Susan B., d.Joseph, laborer, and Mary (Sawyer), Oct.8,1848.

MacINTIER (McIntire)

Daniel, s.Samuel and Phebee, Sept.2,1794.

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Phebee, at Salem, Aug.28,1788.

Nancy, d.Samuel and Phebe, Nov.19,1799.

Phebee, d.Samuel and Phebee, Sept.12,1791.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Phebee, at Salem, Jan.26,1784.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Phebee, at Salem, Dec.30,1785.

Thankful, d.Solomon and Thankful, Aug.9,1799.


Charles, s.Solomon and Thankfull, Aug.13,1803.

Charles, 2d, s.Solomon and Thankfull, Sept.30,1807.

Charles, s.Solomon Warren and Nancy (Hunt), Aug.24,1837.

Clarisa, d.Solomon and Thankfull, Aug.31,1809.

Elizabeth, d.Solomon and Thankfull, May2,1816.

Fanny, at Salem, Jan.12,1788.

George, s.Solomon and Thankfull, June13,1801.

Helen Louisa, d.Solomon Warren and Saluda (Heath), 2d w., July28,1849.

Polly, d.John and Mary, Apr.16,1778.

Ruth, d.Ebenezer, bp. Nov.20,1774.CR1

Sally, d.Aaron and Sarah, June23,1799.

Sally, d.Solomon and Thankfull, Apr.20,1805.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Solomon Warren [laborer. dup.] and Saluda (Heath), 2d w., July4,1844.

Solomon Warren, s.Solomon and Thankfull, Nov.21,1813.


Livina, d.John and Susan (Moore), Dec.20,1848.

MAGARY (Masury)

Lucy, d.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.23,1763.


Margaret, in Ireland,末蔓末,1821.


Anna [Manero. dup.], d.Emenuel, Feb.14,1744.


Eliza, at Beverly, Sept.26,1801.

Sally, at Salem, Oct.末,1798.


Charles Richardson, s.John [Mason. dup.] and Rebecca Eliza (Jeffery), June11,1843.

Charles H., s.Henry M., cordwainer, and Rebecca, Aug.6,1845.

Charles Lewis, s.Henry Murry and Rebecca Pinson (Ingalls), Aug.6,1845.

Elizabeth Helen, d.John and Rebecca Eliza (Jeffery), June27,1838.

George Henry, s.Henry Murry [cordwainer. dup.] and Rebecca Pinson (Ingalls), Sept.8,1847.

Henry Murry, at Salem, Oct.9,1818.

John, at Salem, May4,1811.

John Henry, s.John and Rebecca Eliza (Jeffery), July31,1840.

Mary, in Ireland, May2,1825.


末末, s.Joseph and Emily (Needham), Apr.21,1849.

Andrew, s.Andrew, jr. and Mary, Oct.26,1764.

Bethiah, at Saugus, Aug.26,1774.

Charles, s.John, jr. and Lorene (Geary), July12,1841.

Daniel, s.Andrew and Mary, July16, 末末. [bp. Aug.8,1779.CR2]

Elbridge, s.John, jr. and Lorene (Geary), May11,1837.

Elisabeth, d.Andrew, sr. and Mary, Mar.22,1751.

Elizabeth, wid.末末 Jackson, 2d, w.John, at Lynn, Jan.2,1774.

Elizabeth, at North Canton, June末,1822.

Elizabeth, d.John, jr. and Lorene (Geary), July31,1839.

Henry, at Middleton, Apr.19,1817.

John, s.Andrew, jr. and Mary, Mar.22,1767. [Mar.20. dup.]

John, jr., s.John and Elizabeth, 2d w., Feb.23,1809.

John Sidney, s.John, jr. and Lorene (Geary), Sept.3,1833.

John Henry, s.Henry [cordwainer. dup.] and Elizabeth (Searl), Feb.3,1849. [1848. dup.]

Joseph, s.Andrew, jr. and Mary, Dec.20,1770.

Louisa, d.John, jr. and Lorene (Geary), July31,1835.

Lucy Bucknam, at Lynn, July18,1818.

Lydia, at Lynnfield, Sept.5,1774.

Mary, d.Andrew and Mary, bp. July9,1775.CR2

Mary, d.John and Phebe, Mar.21,1801.

Samuel, s.John and Phebe, Dec.7,1798.


Nabe, d.Samuel and Abigail, Sept.15,1764.

Daniel, s.Daniel, bp. June28,1752.CR2

Ede, d.Samuel and Abigail, Aug.5,1769.

Betty (d.Daniel.CR2), Dec.27,1758.

Bettey, d.Samuel and Abigail, June20,1766.

Enoch [s.Daniel.CR2], May4,1762.

Esther, d.Samuel and Abigail, July2,1757.

Esther, at Seabrook, NH, Apr.21,1765.

Hannah, d.Daniel and An, bp. Apr.21,1754.CR2

Huldah [d.Daniel.CR2], Dec.28,1767.

John, s.Daniel, bp. Feb.10,1765.CR2

Mary, d.Daniel, bp. Jan.6,1771.CR2

Nancy, d.Daniel and Ann, June21,1756.


Davis H., at Bennington, VT, May12,1822.

Martha Jane, at Haverhill, Aug.22,1827.

William L., s.Davis H. and Sarah L. (Jocelyn), Feb.18,1849.


James, s.Patrick and Rosanna (Ray), May29,1847.

