Prince E., and Sarah Field, at Weymouth, Apr.2,1844.


Daniel, and Lucretia Sanborn, both of Salem, at Salem, Apr.12,1842.*

James H., and Hannah Welch, Feb.23,1836.*

Louisa, and Almond Fisk Bagley, Mar.13,1843.*

Matilda, of North Berwick, ME, and John Roberts, int.June20,1843.

NAY (Nye)

Joshua, and Sarah Elizabeth George, at Salem, May9,1841.


Amelia, and George Fozard, in Yorkshire, Eng., Aug.30,1832.

Mary, and Robert Greenwood, at Bolton, Eng., June29,1842.


Benjamin B., Capt., of Salem, and Martha Southwick, Nov.9,1842.*

Caroline, and Alexander H. Coffin, int.Feb.7,1846.

David, of Concord, NH, and Mary N. Southwick, May5,1836.*


Bathsheba, and James Kelley of Salem, Dec.8,1829.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Small, Feb.7,1771.*

Benjamin, jr., and Mary P[utnam.dup.] Flint, Jan.6,1827. [June10. dup.]*

Daniel, and Ede Flint, jr., Oct.22,1783.*

Desire, and Daniel Gallusha, jr. of Lynn, int.Jan.2,1802.

Edmund [jr. of], and Margaret Winn, at Salem, Oct.16,1807.*

Elias, and Pamelia Hawkes, at Lynnfield, Mar.30,1818.

Elizabeth, of Lynnfield, and George Gardner, int.Mar.16,1805.

Elizabeth, and Jacob Doutey, Dec.2,1819.*

Betsey, and Joseph Cook of Reading, int.Apr.10,1824.

Elizabeth E., and Samuel A. Merrill of Lawrence, int.Nov.1,1848.

Emily, and Joseph Mansfield, Oct.13,1847.*

Hannah, and Moses Kelly of Salem, Mar.22,1831.*

Hannah Rea, and Samuel Stone, Mar.16,1837.*

Isaac, jr., of Salem, and Betty Pope, Jan.1,1769.*

Jasper, and Mary Twiss of Lynnfield [at Lynnfield.dup.], July11,1793.*

Jasper, and Beckey Shed, July17,1817.*

Joel F[ox. dup.], a.27y., shoemaker, s.John and Thirza, and Content [Mansfield.dup.] Newhall of Salem, a.23y., shoebinder, d.Thomas and Lydia, Feb.15,1848.*

John, and Desire Dunkle, Apr.11,1782.*

John, jr., and Abigail Douty, int.Sept.1,1796.

John, 3d, and Betsey Galeucia [of Lynn. int.], at Lynn, May末,1806.*

John, jr., and Rebecca Procter, May8,1806.*

John, and Mary Needham of Charlton, Sept.30,1807.*

John, 3d, and Tharza Newhall [2d, w.dup.], Mar.23,1808.*

John, and Sarah Shillaber of Salem, Dec.15,1842.*

Joseph Shed, and Julia Augusta Van Arsdalen, at Brunswick, NJ, June12,1841.

Mahala, and Thomas Williams, int.Sept.20,1830.

Margaret, and Benjamin Russell, Mar.24,1838. [Mar.26. dup.]*

Mary, and John Upton, jr., Nov.24,1793.*

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Shed, Esq., Apr.27,1809.*

Mary Ann [of], and Asa Gardner, at Lynnfield, May29,1817.*

Mary Ann, and Daniel S. Brown, Oct.12,1837.*

Mehitabel, and Benjamin Smith [of Reading. int.], Nov.末,1753.*

Rachel, and Joseph Blood of Salem, Feb.13,1812.*

Rebeccah, and Charles McColley of Salem, Apr.17,1809.*

Ruth, wid., and Jacob Twiss, Jan.9,1766.*

Ruth, and William Twiss of Salem, Aug.13,1807.*

Sarah, and Joel Fox, Aug.26,1821.*

Sarah, and George Washington Bancroft, Sept.7,1843.*

Sophia F., Mrs., of Lynnfield, and Thomas Flint, at Lynnfield, Jan.末,1831.*

Stephen, and Elisabeth Moulton of Brimfield, int.Nov.18,1758.

