DAILEY (Daley)

Enos, and Mary Ann Linehan, int.Nov.1,1845.

Margaret, and Michael Joseph Gamon, at Salem, June27,1848.*

Mary, and Michael Murry, in Ireland, May12,1846.


Eliza Hamblet [of Salem.dup.], and George Perley Tilton, May11,1846.*

DALAND (Deland)

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Ross, Nov.18,1835.*

John, Capt., of Salem, and Mary Fowler, Oct.25,1807.*

Joseph, of Middleton, and Phebe Guilford, Apr.18,1802.*

Joseph, and Huldah Fuller, Sept.20,1835.*

Joseph, jr., and Mrs.Mary Tyler, int.Aug.6,1836.

Lydia, and Washington P. Daniels, int.June7,1839.


Archelaus, and Huldah Pritchard, June11,1820.*

Eben, and Hannah Very, Dec.5,1797.*

Eben, and Mrs.Sally Russell, int.Aug.13,1837.

Ebenezer, and Rebeckah Presston, Apr.1,1755.*

Ebenezer, and Abigail Cutler of Beverly, int.Nov.17,1780.

Betty, and Israel Putnam, June20,1754.*

Betty, and William Gott of Pembroke, NH, int.Feb.23,1785.

Betty, and Abraham Burton of Wilton, NH, Jan.4,1787.*

Betsey, 2d w., and Frederick How, Dec.25,1821.*

Eunice, and Nathaniel Webb, int.Dec.14,1787.

Frederick, and Mary Hutchinson, Apr.13,1828.*

Hannah, and Timothy Fuller, 3d, Nov.13,1831. [Nov.12. dup.]*

Jeremiah, and Mrs.Mehitable Dale, Sept.18,1811.*

John, and Elizabeth Demsey, Apr.10,1834.*

John, and Mary Ross, 2d w., May8,1839.*

Joseph, and Phebe Martin of Andover, July16,1795.*

Lucy, and William Whitford of Middleton, Oct.28,1798.*

Lydia, and John Lamon of Middleton, Jan.20,1789.*

Lydia, and John Huse, Sept.13,1827.*

Maria, and Washington Berry of Concord, NH, Apr.30,1822.*

Martha, and Butler Abbot of Portsmouth, NH, June5,1805.*

Mary, Mrs., and David R. Howard, Oct.23,1836.*

Mehitable, Mrs., and Jeremiah Dale, Sept.18,1811.*

Becca, and Jonathan Berry of Middleton, Nov.19,1795.*

Ruth, and John Chickering of Pembroke, NH, Feb.24,1784.*

DALEY (Dailey)

John, and Ellen Buckley, int.Aug.24,1849.


Hannah, Mrs., of Salem, and John Eadee, Jan.7,1777.

John C., of Salem, and Mary E. Gould, Nov.18,1843.*

Mary M., and Andrew Porter, May23,1839.*


Jason H., of Boston, and Elizabeth R. Fuller, int.June8,1848.

Lucinda C., of Salem, and Ariel Low, int.Dec.21,1832.

William, of Wenham, and Emeline Wilkins, int.Sept.6,1844.


Edmund, of Reading, and Mrs.Polly Sheldon, Feb.15,1816.*

Franklin A., of Reading, and Elizabeth Brown, Oct.2,1842.*

John, jr., of Reading, and Tabitha Smith, Sept.16,1817.*

Samuel T., and Hannah B. Hill of Salem, int.June14,1844.


Francis, and Zeviah Brown of Hamilton, int.Sept.17,1842.

Joseph, and Mrs.Mary Wellman of Salem, Jan.12,1777.

