Mehitable, b. Andover, and Jesse Hutchinson, int.Apr.29,1804.


Susan, and Edwin C. Dodge, both of Lynn, Jan.6,1839.*


David, jr., and Harriet Wilkins of Topsfield, Oct.28,1833.*

Robert, of Topsfield, and Hannah Peabody of Rowley, Dec.23,1788.


Lucy, resident in Lynn, and John Collins, May13,1821.*

Mary, Mrs.[of], 2d w., and George Southwick, 3d, at Beverly, Aug.1,1810.*

Nathan, and Elisabeth Poor, Nov.15,1831.*


Charles, and Mary Ann Upton, Oct.22,1835. [Oct.23. dup.]*

Emily, and Charles D. Bacon, both of Boston, Oct.17,1837.

John, Capt., of Reading, and Polly Rea, Mar.1,1777.*

LAMFERE (Lamphier)

Mary E., of Salem, and Benjamin Osborn, int.Jan.22,1825.


Asenath, of Lynnfield, and Augustus Upton, int.Dec.11,1843.


Betsy W., of Wenham, a.25y., d.Winthrop and Sally, and Amos F. Hobbs of Wenham, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Amos F. and Bethiah, June15,1847.

John, of Middleton, and Lydia Dale, Jan.20,1789.*

John S., and Frances S. Arbuckell of Beverly, Mar.19,1843.*

LAMPHIER (Lamfere, Lanphear)

Sarah, and Green Wood Sanborn, at Salem, Sept.24,1836.

LAMPSON (Lamson)

Betsey W., and Amos Hobbs, both of Wenham, June15,1847.

LAMSON (Lampson)

Edward F., and Elizabeth Ann Jacobs, Dec.8,1835. [Dec.3. dup.]*

Betsey, and Allen Jacobs, Apr.3,1828.*

Levi W., of South Reading, and Elizabeth Fuller, Sept.6,1835. [ Sept.16. dup.]*

Martha, and Albert Allen, at Stonington, CT, June4,1847.

Mary J., and Gordon H. Wallis, at Beverly, June24,1845.

Sarah, Mrs., and Branch Joselyn, Nov.25,1824.*

Sarah Ann, and William Henry Peabody, Mar.24,1844.

William, and Sally Richardson, Aug.28,1808.*


Abigail, and Jasper Pope, at Salem, Dec.14,1804.

Benjamin, of Andover, and Lydia Walton, Nov.23,1820.*

Jonathan, Capt., of Salem, and Sarah Felton, Sept.24,1786.*

Sally, and Samuel Mackintire, Mar.14,1811.*

William Augustus, and Caroline Elizabeth Dodge, at Salem, Sept.20,1837.


Benjamin Tilton, and Nancy Cole Shelden, at Beverly, Aug.11,1833.

Ellen F., of Gloucester, a.20y., d.Gideon and Abigail, and Oliver K. Hoyt, a.22y., pedlar, s.John and Abigail, July1,1849.*

James, and Jerusha Brown of Tewksbury, int.Mar.19,1840.

John S., of Gloucester, and Mehitable Mundy [Munsey.CR5], Dec.14,1838.*

Joshua C., and Martha A. Staples of Limington, ME, int.Aug.2,1849.

Priscilla, of Salem, and Matthew Leach, int.Sept.29,1827.

LANEGAN (Linagin)

Ann, and Thomas Gothen Howell, at Lowell, Feb.3,1844.


Archibald, and Jane Polson, at Paisley, Scotland, Nov.17,1824.

Elizabeth, and Jacob Winchester of Salem, Apr.28,1829.*


Joseph, and Mary Calley of Salem, int.Nov.25,1837.


Edward Dearborn, and Charlotte White, Nov.2,1834.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Meriam Brown, Oct.5,1809.*


Caroline, and William Newman Berry, at Wenham, Jan.13,1847.*

Cynthia, and Joseph Symonds, Sept.25,1836.*

Mary [], 2d w., and Noah Whittier, Sept.末,1841. [July1,1842. int.]*

William, and Mary Perkins, at Wenham, Jan.18,1814.


Mary, and Charles Adams of Salem, int.July9,1846.

LANPHEAR (Lamphier)

Judith, and Nathaniel Stone, at Lynnfield, July末,1826.

LARABE (Larrabee)

Ephraim, jr., and Rebeccah Bragg of Lynn, int.Jan.16,1773.