Susan [P. dup.], and Henry H. Newhall, Jan.14,1836.*

Thomas, and Nancy Richardson of Lynnfield, Dec.25,1827.*

Thirza, and Ebenezer Pepperrill, Dec.4,1825.*

William, and Anna Maria Spiller [of], Sept.18,1842. [Aug.18,1843. int.]*

NEIL (Neal)


Hannah, and Jacob Twiss, Apr.2,1846.*

Joseph, and Betsey Blood, at Gloucester, Feb.15,1829.

Lydia, of Rowley, and Peabody Dole, int.May24,1800.

Mary Ann, of Salem, and John K. Nimblet, Apr.20,1828.*

Mehitable, and Daniel Boardman, at New Rowley, Apr.29,1830.


Thomas, and Betsey Fletcher of Methuen, int.Sept.17,1803.


Charles A[ugustus.dup.], and Hannah Copp, May11,1845. [1844. dup.]*

Margaret, and Edward Cook, at Salem, Aug.末,1839.

NEWHAL (Newhall)

Dorcas, and David Currier, Mar.4,1802.*

NEWHALL (Newhal)

Aaron, of Lynnfield, and Hannah Foster, int.Mar.25,1797.

Aaron, and Olive Wellman of Lynnfield, int.Aug.17,1805.

Abigail [of Lynn. int.], and James Gowdey [of Portsmouth, both now resident in], Dec.6,1764.*

Adeline, of Lynn, and John B. Prince of Salem, Nov.17,1839.*

Allen, and Betsey Doutey, Sept.12,1822.*

Elmira, and Augustus Goldthwait,末蔓末,1839.

Almira, and Augustus Goldthwait, Dec.4,1839.*

Ann P. [B. int.], and Joseph S. Sanborn of South Hampton, NH, Feb.1,1829.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Stacey, Feb.4,1823.*

Bethiah, 2d w., and Nathaniel Davis, Apr.10,1800.*

Catherine, and Austin Kennedy of Haverhill, Mar.31,1846.*

Cinderella, of Lynnfield, and Joseph C. Newhall of Lynn, Dec.27,1840.

Content M[ansfield.dup.], of Salem, a.23y., shoebinder, d.Thomas and Lydia, and Joel F[ox. dup.] Needham, a.27y., shoemaker, s.John and Thirza, Feb.15,1848.*

Cynthia, and Nathaniel Howard, 3d of Malden, June24,1827.*

Cynthia, and Ira Foster, int.June13,1849.

David, and Sarah Harwood, Dec.20,1770.*

David, jr., and Bethiah Mansfield of Lynn, int.Apr.11,1795.

David, of Saugus, and Phebe Kimball, Sept.19,1815.*

David M., and Hannah G[aleucia.dup.] Newhall, Nov.30,1819. [Oct.末,1820. dup.]*

Dorcas, and Simeon Galeucia [of Lynn. int.], Mar.30,1797.*

Dorcas, and Nahum Hatch of Lynn, Jan.13,1824.*

Ede, of Lynnfield, and Benjamin S. Young of Brighton, at Lynnfield, Mar.14,1839.CR5

Eli, and Fanny Smith of Salem, int.Sept.10,1808.

