PACKARD (Peckard)


Abagail, and Amos Flint, May11,1841.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Flint, Oct.末,1753.*

Charles, and Sarah P. Nichols, int.Oct.22,1839.

Clarisa, and Samuel Fowler, jr., Oct.13,1799. [Oct.19. dup.]*

Eliza, and Allen Putnam, Sept.20,1818.*

Enoch, and Sophronia N.J. Forster, at Weare, NH, 22:8m:1821.

Hannah, and William Carrol, May18,1788.*

Harriet N., and Moses Black [jr. int.], Apr.30,1835.*

Jeremiah, and Mrs.Patty Crosby, June12,1776.PR88

Jeremiah, and Martha Endicott, Apr.30,1800.*

Jeremiah, jr., and Mary Pinder of Beverly, int.Feb.24,1821.

John, and Sarah Porter, Nov.25,1773.*

John, and Mary Fowler, Dec.12,1805.*

Louisa, and William Low Weston, July5,1844.*

Lydia, and Capt. John Green of Beverly, June7,1781.*

Patty, and John Fowler, June8,1800.*

Martha, and John Bates, June4,1822.*

Mary, and Andrew Putnam, int.Aug.13,1774.

Mary, and Alfred Putnam, Feb.10,1831.*

Nancy, and [Capt. int.] John H. Andrew of Salem, Mar.11,1804.*

Nathan, and Susannah Gray, int.Apr.3,1790.

Nathan, and Mary Sawyer, at Henniker, NH, Oct.21,1820.

Rebecca, and Capt. Joshua Goodale, Oct.27,1805.*

Ruth, and John Buxton, jr., at Weare, NH, Feb.15,1826. [1827. dup.]

Samuel [Capt. int.], and Rebecca Putnam of Lancaster, Nov.30,1778.*

Sarah [], and Tarrant Putnam, Nov.16,1768.*

Sally, Mrs., and Solomon Arlin, May20,1810.*

Sarah Putnam, and Augustus Alonzo Edgerton, Dec.24,1840.*

PAINE (Payne)


Hannah B., and Josiah Priest of Cambridge, May14,1834.*

Jeremiah, and Sally Laraby, Jan.17,1796.*

Jonathan, of Salem, and Hannah Berry, Jan.21,1798.*

Mary, Mrs., of Salem, and James Bowman, Oct.5,1773.


Harrison G., Rev., and Elizabeth Bird of Walpole, int.May20,1837.


Betsey, and Benjamin Wiley of Lynnfield, Feb.11,1816.*

Betsey, Mrs., and Benjamin Gerry of Stoneham, May25,1830.*

Betsey, and James W. Halliday of Lynn, int.June10,1833.

Elizabeth M., and William Southwick, tanner, May12,1844.*

Gilman, and Lucy Holt, May15,1823.*

Gilman, and Abigail Welch [of], 2d w., at Beverly, Jan.29,1839.*

Henry, b. Reading, and Judith Brown, Apr.12,1818.*

Henry, b. Reading, and Phebe Town, 2d w., Nov.30,1828.*

Jacob W., and Polly O. Richardson, both of Middleton, Oct.1,1843.*

Jerusha, and Ebenezer Russell, Nov.30,1791.*

Jesse, and Betsey Procter, Apr.9,1810.*

Jonathan Orrin [of Lynn. int.], and Olive Newhall, at Lynn, Nov.25,1843.*

Josiah Worcester, and Lucy Buswell Bartlett, at West Newbury, Apr.10,1842.

Lucy, and Amos Shelden, May27,1790.*

Lucy Ann, and Alexander Coffin, May2,1843.*

Mary, of Danvers, and Joseph Russell of Middleton, Dec.18,1792.*

Mary [of], and Milton P. Braman, at New Rowley, Nov.15,1826.*

Mary Ann, and Nicholas Chapman of Marblehead, int.Apr.5,1834.

Mary, and James F. Woodward, June22,1843.

Matilda, and Capt. Eli Upton, jr., Aug.23,1818.*

Mehitable, of Andover, and Joshua Thwing, int.Apr.20,1839.

Malinda, and James Batchelder, June3,1828.*

Nancy, and Benjamin Russell, Apr.6,1837.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Taylor, Oct.12,1817.*

Nathaniel, a.53y., cordwainer, 2d m., b. Reading, s.Ebenezer and Lucretia, of Reading, and Mary Ann Gowing, a.53y., 2d m., b. Portsmouth, NH, d.Edmund and Lydia Davis of Portsmouth, NH, Dec.25,1849.*

Pamelia, and Nathaniel Mayhew, May7,1823.*

Phebe, and James Prince, jr., June3,1787.*

Phebe, of Andover, and Israel Wood, int.July9,1803.

Sarah, and Samuel Wiat, May12,1778.*

Sally, and Samuel Legroo, at Reading, Sept.20,1799.

Sally, and Abner Nurse, both of Salem, Jan.1,1835.*

Sumner W., and Lydia P. Coffrain, May4,1837.*

Thomas, resident in Danvers, and Esther Fuller, Jan.26,1806.*

PARNAL (Parnel)

Sarah, and Caleb Clark, int.Oct.5,1769.

PARNEL (Parnal)

Benjamin, and Mary Marrow, int.Sept.12,1767.


Francis [Francis George. int.], and Elizabeth Martin [of], at Salem, Jan.末,1815. [Dec.7,1816. int.]*

Francis [Francis George, of], and Betsey Smothers, 2d w., Oct.末,1826.*

Mary [of Salem.CR4], and Charles E. Brown, June2,1834. [June1,1835.CR4]*


Emeline J[ane. dup.], and Ephraim Stevens [of Salem.CR4], May7,1835. [May8. dup.]*

Joseph, of Lynn, and Hipzabah Hayward, Aug.12,1792.*

Sally, and Daniel Roberts, July15,1821.*


Edward, of Portsmouth, NH, and Ruth Collins, Apr.14,1804.*


John, and Hannah Monroe, Aug.5,1835.*

Joseph S., of Gilmanton, NH, and Lydia P. Flint, May21,1818.*

Nathan [Pearson. int.], and Sally Abbot of Salem, Oct.8,1815.*

Samuel Stanwood, and Hannah Ann Louisa Draper, at Lowell, May5,1841.

Sarah [Ann. dup.], a.23y., d.Samuel, and Samuel Q[uiner. dup.] White, a.25y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Betsey, deceased, Dec.30,1844.*


Rusha Ann, of Lynnfield, and William Mitchell, Mar.29,1842.*

Olive Sweetser, and William Hall, at South Reading, Dec.2,1835.

Phebee, and John Trask, Apr.12,1799.*

PATEE (Pattee)

Eliphalet, and Abigail Saunders, Feb.16,1801.

Eliphlet, Maj., and Maria Wood of Boxford, May4,1828.*

Lois S., and Henry Barker of Andover, int.July22,1826.


Andrew, and Mary Tullock, June22,1847.*

PATTEE (Patee)

Hannah [E. int.], and John Wood, Nov.16,1824.*


John R., and Sarah Jefts, at Boston, Nov.27,1831.


Elizabeth B., and George [B. int.] Browning, Nov.13,1833.*

Jesse C., and Atarah Burnham, Feb.23,1823.*

Rebecca, and Herbert N[ichols.dup.] Skinner of Lynnfield, June21,1837.*

Sally, of Salem, and Daniel Southwick, int.Dec.10,1825.

William, and Rebekah Southwick, at Salem, July12,1812.

William B., and Elizabeth B. Upton, Feb.28,1830.*


James S., and Priscilla Canney of Portsmouth, NH, int.Aug.1,1845.


Joseph, and Sally Lindsey of Lynn, int.May10,1823.


Abi, of Middleton, and Benjamin Clark Osborn, int.Dec.13,1828.

Allen, and Mary Bryant of Salem, Sept.21,1823.*

Almira, and Joseph Bushby, June21,1825.*

Benjamin W. [of Middleton.CR5], and Nancy Perkins of Middleton, Dec.25,1836.*

Benjamin, b. Middleton, and Harriet Brown, b. Tewksbury, at Tewksbury, Jan.17,1839.

Bimesly, of Middleton, and Betty Peabody, May25,1779.*

Charles, and Hannah Dow [How, of Middleton. int.], Apr.27,1831.*

Daniel, and Sarah S. Clarke, Feb.6,1844.*

Dorothy, of Lynnfield, and Joseph Brown, Nov.21,1822.*

Betty, and Bimesly Peabody of Middleton, May25,1779.*

Betty, of Middleton, and Peter Cross, jr., int.Oct.18,1798.

Ephraim P., and Lavinia C. Woodbury, Dec.5,1844.*

Eunice Goodhue, and Joseph Fletcher, at Saugus, Apr.10,1847.

Hannah, of Rowley, and Robert Lake of Topsfield, Dec.23,1788.

Hannah, and Jesse Smith, both of Middleton, Jan.20,1793.

Irene, and Samuel Symonds, both of Middleton, at Middleton, Apr.17,1817.

Jeremiah Flint, and Betsey Wilkins, at Middleton, July4,1843.

John, and Hannah Stickney, int.June17,1802.

John, and Margaret Brown of Hamilton, int.Mar.16,1822.

Jonathan, of Boxford, and Lucy Morgen, Mar.14,1785.*

Joseph, and Nabby Wilkins, Sept.10,1812.*

Joseph F., of Salem, laborer, and Hannah Maria Gowing, d.Hiram G. and Desire, Mar.18,1844.*

Martha F., of Salem, and Edward F. Osborn of Lynn, Sept.6,1835.*

Mary, and Philip Dale, jr., Aug.22,1820.*

Mary G., of Bradford, and Caleb Marsh, int.Mar.10,1827.

Mary Ann, and Josiah Ross, at Middleton, Dec.29,1842.

Mehitable, of Middleton, and William Flint, jr., int.May4,1780.

Nancy, and Samuel Fisher, July6,1844.

Nathaniel, and Mary Colester [Mecolester. int.] of Salem, July1,1760.*

Olive, b. Middleton, and Benjamin Dole, int.Oct.26,1799.

Pearcey, and James Southwick, jr., int.Sept.24,1796.

Phebe, of Middleton, and John Gillingham, int.Jan.30,1814.

Priscilla, of Middleton, and James Bishop, int.Sept.17,1790.

Ruth [of Middleton. int.] and Eben Berry Wilkins, at Middleton, Aug.22,1823. [May8,1824. int.]*

Salome, and Stephen Small, May15,1832.*

Samuel, jr., of Boxford, and Polly Bradstreet, Apr.30,1818.*

Sarah, and Joshua Town, jr., both of Topsfield, June24,1779.

Salle, and Luther Brown, int.Sept.26,1789.

Sally, and Nathaniel Fisher, int.Mar.30,1844.

