phebe, Dec.6,1811.

Rebecca Fowler, d.James D. [wool puller. dup.] and Sally Page (Fowler), May18,1847.

Sarah H., d.Moses and Phebe, Apr.1,1816.

Sarah Eliza, d.Alexander and Eliza Maria (Betton), at Lynn, Sept.24,1843.

Theodore Porter, s.James and Harriet Wells (Ames), at Wilmington, May14,1836.

Thomas Cheever, s.William and Mary P. (Cheever), Nov.5,1837.

William, s.Moses and Phebe, Dec.21,1809.

William Harrison, s.James and Harriet Wells (Ames), Jan.15,1841.

William Hunt, s.William [morocco dresser. dup.] and Mary P. (Cheever), Jan.25,1844.

Willis, [F. dup.], s.Joseph Stearns [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Emeline (Putnam), Apr.13,1847.


Mary J., at Sandwich, NH, July12,1810.

Sally, at Sandwich, NH, July9,1808.


Adalaide Victoria, d.Henry [J., yeoman. dup.] and Dorcas (Mitchell), Apr.12,1848. [Apr.17. dup.]

Augustus S., s.Samuel and Susan (Winchester), Nov.23,1828.

Edward, s.Henry and Dorcas (Mitchell), Jan.15,1841.

Emily, at Sutton, VT, May30,1832.

Harriet Adaline, d.John and Adaline (Reid), Aug.3,1837.

Henry, at Boston, Mar.18,1806.

John, at Sandwich, NH, May24,1811.

John Albert, s.John and Adaline (Reid), Apr.15,1843.

Joseph, s.Henry and Dorcas (Mitchell), Mar.8,1839.

Martha Ann, d.John and Adaline (Reid), Oct.2,1839.

Mary Elizabeth, d.John and Adaline (Reid), May2,1848.

Samuel, at Sutton, VT, June14,1799.


Susan, d.Pliney, yeoman, and Mary, Apr.26,1846.

BLANEY (Blany)

Abby, d.John W., tanner, and Ruth, Feb.21,1844.

Ellen Augusta, d.Stephen and Abigail (Goldthwait), Aug.2,1842.

Francis Prentiss, s.Stephen and Abigail (Goldthwait), July24,1844.

Harriet Ann, d.Philip and Mary Brooks (Coates), Mar.16,1832.

Harriet Ann, d.Philip and Mary Brooks (Coates), at Lynn, Nov.13,1836.

John Willeston, at Marblehead, July25,1815.

Mary Abba, d.Philip and Mary Brooks (Coates), at Lynn, Sept.20,1839.

Mary Abba, d.Philip and Mary Brooks (Coates), Feb.8,1843.

Philip, at Marblehead, Mar.5,1810.

Philip, s.Philip and Mary Brooks (Coates), Aug.1,1833.

Philip, s.Philip [painter and glazier. dup.] and Mary Brooks (Coates), July27,1847.

Ruth Eliza, d.Philip [painter. dup.] and Mary Brooks (Coates), July30,1845.

Stephen, May20,1820.

Stephen, s.Philip and Mary Brooks (Coates), Jan.19,1849.

William, s.Philip and Mary Brooks (Coates), at Lynn, Dec.17,1834.

BLANY (Blaney)

Eliza Jane, d.William, jr. and Jane (Blany), Dec.17,1829.

Jane, at Marblehead, Apr.4,1806.

John Williston, s.John Willeston and Ruth Blake (Cilley), Sept.18,1841.

Jonathan, s.William, jr. and Jane (Blany), Dec.20,1828.

Nancy, at Lyndeboro, NH, Nov.8,1797.

Nancy Williston, d.John Willeston and Ruth Blake (Cilley), July11,1836.

William, jr., at Salem,末蔓末,1806.


Betsy, at Ashburnham, Sept.23,1810.


Albert Alden, s.Hiram A. and Lucinda H. (Masury), June13,1845.

Edwin DeForrest, s.Hiram A. and Lucinda H. (Masury), at Malden, Apr.1,1847.

Hiram A., at Turner, ME, Mar.11,1816.


Azro, at Norwich, VT, July2,1817.

Josiah P., s.Azro and Charity F. (Ford, née Glover), Jan.17,1838.

Margaret Ellen, d.William and Sarah (Pedrick), at Boxford, Feb.21,1837.

Mary Elizabeth, d.William and Sarah (Pedrick), at Marblehead, Mar.24,1839.

Sarah Jane, d.William and Sarah (Pedrick), at Boxford, Dec.7,1834.

William, at Norwich, VT, Jan.5,1809.

William, 2d, s.William and Sarah (Pedrick), at Marblehead, Apr.15,1833.


Lucy C., at Salem, Oct.30,1790.


Alonzo Bishop, s.Nathaniel and Anna (Putnam), 2d w., June26,1831.

Caroline Haskell, d.twin, Nathaniel and Anna (Putnam), 2d w., Mar.28,1829.

Charles Greenleaf, s.Daniel and Mehitable (Nelson), at New Rowley, Mar.17,1833.

Daniel, at Newburyport, Dec.12,1808.

Horace Webster, s.Nathaniel and Anna (Putnam), 2d w., June3,1834.

Israel Putnam, s.Nathaniel and Nancy, Apr.16,1817.

Laura Amelia, "Should be Lewis Augustus," ch.Israel Putnam and Caroline Elizabeth (Gould), June21,1846. [June2. dup.]

Mary Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Mehitable (Nelson), at New Rowley, Dec.25,1831.

Mary Alice, d.Israel Putnam [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Caroline Elizabeth (Gould), June10,1844.

Mehitable, d.Daniel and Mehitable (Nelson), Dec.9,1834.

Nancy Ellen, d.Nathaniel and Anna (Putnam), 2d w., Nov.28,1825.

Nathaniel, at Topsfield, Sept.29,1790.

Nathaniel Holten, s.twin, Nathaniel and Anna (Putnam), 2d w., Mar.28,1829.

BODEN (Bowden)

Abigail, d.Thomas and Abigail (Colwell), Sept.23,1807.

Benjamin P., s.Thomas and Abigail (Colwell), Sept.4,1817.

[Benjamin P. dup.], s.Thomas and Abigail (Colwell), Sept.3,1818.

Edward, s.William and Experience, bp. Feb.17,1782.CR2

Edward, s.Thomas and Abigail (Colwell), Dec.28,1804.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Abigail (Colwell), Sept.9,1812.

Lucy Augusta, d.Thomas and Abigail (Colwell), Feb.28,1810.