Eliza, and Charles Spinney, both of Lynnfield, Feb.3,1831.*

Eliza, and Ostin Bragg, Nov.28,1833.*

Elizabeth, of Lynn, and Stephen Procter, Jan.3,1760.*

Elizabeth, and William Newhall of Lynn, July21,1768.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Putney, jr., Dec.9,1773.*

Betsy, and Thomas Nichols, Mar.16,1790.*

Betsey, and Samuel Newhall, May21,1812.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Gallucia, May21,1826.*

Betsey M., and Nathaniel Abbot, Dec.25,1841.*

Elizabeth Ann, and Daniel R[isenburg. dup.] Davis, June30,1846.*

Eunice, wid.(nee Flint), and Timothy Buxton [of Reading. int.], Apr.16,1814.*

Hannah, of Lynn, and Ebenezer Larrabe, int.May11,1776.

Hannah G[aleucia.dup.], and David M. Newhall, Nov.30,1819. [Oct.末,1820. dup.]*

Hannah L., and Jeremiah Bachellor of Lynn, int.Aug.6,1840.

Hannah I[rene. int.], and Joseph [A. int.] Swan of Lynnfield, Aug.末,1846.*

Henry H., and Susan P. Needham, Jan.14,1836.

Jacob, of Lynnfield, and Ede Marble, int.Nov.10,1792.

James B., of Salem, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Thomas, and Elizabeth A. Galucia of Lynn, a.19y., d.Nathaniel, Jan.18,1846.

Jemima, of Lynn, and Dr. Jedediah Wellman, Jan.8,1761.*

John, and Eunice Flint, Apr.20,1806.*

Joseph, and Dorcas Barrett of Malden, Sept.3,1767.*

Joseph, and Hannah Nourse, 2d w., Nov.14,1776.*

Joseph, jr., and Susanna Lyndsey, Apr.17,1787.*

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Galeucia, at Lynn, Dec.末,1795.

Joseph, 3d, and Adeline Batchelder [of Lynn.PR1], Aug.13,1816.*

Joseph C., of Lynn, and Cinderella Newhall of Lynnfield, Dec.27,1840.

Joshua L., and Elizabeth W. Preston, both of Lynnfield, Apr.10,1832.*

Josiah, and Catherine Hutchinson of Lynn, int.July1,1767.

Josiah, of Lynn, and Clarissa Martin, Apr.15,1832.*

Love, b. Lynnfield, and Daniel Brown, int.Feb.5,1803.

Lucy, and Jedidiah Shurtlief of Hardwick, July7,1785.*

Lydia, and Henry Williams, May11,1797.*

Lydia, of Saugus, and Thomas Newhall, Aug.27,1822.*

Lydia Ann, and George Warren Granger, at Lynn, June16,1846.*

Margaret, Mrs., of Lynn, and Henry Jacobs, Oct.4,1770.*

Martha, and Ezekiel Newhall of Lynn, int.Jan.24,1777.

Patty, and Simeon Southwick, July21,1793.*

Mary, and James Flint, May26,1807.*

Mary, Mrs., and Ebenezer Tarbox, int.Apr.23,1836.

Nathaniel, and Rebecca Harwood, Apr.23,1761.*

Olive, and Jonathan Orrin Parker, at Lynn, Nov.25,1843.*

Rebecca, of Pepperell, and John Walcot, jr., int.Oct.5,1809.

Samuel, and Betsey Newhall, May21,1812. [May20. dup.]*

Samuel Kittredge, and Lydia Shaw, Nov.14,1838.*

Sally, and Jacob Gallusha of Lynn, int.Apr.21,1794.

Sarah, of Lynnfield, and Thomas H. Marsh, Apr.27,1800.*

Sarah, and John Larrabee, Feb.21,1804.*

Sukey, and Amos Proctor, int.Dec.17,1803.

Susannah, of Lynn, and Nathaniel Marsh, Sept.1,1765.*

Susanna, of Lynn, and John Smith, June28,1781.*

Thomas, and Lydia Newhall of Saugus, Aug.27,1822.*

Tharza [2d, w.dup.], and John Needham, 3d, Mar.23,1808.*

William, of Lynn, and Elizabeth Newhall, July21,1768.*


Anna, of Charlestown, and Michael Berry, Oct.29,1815.*

Polly, of Lynn, and Nathaniel Davis, int.Feb.9,1793.