Jane, d.Patrick and Rosanna (Ray), June20,1849.

John, s.Patrick and Rosanna (Ray), Apr.4,1844.

Julia Ann, d.Patrick and Rosanna (Ray), July4,1845.

Margaret, d.John and Ann (Smith), in Ireland, Aug.26,1844.

Mary, d.John and Ann (Smith), in Ireland, Jan.末,1839.

Patrick, s.John and Ann (Smith), Apr.4,1846.

Richard, s.John and Ann (Smith), in Ireland, Apr.末,1841.

Rosanna, d.John and Ann (Smith), Sept.4,1849.


William, in Ireland,末蔓末,1828.


末末, wid.H.,末蔓末,1735.

末末, w.S.,末蔓末,1753.

末末, s.Aaron C., cordwainer, and Abigail, Apr.22,1848.

Aaron, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Aug.10,1770.

Aaron Cook, s.Aaron and Betsy, Sept.18,1801.

Abiah, d.Ezekiel and Abia, May25,1765.

Abigail, d.Daniel and Mary, bp. Sept.25,1757.CR1

Caleb, s.John and Polly, Nov.8,1800.

Caleb Warren, s.James and Mary P. (Felton), May3,1834.

Daniel, Jan.末,1756.

Edwin Cook, s.Aaron Cook and Abigail Roberts (Ham), Nov.13,1828.

Betsey, d.Aaron and Betsy, Feb.8,1797.

Eunice, d.Humphrey and Mary, bp. May12,1765.CR2

Ezekiel, Jan.26,1740.

Ezekiel, jr, s.Ezekiel and Abiah, June16,1767.

Ezekiel, 3d, s.Ezekiel, jr. and Rebecca, Aug.3,1794.

Ezekiel, s.John and Polly, Oct.5,1808.

Fanny F., d.John and Polly (Brown), Jan.13,1811. [Jan.6. dup.]

Francis, s.James and Mary P. (Felton), Aug.18,1838.

Frederick, s.Philip [yeoman. dup.] and Elizabeth (Brown), Oct.11,1846.

George E[zekiel.CR2], s.James and Mary P. (Felton), May22,1836.

George Albert, s.Aaron Cook and Abigail Roberts (Ham), Apr.22,1848.

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, Sept.25,1772.

Hannah Flint, d.Aaron and Betsey (Moulton), Mar.3,1811.

Hannah Felton, d.James and Mary, Sept.17,1825.

Hannah Flint, d.Aaron Cook and Abigail Roberts (Ham), Jan.12,1835.

Hannah Flint, d.Aaron Cook and Abigail Roberts (Ham), July31,1836.

Israel, s.Humphrey and Mary, bp. Nov.17,1771.CR2

James, s.John and Polly, Mar.7,1803.

James, s.James and Mary, Oct.26,1827.

John, s.Ezekiel and Abiah, June13,1771.

John, Nov.26,1778.

John, jr., s.John and Polly, June5,1799.

John Brown, s.James and Mary P. (Felton), Oct.26,1830. [Oct.16,1829.PR30]

John, s.Philip [farmer. dup.] and Elisabeth (Brown), Mar.24,1845.

Lucius Bolles, s.Thomas H. and Sarah C. (Bronsdon), 2d w., Apr.18,1818.

Mary [d.Daniel and Mary.CR2], Dec.5,1759.

Polly, d.Humphrey and Mary, bp. Jan.29,1769.CR2

Mary, d.John and Polly, Aug.20,1805.

Mary Abigail, d.Aaron Cook and Abigail Roberts (Ham), Mar.14,1832.

Nathaniel Felton, s.James and Mary P. (Felton), Dec.11,1832. [1831.PR30]

Patience, w.Daniel, Sept.18,1760.

Patience, d.Daniel and Patience (Douty), Jan.1,1798.

Phillips, s.John and Polly, Aug.20,1814.

Rebecca, d.Ezekiel, jr. and Rebecca, Oct.9,1796.

Rhoda Maria, d.Aaron Cook [cordwainer. dup.] and Abigail Roberts (Ham), Dec.24,1843.

Sarah, d.Ezekiel and Abiah, July3,1773.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Patience (Douty), Sept.3,1793.

Susannah, d.Ezekiel and Abiah, Feb.16,1769.

Thomas Hartshorn, s.Ezekiel and Abiah, July9,1776.

Thomas Hartshorn, s.Thomas H. and Sarah C., 2d w., Oct.30,1815.

William Flint, s.Aaron Cook and Abigail Roberts (Ham), Mar.12,1840.

MARSHAL (Marshall)

Job, s.Samuel, bp. July11,1773.CR2

Job, s.Samuel, bp. July21,1776.CR2

Sarah, d.Samuel, bp. Oct.18,1778.CR2


Esther, d.Samuel, bp. Aug.4,1782.CR2

Eunice, d.Samuel, bp. Apr.8,1759.CR2

Henry, at Bradford, NH, Feb.4,1828.

Lois, Mrs., at Marblehead, July12,1787.

Maria, at Bradford, Nov.2,1816.

Peter G., at Alfred, ME, June13,1835.

Robert, s.Samuel, bp. May12,1765.CR2

Samuel, s.Samuel, bp. May10,1761.CR2

Samuel, s.Samuel, bp. Sept.12,1762.CR2

Sally, Nov.29,1786.PR23

Stephen, s.Samuel, bp. Aug.2,1767.CR2

Stephen, s.Samuel, bp. Mar.25,1770.CR2


Sarah, at Methuen, June3,1795.