LARABEE (Larrabee)

Anna, and John D. Marshall, Oct.23,1834.*

Benjamin, and Mary [] Shaw, Jan.1,1800.*

Ebenezer, and Rebekkah Larabee, July18,1799.*

Ephraim, and Hannah Curtis, Sept.12,1799. [1800. dup.]*

Hannah, of Lynn, and Daniel Verry, Dec.16,1778.*

Hersey, and Olive Boutley [Boutwell. dup.], Nov.17,1835.*

Mehetable, of Lynnfield, and Ebenezer Aborn, int.Dec.20,1783.

Rebekkah, and Ebenezer Larabee, July18,1799.*

Stephen, and Sarah Stone, Feb.16,1777.*

LARABY (Larrabee)

Rebeccah, and Joseph Moulton of Lynn, int.May9,1798.

Sally, and Jeremiah Palmer, Jan.17,1796.*

LARIBEE (Larrabee)

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Samuel Murrey, Mar.21,1773.


Thomas, and Mary Kay, in Ireland, Jan.末,1845.

Walter, and Elizabeth Gilford, Mar.19,1761.*

LARRABE (Larrabee)

Ebeneser, and Mercy Bragg, int.Apr.24,1773.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Newhall of Lynn, int.May11,1776.

LARRABEE (Larabe, Larabee, Laraby, Laribee, Larrabe, Learibe)

Anna, 2d w., and John Abbot, at Lynn, Oct.20,1822.

Benjamin, and Anna Harrise, Feb.24,1778.*

Benjamin, and Maria Larrabee, Mar.5,1833.*

Benjamin, widr., a.35y., stonecutter, s.John, deceased, and Sally Prescott, a.25y., shoe binder, d.Jonathan C., Sept.1,1844.*

Ebenezer W., and Martha M. Carkin, at Middleton, Jan.22,1837.

Elizabeth, and William Stiles [of Ossipee, NH. dup.], July8,1839.*

Hannah, and John Morland, at Merrimac, NH, Dec.10,1814.

Hannah, of Merrimac, NH, and John S. Moreland, int.Oct.7,1820.

Hannah, and Timothy Farrington, Feb.26,1826.*

Hepzibah, of Lynnfield, and Stephen Putney, Dec.11,1788.*

Hiram, and Druzilla C. Hays, int.Dec.2,1848.

James, and Hannah Brown, Jan.1,1835.*

John, and Sarah Newhall, Feb.21,1804.*

John H., and Sarah Carlton, Apr.24,1823.*

John U., and Mercy Woodward, May6,1839. [May1. dup.]*

John T., and Sophronia Hayes, int.Mar.3,1849.

Lydia, of Lynnfield, and Stephen Mackintire, July12,1787.*

Maria, and Benjamin Larrabee, Mar.5,1833.*

Martha, and William Trask, int.Apr.25,1767.

Rachel, and Nathaniel Flint, Nov.18,1824. [Nov.14,1823. dup.]*

Sally, and David Carlton, Feb.15,1836.*

Sarah A[nn. dup.], a.18y., d.John H., and George Buxton, a.21y., gardener, s.Daniel, Nov.24,1846.*

Stephen, and Mrs.Elizabeth Benjamin, Jan.22,1810.*



Achsah W., of Salem, and Solomon Butterfield, int.Sept.15,1842.


John, resident in Beverly, and Mrs.Rebecca Davis of Beverly, Sept.5,1784.


Lydia Ann [Lewis?], of Salem, and James Morris, int.Feb.25,1846.


Magdalene, and Robert Greig, in Scotland, Oct.末,1827.


Deliverane, and Nathaniel Sawyer, Nov.29,1773.*


Ebenezer, and Joanna Perkins, both of Lynnfield, May20,1830.*


Phebe, of Groton, and Jonathan Bancraft, int.Sept.4,1756.

LEACH (Leech)

Hannah, and Michael Barnes, at Salem, Oct.12,1845.

Matthew, and Priscilla Lane of Salem, int.Sept.29,1827.

Samuel, and Mary Porter of Charlestown, int.Mar.15,1768.


Sophronia Isabella, and Warren Augustus Flint, at Weston, Feb.1,1843.

LEARIBE (Larrabee)

Elizabeth, of Lynn, and George Twiss, int.May28,1774.


Hannah, and John Stowell, at Boston, Oct.6,1807.

Jedidiah, and Mary Stowell, at Salem, Dec.27,1831.


John A., and Sarah Silvester, Sept.22,1831.*


Timothy, and Hannah Freeman, in Ireland, Jan.12,1841.


