Sarah, and Thomas Perkins of Arundel, June6,1754.*

BACHELLOR (Batchelder)

Jeremiah, of Lynn, and Hannah L. Newhall, int.Aug.6,1840.


Charles D., and Emily Lambert, both of Boston, Oct.17,1837.*

Samuel, and Rebecca Selden, Mar.23,1775.*

Tilston, of Cambridge, and Nancy McIntire, Apr.1,1824.*


Abiah Ann, of Salem, and Langdon Beard, int.May17,1828.

Bartholomew Smith, and Abba Lowd, Sept.5,1839.*

Eliphalet, of Lyndeboro, NH, and Huldah Smith, Feb.21,1796.*

Irene, and Abijah Hutchinson, Mar.18,1800.*

Mary, and Elisha Waldran, Apr.7,1833.*

Robert, of Lyndeboro, NH, and Hannah Tailer, May27,1762.*


Almond Fisk, and Louisa Nason, Mar.13,1843.*

John, and Mary Allen, at Plaistow, NH, Mar.22,1806.

John [jr. int.], and Judith Ann Stone, at Salem, Dec.30,1845.*

Mary O[sgood.dup.], a.31y., d.John, and Samuel S[eammond.dup.] Stevens, a.30y., farmer, s.Moses S., Apr.23,1845.*

Sarah W[hittier Bailey.dup.], and Samuel Swett of Marblehead, Apr.12,1841.*


Elisabeth, of Salem, and John Masury, July26,1775.

BAILEY (Bayley)

Amanda, and Henry Nutter, at Beverly, Oct.3,1833.

Ann, and Benjamin Potter, at Middleton, Nov.23,1817.

Caroline, and Joseph Very, at Salem, Oct.5,1832.

David, and Almira Pickett, at Georgetown, Apr.4,1838.


Daniel B., and Sarah A. Putnam, Dec.31,1848.*

Elisabeth, and Stephen Felton, int.Jan.22,1767.

Francis, and Susan P. Jacobs, Apr.26,1838.*

Hannah, of Beverly, and Ebenezer Hutchinson [jr. int.], Nov.30,1762.*

John, of Ipswich, and Mrs.Elizabeth Sutton, Mar.12,1835.*

John K., and Mrs.Mary Ann Nimblet, both of Salem, Nov.28,1841.

Joseph L., and Ellen Elizabeth Cross, at Haverhill, July4,1848.

Marietta, of Salem, and Ira C. Burnham of Lynn, Jan.30,1834.CR4

Mary, Mrs., of Salem, and Isaiah Gauly, int.Oct.14,1832.

Mary, of Manchester, NH, and Charles Pearsons of York, ME, at Salem, July2,1837.

Hitty, of Wenham, and John Fairfield of New Boston, NH, Dec.9,1799.

Samuel O., and Mary Smith of Salem, int.Dec.24,1825.

Sarah [of Newburyport. int.], and Richard Loring, at Newburyport, Aug.2,1818.*

Sally, of Salem, and Jeremiah Peasley, Dec.23,1832. [Dec.22. dup.]*

Simeon, of Boston, and Betty Wiat, Apr.17,1783.*


Caleb [of], and Mary Felton, Nov.20,1753.*

Eliza, of New Boston, NH, and Ezekiel Peasley, int.May1,1824.

Hannah, and George W. Hazeltine of Salem, Mar.14,1837.*

Julia A[nn. int.], and Ayers Worth, jr., Jan.22,1835.*

Polly, and Isaac Winchester, at Francistown, NH, Aug.末,1798.

William, Rev., of Salisbury, and Polly Wadsworth, Oct.31,1805.*


Asa R., of Cambridge, and Mary Deland, Aug.11,1833.*

Ruhannah D., of Salem, a.22y., d.Thomas D., and Mark U. Merrow of Salem, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Ezekiel, Dec.31,1846.

Thomas D., and Lydia S. Rhodes, Oct.12,1823.*

BANCRAFT (Bancroft)

Jonathan, and Phebe Lawrence of Groton, int.Sept.4,1756.

BANCROFT (Bancraft)

Abigail, and Zachariah Goodridge, at Lynn, Nov.24,1836.

Alpheus W[oodbury.dup.], and Charity Galeucia of Salem, Mar.1,1832.*

Ebenezer, and Phebe McIntire, June17,1812. [1811. dup.]*

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Richardson, July19,1833.*

George W., and Jane T. Osborne, Feb.2,1840.*

George Washington, and Sarah Needham, Sept.7,1843.*

Hannah, of Salem, a.20y., d.Benjamin H. and Hannah, and John Bond of Salem, a.22y., currier, s.John C. and Mary, Jan.1,1845.

James, and Hannah Bond, at Ipswich, Dec.13,1847.

Lydia, of Lynn, and Benjamin Wilson, int.Oct.12,1759.

Lydia B., and John P. Whiton of Cambridge, June9,1846.*

Malinda, and Andrew Woodbury Gray, Dec.22,1842.*

Nathaniel, of Lynnfield, and Zebiah Russell, Nov.28,1797.*

Rachel, and John Hawkes of Reading, Jan.9,1777.*

Thomas, and Clarissa Aborn, at Lynnfield, June1,1815.

Timothy, of Dunstable, and Mary Mansfeild, Nov.6,1755.*


Jeremiah, and Anna Dove, Aug.1,1781.


Grace, of Marblehead, and John Brimbleton, Oct.6,1762.


Dilla, and Cato Ranson, Aug.31,1780.*


Abagail [of], and Thomas Buxton, at Salem, Jan.23,1826.*

Charles, and Betsey Willson, May1,1825. [May2. dup.]*

Hannah, of Andover, and Jonas Stevens, int.Oct.31,1812.

Henry, of Andover, and Lois S. Patee, int.July22,1826.

Jeremiah, and Clarissa Chandler, Feb.23,1830.*

Lydia B., and Francis L. Farrington, both of Salem, June12,1849.

Polly, 2d w., b. Marblehead, and Benjamin Goodridge, int.Apr.5,1819.


Clarissa A[nn. dup.], wid., of Salem, a.26y., d.Timothy Walton of Salem, and William S[aunderson. dup.] Tullock, a.40y., accountant, s.William [at Salem.dup.], Nov.15,1846.*

Betsey, 2d w., and Joseph Dwinnells, at Goffstown, NH, May2,1822.

Jonathan, of Sutton, and Abigail Goold, Apr.10,1760.*

Joshua G., and Clarissa A. Walton of Salem, Apr.8,1838.*

Willis, and Susan Southwick, Nov.22,1831.*

BARNES (Barns)

John, resident in Danvers, and Apphia Porter, Mar.9,1824. [Mar.7. dup.]*

Michael, and Hannah Leach, at Salem, Oct.12,1845.

Nathan, of Reading, and Julia Ann Jeffery of Salem, Dec.3,1835.*

Sophia, and Jacob Goodale, Aug.5,1834.*

BARNS (Barnes)

Nancy, and James Thompson of Salem, int.Aug.14,1819.


John S[ymonds.dup.], and Mary F[lagg. dup.] Gile of Northfield, NH, May14,1845. [1848. dup.]*

BARRET (Barrett)

Hannah, and David Keffee, in Ireland, Jan.20,1838.

BARRETT (Barret)

Dorcas, of Malden, and Joseph Newhall, Sept.3,1767.*

Elizabeth P., and Edward B. Perkins of Salem, Oct.24,1837.*

Hannah Osborn, and Daniel Stone, jr., Sept.21,1845.*

Jonathan, and Gertrude Pope, Dec.26,1822.*

Joseph, jr., and Mary Winn, Oct.23,1803. [Oct.3. dup.]*

Phebe, of Malden, and Joseph Porter, Feb.2,1767.*

BARREY (Berry)

Michael Henry, and Eliza Celia Safford Newport, at Boston, Nov.2,1843.