Stephen, and Rachel A. Potter of Beverly, int.Sept.17,1845.

William, and Betsy Russell of Lynnfield, int.Nov.23,1792.

William, and Hannah Prince, Dec.11,1832.*

William Henry, and Sarah Ann Lamson, Mar.24,1844.

William G., and Martha Ann Tufts, Dec.2,1849.*


Bethiah, of Marblehead, and George Wood, int.Oct.1,1847.

PEALE (Peele)

PEARLEY (Perley)

Phinehas, and Sally Hook, June5,1832.*

PEARLY (Perley)

Amos, and Hannah Procter, Apr.5,1789.*

PEARSON (Pearsons)

Lydia Ann, and Edwin Upton, at Wilmington, Jan.1,1846.

PEARSONS (Pearson)

Charles, of York, ME, and Mary Baker of Manchester, NH, at Salem, July2,1837.

Sally Maria, and William Cutler, Sept.8,1840.*

PEART (Pert)


Eunice, and Solomon Wyman, Jan.10,1765.*

John and Sarah Harris, Sept.21,1766.*

Mary, and Joseph Meacham, June3,1753.*

PEASLEE (Peasley)

Daniel, and Mary Osborn, July25,1819.*

Nancy, of Amesbury, and Benjamin Putnam, jr., int.Feb.5,1804.

Ruth, d.Timothy and Abigail, of Newton, NH, and David Buxton, s.Joseph, deceased, and Abigail, Sept.14,1782.CR8

PEASLEY (Peaslee)

Abigail, b. Lewiston, ME, and Moses Osborn, b. Henniker, NH, at Salem, Mar.19,1835. [Mar.13. dup.]

Anna Currier, and Abraham Osborn, at Sandwich, NH, Nov.18,1826.*

Esther B., and Samuel Sargent, Feb.28,1844.*

Eunice [of Kingston. int.], and Paul Osborn, jr., at Atkinson, Dec.末,1787. [Jan.11,1788. int.]*

Ezekiel, and Eliza Balch of New Boston, NH, int.May1,1824.

Jeremiah, and Sally Baker of Salem, Dec.23,1832. [Dec.22. dup.]*

John, and Dorcas Osborn, Nov.15,1821. [Nov.21. dup.]*

Reuben, and Ruth Putnam, Aug.17,1800.*


Mary, and Robert Lefavor, Dec.11,1814.*

PECKARD (Pickard)

Betsey, of Rowley, and Solomon Dodge, int.Dec.14,1805.


Sarah, and William Bly, Dec.20,1832.*


Catherine S., of Salem, and Abel Nichols, jr., int.Sept.8,1838.

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Benjamin, and Mary Fairfield, Mar.24,1836. [Mar.14. dup.]*

David, and Emma Hutchinson, July23,1835. [July22,1834. dup.]*

Elizabeth, and Joel Kimball, Oct.31,1830.*

Betsey H., and Benjamin F. Haskell, int.July31,1847.

Jonathan, and Abigail Batchelder, June7,1792.*

Lydia, of New Salem, NH, and Amos Putnam, jr., int.Nov.30,1805.

Polly, and Nathaniell Batcheldor, Mar.8,1787.*

Mary Ann, and Gamaliel B[artlett. dup.] Thompson, Dec.25,1842. [1840. dup.]*

Moses S. [Price. int.], of Gilmanton, NH, and Sally A. Goldthwait, May24,1846.*

Nancy, and Edwin Shelden, both of Beverly, at Beverly, Apr.28,1836.*

Sarah, and Charles Field, int.Sept.21,1799.

William, of West Cambridge, and Hannah R. Grover of Marblehead, Nov.4,1834. [Nov.5. dup.]*


Mary A., of Salem, and Archelaus H. Trask, int.Nov.18,1843.


Francis Kimball, and Adeline Kent Buswell, at Bradford, Aug.10,1837.

PENDAR (Pinder)

Samuel Dutch, and Martha Burnham West, at Thornton, CT, Jan.9,1846.

PENDER (Pinder)

Simon, and Mehetabel Dutch, Oct.8,1772. [Oct.3. dup.]*


Elizabeth N., a.24y., weaver, d.James, and Henry W. Dow of Ferrisburg, VT, a.24y., carpenter, s.Daniel, Jan.5,1845.*

Martha N., and Hiram Grant, at Lynn, Oct.9,1836.


Abby, and Randall F. Hurd, int.Apr.18,1846.

PEPER (Pepper)

Abigal, and Samuel Verry, Dec.28,1754.*

PEPPER (Peper)

John, and Sarah Harwood, Aug.5,1759.*

PEPPEREL (Pepperrell)

Betsey, and Thomas Dixon, Aug.23,1812.*

Polly, Mrs., and Andrew Russel, Dec.6,1810. [Dec.24,1812. dup.]*

PEPPERELL (Pepperrell)

Ebenezer, and Thirza Needham, Dec.4,1825.*

PEPPERILL (Pepperrell)

John, and Polly Leathe [of Lynn. int.], at Lynn, Dec.15,1793.*

PEPPERREL (Pepperrell)

Mary, and Joseph Southwick, int.Sept.26,1807.

PEPPERRELL (Pepperel, Pepperell, Pepperill, Pepperrel)

Thirza A., a.20y., d.Ebenezer and Thirza, and William F.D. Felt of Lynn, a.22y., West India Goods dealer, s.Ephraim and Sarah, Oct.12,1847.*

PERCY (Perrcy)

PERKINS (Pirkins)

Amelia, and Mark Howe, Oct.20,1836.*

Ann, and Leprelet Drake, at Boston, Aug.17,1829.

Charles R., of Salem, and Catherine Wilkins, May22,1831.*

Daniel W., and Betsey G. Perly of Boxford, int.Sept.21,1822.

Edward B., of Salem, and Elizabeth P. Barrett, Oct.24,1837.*

Elizabeth, and James Brown, Sept.1,1802.

Elizabeth A., of Topsfield, and Benjamin B. Hill, int.Sept.30,1843.

Eunice Levitt (Cram), Mrs.[of Hampton], and Thomas Meady Putnam, at Hampton Falls, Sept.19,1843.*

George, and Maria Blackey, int.June17,1839.

Hannah, and Daniel Gloyd of Beverly, Jan.19,1758.*

Henry Augustus, b. Salem, and Emily Batchelder Sleeper, July7,1846.*

Israel, and Mary Annah Dodge, at Wenham, July21,1836.

James, and Nancy H. Carkin, at Derry, NH, Feb.5,1840.

James, and Mrs.Margaret (Anderson) Upton, Mar.15,1849.*

Jesse, and Charlotte A. Towne, May9,1839.*

Joanna, and Ebenezer Lawrance, both of Lynnfield, May20,1830.*

John, and Martha Fowler, Apr.6,1828. [Apr.11,1829. int.]*

John, and Marcia Plummer Ferguson, Mar.31,1844.*

Lois L., and Lorenzo P. Towne of Topsfield, Dec.25,1838.CR5*

Levina K., of Middleton, a.20y., b. Andover, d.William, and Edward P. Averill of Middleton, a.28y., trader, b. Middleton, s.Benjamin, Dec.26,1849.*

Lydia [of Essex. int.], and Proctor J. Perley, at Essex, May23,1828.*

Maria [of Essex. int.], and John Taylor, at Essex, Apr.26,1826.*

Mary, and William Langmaid, at Wenham, Jan.18,1814.

Mary, and Benjamin Lindsey, at Lynn, Aug.25,1823.

Mary Ann, and Nehemiah Putney Fuller, at Middleton, Dec.28,1824.

Nancy, of Middleton, and Benjamin W. Peabody [of Middleton.CR5], Dec.25,1836.*

Nathan, of Newcastle, and Mrs.Hannah Phelps of Salem, May10,1775.

Nathaniel, of Newcastle, and Mrs.Eunice Phelps, of Salem, Aug.4,1773.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Weston of Newburyport, int.Dec.21,1844.

Phebe Wildes, and James H. Sleeper, at Wenham, Dec.2,1849.*

Pyam Dodge, and Maria Marshall, at Warner, NH, Oct.末,1841.

Rebeccah, of Topsfield, and Jacob Harwood, int.Nov.18,1821.

Robert B., and Rebecah Davis, Oct.7,1824.*

Roger E., and Esther Blanchard of Milford, NH, int.Oct.24,1795.

Sarah, and John Inger, Sept.5,1781.*

Susan, of Bridgton, ME, and Jeremiah Cole, int.Nov.15,1828.

Thomas, of Arundale, and Sarah Babson, June6,1754.*

Thomas D., of Lynn, and Lucy J. Andrews, int.June24,1840.

Titus, and Jeney Killum of Boxford, Apr.21,1778.*

PERLEY (Pearley, Pearly, Perly)

Amos Proctor, and Sarah Felton (Batchelder) Martin, at Windham, NH, Oct.12,1847. [1846.PR74]

Asa, of Boxford, and Apphia Porter, Aug.12,1762.*

Eliphalet, and Anna Porter [of], Mar.24,1774.*

Eliza Ann, and Jefferson Taylor, May25,1830.*

Emeline, and Samuel Fowle, May25,1842.*

Francis, of Boxford, and Ruth Putnam, Nov.28,1771.*

Frederic, and Almira Putnam Batchelder, Dec.4,1826.*

Harriot Augusta, and Amos Alden White, at Wenham, Oct.5,1848.*

Jacob, and Abigail T. Frothingham of Salem, int.Sept.26,1844.

John, and Hitty Procter, Dec.6,1801.*

Joseph [G. int.], and Mary Jane Dodge, May7,1829.*

Mehitable, of Lowen, and Asa Wheeler, int.Apr.30,1842.

Nathan [of Methuen. int.], and Sarah Rea, Oct.13,1774.*

Phineas, b. Boxford, and Sally Hook, June5,1832.*

Proctor J., and Lydia Perkins [of Essex. int.], at Essex, May23,1828.*

William, and Lucy Symonds Chapman, at Boxford, Mar.28,1825.

PERLY (Perley)

Artemas W., of Boxford, and Eleanor Putnam, Mar.20,1803.*

Benjamin, of Boxford, and Apphia Andrew, int.Aug.14,1773.

Betsey G., of Boxford, and Daniel W. Perkins, int.Sept.21,1822.

Ruth P., and Thomas F. Odell of Salem, Apr.22,1824.*


John, and Mary Coves, int.Mar.31,1787.