George E., and Mercy W. Brown, Apr.8,1835.*

Polly [of Lynn. int.], and John Pepperill, at Lynn, Dec.15,1793.*

Sarah, and Amos Very, Jan.28,1791.*


Jesse, of Danville, and Anna Pope, Feb.20,1791.*


Alexander, and Rebecca S. Bishop, June14,1840.*

Frances, and Samuel Ham, at Exeter, NH, May16,1823.

Joseph, and Hannah Hall [Hull.CR5], Sept.1,1841.*

Joseph, and Ruth Maria Hatch, Dec.22,1844.*


Beulah Ann, and Salmon [Zalmon.CR5] Canney, both of Salem, Sept.4,1836.*

Caroline Matilda [of], and Benjamin Saunders Wheeler, at Salem, Feb.4,1846.*

Isaac, and Angelina P. Clark of Sutton, VT, int.Nov.2,1848.

James, of Boston, and Susan Ann Taylor, int.July2,1825.

Mary [of], and Oliver Poland, at Salem, May28,1829. [May8,1830. int.]*

Nicholas T., and Sarah Lindall, int.Mar.22,1827.

Olive, and Moses Davis Rutherford, at Manchester, June7,1832.

Sarah C., of Beverly, and Charles D. Storey, int.Oct.9,1848.

LEECH (Leach)

Asa, of Beverly, and Elizabeth Porter, Mar.4,1756.*

Deborah, and Daniel Whittemore, Dec.29,1793.*

Hannah, of Salem, and William Reed, Oct.28,1824.*

Hephzibah, and Benjamin Sawyer, jr., Dec.10,1765.*

John, and Lydia Liscomb, Oct.13,1801.*

Mary, of Haverhill, and Melzard Poor, int.Oct.28,1826.

Timothy, and Lydia Gott, int.Dec.17,1791.

LEFAVOR (Lefavour)

Robert, and Mary Peck, Dec.11,1814.*

LEFAVOUR (Lefavor)

Elizabeth, of Salem, and James Daniels, int.Nov.9,1822.

William D., and Elizabeth Tarbox, Nov.11,1821.*

LEGRO (Legroo)

Joseph W., and Arethusa Wildes, June28,1846.*

Louisa, a.23y., d.Samuel, jr. and Sally, and William C. Martin of Marblehead, a.22y., mariner, s.Knot and Sally, Feb.16,1845.*

Lucretia Parker, and Henry Osgood, Oct.16,1843. [Oct.17. dup.]*

Susan C., and James Wilkins, int.Oct.16,1847.

LEGROO (Legro)

Edward R., and Maria Putnam, Apr.10,1833.*

Hananiah Parker, and Susan Cross, Sept.22,1830.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Town, both of Natick, Sept.29,1836.*

Samuel, and Sally Parker, at Reading, Sept.20,1799.

Samuel, jr., and Sally Cross, Aug.19,1821.*

Sally, and Philip Rose of Marblehead, Dec.13,1826.*

William P., and Mehitable F. Town, June22,1828.*


Francis, and Hannah Flint, int.July1,1842.


Christiana, and William Elder, at New Haven, CT, Oct.8,1845.

Margaret, a.28y., d.Archibald and Agnes, of New Haven, CT, and Isaac Holt, a.24y., spinner, b. Andover, s.Edmund and Esther, Nov.29,1849.*

LENDALL (Lindall)

Sarah Ellen, and Eliab Putnam Goldthwait, at Salem, Mar.12,1846.

LENIHAN (Linehan)

Honora, and Patrick Relihan, int.July14,1849.


Hannah B., and Andrew Flint, int.June5,1819.


Nancy, and John Howard (Harwood), at Haverhill, Dec.末,1823.


Frances Baker, of Roxbury, and John Shays, int.Mar.16,1816.


Charles, and Esther Ellen Taylor, Apr.18,1840. [Mar.17,1849. int.]*

Hannah, and William Casey, in Ireland, Aug.3,1839.

Harriet, and Joseph Snellings, Apr.2,1820.*

Honora, and William Carey, at Cork, Ireland, Aug.3,1838.

Isaac, of Francestown, and Mrs.Mary Epes, Oct.18,1774.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Mary Daniels, both of Marblehead, Feb.19,1788.

Nancy A., and Herman Richardson, both of Middleton, Oct.2,1845.

William, and Betsy Picket, Apr.17,1795.*


Lydia R., of Lynn, and Samuel W. Knowles, int.Dec.13,1841.


