Lydia L., and John C. Barstow, Oct.9,1831.*

Joseph and [] Mary A. Sawyer, Dec.10,1845. [Dec.18. int.]*

MacINTIRE (McIntire)

Ruth, and Asa Stickney, Dec.6,1775.*

Benjamin, of Reading, and Mary Rea, int.Sept.26,1803.

Fanny, of Salem, and Daniel Haskell, Mar.10,1808.*

Samuel, and Sally Lander, Mar.14,1811.*


Rachael, of Reading, and Isaac Cheever, jr., Jan.9,1776.*


Neler, of Salem, and George Nicholes, int.May15,1785.


Archelaus, of Reading, and Abigail Felton, Feb.5,1761.*

Hannah, of Reading, and Jethro Russell, int.Feb.11,1764.

Lydia, and Daniel Russell, int.Dec.26,1767.

Ebeneser, of Reading, and Susanna Russell, int.Feb.4,1769.

Rachel, of Reading, and David Russell, int.Oct.28,1769.

Lucy, and Enoch Thurston, Feb.24,1774.*

John, and Mary Deland, Nov.20,1777.*

Mehetabel, and Ebenezer Russel, June15,1786.*

Stephen, and Lydia Larrabee of Lynnfield, July12,1787.*

Lydia, and William Brown, Aug.25,1793.*

Mary, and Richard Elliot, Mar.10,1802.*

Thankful, and Joseph Shaw, jr., Nov.30,1819.*

Solomon Warren, and Nancy Hunt [of], at Salem.[Oct.7,1836. int.]*

Willard, and Nancy Drew, May28,1837.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Osborn, jr., Aug.8,1838.*

Solomon Warren, and Saluda Heath, 2d w., Apr.6,1843.*

Almira S. [T. int.], and Dependence Littlefield, Oct.13,1845.*

James F., and Margaret [J. int.] Symes, Oct.1,1846.*


Mary, and Robert Day, jr., Nov.3,1768.*


John, and Preserved Bulluk of Salem, June7,1772.

MAGERY (Masury)

Joseph, and Hannah Pritchard of Boxford, Dec.27,1753.*

Jane, of Topsfield, and George Wiat, Mar.24,1755.*

MAHONEY (Mahony)

Ann Maria, and John Wilson, in Ireland, Aug.22,1839.

MAHONY (Mahoney)

Margeret, and Timothy O'Conner, in Ireland, Sept.30,1846.

MANING (Manning)

John, of Salem, and Elizabeth Stone, Oct.28,1769.*

Priscilla, of Salem, and George Abbott, Mar.12,1772.*


Lucretia, of Lyme, CT, and Jesse Teague, int.Jan.31,1767.


Sally, and James Lord, Dec.15,1825.

Eliza [of], and David Upton, at Beverly, Oct.8,1826.*

MANNING (Maning)

Elisabeth, and William Reed, Feb.18,1777.*

Caroline, and Henry Janes of Gilmanton, NH, int.Aug.8,1829.

Daniel, and Hannah Galeucia, Dec.27,1835.*

John, of Salem, and Rebecca Eliza Jeffery, Apr.4,1836.*

Alfred, of Ipswich, and Mary Ann Buxton, Sept.3,1841.*

Henry Murry, and Rebecca Pinson Ingalls, Feb.27,1845.*

MANSFEILD (Mansfield)

Mary, and Timothy Bancroft of Dunstable, Nov.6,1755.*

MANSFIELD (Mansfeild)

Sarah, and Henry Cook, Nov.12,1761.*

Sally, of Salem, and William Ramsdale, Mar.13,1791.*

Andrew, jr., and Rebecca Mansfield of Lynnfield, int.Aug.13,1791.

Rebecca, of Lynnfield, and Andrew Mansfield, jr., int.Aug.13,1791.

Bethia, of Lynn, and David Newhall, jr., int.Apr.11,1795.

John, and Phebe Putnam, Nov.19,1795.*

Lydia, and Josiah Walton, at Lynnfield, Nov.末,1796.