BARRY (Berry)

Ann, and Charles Chaplin, int.May6,1836.

Mary, and Charles Norris of Newburyport, Sept.16,1809.*


John C., and Lydia Lucretia Moore [Mace. dup.], Oct.9,1831.*


Dorcas B., and Malachi Haynes, May8,1845.*

Lucy Buswell, and Josiah Worcester Parker, at West Newbury, Apr.10,1842.


James H., and Marinda P. Bursiel, at Lowell, Dec.28,1837.

Nancy Whitman, and Lyman Dana Hutchins, at Lowell, Mar.5,1839.


Philander Randolph, and Martha Ann Symonds, at Salem, Mar.31,1843. [1844. int.]*


Richard Davenport, and Sarah Jane Chipman, in Virginia, Dec.27,1843.


Clara H. [of], and Joseph Gray, jr., at Salem, June30,1847.*

Lydia Ann, and William Dodge, at Salem, Sept.30,1846.

BATCHELDER (Bachellor, Batcheldor, Batchellor)

Abigail, and Jonathan Peirce, June7,1792.*

Abigail P., and William Bishop Henderson, Sept.3,1836. [ Sept.1,1835. dup.]*

Adeline [d.Henry, of Lynn.PR1], and Joseph Newhall, 3d, Aug.13,1816.*

Almira Putnam, and Frederic Perley, Dec.4,1826. [Dec.2. dup.]*

Andrew, and Ruthy Putnam, Feb.18,1802.*

Andrew, and Sally Felton, 2d w., at Brookfield, Jan.7,1807. [Jan.17.PR74]

Augustus, and Esther Carr, at Newbury, Sept.15,1836.*

Cornelius, and Hannah Conant of Beverly, May12,1789.*

Eliza Cogswell, and Ira Preston Pope, Dec.24,1846.*

Betsey, of Beverly, and Israel Smith, jr., int.Aug.22,1795.

Elizabeth S., and Solomon Emerson, at Salem, Nov.28,1820.

Elizabeth B., and Nathan Cross, jr., May7,1828.

Elizabeth, and Isaac Rimerick Hanson, Dec.29,1830. [Dec.28. dup.]*

Emeline, and Hezekiah Chase, jr. [of Lynn. int.], Jan.31,1847.*

Ezra, and, wid.Mary Ober, of Beverly, Mar.15,1763.*

Ezra [jr. int.], and Anna Brown of Andover, Dec.17,1795.*

Franklin, and Love Dodge, at Salem, Sept.27,1826. [1827. int.]*

George Osgood, and Elizabeth Preston Prince, Dec.19,1839. [Dec.26. dup.]*

George Osgood, and Ellen Clark Littlefield, 2d w., at Portsmouth, NH, Sept.26,1849.

Hannah, of Beverly, and Daniel Jacobs [jr. int.], Sept.14,1760.*

Henry, and Desire Marsh, Nov.29,1798.*

Henry, and Lydia Brown, int.June30,1821.

James, and Malinda Parker, June3,1828.*

James H., and Susan M. Rideout of Salem, int.May27,1843.

Jonna, and Dimon Creesy of Beverly, Dec.14,1780.*

John Henry, and Emma Eaton Dodge, at Thompsonville, Mar.19,1846.

John L., and Abby A. Fox, int.Mar.18,1848.

Jonathan, and Sally Willson, Apr.12,1804.*

Jonathan P., and Elisabeth Hall, Oct.27,1831.*

Lydia, and John Pierce, Feb.11,1798. [Feb.1,1799. dup.]*

Lydia P[eirce. dup.], and Samuel Carter, jr. of Quincy, Nov.29,1838. [1839. dup. andPR74]*

Lydia P. [of Middleton. int.], and Elias Putnam, at Middleton, Oct.9,1845.*

Martha, and William Bushby, Dec.14,1831.*

Polly, and Dean Kimball, Mar.19,1835.*

Nancy B., 2d w., and Benjamin Henderson, Aug.7,1826.*

Nathaniel, and Ann Maria Hazen, at Nashua, NH, Mar.19,1849.

Oliver F., a.29y., trader, s.Andrew and Sally, and Sally Osborn, a.19y., d.Kendall and Sally, Nov.4,1844.*

Rachel, and John Breen, at Salem, Mar.14,1844.

Rufus, of Lynn, and Betsey Tapley, Oct.17,1799.*

Ruth P., and Moses J. Currier, July1,1841.*

Samuel, of Jaffrey, NH, and Elisabeth Woodberry of Beverly, Feb.21,1782.

Sarah F., and Rev. David Tilton, of Edgartown, Mar.14,1836.*

Sarah Felton, and Lucius Drew Martin, Sept.17,1838.*

Susan Martin, and George Prescott, at Lynn, Oct.25,1846. [Oct.26. dup.]

William, jr., and Eunice Smith, both of Beverly, Sept.12,1782.

BATCHELDOR (Batchelder)

Asa, and Mehitable Holt, Mar.22,1794.*

Caleb Dodge, Dr., and Mary Batcheldor, both of Beverly, May1,1785.

Mary, and Dr. Caleb Dodge Batcheldor, both of Beverly, May1,1785.

Polley, and John Porter, Nov.13,1785.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Barnabus Conant, Oct.8,1786.*

Nathaniell, and Polly Peirce, Mar.8,1787.*

BATCHELLOR (Batchelder)

Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Peter Dodge of Wenham, Jan.6,1762.


Aaron, and Elisabeth Cheever, May19,1835.*


Anna, and James Davie Butler, at Dudley, Apr.21,1845.

David, and Hannah Downing, int.Sept.28,1833.

John, and Martha Page, June4,1822.*

BAYLEY (Bailey)

Mary, of Topsfield, and Joseph Tayler, Sept.14,1773.*


Betsey, of Salem, and Eliab Goldthwait, Mar.16,1823.*


Susanna, and William Murfey, Apr.11,1776.*


Tabitha, and Alvan Merrill, at Salem, Nov.30,1830.*


Abigail Lucy, and John Herod Spiller, at Ipswich, May3,1828.

Elias, and Marcy W. Buckman of Beverly, June10,1831.*

Hannah, and William Augustus Lord, at Chateaugay, NY, Sept.26,1843.

Olive, of Candia, NH, and John Goldthwait, jr., int.June16,1821.

Orson R., and Mary Small of Lowell, int.Apr.24,1837.


Langdon, and Abiah Ann Badger of Salem, int.May17,1828.

Moses M., and Mary Joselyn, Dec.16,1824.*

BECKET (Beckett)

Benjamin, of Salem, and Polly Wyman, Nov.9,1790.*

Caroline, of Salem, and Otis Allen, Oct.10,1824.*

BECKETT (Becket)

Benjamin, and Mary Prince, June6,1839.*

Joseph, and Mehitable Caroline Ruee, at Salem, Nov.8,1843.*

BECKFORD (Bickford)

Josiah, and Benedicta Moore, at Salem, Mar.29,1837.

Pinson [of], and Lydia Brown, at Salem, Oct.末,1823.*

Sarah Ann, and Cyrus Kittredge Davis, at Bangor, ME, Oct.25,1843.

BEDDLE (Bedell)

Lydia, of Salem, and Jonathan Osborn, 3d, int.June2,1832.