Frances E[liza.dup.], a.17y., b. Boston, d.Thomas and Eliza L., and David A[ugustus.dup.] Gilford, a.21y., cordwainer, s.David M. and Harriet G., June28,1849.*

Robert, of Salem, and Lucy Powers of Croyden, NH, Apr.8,1838.*

LINAGIN (Lanegan)

Partrick, and Elisabeth Freto, Mar.5,1776.*


Nichols, and Lucy Ann Briggs [of South Scituate. int.], at South Scituate, June5,1849.*

Silas S., b. Lisbon, ME, and Elizabeth Lora, at Charlestown, Jan.24,1847.

LINDALL (Lendall)

Sarah, and Nicholas T. Lee, int.Mar.22,1827.

LINDSEY (Lyndsey)

Benjamin, and Mary Perkins, at Lynn, Aug.25,1823.

Hannah, and Daniel Gallushee of Norton, Dec.29,1768.*

Hannah, and Daniel Moulton, July12,1770.*

Mary, and John Edon of Salem, Dec.1,1774.*

Sally, of Lynn, and Joseph Payne, int.May10,1823.

LINEHAN (Lenihan)

Mary Ann, and Enos Dailey, int.Nov.1,1845.


Esther [Ann. dup.], and Benjamin Brooks Brown, May22,1843. [May21. dup.]*

LISCOMB (Luscomb)

Elisabeth, of Salem, and Robert Cook, jr., Sept.15,1775.

Lydia, and John Leech, Oct.13,1801.*

LISCOME (Luscomb)

Samuel, jr., of Salem, and Anna Hilbert, Feb.27,1774.*


Eliza Ann [of West], and Edward Fuller, at West Newbury, Apr.23,1840.*

Elizabeth M., and Plummer Little, Dec.19, [1839. dup.], 1840.*

Joshua B[ailey.dup.], and Mrs.Betsy Very, Sept.19,1836.*

Lydia, of Newbury, and Joshua Bailey Little, int.Jan.13,1827.

Mary, and William W. Little, at Newbury, Sept.15,1805.*

Plummer, and Elizabeth M[ary.dup.] Little, Dec.29,1840. [1839. dup.]*

Thomas, of Newburyport, and Deborah Nurse, int.May8,1787. (Marriage forbidden.)

William W., and Mary Little [of], at Newbury, Sept.15,1805.*

William H., and Mary Ann Easkott of Manchester, Dec.27,1836.*


Dependence, and Almira S. [T. int.] Mackintire, Oct.13,1845.*

Dependance S., a.20y., shoecutter, s.Solomon and Priscilla Welch, a.20y., d.Abraham, June4,1846. [June5,1845. dup.]*

Ellen Clark, 2d w., and George Osgood Batchelder, at Portsmouth, NH, Sept.26,1849.

Kesia, of Wells, and Benjamin Procter, int.June23,1758.

Lois, of Wells, and Israel Osborn, int.Oct.1,1763.

Roxanna, and John Trask, Mar.14,1844.*

William B., and Anna Mildram, int.Dec.22,1831.


Caroline, of Tyngsboro, and Nathaniel Putnam Fish, int.Oct.28,1845.

LOCK (Locke)

William C., of Boston, and Nancy Roby, Aug.15,1841.*

LOCKE (Lock)

Abigail, and Eben Southwick, Aug.18,1832. [1831. dup.]*

Caroline S., and Calvin Nourse, at Salem, Dec.末,1834.



Fanny, and Anthony McNamara, in Ireland,末蔓末,1841.


Alanson, of Boston, and Mary Ann Gould, Apr.23,1841.*

Elizabeth, and John Demsey, in Ireland, May7,1836.

Nancy, and Jonathan Norton, at Chester, NH, Sept.17,1820.


Patrick, and Catherine Haley, at Salem, Sept.18,1849.


Elizabeth, and Silas S. Lincoln, b. Lisbon, ME, at Charlestown, Jan.24,1847.


Andrew, and Sarah Elizabeth Clark of Lynn, int.Nov.7,1846.

Betsey Emeline, and Oliver D. Ham, at Manchester, NH, May27,1849.

Jacob S., and Mehitable H. Haskell, at Gloucester, Dec.3,1835.

James, and Sally Mann, Dec.15,1825.

John A[ugustus.dup.], and Eliza A[nn. dup.] Downing, Jan.14,1840.*

Joseph G., of Newburyport, and Susan P. Hopkins of Malden, at Dedham, June5,1836.*

Nathaniel C., and Mary Helen Chamberlain, int.Nov.25,1848.

Sarah N., and Jeremiah Putnam, Dec.15,1836. [1839. dup.]*

Susan P., of Ipswich, and Nathaniel S. Harris, int.Mar.23,1833.