Mary, d.Thomas and Abigail (Colwell), at Beverly, Nov.1,1802.

Thomas, at Beverly, Apr.末,1777.

Thomas C., s.Thomas and Abigail (Colwell), Feb.26,1815.


Albert, s.Nathaniel [yeoman. dup.] and Esther (Tapley, née Flint), July24,1845. [July25. dup.]

Amos Proctor, s.Jacob and Susannah (Hooper, née Procter), Apr.25,1838.

Benjamin Huntington, s.Jacob and Hannah W. (Reed), Nov.1,1833.

George Warren, s.Jacob and Susannah (Hooper, née Procter), Apr.24,1843.

Hannah Eliza, d.Horatio and Lucy Ann (Berry), June29,1847.

Harriet Augusta, d.Nathaniel [yeoman. dup.] and Esther (Tapley, née Flint), Mar.27,1848.

Henry, s.Jacob and Hannah W. (Reed), Oct.16,1831.

Horatio, s.Jacob and Hannah W. (Reed), Mar.25,1822.

Jacob, s.Samuel and Sally, Jan.13,1797.

Jacob Goodale, s.Jacob and Hannah W. (Reed), Feb.2,1835.

Jonathan Berry, s.Horatio and Eliza Ann (Berry), Apr.13,1845.

Lucy Ann, d.Horatio and Eliza Ann (Berry), Feb.13,1849.

Marcus, s.Nathaniel [yeoman. dup.] and Esther (Tapley, née Flint), July3,1846.

Mehitable Goodale, d.Jacob and Hannah W. (Reed), Oct.18,1829.

Nathaniel, s.Samuel and Sally, Nov.4,1799.

Sally, d.Jacob and Hannah W. (Reed), Oct.22,1825.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Esther (Tapley, née Flint), Apr.25,1841.

Susan Hooper, d.Nathaniel and Betsey (Tapley, née Flint), Apr.7,1843.

William Harrison, s.Jacob and Susannah (Hooper, née Procter), July22,1840.

William Henry, s.Jacob [yeoman. dup.] and Susannah (Hooper, née Procter), Mar.23,1843. [Mar.3. dup; 1848.PR31]


Abraham, s.Isaac and Sally (Fuller), at Methuen, Mar.3,1814.

David, s.Isaac and Sally (Fuller), at Methuen, May24,1826.

Esther, d.Isaac and Sally (Fuller), at Methuen, July3,1823.

Eunice, d.Isaac and Sally (Fuller), at Methuen, May30,1815.

Isaac, at Methuen, Sept.13,1783.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Sally (Fuller), at Methuen, June27,1818.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Sally (Fuller), at Methuen, Oct.28,1822.

Nancy, d.Isaac and Sally (Fuller), at Methuen, Sept.31,1819.

Sally, d.Isaac and Sally (Fuller), at Methuen, Dec.3,1816.

Timothy, s.Isaac and Sally (Fuller), at Methuen, Apr.1,1821.


Abigail Ann, at Beverly, Aug.25,1811.

Adeline Franklin, d.John and Hannah B. (Dodge), Mar.7,1838.

Almira Malissa, at New London, NH, July24,1814.

Caleb Pratt, at Beverly, Mar.27,1809.

Charles Franklin, s.Caleb Pratt [millwright. dup.] and Mary Brown (Dodge), Nov.24,1847. [Nov.29,1846. dup.]

David Osborn, s.William and Harriet Matilda (Woodbury), at Wenham, Dec.11,1836.

Evelyn Maria, d.John and Hannah B. (Dodge), Mar.18,1831.

John, at Wenham, Oct.31,1802.

Mary Abby, d.John and Hannah B. (Dodge), Apr.18,1834.

Mary Ellen, d.Caleb Pratt [millwright. dup.] and Mary Brown (Dodge), Jan.19,1845.

Sophronia, at Beverly, Dec.23,1804.

William, at Beverly, Feb.16,1807.

William Hoyt, s.William and Jane (Hoyt), 2d w., at Beverly, Sept.5,1842.


Hannah, at Manchester, Eng., Dec.5,1826.

Lewis, at Corinth, VT, Mar.29,1803.

Lewis Edwin, s.Lewis and Rebecca (Goldthwait), Sept.18,1830.

Susan R., d.Lewis, tanner, and Rebecca, Apr.14,1847.


Mary, d.Daniel and Phebe, Dec.18,1763.


Olive, at Wilmington, June16,1811.

BOWDEN (Boden)

Amy, d.Francis and Sarah, bp. Dec.26,1779.CR2

Anne, d.Francis and Sarah, bp. Mar.2,1783.CR2


John [should be Joshua] Loring, s.Thomas and Mary Ann (Silvester), Aug.28,1849.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Mary Ann (Silvester), Oct.29,1841.

Mary Frye, d.Thomas and Mary Ann (Silvester), Nov.12,1843.

Mary Ann, d.Thomas, postmaster, and M. Ann, Nov.18,1843.

Sarah Sylvester, d.Thomas [cordwainer. dup.] and Mary Ann (Silvester), Jan.3,1848. [July.dup.]

Thomas, at Marblehead, Mar.20,1811.

Thomas Edmand, s.Thomas and Mary Ann (Silvester), Sept.27,1839.


John Woods, s.Sampson, laborer, and Betsey, Jan.14,1844.


Ellen Frances, d.Francis Leander [currier. dup.] and Harriet Ellen (Walker), Jan.10,1848. [June10,1847. dup.]

Francis Leander, at Essex, Jan.12,1825.


Maria E., at Corinne, ME, Aug.3,1832.


Elisha, s.Elisha and Mildred, June20,1757.


末末, s.James and Sophia (Herrick), Aug.23,1844.

Francis Graham, s.James [blacksmith.dup.] and Sophia (Herrick), Jan.16,1848. [Jan.6. dup.]

George, s.James and Sophia (Herrick), Dec.23,1830.

Henry Kirk, s.James and Sophia (Herrick), Aug.28,1836.

James, at Methuen, Sept.15,1803.

James Albert, s.James and Sophia (Herrick), at Salem, July14,1834.

John Wilson, s.James and Sophia (Herrick), Dec.26,1841.

Josiah, at New Hampton, NH, Feb.15,1827.

Leverett Saltonstall, s.James and Sophia (Herrick), July3,1839.

Mary Persis, d.James and Sophia (Herrick), Sept.16,1832.


Mary E., d.Herman, cordwainer, and Naomi, June3,1846.


Jacob, at Buxton, ME, Aug.6,1817.