John F., and Elizabeth A. Ingersoll, int.June24,1841.

BEDELL (Beddle)

Elmira Priscilla, and William Augustus Merrill of Eaton, NH, int.Mar.27,1847.

Reuben, and Lydia A[nn. int.] Fuller, Apr.29,1847.*

William, and Susan Gerry, at Alfred, ME, Oct.9,1823.


Caroline, of Salem, and James F. Foster, int.Mar.15,1828.


Timothy, and Catherine Heafey, in Ireland,末蔓末,1842.


Mary, and Andrew Munro, jr., Oct.25,1809.*

William, of Lynnfield, and Sally King, int.June7,1802.


Daniel, and Hannah Verry, Oct.28,1784. [Oct.29. dup.]*

Elizabeth Ellen, and Hoyt Roberts, at Salem, Feb.7,1848.

Joseph, and Mary Soomes, Oct.29,1754.*

Mary, and John Tarbox of Lynn, int.June15,1816.

Sarah, and Samuel Aborn of Salem, June27,1772.*

Sarah, and Joseph Silver, Jan.30,1777.*


Eliza, and Caleb Swain, July3,1823.*


Francisco [of Middleton. int.], a.23y., farmer, s.Francisco, and Hannah R. Merrill, a.26y., d.Joseph, Apr.6,1845.*


Charles, and Hannah Cree, at Salem, Apr.8,1833.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Stephen Larrabee, Jan.22,1810.*

Elizabeth W., and John Torr, at Salem, Feb.10,1834.

BENNET (Bennett)

Amos, of Manchester, and Elisabeth Oaks, Dec.29,1776.*

Betsey, and Ebenezer B. Hooper, Mar.16,1823.*

BENNETT (Bennet)

Catharine, and Allen Ridley, int.Sept.9,1843.

Harriet A., a.17y., d.Elisha, and Stephen B. Brewster, a.23y., manufacturer, s.Stephen, Nov.26,1846.*


Simon P., and Elizabeth C. Viles, both of Lynnfield, Apr.20,1837.


Ellen Burns, 2d w., and Joshua Goss, Dec.4,1849.*

BERRY (Barrey, Barry)

Abigail, of Middleton, and Zadock Wilkins, June16,1789.*

Abigail, 2d, w.[of Newburyport. int.], and Benjamin Kent, at Newburyport, Apr.末,1805.*

Abigail Ann, and Charles Chaplin, May24,1836.

Albion K.P., and Margaret Ann Pike, int.Apr.22,1848.

Eben G., and Elizabeth J. Abbott, at Andover, Sept.12,1831.*

Ebenezer, of Salem, and Lydia Southwick, int.Nov.18,1802.

Ebenezer, of Andover, and Hitty Preston, Apr.13,1808.*

Ebenezer, and Isabel Reed, Oct.8,1845.*

Eliza Ann, and Horatio Bodge, June4,1843.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Palmer, of Salem, Jan.21,1798.*

Jacob S., and Almira L. Annible, at Hamilton, Aug.2,1841.

John, and Sarah G[ale. dup.] Webb, Dec.22,1841. [1840. dup.]*

John M., and Lorana M. Ferrin, July5,1846. [1847. dup.]*

Jonathan, of Middleton, and Becca Dale, Nov.19,1795.*

Jonathan P., and Hannah Southwick, at Salem, Apr.8,1817.*

Jonathan P. [of], and Hannah Platts Southwick, 2d w., Oct.8,1827.*

Lucy, of Middleton, and William Hutchinson, int.Mar.19,1825.

Mary, and Albert Jefferson Spaulding, at Salem, Nov.15,1830.

Mary Elizabeth, and Charles Roberts of Salem, Oct.27,1842.*

Mehitable, and Thomas Southwell, int.Mar.25,1792.

Mehitable P., and Henry Sperry, Feb.28,1842.*

Michael, and Anna Newman of Charlestown, Oct.29,1815.*

Oliver, and Elisabeth Caves, int.July22,1780.

Phebe, b. Middleton, and William Cross, int.Sept.20,1800.

Rhoda, and Benjamin Porter, Sept.17,1807. [ Sept.7. dup.]*

Sarah, of Middleton, and Moses Preston, int.Nov.4,1785.

Sally, and James Norris of Newburyport, Jan.2,1806.*

Sarah (Brimblecom), wid., of Lynn, and Amos Tapley.[Oct.21,1826. int.]*

Washington, of Concord, NH, and Maria Dale, Apr.30,1822.*

William, and Vier Hutchinson, Dec.4,1770.*

William Allen, and Pamelia Stone Smothers, both of Salem, at Salem, May8,1836.

William, laborer, and Susan H[oward.dup.] Nichols, a.23y., d.Ebenezer and Susan, Apr.9,1844. [Apr.10. dup.]*

William Newman, and Caroline [F. int.] Langmaid, at Wenham, Jan.13,1847.*


Eliza Maria, and Alexander Black, at Lynn, Nov.4,1841.


Tabitha, of Andover, and Stephen Wyatt, int.Aug.13,1763.

Tabitha, and Robert Bushbee of Medford, int.Aug.18,1770.

Tabitha, and Silas Johnson, int.Oct.7,1780.


Jane M., of Georgetown, b. Georgetown, and John B. Buckminster of Georgetown, a.28y., mechanic, b. Georgetown, s.John and Charlotte, May12,1848.

BICKFORD (Beckford)

Almira, and Benjamin C. Dodge, at Topsfield, Nov.18,1837.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Hunt of Salem, May26,1772.

Hannah, of Salem, and James Poor, int.Oct.2,1824.

Sarah, of Salem, and Samuel Goodhue, int.Dec.23,1779.


Esther, of Salem, and Nathan Emerson, Dec.12,1833.*

BIGGS (Bigs)

John, and Sally Thornton of Salem, int.July21,1798.

BIGS (Biggs)

David, of Truro, and Eunice Nurse, Dec.14,1774.*

Eunice, and Jonathan Harwood, int.Nov.16,1781.

BIGSBE (Bixby)

Daniel, of Topsfield, and Ruth Prince, May2,1776.*


Sarah, and Aaron Smith of Middleton, int.Nov.13,1785.


Edmund, and Sophia Richardson, both of Lynnfield, Jan.5,1837.*

BIRCH (Birtch)

James, and Sarah Gale, int.Dec.13,1788.


Elizabeth, of Walpole, and Rev. Harrison G. Park, int.May20,1837.

James, and Sarah Brevet, at Manchester, Eng., abt.末蔓末,1840.

BIRTCH (Birch)

Sarah, Mrs., and Moses Hoyt, Oct.20,1808.*

BISBEE (Bixby)

Elenor, and Conrad Derx, Mar.5,1844.

Eliza, of Lynn, and George A. Brock, July1,1846.*

Ellen B. [P. int.], and Conrad Derx, Feb.26,1845.*

BISBY (Bixby)

Eliza, of Lynn, and George A. Brock, int.June13,1846.


Nabby, of Medford, and Dr. Archelaus Putnam, Nov.12,1786.*

James, and Sally Endicott, int.Feb.9,1788.

James, and Priscilla Peabody of Middleton, int.Sept.17,1790.

Margaret, and Jonas Harrington, at Salem, June11,1815.

Rebecca S., and Alexander Leavitt, June14,1840.*

BIXBY (Bigsbe, Bigsbee, Bisbee)

Mary, and Leonard Sawyer, Oct.14,1773.*


Nabby, and James Thurston, at Beverly, Jan.9,1817.

Alexander, and Eliza Maria Betton, at Lynn, Nov.4,1841.