Austin E., at Lyndeboro, NH, Nov.20,1840.

Charles, at Andover, Dec.19,1794.

Charles Henry, s.Charles and Clarisa (Shortridge), Oct.2,1828.

Clarisa, d.Charles and Clarisa (Shortridge), Jan.2,1830.

Edwin, at Amesbury, Feb.20,1811.

Elizabeth, at Salem,末蔓末,1781.

George Brown, at Sandwich, NH, Dec.9,1826.

Lucius Drew, in Canada, Oct.2,1813.

Lucius D., at Stanstead, Can., Oct.6,1819.

Lucius Drew, s.Lucius Drew and Sarah Felton (Batchelder), Jan.10,1840.

Peter, s.Thomas, of Marblehead, bp. July9,1775.CR1

Phebe, at Andover, Feb.28,1785.

William Edwin, s.Edwin and Elizabeth Clark (Brown), at Marblehead, Aug.7,1837.


Alpheus Bancroft, s.John L. and Sally Talbot (Tarbell), in Illinois, Jan.4,1844.

Angeline E.G., d.John L. and Sally Talbot (Tarbell), at Lynn, Nov.26,1836.

Betsey Tarbell, d.John L. and Sally Talbot (Tarbell), Jan.14,1833.

W., ch.John L. and Sally Talbot (Tarbell), in Illinois, Feb.6,1840.

George Crosby, s.John L. and Sally Talbot (Tarbell), at Charlestown, June15,1829.

Hannah, at Marblehead, Sept.16,1788. [1778. dup.]

John L., at Chichester, NH, Dec.10,1808.

Lowell L., s.John L. and Sally Talbot (Tarbell), at Lynn, Dec.6,1834.

Matthew Hooper, s.John L. and Sally Talbot (Tarbell), May29,1831.

Parker Richardson, s.John L. and Sally Talbot (Tarbell), in Illinois, Jan.4,1842.

Sarah, at Thornton, NH, Aug.27,1823.

MASURY (Magary)

George Augustus, s.Nathaniel Friend and Sarah Berry (Stocker), Dec.23,1839.

Lucinda H., at Wenham, Sept.1,1820.

Nathaniel Friend, at Beverly, Feb.15,1815.


John, in England, Dec.1,1820.

Thomas, s.John and Margaret H. (Westwood), at Saxonville, July31,1847.


Almira, at Sweden, ME, Nov.4,1814.


Asenath, d.twin, Nathaniel and Hannah, Nov.19,1809.

Augusta Jane, d.George and Harriet Augusta (Morris), July4,1847.

Clarisa, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Sept.22,1820.

Edmund Parker, s.George and Harriet Augusta (Morris), Apr.6,1849.

George, Mar.31,1824.

James, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, July1,1805.

Joseph, s.twin, Nathaniel and Hannah, Nov.19,1809.

Mary Florence, d.Samuel Newhall and Sophia R. (Hart), June2,1849.

Mehitable, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Sept.6,1811.

Moses, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, July21,1803.

Nancy, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, June4,1807.

Pamelia A., d.George, cordwainer, and Harriet, July4,1847.

Rebeca, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Apr.2,1814.

Samuel N[ewhall. dup.], s.Nathaniel and Hannah, June13,1817.

William Albert, s.Samuel Newhall and Sophia R. (Hart), Nov.25,1842.

McACTON (Acton)

Jane, in Ireland, Jan.28,1826.

McARTHEY (McCarthy)

John, in Nova Scotia, Jan.12,1824.

Levina, d.John and Susan (Moor), Dec.20,1848.


John, in Ireland,末蔓末,1833.

McCARTHY (McArthey, McCarty)

Edward, s.John [M., laborer. dup.] and Marcy (Conroy), May11,1847.

Lavinia, d.末末, bp. Sept.2,1849.CR1

William, s.John and Mary (Conroy), Feb.7,1849.

McCARTY (McCarthy)

Ann, in Ireland,末蔓末,1835.


Anna Maria, at Boston, Feb.22,1828.


Mary Jane, d.Samuel, weaver, and Margaret, Mar.9,1848.


Catherine Wentworth, in Scotland, May19,1800.


Charles, at Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, July30,1815.

James, s.Charles and Maria (Sullivan), Nov.22,1839.


Sarah J., d.Samuel, trader, and Harriett, May17,1844.


Mary, d.Charles, in Rhode Island, May8,1845.

McDONALD (Donald, McDonnald)

Ann, d.John and Ann (Cunningham), at Paisley,末蔓末,1819.

Catherine, d.John and Ann (Cunningham), at Paisley,末蔓末,1826.

Ellen, in Ireland, Dec.末,1822.

James, s.John and Ann (Cunningham), at Paisley,末蔓末,1823.

John, at Paisley,末蔓末,1787.

John, s.John and Ann (Cunningham), at Paisley,末蔓末,1821.

Mary E., d.John and Ann (Cunningham), at Great Falls, NH,末蔓末,1829.

McINTIRE (MacIntier, MackIntire)

Caroline Augusta, d.William and Caroline Helen (Symes), Apr.24,1849.

Catherine, d.Silas, at Dover, NH, Mar.15,1830.

Charles, s.Samuel and Sally (Lander), Sept.15,1834.

Daniel Trask, s.Jonathan and Mary (Trask), Mar.7,1821.