Albert F., and Jane Hobbs, at Salem, May6,1849.*n

Benjamin W., and Hannah E. Danforth, May18,1842.*

Elizabeth, and Charles Hill of Salem, Feb.1,1810.*

Harriet, and William Whittredge Mudge, Apr.26,1848.*

Horatio, and Serena Putnam, Jan.8,1846. [Feb.8. dup.]*

Jacob F., and Anna B. Dodge [of], at Beverly, Nov.20,1823.*

James M[unro. dup.], a.26y., butcher, s.Jonathan and Rebecca, and Clarissa H[amilton. dup.] Putnam, a.24y., d.Seth and Polly, Mar.5,1845.*

James Albert, and Caroline Augusta Ray, at Salem, Mar.31,1848.*

John, and Sally Rhodes, int.May17,1823.

Jonathan, and Rebecca Willington, Apr.17,1808.*

Jonathan [jr.CR4], and Mehitable W. Goodale, Jan.1,1834.*

Lois, and Joseph S. Proctor, at Beverly, June1,1822.

Loring F., and Fanny V. Tombs, int.Apr.15,1826.

Lucy Shaw [of Hanover. int.], and William Richard Skerry, at Hanover, Apr.2,1846.*

Mary, and Daniel Procter [jr. dup.], Feb.18,1827.*

Mary H., 2d w., and Warren Shelden, Nov.30,1843.*

Rebeccah, and Samuel Fowle, Nov.29,1812.*

Rebecca, and David Stiles, jr. of Middleton, Apr.21,1836.*

Sarah, b. Salem, and Ward Pool, Feb.19,1792.*

Susan S., and William R. Skerry,末蔓末,1846.


Louisa, and Azariah Woodbury, at Beverly, Jan.20,1831.

Margaret, and Tobias Hanson, at Manchester, Mar.17,1833.


Amy, and Rev. Charles C. Sewall, at Medfield, Oct.1,1823.

Anna, and Prince Freeman, both resident in Danvers, int.Jan.14,1786.

Benjamin, jr., of Salem, and Hannah Shillaber, Oct.8,1786.*

Benjamin, of South Reading, and Betsey Harwood, int.Apr.18,1818.

Benjamin, of Salem, and Nancy Osborn, Oct.29,1826.*

Nancy, Mrs., and Abraham Gage [Gaye.CR5], Nov.4,1840.*

Samuel, of Salem, and Hannah Deland, June6,1793.*

PETINGEL (Pettengill)

William, and Abagail P. Muckford of Salem, int.July27,1833.

PETTENGILL (Petingel, Pettingill)

Joseph, and Eliza E. Whitemore of Salem, int.Aug.17,1833.

PETTINGILL (Pettengill)

Sarah [S. int.], and Joseph Aborn, Jan.3,1833.*


Amos, and Sarah Roberts, int.Mar.5,1845.


William, and Sarah Kurwinn, at Salem, Jan.9,1837. [1846. dup.]


Abigail R., and Benjamin Moulton of Lynnfield, Aug.15,1833.*

Anna, and Gabriel Munnion, Feb.8,1762.*

Elizabeth, and Archelaus Hayward, Feb.26,1760.*

Eunice, Mrs., of Salem, and Nathaniel Perkins of Newcastle, Aug.4,1773.

Francis, and Hannah Dunklee, int.May1,1802.

Francis, and Abigail March Churchill [of], at Salem, Nov.22,1839.*

Hannah, Mrs., of Salem, and Nathan Perkins of Newcastle, May10,1775.

James Gardner, carpenter, and Sophia Andrews, Dec.5,1832.*

Joel French, and Eliza Townsend, June23,1844. [June25. dup.]*

Joseph, and Eunice Gardner, Jan.19,1804.*

Mary Buffington, and Hicks Pinkham, Nov.28,1834. [Nov.27. dup.]*

Mary, and William Richardson Putnam, Aug.27,1839.*

Rebeckah, of Reading, and John King, int.Jan.26,1765.

Theodore [b. Tewksbury.dup.], and Betsey F. Shelden, Apr.21,1824. [Apr.1. dup.]*


Charles, and Mary Welch, at Boston, Jan.14,1847.

Hannah, and George Wood, Mar.6,1842. [Mar.9. dup.]*

John D., of Roxbury, and Julia A. Putnam, Aug.24,1843.*

Sarah, 3d w., wid.Diah P., d.末末 Gibson, and Samuel Goodridge, May15,1844. [1845. dup. and int.]*


Alvah, and Sarah E. Wheeler of Salem, Jan.27,1847.*

PHILIPS (Phillips)

Abigal, and Joseph Very [jr. int.], Nov.27,1763.*

Elizabeth, and John Welsh, int.May28,1791.

Sally, and George Roberts, Nov.22,1836.*

PHILLIPS (Philips)

Alonzo Platts, and Louisiana Dodge [of], at Rowley, Apr.15,1830.*

Deborah, and Henry Trask of Salem, Jan.4,1770. [Jan.24. dup.]*

Hannah, and William Very, May26,1805.*

Julia Therese [Judith, of], and Sylvanus Dodge, at Rowley, Nov.22,1827.*

Lydia, Mrs., of Salem, and Charles Shumway of Topsfield, Nov.22,1838.*

Richard, of Salem, and Elizabeth Butler, Mar.16,1775.*

Richard, jr., of Topsfield, and Elizabeth H. Reed, int.Aug.27,1831.

Sally, and William Dodge, int.Mar.11,1836.

William, and Betsey Towne of Topsfield, int.Nov.17,1804.

PHINEY (Phinney)

Salmon, and Susannah Pierce, June14,1812.*

PHINNEY (Phiney)

Salmon, and Abigail King, Oct.2,1791.*


Elizabeth, and John Swinerton, jr., Dec.20,1770.*

PICKARD (Peckard)

Elisabeth, of Boxford, and Anthony Felton, int.Dec.11,1762.


Betsey, and Perly P. Curtis, July29,1821.*

James, of Salem, and Sarah Rhodes, Oct.13,1797.*

Joseph, of Salem, and Mary Proctor, Nov.12,1758.*

PICKET (Pickett)

Betsy, and William Lewis, Apr.17,1795.*

PICKETT (Picket)

Almira, and David Hailey, at Georgetown, Apr.4,1838.


James, of Salem, and Sarah Southwick, May2,1776.*


Benjamin, and Rhoda Wadly of Salisbury, int.June13,1766.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Abigail, Mrs., and Samuel Putnam of Lynnfield, Nov.15,1801.*

Charles, of Marblehead, and Mary L. Andrew, int.May1,1830.

John, and Lydia Batchelder, Feb.11,1798. [Feb.1,1799. dup.]*

Susannah, and Salmon Phiney, June14,1812.*

PIERSON (Peirson)


Ebenezer, of Woburn, and Hannah Cook, int.Mar.29,1777.

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Goodale of Salem, Apr.23,1788.*

Elias, and Jane Raddin, Dec.16,1829. [Dec.17. dup.]*

Eliza M., and Eliphalet S. Wetherbee of Medford, int.Nov.5,1848.

Eunice L., of Topsfield, and Jeremiah Fuller of Middleton, Apr.7,1841.

John, and Marcy McMellen, at Lynn, Dec.16,1824.

John, and Mary Libbey Starbird [of Portsmouth, NH int.], 2d w., at Portsmouth, NH, Sept.16,1834.*

John S. [of Waterford, ME. int.], and Adelaide R. Holt, Oct.26,1844.*

Margaret Ann, and Albion K.P. Berry, int.Apr.22,1848.

Mary, of Topsfield, and George W. Severance, Oct.19,1814.*

Sarah H., of Salem, and Amos Cluff, int.Aug.18,1832.


Eliza Fulsom, and Richard Sprague Frothingham, tallow chandler, at Rochester, NH, Feb.11,1817.

Moses C., and Lois Cleaveland of Topsfield, int.Aug.22,1801.

PINDAR (Pinder)

Hannah, 2d w., and Nathaniel Putnam, Apr.11,1799.*

Mary O., and Andrew Porter, Dec.6,1829.*

PINDER (Pendar, Pender, Pindar)

John, and Polly Batchelder of Beverly, Dec.5,1797.*

John, and Hannah Wade, at Ipswich, Apr.27,1845.

Mary, of Beverly, and Jeremiah Page, jr., int.Feb.24,1821.

Mehitable, and Jeremiah Putnam, jr., July17,1798.*

Samuel, and Hitty Putnam, Nov.29,1798.*

Sally, and Thomas Cheever, June2,1805.*


Thomas P., of Salem, and Abigail Garland, July17,1828.*


Enoch [Col.], and Elizabeth Stratton of Lincoln, May24,1778.*

Hicks, and Mary Buffington Phelps, Nov.28,1834. [Nov.27. dup.]*


Alvira, and Charles Whitten of Beverly, int.Feb.26,1841.

Lauretta E., and William Cilley, int.Oct.10,1846.

Malinda C., Mrs., and Hiram Taylor of Washington, NH, int.Sept.19,1840.

PIRKINS (Perkins)

John, and Eunice Waters, Nov.18,1766.*


Betsy, of Salem, and Samuel Rowles, int.Sept.23,1788.

George, and Sarah Elliot Friend [of], at Beverly, Nov.6,1836.*

John [Capt int.], of Salem, and Mrs.Elizabeth Selden, Mar.17,1803.*

Mary, and Asa Hart, Feb.9,1806.*

Nancy, and Nathaniel Boardman, May16,1816.*

Sarah, of Salem, and George B. Porter, Aug.23,1808.*


Thomas P., and Mary J. Fuller, Nov.26,1845.*


J.M., of Boston, and Catharine M. Felt of Salem, July19,1835.CR4


John, and Anna Downing, Aug.10,1783.*


Eliza, of Marblehead, and Aaron C. Fisk, int.Sept.2,1826.

PLUMER (Plummer)

Richard, and Philura W. Hutchins, at Gray, ME, Mar.6,1831.

PLUMMER (Plumer)

Emeline, and Amos Trask, at Gloucester, Apr.5,1832.*

Hiram, and Sarah Ann Demerritt [of Lee, NH. int.], at Dover, NH, Nov.23,1840.*

Jonathan P., of Boston, and Harriet B. Wilkins, Oct.1,1834.*

Samuel T., and Elizabeth Kimball, Aug.15,1837.*


David, and Clarissa C. Colby, July24,1836.*

Betsy, of Beverly, and Joseph Bullock, int.Sept.10,1796.

Elizabeth W., of Hamilton, and Francis Goodhue, int.Nov.4,1844.

Mary, and Asa Whittemore of Salem, Nov.10,1768.*

Oliver, and Mary Lee [of] at Salem, May28,1829. [May8,1830. int]*

POLSON (Pulson)

Alexander, a.26y., weaver, b. Scotland, s.David and Agnes, and Hannah S. Howell, a.21y., b. England, d.John and Ann, Nov.4,1849.*

Jane, and Archibald Lang, at Paisley, Scotland, Nov.17,1824.

POOL (Poole)

Eliza C., and William D. Wheeler of Worcester, int.June21,1833.