Clarisa, June17,1844.


Albert Gallatin, at Topsfield, May20,1805.

Albert G., s.Albert Gallatin and Lydia B. (Stearns), Nov.12,1849.

Dudley, s.John and Sally (Rea), July6,1827.

Eliza S., d.Albert Gallatin and Lydia B. (Stearns), Aug.26,1846.

Harriet I., d.Albert Gallatin and Lydia B. (Stearns), at Boston, Sept.11,1837.

Harrison Porter, s.John and Sally (Rea), Mar.31,1836.

Israel, s.John and Sally (Rea), Dec.23,1830.

John, at Topsfield, Aug.8,1792.

John, s.John and Sally (Rea), Apr.25,1829.

Lydia P.E., d.Albert Gallatin and Lydia B. (Stearns), Nov.15,1843.

Sarah, Mar.7,1812.

Sarah Rea, d.John and Sally (Rea), Apr.30,1839.

Sarah W., d.Albert Gallatin and Lydia B. (Stearns), at Philadelphia, Feb.4,1840.


Barny Joseph, s.Patrick and Mary (Kerlan), Dec.31,1848.

Bridget, in Ireland, Mar.末,1815.

Bridget, in Ireland, Mar.末,1826.

James Henry, s.Patrick and Mary (Kerlan), at Andover, May24,1846.


Jane F., at Beverly,末蔓末,1844.


Austin, at Walpole, NH, Feb.25,1812.

Eliza Ann, d.Austin and Eliza (Newhall), Jan.23,1836.

Elizabeth, d.Austin and Eliza (Newhall), Nov.13,1834.


Harriett B., d.Milton P. and Mary (Parker), Apr.5,1837.

James Chandler, s.Milton P. and Mary (Parker), Dec.21,1828.

Mary, d.Milton P. and Mary (Parker), Aug.14,1831.

Milton P., at Rowley, Aug.6,1799.


Cornelia Eliza Benedict, d.Daniel and Phebe (Skidmore), at Salem, June2,1836.

Daniel, at Salem, June28,1814.

Ellen Maria, d.Daniel and Phebe (Skidmore), at Salem, July8,1830.

Lucy Gage, at Gloucester, Nov.4,1810.

Mary Jewett, at Beverly, July21,1817.


John, in Nova Scotia, Feb.26,1818.

John Derby, s.John and Rachel (Batchelder), Feb.20,1845.

Mary Abby, d.John and Rachel (Batchelder), Aug.21,1846.


Sarah, at Manchester, Eng., Mar.10,1814.


Ann Clements, d.Benaiah Clements and Mary (Millett, née Porter), Dec.22,1835.

Benaiah Clements, at Salem, NH, June25,1803.


Fidelia, at Andover, Mar.23,1788.

John Baker, at Beverly, Apr.末,1816.

Nancy Jackson, at Beverly, Oct.24,1811.


Charlotte, at East Scituate, May10,1832.

Henry T., at South Scituate, Oct.26,1840.

Lucy Ann, at South Scituate, Aug.7,1827.


Charles, s.Rev. Samuel and Harriet (Buttrick), at Sharon, Feb.10,1825.

Edward, s.Rev. Samuel and Harriet (Buttrick), at Norridgewock, ME, June13,1830.

Francis Alden, s.Rev. Samuel and Harriet (Buttrick), at Norridgewock, ME, Aug.1,1828.

Frederick, s.Rev. Samuel and Harriet (Buttrick), at Norridgewock, ME, Jan.21,1827.

Henry, s.Rev. Samuel and Harriet (Buttrick), at Westbrook, ME, Feb.8,1834.

James S., s.Rev. Samuel and Harriet (Buttrick), at Westbrook, ME, Mar.16,1836.

Samuel, Rev., at Lynn, Feb.11,1799.

Samuel, s.Rev. Samuel and Harriet (Buttrick), at Sharon, Nov.2,1823.

William, s.Rev. Samuel and Harriet (Buttrick), at Westbrook, ME, Feb.1,1832.


Mary, at Manchester, Dec.12,1773.


Mary Ann, at Berry Castle (?), Eng., Dec.2,1807.


Charles W., s.Charles, currier, and Lucinda, June2,1844.

BROWN (Browne)

末末, d.William and Ann (Davidson), Apr.末,1834.

末末, d.Samuel, bricklayer, and Fanny, Feb.16,1844.

Abigail, at Topsfield, July1,1797.

Abigail Davis, at Beverly, Apr.24,1808.

Alice V.W., at Salem, Mar.21,1832.

Allen, s.Charles and Hannah (Galeucia), at Salem, May14,1847.

Amos, at Beverly, June12,1810.

Andrew Kirk, s.Joseph, jr. [weaver. dup.] and Jennet (Kirk), Nov.26,1846. [Nov.25. dup.]

Angeline Moore, d.Samuel and Fanny (Moore), Sept.29,1838.

Anna, at Andover, Dec.25,1772.

Asa, d.Joseph and Bithiah, July6,1756.

Asa, s.Ebenezer, bp. Oct.18,1795.CR1

Asenath, d.Samuel and Fanny (Moore), July16,1845.

Augusta Jane, d.Caleb Sheperd and Rhoda Peters (Straw), at Sandwich, NH, Mar.22,1836.

Augustus, s.Charles and Hannah (Galeucia), at Salem, Oct.21,1845.

Bartholomew, s.Bartholomew and Sarah, Jan.20,1750.

Bartholomew, s.John, bp. Feb.25,1776.CR1

Benjamin Brooks, Sept.4,1821.

Benjamin, s.Oliver Obear and Elenor (Fornis), at Beverly, Jan.5,1832.

Bethiah, d.Joseph, bp. July24,1768.CR1

Caleb Sheperd, at Tamworth, NH, May6,1811.

Calvin, at Ossipee, NH, June27,1814.

Caroline Hammond, d.Calvin [currier. dup.] and Margaret R. (Crowninshield), Sept.27,1844. [ Sept.25. dup.]

Caroline, d.Samuel and Fanny (Moore), July21,1849.

Charles E., at North Brookfield, Dec.13,1805.

Charles, at Salem, Dec.末,1820.

Charles Oliver, s.Oliver Obear and Elenor (Fornis), at Beverly, Sept.12,1830.

Charles Oliver, s.Oliver Obear and Elenor (Fornis), Feb.16,1837.

Charles, s.Joseph [yeoman. dup.] and Dorothy (Peabody), Nov.8,1843.