Joseph, and Dolly Carter of Wilmington, int.Dec.19,1801.

John, and, wid.Elizabeth Jackson [of Lynn. int.], 2d w., at Lynn, May20,1807.*

Daniel, and Esther Williams, Apr.26,1810.*

Benjamin, jr., of Lynn, and Lucy Smith, Apr.27,1813.*

Rebeca, and Joseph Swan of South Reading, Oct.1,1823.*

Abigail, of Lynnfield, and Aaron Foster, jr., int.May5,1832.

John, jr., and Lorene Geary, at New York City, July8,1832.

John, and, wid.Hannah Geary, at New York City, Oct.17,1834.

Daniel, of Lynnfield, and Sally S. Taylor, Dec.21,1835.*

Mary, and Aaron Foster of South Reading, at Lynnfield, Apr.25,1838.

Lucy Bucknam, of Lynn, and Daniel Haskell, at Lynn, Jan.31,1839. [1831. dup.]*

Henry, and Elizabeth Searl, at Middleton, Feb.20,1840.

Joseph, and Emily Needham, Oct.13,1847.*


Peter, and Nancy Mason, of Salem, int.June9,1780.


Samuel, and Abigail Hart of Reading, int.Nov.15,1755.

Mary, of Middleton, and Isaac Holt of Souhegan West, Dec.26,1757.

John, and Ruth Proctor, int.May6,1758.

Kesia, Mrs., and Joseph Hutchinson, jr. of Middleton, int.Feb.11,1764.

Joseph, and Rebecca Harris, int.Mar.4,1775.

Nancy, and Dennison Wallis, Apr.6,1777.*

Esther [d.Jonathan and Sarah, of Seabrook.CR8], and Squiers Shove [farmer, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, late of Dighton.CR8], at Seabrook, NH, Oct.3,1787.

Nabby, and Simeon Guilford, Nov.8,1787.*

Betsy, and Floyd Southwick, Feb.14,1790.*

Huldah, and John Nutting, Nov.13,1791.*

Ede, and Jacob Newhall of Lynnfield, int.Nov.10,1792.

Persis, b. Andover, and Daniel Whittemore, int.Apr.19,1800.


Nicholson, and Hannah Hutchinson, July5,1807.*


Martha [J. int.], and James M. Sawyer, Nov.26,1846. [1847. dup.]*

Davis H., and Sarah L. Jocelyn, at Gloucester, Sept.30,1847.*

MARIUM (Merriam)

Abigail, and Jonathan [] Reed of Woburn, Apr.1,1787.*


John, and Ann Smith, in Ireland, Jan.末,1839.

Patrick, and Rosanna Ray, at Salem, Oct.19,1842.

MARROW (Merrow)

Mary, and Benjamin Parnel, int.Sept.12,1767.


Daniel, of Salem, and Phebe Gilford, int.Feb.14,1801.

MARSH (Mash)

Desire, and Hezekiah Duncklee, Sept.4,1755.*

Katharine [2d, w.dup.], and Hezekiah Dunklee, Dec.6,1757.*

Ezekiel [jr. int.], and [] Abiah Hartshorne of Andover, May31,1764.*

Nathaniel, and Susannah Newhall of Lynn, Sept.1,1765.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and [] Hannah Collins of Dedham, Feb.8,1770.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Fitts, May3,1770.*

Stephen, and Mrs.Ruth Rea, May24,1770.*

John, and Frances Foster, Sept.12,1776.*

Abiah, and Edmund Stone, June18,1786.*

Ezekel, 3d, and Lydia Meek of Salem, int.June22,1788.

Susannah, and Joseph Pope, Mar.26,1789.*

Ezekel, 3d, and Rebeccah Putnam, Dec.15,1789.*

Daniel, and Patience Douty, Dec.17,1789.*

John, and Rhoda Putnam, Oct.2,1791.*

Aaron, and Betsy Moulton, Jan.5,1796.*

Sally, and Fredrick Putnam of Salem, int.Apr.23,1796.