Joseph, of Andover, and Mrs.Ede Flint, Apr.13,1784.*


Aaron Flint, and Hannah Page Stanley [of Salem.int.], at Beverly, Mar.5,1843.*

Hannah E., and Benjamin W. Perry, May18,1842.*

Jonathan, of Hillsboro, and Elizabeth Twiss, jr., Nov.9,1797.*

Joseph, and Phoebe W. Russell, Apr.5,1842.*

DANIELS (Dannel)

Nabby S., and Capt. Samuel Symonds, Feb.10,1820.*

David, and Elizabeth Shillaber, Dec.6,1786.*

David, jr., and Martha Poor, June5,1817.*

David, jr., and Eunice Safford, 2d, w.[of Kennebunk, ME. int.], at Kennebunk, ME, June26,1837. (should be 1827.) [1827. int.]*

Eliza R., and J. Hardy Millet, May21,1840.CR4

Betsey, Mrs., and Jonathan Howard of Salem, Jan.30,1810. [Jan.29,1809. dup.]*

George Poor, and Mary Loring, Nov.12,1846.*

James, and Elizabeth Lefavour of Salem, int.Nov.9,1822.

Maria Augusta, and Rev. Thomas Power Field, Jan.11,1844.*

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Lewis, both of Marblehead, Feb.19,1788.

Robert S., Capt., and Lydia Abbot of Salem, Apr.22,1819.*

Sally, and Caleb L. Frost, Nov.11,1819.*

Thorndike Asa, and Sarah Wilkins Frye [of Andover. int.], at Andover, Sept.20,1832.*

Washington P., and Lydia Daland, int.June7,1839.

DANNEL (Daniels)

Bridget, and Lawrence Fox, abt.末蔓末,1844.

DARBY (Derby)

Hannah, and Robert Shillaber, jr., Aug.3,1779.*

Samuel, and Hannah Cook, Dec.末,1753.*

DAVIDSON (Davison)

Ann, and William Brown, at Lynnfield, June3,1825.


Asher Austin, and Sarah Ann McVewell, at Sunbury, O., May1,1830.

Asher Austin, and Jane M. Cushing, 2d w., at Westfield, O., Dec.4,1838.

Charles, of Cincinnati, O., and Mary Ann Porter, Sept.25,1842.*

Cyrus K., and Sarah Ann Bickford, at Bangor, ME, Oct.25,1843.

Daniel R., and Elizabeth Ann Newhall, June30,1846.*

David, of Salem, and Sally Putnam, Aug.24,1809.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Hartman Todd, at Lynn, Sept.15,1836.*

Betsey, and Edward Upton, at Woburn, Oct.12,1815.

Ellen M., of Boston, and Cyrus Hobbs, int.July10,1841.

Elzaphan P., and Eliza C. Town, at Roxbury, NH, Nov.15,1849.*

Ephraim, and Mrs.Elizabeth Choat of Ipswich, July3,1770.

Harriet Newhall, and Benjamin Rowell, at Chester, NH, Oct.20,1834.

Huldah L., and Salvador Ferren, Apr.3,1838.*

Joseph N., and Lydia Russell, Dec.25,1828.*

Joseph Newhall, and Hannah Hunt, 2d w., Sept.26,1833.*

Joseph W., and Elizabeth B. Kendall of Amherst, NH, int.Jan.11,1845.

Lucinda, and Benjamin Tyler Hyde, at Ossipee, NH, Feb.6,1834.

Mark Hill, and Hannah Gibbons, at Lynn, Nov.7,1835.

Martin, of Sterling, and Mary D. Crane, int.Oct.25,1843.

Mary Ann, and Samuel Gowing at Lynnfield, Apr.10,1813.

Mary, and Ivory Shackley, July20,1820.

Nathaniel, and Polly Newman of Lynn, int.Feb.9,1793.

Nathaniel, and Bethiah Newhall, Apr.10,1800.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Anna Fields, Jan.4,1816.*

Rebecca, Mrs., of Beverly, and John Laundera, a resident in Beverly, Sept.5,1784.

Rebecah, and Robert B. Perkins, Oct.7,1824.*

Sarah, of Reading, and Doss Freeman, Nov.14,1788.

