Hannah, and John Pinder, at Ipswich, Apr.27,1845.

John, and Susannah Burnham of Ipswich, Oct.26,1769.


Rhoda, of Salisbury, and Benjamin Pidgin, int.June13,1766.


Benjamin, Rev., and Mary Hobson of Rowley, Feb.2,1775.*

Benjamin, Rev., and Mary Carnes of Boston, int.Jan.14,1804.

Betsey, and John Ruggles, jr. of Milton, Nov.7,1805.*

Polly, and Rev. William Balch of Salisbury, Oct.31,1805.*

WAIT (Waitt)

Benjamin Johnson, and Christiana A. Wells of Shapleigh, ME, int.Aug.21,1849.

Charles Frederick, and Agnes Nutall, at Manchester, Eng., Nov.28,1847.

Edmund, and Susannah Stone, Sept.25,1791.*

Elizabeth A., and John Henry Rackliff, at Beverly, Mar.11,1849.*

Lydia W., and Benjamin Herrick of Beverly, Sept.26,1844.*

Mary Elizabeth, and George Knowles Rackliff, at Salem, Feb.22,1846.*

Nathan, and, wid.Mary Meacham, Mar.28,1765.*

Peter, and Pamela Wheeler, May30,1824. [May1. dup.]*

WAITE (Waitt)

Sarah, and Thomas Chever, Jan.28,1802.*

WAITT (Wait, Waite)

John, and Louisa Wheeler, Nov.26,1820.*

Jonathan, and Eliza Brown, b. Beverly, Sept.2,1787.

Oliver O., and Rebecca D. Riggs, int.June2,1848.

Samuel, and Lydia Woodbury of Gloucester, Dec.13,1817.

Samuel, and Harriet Carter of Stoneham, June5,1819.*


Caroline, of Boston, and Francis Very, int.Apr.3,1838.

WALCH (Walsh)

Susannah, and John B. Fuller, Sept.28,1817.*

WALCOT (Walcott)

John, jr., and Rebecca Newhall of Pepperell, int.Oct.5,1809.

Mary, and Dea.Asa Putnam, Aug.23,1764.*

WALCOTT (Walcot, Walcut, Wolcott)

Hannah Elizabeth, and George Tapley, July31,1841. [1842. dup.]*

John Gardner, and Elizabeth Emeline Hacket, at Lowell, Jan.12,1846.*

Lydia A., and Putnam Webb, int.Apr.12,1844.

Sophia M. [W. int.], and William P. [B. int.] Hobbs, May28,1846.*

William, and Elizabeth Wilson, Jan.19,1826. [Jan.29. dup.]*

William H., a.25y., teamster, s.Jonathan and Lydia, and Mary P. Tapley, a.21y., d.Nathan and Lydia, Dec.6,1849.*

WALCUT (Walcott)

Ebenezer G., and Mary Mugford, Mar.30,1819.*

Elizabeth, and Skelton Shelden, Apr.26,1753.*

John, and Sarah Gardner, Feb.19,1761.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Gale,末蔓末, 末末.

Jonathan, jr., and Lydia Jacobs, May21,1817. [May23.PR60]*

WALDEN (Waldron)

Dorcas, and John Brown, jr., Oct.9,1755.*

Isaiah, of Lynn, and Anna Symonds, int.Oct.29,1825.

John Green, and Polly Collins of Lynnfield, int.Aug.26,1786.

Joseph F., and Mary Austin, at Salem, Nov.25,1841.

[Mary.int.], and Caleb Nurse, May2,1754.*

Nathaniel, and Anna Green, Dec.1,1763.*

WALDRAN (Waldron)

Elisha, and Mary Badger, Apr.7,1833.*

WALDRON (Walden, Waldran)

Edward Tucker, and Almira Malissa Bomer [should be Morgan], at Wenham, Oct.25,1837.


Franklin, of Cambridge, and Harriot Ann Searl, Aug.26,1824.*

Harriet Ellen, and Francis Leander Boyd, b. Essex, June29,1847.*

John, resident in Danvers, and Hannah Verry, Aug.23,1779.*

Mary C., and Elmer Valentine at Hopkinton, May25,1836.

Samuel, Rev., and Sophia Wheeler, b. Worcester, int.Apr.26,1807.

Samuel Leach, b. Marblehead, and Sally Skidmore, at Beverly,末蔓末,1818.

Samuel L., and Sarah Burbank, int.Nov.6,1840.

Sarah (Skidmore), Mrs., 3d w., and Jonathan Ashby, at Marblehead, Aug.末,1825. [Aug.5,1826. int.]*


Daniel, and Betsey Goodale, Mar.28,1809.*

Dennison, and Nancy Marble, Apr.6,1777.*

Eleazer, and Hannah Woodbury, both of Beverly, May2,1785.

Gordon H., and Mary J. Lamson, at Beverly, June24,1845.

Jemima, and William Newman of Lynn, Aug.20,1761.*

Samuel, and Polly Putnam, July2,1840.*

William O., of Chelsea, and Elvena S. Tapley, int.June24,1843.

WALSH (Walch)


Clarissa A., of Salem, and Joshua G. Barnard, Apr.8,1838.*

Betsey, and Samuel J. Trofater, July6,1828.*

Hannah M., and Albert A. Averill, Sept.15,1839.*

Harriet Webster, and Moses Dole Dresser, at Haverhill, Oct.13,1843.

Isaiah, of Lynn, and Anna Symonds, Nov.24,1825.*

Joseph, and Mary Roberts Cummins, Nov.28,1828. [Nov.17. dup.]*

Josiah, and Lydia Mansfield, at Lynnfield, Nov.末,1796.

Josiah, of Andover, and Mary Day, Sept.12,1820.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Lander of Andover, Nov.23,1820.*

Lydia Maria, of Salem, a.16y., d.Timothy and Clarissa, and Edward Buxton, jr., a.22y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Eliza, May24,1847.*

Martha E., of Salem, a.19y., d.Timothy, of Salem, and Joseph Carning, a.24y., mason, Dec.28,1845.*

Nathan M., and Eliza D. McLain, both of Salem, Dec.25,1849.

William, of Pomfret, and Elisabeth Pope, int.Dec.31,1757.

William A., and Eliza Ann Jewett, both of Salem, Nov.26,1848.


Alfred Augusta, and Hannah Smith Osborn, Mar.31,1830.*

Ann Mason [Maria.int.], and Jacob A. White of Beverly, Feb.13,1845.*

Asa Albee, and Jane Chapman Sawyer, at Salem, Sept.6,1837.

Caroline A., and William N. Lord, Nov.25,1841.*

Francis, of Salem, and Susannah Farmer, June26,1796.*

Henry Brown, and Margaret Silver Poor, Oct.16,1833.*

Jesse, and Elisabeth Whittemore, Aug.14,1785.*

Lucretia, of Salem, and [Dr. int.] Joseph Osgood, June14,1770.*

Mary Holyoke, 2d w., and Dr. Andrew Nichols, jr., at Salem, Oct.3,1833.*

Mary Elizabeth, of Salem, and Elliott F. Smith, int.Feb.5,1846.