Charlotte, d.Bartholomew, bp. July3,1785.CR1

Clarissa Emma, d.Joseph and Dorothy (Peabody), July7,1835.

Cynthia, at Topsfield, July23,1832.

Daniel, s.John and Mary, Jan.4,1772.

Daniel [s.Joseph and Mercy], July4,1796.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Love, May14,1803.

Daniel Swett, May25,1813.PR34

Daniel Andrew, s.Daniel and Martha, Dec.28,1826.

Daniel, s.William and Ann (Davidson), Dec.16,1830.

Deborah, at Boxford, Oct.22,1782.

Dorcas, s.Daniel and Love, May21,1819.

Eben, s.Ebenezer, bp. Oct.21,1804.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Bithiah, May3,1759.

Ednah, at Hamilton, Sept.3,1822.

Eleazer, s.Eleazer, bp. Feb.15,1767.CR1

Elisha Flint, s.Bartholomew and Mehitable (Flint), 2d w., Feb.3,1780.PR6

Eliza Ann, d.William and Ann (Davidson), June7,1826.

Eliza, d.Philip and Ann (Connolly), at New York, Nov.3,1840.

Betty, d.Joseph and Bithiah, Dec.9,1753.

Betty, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.25,1756.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Eleazer and Abigael, Dec.20,1759.

Betsey, d.James and Ruth (Buxton), Sept.24,1763.PR48

Elizabeth, d.Eleazer and Abigael, Apr.11,1765.

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel and Ginger, Feb.17,1771.

Betsey, d.Francis and Elizabeth, Feb.25,1773.

Betsey, d.Archelaus, bp. Aug.21,1785.CR1

Betsey, d.Joseph and Mercy, June2,1793.

Betsy, d.Ebenezer, bp. Dec.1,1793.CR1

Betsy, d.twin, William and Lydia, Sept.30,1794.

Elizabeth, d.twin, William and Lydia (McIntire), Sept.30,1794.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, June1,1803.

Elizabeth Clark, d.Henry and Pheby, July13,1814.

Elizabeth, [d.Samuel and Nancy (Twiss).PR43], at Salem, Apr.19,1816.

Elizabeth, at Pepperell, July15,1817.

Elizabeth, d.Daniel, jr. and Martha (Upton), Feb.1,1823.

Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Martha, Apr.20,1824.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel, jr. and Fanny F. (Marsh), Feb.28,1840.

Ellen Maria, d.Charles E. and Mary (Parraria), Nov.22,1838.

Emery Jackson, s.William and Ann (Davidson), July30,1836.

Esther A., d.George [cordwainer. dup.] and Sally Bruce (Twiss), Aug.28,1845.

Eunice, d.William and Lydia, July6,1796.

Franklin, s.Caleb Sheperd and Rhoda Peters (Straw), Feb.27,1841.

Frederick Calvin, s.Calvin and Margaret R. (Crowninshield), Aug.26,1849.

George, s.Joseph and Mercy, Feb.24,1802.

George, s.William and Ann (Davidson), June30,1827.

George, s.George and Sally, Nov.20,1827.

George Franklin, s.Samuel, 3d and Alvina (Webber), at Salem, Mar.30,1844.

George Abbott, s.Samuel, 3d and Alvina (Webber), at Salem, Jan.18,1845.

George W.H., s.Thomas W., cordwainer, Jan.20,1848.

George, s.Joseph and Jennet (Kirk), Oct.4,1848.

Georgianna, d.Calvin [currier. dup.] and Margaret R. (Crowninshield), Apr.12,1846.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Bithiah, Mar.29,1762.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Ginger, Mar.3,1768.

Hannah, d.John and Mary, July15,1777.

Hannah Leach, July11,180.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Love, May7,1807.

Hannah Preston, d.Henry and Phebe (Tapley), at Beverly, Mar.12,1812.

Hannah, at Lynn, July17,1818.

Hannah, July27,1819.

Hannah Eliza, d.Joseph and Dorothy (Peabody), at Lynnfield, June21,1829.

Harriet, d.John and Meriam (Moulton), June22,1799.

Harriet, at Tewksbury, Aug.8,1817.

Harriet, d.Joseph and Dorothy (Peabody), July18,1837.

Harriet E., d.Joseph and Dorothy (Peabody), Sept.22,1839.

Harriet Adalaide, d.Elijah Very, d.adopted, Benjamin Brooks and Esther (Linscott), Apr.末,1846.

Henry, at Beverly, May23,1782.

Henry, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Apr.9,1812.

Henry Preston, s.Henry and Pheby, Jan.6,1819.

Henry Franklin, s.George and Sally Bruce (Twiss), Mar.14,1843.

Hepzibah, d.William and Lydia, Sept.15,1805.

Isabella, d.William and Hannah Breed (Burrill), Dec.27,1841.

James, Dec.25,1736.PR48

James, s.James and Ruth (Buxton), Sept.25,1759.PR48

James, at Lynnfield, Oct.3,1771.

James, s.William and Lydia, Sept.4,1802.

James, s.Samuel and Nancy (Twiss), Mar.23,1805.PR43

James, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Feb.7,1806.

John, s.Bartholomew and Sarah (Rea), Oct.20,1746.

John, s.Nathaniel and Ginger, Apr.16,1758.

John, s.James and Ruth (Buxton), June29,1761.PR48

John, s.Nathaniel and Ginger, bp. May23,1762.CR2

John, s.Eleazer and Abigail, Sept.1,1763.

John, at Providence, RI, Nov.末,1770.

John, s.John, bp. Feb.25,1776.CR1

John, s.Bartholomew and Hannah (Goodwin), [of Marblehead.CR1], Mar.18,1776.PR6

John, s.Joseph and Mercy, Aug.24,1790.

John, s.Samuel and Nancy (Twiss), Aug.12,1807.PR43

John, s.William and Ann (Davidson), Aug.末,1832.

John Henry, s.Philip and Ann (Connelly), at New York, Apr.12,1834.

John, s.Samuel, jr. and Fanny F. (Marsh), Feb.4,1838.

Jonathan, s.George and Sally Bruce (Twiss), Apr.25,1829.


Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Ginger, Oct.23,1760.

Joseph, s.John and Mary, Feb.18,1768. [Feb.13. dup.]

Joseph, s.Ebenezer, bp. Oct.14,1798.CR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mercy, Mar.29,1799.

Joseph, s.George and Sally, June14,1825.

Joseph E., s.Oliver, shoemaker, and Eleand, Mar.22,1844.

Judith, d.twin, William and Lydia, Sept.30,1794.