DAVISON (Davidson)

Ann, of Stow, and William Brown, int.Apr.28,1825.


Robert, and Honora Querk, b. Ireland, at Halifax, N.S., Jan.12,1835.


James, of Thomaston, and Mehitable Sinkler, int.Sept.30,1786.


James, of Boston, and Rachel Hubbert, Apr.15,1784.*

Jane Andrews, 2d w., and William Goodridge, at Salem, July3,1845.*

Mary, resident in Danvers, and William Crispin of Salem, Aug.29,1782.*


Daniel, of Salem, and Mary Southwick, int.Aug.21,1778.

Dorcas, of Salem, and James Foster, int.Dec.18,1819.

Isaac, and Susan Clough of Salem, May21,1773.*

John, and Harriet W. Hildreth of Haverhill, int.May12,1821.

Jonathan, and Mary Silver, at Salem,末蔓末,1789.

Joshua, and Nancy Gowan, both of Salem, Jan.14,1835.*

Mary, and James Southwick, Apr.25,1787.*

Mary, and Josiah Walton of Andover, Sept.12,1820.*

Mary S., of Salem, and Joseph Moore, int.May16,1849.

Robert, jr., and Mary Mackitothee, Nov.3,1768.*


Emily P., and Asa T. Richards, Sept.2,1839.*


William, of Salem, and Mary Pope, Dec.14,1756. [Nov.11,1758. int.]*

DEALAND (Deland)

Benjamin, and [Mrs.int.] Lydia Hamscom, Apr.26,1789.*

Hannah, and Samuel Reaves of Salem, May31,1771.*

Huldah, and Thomas Martin of Salem, int.Jan.23,1841.


Angeline P., and Edson E. Colby of Corinth, VT, Mar.2,1842.*

Charles A., of Corinth, VT, and Mary Dickson, Dec.1,1836.*

Harriet N., and Samuel McCrillis, Nov.17,1842.*

Henry Caldwell, and Mary Ann Carey [of Beverly.int.], at Beverly, Oct.22,1844. [ Sept.27,1845. int.]

Lorenzo, and Mary Ann Whitcomb, at Troy, VT, Feb.18,1840.

DELAND (Daland, Dealand)

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Hayward, Apr.2,1772.*

Hannah, and Samuel Peters of Salem, June6,1793.*

John, of Salem, and Hannah Shillaber, Dec.5,1765.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Sally Ross, int.June5,1830.

Mary, and John Mackintire, Nov.20,1777.*

Mary, and Asa R. Baldwin of Cambridge, Aug.11,1833.*


Cornelius, and Ruthy Gilford, int.Jan.26,1806.


James Madison [Derritt. dup.], and Mrs.Maria Caldwell, 2d w., Dec.24,1843.*


James M., and Harriet Galeucia, Feb.16,1832.*

Sarah Ann, and Hiram Plummer [of Lee, NH. int.], at Dover, NH, Nov.23,1840.*

DEMPSEY (Demsey)

Abigail, and William Nicholes of Londonderry, NH, Jan.23,1781.*

Elize, and Asa Swinerton, Oct.24,1769.*

Elizabeth, and John Dale, Apr.10,1834.*

Isaac, and Hannah Wyman, b. Woburn, Mar.20,1796.*

Isaac, jr., and Mary Williams, May18,1819.*

Jacob, and Clementina Smith, Apr.16,1823.*

Jacob, and Sally Putnam [of Nottingham West, NH. int.], 2d w., at Hudson, NH, Apr.27,1825.*

Mary, and Joseph Verry, 3d, Mar.26,1811.*

DEMPSY (Demsey)

Isaac, and Hannah Henfield, Mar.25,1762.*

DEMSEY (Dempsey, Dempsy)

Bartholomew, and Mary Britton, June21,1791. [June25. int.]*

John, and Elizabeth Long, in Ireland, May7,1836.

