Harriet S., and Asa W. Brook, both of Middleton, Jan.24,1849.

John, of New Boston, NH, and Hitty Baker of Wenham, Dec.9,1799.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Clark, Oct.27,1841.*

Mary, and Benjamin Peirce, Mar.14,1836. [Mar.24. dup.]*

Moses, and Polly Russell of Middleton, June29,1829.*

Olive, and Albert Dodge, at Saco, ME, July29,1841.

Rebecca S., and Orlando E. Pope, at Salem, June末,1832.*

Samuel, and Anna Hutchinson of Wenham, May23,1771.

William Boutley, and Mary Butman Ross [of Salem.int.], at Salem, Sept.14,1846.*


Milow, and Thankful Small, int.July4,1795.

Susannah, and Francis Ward of Salem, June26,1796.*


Alfred, and Susan Renou, at Haverhill, Nov.29,1836.

Calvin, of Salem, and Lydia S. Cook, June28,1843.*

John, and Molly Martin of Wilton, NH, int.Dec.27,1800.

Sarah, of Salem, and William Knowlton, int.Mar.8,1834.


James William, and Mary Ann Green, int.Aug.15,1848.


John C., b. Manchester, Eng., and Charlotte Elizabeth Southwick, b. Lynnfield, at Thompson, CT, Feb.22,1848.


Elizabeth, and John Silver, jr. of Salem, May12,1771.*

Francis L., and Lydia B. Barker, both of Salem, June12,1849.

John, of Lynn, and Elizabeth Smith, Nov.11,1756.*

Sarah, wid., of Andover, and Gilbert Tapley, June6,1799.*

Timothy, and Hannah Larrabee, Feb.26,1826.*


Mary Elizabeth [Fowle. int.], of Vassalboro, ME, and Hearford Hurd of Sandford, Oct.16,1842.*


Sarah, of Boston, and John McNamara, int.Apr.9,1849.

FAVER (Favor)

Willeby, and Hannah Southwick, Jan.13,1764.*

FAVOR (Faver)

Louisa Elizabeth [of Newburyport. int.], and Nathaniel Kinsman Hodgkins, at Newburyport, Apr.末,1848.*


Thomas, of Braintree, and Anna Clark, Sept.14,1752. [1753. dup.]*

FEGAN (Phagins)

William, and Catherine Currier, at Haverhill, Feb.3,1842.

FEILD (Field)

Samuel, of Salem, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Burges, Apr.22,1781.*


Alfred, and Nancy Putnam, Oct.2,1845.*

Mary Ann, of Salem, and Michael Leach Whidden of Portsmouth, NH, at Andover, Feb.28,1841.


Catharine M., of Salem, and J.M. Plaisted of Boston, July19,1835.CR4

Charles W., and Mahala M. Williams, int.Aug.29,1849.

William F.D., of Lynn, a.22y., West India Goods dealer, s.Ephraim and Sarah, and Thirza A. Pepperrell, a.20y., d.Ebenezer and Thirza, Oct.12,1847.*


Abigail, and Archelaus Mackintire of Reading, Feb.5,1761.*

Abigail, and Joseph Richardson of Stoneham, Feb.10,1761.*

Abigail Kenney, Mrs., and George Warren Reed, July16,1843.*

Amos, of Middleton, and Sarah Putnam, May23,1790.*

Anne, and Daniel Prince, int.July18,1777.

Anthony, and Elisabeth Pickard of Boxford, int.Dec.11,1762.

Anthony, and Elizabeth Nichols, Dec.2,1781.*

Asa, and Mary Epes, 3d, Jan.22,1782.*

Asa, and Sally Gould of Middleton, int.July10,1790.

Daniel, and Abigail Cook, Dec.12,1765.*

Daniel, Capt., and Hannah P. Felton, Feb.20,1825.*

David, and Hannah Swinerton, Dec.7,1784.*

Desire, and Amos Putnam of Hopkinton, NH, Jan.11,1798.*

Dorcas, and Nathaniel Felton, Mar.28,1754.*

Dorcas, and Joseph Kent, Oct.4,1820.*

Betsey, and Moses Preston, jr., June10,1817.*

Amory, of Salem, and Mary S. Osborn, Dec.16,1819.*

Hannah, and William Upton [jr. int.] of Reading, Dec.9,1755.*

Hannah, and Nathaniell Felton, Dec.4,1788.*

Hannah, and James Sleeper, Dec.22,1822.*

Hannah P., and Capt. Daniel Felton, Feb.20,1825.*

Harriet, and Jasper Pope, Dec.16,1830. [Dec.17. dup.]*

James, and Sophronia Webb, Apr.12,1827.*

Jedidiah, of Mason, NH, and Mary Procter, int.Sept.27,1796.