John, and Polly Brown [of], Aug.22,1798.*

Desire, and Henry Batchelder, Nov.29,1798.*

Thomas H., and Sarah Newhall of Lynnfield, Apr.27,1800.*

Hannah, and William Flint, jr., Jan.15,1807.*

Thomas H., and Sarah C. Bronsdon of Salem, int.Oct.15,1814.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Jewett, Feb.19,1818.*

Betsey, and John Smith, June3,1819.*

Patience, and Alben Rose, Nov.19,1820.*

James, and Mary P. Felton, Apr.5,1825.*

Caleb, and Mary G. Peabody of Bradford, int.Mar.10,1827.

Aaron Cook, and Abigail Roberts Ham [of Rochester, NH. int.], at Rochester, NH, Dec.23,1827.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Taylor, Feb.28,1831. [1832. dup.]*

Fanny F., and Samuel Brown, 3d of Salem, Mar.末,1835.*

George D., of Boston, and M. Amorrelle of East Lexington, at East Lexington, Apr.3,1841.CR5

Philip, and Elizabeth Brown of Salem, Dec.31,1844.*

MARSHAL (Marshall)

Benjamin, and Esther Wilson, int.Apr.10,1790.

MARSHALL (Marshal)

Lucy, and John Hazzelton of Salem, int.Aug.20,1808.

Susan, and Jesse Moors of Chelmsford, Feb.17,1818.*

John D[], and Anna Larabee, Oct.23,1834.*

Elizabeth S., and William A. Osborn, both of Salem, at Salem, Nov.5,1840.CR4

Maria, and Pyam Dodge Perkins, at Warner, NH, Oct.末,1841.

Porter G. [Peter. dup.], a.22y., cordwainer, s.William C. and Mary, of Alfred, ME, and Elizabeth W. Woodbury, a.27y., d.Oliver and Mary, Oct.2,1849.*


William, of Boston, and Triphenia Collins, int.Aug.1,1807.

Sarah, and James A. Putnam, at Methuen, Mar.13,1820.*

MARTIAN (Martin)

Polly, and David Richards, Jan.18,1784.*

MARTIN (Martian)

Phebe, of Andover, and Joseph Dale, July16,1795.*

Sarah, and Levi Guilford, Jan.5,1797.*

Molly, of Wilton, NH, and John Farnum, int.Dec.27,1800.

Phebe [of Andover. int.], and Ebenezer Jacobs, at Andover, Mar.31,1805.*

Aquilla, and Eunice Joslyn, Sept.15,1806.*

Elizabeth [of], and Francis [George. int.] Parraria, at Salem, Jan.末,1815. [Dec.7,1816. int.]*

Martha F., and Samuel Trask of Portland, ME, Nov.8,1820.*

Charles, and Clarisa [G. int.] Shortridge [of Lynn. int.], at Lynn, Nov.末,1826.*

John H., and Maria P. Goodale, Sept.8,1828.*

Clarissa, and Josiah Newhall of Lynn, Apr.15,1832.*

Hannah [W.CR4], and Eliphalet Southwick, June12,1834.*

Edwin, and Elizabeth [Clark. dup.] Brown, June10,1835.*

Lucius Drew, and Sarah Felton Batchelder, Sept.17,1838.*

Anna D., and Sewall Elliott, both of Middleton, Oct.2,1838.*

Edwin, and Eliza Stone of Marblehead, Mar.29,1840.*

Thomas, of Salem, and Huldah Dealand, int.Jan.23,1841.

William C., of Marblehead, a.22y., mariner, s.Knot and Sally, and Louisa Legro, a.23y., d.Samuel, jr. and Sally, Feb.16,1845.*

Sarah Felton Batchelder, and Amos Proctor Perley, at Windham, NH, Oct.12,1847. [1846.PR74]

George Brown, and Alvira Tapley, Dec.5,1848. [Dec.7. dup.]*

Henry, a.22y., laborer, s.Isaac and Mary of Racham, VT, and Mary Jane Sanborn, a.21y., d.Jacob and Mahale of Canterbury, NY, Aug.20,1849.*

MASH (Marsh)

Humphry, and Mary Gardner, July30,1756.*


Carles, of Salem, and Lydia Townsend of Lynn, Apr.30,1752.