Sally Hutchinson, and Joseph Morrison, Mar.5,1840.*


George, and Phebe Smith [Mrs.Phebe P. Hanes.int.], Apr.27,1829.*

DENNIS (Denniss)

Charlotte, and Peter Gilman Folsom, Nov.10,1827. [Nov.19. dup.]*

Eliza, and Benjamin Tapley, Nov.8,1830.*

Hannah, and Samuel Fisk, Aug.11,1814.*

Lewis, and Jane Brias, int.Jan.27,1753.

Mary [of Salem.int.], and John Cary, at Salem,末蔓末,1826. [Nov.18. int.]*

Thomas, and Ellen Thomas, at Lynn, May10,1839.

DENNISS (Dennis)

Lewis, and Anna Nichols, Nov.6,1754.*

DERBY (Darby)

Abby, of Salem, and Albert A. Gould, Oct.14,1847.*

Charles, and Nancy Pulling, at Nashville, TN, Feb.14,1820.

Eliza Ann, and Edmund Hayward, at Hopkinton, Oct.9,1844.

Hannah, of Salem, and Michael Atkinson, Sept.15,1773.

Hannah, and Samuel Bright of Boston, Nov.20,1801.*

Jemima, and Ferdinand Champion of Middleton, Jan.22,1849.*

Lucretia, and Samuel White, jr., Nov.30,1784.*

Lucy, Mrs., of Beverly, and Hon. Benjamin Greenleaf, Esq. of Newburyport, Jan.22,1784.*

Sarah, and Joseph Aborn [of Salem.int.], Dec.末,1753.*


Peter, and Jane Graham, in Ireland, Aug.28,1842.


Conrad, and Ellen B. [P. int.] Bisbee, Feb.26,1845. [Mar.5,1844. dup.]*


Samuel, of Marblehead, and Abigail Fitts, Oct.14,1801.*


Amelia, of Essex, and Philip R. Southwick, int.Dec.10,1831.

John, and Judith W. Sawyer, at Gloucester, Apr.10,1798.

John, and Sarah Hooper of Gloucester, at Manchester, Jan.末,1815.

John, and Eliza Elwell, at Gloucester, June27,1818.

John, jr., and Caroline Dean Choate, at Essex, Mar.9,1833.

John, and Mrs.Mahala L. Byer [of Manchester. int.],末蔓末,1844. [ Sept.14. int.]*


Samson Silsby, of Lynn, and Mary Symonds, June20,1765.*


Charlotte S., and Warren A. Campbell, int.Nov.4,1845.

George, and Martha Stickney Chaplin, May3,1846.

John Eaton, b. Bennington, NH, and Emeline Upton Thomas, Nov.末,1846.*

John, and Emeline P. [U. int.] Thomas, Nov.26,1846.*

William G., and Martha J. Chaplin, May3,1846.*


Dolly, and Isaac Willson, 3d, Dec.7,1779.*

Betsey, and William Hilburt, Aug.末,1778.


Augustus, and Eliza B. Field, both of Salem, June7,1842.

Mary Lathe, and Charles Almor Dearborn, Dec.1,1836.*


Samuel H. [of South Braintree. int.], and Nancy McIntire, Dec.27,1846.*

DIMAN (Diamond)

Polly, and William Gray, July26,1785.*


Amos G., and Mary A.L. Goodwin, int.Aug.22,1845.

Amos G., and Mary A.L. Goodwin, int.Sept.13,1845.


Frances, and Samuel Carroll Pope, at Londonderry, NH, Dec.23,1806.


Sarah Lovis [of Boston. int.], and Henry Augustus Hardy, at Boston, July6,1843.*


DIXON (Dickson)

Thomas, and Betsey Pepperel, Aug.23,1812.*


Henry G., and Irene H. Rhoades, Mar.11,1841.*


Benjamin [C. int.], and Elizabeth True Goodale [of Salem.int.], May3,1843.*


Albert, and Olive Fairfield, at Saco, ME, July29,1841.