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Sally Trask, Dec.1,1799.*

Sarah, and Dennis Wells, at Salem, Jan.28,1848.*

WARDEN (Wardon)

Catherine W. [of Salem.int.], 2d w., and Joshua Bailey Little,末蔓末,1846. [Dec.10. int.]*

WARDON (Walden)

Sarah [G. of Salem.int.], and Timothy Holmes, at Salem, Dec.1,1825.*


Benjamin, of Salem, and Sukey Hammond, Oct.20,1797.*

Cloe, and William Holmes Lord, Mar.末,1843.

Clarisa D., of Salem, and Erastus Ware, int.Mar.5,1813.

Daniel, 3d, of Andover, and Mehitable P. Hutchinson, Sept.19,1830. [ Sept.9. dup.]*

Henry, of Salem, and Sally Nichols, Dec.30,1822.*

Isaac, of Andover, and Dolly Smith, Feb.4,1828. [Feb.14,1825. dup.]*

John, of Andover, and Mary Upton, Oct.30,1783.*


Erastus, and Clarisa D. Wardwell of Salem, int.Mar.5,1813.


Joseph Augustus, and Martha Weeks Hilton, at Lynn, Dec.1,1839.

Lorenzo D., and Mary Pope of Salem, Oct.26,1848.*

Lucy, and Daniel Goodale, May8,1799.

Mary, of Gloucester, and Samuel Holton, jr., "now of Gloucester," int.Mar.4,1758.

Polly, and Nathaniel Putnam, int.Nov.17,1795.

Sally [Lucy.int.], and Daniel Goodale, May8,1799.*

William, and Lucy Tilton of Ipswich, Apr.8,1773.*


Aaron [W. int.], and Hannah P. Woodbury of Beverly, Apr.2,1844.*

Daniel, of Boston, and Mary E. Goodridge, int.Jan.10,1847.

Emily Glover [of Salem.dup.], and Caleb Strong Currier, Jan.1,1843.*

Harriet, and Plumier Hayes, May26,1828.*

Harrison Otis, and Maria Whittier, June20,1842.*

Jonas, and Hannah Kimball, at Boxford, Feb.末,1817.*

Lydia, of Boxford, and Samuel Brown, int.Jan.9,1808.

Nathaniel M., and Lydia H. Stiles, int.Mar.27,1849.


Stephen, of Souhegan West, and Sarah Wilkins of Middleton, Mar.1,1758.


Henry Burnett, and Ann Gladhill, at New York, Sept.末,1846.


Abell, and Lydia Traske, May20,1760.*

Abigail, and Nathan Procter [jr. int.], Oct.22,1761.*

Nabby, and Daniel Procter, Jan.16,1791.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Southwick of New Salem, Hampshire Co., June2,1774.*

Betsy, and William Cheever, Nov.6,1800.*

Eunice, and John Pirkins, Nov.18,1766.*

Hannah, and Seth Richardson, Sept.19,1786. [1776. dup.]*

John, and Rachel Tarble, Apr.6,1763.*

Lydia, and John Proctor, Dec.14,1727.

Lydia, and Aaron Putnam, Jan.4,1759.*

Lydia, and Johnson Procter, Dec.31,1789.*

Mary, and William Shillebar, Dec.2,1755.*

Mehitable, and Nehemiah Trask, int.Mar.10,1798.

Sally, and Thomas Whitteredge, Nov.14,1793.*

Stephen, of Salem, and Ruth Hutchinson, Feb.13,1771.*

Stephen, of Salem, and Jane Ulmer, Apr.3,1775.*


Benjamin, and Ann Abraham of Marblehead, Nov.30,1777.*

Susan L., of Salem, and Augustus Harrington, int.Mar.25,1848.


Daniel, of Lynn, and Abigail Cook, Dec.19,1790.*


Ann, and John Bush, Oct.末,1819.


Abigail, and Jeremiah Butman, int.Aug.15,1789.

Amelia, and Andrew Gould, Nov.14,1816.*

Benjamin, and Sally Porter, July25,1806.*

Betsey, and Eben Putnam, jr., Oct.8,1809. [Oct.10. dup.]*

Emily, and Andrew Gould, Nov.16,1816.

Eunice P., of Beverly, and Philip Smith [at Beverly.dup.], Aug.27,1837. [ Sept.6. dup.]*

Geheil, and Mary Cree, both of Salem, Sept.末,1835.*

Hephzibah, and Ralph Crane, Apr.4,1784.*

James, and Hannah Porter, July28,1784.*

Jotham, and Lydia Thwing, resident in Danvers, Mar.30,1775.*

Martha Low, and Horace Chase Straw, Apr.13,1843.*

Polly, and Joseph Adams, int.Mar.21,1795.

Mary, and Nathan Smith, Sept.3,1823.*

Michael, and Rebecca Siers of Beverly, Aug.25,1784.*

Nathan, and Betsey Verry, May9,1806.*

Nathan, jr., of Beverly, and Nancy Smith, Mar.27,1830.*

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Eunice Porter, int.Apr.18,1767.

Nathaniel, and Eunice Dale, int.Dec.14,1787.

Nathaniel, jr., and Nancy Raymond, at Lyme, ME, July1,1799.

Priscilla, of Salem, and Thomas Beadle Welcome, Sept.26,1776.

Putnam, and Lydia Ann Wolcott, May2,1843. [Apr.12,1844. int.]

Samuel, of Salem, and Mary Stone, int.Mar.8,1777.

Sarah, and Samuel Small, Dec.19,1782.*

Sarah G[ale. dup.], and John Berry, Dec.22,1841. [1840. dup.]*

Sophronia, and James Felton, Apr.12,1827.*

Stephen, and Mrs.Mary Masury of Salem, July11,1774.

Sukey, and Elisha Willson, Jan.18,1798.*

Susan, and Benjamin G[age. dup.] Chaplain, Jan.26,1834. [Oct.20,1833. dup.]*

Thomas, and Eliza Andrews, at Salem, Feb.11,1830.


Alvina, and Samuel Brown, 3d, at Salem, Dec.25,1842.

Cynthia, of Beverly, and Lyman Butler of Wenham, Oct.24,1841.

Elizabeth, and Asa Upton, June12,1758.*

Henry Putnam, and Mary Davis Atkinson, at Gloucester, June11,1824.

Louisa J., of Beverly, a.22y., b. Beverly, d.John and Hepsibath, and Richard B. Hood, a.22y., s.Richard and Aseneth, May28,1848.*

Samuel, and Betty Standly, Dec.11,1783.*

William, and Mrs.Hannah P. Tarbox of Lynn, int.Nov.21,1845.


Almira W., and Amos T. Frothingham of Charlestown, Oct.19,1836.*

Amos, and Hannah P. Weeks, int.Sept.5,1831.

Elijah C., and Sarah Dole, at Kensington, NH, Nov.13,1800.

John, and Martha A. Buffington of Salem, int.Feb.18,1832.

Lake, of Newburyport, and Sarah Holten, Aug.30,1781.*

Sarah, and Eleazer Putnam, Sept.18,1803.*

Sally, and Dr. George Osgood, Mar.25,1807.*


Daniel, and Lydia Ricker, at Berwick, ME, Oct.3,1843.