John, and Phebe Goodale, int.Mar.20,1802.

John S., and Sally Wood, Oct.23,1814.*

Jonathan, and Anna Whittemore, May24,1772.*

Jonathan, jr., and Betsey Wood of Rowley, int.Sept.12,1801.

Lydia, and William Price, Sept.11,1833.*

Martha P., and Moses W. Wilson, Apr.12,1818.*

Mary, and Caleb Balch [of Beverly.int.], Nov.20,1753.*

Mary, and Benjamin Kent, July24,1766.*

Mary, and John Epes, jr., June27,1776.*

Mary, and Thomas Dodge of Beverly, Aug.21,1798.*

Polly, and Rufus Putnam of Warner, NH, Feb.19,1800.*

Mary P., and James Marsh, Apr.5,1825.*

Nathan, and Lydia Proctor, Jan.24,1796.

Nathaniel, and Dorcas Felton, Mar.28,1754.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Prince, jr., Mar.18,1781.*

Nathaniell, and Hannah Felton, Dec.4,1788.*

Nathaniel, jr., Col., and Polly Preston, Mar.15,1821.*

Oliver C., and Eliza Upton, Nov.15,1821.*

Phebe, and Richard Skidmore, jr., Apr.8,1793.*

Phebe, and Daniel Nickerson, jr. of Orrington, ME, Jan.29,1815.*

Phebe, and Joseph Merrell of Salem, May31,1829.*

Rebecah, and Levi Preston, jr., Jan.8,1811.*

Ruth, and Stephen Whittemore of Salem, Mar.18,1762.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Smith, June24,1756.*

Samuel, and Eunice Porter, May23,1813.*

Samuel, and Arabel Holt of Andover, int.Aug.9,1817.

Sarah, and Joseph Ross, int.Oct.24,1767.

Sarah, and Robert Willson [3d.int.], Mar.23,1775.*

Sarah, and Capt. Jonathan Lander of Salem, Sept.24,1786.*

Sally, 2d w., and Andrew Batchelder, at Brookfield, Jan.7,1807. [Jan.17.PR74]

Sarah Augusta, and Franklin Upton, Jan.28,1840.*

Sarah, 2d w., and Jasper Pope, Feb.9,1846.*

Syrena, and Warren Shelden, May21,1826.*

Stephen, and Elisabeth Baker, int.Jan.22,1767.

Tamsin, and John Dodge, May25,1788.*

Timothy, and Hannah Procter, Oct.10,1765.*

Timothy, jr., and Polly Putnam, int.June29,1788.

Timothy Proctor, and Lydia Ann Haskell, Dec.22,1834.

Zachariah, and Tamsin Upton, Feb.13,1755.*

Zachariah, and Abigail K[enney.dup.] Towne [Townsend.dup.], Dec.13,1838. [1839. dup.]*


Joseph, and Martha P. Osborne, Sept.1,1841.*


Robert, and Margaret Collins of Lowell, int.May1,1841.

FERGURSON (Ferguson)

Elisha G., and Sarah M. Hanscom, at Elliot, ME, May16,1841.

FERGUSON (Fergurson, Furgerson)

Abby Merrill, 2d w., and Asa Sawyer, jr., at Salem, Dec.27,1845.*

Algerine, of Kennebunk, ME, a.26y., tanner, s.Dennis and Emma, and Syrena D. Cheever, a.20y., d.Samuel and Susan, June18,1849.*

Marcia Plummer, and John Perkins, Mar.31,1845.*

Mary Jane, and Charles D. Richards of Atkinson, NH, Mar.29,1846.*

Paulina, and Daniel Towne [of Middleton. int.], at Middleton, Oct.16,1839.*

Samuel, jr., and Emily Price, Sept.11,1838.CR5

Sarah M., and Oliver S. Butler, int.June5,1847.


Mary, and John Athy, both b. Ireland,末蔓末, 末末.

Owen, a.23y., currier, b. Eliot, ME, s.Andrew P. and Mary A., and ElizaT. Temple, a.19y., b. Westmoreland, NH, d.Urijah and Harriet, July19,1845.*

Stephen, and Susan Tebbets [of Somersworth, NH. int.], at Somersworth, NH, Oct.28,1836.*

FERREN (Ferrin)

Salvador, and Huldah L. Davis, Apr.3,1838.*

FERRIN (Ferren)

Asenath P. [R. int.], and Henry A. King, Dec.16,1846.*

Jesse C., and Mary Upton, Dec.2,1845.*

Lorana M., and John M. Berry, July5,1846. [1847. dup.]*

Wealthy Melvina, of Eaton, NH, and James Putnam King, Apr.2,1840.*

FIELD (Feild, Fields)

Charles, and Sarah Peirce, int.Sept.21,1799.