William, of Lynn, and Jemima Wallis, Aug.20,1761.*


Eliza Celia Safford, and Michael Henry Barrey, at Boston, Nov.2,1843.

NICHOLES (Nichols)

George, and Neler Mackey of Salem, int.May15,1785.

William, of Londonderry, NH, and Abigail Dempsey, Jan.23,1781.*

NICHOLS (Nicholes)

Abel, and Elisabeth Preston, int.Dec.6,1766.

Abel, and Sally Putnam of Salem, May12,1814.*

Abel, jr., and Catherine S. Peele of Salem, int.Sept.8,1838.

Andrew, of Middleton, and Eunice Nichols, Apr.1,1777. [1778. dup.]*

Andrew, jr., Dr., and Ruth Nichols [of Middleton. int.], at Middleton, June1,1809.*

Andrew, jr., Dr., and Mary Holyoke Ward [of], 2d w., at Salem, Oct.3,1833.*

Anna, and Lewis Denniss, Nov.6,1754.*

Benjamin, and Rebeckah Blancher, Oct.12,1786.*

Benjamin, and Sally Towne, Nov.17,1819.*

Ebenezer, of Reading, and Susan Averill of Middleton, at Middleton, Jan.11,1816.*

Elizabeth, and Asa Prince, June15,1769.*

Elizabeth, and Anthony Felton, Dec.2,1781.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Bartholomew Trask of Beverly, Feb.22,1785.*

Betsy, and Eliab Evans, Dec.21,1797.*

Betsy, of Salem, and John Southwick, int.Nov.10,1798.

Betsey Averill, and Francis Tappen Johnson of Frankfort, ME, Apr.29,1838.*

Eunice, and Andrew Nichols of Middleton, Apr.1,1777. [1778. dup.]*

Hannah, and Edward Harwood, Apr.10,1787.*

Hannah, of Middleton, and Jonathan Hayward, June21,1810.*

James, of Salem, and Patience Hero, Apr.10,1770.*

Jeremiah, of Reading, and Mary Reed, int.May18,1831.

John, of Middleton, and Elisabeth Averill, int.Dec.20,1765.

John, and Hitty Crispin, int.Oct.16,1801.

John, and Emme Putnam, Apr.27,1808.*

John, jr., of Lynnfield, and Dorcas Brown, Dec.28,1837.*

Mary, and Nehemiah Herrick of Tospfield, Dec.28,1760.*

Mary, of Middleton, and David Butman, int.Apr.8,1775.

Mary, and John Southwick, Dec.9,1798.

Mary Eliza, and Jesse Emerson, at Andover, Nov.2,1842.

Mehitable, and Levi Preston, May4,1779.*

Mehitable, of Middleton, and Jesse Hayward, int.Jan.12,1805.

Rebeccah, and Jonathan Wilson, Nov.25,1824.*

Ruth [of Middleton. int.], and Dr. Andrew Nichols, jr., at Middleton, June1,1809.*

Samuel, Dea., of Middleton, and Anna White, May26,1760.*

Sally, and Henry Wardwell of Salem, Dec.30,1822.*

Sarah P., and Charles Page, int.Oct.22,1839.

Stephen, of Middleton, and Sarah Goodale, Dec.7,1820.*

Susan H[oward.dup.], a.23y., d.Ebenezer and Susan, and William Berry, laborer, Apr.9,1844. [Apr.10. dup.]*

Thomas, and Betsy Newhall, Mar.16,1790.*


Daniel, jr., of Orrington, ME, and Phebe Felton, Jan.29,1815.*


John K., and Mary Ann Nelson of Salem, Apr.20,1828.*

Mary Ann, Mrs., and John K. Baker, both of Salem, Nov.28,1841.