Elisabeth [2d, w.dup.], and Sylvester Osborn, Jan.1,1797.*

Fitch, and Eliza Cutler [of Hamilton. int.], at Hamilton, June13,1802.*

Fitch, jr., and Mary Ann Poor, July8,1824.*

Ward, and Sarah Perry, b. Salem, Feb.19,1792.*

Ward, and Rebeccah Seccomb of Salem, int.Mar.9,1797.

Ward, jr., and Eliza Wilder, Jan.24,1819.*

William, and Mary Floyd of Medford, May22,1756.*

William, and Anna Richardson of Salem, Sept.22,1807.*

William, Col., and Sally Smith, Oct.1,1820.*

POOLE (Pool)

Leonard, and Mary M. Wilder, Nov.4,1833.*

Rebecca, and Leonard Pratt, jr. of Salem, Aug.19,1847.*

Sally P[erry.dup.], and Caleb L. Frost, Dec.26,1843.*


Daniel, Rev., and Susan Bulfinch of Ipswich, Oct.9,1815.*

Eben Sprague, and Ellen Maria Fornis, Jan.15,1845.*

Eben Sprague, and Mary E. Harris, 2d w., Dec.9,1846.*

Ebenezer, and Clarissa Abbot of Andover, at Andover, Feb.1,1825.

Eliza, and Miles Osborn, Dec.17,1820.*

Betsey, and Rufus Wyman, Aug.6,1809.*

Elisabeth, and Nathan Lakeman, Nov.15,1831.*

Enoch, and Sally Shillaber, Sept.22,1803.*

Enoch, jr., and Hannah Bodwell, Jan.14,1813.*

Enoch, and Fanny Lowd, at Conway, NH, Mar.30,1847.

Fidelia, and Joel Putnam, June1,1843.*

George, and Betsey Reed, Mar.2,1826. [1825. dup.]*

Hannah, and Richard Osborn, Dec.13,1799.*

Henry, and Mary Osborn, Oct.27,1822.*

Henry Cook, and Catherine Augusta Carkin, Sept.9,1847.*

James, and Mary Whitteredge, Nov.28,1790.*

James, and Hannah Bickford of Salem, int.Oct.2,1824.

John Robbins, and Sarah Sprague Dole, Nov.10,1840.*

Joseph, jr., and Tamison Sprague, Dec.9,1795.*

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Reed, 2d w., Feb.3,1805.*

Joseph, jr., and Eliza Munroe, June3,1830.*

Margaret, and Luke Dodge of Hamilton, Oct.18,1827.*

Margaret Silver, and Henry Brown Ward, Oct.16,1833.*

Martha, and David Daniels, jr., June5,1817.*

Martha, and William S. [H. int.] Howland, Sept.14,1845.*

Polly, and Sylvester Procter, Oct.13,1793.*

Mary Ann, and Fitch Pool, jr., July8,1824.*

Melzard, and Mary Leech of Haverhill, int.Oct.28,1826.

Nancy, and Isaac Hardy, jr., Oct.21,1840.*

Nathan, and Margaret Silver [of], at Salem, Feb.4,1810.*

Nathan, and Hannah C. Merrill [of], Feb.27,1826.*

Nathan H., and Abigail Morrill, May17,1843.*

Patience, and Eli Russel, Apr.16,1778.*

Rachel, and George Southwick, jr., Sept.14,1826.*

Sarah, and Capt. Benjamin Jacobs, Jan.17,1802. [Jan.16. dup.]*

Sally, and David Brewer of Hamilton, Apr.4,1816.*

Sarah Woods, and Henry Reed, at Andover, May28,1833.*

Tamison, and Obadiah Kimball, Nov.8,1838.*

William, and Eliza Messer [of], at Salem, June末,1830.*

William, and Mrs.Elizabeth P. Butler, b. Ipswich, at Ipswich, Apr.14,1842.*


Amos, and Sarah Goodale, Jan.16,1806.*

Anna, and Jesse Leavensworth of Danville, Feb.20,1791.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Pope, int.Sept.7,1754.

Eleazer, and Nancy Putnam, July7,1757.*

Eleazer, jr., and Mary Gardner, jr., Oct.5,1780.*

Elijah, and Hannah Putnam, June20,1791.*

Elisabeth, and William Walton of Pomfret, int.Dec.31,1757.

Betty, and Isaac Needham, jr. of Salem, Jan.1,1769.*

Betsey, and Samuel Putnam of Marblehead, Aug.5,1819.*

Elizabeth P., a.28y., d.Nathaniel and Abi, and Andrew M[erriam.dup.] Putnam, widr., a.37y., lumber merchant, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, Nov.7,1844.*

Eunice, and James Putnam, jr., Sept.16,1773.*

Gertrude, and Jonathan Barrett, Dec.26,1822.*

Hannah, and Francis Fletcher of Dunstable, Feb.15,1818.*

Harriet A., and Henry F. Putnam, Apr.16,1839.*

Ira Preston, and Eliza Cogswell Batchelder, Dec.24,1846.*

Jesper, and Abigail Lander, at Salem, Dec.14,1804.

Jasper, and Harriet Felton, Dec.17,1830. [Dec.16. dup.]*

Jasper, and Sarah Felton, 2d w., Feb.9,1846.*

John Reith, and Mary Jane Brown, Apr.2,1849.*

Joseph, and Susannah Marsh, Mar.26,1789.*

Mary, and Joshua Buxton,末蔓末, 末末.

Mary, wid., and Jacob Sawyer of Reading, int.Mar.10,1758.

Mary, and William Deadman of Salem, Dec.14,1756. [Nov.11,1758. int.]*

Mary, and Aaron Gilbert, June4,1777.*

Mary Putnam, and Calvin Putnam, July8,1841.*

Mary, of Salem, and Lorenzo D. Warner, Oct.26,1848.*

Mehetable, and Caleb Oakes, Nov.9,1797.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Clark, Dec.23,1784.*

Nathaniel, and Abi Preston, Aug.8,1815.*

Nathaniel, and Charlotte Flint, Mar.9,1848.*

Orlando E., and Rebecca S. Fairfield [of], at Salem, June末,1832.*

Phebe, and Aaron Aborn of Lynn, Dec.31,1779.*

Phebe P., and David Tapley, int.Aug.17,1830.

Rebekah, jr., and Thomas Gardner, jr., Nov.28,1781.*

Rebecca, and Jonathan Procter of Dunstable, June27,1784.*

Samuel Carroll, and Frances Dissmore, at Londonderry, NH, Dec.23,1806.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Pope, int.Sept.7,1754.

Zephaniah, and Nancy Mudge, Apr.9,1835.*


Aaron, and Eunice Hathorne, at Salem, Feb.5,1788.

Abijah, and Sarah Dodge of Wenham [at Wenham.dup.], Jan.30,1798. [July31,1800. dup.]*

Abijah, and Mrs.Rebecca [P. int.] Stone, May15,1844.*

Alfred, and Clarissa Endicott, Nov.17,1818.*

Alfred Ray, and Elizabeth Cutler Jacobs, July12,1836.*

Amos, and Anna Broadstreet, Jan.24,1764.*

Andrew, and Ennice Dwinnell, Apr.12,1801. [1802. dup.]*

Andrew, and Mary O. Pindar, Dec.6,1829.*

Andrew, and Mary M. Dalton, May23,1839.*

Andrew, and Mary Grant [of], at Salem, Nov.7,1843.*

Anna [of], and Eliphalet Perley, Mar.24,1774.*

Anna, and Amos Gallop, Apr.6,1781.*

Ann F., and Jacob K. Roberts, int.Mar.18,1848.

Apphia, and Asa Perley of Boxford, Aug.12,1762.*

Apphia, and John Barnes, resident in Danvers, Mar.9,1824. [Mar.7. dup.]*

Benjamin, of Wenham, and [Mrs.PR61] Sarah Brown [wid.Bartholomew.PR61], Mar.27,1755.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Eunice Osborn, Feb.12,1761.*

Benjamin, 4th, and Phebe Granson, int.Aug.20,1767.

Benjamin, and Abigail Osborn, May21,1778.*

Benjamin, and Rhoda Berry, Sept.17,1807. [ Sept.7. dup.]*

Benjamin, and Harriet Berry, 2d w., at Marblehead, Dec.5,1822.

Benjamin, Capt., of Marblehead, and Nancy Kent [at Marblehead.dup.], Dec.12,1825. [Dec.6. dup.]*

Daniel, and Ruthy Mecom of Topsfield, Feb.26,1795.*

David, and Melinde Wells, Apr.10,1832.*

Elizabeth, and Asa Leech of Beverly, Mar.4,1756.*

Betsy, and Nathaniel Gould of Salem, Feb.4,1793.*

Amma, and Patrick Carrill, Dec.13,1759.*

Eunice, and Nathaniel Webb of Salem, int.Apr.18,1767.

Eunice, Mrs., of Topsfield [2d, w.dup.], and Capt. Jeremiah Putnam, Oct.16,1810.*

Eunice, and Samuel Felton, May23,1813.*

Eunice, and Edward Brown, June1,1817.*

Ezra, and Mehetable Osborn, Feb.9,1764.*

Francis, and Martha Gott of Wenham, Apr.10,1772.*

George B., and Sarah Pitman of Salem, Aug.23,1808.*

George, and Serene C. Usher, Aug.4,1835.*

Hannah, and John Collins, Jan.5,1769.*

Hannah, and James Webb, July28,1784.*

Hannah, and Chapman Collyer of Topsfield, Dec.21,1797.*

Harthorne, and Mehitable Brown of Haverhill, Dec.14,1824.*

Huldah, and Aaron Jacobs, Feb.14,1816.*

Isaac, and Sarah Kent, 2d w., at Lyme, NH, May8,1830.

Isaac, and Eliza Joselyn, 3d w., Aug.20,1837.*

Israel, and Huldah Smith, Dec.13,1771.*

Israel, jr., and Sally Nurse, int.Dec.12,1795.

Israel Putnam, and Cynthia O. Johnson, Nov.15,1831.*

Israel Putnam, and Martha Jane Tucker, 2d w., at Salem, Sept.20,1841.

James, and Hannah Curtis of Stoughtonham, Nov.9,1797.*

John, jr., and Hannah Raymond of Beverly, July22,1755.*

John, and Polley Batcheldor, Nov.13,1785.*

Jonathan, of Exeter, and Mehitabell Rea, Jan.24,1760.*

Jonathan, and Louis Tarr, May4,1788.*

Jonathan, jr., and Lydia Porter, Feb.5,1789.*

Jonathan, 3d, and Mehitable Tarr, Apr.8,1792.*

Jonathan [], and Eunice Boardman of Topsfield, Nov.30,1797.*

Joseph, and Sarah Putnam, Aug.26,1762.*

Joseph, and Phebe Barrett of Malden, Feb.2,1767.*

Joseph, and Elisabeth Herrick of Reading, int.Oct.15,1768.