Archilus P., and Phoebe Proctor, Apr.6,1841.*

James, and Harriet Wells Ames, at Reading, Nov.15,1830.*

James D., and Sally Page Fowler, May30,1839.*

Joseph Stearns, and Emeline Putnam, June12,1844. [June11. dup.]*

Mary Ober, and Charles Edward Smith, June12,1845.*

Mary S., a.19y., d.Nathaniel and Mary, and Asa Prince of Beverly, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Luke R. and Sally, Sept.11,1845.

Moses, and Phebe Putnam, Oct.11,1804. [1806. dup.]*

Moses [jr. int.], and Harriet N. Page, Apr.30,1835.*

Sarah L., and James M. Holroyd, Aug.31,1837.*

William, and Mary B. [P. int.] Cheever, Apr.14,1835.*


Maria, and George Perkins, int.June17,1839.


Mary J[ane, of Sandwich, NH. int.], and Alfred Trask, at Sandwich, NH, Mar.5,1839.*

Sally [M. dup.], and Alvin [W. dup.] Hunt, Oct.8,1840.*


Joseph, and Elvira Ham, int.May21,1845.


Emily, and Chauncey F. Holman, at Sutton, VT, Jan.1,1846.

George F., and Sarah S. Skinner of Lynnfield, int.Nov.11,1844.

Henry, and Dorcas Mitchell, at Boston, Aug.8,1835.

John, and Adaline Reid, at Windham, NH, Oct.26,1836.*

Mary Elizabeth, of Beverly, and William P. Clark, int.Oct.24,1849.

Samuel, and Susan Winchester, Sept.15,1828.*

Susan, and Capt. John Fielder of Beverly, Nov.27,1837.*


Esther, of Milford, NH, and Roger E. Perkins, int.Oct.24,1795.

Isaac, of Salem, and Sally Dwinnel, Mar.28,1805.*

Lucy, and Nathan Putnam, jr., Oct.27,1793.*

Lucy, and Walter Smith of Lynnfield, Mar.7,1799.*


Rebeckah, and Benjamin Nichols, Oct.12,1786.*

BLANEY (Blany)

Jane, and William Blaney [jr. dup.], Aug.12,1827. [ Sept. dup.]*

John Willeston, and Ruth Blake Cilley, Sept.27,1835.*

Mary B., of Salem, and John Smith, June4,1820.*

Philip, and Mary Brooks Coates, at Lynn, July25,1830.

Stephen, and Abigail Goldthwait [of Salem.CR4], Apr.14,1842. [Apr.12. dup.]*

Stephen, and Mary Stone, 2d w., at Reading, Oct.13,1845.*

William [jr. dup.], and Jane Blaney, Aug.12,1827. [ Sept. dup.]*

BLANY (Blaney)

Nancy, and Edward Hammond, at Marblehead, Oct.25,1827.


Betsey, and Joseph Nelson, at Gloucester, Feb.15,1829.

Joseph, of Salem, and Rachel Needham, Feb.13,1812.*


Hiram A., of Boston, a.24y., last maker, s.Alden and Lydia, and Lydia H. Masury, a.26y., tailoress, d.Thomas and Lucy, June29,1845. [Dec.25,1844. dup.]*


Mary, and Samuel Coes, Oct.7,1781.*

Sarah, and James Stone, int.Aug.31,1776.

BLY (Blythe)

Azro, and Charity F. (Glover) Ford, Sept.27,1837. [Oct.8. dup.]*

William, and Sarah Pedrick, Dec.20,1832.*


Lucy C., and Philemon Putnam, at Windsor, VT, June24,1822.

Sarah Rolland, of Windsor, VT, and Moses [name changed to Charles M. in 1829] Endicott, int.May22,1818.


Jane Elizabeth, Mrs., and William J. Mead, int.Feb.25,1847.


Daniel, and Mehitable Nelson, at New Rowley, Apr.29,1830.

Eunice, of Topsfield, and Jonathan Porter [], Nov.30,1797.*

Eunice P., and Benjamin F. Rogers, July17,1827.*

Israel Putnam, and Caroline Elizabeth Gould, at Boston, July11,1842.*

Lydia, and Thomas Lord of Salem, June4,1829.*

Nathaniel, and Nancy Putnam, May16,1816.*

Nathaniel, and Anna Putnam, 2d w., Nov.25,1824.*

BODEN (Bowdoin)

Mary, and Edwin Grimstone, Feb.5,1827.*

Thomas, and Abigail Colwell, at Beverly, Feb.4,1802.


Horatio, and Eliza Ann Berry, June4,1843.*

Jacob, and Hannah [W. dup.] Reed, Dec.2,1821. [1822. dup.]*

Jacob, and Susanna (Procter) Hooper, May1,1837.*

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Esther (Flint) Tapley, May26,1840.*

Samuel, and Sally Goodale, Aug.11,1796.*


Eunice, and Jesse Esty of Middleton, Apr.30,1834.*

Hannah, and Enoch Poor, jr., Jan.14,1813.*

Isaac, of Methuen, and Sally Fuller, Feb.28,1813.*

Sarah, and John Hopping, June13,1837.*


Elenor, and Patrick McQuade, int.Nov.3,1847.


Hannah, and John Thompson, int.Sept.29,1781.


Abigail Ann [of], and Augustus Putnam, Jan.27,1836.*

Almira Malissa [should be Almira Malissa Morgan], and Edward Tucker Waldron, at Wenham, Oct.25,1837.

Caleb Pratt, and Mary Brown Dodge, at Beverly, May12,1836.*

Francis A., and Hannah J. Putnam, Oct.2,1844.*

Hannah Batchelder (Dodge), Mrs., and John Hines, Feb.1,1846.*

John, and Hannah B. Dodge, at Beverly, May20,1828.*

Sophronia [of], and Hezekiah Dwinnell, at Beverly, Oct.28,1828.*

William, and Harriet Matilda Woodbury, at Wenham, Feb.24,1836.

William, and Jane Hoyt, Aug.21,1837.*


Hannah, and James Bancroft, at Ipswich, Dec.13,1847.

John, of Salem, a.22y., currier, s.John C. and Mary, and Hannah Bancroft of Salem, a.20y., d.Benjamin H. and Hannah, Jan.1,1845.

Lewis, and Rebecca Goldthwaite, Nov.5,1829.*


Alice, and Samuel Stephens of Boxford, Mar.28,1758.*


Eliza Ann, of Salem, and Edward Wilson, int.Mar.2,1844.


James A., Rev., and Eliza Symonds of Salem, int.June18,1819.


Sukey, of Hamilton, and Phillip Cilley, int.May14,1801.


Olive [Boutwell. dup.], and Hersey Larabee, Nov.17,1835.*

BOWDEN (Boden)


Deborah, and Thomas Moriarty, Oct.31,1782.

Mary Ann, of Salem, and Ezra Upton, int.July28,1836.

Nathaniel, Capt., of Salem, and Mary Ingersol, Oct.28,1800.*


David W., of Salem, a.30y., artist, s.James and Thirza, of New Braintree, and Florence E. Tapley, a.23y., d.Gilbert and Fidelia, Nov.1,1849.*


Thomas, and Mary Ann Silvester, Dec.25,1838.*


Elizabeth [Brown. dup.], d.Joel and Anna, and Joseph Rhodes, jr., a.26y., currier, s.Joseph and Lydia, Apr.17,1845.*

Sampson W., of Pepperell, and Betsy Rhoades, Apr.7,1839.*


James, and Mrs.Mary Palmer of Salem, Oct.5,1773.