Anna B., and Jacob F. Perry, at Beverly, Nov.20,1823.*

Ann, of Beverly, and Thomas Smith, int.Aug.28,1830.

Benjamin C., and Almira Bickford, at Topsfield, Nov.18,1837.

Bethiah, and William Reed, int.Nov.12,1796.

Caroline Elizabeth, and William Augustus Lander, at Salem, Sept.20,1837.

Catherine [of Salem.int.], and Daniel Richards, Dec.4,1834.*

Daniel, and Hannah Upton, Mar.11,1799.

Daniel, jr., and Emma Clough Noyes [of Enfield, NH. int.], at Enfield, June12,1825.*

Edwin C., and Susan Ladd, both of Lynn, Jan.6,1839.*

Eliphalet, and Mary Cox of Woburn, int.Nov.14,1801.

Emma Eaton, and John Henry Batchelder, at Thompsonville, Mar.19,1846.

Ephraim, of Hamilton, and Lydia White, int.Sept.6,1794.

Ezekiel, and Rhoda G. Hunt, June29,1826.*

Ezra Nailer, and Martha Bradstreet Hayward, Apr.26,1838. [Apr.16. dup.]*

Francis, and Rebecca Appleton Brown [of Ipswich.int.], at Ipswich, Nov.25,1841. [Nov.26. dup.]*

George A., and Sarah H. Wiggin of Salem, int.July2,1841.

Hannah B. [of Beverly.int.], and John Bomer, at Beverly, May20,1828.*

Hephzibah, Mrs., and Nathaniel Conant of Alfred, Oct.6,1795.*

Huldah (Wallis), wid.Seward, and Wood Fornis, at Hamilton, Mar.31,1842.

Isaac B[rown. int.], and Mary E. Varney [of Salem.int.], May10,1849.*

Joanna, of Beverly, and John Upton, Dec.3,1767.*

John, and Tamisin Felton, May25,1788.*

John, jr., and Sally Stimpson, Sept.11,1791.*

John, and Hannah Hiller Arrington [of Salem.dup.], Dec.20,1825.*

Joseph Stanley, and Vicey Chandler Holland, at Salem, July15,1845. [July16. dup.]

Joshua, jr., and Abiar Woodbery of Beverly, int.Mar.18,1797.

Livermore, of Ipswich, and Rebeccah Whitteredge, Apr.1,1792.*

Louisiana [of Rowley.int.], and Alonzo Platts Phillips, at Rowley, Apr.15,1830.*

Love [of Salem.int.], and Franklin Batchelder, at Salem, Sept.27,1826. [ Sept.8,1827. int.]*

Lucy, Mrs., of Wenham, and Amos Brown, int.Apr.4,1835.

Luke, of Hamilton, and Margaret Poor, Oct.18,1827.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Samuel Andrew, Mar.3,1763.*

Mary Jane, and Joseph [G. int.] Perley, May7,1829.*

Mary, and Peter M. Teste, Feb.5,1834.*

Mary Brown [of Beverly.int.], and Caleb Pratt Bomer, at Beverly, May12,1836.*

Mary Annah, and Israel Perkins, at Wenham, July21,1836.

Mehitable [of Beverly.dup.], and James Carr [of Salisbury.dup.], Jan.3,1785.

Nancy, and Isaac Pratt of Charlestown, Feb.16,1794.*

Peter, of Wenham, and Elizabeth Batchellor of Beverly, Jan.6,1762.

Peter, of Salem, and Jane Goodwin, at Wenham, Nov.10,1842.*

Sarah, of Wenham, and Abijah Porter, Jan.30,1798. [July31,1800. dup.]*

Solomon, and Betsey Peckard of Rowley, int.Dec.14,1805.

Sylvanus, and Julia Therese Phillips [of Rowley.int.], at Rowley, Nov.22,1827.*

Thomas, of Beverly, and Mary Felton, Aug.21,1798.*

Thomas E., and Hannah E. Nourse, int.Nov.12,1831.