Edward Richardson, s.Jonathan and Mary (Trask), June19,1828.

Henry, s.Samuel and Sally, July24,1816.

Ingalls Kittredge, s.Samuel and Sally, Dec.20,1821.

James Felton, s.Samuel and Sally, May21,1819.

Jonathan, May27,1788.

Lydia, at Lynnfield, Jan.16,1764.

Martha Stocker, d.Jonathan and Mary (Trask), May3,1818.

Mary, d.Samuel and Phebe, Dec.12,1808.

Mary Ann, d.Jonathan and Mary (Trask), June27,1823.

Mary Ann, d.Jonathan and Mary (Trask), July27,1824.

Nancy, d.twin, Samuel and Sally, Feb.13,1826.

Owen, s.Silas, at Dover, NH, July24,1828.

Priscilla, at Salem, Dec.12,1810.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sally, Dec.9,1811.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sally, Apr.4,1814.

Silas, at Lancaster, NH, Sept.11,1799.

Solomon, at Reading, Feb.25,1773.

Stephen, s.Merriam Moulton, w.John Brown, Feb.12,1805.

William Augustus, s.Jonathan and Mary (Trask), Oct.10,1816.

William, s.twin, Samuel and Sally, Feb.13,1826. [1825. dup.]


Anny, d.Timothy and Mary (Gorman), in Ireland, Mar.9,1848.

Edward, in Ireland, May22,1822.

Edward, s.Timothy and Mary (Gorman), in Ireland, Mar.9,1845.

James, s.Edward and Elizabeth (Acton), in Ireland, Jan.末,1847.

Timothy, in Ireland, May20,182.

McKEAN (Kean, McKeon)

Esther Mary, Sept.6,1822.

McKEON (McKean)

William, in Ireland, Mar.20,1803.


Sarah Jane, d.William [currier. dup.] and Mary (O'Conner), May22,1846.

William, in Ireland, Apr.16,1816.


Christiana, d.Jeremiah and Margaret (Murray), Jan.9,1837.

Jeremiah, in Limerick, Ireland, June18,1815.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah [currier. dup.] and Margaret (Murray), July28,1845.

Margaret Ann, d.Jeremiah and Margaret (Murray), Mar.10,1842.

Thomas, s.Jeremiah and Margaret (Murray), Nov.17,1837.

Thomas, s.Jeremiah and Margaret (Murray), Nov.17,1839.

McMELLEN (Mellen)

Mercy, at Salem, Feb.17,1799.


Dalia, d.Anthony and Fanny (Logan), at Bangor, ME, Mar.6,1842.

Frank, s.Anthony and Fanny (Logan), Nov.29,1847.

James, s.Anthony and Fanny (Logan), Apr.1,1844.

Margaret, d.Anthony and Fanny (Logan), at Bangor, ME, Feb.18,1843.

Mary, in Ireland, Nov.9,1821.


Agnes, d.James, laborer, and J. (Cliney), Apr.8,1849.


Hannah, d.William D., laborer, Feb.1,1848.

Julia, d.Dorli [?] M., laborer, and Mary, Nov.17,1844.


Sarah Ann, at Sunbury, PA, May21,1812.


Ebenezer, at Beverly, May12,1803.

Edward, s.Ebenezer and Lucinda (Shed), Jan.30,1841.

George Eben, s.Ebenezer and Lucinda (Shed), Apr.29,1833.

Horace [W. dup.], s.Ebenezer [shoe dealer. dup.] and Lucinda (Shed), Sept.2,1845.

Joseph Edwin, s.Ebenezer and Lucinda (Shed), July4,1835.

Louisa Bryant, d.Ebenezer and Lucinda (Shed), [after Sept.13,1848].

Mary Shed, d.Ebenezer and Lucinda (Shed), Jan.12,1839.

Mary Shed, d.Ebenezer [cordwainer. dup.] and Lucinda (Shed), June30,1843. [1844. dup.]

MEAD (Meede)

Eben, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. June16,1765.CR2

Elisabeth, "alias More,", d.Michael Mead and Elisabeth More, Mar.27,1766.

Jeremiah Clapp, s.Rev. Samuel and Susanna, Mar.4,1800.

Joseph, s.Levi and Betty, bp. Dec.11,1785.CR2

Luke, in Roscomond, Ireland, Aug.25,1820.

Martha Ann, at Salem, Mar.5,1823.

Mary W., at New King, NY, Feb.4,1816.

Mary, d.Patrick, "Foreigner," and Nancy, and, d.adopted, John Shaw, June13,1841.

Mary Ann, d.Luke and Winneford, Nov.3,1849.

Samuel Barlow, s.Rev. Samuel and Susanna, Dec.27,1797.

Sarah, d.twin, Rev. Samuel and Susanna, Nov.15,1801.

Susanna, d.twin, Rev. Samuel and Susanna, Nov.15,1801.


Lucy, at Topsfield, Oct.28,1809.


Mary, in Ireland, Feb.24,1828.

MEARS (Meers)

Eliza B., at Essex, Aug.9,1825.

MEEDE (Mead)

Michael, s.Peter, laborer, and Nancy, Oct.30,1844.


Henry, at Boxford, June6,1825.

James Henry, s.Henry and Abigail (Very), May24,1848.

Lydia Ann, d.Henry and Abigail (Very), Apr.12,1846.

MEERS (Mears)

Mary, d.Jeremiah and Mary, Dec.27,1813.