Hannah P., and Amos Webster, int.Sept.5,1831.

Rebecca, Mrs., of Rockport, and Elvah Abbott, int.Apr.5,1849.

Stephen L., and Eunice Odell, at Beverly, Nov.27,1843.

WELCH (Welsh)

Abigail [of Beverly.int.], 2d w., and Gilman Parker, at Beverly, Jan.29,1839.*

Abram, and Mary Jane Whittier [Whitten. int.], Nov.30,1848.*

Ann [of Plaistow, NH. int.], and Warren Porter, at Plaistow, NH, Oct.9,1823.*

Ann Maria, and Ebenezer Shillaber Howard, Nov.9,1845.*

Ann Cecillia, and William Hamlen, at Chelsea, Dec.25,1845.

Caroline Williams, 2d w., and Elisha G. Hyde, at Newburyport, Dec.28,1845. [Dec.30.PR73]

Dorcas Grant, and William Penn Shove, Oct.17,1841.*

Edward, and Margaret Monks, in Ireland, Feb.末,1847.

Eliza, and William McKeon, at Salem, June27,1848.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Nathaniel Austin, Oct.24,1841.*

Hannah, and James [H. int.] Nason, Feb.23,1836.*

John, jr., and Caroline Shelden of Beverly, at Beverly, Oct.5,1836. [Oct.10. dup.]*

John, a.65y., miller, b. Salem, 2d m., and Sally Jones of Manchester, b. Manchester, Jan.29,1849.*

Josiah, and Mehitable Hutchinson, Nov.13,1838.*

Lavinia, of Shapleigh, ME, and George Abbot Poor, Sept.8,1841. [Oct.3. dup.]*

Lucy [of Beverly.int], and Joseph Dwinnell, jr., at Beverly, Dec.6,1838.*

Mary, and Michael Carey, at Boston, Oct.29,1835.

Mary Morrison, and William Hiram Whitten, at Beverly, Dec.25,1837.

Mary, and Charles Philbrick, at Boston, Jan.14,1847.

Nancy, a.21y., domestic labor, d.Abraham, and Stephen Spaulding, a.21y., carpenter, s.Willard, Aug.22,1844.*

Nathaniel, and R.M. Ross, at Wenham, Jan.16,1842.*

Priscilla, a.20y., d.Abraham, and Dependance S. Littlefield, a.20y., shoecutter, s.Solomon, June4,1846. [June5,1845. dup.]*

Rufus, and Matilda Whitten, Oct.21,1845. [1844. dup.]*

Solomon, and Martha R. Shackley, at Shapleigh, ME, Dec.6,1832.

Stephen, and Margaret Ricker, June27,1842.*

Susan, and John Beal Fuller, Sept.末,1817.

Susan M. [of Plaistow.int.], and Jesse Tapley, at Plaistow, NH, Jan.27,1830.*


Thomas Beadle, and Priscilla Webb of Salem, Sept.26,1776.

WELLINGTON (Willington)

Rebeccah, and Jonathan Perry, Apr.17,1808.


Hannah Chase, and Asa Wilson Sawyer, at Thompsonville, CT, Apr.5,1845.

Jedediah, Dr., and Jemima Newhall of Lynn, Jan.8,1761.*

Lydia [of Salem.int.], and Jonathan Osborn, jr., at Salem, Sept.6,1805. [ Sept.20. int.]*

Mary, Mrs., of Salem, and Joseph Dane, Jan.12,1777.

Olive, of Lynnfield, and Aaron Newhall, int.Aug.17,1805.

Sarah D., and Robert Weston, both of Salem, at Salem, Nov.5,1840.CR4


Caroline M., and Benjamin Chick, int.Mar.29,1848.

Christiana A., of Shapleigh, ME, and Benjamin Johnson Wait, int.Aug.21,1849.

Daniel, and Elizabeth C. Smith, Dec.12,1824.*

Dennis, and Sarah Ward, at Salem, Jan.28,1848.*

Gideon P. [C. dup. int.], of Salem, and Susan Willington, Mar.20,1808.*

Hiram, and Harriot Smith, Apr.10,1832.*

John, and Lucretia Putnam, Nov.31,1800.*

Melinda, and David Porter, Apr.10,1832.*

Moses, and Clarissa Ricker, at Shapleigh, ME, Jan.5,1844.

Sally P., and Josiah Dudley, Apr.15,1821.*

Willebe, b. Salisbury, and Mary Kent, Dec.7,1797.*

WELSH (Welch)

Elizabeth, and Allen Jacobs, Apr.17,1844.*

John, and Elizabeth Philips, int.May28,1791.

Thomas, and Mary Loud of Salem, int.Apr.28,1844.


Sarah, and Thorndike Reed, Feb.11,1826.

WENN (Winn)

Molly, of Salem, and William Ruee, Oct.20,1778.*


Benjamin, and Clarisa Joselyn, Jan.28,1821.*

Betsey, and Thomas L. Goodwin, at Great Falls, NH, Apr.25,1841.

John, and Abigail A. Elliott of Beverly, int.June8,1840.

Lucy Ann, and Augustus Mudge, Oct.3,1843.*


Abigail, of Salem, and Andrew Tucker of Marblehead, Aug.5,1772.

Elizabeth, and Joel Wilkins, Apr.26,1848.*

George, of Haverhill, and Lois Putnam, Oct.10,1824. [1826. dup.]*

Harriet Kimball, and John Swain, int.May14,1847.

Martha Burnham, and Samuel Dutch Pendar, at Thornton, CT, Jan.9,1846.

Mary Ann, and Charles A. Gardner, at Salem, Oct.18,1835.


Eliza, and Benjamill D. Hill, at Salem, July14,1818.

Hannah, of Newburyport, and Nathaniel Perkins, int.Dec.21,1844.

William L[ow.dup.], and Louisa Page, July5,1844.*


Margaret H., and John Maud, at Saxonville, Dec.10,1846.


Eliphalet S., of Medford, and Eliza M. Pike, int.Nov.5,1848.

WHEEDEN (Weeden)


Alfred F. [of Ashby.int.], and Sarah [M. int.] Elliot, Apr.2,1847.*

Alice [of Salem, NH. int.], and Richard Osborn, at Salem, NH, Dec.31,1815.*

Asa, and Loisa Robinson, Apr.14,1825.*

Asa, and Mehitable Perley of Lowell, int.Apr.30,1842.

Benjamin, and Eunice Dole [of Newbury.int.], at Newbury, Mar.3,1818.*

Benjamin Saunders, and Caroline Matilda Lee, at Salem, Feb.4,1846.*

Ednah Elizabeth, and Miles Osborn Stanley, May1,1845.*

Elizabeth [of Salem, NH. int.], and Stephen Upton, at Salem, NH, Feb.1,1820.*

Hannah, a.nd Cyrus Clement of Hopkinton, NH, July2,1809.*

John, and Sally Putnam, Apr.19,1818.*

Joseph, and Salley Smothers, Apr.17,1787.*

Louisa, and John Waitt, Nov.26,1820.*

Pamela, and Peter Wait, May30,1824. [May1. dup.]*

Sarah E., of Salem, and Alvah Philbrook, Jan.27,1847.*

Sophia, of Worcester, and Rev. Samuel Walker, int.Apr.26,1807.