Charles, and Martha Ann Edgerly, at Haverhill, Nov.25,1842.

Eliza B., and Augustus Dickson, both of Salem, June7,1842.*

Sarah, and Prince E. Nash, at Weymouth, Apr.2,1844.

Thomas Power, Rev., and Maria Augusta Daniels, Jan.11,1844.*


John, Capt., of Beverly, and Susan Blake, Nov.27,1837.*

FIELDS (Field)

Anna, and Nathaniel Davis, jr., Jan.4,1816.*


Abigail, wid.[of Concord, NH. int.], 2d w., and Joseph W. Carey, at Concord, NH, Apr.24,1825.*

Elizabeth A.M., and Benjamin G. Bridges of Beverly, Dec.23,1845.*


Elizabeth [of Middleton. dup.], and Joseph Merrill, at Middleton, Dec.19,1835. [1836. dup.]*

Hannah, and John Hook, Oct.9,1808.*

Levi, and Betsey Putnam, May2,1811.*

Levi, and Nancy Wilkins, at Middleton, Jan.26,1837.

Mary, of Salem, and Stephen F. Skidmore, int.Aug.23,1828.

Mary, and Stephen F. Skidmore, int.Oct.20,1832.

Nathaniel Putnam, and Caroline Littlehale of Tyngsboro, int.Oct.28,1845.

Persis, of Andover, and Nathan F. Stevens, int.Nov.13,1824.


Charles Rowley, and Sophronia Guilford, May6,1836. [1835. dup.]

John S., and Frances M. Frothingham, Feb.20,1845.*

Nathaniel, and Sally Peabody, int.Mar.30,1844.

Samuel, and Nancy [Mary.dup.] Peabody Rea, Oct.2,1836. [Oct.3. dup.]*

Samuel, and Nancy Peabody, July6,1844.


Aaron C., and Eliza Plume of Marblehead, int.Sept.2,1826.

Albert Richard, and Elizabeth White Safford, at Beverly, Jan.23,1847.

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Mudge, June8,1835.*

John, and Huldah Woodbury of Beverly, Jan.23,1791.*

Jonathan, and Deborah Abbot of Andover, Sept.18,1766.*

Lydia, and Luther Thompson, int.Jan.7,1826.

Mary Dodge, and Samuel Southwick, June8,1831. [June7. dup.]*

Mary, and Stephen F. Scidmore, at Salem, Nov.5,1832.

Nathaniel, and Lydia Gould of Topsfield, Feb.27,1764.*

Samuel, and Hannah Dennis, Aug.11,1814.*

Sarah, of Boxford, and Alover Towne of Topsfield, Sept.16,1772.

Sarah Elizabeth, and Henry Cook Reed, June20,1829. [June21. dup.]

William, of Amherst, NH, and Eunice Nurse, Oct.28,1773.*

FITTS (Fitz)

Abigail, and Samuel Devereux of Marblehead, Oct.14,1801.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Marsh, May3,1770.*

FITZ (Fitts)

Mary, and Thomas Putnam, Oct.15,1788.*


William H., and Mary Tuttle, Oct.8,1827.*


Alonzo B., and Almira Elizabeth Proctor, Oct.29,1848.*


Abigail, and Thomas Taylor, Feb.4,1840. [Feb.5. dup.]*

Amos, and Abigail Gale, Apr.15,1817.

Amos, and Sally Gould, 2d w., Aug.29,1830. [Aug.22. dup.]*

Betsey, of Methuen, and Thomas Nevens, int.Sept.17,1803.

Francis, of Dunstable, and Hannah Pope, Feb.15,1818.*

James, Rev., and Lydia Middleton Woodward [of Andover. int.], at Andover, Oct.10,1849.*

Joseph, and Eunice Goodhue Peabody, at Saugus, Apr.10,1847.

Mary P., of Dunstable, and Oliver A. Woodbury, int.Apr.23,1842.

Rodney C., and Maria M. Messer, at Loudon, NH, Dec.5,1839.