Joseph [jr. int.], and Ruth Hartwell of Bedford, June3,1788.*

Joseph, wheelwright, and Mary Trask, Nov.26,1826.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth [Whittredge. dup.] Hutchinson, June3,1833.*

Joseph, wheelwright, and Mrs.Abigail P. Henderson, 2d w., June17,1843. [June14. dup.]*

Luther Elliot, and Martha Jane Flint, Nov.26,1846.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Porter, jr., Feb.5,1789.

Lydia, and Nathaniel Gould of Salem, May19,1795.*

Mary, and Tarrant Putnam, Jan.19,1758.*

Mary, of Charlestown, and Samuel Leach, int.Mar.15,1768.

Polly, and Dudley Broadstreet of Topsfield, Sept.29,1789.*

Mary Ann, and Charles Davis of Cincinnati, OH, Sept.25,1842.*

Mehitable, 2d w., and Sylvester Proctor, Oct.22,1772.*

Mehitabel, and Nathan Cheever, Oct.14,1792.*

Marcy, and Samuel Foster of Newburyport, int.Apr.17,1802.

Moses, and Fanny Giddings, Jan.1,1826.*

Nancy, and Alen Putnam, Apr.26,1785.*

Nancy, and Paul Spencer of Beverly, Dec.10,1820.*

Nathan, and Lydia Goodridge, Mar.23,1773.*

Nathan, and Nancey Adams, both of Beverly, Aug.8,1784.

Phebe, and Ephraim Smith, May12,1782.*

Phebe, and Cornelius Gould of Topsfield, Feb.3,1791.*

Rebecca, and Samuel Flint, July22,183.

Rebecca, and Samuel Cook Flint, Aug.12,1838.*

Ruth, and Caleb Rea,末蔓末, [1753, in pencil.]

Ruth, and Joseph Gould, jr. of Topsfield, Apr.7,1795.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Samuel Williams of Salem, int.Oct.9,1756.

Sarah, and John Page, Nov.25,1773.*

Salley, and Daniel Putnam, jr., Jan.27,1789.*

Sally, and Benjamin Webb, July25,1806.*

Thomas, and Marcy Clark of York, int.Sept.20,1755.

Warren, and Ann Welch [of Plaistow, NH. int.], at Plaistow, NH, Oct.9,1823.*

Zerubabel, and Polly Endicott, Dec.16,1788.*


Benjamin, and Anna Kinsman, at Ipswich, Mar.2,1794.

Benjamin, and Ann Bailey, at Middleton, Nov.23,1817.

Charles, and Lydia Brown, at Beverly, Aug.14,1830.

Elizabeth Safford, and William Cheever Smith, Oct.10,1831.*

Henry A., and Lydia Osborn, Jan.11,1842.*

Laura A., of Beverly, a.27y., d.Benjamin and Anna, and Charles W. Hopkinson, widr.of Bradford, a.30y., s.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.18,1848.

Louisa B., and John Hines, Dec.2,1830.*

Martha W., of Beverly, and Dennison [W. int.] Brown, Aug.13,1846.*

Mary [Porter. int.], of Salem, and David Clark, Nov.13,1788.*

Mary Ann, and Allen Gould, June27,1830.*

Rachel Matilda, and James Brown Sawyer, Apr.3,1834.*

Rachel A., of Beverly, and Stephen Peabody, int.Sept.17,1845.

William, and Ednah Brown, at Hamilton, June26,1842.

POWARS (Powers)

Rhoda Ann, of Salem, and Howes Nourse, int.July8,1836.

POWERS (Powars)

Lucy, of Croyden, NH, and Robert Lilley of Salem, Apr.8,1838.*


Amos, Capt., and Almira Mudge, Apr.16,1838.*

Elisha, and Susan Harris of Fitchburg, int.Oct.22,1825.

Ephraim, jr., of Reading, and Betsey Tapley, Sept.12,1810.*

Isaac, of Charlestown, and Nancy Dodge, Feb.16,1794.*

Jane, and Henry Hyde, both of Lynn, May17,1835.*

Leonard, jr., of Salem, and Rebecca Poole, Aug.19,1847.*

Susan, and Jesse Hart, at Salem, Nov.末,1826.

PRENTICE (Prentiss)

Mary A., a.24y., d.Caleb and Elizabeth, and Hiram Hook, a.28y., farmer and shoe dealer, s.John and Hannah, Dec.25,1844.*

PRENTISS (Prentice)

Emily Helen, and Kimball Hutchinson, Jan.20,1847.*

Joshua, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Caleb and Elizabeth, and Augusta Abigail Skinner of Lynnfield, a.20y., b. Lynnfield, d.William and Lucy, Oct.18,1849.*

Mary Abigail, and Hiram Hook, Dec.25,1844.

PRESCOT (Prescott)

Mary, and Samuel Curtis, Oct.21,1844.*

Rebeckah, and Roger Sherman, Esq. of New Haven, May12,1763.*

PRESCOTT (Prescot)

Abigail M., and Moses A. Gould, both of Middleton, Apr.8,1839.

David, and Mary Shaw Trask, at Salem, May4,1830.

George, and Susan M. Batchelder, at Lynn, Oct.26,1846. [Oct.25. dup.]

Jonathan, and Mary Foot, at Candia, NH, Nov.21,1811.

Joseph Warren, and Julitta Messer, at Boston, Sept.29,1844.

Lewis, and Jemima Higging, June19,1845.*

Martha, and Stephen Goodhue of Salem, int.Sept.12,1767.

Mercy, and Henry Gibbs, Oct.29,1781.*

Sally, a.25y., shoe binder, d.Jonathan C., and Benjamin Larrabee, widr., a.35y., stonecutter, s.John, deceased, Sept.1,1844.*

PRESSEY (Preston)

Robert, of Salisbury, and Mary Ricker, Sept.23,1827.*

PRESSON (Preston)

Elizabeth, and James Prince, jr., Sept.18,1755.*

PRESSTON (Preston)

Rebeckah, and Ebenezer Dale, Apr.1,1755.*

PRESTON (Pressey, Presson, Presston)

Abel N., and Sally Preston, Apr.24,1810.*

Abel, and Jane Tuttle, May29,1837.*

Abi, and Nathaniel Pope, Aug.8,1815.*

Charles Putnam, and Sarah Hubbard Hooke [of Poplin, NH. int.], at Poplin, NH, Jan.29,1845.*

Daniel J., and Elizabeth C. Hoyt of Newburyport, int.Feb.13,1843.

David, and Rebecca Upton of Reading, int.Sept.18,1802.

Eliza, 2d w., and Nathan Tapley, Dec.6,1835. [Dec.7. dup.]*

Elisabeth, and Abel Nichols, int.Dec.6,1766.

Betsey, and Perly Putnam, Nov.5,1801.*

Elizabeth W., and Joshua L. Newhall, both of Lynnfield, Apr.10,1832.*

Hannah, and Amos Tapley, May19,1772.*

Hannah, and Moses Kimble, jr. of Andover, July9,1793.*

Hiram, and Julia Ann Putnam, May16,1827.*

Ira, and Jane Whitmore, Nov.28,1816.*

John, and Mehetable White, Feb.13,1772.*

John, jr., and Clarisa Putnam, Dec.2,1819.*

Levi, and Mehitable Nichols, May4,1779.*

Levi, jr., and Rebecah Felton, Jan.8,1811.*

Levi, jr., and Abigail Abbot, Dec.29,1825.*

Lydia P. [3d, w.dup.], a.25y., d.Daniel, deceased, and Lucinda, and George A. Putnam, widr., a.34 Y., shoe manufacturer, s.Samuel and Mary, Dec.11,1844.*

Polly, and Col. Nathaniel Felton, jr., Mar.15,1821.*

Mehitable, of Beverly, and Nathaniell Easty of Salem, Sept.26,1771.

Hitty, and William Goodale, Apr.5,1807.*

Hitty, and Ebenezer Berry of Andover, Apr.13,1808.*

Moses, and Sarah Berry of Middleton, int.Nov.4,1785.

Moses, jr., and Betsey Felton, June10,1817.*

Samuel, and Lydia Waters Proctor, Jan.10,1822.*

Sally, and Abel N. Preston, Apr.24,1810.*

Susan, and Asa Tapley, jr., May8,1811.*

William, and Syrena P. Cross, Oct.15,1829.*

William B., and Merzilvia Winchester, Dec.2,1836.*


Emily, and Samuel Ferguson, jr., Sept.11,1838.CR5

John, resident in Danvers, and Sally Willson, June23,1808.*

Mary [], and John Andrew, Nov.29,1763.*

Mary Jane, of Salem, and Edward H. Judkins, at Salem, Apr.22,1845.*

Sally Jane, and Joseph Putnam Hamilton, Nov.10,1844.*

Thomas, of Boston, and Mary Andrew, Dec.21,1752.*

William, and Lydia Felton, Sept.11,1833.*

PRICHARD (Pritchard)

Laura Ann, of Salem, and Edward A. Conway, int.Aug.26,1841.

Patiance, and Samuell Southwick, int.Oct.16,1762.


Josiah, of Cambridge, and Hannah B. Palmer, May14,1834.*


Amos, and Eunice Fuller, Feb.3,1805.*

Anna, and John Goodale, Apr.11,1760.*

Asa, and Elizabeth Nichols, June15,1769.*

Asa, and Elisabeth [] Roundy of Beverly, Oct.31,1779.*

Asa, of Beverly, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Luke R. and Sally, and Mary S. Black, a.19y., d.Nathaniel and Mary, Sept.11,1845.*

Caleb, and Anna Cross, Dec.9,1798.*

Charlotte, and Henry Dwinnel, Apr.13,1826.*

Daniel, and Elisabeth Rea, Mar.15,1763.*

Daniel, and Anne Felton, int.July18,1777.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Tucker, 3d of Salem, Nov.17,1839.*

Elizabeth Preston, and George Osgood Batchelder, Dec.19,1839. [Dec.26. dup.]*

Betsey H. [Peirce. int.], and Benjamin F. Haskell, Aug.22,1847.*

Elzaphan, and Betsey Hiers, Nov.8,1818.*

Emma, Mrs., and Israel Putnam, Feb.22,1785.*

Eunice, and Elijah Pope, jr., int.Dec.12,1831.

Ezra, and Emme Goodale, Mar.1,1770.*

Hannah, and John Cross, Dec.24,1793. [Dec.10,1794. dup.]*

Hannah, of Marblehead, and Dudley Bradstreet, int.Oct.12,1816.