Laura Ellen, d.Charles E. and Mary (Parraria), Oct.9,1835.

Leaffy, at Hamilton, Dec.29,1781.

Lewis, s.Samuel, jr. and Fanny F. (Marsh), Aug.22,1841.

Lucelia Waters, d.Caleb Sheperd [cordwainer. dup.] and Rhoda Peters (Straw), July16,1847. [July10. dup.]

Lucinda, d.James and Ruth (Buxton), Aug.10,1780.PR48

Lucindia, d.Daniel and Love, May20,1813.

Lucy, d.Ebenezer, bp. Oct.26,1800.CR1

Lucy Whittredge, at Hamilton, Oct.14,1815.

Lucy Elinor, d.Joseph and Dorothy (Peabody), Aug.14,1831.

Lucy Mansfield, d.George and Sally Bruce (Twiss), June30,1837.

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Ginger, Dec.22,1773.

Lydia, w.William, at Lynnfield, 末蔓16,1774.

Lydia, d.William and Lydia (McIntire), July6,1796.

Lydia, July4,1797.

Lydia, at Beverly, Jan.26,1811.

Marcia, at Tewksbury, June8,1809.

Margaret, at Hamilton, Oct.24,1790.

Margaret Ann, d.Calvin and Margaret R. (Crowninshield), Aug.25,1841.

Maria, d.Philip and Ann (Connelly), Mar.15,1845.

Martha, d.Daniel and Love, Oct.7,1810.

Martha, d.George and Sally Bruce (Twiss), Oct.21,1835.

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Ginger, July15,1765.

Polly, Dec.23,1772. [Dec.25.PR48]

Polly, d.Archelaus, bp. Aug.21,1785.CR1

Mary D., at Weare, NH, Dec.25,1799.

Mary, d.Daniel and Love, May12,1805.

Mary, at Salem, Dec.23,1814.

Mary Ann, at Salem, Sept.末,1815.

Mary Ann, d.Henry and Pheby, Dec.25,1816.

Mary Ann, d.Samuel and Nancy (Twiss), June25,1818.PR43

Mary Jane, at Moultonboro, NH, Mar.6,1830.

Mary U., d.Daniel, jr. and Martha (Upton), Aug.27,1832.

Mary Francis, d.Samuel and Fanny (Moore), Sept.27,1833.

Mary Jane, d.George and Sally Bruce (Twiss), Apr.22,1834.

Mary Ann, d.Philip and Ann (Connelly), at New York, July12,1838.

Mary Elizabeth, d.William and Ann (Davidson), Nov.30,1841.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Calvin and Margaret R. (Crowninshield), Nov.9,1842.

Mary, d.Samuel, jr. [stone cutter. dup.] and Fanny F. (Marsh), Aug.12,1843.

Mary Ann, d.Philip and Ann (Connelly), at New York, Dec.25,1843.

Mary Eliza, d.Charles E. [last maker. dup.] and Mary (Parraria), May3,1846.

Mary, d.Charles and Hannah (Galeucia), at Salem, Dec.4,1848.

Hette, d.Joseph, bp. Aug.25,1771.CR1

Mehitable, d.Nathaniel and Ginger, bp. Mar.30,1777.CR2

Mercy, at Salem, July末,1801.

Mercy, d.Joseph and Mercy, July5,1813.

Nancy, d.Samuel and Nancy (Twiss), Jan.1,1801.PR43

Nancy, d.Joseph and Dorothy (Peabody), at Lynnfield, Aug.29,1825.

Nancy, d.William and Hannah Breed (Burrill), at Lynn, Mar.31,1840.

Nancy, d.William and Hannah B., Feb.18,1843.PR49

Nancy Melissa, d.Joseph [yeoman. dup.] and Dorothy (Peabody), Oct.10,1846.

Nanny, d.John, bp. Feb.25,1776.CR1

Nathaniel Foster, s.William and Ann (Davidson), Jan.6,1838.

Oliver Obear, at Beverly, Oct.29,1803.

Philip, in Ireland, Mar.末,1814.

Phebe Ann, d.Henry and Phebe (Tapley), Mar.4,1822.

Rebecca, at Middleton, Feb.12,1796.

Rebeckah, d.Joseph and Mercy, May10,1808.

Rebecca Appleton, at Ipswich, Jan.23,1821.

Rosanna, d.Philip and Ann (Connelly), at New York, Feb.2,1836.

Ruth, d.James and Ruth (Buxton), July1,1765.PR48

Ruth, d.Samuel and Nancy (Twiss), Nov.23,1822.PR43

Samuel, s.Francis and Elizabeth, Apr.14,1775.

Samuel, s.James and Ruth (Buxton), May13,1777.PR48

Samuel, at Beverly, Sept.1,1804.

Samuel, jr. [s.Samuel and Nancy (Twiss).PR43], at Salem, Sept.21,1809.

Samuel, 3d, at Moultonboro, Mar.18,1821.

Samuel Herbon, s.Samuel and Fanny (Moore), Sept.25,1835.

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr. and Fanny F. (Marsh), Feb.16,1836.

Samuel Edmond, s.twin, Samuel T., bp. Sept.2,1837.CR2

Sarah, d.John, bp. Nov.19,1758.CR1

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Ginger, Mar.4,1763.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Bithiah, July8,1765.

Sarah, d.James and Ruth (Buxton), Oct.4,1770.PR48

Sally, d.John, bp. Aug.2,1778.CR1

Sally, at Salem, June24,1799.

Sally, d.Samuel and Nancy (Twiss), Jan.17,1803.PR43

Sally, d.Joseph and Mercy, June17,1805.

Sarah, June4,1806.

Sarah, d.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, May1,1809.

Sarah Maria, d.George and Sally Bruce (Twiss), Aug.15,1823.

Sarah Ellen, d.Oliver Obear and Elenor (Fornis), at Beverly, Nov.13,1833.

Sarah E., Dec.20,1835.

Sarah Ellen, d.William [stone cutter. dup.] and Hannah Breed (Burrill), Nov.16,1847. [1848.PR49]

Simeon, s.Bartholomew and Sarah, Jan.27,1748.

Sophia Ann, at Hamilton, Nov.5,1824.

Stephen, s.William and Lydia, Nov.11,1800.

Stephen Franklin, s.Samuel, 3d and Alvina (Webber), May21,1848.

Susan, at Boxford, June22,1788.

Susanna, d.James and Ruth (Buxton), Mar.18,1768.PR48

Thomas, s.Philip and Ann (Connelly), at New York, Oct.6,1841.