Abigail, and Benjamin Page, Oct.末,1753.*

Amos, of Reading, and, wid.Elisabeth Trevet, Jan.30,1765.*

Amos, and Eunice Gilbord, Apr.1,1783.*

Amos, and Abagail Page, May11,1841.*

Andrew, and Hannah B. Leonard, int.June5,1819.*

Andrew, and Betsey Downing, Oct.23,1822.*

Charles, and Mary Hilliard Fithin, at Salem, May27,1841.*

Charlotte, and Nathaniel Pope, Mar.9,1848.*

Eben S., widr., a.29y., currier, s.Samuel and Rebekah, and Ann Rust, a.24y., d.Moses and Lucy, at Gloucester, Apr.21,1846.*

Ebenezer W., and Marcy W. Josslyn, Oct.20,1811.*

Ebenezer Sprague, and Susan Whittier, June12,1836.*

Ede, jr., and Daniel Needham, Oct.22,1783.*

Ede, Mrs., and Joseph Dane of Andover, Apr.13,1784.*

Elijah, and Hannah Putnam, Dec.11,1783.*

Elijah, and Elizabeth Putnam, 2d w., Mar.7,1797.*

Elijah, jr., and Mrs.Mary Bruce (Tewksbury), Apr.12,1841.*

Elijah, and Betsey Gilford of Salem, int.June15,1843.

Elijah, jr., and Esther Newton Clay, 2d, w.[of Wilmot, NH. int.], at Danbury, NH, Mar.3,1845.*

E.J., and Andrew Upton, at North Reading, Jan.1,1832.

Esther, of Lynnfield, and Isaac Reed, int.May8,1789.

Esther [of Reading. int.], and Alvan Tapley, at Reading, Nov.19,1827.*

Eunice, and John Newhall, Apr.20,1806.*

Fanny, and Adrian Putnam, Jan.4,1832.*

Hannah, and Francis Leighton, int.July1,1842.

Hannah, and Allen R. Cady, Mar.5,1846.*

Hezekiah, and Sally Putnam, Oct.20,1789.*

Hezekiah, and Rebekah Chamberlain Woodward, at Reading, Oct.12,1817.*

Irene, and Elisha C. Upton, at Middleton, Apr.7,1811.

James, and Mary Newhall, May26,1807.*

Jane, of Reading, and Andrew Upton, int.Dec.14,1833.

John, and Phebe Butler, Mar.5,1813.*

Joseph, and Sarah Putnam, Aug.14,1753.*

Joseph, jr., and Elisabeth Whittradge, int.July29,1780.

Joseph, and Lydia King, Oct.25,1807.*

Joseph P., and Emeline J. Osgood, Oct.21,1845.*

Joseph P[orter. int.], and Maria P. Osgood, Oct.4,1846.*

Judith, of Reading, and Jonathan Procter, int.Apr.8,1769.

Lucey, and Thomas Goldthwright, July15,1759.*

Lydia, and Henry Trask, Aug.2,1789.*

Lydia, and Joseph Danforth, Nov.19,1812. [Dec.19. dup.]*

Lydia P., and Joseph S. Parsons of Gilmanton, NH, May21,1818.*

Martha Jane, and Luther Elliot Porter, Nov.26,1846.*

Mary, and Eleaser Spafford of Rowley, Jan.24,1765.*

Mary, of Salem, and Josiah White, int.Nov.4,1787.

Molly, and Samuel Aborn of Lynnfield, int.Mar.6,1788.

Mary, of Reading, and Abner Sanger, int.Sept.9,1815.

Mary Putnam, and Benjamin Needham, jr., Jan.6,1827. [June10. dup.]*

Mary Reed, and Daniel Goodhue, jr., June17,1841.*

Mary, a.18y., d.Hezekiah and Rebecca, and Henry Gowing, a.22y., shoemaker, s.Robert and Elizabeth, Nov.23,1847.*

Mehitable, and Bartholomew Brown, June17,1779.*

Melinda, and Stephen C. Merrill, Apr.7,1844.*

Miriam, and Benjamin Putnam, jr., Apr.15,1777.*

Nathaniel, and Rachel Larrabee, Nov.18,1824. [Nov.14,1823. dup.]*

Rebecca, and David Kimbel of Boxford, Apr.26,1774.*

Ruth, and Timothy Upton, Dec.24,1755.*

Ruth, of Middleton, and Joseph Putnam, 3d, int.Mar.24,1770.

Ruth, and Jonathan Shelden, June10,1779.*

Samuel, jr., and Ede Upton of Reading, int.July23,1757.

Samuel, of Middleton, and Mary Russell, int.Sept.27,1760.

Samuel, Capt., and Nancy Foster of Salem, May17,1801.*

Samuel, and Rebecca Reed, Jan.12,1806.*

Samuel, of Reading, and Susanna Smith, Oct.30,1806.*

Samuel, and Sarah R. Carter of Wilmington, int.Oct.20,1827.

Sarah, of Middleton, and Asa Russel, June4,1816.*

Sarah P., and Daniel P. King, Feb.5,1824.*

Tarrant P., and Eunice Healey of Lynnfield, int.Aug.28,1819.