William D., of Worcester, and Eliza C. Pool, int.June21,1833.


Abby B., of Lowell, and Harvey B. Coleman, int.Mar.18,1846.


Michael, and Ellen Cork, at Salem, Oct.18,1847.


Michael Leach, of Portsmouth, NH, and Mary Ann Fellows of Salem, at Andover, Feb.28,1841.


David, of Gloucester, and Lois Putnam, Apr.16,1786.*

Betsey, and John Willson of Middleton, int.Mar.17,1794.

Jonathan, and Keziah Averill of Middleton, int.May4,1754.

Jonathan, and, wid.Abigail Buswell of Boxford, Oct.25,1756. [Oct.8,1757. int.]*

Lucy, and James Holt, Aug.30,1796.*

Mary, of Andover, and Phyneas Putnam, Aug.12,1752.*

Matthew, and Mercy Giddens of Wenham, int.June10,1775.

Marcy, and Joseph Putnam, 4th, Feb.8,1800. [1801. dup.]*

Patience, and Adam More of Salem, int.Dec.6,1777.

Samuel, and Elisabeth Burnam of Ipswich, Jan.19,1773.*

Samuel, and Susannah Hayward [of Reading. int.], at Reading, Feb.25,1806.*

Sarah, wid., and Samuel Herrick of Reading, Oct.13,1761.*

Stephen, and Eunice P. Smith, Jan.31,1810.*

Susanna Hayward, and Elbridge Gerry Guilford, June21,1825.*

WHITAKER (Whitteker)

Caroline, and William Hayward, at Ashland, May30,1849.


Jared P., and Jane Moore, at Derry, NH, Jan.9,1849.

Mary Ann, and Lorenzo Dearborn, at Troy, VT, Feb.18,1840.


Amos Alden, and Harriot Augusta Perley, at Wenham, Oct.5,1848.*

Anna, and Dea.Samuel Nichols of Middleton, May26,1760.*

Bayley, and Rebecca Mayhue, July8,1832.*

Charlotte, and Edward Dearborn Langley, Nov.2,1834.*

Daniel, and Lucinda Wyatt, at Middleton, Aug.19,1840.*

Elizabeth, and John Eden, July4,1793.*

Henry, of Salem, and Phebe Brown, Oct.8,1776.*

Isabella, of Andover, and William Stickney of Reading, Jan.13,1848.

Jacob A., of Beverly, and Ann Mason [Maria.int.] Ward, Feb.13,1845.*

Jenett, and Jacob Bradbury, at Salem, Nov.15,1849.

John, and Rebekah Curtice of Middleton, int.Dec.31,1776.

John, and Margaret Smith, carpet weaver, at Tarryville, CT, Oct.1,1843.

Joseph, and Huldah Smith, Dec.17,1820.*

Joseph, and Edney Herrick, int.Feb.1,1823.

Julian, and William C. Wiggins, Apr.3,1842.*

Lavinia P., and Amos Osborn, jr., Feb.23,1825.*

Lydia, and Nehemiah Knight of Middleton, Aug.5,1790.*

Lydia, and Ephraim Dodge of Hamilton, int.Sept.6,1794.

Lydia, and Joseph Nye, Dec.24,1818.*

Lydia, and Hiram Wright, May28,1829.

Polly, and James Winn, int.Jan.14,1798.

Mehetable, and John Preston, Feb.13,1772.*

Oliver, and Rebecca Brown, at Boxford, Mar.26,1815.

Peter, and Mary Conant, at Boston, Oct.5,1830.

Phebe, and Samuel Tyler, Aug.5,1829.

Rebeccah D., and William M. Russel of Salem, int.June29,1822.

Samuel, jr., and Lucretia Derby, Nov.30,1784.*

Samuel, jr., and Hannah Hutchinson, June28,1787.*

Samuel, formerly Whitefoot, b. Salem, and Elizabeth Quiner Groves, b. Marblehead, at Salem, Apr.2,1817.

Samuel Q., and Lucretia Sanborn, int.Aug.5,1840.

Samuel Q[uiner. dup.], a.25y., shoemaker, s.Samuel, and Betsey, deceased, and Sarah [Ann. dup.] Parsons, a.23y., d.Samuel, Dec.30,1844. [Dec.2. dup.]*

William, and Mary Ann Gould, at Andover, Aug.14,1839.


Sally, and Ezra Trask, int.Dec.29,1798.


Eliza L., of Essex, and Benjamin O. Henderson, int.Apr.4,1844.


Caleb, of Salem, and Lydia Osborn, int.Aug.3,1799.

Oliver, of Tewksbury, and Ruth Procter, Oct.17,1776.*

WHITEMORE (Whittemore)

Eliza E., of Salem, and Joseph Pettengill, int.Aug.17,1833.

Mary, and Samuel Eden, May27,1760.*

Thomas, and, wid.Sarah Southwick, int.Oct.10,1767.

WHITERIDGE (Whittredge)

Richard, jr., and Lydia Knight of Middleton, Nov.4,1756.*

Thomas [of Beverly.int.], and Sarah Cook, June10,1753.*


Lydia, of Salem, and Daniel Emmerson, Apr.2,1805.*

William, of Middleton, and Lucy Dale, Oct.28,1798.*

WHITING (Whiteing)


Sally, and Enoch Russell, Feb.26,1800.*

WHITMORE (Whittemore)

Harriet Gray, and Rev. J. Humphrey Avery, at Plymouth, Oct.10,1839.

Jane, and Ira Preston, Nov.28,1816.*


John, of Franconia, NH, and Mariah Shed, Nov.30,1831. [Nov.29. dup.]*

Jonathan, and Susan Wilkins of Salem, int.Oct.20,1827.

Joshua B., and Wealthy J.F. Estey of Beverly, Feb.7,1842.*

WHITON (Whitten)

John P., of Cambridge, and Lydia B. Bancroft, June9,1846.*

WHITTCHER (Whittier)

Hannah, and Jacob Reed, Nov.16,1777.*

WHITTEKER (Whitaker)

Abraham, and Hannah Knap, Apr.28,1762.*

WHITTEMORE (Whitemore, Whitmore, Whittimore)

Anna, and Jonathan Felton, May24,1772.*

Asa, of Salem, and Mary Poland, Nov.10,1768.*

Daniel, and Deborah Leech, Dec.29,1793.*

Daniel, and Persis Marble, b. Andover, int.Apr.19,1800.

David, and Sarah Shelden, int.Nov.20,1765.

David, and Betty Gowing of Lynn, Sept.9,1767.*

Deliverance, and Israel Lovit, Jan.1,1777.*

Elisabeth, and Jesse Ward, Aug.14,1785.*

Gideon, and Mrs.Hannah Brown, Dec.29,1814.*

Hannah, and George Keen of Salem, Feb.8,1800.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Sunderland of Boston, int.Oct.13,1756.