Warren Fitch, s.Philip and Ann (Connelly), July3,1849.

William, s.John and Mary, Jan.8,1770. [1771. dup.]

William, s.William and Lydia, Apr.18,1798.

William Edward, s.twin, Samuel T., bp. Sept.2,1837.CR2

William Wallis, s.William [laborer. dup.] and Hannah Breed (Burrill), Aug.4,1845. [Aug.26. dup.]

BROWNE (Brown)

Anne, d.William, from Salem, bp. Sept.8,1754.CR1

Sarah, d.William, bp. Mar.5,1758.CR1


Asenath, at Newcastle, Aug.10,1826.

Augustus White, s.Charles and Abigail, May29,1827.

Charles, s.Charles and Abigail, Apr.29,1823.

Jane, at Port Glasgow, Scotland, Dec.23,1822.

Washington, s.Charles and Abigail, Mar.15,1825.


Abel, in England,末蔓末,1800.

George, s.Abel and Abigail (Terry), at Hartford, CT [at New Haven, CT. dup.], Jan.31,1838.

Joseph, s.Abel and Abigail (Terry), at New Haven, CT, July19,1840.

Phebe, d.Abel and Abigail (Terry), at Terryfield, CT, Mar.31,1835.

Susan, d.Abel, weaver, and Abigail, Mar.30,1847.

Susan, d.Abel and Abigail (Terry), Mar.4,1848.


Enoch, at Reading, July6,1788.

Enoch, jr., at Malden, June26,1821.

Hiram Gordon, s.Enoch and Mary Ann (Downing), Oct.18,1849.

James Downing, s.Enoch [cordwainer. dup.] and Mary Ann (Downing), Dec.27,1844.

James Henry, s.Enoch [laborer. dup.] and Mary Ann (Downing), Dec.23,1845.

Martha, d.Enoch, jr. and Mary Ann (Downing), Aug.11,1843.

Mary Eliza, d.Michael O., laborer, and Mary, Mar.15,1845.


Abigal, d.James and Abigail, Nov.26,1806.

Hannah B., d.James and Abigail, Dec.4,1808.

Martha, d.James and Abigail, July1,1805.

Mary, at Salem, Aug.25,1735.

Mary, d.James and Abigail, May5,1802.


Isaac, at Salem, Dec.25,1774.

Isaac, s.Isaac, deceased, and Martha, Apr.13,1800.

John, s.Samuel and Eunice, bp. May9,1790.CR2

Mary, d.John and Barbara, bp. Mar.1,1778.CR2

Samuel, s.Samuel and Eunice, bp. Aug.3,1788.CR2


Amanda Melvina, at Roxbury, May4,1817.


末末, d.Nelson, mechanic, Apr.28,1847.


Joseph Nelson, at Beverly, July11,1822.

BURDING (Barding)

末末, twin chn., William and Elizabeth S. (Saunders), 2d w., Aug.29,1823.

Abigail Saunders, d.William and Elizabeth S. (Saunders), 2d w., Apr.2,1831.

Edward W., s.William [harness maker. dup.] and Elizabeth S. (Saunders), 2d w., Nov.1,1845.

Elizabeth S., May2,1825.

Elizabeth Shillaber, d.William and Elizabeth S. (Saunders), 2d w., May2,1828.

Hannah Shillaber, d.William and Elizabeth S. (Saunders), 2d w., Jan.2,1834.

Henry Winchester, Sept.10,1825.

Mary Palmer, d.William and Elizabeth S. (Saunders), 2d w., May1,1837.

Rebeccah Brooks, d.William and Elizabeth S. (Saunders), 2d w., Apr.1,1842.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Henry Winchester and Elizabeth (Thomas), at Salem, Jan.4,1842.

Wilhemina, d.Henry Winchester and Elizabeth (Thomas), at Salem, Oct.21,1849.

Willard Peele, s.William and Elizabeth S. (Saunders), 2d w., Feb.23,1840.

William, at Salem, Nov.17,1790.

William Augustus, s.William and Elizabeth S. (Saunders), 2d w., Mar.21,1825.

William Henry, s.Henry Winchester [saddler. dup.] and Elizabeth (Thomas), at Salem, Aug.8,1844.

William Henry, s.Henry Winchester and Elizabeth (Thomas), at Salem, Apr.19,1846.


Lydia, at Reading, May27,1840.


Abigail, at Essex, Aug.24,1805.

Eli F., at Essex, Oct.13,1805.

Emily, at Essex, Sept.1,1813.

Maria, at Essex, Feb.2,1823.

Mary K., at Essex, June17,1817.

Mary Parker, at Essex, June17,1819.

Mary, at Essex, Aug.18,1823.

Mary Jane, at Essex, Mar.8,1827.

Russell S., s.Eli F. and Mary S. (Eveleth), at Essex, Jan.19,1835.

Sally, at Essex,末蔓末,1788.

Sophia, at Essex, Aug.12,1819.

Susan Orr, at Gloucester, June24,1818.

Webster F[oster. dup.], s.Eli F. and Mary S. (Eveleth), at Essex, Dec.30,1831.


Mary, in Ireland, Oct.末,1820.


Hannah Breed, at Lynn, Mar.29,1819.


David, at Taunton, June25,1781.

David Warren, s.David and Sally (Haws), at Roxbury, Mar.10,1813.

Marinda P., at Warner, NH, June2,1818.

Sally Hawes, d.David and Sally (Hawes), at Salem, Sept.29,1817.


Ann W., d.John and Ann (Wayne), Aug.29,1822.

Edward W., s.John and Ann (Wayne), at Vassalboro, Sept.17,1820.

John, at Boylston, July3,1792.

John, s.John and Ann (Wayne), Nov.10,1825.

Theodore, s.John and Ann (Wayne), at Boston, July25,1824.


Almira, d.Joseph and Almira (Peabody), Aug.26,1838.

Asa, s.Asa and Lydia, June23,1792. [1793. dup.]

Asa, s.Joseph and Almira (Peabody), June9,1834.

Eli, s.John, jr. and Ruth, Nov.7,1807.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph [gardener. dup.] and Almira (Peabody), Sept.3,1843.

Francis, s.Joseph, bp. July4,1830.CR2

Francis, s.Joseph and Almira (Peabody), Jan.22,1832.

Henry, s.Henry and Mary (Abbot), Mar.24,1830. [Mar.30. dup.]

Horace [Harris.dup.], s.Henry [yeoman. dup.] and Mary (Abbot), Feb.8,1848.