Thomas, and Mrs.Sophia F. Needham of Lynnfield, at Lynnfield, Jan.末,1831.*

Warren Augustus, and Sophronia Isabella Leadbetter, at Weston, Feb.1,1843.

William, jr., and Mehitible Peabody of Middleton, int.May4,1780.

William, jr., and Hannah Marsh, Jan.15,1807.*

FLOWER (Flowers)

Emily Jane, and Benjamin Franklin Woodbury, at Salem, Dec.27,1831.

Louisa [of Salem.int.], and John V. Stevens, at Salem, Sept.23,1828.*

FLOWERS (Flower)

Lydia B., of Sedgwick, ME, and David Wilson, int.Oct.9,1824.

Sarah B., and William Wilson, Jan.11,1825.*


Elles, and John Southwick, 5th, Sept.26,1765.*

Isaac, jr., and Sophia Morrill, at Wilmington, Apr.23,1829.

Mary, of Medford, and William Poor, May22,1756.*

Stephen, and Sally Cressy, Sept.24,1797.*


Julia, and James Dunney, in Ireland, Jan.3,1841.


Joseph, and Lydia Procter, June9,1795.*

Joseph, and Susan Hilbert, Dec.15,1822.*


Winneford, and Luke Mead, in Ireland, Apr.4,1845.


Mary, and Richard Tucksberry, Jan.3,1753.*


Sally, and David Center, int.Dec.7,1811.


Peter Gilman, and Charlotte Dennis, Nov.10,1827. [Nov.19. dup.]*

Sarah Rowland, and Joseph Safford, both of Exeter, NH, at Exeter, NH, June14,1826.*


Mary, and Jonathan Prescott, at Candia, NH, Nov.21,1811.

Sarah, and Frederick Symonds, Nov.3,1818.*

FORBUSH (Furbush)

Hannah G. [Furbush.int.], of Salem, a.23y., b. Maine, and Charles C. Roberts, a.24y., b. Maine, at Lynn, Dec.1,1845.*

Nahum M., and Nancy Morgan, July29,1847.*


Charity F. (Glover), and Azro Bly, b. Norwich, VT, Sept.27,1837. [Oct.8. dup.]*

James, and Charity F. Glover, at Boston, May19,1826.

Mary, and Jeffery Connell, in Ireland,末蔓末,1833.

FORNICE (Fornis)

Joseph [W., of Salem.int.], and Catherine Searl, Nov.11,1830.*

FORNIS (Fornice)

Eleanor, and Oliver Obear Brown, at Beverly, Apr.21,1829.

Ellen Maria, and Eben Sprague Poor, Jan.15,1845.*

Mary Wood, and Timothy Holmes Lord, June10,1848.*

Wood, and Ruth Lovett, Sept.3,1820.

Wood, and Huldah (Wallis) Dodge, wid.Seward, at Hamilton, Mar.31,1842.


Simon, Capt., and Rachel Hathorne of Salem, Dec.7,1776.

FORSTER (Foster)

Sophronia N.J., and Enoch Page, at Weare, NH, 22:8m:1821.


Mary, a.20y., d.William and Mary Ann, and Marshall Snow, a.30y., laborer, s.Edward and Laviny, Feb.10,1845.*


Benjamin, of Reading, and Elisabeth P. Russell, Aug.16,1832.*

Charles Henry, cordwainer, and Sarah Ann Smith, Dec.5,1847.*

Drew, of Boston, and Mary Bruce, July14,1816.*

Mary L., and Henry Hobart, int.July27,1846.

Thomas G., and Mary F. Shaw of Moultonboro, NH, int.Aug.28,1848.

FOSTER (Forster)

Aaron, and Hannah Brown, Sept.18,1800.*

Aaron, jr., and Abigail Mansfield of Lynnfield, int.May5,1832.

Aaron, of South Reading, and Mary Mansfield, at Lynnfield, Apr.25,1838.

Anna, and Isaac Twist, Aug.12,1777.*

Ann E., and Joseph Cowdry, Mar.22,1829.*

Carissa, and Benjamin F. Tweed of Charlestown, Aug.29,1839.*

Daniel, of New Salem, and Hannah Traske, Nov.2,1758.*

David, jr., and Rachel Tarbil, Apr.26,1774.*

David, jr., and Rebeccah P[atten. int.] Green of Salem, May2,1801.*

David, and Mrs.Mary Ashton of Marblehead, Nov.2,1806.*

David B., and Eliza B. Kimball of Bradford, int.Dec.19,1842.

Dorcas, of Boxford, and Eleazer Putnam, Esq., int.Nov.10,1815.

Dorcas, of Salem, and Alfred Kimball, int.Mar.29,1817.