Mary, in North of England, May17,1818.

MELLEN (McMellen)



Eliza Ann, at Marblehead, Dec.14,1831.


Betsey, at Londonderry, NH, Apr.2,1803.


Albert Nickerson, s.Nicholson and Hannah, Nov.3,1813.

Susan Trask, d.Nicholson and Hannah, May22,1811.

William Nicholson, s.Nicholson and Hannah, Apr.16,1808.

Zebulon, s.Nicholson and Hannah, May2,1809.


Sarah, in Ireland, Aug.末,1831.

MERIAM (Merriam)

Agnes, in Scotland, May12,1824.

Catharine, at Middleton, Apr.1,1790.

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Elizabeth, at Middleton, Nov.14,1784.

Fanny, at Middleton, Dec.15,1781.


Alfred W., s.Wingate and Hannah (Chapman), Dec.30,1823.

Alice Ann, d.Stephen and Malinda (Flint), Sept.24,1845.

Alvan, at Salem, NH, June3,1806.

Alvan Augustus, s.Alvan and Tabitha (Beadle), Sept.10,1831.

Amelia W., d.William S. and Abby A.C. (Worcester), at Salem, July21,1843.

Amos, at Andover, Nov.15,1820.

Ann Maria, d.Alvan and Tabitha (Beadle), Aug.1,1845.

Caroline E[llen. dup.], d.Wingate and Hannah (Chapman), Dec.31,1825. [1826. dup.]

Charles Edward, s.Wingate and Hannah (Chapman), June29,1833.

Elizabeth, at Andover,末蔓末,1822.

Franklin A[ugustus.dup.], s.Wingate and Hannah (Chapman), June18,1820.

Franklin Chandler Upton, s.Amos and Abigail Allen (Upton), July17,1848.

George Harris, s.Wingate and Hannah (Chapman), Mar.10,1831.

Gustavus, s.Wingate and Hannah (Chapman), Feb.21,1829.

Hannah, at Newburyport, Jan.10,1786.

Hannah C., at Salem, Oct.2,1795.

Helen Maria, d.Franklin Augustus and Sarah Ellen (Saul), Aug.15,1842.

Joseph, at Hampton Falls, Mar.3,1801.

Joseph, at Charlestown, Aug.20,1814. [Aug.30. dup.]

Joseph D., s.Joseph and Elizabeth K. (Clifton), Apr.13,1829.

Joseph Warren, s.Alvan and Tabitha (Beadle), Aug.30,1848.

Lucy Beadle, d.Alvan and Tabitha (Beadle), at New York, Aug.24,1837.

Martha A., d.Joseph, painter, Aug.3,1846.

Mary Lavina, d.Alvan and Tabitha (Beadle), at Salem, Oct.20,1841.

Mary Kimball, d.Joseph and Eunice Hutchinson (Kenney), 2d w., July5,1842.

Nancy Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Fish), Feb.28,1836. [1837. dup.]

Oliver S., s.Wingate and Hannah (Chapman), Nov.5,1821.

Rosilla, in Vermont, Aug.3,1827.

Sarah G., at Deerfield, NH, Dec.6,1817.

Sarah Ellen, d.Alvan and Tabitha (Beadle), at Salem, May8,1834.

Walter Scott, s.Levi and Sarah (Carter), Dec.27,1840.

William S., at Salem, June28,1816.

William B., s.William S. and Abby A.C. (Worcester), at Salem, Nov.24,1845.

Wingate, at Hampton Falls, NH, Dec.16,1793.


Anne Ashby, at Sackett's Harbor, NY, July3,1807.


Adeline, d.David, at Methuen, Jan.19,1824.

Albert A., s.David, at Salem, NH, Nov.11,1821.

Amos Edwin, s.adopted, Rodney C. and Maria M. (Messer) Fletcher, at Boston, Dec.19,1845.

Benjamin G. Foster, s.David, Mar.3,1832.

David, at Salem, NH, Dec.27,1799.

Eliza, at Salem, July27,1804.

Francis, s.Albert, currier, and Sophronia, Jan.末,1846.

George, s.Asa Swan and Naamah, Jan.11,1800.

George A., s.Albert, currier, and Sophronia, Feb.29,1844.

John A., s.Albert, currier, and Sophronia, Feb.29,1844[?].

Julitta, June2,1824.

Maria M., at Concord, NH, Nov.20,1813.

Sarah, at Salem, NH, Mar.14,1799.


Lydia, at Marblehead, Sept.17,1829.


Abigail Lawrence, d.Fisher and Eunice (Peabody), at Boston, Apr.11,1839.

Fisher, at Franklin, Dec.末,1807.

George Lyman, s.Fisher and Eunice (Peabody), Sept.11,1849.

John Calvin, s.Fisher and Eunice (Peabody), at Salem, June7,1837.

Lydia Saunders, d.Fisher and Eunice (Peabody), at Boxford, Feb.27,1844.


末末, d.John, trader, and Elizabeth, Apr.25,1846.


Joseph, s.John, cordwainer, and Martha, June20,1847.

Mariah, d.William B. and Nancy, Oct.8,1817.

Nathan, s.William and Nancy, Apr.23,1819.

Peter, s.Phillip H., weaver, and Margaret, Feb.15,1849.

Sarah, d.William B. and Nancy, Apr.末,1821.

Sarah, d.William B. and Nancy, May30,1825.