John, s.John, jr. and Ruth, Feb.19,1795.

Joseph, s.Asa and Lydia,末蔓末,1796.

Joseph, s.Asa and Lydia, Aug.26,1802.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Almira (Peabody), Oct.23,1840.

Lydia, d.Asa and Lydia, Jan.9,1809.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Almira (Peabody), Aug.26,1836.

Polly, d.John, jr. and Ruth, Aug.23,1799.

Mary Crane, d.Joseph and Almira (Peabody), Feb.5,1828.

Nathan, s.Henry and Mary (Abbot), Aug.13,1832.

Nathaniel, s.John, jr. and Ruth, Jan.2,1797.

Philip, s.Henry and Mary (Abbot), Apr.2,1838.

Ruth, d.John, jr. and Ruth, Apr.14,1810.

Samuel, s.John, jr. and Ruth, Feb.8,1803.

Sally, d.Asa and Lydia, July17,1798.

Sally, d.John, jr. at the almshouse, Aug.16,1833.

Sally, d.Joseph and Almira (Peabody), Mar.28,1842.

Sophronia Abbot, d.Joseph and Almira (Peabody), Oct.末,1825.

Warren, s.Joseph and Almira (Peabody), July21,1832.

William, s.Asa and Lydia, Mar.22,1794.

William, s.Henry and Mary (Abbot), Oct.3,1835.


Adeline Kent, at Bradford, July2,1813.


Anna, d.Richard and Anna, Sept.12,1785.

Daniel, at Essex, June28,1806.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Rhoda, Aug.28,1827.

Elias Putnam, s.John Calvin [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Margaret (Putnam), Dec.16,1847. [Dec.6. dup.]

Franklin, s.John Calvin and Margaret (Putnam), Feb.9,1845. [1846. dup.]

Henry, s.Daniel and Rhoda (Earl), May24,1830.

James Davie, at Rutland, VT, Mar.15,1815.

James Davie, s.James Davie and Anna (Bates), at Norwich, VT, June25,1846.

John Calvin, at Gloucester, June10,1815.

John, s.Oliver S., shoemaker, and Sarah M., July22,1848.

Lucretia, at Sanford, ME, Feb.14,1819.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Rhoda (Earl), May29,1826.

Hitte, d.Richard and Anna, Sept.16,1796.

Olive A., at Sanford, ME,末蔓末,1834.

Phebe, d.Richard and Anna, Jan.31,1792.

Richard, s.Richard and Anna, Sept.21,1788.

Ruth, at Essex, July28,1768.

William Bates, s.James Davie and Anna (Bates), at Wells River, VT, Feb.3,1848.


Abigail, d.Ebenezer, bp. July17,1785.CR1


Jeremiah, 3d, s.Jeremiah, jr. and Abigail, Sept.4,1789.


Harriet, at Concord, Aug.27,1798.

Lucy Anne, d.Samuel Bartlett and Anne Ashby (Merritt), at Salem, Nov.11,1833.

Mary, d.Samuel Bartlett and Anne Ashby (Merritt), at Salem, Feb.14,1836.

Meriam S., at Chelmsford, Jan.8,1809.

Samuel Bartlett, at Gorham, ME, Oct.16,1801.

Samuel William, s.Samuel Bartlett and Anne Ashby (Merritt), at Salem, Aug.30,1838.


末末, d.Amos, currier, and Mary, Mar.2,1847.

Abigail, d.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 18:9m:1727.

Abigail, d.Henry and Elenor, Jan.17,1767.

Abigail, Dec.21,1815.

Albert W., s.Thomas and Abagail (Barker), Apr.9,1828.

Elice, d.Jonathan, jr. and Sarah, Apr.7,1795.

Alice, d.John, jr. and Ruth (Page), 5:11m:1830.

Amos, s.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 22:12m:1742-3.

Amos, May末,1748.

Amos, s.Samuel and Ruth (Hobbs), Sept.22,1807.

Amos, s.Joseph and Darcus, Mar.16,1808.

Amos Flint, s.Timothy and Eunice (Newhall, née Flint), 2d w., at Reading, Dec.16,1816.

Amos Sargent, s.Daniel, jr. and Hannah W. (Sargent), Apr.13,1835.

Anna, w.Anthony, June14,1736.OS

Anna, d.Anthony and Anna, Dec.3,1761.

Anna, d.Thomas and Sarah, June5,1767.

Anna Huntington, d.Robert Gove and Asenath (Evans), Dec.26,1849.

Charles Wallis, s.Jonathan and Orinda (Sargent), 2d w., Nov.4,1840.

Charles Albert S., s.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), Aug.26,1841.

Charles S.W., s.Jonathan, gardener, and O., Feb.8,1846.

Charles Wallis, s.Jonathan and Orinda (Sargent), 2d w., Feb.8,1846.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Elisabeth, Nov.18,1767. [Nov.19. dup.]

Daniel, s.Jonathan, jr. and Sarah, Nov.1,1796.

Daniel, jr., at Gloucester, Jan.25,1811.

Daniel, jr., s.Jonathan, jr. and Sarah, Aug.8,1811. [Aug.6. dup.]

Daniel Franklin, s.Daniel and Ann (Huntington), Dec.6,1830.

David, s.Henry and Elenor, Nov.20,1772.

David, 2d, s.Henry and Elenor, Aug.19,1781.

David, s.Joseph and Darcus, July6,1809.

Darcos, w.Joseph, Feb.24,1768.

Dorcis M., d.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), Jan.27,1825.

Edward, s.Jonathan, jr. and Sarah, Jan.17,1802.

Edward, s.Jonathan and Eliza, Feb.11,1825.

Edwin, s.Daniel and Anna, Mar.26,1828.

Elenor, w.Henry, July2,1746.

Eleoner, d.Henry and Elenor, Mar.13,1770.

Eleanor, d.David and Lydia, Oct.4,1812.

Elijah, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Sept.5,1760.

Eliza, at Gloucester, Nov.27,1801.

Eliza D., d.George Cook and Nancy Reed (Osborn), Dec.27,1838.

Eliza B. [R. dup.], d.Joseph, jr. [currier. dup.] and Lydia (Shillaber), Oct.15,1844.

Elizabeth, 6:12m:1703-4.

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 27:7m:1724.

Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.18,1758.

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth (Cook), May23,1758.

Betsey, at Lynnfield, Dec.13,1767.

Elizabeth, d.Anthony and Anna, Dec.13,1767.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan, jr. and Sarah, Aug.7,1811.