Thomas E., of Salem, and Jane H. Upton, int.Oct.19,1833.

William, jr., of Beverly, and Mary Ann Shed, Apr.10,1831.*

William, and Sally Phillips, int.Mar.11,1836.

William, and Lydia Ann Bassett, at Salem, Sept.30,1846.

William B., and Mary Ann Morgan, Jan.20,1847.*


Thomas, and Catherine Brown, Dec.2,1824.*


James, and Mary Elliott, at Manchester, Eng., May31,1847.


Benjamin, and Olive Peabody of Middleton, int.Oct.26,1799.

Joseph, and Ruth Endicott, Dec.19,1765.*

Moses, and Sarah Boardman Titcomb of Newbury, int.Sept.9,1815.

Moses, and Hannah Herrick of Salem, Apr.23,1840.*

Moses T., a.26y., trader, s.Moses and Sarah B., and Harriet Ann Emerson, a.24y., d.Ralph and Sally, June21,1849.*

Peabody, and Lydia Nelson of Rowley, int.May24,1800.

Sarah, and Elijah C. Webster, at Kensington, NH, Nov.13,1800.

Sarah Sprague, and John Robbins Poor, Nov.10,1840.*

William T., and Mary Jane Moulton, Feb.22,1843.*

William T., and Rhoda P. Ham of Rochester, NH, Nov.1,1846.*

DONAHOE (Donehue)

Ann, 2d w., and Francis Riley, in Rhode Island, Oct.28,1844.

DONALD (McDonald)

Ann, and Thomas Sutherland, at Framingham, Oct.25,1844.

DONALLY (Donnally)

Michael, and Margaret Carberry, at Chelsea, July17,1848.

DONEHUE (Donahoe)

Ellen, and William Anderson, at Thomsonville, Nov.7,1843.

DONNALLY (Donally)

Mary, 2d w., and Charles McDermott, at Salem, Nov.25,1847.


John, and Mary Relihan, int.June27,1848.


James [Dawse. int.], of Thomaston, and Mehitable Sinclair, Nov.20,1786.*

Mehitabel, and Capt. Daniel Jacobs, int.Nov.29,1794.

DOUBTY (Douty)

Margaret, and John Collins of Lynnfield, July18,1765.*


Thomas, and Elizabeth Jacobs, May9,1771.*

DOUTEY (Douty)

Betsey, and Daniel Taylor, jr., Mar.22,1792. [Mar.17,1791. dup.]

Betsey, and Allen Newhall, Sept.12,1822.*

Eunice, and John Jacobs, Nov.21,1782.*

Hannah, and David N. Swasey, Feb.26,1827.*

Henry, and Hannah Nurse, Nov.29,1801.*

Jacob, and Elizabeth Needham, Dec.2,1819.*

Mary, and Joseph Twiss, Mar.13,1782. [1783.PR89]*

DOUTY (Doubty, Doughty, Doutey)

Abigail, and John Needham, jr., int.Sept.1,1796.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Mary Oaks, Aug.24,1774.*

Joseph, and Ruth Twiss, Dec.31,1795.*

Patience, and Daniel Marsh, Dec.17,1789.*

Sophronia Elizabeth, and George Jacobs Winchester, Nov.23,1848.*


Anna, and Jeremiah Banks, Aug.1,1781.


David Smith, and Eliza Welch Osgood, May16,1842.*

Elizabeth Ann [of Epping, NH. int.], and Edward Stimpson, at Epping, NH,末蔓末,1835. [Aug.1. int.]*

Hannah [How, of Middleton. int.], and Charles Peabody, Apr.27,1831.*

Henry W., of Ferrisburg, VT, a.24y., carpenter, s.Daniel, and Elizabeth N. Pendergast, a.24y., weaver, d.James, Jan.5,1845.*

Martha B[rown. dup.], of Northampton, NH, and Joseph Stone, Jan.12,1837.*


Michael, and Margaret Daly, int.July24,1848.