Betsey, and William Southwick, jr., Sept.3,1809.*

Elizabeth F., and John Herrick of Salem, Feb.28,1828. [Feb.7.CR5]*

Frances, and John Marsh, Sept.12,1776.*

Gideon, jr., and Mercy Jacobs, June18,1771.*

Gideon, Gen., and Mrs.Mary Tapley, Nov.23,1828.*

Hannah, and Samuel Williams [of Salem.int.], May21,1754.*

Hannah, and Aaron Newhall of Lynnfield, int.Mar.25,1797.

Hannah, and David Messer, Dec.23,1839.*

Ira, and Cynthia Newhall, int.June13,1849.

James, Capt., and Mrs.Experience Downing, Feb.26,1817.*

James, and Dorcas Day of Salem, int.Dec.18,1819.

James F., and Caroline Bedney of Salem, int.Mar.15,1828.

Joseph, of Salem, and Sarah Cook, Mar.5,1775.*

Julia H., b. Gilmanton, NH, and Lewis Hadley, b. Dunbarton, NH, Sept.13,1827.*

Louisa, d.Aaron, and Paul H. Sweetser of Saugus, Apr.9,1835.*

Lucy A., of Ipswich, and Henry M. Merrill, int.Oct.30,1849.

Mary, and Thomas Andrew, jr., Mar.7,1771.*

Polly, and Amos Shelden, Apr.26,1787.*

Mary F. [L. int.], and Christopher Rugg, Dec.10,1832.*

Mehetable, and Simon Kezer of Hampstead, NH, Apr.13,1769.*

Moses W., and Hannah Gardner of Beverly, int.Mar.8,1828.

Nancy, of Salem, and Capt. Samuel Flint, May17,1801.*

Perkins, and Martha Mears of Beverly, int.Oct.19,1844.

Phebe, and Wesley D.L.F. Hood, at Ipswich,末蔓末,1820.

Rachel, and Isaac Frye of Portsmouth, NH, Nov.1,1804.*

Rebeccah G., and Andrew Lunt, June10,1821.*

Robert, Capt., of Salem, and, wid.Sarah Putnam, Sept.16,1779.*

Sellome, of Topsfield, and Nathaniel Gould, int.Mar.17,1806.

Samuel, of Newburyport, and Marcy Porter, int.Apr.17,1802.

Sarah, and Jonathan Willson, Dec.9,1756.*

Sally, of Salem, and John S. Emmerson, int.Oct.6,1804.

Susannah, wid., and Ebenezer Southwick, jr., int.Jan.28,1758.

William, and Caroline Matilda Harvey, at Boston, Nov.29,1843.

FOWLE (Fowls)

Lovey (Hill), Mrs., and Nathaniel Fowle, at Charlestown, Nov.末,1792.

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Lovey (Hill) Fowle, at Charlestown, Nov.末,1792.

Rebecca, and John W. Osgood, Nov.5,1833.*

Samuel, and Rebeccah Perry, Nov.29,1812.*

Samuel, and Emeline Perley, May25,1842.*


Abigail, and Peter Eaton, at Salem, July8,1824.*

Anna, and Amos Osborn, June15,1797.*

Augustus, and Emily Putnam, Dec.28,1837.*

Esther, of Salem, and Daniel Southwick, July9,1829.*

Henry, and Sally H. Putnam, Apr.17,1838.*

John, and Patty Page, June8,1800.*

John P., and Lydia S. Brown of Haverhill, int.June7,1828.

Louisa, and Eri Hayward, May17,1837.

Martha, and John Perkins, Apr.6,1828. [Apr.11,1829. int.]*

Mary, and John Page, Dec.12,1805.*

Mary, and Capt. John Daland of Salem, Oct.25,1807.*

Nathaniell, of Marblehead, and Nanna Stevens, Oct.6,1774.*

Rebecca P., and Aaron Eveleth, Dec.3,1835.*

Ruth, and William Herrick, at Haverhill, Oct.3,1823.

Samuel, and Sarah Putnam, Mar.4,1773.*

Samuel, jr., and Clarisa Page, Oct.13,1799. [Oct.19. dup.]*

Samuel Page, and Harriet Putnam, Dec.3,1833.

Sally, and William Duncan, Dec.30,1806.*

Sarah Putnam, and Andrew Merriam Putnam, Feb.29,1836. [Feb.28. dup.]*

Sally Page, and James D. Black, May30,1839.*

FOWLS (Fowle)

Benjamin, and Mehetable Haward, int.Mar.30,1767.

Hannah, and Dudley Hayward, Nov.28,1758.*

Louisa, and Eli Haywood, Mar.19,1839.*

Sarah [Fowler. int.], and John Crowell, Dec.28,1756.*


Abby A., and John L. Batchelder, int.Mar.18,1848.