Hannah, and William Peabody, Dec.11,1832.*

Huldah, and Timothy Prince, Oct.15,1755.*

James, jr., and Phebe Parker, June3,1787.*

John, and Polly Hayward, May24,1791.*

John B., of Salem, and Adeline Newhall of Lynn, Nov.17,1839.*

John, Rev., and Mary Parker Burnham, at Essex, Nov.7,1841.

Jonathan, M.D., and Lydia Holten, June6,1754.*

Joseph, jr., of Amherst, NH, and Sarah Wyart, Jan.9,1776.*

Mary, jr., and Nathaniel Felton, Mar.18,1781.*

Polly, and John Gould of Boxford, July18,1799.*

Mary, and Benjamin Beckett, June6,1839.*

Mary Jane, and John Roberts, Feb.20,1840.*

Ruth, and Daniel Bigsbe of Topsfield, May2,1776.*

Timothy, and Huldah Prince, Oct.15,1755.*

PRITCHARD (Prichard)

Elizabeth, and Anthony Tilton, Jan.20,1763.

Hannah, of Boxford, and Joseph Magery, Dec.27,1753.*

Huldah, and Archelaus Dale, June11,1820.*

Ruth, and Joseph Hutchinson, Jan.29,1767.*

PROCTER (Proctor)

Abigail, and Nathan Procter, jr., Oct.23,1788.*

Nabby, and Ruel Richardson of Mason, NH, Feb.16,1796.*

Nabby, and Joshua Butman of Salem, Oct.30,1805.*

Amos, and Sukey Newhall, int.Dec.17,1803.

Benjamin, and Kesia Littlefield of Wells, int.June23,1758.

Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Gardner, Dec.15,1787.*

Benjamin G[ardner. dup.], of Waterford, ME, and Hannah R[ea.dup.] Nurse, Feb.14,1815. [1816. dup.]*

Daniel, and Nabby Waters, Jan.16,1791.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Rachel Whittredge, July1,1794.*

Daniel, jr., and Hannah Procter, May1,1800. [1801. dup.]*

Daniel, and Mary Perry, Feb.18,1827.*

Ebenezer, of Salem, and Martha Gott, Mar.29,1769.*

Elisa, of Salem, and Robert Shillaber, int.Sept.22,1758.

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Robert Shillaber, Nov.30,1756.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Nehemiah Buffinton of Salem, Sept.14,1774.

Betty, and Jabez Smith, int.May19,1798.

Betsy, and Benjamin C. Reed, Nov.6,1798.*

Betsey, and Jesse Parker, Apr.9,1810.*

Francis, and Sarah Endecott, Dec.3,1797.*

George, and Rebecca Kenny of Salem, Oct.1,1820.*

Hannah, and Amos Pearly, Apr.5,1789.*

Hannah, and Isaac Very of Salem, Sept.19,1790.*

Hannah, and Daniel Procter, jr., May1,1800. [1801. dup.]*

James, and Desire King, Feb.17,1805.*

John, Capt., and [] Esther Osborn, Jan.2,1771.*

John, and Ruth Southwick, May24,1787.*

John, and Betsey Putnam, Apr.6,1817.*

John W., Esq., and Mary I[ngersol. dup.] Osborn, May23,1825.*

Johnson, and Lydia Waters, Dec.31,1789.*

Johnson, Capt., and Mary Putnam [2d, w.dup.], Feb.23,1809.*

Jonathan, and Judith Hint of Reading, int.Apr.8,1769.

Jonathan, of Dunstable, and Rebecca Pope, June27,1784.*

Jonathan, jr., and Phebee Gould, Nov.24,1799.*

Judith, 2d w., and Benjamin C. Reed, Dec.21,1806.*

Lydia, and Aaron Osborne, Mar.24,1774.*

Lydia, and Joseph Fogg, June9,1795.*

Lydia, and Nathan Felton, Jan.24,1796.*

Lydia Waters, and Samuel Preston, Jan.10,1822.*

Patty, of Salem, and William Johnson, jr., int.Sept.14,1799.

Mary, and Peter Cross, Oct.24,1754.*

Mary, and Joseph Osborn, jr., Jan.6,1756.*

Mary, and Jedidiah Felton of Mason, NH, int.Sept.27,1796.

Polly, and John M. Abbot, Mar.25,1800.

Hitty, and Daniel Osborne, jr., Nov.29,1792. [Nov.20. dup.]*

Hitty, and John Perley, Dec.6,1804.*

Nathan [jr. int.], and Abigail Waters, Oct.22,1761.*

Nathan, jr., and Abigail Procter, Oct.23,1788.*

Perley, and Sally Putnam, Dec.28,1817.*

Phebe, and Israel Wood, Feb.7,1786.*

Prudence, and James Bufinton, jr. of Salem, Feb.14,1765.*

Rebecca, and John Needham, jr., May8,1806.*

Rebecca R. [King. dup.], and Warren M. [Edward Warren. dup.] Jacobs, Mar.22,1831.*

Ruth, and Oliver Whiteing of Tewksbury, Oct.17,1776.*

Sarah, and John Goold [of Gloucester. int.], July16,1761.*

Sarah, and Capt. Benjamin Shillaber, Nov.18,1784.*

Sarah, and Elias Twiss, June21,1795.*

Stephen, and Mary Felton, Dec.25,1817.*

Susannah, and Stephen Hooper of Cambridge, Jan.3,1825.*

Silvester, and Mehetabel Porter, Oct.22,1772.*

Sylvester, and Polly Poor, Oct.13,1793.*

Thorndike, and Mrs.Sarah Aborn of Salem, Jan.24,1771.

Thorndike, Col., and Elizabeth Wilson, June9,1823.*

PROCTOR (Procter)

Aaron Cheever, and Irene Flint Upton, Aug.24,1841. [Aug.5. dup.]*

Abel, and Lydia Porter Emerson, May6,1830.*

Abigail, and Rufus Putnam, both of Beverly, Oct.2,1825.

Almira Elizabeth, and Alonzo B. Flanders, Oct.29,1848.*

Amos, and Sukey Newhall, int.Dec.17,1803.

Benjamin, and Mary Whittredge, Dec.8,1694.

Clarissa, and Benjamin Earl of Moultonboro, NH, int.Mar.31,1832.

Daniel, and Lucy Jacobs, Dec.30,1829.*

Betsey R., and Joel Brown of Salem, Oct.3,1830.*

Elizabeth, and Otis Mudge, Aug.24,1842.*

John, and Lydia Waters, Dec.14,1727.

John, and Mary Eppes,末蔓末,1751.

John, and Ruth (Porter) Rea, 2d w., Aug.26,1762.*

Jonathan, jr., and Sally Colby, Apr.17,1833.*

Joseph, and Elisabeth Epes, int.Jan.29,1768.

Joseph S., and Lois Perry, at Beverly, June1,1822.

Louisa, and Alonzo Joshua Hubbard, at Topsfield, May20,1845.

Martha D., of Essex, and Ariel Low, int.Mar.12,1831.

Martha A., and Nathan S. Proctor, Dec.25,1841.*

Mary, and Joseph Pickering of Salem, Nov.12,1758.*

Mary Endicott, and Samuel Putnam Nourse, May24,1836.*

Mehitable, and John Perley, Dec.6,1801.

Mehitable Felton, and Caleb Strong Russell, Dec.27,1830. [Dec.5,1831. int.]*

Nathan S., and Martha A. Proctor, Dec.25,1841.*

Phoebe, and Archilus P. Black, Apr.6,1841.*

Phebe Wood, 2d w., and Samuel Putnam Nourse, Jan.21,1846.*

Ruth, and John Marble, int.May6,1758.

Sylvester, and Abigail Gale of Salem, Jan.18,1763.*

Sylvester, and Mehetable Porter, 2d w., Oct.22,1772.

Sylvester, jr., and Harriet Gage, at Charlestown, Jan.18,1827.

Sylvester, and Elizabeth Butman of Salem, int.May10,1849.

William, and Mary Ann Putnam, Nov.11,1839.*


Nancy, and Charles Derby, at Nashville, TN, Feb.14,1820.

PULSON (Polson)

Jennett, and Hugh Fulton, at Lowell, Dec.末,1833.


Prisscilla, and Isaiah Chute, in Nova Scotia, Feb.21,1847.

PURINGTON (Purrington)

Abijah, and Jane Vernon of Salem, int.Aug.27,1766.

PURINTON (Purrington)

Amos, s.Daniel, late of Danvers, and Ruth, and Mary Chase, d.Elihu and Mary, of Kensington, NH, Dec.16,1768.CR8

Content, and Charles W. Symonds, Mar.31,1799.*

Hannah, d.Daniel, deceased, and Ruth, and Stephen Green, s.John, of Kensington, NH, and Mary, Mar.7,1771.CR8

PURRINGTON (Purington, Purinton)

Samuel, and Abigail Newhall of Lynn, int.Dec.20,1760.


Aaron, and Lydia Waters, Jan.4,1759.*

Aaron, and Mary F. Tapley, int.Aug.21,1830.

Aaron, and Leafy Francis, Jan.31,1835. [Jan.30. dup.]*

Abigail, and Rowley Hero, Jan.15,1756.*

Nabby, and William Trask, jr., Mar.22,1801.*

Adrian, and Fanny Flint, Jan.4,1832.*

Ahira Herrick, and Sarah Bradstreet, Oct.9,1834.*

Albert [Capt.CR5], and Elizabeth C. Putnam, June17,1830.*

Albert, and Louisa R[estieaux. int.] Kent [of], at Wenham, Nov.11,1845.*

Alfred, and Mary Page, Feb.10,1831.*

Alen, and Nancy Porter, Apr.26,1785.*

Allen, and Eliza Page, Sept.20,1818.*

Amos, and Hannah Phillips,末蔓末,1744[?]

Amos, Dr., and Mary Gott of Wenham, July2,1760.*

Amos, of Hopkinton, NH, and Desire Felton, Jan.11,1798.*

Amos, jr., and Lydia Peirce of New Salem, int.Nov.30,1805.

Amos, jr., and Mary Russel, Dec.13,1807.*

Andrew, and Mary Page, int.Aug.13,1774.

Andrew Merriam, and Sarah Putnam Fowler, Feb.29,1836. [Feb.28. dup.]*

Anna, Mrs., and Capt. Samuel Carlton of Salem, Jan.17,1754.*

Anna, and Joseph Putnam, 3d, Dec.2,1773.*

Anna, 2d w., and Nathaniel Boardman, Nov.25,1824.*

Archelaus, Dr., and Nabby Bishop of Medford, Nov.12,1786.*

Archelaus, and Sarah Ward Noyes of Andover, int.May31,1817.

Asa, Dea., and Mary Walcot, Aug.23,1764.*

Asa, and Ede Hutchinson, May17,1796.*

Augustus, and Abigail Ann Bomer [of], Jan.27,1836.*

Benjamin, jr., and Miriam Flint, Apr.15,1777.*

Benjamin, jr., and Nancy Peaslee of Amesbury, int.Feb.5,1804.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Dorothy Ordway of Haverhill, int.Oct.7,1837.