Abigail, of Sullivan, NH, and Calvin Nourse, int.Feb.14,1829.


Samuel, and Hannah Goldthwait, Nov.8,1821.*


Manuel, and Mary Antoine, int.Feb.19,1840.


Rebecca F. [of], and John F. Jones, at Salem, Apr.末,1849.*


Ann Elizabeth, and John Murphy, at Salem, Feb.19,1845.

Charles, of Newburyport, and Mary Barry, Sept.16,1809.*

James, of Newburyport, and Sally Berry, Jan.2,1806.*


Charles, b. Byfield, and Lucy Ann Moody, at Troy, NY, Aug.18,1834.

Mary Ann, and Moses Tenney, at Newbury, Apr.6,1831.

Sarah Adams, and Aaron F. Clarke, Oct.22,1844.*

William D., and Susan S. Harrod of Newburyport, int.Sept.30,1846.


Eliza, and Abel Harvey Tyler, Sept.20,1834.

Henry M[orrill. dup.], a.23y., tanner, s.Jonathan and Rebecca, and Sarah Ann Kent, a.21y., d.Benjamin, jr. and Sarah, Oct.13,1844. [Oct.10. dup.]*

Jonathan, and Nancy Long, at Chester, NH, Sept.17,1820.

Sarah Ann, and Henry Ross Wiggin, Oct.15,1845. [Oct.18. dup.]*


David, Dr., and Elisabeth Tarbell, at Newburyport, Aug.19,1778.*

William, of Lynnfield, and Nancy Rhoades, int.Mar.13,1830.

NOURSE (Nurse)

Abigail, and Oliver Spaulding of Merrimac [NH. int.], Aug.6,1789.*

Calvin, and Abigail Nimms of Sullivan, NH, int.Feb.14,1829.

Calvin, and Caroline S. Locke, at Salem, Dec.末,1834.

Daniel P., and Sally Southwick, Feb.7,1832.*

Deborah, and Elijah Cooper, May24,1789.*

Ebenezer, and Abigail Gay of Salem, Feb.12,1815.*

Eliza F[lint.dup.], and Stephen F[ranklin. dup.] Reed, June4,1843.*

Betsey, b. Salem, and Uzziel Rea, at Salem,末蔓末,1796.

Hannah E., and Thomas E. Dodge, int.Nov.12,1831.

Harriet, and John Tapley, June19,1839.*

Howes, and Rhoda Ann Powars of Salem, int.July8,1836.

Mary Waldron, and David Taylor, Oct.28,1830. [Oct.23. dup.]*

Rea, and Hannah B. Winslow, int.Mar.20,1830.

Rogers, and [] Polly James, Oct.30,1788.*

Ruth, and Elijah Hutchinson, Dec.5,1832.*

Samuel, and Salome Rust [of], at Salem, Feb.21,1829.*

Samuel Putnam, and Mary Endicott Proctor, May24,1836.*

Samuel C. [P. int.], and Phebe W. Proctor [2d, w.dup.], Jan.21,1846.*

Sally, and Thaddeus Willington, jr., Sept.2,1810.*

Sally, and Daniel Tapley, June18,1815.*

Sarah D[outy.dup.], and Richard Jacobs, Oct.5,1834. [1823. dup.]*

Sally P., and Orin Putnam, Apr.13,1836. [1830. dup.]*

Sophronia B., and Austin Burns, int.Dec.2,1842.


Moses, and Lydia Ann French, int.Feb.21,1842.


Abigail, of Newbury, and Samuel Cater, int.Oct.19,1836.

Emma Clough [of Enfield, NH. int.], and Daniel Dodge, jr., at Enfield, June12,1825.*

Francis, and Lucy Rice [of Lancaster. int.], at Lancaster, July24,1842.*

Harriet L. [of Atkinson, NH. int.], and Joshua Silvester, at Atkinson, June16,1829.*

John M.C., and Sarah Sprague Upton, Apr.12,1838.*

Mary C., 2d w., and Philemon Putnam, at Franconia, NH, July18,1842.