Joseph, and Mary Oakes, Nov.20,1766.*

Joseph, and Eliza Estey, at Windham, NH, Mar.6,1834.

Mary, and Joseph Trask, May21,1799.*

Rebekah, and Benjamin Stephens, Dec.25,1800.*

Ruth, and John Hutchinson, jr., Mar.14,1780.*

Samuel, and Jane Renew of Beverly, int.Nov.19,1774.

Sally, 2d w., and Daniel Reed, jr., Mar.8,1798.*

Stephen, of Salem, and Ruth Felton, Mar.18,1762.*

WHITTEN (Whiton, Whitton)

Charles, of Beverly, and Alvira Piper, int.Feb.26,1841.

Matilda, and Rufus Welch, Oct.21,1845.*

William Hiram, and Mary Morrison Welch, at Beverly, Dec.25,1837.

WHITTEREDGE (Whittredge)

Henry, and Margaret Town, Dec.14,1783. [Dec.11. dup.]*

Mary, and James Poor, Nov.28,1790.*

Rebeccah, and Livermore Dodge of Ipswich, Apr.1,1792.*

Richard, and Nancy Kidder of Reading, int.Oct.26,1791.

Sally, and Franck Francis, jr., both of Middleton, Oct.7,1792.

Thomas, and Sally Waters, Nov.14,1793.*

WHITTIER (Whittcher)

Elizabeth, and William J.C. Kenney, Dec.20, [1829. int.]*

George, a.23y., carpenter, s.Noah and Mary, and Mary J[ane. dup.] Sawyer, a.17y., d.Caleb and Mary A., Apr.28,1847. [Oct.28 and Apr.29. dup.]*

Harriet, and Simeon Putnam, Oct.5,1830. [Oct.1. dup.]*

Maria, and Harrison Otis Warren, June20,1842.*

Mary, and Noah Whittier, Apr.3,1806.

Polly, and Noah Whittier, Apr.3,1806.*

Mary Jane [Whitten. int.], and Abram Welch, Nov.30,1848.*

Noah, and Polly Whittier, Apr.3,1806.*

Noah, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Langmaid, 2d w., Sept.末,1841. [July1,1842. int.]*

Sally, and Enoch T[hurston. dup.] Creesy of Beverly, Oct.20,1841. [Aug.19,1821. dup.]*

Susan, and Ebenezer Sprague Flint, June12,1836.*

WHITTIMORE (Whittemore)

Hannah, and James Goldthwait, Jan.19,1769.*


James, of Salem, and Cate Ralf, int.Aug.17,1793.

WHITTON (Whitten)

Mahala, and Rufus Welch, Oct.21,1844.

WHITTRADGE (Whittredge)

Elizabeth, and Simon Mudge, May19,1773.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Flint, jr., int.July29,1780.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Gardner, Jan.28,1772.*

WHITTREDGE (Whiteridge, Whitteredge, Whittradge, Whittridge)

Hannah, and Joseph Brown [of Hamilton. int.], July16,1797.*

Lucy (Dodge), Mrs., and Amos Brown, at Beverly, Aug.2,1835.

Margaret [Mrs.int.], and John Tucker of Salem, Nov.1,1789.*

Mary, and Benjamin Proctor, Dec.8,1694.

Rachel, and Daniel Procter [jr. int.], July1,1794.*

Richard, and Mary Sawyer of Lynnfield, Apr.6,1773.*

Richard, jr., and Mary Brown of Beverly, Jan.27,1774.*

Ruth, and Daniel Hutchinson, Aug.19,1790.*

Sarah, and James Goodell, int.Jan.12,1767.

Sarah Dodge, and Winthrop Andrews, Jan.28,1829. [Jan.1,1839. int.]*

Sarah Waters, b. Salem, and [Dr. int.] George Osborn, b. Salem, at Salem [Nov.12,1831. int.]

WHITTRIDGE (Whittredge)

Lydia, and James Johnson, Nov.1,1785.*

WIAT (Wyatt)

Betty, and Simeon Baker of Boston, Apr.17,1783.*

George, and Jane Magery of Topsfield, Mar.24,1755.*

George, and Mrs.Mary Holten, Oct.27,1778.*

Jonathan, [Waitt. int.], and Elizabeth Brown of Beverly, Sept.2,1787.*

Joshua, and Elisabeth Shaw, both of Beverly, Feb.22,1784.

Samuel, and Sarah Parker, May12,1778.*

WIGGIN (Wiggins)

Adaline Johnson, and Dennison Wallis Golthwait, at Salem, Aug.末,1831.

Henry R[oss.dup.], and Sarah A[nn. dup.] Norton, Oct.18,1845. [Oct.15. dup.]*

Lucy Jane, of Lynn, and Jonathan Marble Goldthwait, at Marblehead, June22,1840.

Mary Ann, and Daniel Wright, May29,1838.

Sarah Ann, and Nathaniel Robbins of Salem, Dec.24,1835.*

Sarah H., of Salem, and George A. Dodge, int.July2,1841.

WIGGINS (Wiggin)

Sarah Maria, of Salem, and Jonathan H. Tombs, int.Apr.15,1826.

William C., and Julian White, Apr.3,1842.*

WILBERN (Wilburn)

Henry, and Mrs.Charlotte Crampsey, Nov.30,1838.*

WILBURN (Wilbern)

Henry, b. Hamilton, and Maria Crampsey, at Beverly, Dec.27,1843.


Eliza, and Ward Pool, jr., Jan.24,1819.*

Henry M., and Rebecca P. Osborn, May22,1839.*

Mary M., and Leonard Poole, Nov.4,1833.*


Amos, and Sally Burnham, at Topsfield, July8,1819.

Andrew Jackson, and Hannah Stevens, at Lowell, Dec.28,1842.

Arethusa, and Joseph W. Legro, June28,1846.*


Arney, and Hannah B. Hazeltine, at Salem, Apr.30,1843.

Benjamin, of Lynnfield, and Betsey Parker, Feb.11,1816.*

Benjamin, of Lynnfield, and Eliza [Elvira.dup.] L. Upton, Mar.6,1840. [1839. dup.]*

Ephraim, of Lynnfield, and Mrs.Levina Aborn, Apr.27,1806.*

Sally, of Andover, and Stephen Russel, int.Nov.12,1808.


Nabby, and Joseph Peabody, Sept.10,1812.*

Asaph, and Elizabeth Wright, both of Middleton, Nov.24,1757.

Catherine, 3d, w.[of Middleton. int.], and Frederick How, at Middleton, Feb.12,1827.*

Catherine, and Charles R. Perkins of Salem, May22,1831.*

David, and Mary Case [of Reading. int.], at Reading, Apr.末,1808.*

David S., and Martha W. Child, Feb.6,1843.*

Eben Berry, and Ruth Peabody [of Middleton. int], at Middleton, Aug.22,1823. [May8,1824. int.]*

Elizabeth, of Middleton, and John Russell, June13,1771.*

Elizabeth, 2d w., and Daniel Reed, Nov.10,1797.*

Betsey, and John T. Sears, Mar.16,1815.*

Betsey, and Jeremiah Flint Peabody, at Middleton, July4,1843.