William, s.William B. and Nancy, Feb.22,1828.


Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah (Clark), May20,1833.

Benjamin Hardy, s.Jonathan and Eliza S., at Salem, Mar.24,1841.

Eliza S., Mrs., at Salem, Feb.14,1818.


Elizabeth, at Yorkshire, Eng., Dec.25,1822.

Louisa, d.James and Lydia (Brown), Oct.6,1800.PR75

Lydia, d.James and Lydia (Brown), Sept.6,1806.PR75

Susanna, d.James and Lydia (Brown), May2,1810.PR75

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Benjamin, s.Mary, bp. Nov.26,1780.CR1

Elijah Nurse, s.James and Hannah, Feb.23,1803. [Feb.6. dup.]

Joseph, s.Mary, bp. Nov.26,1780.CR1

Ruth, d.Mary, bp. Nov.26,1780.CR1

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Dorcas, at Unity, ME, Aug.15,1815.

Hannah Jane, at Chesterfield, ME, Dec.4,1828.

Levina, d.Elijah Nourse and Lucy (Taylor), Mar.末,1827.

Levina, 2d, d.Elijah Nourse and Lucy (Taylor), Oct.13,1829.

William, s.Elijah Nourse and Lucy (Taylor), Dec.15,1823.

MOAR (Moore)

Ellen, at Manchester, Eng., May30,1823.


Margaret, in Ireland, Oct.末,1826.


Lucy Ann, at Troy, NY, Sept.27,1808.

MOOR (Moore)

Susan, in Nova Scotia, Sept.末,1822.

MOORE (Moar, Moor, More)

Abigail Ruth, d.Benjamin and Mary K. (Burnham), Nov.27,1848.

Benedicta, at London, Eng., Sept.9,1810.

Benjamin, at Gloucester, July22,1818.

Benjamin Newell, s.Benjamin and Mary K. (Burnham), at Essex, Dec.4,1841.

Fanny, at Thetford, Sept.13,1803.

George Adams, s.Healy, gentleman, Sept.20,1847.

Henry, s.Benjamin [carpenter. dup.] and Mary K. (Burnham), Dec.20,1843.

Jane, at Derry, NH, Oct.25,1823.

Jennett, in Scotland, July3,1827.

John, s.Benjamin and Mary K. (Burnham), Jan.28,1846.

Lydia Lucretia, at Salem, June28,1809.


Margaret, d.John and Jane (Moorey), at Salem, Sept.15,1849.

MORE (Moore)


MORISON (Morrison)

Albra, at Sanford, ME, Dec.8,1815.


Gusta Maria, d.John and Hannah (Larrabee), July21,1825.

Charlotte Goodridge, d.Thomas and Joanna (Rowell), Aug.12,1833.

Elizabeth Pickering, d.Thomas and Joana, Oct.19,1827.

Francis Alfred, s.John and Hannah (Larrabee), Nov.16,1836.

George Warren, s.John and Hannah (Larrabee), May8,1823.

Olda Burt, d.James Harvey and Elizabeth (Gray), June10,1849.

James Harvey, s.Thomas and Joanna (Rowell), July10,1822.

John, at Salem, NH, Sept.6,1787.

John Henry, s.John and Hannah (Larrabee), Sept.26,1833.

Joseph Dennis, s.Thomas and Joanna (Rowell), July2,1820.

Sarah Archer [Ann. dup.], d.Thomas and Joanna (Rowell), Aug.15,1829.

Susannah, d.John and Hannah (Larrabee), Feb.15,1822.

Thomas, at Salem, NH, Oct.28,1783.

William Oliver, s.Thomas and Joanna (Rowell), Nov.4,1824.


Abigail, at Westford, Aug.24,1821.

Harriot, at Wilmington, July5,1802 or 1803.

Sophia, at Wilmington, Sept.18,1800.


Harriet Augusta, at Harvard, Dec.15,1825.

James, in Sussex, Eng., July6,1821.

MORRISON (Morison)

Adaline Augusta, d.Joseph [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Sally Hutchinson (Demsey), Feb.25,1847. [Feb.20. dup]

Alexander M., at Canaan, VT, Sept.17,1821.

Elvira, d.Naham, engineer, and Honora, July13,1848.

Emeline Augusta, d.Joseph and Sally Hutchinson (Demsey), Feb.8,1844.

Jane, at Sanford, ME, May4,1813.

John H., s.John, laborer, and Mary A., June6,1844.

John, s.Neagler, laborer, Oct.28,1847.

Joseph, at Sanford, ME, Mar.14,1814.

Mary Elizabeth, d.John and Mary Ann, July18,1827.

Mary Ellen, d.Joseph and Sally Hutchinson (Demsey), Mar.6,1840.

Meriam Jane, d.James and Meriam, Nov.28,1814.

Sally, d.James and Meriam, Nov.4,1812.

Sarah, at Sanford, ME, May17,1816.

Sarah Ann, d.Joseph and Sally Hutchinson (Demsey), Mar.18,1842.

Stephen Augustus, s.Stephen and Euridisa, May18,1815.


Charles F., s.Moody and Sally, Aug.15,1813.

Clarisa, d.Moody and Sally, at Newbury, June5,1809.

Eliza Augusta, at Salem, Oct.24,1825.

Harriet Augusta, d.Healey, stabler, and Harriet N., Mar.25,1844.

Nancy, at Roxbury, June12,1790.