Caroline, and Richard Estey, at Goffstown, NH, Feb.19,1824.

Joel, and Sarah Needham, Aug.26,1821.*

Lawrence, and Bridget Dannell, abt.末蔓末,1844.


Joseph P., and Betsey Abbot, Jan.1,1842.*

Sarah, 2d w., and John Kent, at Palmero, ME, July4,1833.

William, and Elisbeth Masury of Salem, Oct.3,1776.


George, and Amelia Naylor, in Yorkshire, Eng., Aug.30,1832.


Emme, and William Jones, at Beverly, Dec.末,1793.

Franck, jr., and Sally Whitteridge, both of Middleton, Oct.7,1792.

Judith [of Wells.int.], 2d w., and Joseph Osborn, jr., Oct.25,1798.*

Leaffy, and Aaron Putnam, Jan.30,1835. [Jan.31. dup.]*

Margaret Safford, and Edward B. Putnam, Nov.16,1836. [Nov.18. dup.]*

William, and Leaffy Brown, at Beverly, Nov.末,1806.

William [jr. int.], and Sally Trask, Aug.13,1835.*


Elisabeth, and William Curtice, Feb.28,1765.*


Doss, and Sarah Davis of Reading, Nov.14,1788.

Hannah, and Timothy Leary, in Ireland, Jan.12,1841.

Prince, and Anna Peters, both resident in Danvers, int.Jan.14,1786.

William, and Margaret Garvools,末蔓末,1825.

FREETO (Freto)

John, of Marblehead, and Sarah Giles, Oct.6,1757.*


Abigail [of Newton. int.], 3d w., b. Portsmouth, NH, and Israel Hutchinson, jr., at Newton, Aug.末,1820.*

George William [of Amherst, NH. int.], and Mary Ann Tapley, Nov.16,1843.*

James, widr., of Norway, ME, a.62y., farmer, s.James and Betsey Town, wid., a.64y., d.Moses Kimball, Apr.4,1847.*

Lydia Ann, and Moses Nowell, int.Feb.21,1842.

Mary E., and Rev. William Horton of Windsor, VT, int.Aug.18,1830.

FRETO (Freeto)

Elisabeth, and Partrick Linagin, Mar.5,1776.*

William, and Elizabeth Coose, July13,1769.*


Emeline, and Joseph Reith, both of Salem, Sept.4,1839.*

Fanny, of Beverly, and Daniel Woodman, int.Nov.15,1828.

Isaac P., of Beverly, a.25y., shoe manufacturer, s.William and Lydia, and Frances Augusta Goodridge of Beverly, a.19y., d.William and Augusta, June20,1847.

Joel, and Christianna [M.CR5] Swan, July10,1827.*

Maria, of Beverly, and James Perry of Dublin, NH, at Beverly, May4,1828.*

Nancy, and Francis Solarris, at Beverly, Dec.4,1818.

Phebe [of Beverly.int.], and Nathaniel Gray, at Beverly, June7,1822. [1823. int.]*

Sarah Elliot [of Beverly.int.], and George Pitman, at Beverly, Nov.6,1836.*


Mary H., of Salem, and Charles Flint, int.May5,1841.


Atta, of Andover, and Thomas Upton, June20,1782.

Caleb L., and Sally Daniels, Nov.11,1819.*

John, and Lucy Low, June10,1781.*

John, and Lucy Frye of Salem, int.Jan.5,1812.

Lucy F., and James M. Calder [Caller. int.] of Poughkeepsie, NY, Aug.10,1846. [Aug.20. dup.]*

Mary, of Kittery, and Francis Epes, int.Sept.15,1764.

Mary, Mrs., and Samuel Epes, Feb.5,1771.*

Sarah Low, and Bancroft Winchester of Salem, Nov.29,1818.*

William, and Sarah Holt, Dec.2,1777.*


Abigail T., of Salem, and Jacob Perley, int.Sept.26,1844.

Amos T., of Charlestown, and Almira W. Webster, Oct.19,1836.*

Frances M., and John S. Fisher, Feb.20,1845.*

James, of Salem, and Phebe Southwick, May6,1784.*

Jonathan, jr., of Salem, and Mehitabel Secomb, int.Sept.3,1782.

Richard Sprague, tallow chandler, and Eliza Fulsom Pilsbury, at Rochester, NH, Feb.11,1817.

Thomas P., of Lynn, and Tamson Frye of Salem, Nov.3,1839.*


Dolly, of Andover, and Jonathan P. Chapman, int.Oct.18,1805.