Nancy, of Salem, and Peter Manuel, int.June9,1780.

John L. [of Charlestown. int.], and Sally Talbot Tarbell, May15,1828.*

MASURY (Magery)

Margaret, and John Giles, Feb.15,1763.*

John [jr. int.], and Anna Tuck of Beverly, Sept.2,1766.*

Mary, and John Crowell, int.Mar.31,1770.

Mary, Mrs., of Salem, and Stephen Webb, July11,1774.

John, and Elisabeth Bagnal of Salem, July26,1775.

Elisabeth, of Salem, and William Foy, Oct.3,1776.

Betty, and John Croel, jr., Sept.4,1777.*

Nathaniel Friend, and Sarah Berry Stocker, at Beverly, Nov.末,1837.

Lydia F., of Boston, and William Kimball, int.Nov.18,1843.

Lydia H., a.26y., tailoress, d.Thomas and Lucy, and Hiram A. Blossom of Boston, a.24y., last maker, s.Alden and Lydia, June29,1845. [Dec.25,1844. dup.]*

Clemontine S., and Howard Emerson of Boston, int.Dec.30,1846.


John, and Margaret H. Westwood, at Saxonville, Dec.10,1846.


Susan, of Beverly, and Moses Murray, int.Nov.16,1841.


Almira, and Moses A. Shackley, at Marblehead, Jan.19,1841.*

MAYHEW (Mayhue)

Sally, and William Orne, jr. of Salem, int.Sept.11,1819.

Nathaniel, and Pamelia Parker, May7,1823.*

Asenath, and Alfred Taylor, Jan.19,1832. [July19,1831. dup.]*

Mehitable, and Samuel McIntire, jr., Apr.25,1833.*

Clara Endicott, and William Goodridge, Mar.25,1838. [Mar.11,1839. int.]*

Samuel Newhall, and Sophia R. Hart, June17,1841.*

George, and Harriet Augusta Morris, Aug.23,1845.*

MAYHUE (Mayhew)

Rebecca, and Bayley White, July8,1832.*


Joseph B., and Mary R. Underwood of Salem, int.Nov.6,1845.

McARTHEY (McCarthy)

John, and Susan Moore, at Salem, Apr.16,1848.

McCARTHEY (McCarthy)

Patrick, and Ellen Hearan, int.Sept.26,1849.

McCARTHY (McArthey, McCarthey)

John, and Mary Conroy at Salem, July12,1846.


Anna Maria [of Boston. int.], and Richard O[ber. int.] Spiller, at Boston, Sept.18,1849.*


Michael, of Derryfield, and Elenor Dunast, Oct.8,1787.*

McCOLISTER (Colester)

Richard, and Elizabeth Symonds of Salem, int.Oct.1,1808.


Charles, of Salem, and Rebeccah Needham, Apr.17,1809.*


Catherine Wentwort, and George Woodbury Creeleman, in Nova Scotia, Jan.18,1823.


Charles, and Maria Sullivan, Oct.27,1839. [Oct.2. dup.]*


Samuel, and Harriet N. Dearborn, Nov.17,1842.*


Charles, and Mary Donnally, 2d w., at Salem, Nov.25,1847.

McDONALD (Donald)

John, and Ann Cunningham, at Paisley,末蔓末, 末末.

Ann, and Andrew S. Furber of Chelmsford, Aug.24,1841.*

Ellen, and James Kirwin, in Ireland, Feb.5,1849.

McINTIRE (MacIntire, McIntyre, MackIntire)

Solomon, and Thankful Shaw, Apr.16,1799.*

Phebe, and Ebenezer Bancroft, June17,1812. [1811. dup.]*

Jonathan, and Mary Trask, at Somersworth, Nov.13,1815.