Minerva [of Colchester, VT. int.], 2d w., and Isaac Hardy, jr., at Colchester, VT, Feb.20,1845.*

Sarah Ward, of Andover, and Archelaus Putnam, int.May31,1817.


Mary Ann, and Bradley Melendy, Apr.6,1839.*


John [of Lynn. int.], and Eunice Harwood, Sept.7,1812.*

NURSE (Nourse)

Aaron, of Lynnfield, and Rebeccah Ashton, Apr.4,1787.*

Aaron, and Sally Holt, Dec.25,1791.*

Abner, and Sally Parker, both of Salem, Jan.1,1835.*

Allen, and Ruth Putnam, Nov.5,1799.*

Benjamin, and Ruth Tarbell of Merrimac, int.Sept.8,1781.

Caleb, and [] Walden, May2,1754.*

Caleb, jr., and Mary Rix, July11,1765.*

Deborah, and Thomas Little of Newburyport, int.May8,1787. (Marriage forbidden.)

Eliza, and William Brown, Oct.10,1822.*

Elles, and Daniel Taylor, Nov.9,1766.*

Eunice, and William Fisk of Amherst, NH, Oct.28,1773.*

Eunice, and David Bigs of Truro, Dec.14,1774.*

Eunice, and Ebenezer Thurstin, June24,1799.*

Francis, and Hannah Endicott, Sept.10,1769.*

George, and Sally Francis Jones, Nov.27,1832.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Harwood, Feb.21,1775.*

Hannah [2d, w.dup.], and Joseph Newhall, Nov.14,1776.*

Hannah, of Lynnfield, and Francis Southwick, int.July3,1784.

Hannah, and Henry Douty, Nov.29,1801.*

Hannah R[ea.dup.], and Benjamin G[ardner. dup.] Procter of Waterford, ME, Feb.14,1815. [1816. dup.]*

Jonathan, and Hannah Tarbox, at Lynn, Dec.14,1776.

Jonathan, jr., and Elizabeth Collins, Dec.25,1800.*

Margaret C., and Nathaniel R. Small of Woburn, int.July5,1828.

Mary, and Stephen Symonds of Boxford, June14,1764.*

Mary, of Lynnfield, and John Brown [jr. int.], Oct.15,1767.*

Nathaniel, and Ruth Brown, Nov.26,1782.*

Peter, and Lydia Low, June4,1766.*

Philip, and Mrs.Sarah Putnam, at Hollis, NH, Sept.22,1772.

Phillip, and Mrs.Anna Stearns of Lunenburg, int.May26,1787.

Rebecca, of Salem, and Joseph S. Kidder, int.Mar.11,1836.

Sally, and Israel Porter, jr., int.Dec.12,1795.


Agnes, and Charles Frederick Wait, at Manchester, Eng., Nov.28,1847.


Fordyce, and Sarah E. Coburn, both of Natick, Sept.21,1845.

Russell Freeman, of Milton, NH, and Hannah Lock Hayes of Alton, NH, at Alton, NH, June12,1839.


Hannah S., and Isaac N. Colby, Apr.7,1836.*

Henry, and Amanda Bailey, at Beverly, Oct.3,1833.

Mary, and Samuel Jeffery of Lynn, May29,1842. [May23,1843. dup.]*


Daniel, of Gardiner, ME, and Lucy Upton, July6,1820.*

David, and Mehitable Turner, residents in Andover, Mar.3,1807.

Eliza Ann, and James Tyler Ruee, at New York, July17,1848.

John B., and Huldah Marble, Nov.13,1791.*

John, and Eliza S. Wing, Jan.17,1826.*

Mary Ann, and John Morrison, May25,1826.*

NYE (Nay)

Joseph, and Lydia White, Dec.24,1818.*

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