Benjamin C., and Elvira W. Dudley of Beverly, int.June2,1842.

Bathiah, and William Putnam, jr., Aug.6,1766.*

Bethiah D., and Hiram E. Gordon of Salem, int.Aug.9,1843.

Calvin, and Mary Putnam Pope, July8,1841.*

Caroline H., and James M. Perry, int.Feb.17,1845.

Catherine, and Israel F. Ober of Beverly, Dec.8,1834.*

Clarisa, and John Preston, jr., Dec.2,1819.*

Clarissa, and Daniel Wheeler Fuller, Oct.5,1836. [Oct.6. dup.]*

Clarissa H[amilton. dup.], a.24y., d.Seth and Polly, and James M[unro. dup.] Perry, a.26y., butcher, s.Jonathan and Rebecca, Mar.5,1845.

Daniel, and Elizabeth Putnam, Mar.27,1760.*

Daniel, jr., and Rachal Small, Sept.14,1769.*

Daniel, jr., and Salley Porter, Jan.27,1789.*

Daniel, and Mehitable Upton, Nov.25,1794.*

Daniel, jr., and Susanna Putnam, Nov.30,1797.*

Daniel Franklin, and Susan Herrick Putnam, June21,1832.*

David, Capt., and Sarah Abbot of Salem, July25,1805.*

David, and Mary Davis, Jan.7,1814. [Jan.6. dup.]*

Eben, jr., and Betsey Webb, Oct.8,1809. [Oct.10. dup.]*

Eben, and Priscilla Dutch of Salem, int.Apr.18,1844.

Ebenezer, and Lydia Putnam, Nov.3,1793.*

Ebenezer, and Betsey P. Cross, July15,1835.*

Edey, and John Swinerton, int.Nov.8,1755.

Edmund, jr., and Martha H. Trask of Beverly, int.Sept.30,1795.

Edward B[rown. dup.], and Margaret Safford Francis, Nov.16,1836. [Nov.18. dup.]*

Edwin F., and Olivia Woodbury [of], at Beverly, May7,1835.*

Elbridge, and Sally Goodale, Nov.13,1825.*

Eleanor, and Artemas W. Perly of Boxford, Mar.20,1803.*

Eleazer P[orter. int.], and Rebecca Smith of Topsfield, Oct.16,1781.*

Eleazer, and Sarah Fuller of Middleton, int.Dec.30,1783.

Eleazer, and Sarah Webster, Sept.18,1803.*

Eleazer, Esq., and Dorcas Foster of Boxford, int.Nov.10,1815.

Elias, and Eunice Ross, Nov.12,1812.*

Elias, and Lydia P. Batchelder [of Middleton. int.], at Middleton, Oct.9,1845.*

Elisha, and Rebekah Brown, Oct.18,1764.*

Eliza, and Porter Kettell, Dec.6,1821.*

Elizabeth, and Timothy Putnam, Jan.1,1756.*

Elizabeth, wid.[], and Richard Upham of Reading, July5,1757.*

Betty, wid., and Lt. Archelaus Fuller of Middleton, Apr.17,1759.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Putnam, Mar.27,1760.*

Elisabeth, and Nathaniell Oliver, Mar.4,1772.*

Elisabeth, and Elijah Flint, Mar.7,1797.*

Elizabeth, 2d w., and Elijah Flint, Mar.7,1797.

Betsy, and Moses Putnam, Apr.28,1803.*

Betsey, and Levi Fish, May2,1811.*

Betsey, and John Procter, Apr.6,1817.*

Elizabeth C., and [Capt.CR5] Albert Putnam, June17,1830.*

Betsey, and Daniel M. Verry, Dec.16,1835.*

Elizabeth Ann, and William Cheever, Feb.16,1837.*

Elizabeth, 2d w., and George A. Putnam, Nov.8,1838.*

Emily, and Augustus Fowler, Dec.28,1837.*

Emily A., and [Rev. int.] Richard T. Searl of Henniker, NH, Dec.22,1847.*

Emme, and John Nichols, Apr.27,1808.*

Emma, and John Kettell of Walpole, NH, int.Aug.26,1826.

Emeline, and Joseph Stearns Black, June12,1844. [June11. dup.]*

Enoch, and Hannah Putnam, Apr.25,1754.*

Eunice, and Nathaniell Richardson of Salem, Oct.17,1771.*

Eunice, 2d w., and Israel Hutchinson, jr., July19,1795.*

Eunice, and Daniel Gardner of Lyndeboro, NH, Mar.8,1810.*

Ezra, and Sally Putnam, Nov.28,1799.*

Ezra, and Hannah Granger, June16,1813.*

Fanny, and Joseph Putnam, 3d, Feb.9,1790.*

Francis P., and Pamelia F. Upton, Apr.28,1836.*

Fredrick, of Salem, and Sally Marsh, int.Apr.23,1796.

George A., and Lydia Osgood [of Andover. int.], at Andover, Dec.11,1832.*

George A., and Elizabeth Putnam, 2d w., Nov.8,1838.*

George A., widr., a.34y., shoe manufacturer, s.Samuel and Mary, and Lydia P[roctor. dup.] Preston, a.25y., d.Daniel, deceased, and Lucinda, Dec.11,1844.*

Gideon, and Hannah Brown of Salem, June18,1752.*

Gilbert, and Betsey Thayer Samson of Charleston, Dec.17,1812.*

Gustavus, and Ruth Colcord, Jan.31,1832.*

Hannah, and Enoch Putnam, Apr.25,1754.*

Hannah, and Nathan Putnam, Oct.23,1771.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Russel, 3d, Dec.25,1777.*

Hannah, and Elijah Flint, Dec.11,1783.*

Hannah, and Elijah Pope, June20,1791.*

Hannah, and Timothy Putnam, Mar.10,1794.*

Hannah, and Joseph Towne, Mar.2,1830.*

Hannah J., and Francis A. Bomer, Oct.2,1844.*

Harriet, and Israel Adams, Dec.24,1821.*

Harriet, and Samuel Page Fowler, Dec.3,1833.*

Hervey, and Amanda Melvina Bunker [of Lynn. int.], at Lynn, Apr.29,1845.*

Henry, and Sarah Putnam, Mar.11,1762.*

Henry F., and Harriet A. Pope, Apr.16,1839.*

Hiram, and Elizabeth Osgood of Andover, int.July20,1816.

Huldah, and Joseph Woodbury [jr. int.] of Beverly, May6,1766.*

Huldah, and John Hinds, Jan.28,1802.*

Israel, and Betty Dale, June20,1754.*

Israel, and Mrs.Emma Prince, Feb.22,1785.*

Israel, 3d, and Nancy Endicott, July8,1788.*

Israel, jr., and Mrs.Polly (Ramsdell) Shays, July26,1791.*

Israel H[erbert. dup.], a.25y., shoe manufacturer, s.wid.Deborah, and Sarah C[aroline. dup.] Putnam, a.21y., s.James S. and Sally, Oct.29,1844.*

James Phillips, and Molly Herrick of Pomfret, CT, int.Aug.20,1768.

James, jr., and Eunice Pope, Sept.16,1773.*

James A., and Sarah Marston, at Methuen, Mar.13,1820.*

Jefferson, and Sally Cutler, at Lexington, Feb.9,1829.

Jefferson, and, wid.Judith Stone, 2d w., at Salem, Dec.8,1836.

Jeremiah, and Rachol Fuller, Feb.3,1763.*

Jeremiah, jr., and Mehitable Pinder, July17,1798.*

Jeremiah, Capt., and Mrs.Eunice Porter of Topsfield, Oct.16,1810.*

Jeremiah, and Sarah N. Lord, Dec.15,1836. [1839. dup.]*

Jesse, and Elizabeth Merriam of Middleton, int.May5,1804.

Jethro, and Mary Holten, jr., Sept.21,1784.*

Joel, and Fidelia Poor, June1,1843.*

John, jr., and Abigail Small, jr., Oct.31,1765.*

John, of Petersham, and Sally Gilfords, int.Aug.21,1806.

John, and Polly Willson, Apr.21,1814.*

John, and Sally Tapley, May27,1816.*

John P., and Ednah H. Saunders [of Hudson, NH. dup.], at Hudson, NH, Oct.15,1825.*

John C., a.25y., cordwainer, s.Phineas and Mary, and Louisa M. [R. dup.] Knight, a.23y., housekeeper, d.Zebulon and Mary, Apr.30,1844.*

John A., of Wenham, and Martha S. Richards, Sept.27,1847.*

Jonathan, and, wid.Sarah Andrew, July16,1761.*

Joseph, 3d, and Ruth Flint of Middleton, int.Mar.24,1770.

Joseph, 3d, and Anna Putnam, Dec.2,1773.*

Joseph, 3d, and Fanny Putnam, Feb.9,1790.*

Joseph, 4th, and Marcy Whipple, Feb.8,1800. [1801. dup.]*

Joseph, Dea., and Mrs.Mehitable Putnam, June8,1807.*

Joseph Collins, and Louisa [H. dup.] Roberts, Apr.3,1836.*

Joseph Warren, and Sally N. Galeucia [of Lynn. int.], at Salem, July9,1849.*

Joshua, and Elizabeth Ashby, b. Marblehead, int.Nov.18,1820.

Julia Ann, and Hiram Preston, May16,1827.*

Julia A., and John D. Philbrick of Roxbury, Aug.24,1843.*

Lincoln G. [S.CR5], and Lydia Richardson, both of Salem, Apr.16,1841.

Lois, and David Whipple of Gloucester, Apr.16,1786.*

Lois, and George West of Haverhill, Oct.10,1824. [1826. dup.]*

Lucretia, and John Wells, Nov.31,1800.*

Lucy, and Richard Luscomb, jr. of Salem, Nov.29,1787.*

Lucy [of Middleton. int.], 2d w., and Timothy Fuller, jr., at Middleton, Apr.23,1840.*

Lydia, and Samuel Putnam, jr., May5,1763.*

Lydia, and Ebeneser Rea, of Beverly, int.Aug.29,1767.

Lydia, and Benjamin Rea, Nov.22,1774.*

Lydia, and William Giffards, Sept.18,1781.*

Lydia, and Ebenezer Putnam, Nov.3,1793.*

Lydia, and Nathan Smith, July13,1802.*

Lydia, and Joseph Coffrain, at Beverly, Nov.末,1803.*

Lydia, and Frederick How, Apr.13,1820.*

Lydia, and Nathan Tapley, May22,1826.