Elizabeth Brackett, (nee Wiggin), and Stephen Granville, July3,1845.*

Emeline, and William Dame of Wenham, int.Sept.6,1844.

Esther [of Middleton. int.], and Benjamin Fuller, at Middleton, Jan.7,1824.*

Fanny, and Grimes Tufts of Salem, Aug.11,1822.*

Fidelia, and Amos K. Raddin, Apr.10,1837.*

Frederick Augustus, and Sarah Killam Fuller, Oct.6,1843. [Oct.5. dup.]*

Harriet, of Topsfield, and David Lake, jr., Oct.28,1833.*

Harriet B., and Jonathan P. Plummer of Boston, Oct.1,1834.*

Harriet Margaret, and Joseph Erskine Annis, at Lynn, Dec.13,1847. [1848. dup.]

Henry A., of Middleton, a.24y., farmer and shoedealer, b. Middleton, s.Elias and Rebecca, of Middleton, and Lydia E.P. Howe, a.23 y, d.Frederick and Lydia, Dec.12,1844.*

Huldah, of Middleton, and Jonathan Russell, jr., int.Apr.1,1769.

James, and Julia A. Gould, at Stonington, CT, Sept.26,1844.

James, and Susan C. Legro, int.Oct.16,1847.

Joel, and Elizabeth West, Apr.26,1848.*

Lois, of Amherst [NH. int.], and Israel Thomas, Nov.7,1765.*

Margery, of Middleton, and Abisha Higgins, Dec.17,1843.*

Mary, of Middleton, and Ebenezer Goodhue, Oct.2,1816.*

Mary, and Warren Russell, May10,1830.*

Mary, and Warren Lang, May11,1830.

Mary, 4th w., and Frederick Howe, Nov.26,1834. [Nov.25. dup.]*

Mercy, of Middleton, and John Shepherd of Souhegan West, Oct.26,1757.

Nancy [of Middleton. int.], and William Giffards, at Middleton, Nov.末,1813.*

Nancy, and Levi Fish, at Middleton, Jan.26,1837.

Nehemiah, of Middleton, and Mrs.Ruth Parker, int.Dec.17,1831.

Rachal, and Richard Skidmore,末蔓末, 末末.

Reuben, and Hannah M. Wolcott, int.Nov.26,1849.

Ruth, Mrs., and Benjamin R. Sanborn of Lynn, Nov.29,1843.*

Samuel, of Middleton, and Mary Hutchinson, Dec.6,1781.*

Sarah, of Middleton, and Stephen Washer of Souhegan West, Mar.1,1758.

Sarah, and Philip Frye, at Andover, Sept.7,1800.

Stephen [Capt. int.], and Catharine Meriam [of Middleton. int.], 2d w., at Middleton, Mar.17,1836.*

Susan, of Salem, and Jonathan Whitney, int.Oct.20,1827.

William, of Middleton, and Margret Case, int.Sept.17,1762.

Zadock, and Abigail Berry of Middleton, June16,1789.*


Aaron, of South Berwick, ME, and Mercy Wilson, June23,1829.*

Mary Ann, and Artemas Wilson, at Carlisle, Nov.28,1839.


Charles G., a.29y., cordwainer, b. New Durham, NH, s.Samuel and Betsey, and Emily Eliza Hill, a.30y., d.Benjamin D. and Eliza, June17,1849.*


Elizabeth, and Lawrence Tulloch, in Scotland, abt. Dec.末,1839.

Esther, and Daniel Mansfield, Apr.26,1810.*

George, and Mary Tapley, Mar.1,1836.*

George H., and Mary Ann Roger, at Newburyport. Sept.18,1836.

Henry, and Lydia Newhall, May11,1797.*

Henry, jr., and Mary Gallucia of Lynn, int.Mar.11,1820.

John, of Deerfield, and Mary Coffin, int.Jan.5,1777.

John S., of Salem, and Mehitable Oakes, Apr.9,1834.*

Mahala M., and Charles W. Felt, int.Aug.29,1849.

Patty, of Lynn, and Samuel Gardner, int.Nov.20,1762.

Mary, and Isaac Dempsey, jr., May18,1819.*

Robert, and Mrs.Ede Willson, int.Oct.10,1829.

Samuel [of Salem.int.], and Hannah Foster, May21,1754.*

Samuel, Capt., of Salem, and Mrs.Sarah Porter, int.Oct.9,1756.

Sally, and Elias Holden, Dec.8,1832. [Mar.28,1833. dup.]*

Thomas, and Mahala Needham, int.Sept.20,1830.

Thomas, and Melissa Thayer, July25,1833.*

WILLINGTON (Wellington)

Nelly, and Sylvester Osborn, jr., Jan.12,1806.*

Rebecca, and Jonathan Perry, Apr.17,1808.*

Sally, and William R. Hunt, Nov.9,1817.*

Seba, and Benjamin Reed at Salem, Oct.19,1806.*

Susan, and Gideon P. [C. dup. int.] Wells of Salem, Mar.20,1808.*

Thaddeus, jr., and Sally Nourse, Sept.2,1810.*


Elisabeth, and Joseph Standly, Apr.15,1779.*

Nancy, of Salem, and Jeremiah Knight, int.Aug.29,1817.

WILLSON (Wilson)

Clark, and Deliverance Searl, Dec.21,1794.*

Dolly, and Silas Winchester, May27,1808.*

Ede, Mrs., and Robert Williams, int.Oct.10,1829.

Elisha, and Sukey Webb, Jan.18,1798.*

Elisabeth [3d.int.], and William Epes, Apr.28,1782.*

Betsey, and Charles Barker, May1,1825.

Esther, and Aaron Wood of Salem, int.Jan.15,1814.

Hannah, and Samuel Clark of Lynn, int.Feb.23,1769.

Hannah, and John Willson, 3d, Apr.20,1807.*

Harriet Byson, and Butler Abbot of Newburyport, May1,1816.*

Isaac, 3d, and Dolly Dickinson, Dec.7,1779.*

James, and Susan Osborn, May24,1807.*

Job, and Sarah Wood, Mar.16,1779.*

John, of Middleton, and Betsey Whipple, int.Mar.17,1794.

John, 3d, and Hannah Willson, Apr.20,1807.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Foster, Dec.9,1756.*

Jonathan, 3d, and Ruth Willson, int.Oct.25,1783.

Joseph, and Ede Verry of Salem, Sept.9,1821.*

Lydia, and Asa Bushby, int.May12,1792.

Margaret, and Nathan Abbott, May22,1785.*

Margarett, and John Fuller, Apr.4,1815.*

Mary, and Samuel Cook of Watertown, Oct.9,1760.*

Polly, and John Putnam, Apr.21,1814.*

Mehitable, and John Sprague, jr. of Danville, VT, Jan.21,1815.*

Newhall, and Sarah [Hannah.dup.] Willson, jr., July2,1778.*

Rebecca, and Temple Roberts, May29,1814.*

Robert [3d.int.], and Sarah Felton, Mar.23,1775.*

Robert, and Mary Southwick, May8,1800.*

Ruth, and Jonathan Willson, 3d, int.Oct.25,1783.