Sally, d.Moody and Sally, at Newbury, Sept.1,1807.

Sally, d.Moody and Sally, May25,1816.


Maria A., at Wenham, July26,1845.

MOULTEN (Moulton)

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Mary, Apr.4,1809.

Sophia, d.Benjamin, jr. and Mary, Nov.7,1812.

MOULTON (Moulten)

Anna, d.John and Mehitable, bp. May5,1765.CR2

Augustus, s.twin, Warren and Ann Maria (Ham), Oct.12,1849.

Bartholomew, s.Benjamin and Sarah, June9,1756.

Benjamin, jr., s.Benjamin and Sarah, Oct.29,1740.

Benjamin, jr., s.Benjamin and Sarah, June14,1774.

Benjamin, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, June7,1787.

Charles Francis, s.Benjamin, jr. and Elizabeth (Coffin), 2d w., Oct.1,1832.

Daniel, s.John and Mehitable, bp. July27,1760.CR2

Dorcas, d.John and Alice, Jan.29,1811.

Eben Newell, s.Benjamin, jr. and Elizabeth (Coffin), 2d w., Nov.26,1834.

Ebenezer, s.Benjamin and Sarah, May18,1751.

Ebenezer, Oct.22,1751.

Ebenezer, jr., s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Apr.29,1772.

Elijah, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Dec.5,1748.


Bette, d.John and Mehitable, bp. July27,1760.CR2

Betsy, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Apr.11,1777.

Elizabeth Curtis, d.Benjamin, jr. and Elizabeth (Coffin), 2d w., Feb.19,1837.

Emila, d.Jonathan, bp. Nov.4,1804.CR1

Ezra, s.John and Alice, Jan.30,1813.

Frederic, s.Jonathan, bp. May1,1803.CR1

George T[ucker. dup.], s.Benjamin, jr. and Mary, May17,1820.

Henry Warren, s.Warren and Ann Maria (Ham), Dec.19,1840.

James Newell, s.Benjamin, jr. and Mary (Smith), June11,1827.

James Henry, s.Benjamin, jr. [yeoman. dup.] and Elizabeth (Coffin), 2d w., Aug.15,1844.


Jonathan, s.Jonathan, bp. June28,1801.CR1

Joseph Smith, s.Benjamin, jr. and Mary, Dec.21,1817.

Joseph Albert, s.Warren [cordwainer. dup.] and Ann Maria (Ham), May5,1846.

Joshua, s.John and Mehitable, bp. July27,1760.CR2

Judah, d.John and Mehitable, bp. July27,1760.CR2

Judith, May末,1759.

Lucy Maria, d.twin, Warren and Ann Maria (Ham), Oct.12,1849.

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Oct.22,1742.

Martha Ann, d.Benjamin, jr. and Mary, Sept.22,1824.

Mary, d.John and Mehitable, bp. May5,1765.CR2

Molly, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Mar.16,1775.

Polly, d.Jonathan, bp. Sept.21,1794.CR1

Molly, Mar.16,1795.

Mary Ann, d.John and Alice, Mar.6,1816.

Mary Jane, d.Benjamin, jr. and Mary, Nov.6,1822.

Mehitable, d.John and Mehitable, bp. July27,1760.CR2

Meriam, Dec.11,1768.

Nancy or Anne, Mar.22,1764.

Nancy, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Mar.16,1782.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, June15,1746.

Sarah, d.John and Mehitable, bp. July27,1760.CR2

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, June30,1780.

Warren, s.Benjamin, jr. and Mary, Nov.11,1814.

William Jackson, s.Benjamin, jr. and Elizabeth (Coffin), 2d w., June4,1842.


Catherine, in Ireland, June21,1820.


Albert Horace, s.Josiah and Eliza Ann Flint (Skinner), June20,1841.

Almira, d.Simon and Fanny, Jan.14,1817.

Amos, s.Simon and Elisabeth, June17,1782.

Augusta Maria, d.Josiah and Eliza Ann Flint (Skinner), Mar.18,1840.

Augustus, s.Amos and Sarah, Aug.21,1820.

Caroline, d.Amos and Sarah, Jan.7,1824.

Catharine, d.Simon and Fanny, Sept.17,1811.

Charles Fordyce, s.Josiah and Eliza Ann Flint (Skinner), Apr.3,1843.

Clara [Clarisa.dup.] Helen, d.Augustus [school teacher. dup.] and Lucy Ann (Wentworth), Sept.22,1847.

Edwin, s.Amos and Sarah, Aug.4,1818.

Elizabeth, d.Simon and Fanny, Aug.22,1813.

Fanny, d.Simon and Fanny, May9,1815.

Francis Augustus, s.Augustus and Lucy Ann (Wentworth), Sept.15,1844.

Francis Brown, s.Edwin [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Lydia Nichols (Bryant), Oct.4,1845.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Feb.17,1767.

Hannah, d.Simon and Fanny, Nov.10,1809.

Henry Augustus, s.Augustus [teacher. dup.] and Lucy Ann (Wentworth), Mar.26,1846.

Herbert Clarence, s.Josiah [carpenter. dup.] and Eliza Ann Flint (Skinner), June23,1846.

Josiah, s.Amos and Sarah, Mar.21,1811. [1812. dup.]

Lydia, d.Simon and Elizabeth (Whittredge), Aug.6,1778. [Aug.4. dup.]

Mary, d.John and Hannah, Feb.13,1769.