BOYCE (Boyes)

Thankful, and George Doyle, resident in Danvers, Nov.24,1779.*


Francis Leander, and Harriet Ellen Walker, June29,1847.*

BOYES (Boyce)

Margaret, of Londonderry, NH, and Amos Carlton, int.Apr.25,1818.


James [Boyington. int.], and Sophia Herrick [of], May23,1830.*

Josiah [B. int.], and Hannah Jane Mitchell, Oct.27,1848.*


Charles, and Eliza D. Stone of Lowell, int.Jan.7,1831.


Jacob, and Jenett White, at Salem, Nov.15,1849.

Rosilla, and David B. Kelsey of Malden, int.June19,1848.


Prudence, and John Clinton, July6,1752.*

BRADSTREET (Broadstreet)

Albert Gallatin, and Lydia B. Stearns, at Boston, Apr.6,1836.

Dudley, and Hannah Prince of Marblehead, int.Oct.12,1816.

John, and Sally Rea [of], Apr.26,1826.*

Maria, of Andover, and Dr. Nelson Gardner, int.Mar.22,1843.

Polly, and Samuel Peabody, jr. of Boxford, Apr.30,1818.*

Sarah, and Ahira Herrick Putnam, Oct.9,1834.*


Bridget, and Thomas Heenesey, in Ireland, Jan.9,1849.

Patrick, and Mary Kerlan, at Worcester, Nov.29,1844.


Mary, and Joshua Moulten, Dec.20,1774.*


Ostin, and Eliza Newhall, Nov.28,1833.*

Mercy, and Ebeneser Larrabe, int.Apr.24,1773.

Rebeccah, of Lynn, and Ephraim Larabe, jr., int.Jan.16,1773.


Edward H., and Mary Ann Loud of Methuen, Sept.7,1834.*


Milton P., and Mary Parker, at New Rowley, Nov.15,1826.*


Abigail, and Joseph Buxton, int.Sept.16,1758.

Daniel [3d, of], and Phebe F. Skidmore, at Salem, Oct.7,1827. [ Sept.27,1828.]*

Ellen [Maria.dup.], a.18y., d.David and Phebe, and [Benjamin. dup.] Franklin Hyde, a.21y., farmer, s.John and Grace, Aug.27,1849. [Aug.22. dup.]*

Mary Jewett, and Rufus King Cook, Dec.5,1847. [Dec.2. dup.]*

Mary, and Mark R. Wilson of Lawrence, Dec.23,1847.*


Allen, and Priscilla Southwick, int.July2,1796.

Allen B., of Lynn, a.26y., baker, b. Lynn, s.Andrew B. and Abigail, and Mary Elizabeth Osborn, a.23y., d.Jonathan and Lydia, July8,1849.*

Nathan, jr. [Jonathan. int.], of Lynn, and Keziah Buxton, Oct.3,1754.*


John, and Rachel Batchelder, at Salem, Mar.14,1844.


Sarah, and James Bird, at Manchester, Eng., abt.末蔓末,1840.


Albert P., a.28y., teamster, s.David, and Hannah P. Burns, a.17y., d.Aaron D., July16,1846.*

Anna [], and Abel Coffin of Newbury, Sept.2,1765.*

Crispus, Capt., of Salem, and Anna Gardner, Sept.14,1758.*

David, of Hamilton, and Sally Poor, Apr.4,1816.*


Stephen B., a.23y., manufacturer, s.Stephen, and Harriet A. Bennett, a.17y., d.Elisha, Nov.26,1846.*


Jane, and Lewis Dennis, int.Jan.27,1753.


Benaiah Clements, and, wid.Mary (Porter) Millett, b. Salem, at Plaistow, NH, June4,1829.*

BRIDGE (Bridges)

John, and Sally Stevens of Andover, Jan.15,1799.*

BRIDGES (Bridge)

Benjamin G., of Beverly, and Elizabeth A.M. Fife, Dec.23,1845.*

Fidelia, and Elias W. Kettle, at Andover, Feb.末,1808.

John Baker, and Abigail Foster Ober, at Beverly, Aug.2,1840.

Nancy Jackson, and Jacob Lofty Ober, at Beverly, Oct.7,1832.


Jeremiah, Capt., of Salem, and Hepsibeth Collins, Feb.7,1831.*

Lucy Ann, and Nichols Lincoln, at South Scituate, June5,1849.*

Olive, Mrs., and Francis Horne of Topsfield, int.Feb.14,1845.


Samuel, of Boston, and Hannah Derby, Nov.20,1801.*


Samuel, Rev., and Harriet Buttrick, at Concord, Oct.22,1822.


John, and Grace Barber of Marblehead, Oct.6,1762.

BRITON (Britton)

Bethiah [], and Benjamin Smith, Mar.14,1799.*

BRITTON (Briton)

Mary, and Bartholomew Demsey, June21,1791. [June25. int.]*

BROADSTREET (Bradstreet)

Anna, and Amos Porter, Jan.24,1764.*

Dudley, of Topsfield, and Polly Porter, Sept.29,1789.*

Ezra, of Middleton, and Sally Swinerton, int.Nov.20,1802.


George A., and Eliza Bisbee of Lynn, July1,1846.*


Sarah C., of Salem, and Thomas H. Marsh, int.Oct.15,1814.


Asa W., and Harriet S. Fairfield, both of Middleton, Jan.24,1849.


Mary Ann, and Peter Joll, at Devonshire, Eng., Oct.20,1827.

BROWN (Browne)

Abigail, and Daniel Gray, Aug.10,1809.*

Abigail, and Eliezer Gould, both of Topsfield, Sept.17,1821.

Abigail Davis, and Benjamin Porter Kimball, at Beverly, Apr.3,1827.

Amos, and Mrs.Lucy (Dodge) Whittredge, at Beverly, Aug.2,1835.*

Anna, b. Beverly, and Thomas Town,末蔓末, 末末.

Anna, of Andover, and Ezra Batchelder [jr. int.], [at Andover. dup.], Dec.17,1795.*

Asa, of Beverly, and Mary Torr, int.Aug.28,1841.

Bartholomew, and Mehitable Flint, June17,1779.*

Benjamin Brooks, and Esther [Ann. dup.] Linscott, May22,1843.*

Caleb Sheperd, and Rhoda Peters Straw, at Moultonboro, NH, Feb.12,1835.

Calvin, and Margaret R. Crowninshield, at Salem, Sept.10,1838.

Catherine, and Thomas Doger, Dec.2,1824.*

Charles, of Salem, and Sarah Eden, Oct.30,1759.*

Charles E., and Mary Parraria [of], June2,1834. [June1,1835.CR4; 1835. int.]*

Charles, and Hannah Galeucia, at Salem, Aug.21,1844.

Cynthia, and Benjamin Henderson, at Topsfield, Mar.末,1821.

Daniel, and Love Newhall of Lynnfield, int.Feb.5,1803.

Daniel, jr., and Martha Upton, Apr.7,1822.*

Daniel S., and Mary Ann Needham, Oct.12,1837.*

Deborah [of Boxford.dup.], and Simeon Putnam, Dec.1,1801.

Dennison [W. int.], and Martha W. Potter of Beverly, Aug.13,1846.*

Dorcas, and John Hart, jr. of Lynn, Mar.20,1780.*

Dorcas, and Ebenezer Jackson of Beverly, June3,1804.*

Dorcas, and John Nichols, jr. of Lynnfield, Dec.28,1837.*

Ebenezer, and Emma Cross, June10,1790.*

Ednah, and William Potter, at Hamilton, June26,1842.