Elizabeth Neal [of Salem.int.], and Philip Leach Osborn, Mar.6,1834.*

Isaac, of Portsmouth, NH, and Rachel Foster, Nov.1,1804.*

James, and Subra Furbish, Sept.30,1846.

Lucy, of Salem, and John Frost, int.Jan.5,1812.

Mary, and Charles Carlton, at Andover, Apr.30,1829.

Philip, and Sarah Wilkins, at Andover, Sept.7,1800.

Sarah Wilkins, and Thorndike Asa Daniels, at Andover, Sept.20,1832.*

Tamson, of Salem, and Thomas P. Frothingham of Lynn, Nov.3,1839.*


Abigail H., of Salem, and Richard Sprague Osborn, int.Sept.8,1838.

Amos, and Judith Woodberry, both of Beverly, Aug.5,1784.

Andrew, jr., of Middleton, and Mrs.Mary Putnam, int.May16,1767.

Andrew, and Betsy Brown, July7,1793.*

Archelaus, Lt., of Middleton, and, wid.Betty Putnam, Apr.17,1759.*

Benjamin, and Esther Wilkins, at Middleton, Jan.7,1824.*

Daniel, and Ruth Goodale, Nov.24,1812.*

Daniel Wheeler, and Clarissa Putnam, Oct.5,1836. [Oct.6. dup.]*

Edward, and Eliza Ann Little, at West Newbury, Apr.23,1840.*

Elijah, of Middleton, and Huldah Smith, Nov.21,1811.*

Eliza Seldon, and William Knights, at Middleton, Oct.23,1835.

Elizabeth, of Middleton, and Benjamin Kent, Feb.21,1793.*

Elizabeth, and Levi W. Lamson of South Reading, Sept.6,1835.*

Elizabeth R., and Jason H. Dame of Boston, int.June8,1848.

Esther, and Thomas Parker, resident in Danvers, Jan.26,1806.*

Eunice, and Amos Prince, Feb.5,1805.*

Eunice, and Josiah Gray, June25,1826.*

Huldah, and Joseph Daland, Sept.20,1835.*

Jeremiah, of Middleton, and Eunice L. Pike of Topsfield, Apr.7,1841.

John, and Margarett Willson, Apr.4,1815.*

John B., and Susannah Walch, Sept.28,1817.*

Joseph J., and Mary A. Glass, at Tristan da Couha, May7,1833.

Lucy, and John Ross, at Middleton, Apr.18,1817.

Lucy P., and Samuel N. Ayers of Boxford, int.Dec.30,1845.

Lydia A[nn. int.], and Reuben Bedell, Apr.29,1847.*

Martha Ann, and John Oliver Holt of Andover, int.Dec.16,1849.

Mary [of Salem.int.], and William Henry Coffrain, at Salem, Apr.末,1844.*

Mary J., and Thomas P. Place, Nov.26,1845.*

Nehemiah Putney, and Mary Ann Perkins, at Middleton, Dec.28,1824.

Rachol, and Jeremiah Putnam, Feb.3,1763.*

Rachel [P. int.], and Joshua Goss, Sept.4,1839.*

Richard, and Anna Smith, Apr.13,1815.*

Ruth, and Daniell Robinson, both of Middleton, May23,1758.

Sarah, of Middleton, and Eleazer Putnam, int.Dec.30,1783.

Sally, and Isaac Bodwell of Methuen, Feb.28,1813.*

Sarah P., of Middleton, and Nathaniel H. Johnson of Haverhill, Oct.5,1836.CR5

Sally [Polly.dup.], and Royal Clough, Feb.12,1837.*

Sarah P., and Joseph D. Very, Sept.12,1837.*

Sarah Killam, and Frederick Augustus Wilkins, Oct.6,1843. [Oct.5. dup.]*

Timothy, and Esther Swinerton,末蔓末,1776.

Timothy, and Eunice Goodale [2d, w.dup.], Mar.17,1779.*

Timothy, jr., and Lucy Putnam, 2d w., at Middleton, Apr.23,1840.*


Hugh, and Jennett Pulson, at Lowell, Dec.末,1833.


Andrew S., of Chelmsford, and Ann McDonald, Aug.24,1841.*

FURBISH (Furbush)

Subra, and James Frye, Sept.30,1846.

FURBUSH (Forbush, Furbish)

Hannah G., of Salem, and Charles C. Roberts, int.Nov.14,1845.

Nahum M., and Nancy Morgan, int.Jan.9,1847.

FURGERSON (Ferguson)

Margaret [of Salem.int.], and Ebenezer Shillaber Saunders, at Salem, Sept.21,1829.*


Elisabeth, of Salem, and Benjamin Harthorn, Sept.15,1772.

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