Sarah [Hannah.dup.], jr., and Newhall Willson, July2,1778.*

Sally, and Jonathan Batchelder, Apr.12,1804.*

Sally, 3d, and Ebenezer Rand of Salem, int.May21,1808.

Sally, and John Price, resident in Danvers, June23,1808.*

Sarah, and Amos Mudge, May29,1810. [May4. dup.]*

WILSON (Willson)

Annis, of Windham, NH, and John Staniford, at Windham, NH, Nov.15,1848.

Artemas, and Mary Ann Wilkinson, at Carlisle, Nov.28,1839.

Benjamin, and Lydia Bancroft of Lynn, int.Oct.12,1759.

Charles Wheeler, and Ann Porter Batchelder [of Salem.int.], July22,1830.*

David, and Lydia B. Flowers of Sedgwick, ME, int.Oct.9,1824.

Duglas R., and Ellen Moore, int.Apr.14,1849.

Edward, and Eliza Ann Boston of Salem, int.Mar.2,1844.

Eliza, of Salem, and John B. Trask, int.Oct.8,1825.

Elizabeth, and Col. Thorndike Procter, June9,1823.*

Elizabeth, and William Walcott, Jan.19,1826. [Jan.29. dup.]*

Betsey, Mrs., and John Clark, June3,1840.*

Esther, and Benjamin Marshal, int.Apr.10,1790.

George, and Olivia Andrews, Dec.17,1822.*

Gloud, and Mary Garay of York, ME, int.July6,1839.

Hannah, and Joshua Winn of Salem, int.Feb.11,1769.

Hannah, and Ira Hutchinson, May10,1824.

Hannah, and Jonathan [H. int.] Rand, June24,1830.*

Henry, and Emeline Osborn, int.Feb.26,1848.

James, jr., and Elizabeth Richardson, Jan.21,1824. [Jan.12,1823. dup.]*

James, and Hannah Osborn, Oct.1,1846.*

Jesse, and Eliza Low, int.Sept.22,1827.

John, and Clarissa Goldsmith of Andover, at Andover, June21,1831.*

John, and Ann Maria Mahoney, in Ireland, Aug.22,1839.

John, jr., and Mrs.Almira Green, int.Sept.23,1843.

Jonathan, and Rebeccah Nichols, Nov.25,1824.*

Malachi, and Sarah G. Tate [of Lynnfield.int.], at Lynnfield, Jan.30,1823.*

Malachi, and Mary Tate, May4,1843.*

Margaret S., and Lemuel Crane, June10,1830. [June30. dup.]*

Mark R., of Lawrence, and Mary Bray, Dec.23,1847.*

Mary, and Timothy Roberts, both of Salem, Nov.24,1842.

Mehittable, of Lynn, and Joseph Southwick, int.July14,1798.

Mercy, and Aaron Wilkinson of South Berwick, ME, June23,1829.*

Moses W., and Martha P. Felton, Apr.12,1818.*

Nancy Hodgdon, and John Q. Hawes, at Salem, May22,1845.*

Newhall, jr., and Phebe Wilson, Jan.4,1825.*

Phebe, and Newhall Wilson, jr., Jan.4,1825.*

Ruth, of Concord, NH, and Eliot Chickering, int.Aug.15,1818.

Samuel, of Salem, and Mehitable Wood, Sept.8,1811.*

Samuel Perry, and Asenath Bruce [of Salem.int.], at Salem, May25,1847. [Apr.8,1848. int.]

Susan, and Joseph Jacobs, Nov.2,1830.*

Susan E., and Otis F. Adams, int.Sept.29,1848.

Warren, and Caroline Ellen Merrill, May15,1845.*

William, and Sarah B. Flowers, Jan.11,1825.*


Bancroft, of Salem, and Sarah Low Frost, Nov.29,1818.*

Betsey, of Salem, and Caleb Smith, Aug.7,1810.*

Eunice [of Salem.dup.], and Henry Cook, at Salem, Dec.28,1816. [Dec.29. dup.]*

George Jacobs, and Sophronia Elizabeth Douty, Nov.23,1848.*

Isaac, and Polly Balch, at Francistown, NH, Aug.末,1798.

Isaac, jr., and Maryett Tyler of Middleton, July16,1837. [July15. dup.]*

Isaac, and Mary C. Russell, Dec.20,1843. [Jan.4,1844. dup.]*

Jacob, of Salem, and Elizabeth Lang, Apr.28,1829.*

John, of Newburyport, and Betsy Hammond, July24,1791.*

Lemuel, and Mrs.Margaret Smith, Jan.9,1817.*

Lucy Elizabeth, a.27y., d.Bancroft and Sarah L., and Elijah Wood Upton, a.37y., glue manufacturer, 2d m., s.Elijah and Phebe, June14,1848.*

Lydia Ann B., and Edwin D. Elliot of Providence, int.June1,1838.

Maria, of Salem, and [Dr.CR5] Joseph Osgood [at Salem.dup.], Oct.24,1832. [Oct.28. dup.]*

Mary, and Samuel Tweed, at Wilmington, Sept.末,1829.

Merzilvia, and William B. Preston, Dec.2,1836.*

Perez L., and Sally Jacobs, Aug.14,1828.*

Silas, and Dolly Willson, May27,1808.*

Susan, and Samuel Blake, Sept.15,1828.*

Wentworth, and Harriet Lucretia Trow [of Tewksbury.int.], at Tewksbury, Apr.11,1843.*

WINDSLOW (Winslow)

Isaac, of Boston, and Mrs.Margaret Sparhawk of Salem, Nov.22,1770.


Eliza S., and John Nutting, Jan.17,1826.*

WINN (Wenn)

Belcher, and Sally Putnam, June27,1824.*

Belcher, and Mrs.Harriet Poland, int.Dec.13,1845.

James, and Polly White, int.Jan.14,1798.

Joshua, of Salem, and Hannah Wilson, int.Feb.11,1769.

Margaret, and Edmund Needham [of Salem.int.], at Salem, Oct.16,1807.*

Mary, and Joseph Barrett, jr., Oct.23,1803. [Oct.3. dup.]*

WINSLOW (Windslow)

George [W.CR4], and Phebe Cross, Mar.27,1833.*

Hannah B., and Rea Nourse, int.Mar.20,1830.

WIRTH (Worth)

Joseph, and Eliza Galeucia, Sept.5,1845.*


Samuel W., and Sarah Messer of Salem, Dec.25,1828.*


Levi, and Louisa Jones of Hudson, NH, int.Jan.18,1839.

WOLCOTT (Walcott)

Calvin, and Sally Gardner, Sept.4,1811.*

Hannah M., and Reuben Wilkins, int.Nov.26,1849.

Lydia Ann, and Putnam Webb, May2,1843.

Sophia W., and William B. Hobbs, int.Apr.11,1846.

William H., and Mary P. Tapley, Dec.6,1849.

WOOD (Woods)

Aaron, of Salem, and Esther Willson, int.Jan.15,1814.

Deborah, and Thomas Harris of Salem, int.Oct.18,1806.