Edward, and Eunice Porter, June1,1817.*

Eleaser, and Abigail Eliot of Middleton, Feb.1,1757.*

Elisha, and Hannah Richardson, Apr.27,1809.*

Eliza, of Tewksbury, and Amos F. Buxton, int.Dec.27,1837.

Eliza [] A., and William Siner, Sept.8,1846.*

Elizabeth, and Edmond Rhoads, Dec.14,1769.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Ebenezer Goodell, Nov.10,1773.*

Eliza[beth.dup.], b. Beverly, and Jonathan Waitt, Sept.2,1787.*

Betsy, and Andrew Fuller, July7,1793.*

Betsey, and Oliver Emerson of Lynnfield, Sept.12,1812.*

Elizabeth, and Elijah Hewes of Lynnfield, July13,1815.*

Elizabeth Clark, and Edwin Martin,末蔓末,1835.

Elizabeth, and Edwin Martin, June10,1835.*

Elizabeth, and Franklin A. Damon of Reading, Oct.2,1842.*

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Philip Marsh, Dec.31,1844.*

Emily Ann, and Joseph Merrill, jr., both of Salem, Nov.25,1841.

George, and Sally B[ruce. dup.] Twiss, June1,1823.*

George, jr., and Sarah H. Caverly of Moultonboro, NH, int.Nov.7,1842.

Hannah, of Salem, and Gideon Putnam, June18,1752.*

Hannah, of Tewksbury, and Pierce Roger Rea, int.Nov.12,1778.

Hannah, and Aaron Foster, Sept.18,1800.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Gideon Whittemore, Dec.29,1814.*

Hannah Leach, and Edward Dodge Trask, at Beverly, Apr.14,1832.

Hannah, and John Gowing, May15,1834.*

Hannah, and James Larrabee, Jan.1,1835.*

Harriet, and Samuel Sias, Apr.24,1817.*

Harriet, b. Tewksbury, and Benjamin Peabody, b. Middleton, at Tewksbury, Jan.17,1839.

Henry, and Phebe Tapley, Sept.15,1811.

James, and Ruth Buxton, May23,1759.*

James, and Elizabeth Perkins, Sept.1,1802.

James, jr. and Catherine D. Twiss, Mar.13,1828.*

Jerusha, of Tewksbury, and James Lane, int.Mar.19,1840.

Joanna, and Michael Colman, in Ireland,末蔓末,1848.

Joel, of Salem, and Betsey R. Proctor, Oct.3,1830.*

John, jr., and Dorcas Walden, Oct.9,1755.*

John [jr. int.], and Mary Nurse of Lynnfield, Oct.15,1767.*

John, 3d, and Ginger Hutchinson, Mar.23,1769.*

John, and Meriam Moulton, Oct.3,1781.

John, jr., and Meriam Moulton, Oct.3,1798.*

John, and Mary Rhodes, int.June9,1812.

John, 3d, and Betsey Taylor, June5,1815.*

Joseph, and Bithiah Hutchinson, Nov.26,1751.

Joseph, and Esther Heroe of Salem, Jan.3,1767.

Joseph [jr. int.], and Marcy Southwick, Apr.8,1790. [1789. dup.]*

Joseph [of Hamilton. int.], and Hannah Whittredge, July16,1797.*

Joseph, and Dorothy Peabody of Lynnfield, Nov.21,1822.*

Joseph [], and Jennet Kirk, Nov.8,1846.*

Judith, and Henry Parker, b. Reading, Apr.12,1818.*

Leaffy, and William Francis, at Beverly, Nov.末,1806.

Lucinda, and John Richardson, Apr.7,1836.*

Lucy, of Saugus, and Stephen Brown, int.Sept.18,1830.

Luther, and Salle Peabody, int.Sept.26,1789.

Lydia, and Henry Batchelder, int.June30,1821.

Lydia, and Pinson Beckford [of], at Salem, Oct.末,1823.*

Lydia S., of Haverhill, and John P. Fowler, int.June7,1828.

Lydia, and Charles Potter, at Beverly, Aug.14,1830.

Lydia, of Lynn, and Oliver K. Jeffery, int.Oct.23,1847.

Marcia [of], and Abraham Richardson Hobbs, at Tewksbury, May5,1831.*

Margaret, of Hamilton, and John Peabody, int.Mar.16,1822.

Martha, of Hamilton, and Allen Gould, int.Aug.19,1820.

Mary, and Eleazer Austin of Salem, Oct.8,1772.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Richard Whittredge, jr., Jan.27,1774.*

Polly [of], and John Marsh, Aug.22,1798.*

Mary D., and Joseph Hussey, at Weare, NH, Nov.10,1820.

Mary, and Jonathan Southwick, Mar.20,1834.*

Mary Ann, and Lewis Frederick Rupp, at Salem, Aug.24,1836.

Mary [F., of], and Richard Palmer Tufts, at Salem, Sept.13,1839.*

Mary M., and William Jackson [both of Salem.CR4], Oct.4,1841.*

Mary Jane, and John Reith Pope, Apr.2,1849.*

Hitty, and Daniel Town, May22,1800.*

Mehitable, of Topsfield, and Samuel Burbank, Nov.8,1818.*

Mehitable, of Haverhill, and Harthorne Porter, Dec.14,1824.*

Mercy, and Owen Jones, at Salem, Apr.末,1826.

Mercy W., and George E. Leathe, Apr.8,1835.*

Miles, and Elizabeth Hutchinson, Dec.9,1756.

Meriam, Mrs., and Samuel Langley, Oct.5,1809.*

Nancy, and Thomas Tuttle, resident in Danvers, Oct.12,1820.*

Nancy, of Malden, and Amos B. Harris, June29,1843.*

Nathaniel, and Ginger Osborn, Feb.5,1756.*

Oliver Obear, and Eleanor Fornis, at Beverly, Apr.21,1829.

Parker, Capt., of Hamilton, and Lydia W. Richardson, July8,1824.*

Philip, and Ann Connelly, at New York, Oct.末,1832.

Phebe, and Henry White of Salem, Oct.8,1776.*

Rebeckah, and Elisha Putnam, Oct.18,1764.*

Rebecca, and Oliver White, at Boxford, Mar.26,1815.

Rebecca, and Samuel Rading of Saugus, int.Apr.17,1830.

Rebecca Appleton, and Francis Dodge, at Ipswich, Nov.25,1841. [Nov.26. dup.]*

Ruth, and Nathaniel Nurse, Nov.26,1782.*

Samuel, of Salem, and Nancy Twiss, int.Aug.21,1798.

Samuel, and Lydia Warren of Boxford, int.Jan.9,1808.

Samuel, and Fanny Moore, at Thetford, Feb.5,1832.

Samuel, 3d, and Alvina Webber, at Salem, Dec.25,1842.

Sarah [wid.Bartholomew.PR61], and Benjamin Porter of Wenham, Mar.27,1755.*

Sarah, of Salem, and James Chever, jr., July11,1776.

Sarah, and James Shelden, Apr.19,1804.*

Sarah, and Aaron Richardson, at South Reading, Nov.29,1827.*

Sally, and Miles Osborn, Dec.25,1836.*

Sarah Maria, and Charles Higbee of Salem, int.June3,1843.

Simeon, Capt., and Polly Thorndike, both of Beverly, June11,1782.

Sophia Ann, and Edward Giddings, Oct.29,1846.*

Stephen, and Lucy Brown of Saugus, int.Sept.18,1830.

Susan, and Benjamin Chaplin, at Byfield, Nov.末,1805.

Thomas W., and Esther S. Buxton of Salem, int.Mar.29,1847.