Anna, and John Plant, Aug.10,1783.*

Charlotte, of Lynnfield, and Jonathan Southwick, Aug.27,1830.*

Elijah H., Rev., and Mary A. Converse, Dec.21,1842.*

Eliza Ann, and John Augustus Lord, Jan.14,1840.*

Betsey, and Andrew Flint, Oct.23,1822.*

Experience, Mrs., and Capt. James Foster, Feb.26,1817.*

Hannah, and David Bates, int.Sept.28,1833.

Hannah, wid., (née Very), b. Salem, and Enoch Bryant, May18,1834.

James A., and Hannah Verry, Nov.17,1822.*

Margarett, and John Burnham of Salem, int.Aug.18,1805.

Mary Ann, and Enoch Bryant, jr., at Lynn, Aug.14,1842.

Richard, and Experance Southwick, Nov.15,1781.*

Richard, and Ruthy Harrington of Salem, int.Sept.30,1809.

Ruth, wid., and Elijah Upton, Nov.9,1821. [Dec.11. dup.]*

Sarah, and Eleaser Goodell, int.Nov.5,1767.

Termperance, and Richard Searl, b. Marblehead, Feb.13,1800.*

William, and Levina [Elvina.int.] Mitchell, at Lynn, Feb.28,1847.*


Mariam, (nee Varney), and Stephen Francis Town, at Hamilton, Mar.末,1837.*


Abigail, and Andrew Currin Sleuman, at Salem, Dec.22,1839.


George, resident in Danvers, and Thankful Boyce, Nov.24,1779.*

Thankful, and Jonathan Harwood, int.Aug.11,1798.


Leprelet, and Ann Perkins, at Boston, Aug.17,1829.

Samuel T., and Elizabeth A. Halan, at Roxbury, June7,1846.


Robert B., Rev., of Washington, MD, and Augusta Endicott, int.Apr.12,1828.


Hannah Ann Louisa, and Samuel Stanwood Parsons, at Lowell, May5,1841.

Mary Irene, of Salem, and Silas C. Allen, int.Nov.28,1846.

William, and Ellis B. Drown, at Providence,末蔓末,1814.


James, b. Ireland, and Agnes Meriam [Agness Morrison, of Saxonville. int.], at Jacksonville, July4,1847.*

DRESER (Dresser)

Henry, of Salem, and Jane Epes, int.Jan.31,1781.

DRESSER (Dreser)

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Isaac Southwick, Dec.19,1758.*

Hazen E., and Phebe S. Hobbs, int.May9,1848.

Moses Dole, and Harriet Webster Walton, at Haverhill, Oct.13,1843.


Horace, and Augusta E. Sylvester, Apr.18,1836.*

Nancy, and Willard Mackintire, May28,1837.*


Elisabeth, of Salem, and Daniel Jacobs, int.Mar.23,1776.


Ellis B., and William Draper, at Providence,末蔓末,1814.


Franklin, and Sophia Carpenter, at Weston, Jan.8,1826.


Charles, of Cambridge, and Zilpha Lord of Boston, at South Boston, May10,1846.

Elivira W., of Beverly, and Benjamin C. Putnam, int.June2,1842.

Huldah, and Charles Kent of Rowley, int.Mar.14,1829.

John P., and Huldah Herrick, May17,1818.*

Josiah, and Sally P. Wells, Apr.15,1821.*

Mary P., and James Rackliff, at Salem, June12,1848.

Sarah Elizabeth, and Edward Allen, int.Dec.27,1849.


Jemimah, wid., and Nathaniel Putney, int.Mar.10,1758.