Deborah, and William Johnson of Salem, Apr.19,1808.*

Elizabeth, of Woburn, and Jesse Upton, Nov.22,1798.*

Betsey, of Rowley, and Jonathan Felton, jr., int.Sept.12,1801.

George, and Hannah Philbrick, Mar.6,1842. [Mar.9. dup.]*

George, and Betbiah Peach of Marblehead, int.Oct.1,1847.

George, and Nancy Shaw of Salisbury, int.Aug.17,1848.

Israel, and Phebe Procter, Feb.7,1786.*

Israel, and Phebe Parker of Andover, int.July9,1803.

James, and Ruth Curtis, Oct.8,1766.*

John, and Hannah [E. int.] Pattee, Nov.16,1824.*

Maria, of Boxford, and Maj. Eliphlet Pattee, May4,1828.*

Polly, and Matthew Hooper, May4,1817.*

Mehitable, and Samuel Wilson of Salem, Sept.8,1811.*

Sarah, and Job Willson, Mar.16,1779.*

Sally, and John S. Felton, Oct.23,1814.*

Sarah L., of Salem, and Benjamin H. Knox, int.Feb.11,1843.

Sophronia, and Justus Jones, at Hampstead, Aug.末,1816.

William, and Elizabeth Mills, at Rochester, Eng., Sept.17,1841.

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

Elisabeth, of Beverly, and Samuel Batchelder of Jaffrey, NH, Feb.21,1782.

Judith, and Amos Fuller, both of Beverly, Aug.5,1784.

WOODBERY (Woodbury)

Abiar, of Beverly, and Joshua Dodge, jr., int.Mar.18,1797.

WOODBURY (Woodberry, Woodbery)

Althea A., and Benjamin R. Tibbitts, Dec.29,1848.*

Anna [of Beverly.int.], and Ichabod Sawyer, at Beverly, June15,1827. [May17,1828. int.]*

Azariah, and Louisa Pert, at Beverly, Jan.20,1831.

Benjamin Franklin, and Emily Jane Flower, at Salem, Dec.27,1831.

Daniel, and Sophia Burnham [of Essex. int.], at Essex, May21,1840.*

Edmund, and Eunice Goldthwait, Nov.20,1825.

Edmund, and Eliza Wallace Holman [of Salem.int.], 2d w., at Salem, Oct.17,1841.*

Elizabeth W., a.27y., d.Oliver and Mary, and Porter [Peter. dup.] G. Marshall, a.22y., cordwainer, s.William C. and Mary, of Alfred, ME, Oct.2,1849.*

Hannah, of Beverly, and Samuel Dutch, Sept.3,1770. [Apr.13,1771. int.]*

Hannah, and Eleazer Wallis, both of Beverly, May2,1785.

Hannah, and Francis Larcom Stanley, at Wenham, Apr.11,1839.

Hannah P., of Beverly, and Aaron [W. int.] Warren, Apr.2,1844.*

Harriet Matilda, and William Bomer, at Wenham, Feb.24,1836.

Hezekiah, and Eliza Averill [of Alna, ME. int.], at Alna, ME, Sept.26,1828.*

Huldah, of Beverly, and John Fisk, Jan.23,1791.*

Joseph [jr. int.], of Beverly, and Huldah Putnam, May6,1766.*

Lavinia C., and Ephraim P. Peabody, Dec.5,1844.*

Lydia [of Beverly.int.], and William Endicott, at Beverly, Feb.5,1835.*

Mary, and John Skery of Salem, int.Apr.15,1775.

Mary P., and William Cilley, Apr.24,1838.*

Oliver, and Mary Caldwell, at Wenham, May15,1814.

Oliver A., and Mary P. Fletcher of Dunstable, int.Apr.23,1842.

Olivea [of Beverly.int.], and Edwin F. Putnam, at Beverly, May7,1835.*

Sally, and Jonathan Upton, Dec.26,1811.*

Zebulon, and Maria Osborn, July2,1844.*


Daniel, and Fanny Friend of Beverly, int.Nov.15,1828.

Phebe, Mrs., and David Buxton, at Lynn, Feb.7,1847.*

Phebe, Mrs., and Samuel Freeman of Lynnfield, int.Apr.21,1847.

Sarah A., and William Abbot, at Manchester, NH, May31,1849.

William, and Phebe Very, Mar.10,1833. [Mar.9. dup.]*

Wyatt B., a.27y., peg maker, s.John and Margaret, and Sarah E. Tapley, a.19y., d.Perley and Sally, Jan.23,1845.*

WOODS (Wood)

William, and Margarett Howe of Dorchester, int.May6,1802.


James, and Hannah Small, Sept.11,1833.*

James F., and Mary Parker, June22,1843.*

Lydia Middleton [of Andover. int.], and Rev. James Fletcher, at Andover, Oct.10,1849.*

Mercy, and John U. Larrabee, May6,1839. [May1. dup.]*

Rebekah Chamberlain, and Hezekiah Flint, at Reading, Oct.12,1817.*


Sarah, of Marblehead, and Thomas Trefrey, int.Nov.16,1844.


Anna, wid.[Walden. int.], and Gideon Gowing of Lynnfield, Feb.18,1773.*



Ruth, and John Russell, at Salem, Jan.28,1840.


Samuel, and Hitty Putnam, Nov.19,1811.*


James, and Catherine Allison of Wenham, Apr.15,1827.*

WORTH (Wirth)

Ayers, jr., and Julia A[nn. int.] Balch, Jan.22,1835.*


Jacob W., of Concord, NH, and Mary A. Morrill, Apr.26,1838.CR2*


Daniel, and Mary Ann Wiggin, May29,1838.

Elizabeth, and Asaph Wilkins, both of Middleton, Nov.24,1757.

Hiram, and Lydia White, May28,1829.

Jannet, and William Caird, at Lowell, Dec.9,1836.

Lucy Jane, of Salem, and Stephen G. Hooper, int.May19,1848.

Mary, and Cyrus Thompson, at Boston, July6,1834.

Mary May, and Daniel Berry, at Charlestown, Dec.12,1837.

Prudence H., and Jonathan W. [J.CR4] Sawyer, Dec.3,1843.*

William O., and Martha A. Howard of Charlestown, NH, int.Jan.28,1842(3).

WYATT (Wiat)

George, and Nancy Giddings of Boxford, Dec.11,1806.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Moulton, jr. of Wenham, Apr.16,1793.*

Lucinda, and Daniel White, at Middleton, Aug.19,1840.*

Milton, and Mary E. McKean, Sept.2,1841.*

Sarah, and Joseph Prince, jr. of Amherst, NH, Jan.9,1776.*

Stephen, and Tabitha Beverly of Andover, int.Aug.13,1763.


Eunice, of Beverly, and Samuel Bullock, May20,1787.*

Hannah, b. Woburn, and Isaac Dempsey, Mar.20,1796.*

Humphrey B., and Louis Ann Hill, Nov.25,1847. [Dec.25. dup.]*

Polly, and Benjamin Becket of Salem, Nov.9,1790.*

Mary P., and Fredrick Clement, May27,1828.*

Rufus, and Betsey Poor, Aug.6,1809.*

Solomon, and Eunice Peas, Jan.10,1765.*

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