Timothy [H. int.], of Topsfield, and Eliza Cousins, Apr.16,1829.*

William, and Lydia Mackintire, Aug.25,1793.*

William, and Eliza Nurse, Oct.10,1822.*

William, and Ann Davidson [of], at Lynnfield, June3,1825.*

William H., and Sarah K. Butler, Feb.21,1833.*

William, and Hannah Breed Burrill, at Lynn, May26,1839.

William, and Mrs.Susan Cole, Dec.18,1845.*

Zeviah, of Hamilton, and Francis Dane, int.Sept.17,1842.

BROWNE (Brown)

Charles W., and Lydia A. Hood of Beverly, Jan.17,1847.


George [B. int.], and Elizabeth B. Patterson, Nov.13,1833.*


Asenath [of], and Samuel Perry Wilson, at Salem, May25,1847. [Apr.8,1848. int.]*

Charles, and Mary Tewksbury, 2d w., June5,1831.*

Francis, and Betsey Tewksbury, June25,1815.*

Jane, and John Campbell, Nov.23,1841.

Mary, and Drew Foss of Boston, July14,1816.*

Mary E., and Albert Abbot, Apr.28,1840.*

Mary, Mrs.(Tewksbury), and Elijah Flint, jr., Apr.12,1841.*


Abel, and Mrs.Abigail Terry, wid.James Watson, at Hartford, CT, Oct.17,1823.


Andrew, of Haverhill, and Sally Endicott, Dec.23,1798.*

Enoch, and, wid.Hannah Downing (née Very), b. Salem, May18,1834.

Enoch, jr., and Mary Ann Downing, at Lynn, Aug.14,1842.

Lucy, and Joseph P. Morton, int.June30,1798.

Lydia Nichols [of], and Edwin Mudge, at Lynnfield, Nov.28,1844.*

Mary, of Salem, and Allen Peabody, Sept.21,1823.*


Jane, and William Gilford, Sept.6,1763.*


Ellen, and John Daley, int.Aug.24,1849.


Almira, and William H. Johnson, int.Mar.21,1835.

Marcy W., of Beverly, and Elias Bean, June10,1831.*


John B., of Georgetown, a.28y., mechanic, b. Georgetown, s.John and Charlotte, and Jane M. Bias of Georgetown, b. Georgetown, May12,1848.

BUFFINGTON (Buffinton, Bufinton)

Martha A., of Salem, and John Webster, int.Feb.18,1832.

Mary, of Salem, and Thomas Gardner, June13,1755.*

BUFFINTON (Buffington)

Nehemiah, of Salem, and Mrs.Elizabeth Procter, Sept.14,1774.


Mehetabel, d.Jonathan, deceased, and Isaac Verney, cordwainer, s.Ebenezer, of Dover, NH, yeoman, Dec.10,1772.CR7

BUFINTON (Buffington)

James, jr., of Salem, and Prudence Procter, Feb.14,1765.*


Susan, of Ipswich, and Rev. Daniel Poor, Oct.9,1815.*

BULLOCK (Bulluk)

Barbara, and James Goodale of Marblehead, Aug.19,1787.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Trask, int.May24,1794.

Isaac, of Salem, and Martha Trask, Apr.11,1799.*

Joseph, and Betsy Poland of Beverly, int.Sept.10,1796.

Samuel, and Eunice Wyman of Beverly, May20,1787.*

BULLUK (Bullock)

Preserved, of Salem, and John Mackmillion, June7,1772.


Amanda Melvina [of Lynn. int.], and Hervey Putnam, at Lynn, Apr.29,1845.*


Samuel, and Mehitable Brown of Topsfield, Nov.8,1818.*

Sarah, and Samuel L. Walker, int.Nov.6,1840.


John [Burbank.CR5], of Westford, and Clarissa McIntyre, Sept.5,1836.*


Lydia Ann, and Henry Buxton, Dec.3,1845.*


Jane, and Hans Gram, Nov.11,1785.*


Henry Winchester, and Elizabeth [C. int.] Thomas [of], Dec.25,1839.

William, and Sarah W. Saunders, Jan.19,1817.

William, and Elizabeth S. Saunders, 2d w., Dec.22,1822.*


Bartholomew H., and Sarah Sweet of Ipswich, Apr.28,1782.

Sarah [], and Samuel Feild of Salem, Apr.22,1781.*

BURK (Burke)

Thomas, and Elizabeth S. Munro, int.Aug.29,1847.

BURKE (Burk)

Martha Jane, Mrs., of Beverly, and Robert A. Herrick, int.Sept.16,1843.


Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Frederic Howes, int.Nov.7,1819.

BURNAM (Burnham)

Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and Samuel Whipple, Jan.19,1773.*


Lydia [of Reading. int.], and Asa Hayward, Nov.22,1764.*

BURNHAM (Burnam)

Abigail, and John Reith [of], Apr.10,1825.*

Ansel, and Elizabeth W. Roberts, both of Beverly, Nov.24,1844.

Atarah, and Jesse C. Patterson, Feb.23,1823.*

Emily [of], and John Rollins, at Salem, Jan.9,1837.*

Ira C., of Lynn, and Marietta Baker of Salem, Jan.30,1834.CR4

Joanna, b. Essex, and Nathaniel Archer, b. Salem, Dec.31,1829.*

John, of Salem, and Margarett Downing, int.Aug.18,1805.

Maria, 3d w., and James Moulton Allen, at Essex, Nov.25,1846.*

Mary K., and Benjamin Moore, at Essex, Oct.29,1839.

Mary Parker, and Rev. John Prince, at Essex, Nov.7,1841.

Mary Jane [of Essex. int.], and Moses Jewett, at Essex, Feb.8,1846.*

Mary [of Essex. int.], and Miles Osborn, jr., at Essex, Sept.1,1848. [May5,1849. int.]*

Rebecca, and William H. Herrick, int.Mar.25,1848.

Sophia, and Daniel Woodbury, at Essex, May21,1840.*

Susan O., and John Osborn, jr., May22,1839.*

Susanna, of Ipswich, and John Wade, Oct.26,1769.

William A., of Manchester, VT, and Mary Jane Putnam, Aug.18,1836.*


Austin, and Sophronia B. Nourse, int.Dec.2,1842.

Hannah P., a.17y., d.Aaron D., and Albert P. Brewer, a.28y., teamster, s.David, July16,1846.*

John, and Nancy Melzard, int.Feb.8,1823.

Polly, and Daniel Goldthwait, int.June11,1796.

Mary, and John Thomas, in Ireland, Jan.3,1843.

BURRELL (Burrill)

Hephzibah, and George Southwick, jr., July9,1769.*

Mary, and Job Holt, int.Nov.21,1767.

BURRILL (Burrell)

Hannah Breed, and William Brown, at Lynn, May26,1839.


Marinda P., and James H. Barton, at Lowell, Dec.28,1837.


John, and Ann Wayne, Oct.末,1819.

BUSHBEE (Bushby)

Robert, of Medford, and Tabitha Beverly, int.Aug.18,1770.

BUSHBY (Bushbee)

Asa, and Lydia Willson, int.May12,1792.

Asa, and Sophronia Abbot, at Billerica, Dec.26,1819.*

Eli, and Mary Savage of Salem, int.Nov.27,1833.

Henry, and Mary Abbott, Feb.24,1830.*

John, jr., and Ruthy Symonds of Salem, int.Mar.22,1794.

John, jr., and Sally Verry, Nov.26,1820.*

Joseph, and Almira Peabody, June21,1825.*

Polly, and Joseph Shillaber, int.Nov.27,1794.