Margaret, and John Calvin Butler, Sept.15,1839.*

Margaret Dale, and Joseph White Ropes, Apr.8,1840.*

Maria, and Edward R. [Edmund R.CR4] Legroo, Apr.10,1833.*

Martha Ann, a.29y., d.Jesse and Elizabeth, and Mellen Chamberlain of Boston, a.28y., counsellor, s.Moses and Mary, May6,1849. [May12. dup.]*

Mary, and Joseph Endicot, Dec.13,1757.*

Mary, Mrs., and Andrew Fuller, jr. of Middleton, int.May16,1767.*

Polly, of Sterling, and Jonas Geary of Leominster, Feb.12,1786.

Mary, and Benjamin Kent, Dec.18,1786.*

Polly, and Timothy Felton, jr., int.June29,1788.

Polly, and John Endicott, jr., June16,1791.*

Mary, and Rufus Putnam, Dec.10,1793.*

Mary, and Levi Carr of Salisbury, Nov.20,1797.*

Mary Cheever, and David Tapley, Dec.10,1797.*

Polly, and Seth Putnam, May31,1801.*

Polly, and William Putnam of Salem, int.Oct.11,1805.

Polly, and Ebenezer Upton of Reading, Jan.16,1806.*

Mary, and Capt. Johnson Procter, Feb.23,1809.*

Polly, and William Knight, June24,1810.*

Mary Ann, and John Tyler, Dec.24,1823.*

Mary, and Israel Endicott, jr., Oct.17,1826.

Polly, and Israel Endicott, jr., Oct.17,1826.*

Mary Herrick, and Elbridge Trask, Feb.16,1836.*

Mary Ann, and Caleb Skinner of Lynnfield, Jan.24,1837.*

Mary Ann, and William Proctor, Nov.11,1839.*

Polly, and Samuel Wallis, July2,1840.*

Mary P., Mrs., 3d w., and Dr. Ebenezer Hunt, at Nashua, NH, Feb.21,1844.

Mary F[oster. dup.], and Henry Very, at Wenham, Jan.24,1846.*

Matilda, and George Moody of York, ME, May10,1833.*

Mathew, and Ruth Smith, Mar.17,1778.*

Matthew, and Hannah Giddings, Oct.17,1811.

Mehitabell, and Edward Sparawkawke of Lynn, Nov.8,1759.*

Mehitable, and James Symonds [jr. int.] of Salem, Dec.22,1763.*

Mehitable, and Joseph Knight of Middleton, int.Dec.17,1768.

Hitty, and Samuel Pindar, Nov.29,1798.*

Hitty and Stephen Dwinel, May18,1802.*

Mehitable, Mrs., and Dea.Joseph Putnam, June8,1807.*

Mehitable, and William Knights, int.Jan.16,1808.

Hitty, and Samuel Wormsted, Nov.19,1811.*

Mehitable, and Henry Johnson, Nov.26,1820.*

Miriam, Mrs., and Moody Spafford, Esq. of Rowley, Jan.3,1816.*

Moses, and [] Rebecca Kimball of Boxford, June13,1771.*

Moses, and Betsey Putnam, Apr.28,1803.*

Moses W., and Mary B. Steele of Haverhill, int.Nov.13,1846.

Nancy, and Eleazer Pope, July7,1757.*

Nancy Peasley, and Truman Bishop Clifford, at Chelsea, VT, May26,1835.

Nancy, and Alfred Fellows, Oct.2,1845.*

Nathan, and Hannah Putnam, Oct.23,1771.*

Nathan, jr., and Lucy Blanchard, Oct.27,1793.*

Nathan, and Rebecca James, int.June4,1803.

Nathaniel, and Mary Obear of Beverly, Feb.11,1773.*

Nathaniel, and Ruth Butler, 2d w., Dec.10,1788.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Polly Warner, int.Nov.17,1795.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Pindar, 2d w., Apr.11,1799.*

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Betsey Cheever [3d, w.dup.], July27,1809.*

Nathaniel, and Sally P. Galucia, b. Salem, Aug.15,1849. [Aug.28. dup.]*

Olivia, and George Thomas, Mar.25,1789.*

Orin, and Sally P. Nourse, Apr.13,1836. [1830. dup.]*

Pamela, and Thomas Symonds, Dec.24,1815.*

Perly, and Betsey Preston, Nov.5,1801.*

Peter, and Lydia Endicott, Jan.27,1756.*

Peter, and Eunice Endicott, Feb.27,1783.*

Peter, and Abigail Goss of Marblehead, Mar.10,1818.*

Philemon, and Lucy C. Blythe, at Windsor, VT, June24,1822.

Philemon, and Mary C. Noyes, 2d w., at Franconia, NH, July18,1842.

Phyneas, and Mary Whipple of Andover, Aug.12,1752.*

Phinehas, jr., and Ruth Hinckley, Aug.9,1810.*

Phebe, and John Mansfield, Nov.19,1795.*

Phebe, and Moses Black, Oct.11,1804.*

Phebe, and Moses Black, Oct.11,1806.

Porter, and Sally Tapley, June10,1798.*

Rachel, and George Goold, jr., June20,1754.*

Rachel, and John Kenny, Feb.26,1807.*

Rebeckah, and Caleb Oakes of Medford, Jan.12,1757.*

Rebecca, of Lancaster, and [Capt. int.] Samuel Page, Nov.30,1778.*

Rebeccah, and Ezekel Marsh, 3d, Dec.15,1789.*

Rebekah, and Elijah Tapley, May29,1792.*

Rebeckah, Mrs., and John Center, Jan.2,1810.*

Rebeccah, and Andrews Gould, Sept.25,1821.*

Rhoda, and John Marsh, Oct.2,1791.*

Robert, and Mary Hutchinson [of Groton, NH. int.], at Hebron, NH, June20,1832.*

Rufus, and Mary Putnam, Dec.10,1793.*

Rufus, of Warner, NH, and Polly Felton, Feb.19,1800.*

Rufus, and Abigail Proctor, both of Beverly, Oct.2,1825.

Ruth, and Francis Perley of Boxford, Nov.28,1771.*

Ruth, and Stephen Putnam, Sept.14,1773.*

Ruth, and Samuel Putnam, int.Sept.30,1797. (No certificate given.)

Ruth, and Allen Nurse, Nov.5,1799.*

Ruth, and Reuben Peasley, Aug.17,1800.*

Ruth, and Andrew Batchelder, Feb.18,1802.*

Ruth, and Asa Hutchinson, Jan.23,1814.*

Samuel, jr., and Lydia Putnam, May5,1763.*

Samuel, and Ruth Putnam, int.Sept.30,1797. (No certificate given.)

Samuel, of Lynnfield, and Mrs.Abigail Pierce, Nov.15,1801.*

Samuel, and Polly Herrick [of], at Wenham, Mar.末,1808.*

Samuel, of Marblehead, and Betsey Pope, Aug.5,1819.*

Sarah, and Joseph Flint, Aug.14,1753.*

Sarah, and Daniel Andrew, July7,1755.*

Sarah [d.Dea.Asa.dup.], and Jeremy Hutchinson, Apr.11,1760.*

Sarah, and Henry Putnam, Mar.11,1762.*

Sarah, and Joseph Porter, Aug.26,1762.*

Sarah, and Samuel Goodridge of Beverly, int.Feb.12,1768.

Sarah, Mrs., and Philip Nurse, at Hollis, NH, Sept.22,1772.

Sarah, and Samuel Fowler, Mar.4,1773.*

Sally, and Samuel Endicott, Oct.7,1777.*

Sarah, wid., and Capt. Robert Foster of Salem, Sept.16,1779.*

Sally, and Hezekiah Flint, Oct.20,1789.*

Sarah, and Amos Felton of Middleton, May23,1790.*

Sally, and Ezra Putnam, Nov.28,1799.*

Sally, and David Davis of Salem, Aug.24,1809.*

Sally, of Salem, and Abel Nichols, May12,1814.*

Sally, and Perley Procter, Dec.28,1817.*

Sally, and John Wheeler, Apr.19,1818.*

Sally, and Daniel Thompson, Apr.8,1822.*

Sally, and Belcher Winn, June27,1824.*

Sally [of Nottingham West, NH. int.], 2d w., and Jacob Dempsey, at Hudson, NH, Apr.27,1825.*

Sally C., and John Kimball, Apr.5,1831.*

Sally H., and Henry Fowler, Apr.17,1838.*

Sarah C[aroline. dup.], a.21y., s.James S. and Sally, and Israel H[erbert. dup.] Putnam, a.25y., shoe manufacturer, s.wid.Deborah, Oct.29,1844.*

Sarah A., and Daniel B. Baker, Dec.31,1848.*

Serena, and Horatio Perry, Jan.8,1846. [Feb. dup.]*

Seth, and Polly Putnam, May31,1801.*

Simeon, and Debby Brown of Boxford, Dec.1,1801.

Simeon, and Harriot Whittier, Oct.1,1830. [Oct.5. dup.]*

Stephen, and Ruth Putnam, Sept.14,1773.*

Stephen, and Susanna Herrick of Reading, Dec.15,1774.*

Susan Herrick, and Daniel [David.dup.] Franklin Putnam, June21,1832.*

Susanna, and Daniel Putnam, jr., Nov.30,1797.*

Tarrant, and Mary Porter, Jan.19,1758.*

Tarrant, and [] Sarah Page, Nov.16,1768.*

Thomas, and Mary Fitz, Oct.15,1788.*

Thomas Meady, and Mrs.Eunice Levitt (Cram) Perkins [of Hampton Falls, NH. int.], at Hampton Falls, Sept.19,1843.*

Timothy, and Elizabeth Putnam, Jan.1,1756.*

Timothy, and Hannah Putnam, Mar.10,1794.*

Ward, and Sarah Shaw [2d, w.dup.], Jan.29,1807.*

Willard, and Elizabeth Goodale [Betsey T. int.], May29,1825.*

William, jr., and Bathiah Putnam, Aug.6,1766.*

William, of Salem, and Polly Putnam, int.Oct.11,1805.

William, and Hannah V. Goss, June23,1836.*

William Richardson, and Mary Phelps, Aug.27,1839.*


Hannah, and Samuel Verey of Salem, int.June29,1776.

Hepzibah, wid., (nee Larrebee), and Joshua Daniels [of Beverly.dup.], "a foreigner," May25,1807.*

Jonathan, jr., and Elizabeth Newhall, Dec.9,1773.*

Jonathan, and Sally Hill, May7,1815.*

Mary, and John Thornton of Salem, int.Apr.6,1793.

Mehitiable, and Thomas Milborn, Apr.18,1782.*

Nathaniel, and, wid.Jemimah Dukesbury, int.Mar.10,1758.

Sally, and Samuel Goodell of Salem, int.Nov.27,1777.

Stephen, and Hepzibah Larrabee of Lynnfield, Dec.11,1788.*

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