Thomas, of Salem, and Lydia Boardman, June4,1829.*

Timothy Holmes, and Mary Wood Fornis, June10,1848.*

William N., and Caroline A. Ward, Nov.25,1841.*

William Holmes, and Cloe Wardwell, Mar.末,1843.

William Augustus, and Hannah Bean, at Chataugay, NY, Sept.26,1843.

Zilpha, of Boston, and Charles Dudley of Cambridge, at South Boston, May10,1846.


J. Osgood, of Andover, and Ellen M. King, int.Nov.16,1847.

Joseph Blake, and Vicy Matilda Jones [of Boston. int.], at Boston, Feb.17,1834.*

Martha, and George E. Luscomb, July4,1847.*

Mary, and George Poor Daniels, Nov.12,1846.*

Richard, and Sarah Baker [of Newburyport. int.], at Newburyport, Aug.2,1818.*

Richard, widr., and, wid.Abigail S. Symonds, Nov.7,1844.*

LOUD (Lowd)

Mary Ann, of Methuen, and Edward H. Brainard, Sept.7,1834.*

Mary, of Salem, and Thomas Welsh, int.Apr.28,1844.

LOUDON (Lowden)

Lucy, and John Joselyn, at Duxbury, Sept.1,1785.


Ithiel S., and Louisa Lovejoy of Salem, Feb.7,1833.*


David, and Mehitable Carr, July29,1810.*

Louisa, of Salem, and Ithiel S. Lougee, Feb.7,1833.*

Nathan, and Abigail Tarr, Dec.30,1810.*

Walter, of Lowell, and Mary Barrett, int.Jan.29,1831.


Edward, and Elizabeth Cheever of Malden, int.Aug.12,1848.

LOVETT (Lovit)

Ruth, and Wood Fornis, Sept.3,1820.

LOVIT (Lovett)

Israel, and Deliverance Whittemore, Jan.1,1777.*

LOW (Lowe)

Albion, and Elizabeth M. Southwick, Apr.23,1848.*

Ariel, and Martha D. Proctor of Essex, int.Mar.12,1831.

Ariel, and Lucinda C. Dame of Salem, int.Dec.21,1832.

Caleb, and Sarah Shillebar, June2,1763.*

Caleb, Col., and Elizabeth Osborn, Nov.8,1824.*

Darling, and Phebe Rhoads, at Waterboro, ME, Oct.10,1833.

Eliza, and Jesse Wilson, int.Sept.22,1827.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Hartwell, at Essex, Apr.末,1835.*

Lucy, and John Frost, June10,1781.*

Lucy, and Nathaniel Phippen Symonds, May5,1823.*

Lydia, and Peter Nurse, June4,1766.*

Stephen, and Sarah Jacobs, Sept.6,1795.*

LOWD (Loud)

Abba, and Bartholomew Smith Badger, Sept.5,1839.*

Fanny, and Enoch Poor, at Conway, NH, Mar.30,1847.

LOWDEN (Loudon)

Samuel, of Boston, and Lydia Symonds, int.Apr.21,1787.

LOWE (Low)

Clementine D., and Eli F. Stacy, both of Gloucester, at Gloucester, May31,1841.CR4

Olive N., and Lorenzo C. Rogers, Apr.9,1841.*


Michael, and Jane Edmunds, int.July22,1797.


Sarah, of Gloucester, and Jonathan Cutler, int.Mar.18,1777.


Andrew, and Rebeccah G. Foster, June10,1821.*

Elizabeth, and George Heusted of Salem, Dec.5,1799.*

Jane, and Benjamin Stephens, Nov.24,1793.*

LUSCOMB (Liscomb, Liscome)

Ellen, and George Nathaniel Knight, at Salem, July20,1839.

George E., and Martha Loring, July4,1847.*

Hannah, and Elias Skidmore, int.Feb.24,1747.

Lydia Davis, of Salem, and Edward Hooper, int.Apr.24,1819.

Richard, jr., of Salem, and Lucy Putnam, Nov.29,1787.*


John, and Margaret Hogan, at Boston, Oct.25,1847.

Joseph, and Ellen Sullivan, at Cork, Ireland, Sept.19,1838.

Margaret, and Michael Cody, at Boston, Oct.11,1846.

LYNDSEY (Lindsey)

Abijah, and Joanna Gowing of Lynnfield, June9,1775.*

Susanna, and Joseph Newhall, jr., Apr.17,1787.*


Peter, and Mary Mulligan, in Ireland, Feb.末,1842.

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