Mary, d.Simon and Elisabeth, Aug.11,1780.

Nancy, d.Simon and Elisabeth, Apr.7,1785.

Nancy, d.Amos and Sarah, June9,1816.

Otis, s.Amos and Sarah, Oct.22,1813.

Pamelia Joselyn, d.Augustus and Lucy Ann (Wentworth), Sept.27,1849.

Rebecca Frances, Jan.23,1849.

Sally, d.Simon and Elisabeth, Oct.3,1773.

Simon, at Malden, Apr.末,1747.

Simon, s.Simon and Elizabeth, Sept.8,1775.

William Whittridge, s.Simon and Fanny, Jan.18,1808.

William Whittredge, s.Simon and Fanny, Mar.30,1821.


Mary, at Salem, Feb.17,1797.


Mary, at Dublin, Ireland, Aug.8,1818.

MULLIN (Mullen)

Sarah A., at Salem, Aug.18,1828.

MUNCY (Munsey)

Amelia J., d.Curtis C., shoe cutter, Apr.17,1847.

MUNRO (Munroe)

Caleb Symonds, s.Edmund and Betsey, May21,1822.

Caleb Converse, s.Ishmael and Rhoda, Jan.31,1825.

Clarissa, d.Isaac and Mary, Feb.11,1815.

Edmund, s.twin, Edmund and Betsey, Aug.7,1828.

Eliza, d.Isaac and Mary, Mar.11,1811.

Betsey Saunton, d.Ishmael and Rhoda, Dec.25,1819.

George Warren, s.Luther Simonds and Olive (Flint), at Salem, Aug.2,1840.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Mary, Mar.16,1813.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Mary, Nov.29,1821.

James, s.twin, Edmund and Betsey, Aug.7,1828.

Jonas Symonds, s.Ishmael and Rhoda, Feb.17,1828.

Jonathan Twiss, s.Uriah and Esther, Feb.28,1821.

Lucinda, d.Isaac and Mary, July4,1817.

Lucy, d.Edmund and Betsey, Jan.27,1825.

Luther Symonds, s.Uriah and Esther, May2,1823.

Luther Simonds, s.Luther Simonds and Olive (Flint), at Reading, Dec.31,1828.

Mary, d.Isaac and Mary, Nov.30,1808.

Molissa, d.Isaac and Mary, Oct.16,1819.

Olive Adeline, d.Luther Simonds and Olive (Flint), at Salem, Jan.18,1836.

Phebe Cross, d.Luther Simonds and Olive (Flint), Oct.28,1830.

Sarah Wingate, d.Uriah and Esther Elonor (Twiss), Nov.3,1834.

William Calvin, s.Luther Simonds and Olive (Flint), Mar.20,1827.

William Calvin, s.Luther Simonds and Olive (Flint), at Salem, Dec.21,1833.

MUNROE (Munro)

末末, d.Harris, currier, Jan.25,1846.

Andrew, at "Elexonton" [Lexington?], Mar.30,1764.

Andrew, s.twin, Andrew and Ruth, at New Grafton, NH, Apr.1,1789.

Edmund, s.Andrew and Ruth, Oct.27,1793.

Isaac, s.Andrew and Ruth, at Woburn, July19,1785.

Ishmael, s.twin, Andrew and Ruth, at New Grafton, NH, Apr.1,1789.

Jonas S., Feb.17,1830.

Lucy, d.Andrew and Ruth, May24,1791.

Luther Symonds, s.Andrew and Ruth, May10,1805.

Mary, d.Andrew and Ruth, at Woburn, Nov.24,1786.

Phebe Upton, d.Andrew and Ruth, Feb.15,1803.

Ruth, w.Andrew, at Woburn, Apr.13,1763.

Ruth, d.Andrew and Ruth, Mar.27,1798.

Sarah, d.Andrew and Ruth, Sept.7,1800.

MUNSEY (Muncy)

Amelia Jane, d.Curtis Coe [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Matilda (Howard), Apr.15,1846. [Apr.17. dup.]

Curtis Coe, at Barnstead, NH, Nov.26,1809.

Curtis, s.Curtis Coe and Matilda (Howard), at Beverly, Sept.24,1834.

Everett Smith, s.Curtis Coe and Matilda (Howard), May28,1839.

Matilda Adelaide, d.Curtis Coe and Matilda (Howard), at Beverly, Jan.26,1836.

Nancy Ellen, d.Curtis Coe and Matilda (Howard), at Beverly, Feb.22,1838.

Nancy Ellen, d.Curtis Coe and Matilda (Howard), Jan.4,1841.

Sarah, at Pittsfield, NH, Feb.18,1813.


末末, ch.Joanna, at the almshouse, Apr.27,1849.

Anne Maria, d.John and Ellen (Crow), at Lowell, July7,1846.

Elizabeth, d.John [laborer. dup.] and Ann Elizabeth (Norris), Apr.18,1847. [1848. dup.]

John, in Ireland, June末,1823.

Mary Ann, d.John [currier. dup.] and Ann Elizabeth (Norris), June1,1845.

Thomas, s.John, currier, and Mary, May1,1845.

William Henry, s.John and Ellen (Crow), July9,1849.

MURRAY (Murry)

Margaret, at Cord [sic], Ireland, July末,1800.

Margaret, at Nooke, Ireland, June17,1812.

MURRY (Murray)

John, s.Michael and Mary (Dailey), in Ireland, Dec.末,1847.

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