Ellen Hannah [Hannah Ellen. dup.], d.Daniel, jr. [yeoman. dup.] and Julian Perkins (Colby), Mar.10,1848.

Elles, ch.Paul and Lydia (Page), Oct.17,1827.

Esther, d.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 24:9m:1738.

Esther, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Dec.9,1760.

Easther, d.John and Mercy (Osborn), July3,1762. [July30. dup.]

Esther, d.Henry and Elenor, Sept.19,1778.

Esther S., d.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), Oct.28,1822.

George Cook, at Cape Ann, Apr.25,1804.

George, s.Daniel and Anna, Oct.1,1825.

George Washington S., s.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), Mar.2,1833.

George, s.George Cook and Nancy Reed (Osborn), July11,1833.

George, s.George Cook and Nancy Reed (Osborn), May20,1837.

George N., s.James, laborer, and Abigail, Oct.27,1847.

George Augustus, s.George and Sarah Ann (Larrabee), May10,1848.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.18,1753.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Apr.11,1770.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Darcus, Apr.6,1800.

Hannah, d.George Cook and Nancy Reed (Osborn), Jan.9,1835.

Henry, s.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 23:6m:1740. [Aug.10. dup.]

Henry, s.Henry and Elenor, May13,1768.

Henry, s.Jonathan and Eliza, Dec.17,1821.

Henry Varney, s.Joseph and Mary, July23,1824.

Horace [Harris.dup.] Porter, s.Edward [gardener. dup.] and Mary Abigail (Stone), Mar.23,1846.

James, s.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 25:1m:1736-7.

James, s.Anthony and Anna, Mar.26,1755.

James, s.Amos and Mary (Stone), Sept.3,1832.

John, 25:12m:1695-6.

John, s.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 2:7m:1730.

John, s.John and Mercy (Osborn), July4,1770.

John, jr., at Newton, NH, Mar.17,1795.

John, s.Joseph and Darcus, Sept.21,1812.


Jonathan, s.Thomas and Sarah, Nov.1,1749.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Oct.4,1757.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin, jr., bp. Oct.28,1759.CR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Dec.8,1765.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, jr. and Sarah, Feb.27,1798.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Darcus, Feb.22,1802.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Eliza, Dec.17,1832.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Eliza, June2,1836.

Jonathan Hardy S., s.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), July18,1839.

Joseph, s.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 21:1m:1731-2.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Sarah, July21,1761.

Joseph, Feb.24,1768.

Joseph, s.Henry and Elenor, Dec.20,1774.

Joseph, jr., s.Joseph and Darcus, Feb.28,1798.

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), Oct.19,1824.

Joseph, s.Paul and Lydia (Page), Sept.14,1825.

Joshua, s.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 12:1m:1734-5.

Joshua, s.Henry and Elenor, July17,1785.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Mary, Oct.14,1817.

Lydia, w.Amos, May15,1748.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Nov.13,1772.

Lydia Salisbury, d.Timothy and Eunice (Newhall, née Flint), 2d w., at Reading, May23,1819.

Lydia Ann S., d.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), July22,1828.

Martha Ann, d.David and Lydia, Sept.6,1815.

Mary, d.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 30:9m:1733.

Mary, d.John and Mercy (Osborn),末蔓末,1768.

Mary, d.Henry and Elenor, Oct.2,1776.

Mary P., w.Joshua, 16:7m:1788.PR24

Mary, d.David and Lydia, Dec.25,1810.

Mary Susanna, at Troy, NH, May19,1818.

Mary Ann, d.Daniel and Anna, Dec.4,1820.

Mary Jane, d.Joshua and Mary, Oct.20,1821.

Mary Elizabeth S., d.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), Nov.11,1831.

Mary Ellen, d.Amos and Mary (Stone), Nov.6,1841.

Mercy, d.John and Mercy (Osborn),末蔓末,1760.

Marcy, d.Joseph and Darcus, Oct.25,1792.

Mercy, d.Joseph and Darcus, Feb.2,1806.

Mercy S., d.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), July4,1835.

Mercy S., d.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), Aug.1,1836.

Orinda Jane, d.Jonathan [yeoman. dup.] and Orinda (Sargent), 2d w., Oct.3,1847.

Paul, Apr.9,1797.

Paul, s.Joseph and Darcus, Apr.2,1804.

Philip Osborne, s.twin, George Cook and Nancy Reed (Osborn), Dec.30,1840.

Phebe, d.Anthony and Lydia, 2d w., May11,1774.

Phebe Woodman, w.David, Sept.13,1813.

Phebe H., d.John, jr. and Ruth (Page), Sept.2,1828.

Robert Gove, s.Daniel and Anna, Jan.13,1823.

Ruth, Jan.16,1738.PR48

Ruth, d.Amos and Lydia, May10,1774.

Ruthy Ann, d.Timothy and Eunice (Newhall, née Flint), 2d w., at Reading, Oct.28,1815.

Samuel, s.Amos and Lydia, July30,1779.

Samuel, July30,1781.

Samuel, s.Jonathan, jr. and Sarah, Aug.1,1805.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ruth (Hobbs), June20,1809.

Samuel Harvey, s.Daniel, jr. and Hannah W. (Sargent), Dec.22,1836.

Sarrah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Nov.18,1751.

Sarah, Oct.17,1752.

Sarah, d.Jonathan, jr. and Sarah, Dec.9,1799.

Sally Johnson, d.David and Lydia, Nov.22,1808.

Sarah S., d.Joseph, jr. and Lydia (Shillaber), Feb.20,1830.

Sarah Porter, d.Edward and Abigail (Stone), Feb.27,1849.

Simon Perkins, s.Daniel, jr. [gardener. dup.] and Julian Perkins (Colby), Dec.6,1845.

Sophronia Page, d.John, jr. and Ruth (Page), Dec.末,1828.

Sophronia, d.John, jr. and Ruth (Page), 11:12m:1835.

Thomas, s.John and Elizabeth (Buxton), 15:12m:1725-6.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Sarah, Mar.11,1771.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Darcus, Aug.12,1795. [1796. dup.]

Thomas, s.Thomas and Abigail (Barker), Mar.26,1827.

Thomas W., s.Amos and Mary (Stone), Nov.17,1838.

Timothy, at Reading, Nov.末,1778.

Timothy Edmund Putnam, s.Timothy and Eunice (Newhall, née Flint), 2d w., July29,1822.

Warren, s.Daniel, jr. and Julian Perkins (Colby), May12,1843.

William, s.Jonathan and Eliza, Mar.30,1829.

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