Polly, and Curtis Searl, Mar.12,1797.*

Sally, and Kendall Osborn, June13,1824.*

Sophronia A., and Albert A. Messer, Sept.24,1843.*

William, and Martha Batchelder, Dec.14,1831.*

BUSWELL (Buzzel)

Abigail, wid., of Boxford, and Jonathan Whipple, Oct.25,1756. [Oct.8,1757. int.]*

Adeline Kent, and Francis Kimball Pemberton, at Bradford, Aug.10,1837.

BUTLER (Buttler)

Daniel, and Rhoda Earl, at West Cambridge, Mar.8,1826.

Elizabeth, and Richard Phillips of Salem, Mar.16,1775.*

Elizabeth P., Mrs., b. Ipswich, and William Poor, at Ipswich, Apr.14,1842.*

Hannah, jr., and Daniel Gowing, jr., of Lynn, Mar.24,1781.*

James Davie, and Anna Bates, at Dudley, Apr.21,1845.

John Calvin, and Margaret Putnam, Sept.15,1839.*

Lucretia, and Albra Morison, Dec.1,1836.

Lyman, of Wenham, and Cynthia Webber of Beverly, Oct.24,1841.

Mary, of Salem, and Samuel Verry, Mar.3,1811.*

Mary M., and Josiah Carter of Portland, ME, May8,1823.*

Oliver S., and Sarah M. Ferguson, int.June5,1847.

Phebe, and John Flint, Mar.5,1813.*

Richard, and Anna Shelden of Lynnfield, Nov.21,1784.*

Richard, and Hannah King, May16,1808.*

Ruth, 2d w., and Nathaniel Putnam, Dec.10,1788. [Dec.14. dup.]*

Sarah K., and William H. Brown, Feb.21,1833.*

Thomas, of Boston, and Mary Southwick, May6,1806.*


Abigail, and Greenfield Hooper of Marblehead, Apr.4,1786.*

David, and Mary Nichols of Middleton, int.Apr.8,1775.

David, and Ruth Buzzel of Boxford, int.June19,1778.

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Sylvester Proctor, int.May10,1849.

Jeremiah, and Abigail Webb, int.Aug.15,1789.

Joshua, of Salem, and Nabby Procter, Oct.30,1805.*

Thomas M., and Lois M. Small of Topsfield, int.Sept.23,1848.


Jonathan, jr., of Nottingham West, NH, and Lydia Giffords [], May6,1806.*

Solomon, and Achsah W. Laughlin of Salem, int.Sept.15,1842.


Franklin, of Tewksbury, and Sally Abbott, June9,1841.*

BUTTLER (Butler)

Richard, and Hannah Shaw, Jan.22,1756.*


Harriet, and Rev. Samuel Brimblecom, at Concord, Oct.22,1822.

Merriam S., and Benjamin Jacobs, jr., Feb.26,1828.*


Abigail, and Benjamin Buxton, jr., Nov.15,1756.*

Abigail, and William Haskall of Salem, Aug.21,1791.*

Abigail, and Ezekiel Wellman Osborn, at Weare, NH, Dec.22,1835.

Adna, of Reading, and Deborah J. Russell, int.Oct.5,1833.

Amos, and Mary Stone, Nov.24,1830. [Nov.20.CR5; Nov.17,1831. dup.]*

Amos F., and Eliza Brown of Tewksbury, int.Dec.27,1837.

Anthony, and Anna Collins, Sept.15,1754.*

Anthony, and Lydia Ganson, Jan.25,1773.*

Anthony, and Sarah Hart, Nov.7,1776.*

Benjamin, jr., and Abigail Buxton, Nov.15,1756.*

Daniel, and Anna Huntington, at Weare, NH, Oct.14,1819.

Daniel, jr., and Hannah W. Sargent, at Weare, NH, Jan.末,1835.

Daniel, jr., and Julian Perkins Colby, at Weare, NH, Dec.22,1841.*

David, s.Joseph, deceased, of Danvers, and Abigail, and Ruth Peaslee, d.Timothy, of Newton, NH, and Abigail, Sept.14,1782.CR8

David, and Mrs.Phebe Woodman, at Lynn, Feb.7,1847. [Nov.27,1847. int.]*

Ebenezer B., and Ruth Hood, int.Apr.1,1848.

Edward, and Mary Abigail Stone, June29,1845.*

Edward, jr., a.22y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Eliza, and Lydia Maria Walton of Salem, a.16y., d.Timothy and Clarissa, May24,1847.*

Eliza, and Jonathan Buxton, 3d, Sept.19,1819.*

Elizabeth, and John Buxton, 12:9m:1723.

Betsey, and William Johnson, Mar.25,1788.

Esther S., of Salem, and Thomas W. Brown, int.Mar.29,1847.

Eunice, and Robert Hutchinson, June16,1768.*

George Cook, and Nancy Reed Osborn, Jan.12,1832.*

George, a.21y., gardener, s.Daniel, and Sarah A[nn. int.] Larrabee, a.18y., d.John H., Nov.24,1846.*

Henry, and Lydia Ann Burchstead, Dec.3,1845.*

James, and Patience Osborn, int.Nov.28,1767.

James H., of Ipswich, a.21y., wagoner, s.James and Mariah, and Abigail H. Reed, a.17y., d.William, Dec.13,1846.*

John, and Elizabeth Buxton, 12:9m:1723.

John, and Mary Osborn, Oct.26,1759.*

John, jr., and Ruth Page, at Weare, NH, Feb.15,1826. [1827. dup.]

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Cook, June27,1757.*

Jonathan, jr., and Sarah Osborn, at Salem, May15,1794.

Jonathan, 3d, and Eliza Buxton, Sept.19,1819.*

Jonathan, 4th, and Sarah Hawks, May5,1827.*

Jonathan, and Orinda Sargent, 2d w., at Weare, Sept.20,1838.*

Joseph, and Abigail Bray, int.Sept.16,1758.

Joseph, jr., and Lydia Shillaber, at Salem, June20,1822.

Joseph, of Reading, and Deborah Russell, Nov.5,1833.*

Joshua, and Mary Pope,末蔓末, 末末.

Keziah, and Nathan [Jonathan. int.] Breed, jr. of Lynn, Oct.3,1754.*

Lydia, and William Hutchinson, Feb.28,1754.*

Mary, and Joshua Swinerton, Dec.12,1754.*

Mary Susanna, and Asa Sawyer, jr., at Reading, May19,1836.

Mary Ann, and Alfred Manning of Ipswich, Sept.3,1841.*

Mercy, and Jonathan Shillaber, jr. of Salem, int.Oct.13,1827.

Paul, jr., and Judieth Reed of Salem, int.Sept.3,1831.

Robert G[ove. dup.], a.26y., yeoman, s.Daniel and Anna, and Asenath Evans, a.22y., d.Joseph and Kesiah, Apr.15,1849.*

Ruth, Mrs.[3d, w.dup.], and Benjamin Stevens, Mar.29,1825. [Mar.19,1824. dup.]*

Samuel, and Ruth Hobbs [of], Jan.25,1807.*

Sarah, and Samuel Osborn, Sept.18,1768.*

Sarah, and Elisha Hutchinson of Middleton, int.Apr.17,1773.

Thomas, and Abagail Barker [of], at Salem, Jan.23,1826.*

Timothy [of Reading. dup.], and, wid.Eunice Newhall (née Flint), Apr.16,1814. [Apr.17. dup.]*

BUZZEL (Buswell)

Ruth, of Boxford, and David Butman, int.June19,1778.


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