John, and Hannah King, Aug.25,1757.*


Hannah A., and Theodore Goodwin, Aug.30,1838.CR2*


Elenor, and Michael McClinton of Derryfield, Oct.8,1787.*


William, and Sally Fowler, Dec.30,1806.*

DUNCKLEE (Dunklee)

Hezekiah, and Desire Mash, Sept.4,1755.*

DUNKCLE (Dunklee)

Alice, and Zacheus Churchill, Feb.19,1799.*

DUNKLE (Dunklee)

Desire, and John Needham, Apr.11,1782.*

DUNKLEE (Duncklee, Dunkcle, Dunkle)

Betsey, and Ebenezer Twiss of Salem, Aug.31,1800.*

Ezekial, and Rebekah Standly, July13,1783.*

Hannah, and Francis Phelps, int.May1,1802.

Hezekiah, and Katharine Marsh [2d, w.dup.], Dec.6,1757.*

Leonard, and Eunice Jacobs, Mar.28,1822.*


Eugene Francis, and Ellen Exzaria O'Brien, at Cork, Sept.10,1839.


James, and Joanna [Julia.dup.] Hogarty, in Ireland, Jan.3,1841.


Ira O., and Elizabeth Kelly of Plaistow, NH, int.July22,1826.

DUSTIN (Duston)

Eliza, and Eben Sutton, Apr.4,1827. [1826. dup.]*

Hannah Pike, and Amos Osborn, jr., Sept.7,1830.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Osborn, Sept.3,1805.*

Nancy [of Windham, NH. int.], and Phenius Chadwick, at Windham, Sept.24,1813.*

Sally, of Windham, NH, and Samuel Crane, int.Aug.26,1815.

Syrena, and Hazen Ayer, Nov.29,1832.*

DUSTON (Dustin)

Hannah, of Haverhill, and Amos Sawyer, May12,1774.*


John, of Salem, and Fanny Jones, Apr.19,1770.*

Mehetabel, and Simon Pender, Oct.8,1772. [Oct.3. dup.]*

Priscilla, of Salem, and Eben Putnam, int.Apr.18,1844.

Samuel, and Hannah Woodbury of Beverly, Sept.3,1770. [Apr.13,1771. int.]*

DWINEL (Dwinnell)

Betty, and Nathaniel Currier of Rowley, int.July25,1772.

George, and Susanna Sheldon, Apr.1,1773.*

Henry, of Newbury, and Lydia Curtice, June16,1779.*

Henry, and Ruth Dwinel, Apr.16,1799.*

Joseph, jr., and Esther Swinerton, Dec.1,1796.*

Ruth, and Henry Dwinel, Apr.16,1799.*

Stephen, and Hitty Putnam, May18,1802.*

DWINIL (Dwinnell)

Joseph, and Ruth Goodale, Dec.5,1769.*

DWINNEL (Dwinnell)

David, and Rebeccah Swinerton, Nov.26,1818.*

Eliza, and John B. Cobb, int.Mar.11,1826.

Henry, and Charlotte Prince, Apr.13,1826.*

Mahala, and Octavius Hayward, Sept.16,1827.*

Sally, and Isaac Blanchard of Salem, Mar.28,1805.*

DWINNELL (Dwinel, Dwinil, Dwinnel, Dwinnells)

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Twiss, at Londonderry, NH, Mar.末,1826.

Eunice, and Andrew Porter, Apr.12,1801.*

Hezekiah, and Sophronia Bomer [of Beverly.int.], at Beverly, Oct.28,1828.*

Joseph, jr., and Lucy Welch [of Beverly.int.], at Beverly, Dec.6,1838.*

Sally, 2d w., and Allen Jacobs, July6,1830.*

DWINNELLS (Dwinnell)

John S., and Elizabeth Francis Jones, Aug.1,1845. [Aug.31. dup.]*

Joseph, and Betsey Barnard, 2d w., at Goffstown, NH, May2,1822.

Mehitable P., and Peter Russell, at Lowell, Dec.20,1832.


Owen, and Bridget Kern, in Ireland, Feb.4,1840.


Samuel H., of South Braintree, and Nancy McIntire, int.Oct.31,1846.

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