Nancey, and Tilston Bacon of Cambridge, Apr.1,1824.*

Charles, and Hannah C. Shelden, both of Middleton, Nov.20,1831.*

Samuel, jr., and Mehitable Mayhew, Apr.25,1833.*

Mary Stocker, and Ichabod Tibbetts, Sept.13,1835.*

Sarah, and William Brown Chaplin, Dec.3,1835.*

Silas, and Clara Hutchins, at Lowell, Dec.7,1835.

Priscilla, 2d w., and Green Wood Sanborn, at Salem, July19,1846.

Mary Ann, and Wyman B. Richardson, Nov.9,1846.*

Nancy, and Samuel H[osea.dup.] Dike [of South Braintree. int.], Dec.27,1846.*

William, and Caroline Helen Symes, at Burnet, VT, Nov.29,1848.

McINTYRE (McIntire)

Clarissa, and John Burbeck [Burbank.CR5] of Westford, Sept.5,1836.*


Timothy, and Mary Gorman, in Ireland, Nov.末,1842.

Edward, and Elizabeth Acton, in Ireland, Apr.11,1846.

McKEAN (Kean, McKeon)

Mary E., and Milton Wyatt, Sept.2,1841.*

McKEON (McKean)

William, and Eliza Welch, at Salem, June27,1848.


Eliza D., and Nathan M. Walton, both of Salem, Dec.25,1849.


William, and Mary O'Conner, at St. Johns, N.B., Aug.1,1835.

Mary, Mrs., and John Rennie of Salem, int.Jan.19,1849.

McLEAN (McLain)


Jeremiah, and Margaret Murray, at Salem, Apr.25,1836.

McMELLEN (Mackmillion, Mullen)

Mercy, and John Pike, at Lynn, Dec.16,1824.

McMURPHY (Murphy)

Mary W., of Derry, NH, and Joseph Y. James, int.June17,1846.


Anthony, and Fanny Logan, in Ireland,末蔓末,1841.

Mary, and Anthony Rowan, at St. John's, N.B., Aug.8,1841.

John, and Sarah Fary of Boston, int.Apr.9,1849.

Mary, and William Gallavan, int.Sept.27,1849.


Patrick, and Elenor Bolan, int.Nov.3,1847.


Sarah Ann, and Asher Austin Davis, at Sunbury, O., May1,1830.

MEACHAM (Meacom)

Joseph, and Mary Peas, June3,1753.*

Mary, wid., and Nathan Wait, Mar.28,1765.*

MEACOM (Meacham, Mecom)

Ebenezer, and Lucinda Shed, Apr.19,1832.*


John, of Hillsboro, NH, and Rachel Curtis, June30,1789.*

Samuel, Rev., and Sukey Clapp of Rochester, int.Nov.19,1796.

Mary W., and Richard H. Carter, at Lynn, Apr.21,1836.

Martha Ann, and Joshua P. Estes, at New York City, July13,1841.

Luke, and Winneford Follen, in Ireland, Apr.4,1845.

William J., and Elizabeth Bean [Mrs.Jane Boan. int.], Mar.16,1847.*


Lucy, and Job Tyler, at Haverhill, Sept.4,1827.


Mary, and John Andrews, at Salem, Nov.末,1849.


Jeremiah, and Mary Smith of Chelmsford, int.Dec.12,1812.

Daniel, resident in Danvers, and Hannah Stone, May4,1820.*

Martha, of Beverly, and Perkins Foster, int.Oct.19,1844.

MECOM (Meacom)

Ruthy, of Topsfield, and Daniel Porter, Feb.26,1795.*


Henry [James H., of Andover. int.], and Abigail Very, at Andover, Aug.12,1846.*


Lydia, of Salem, and Ezekel Marsh, 3d, int.June22,1788.


Mary, and David Cook, at New Ipswich, NY, Apr.7,1847.

MELDRA (Mildram)

MELENDY (Molynda)

Bradley, and Mary Ann Nugent, Apr.6,1839.*


Betsey, and Levi Trask, at Londonderry, NH, Mar.31,1828.


Thomas, and Mary W. Atwell of Salem, int.Apr.6,1822.

Nancy, and John Burns, int.Feb.8,1823.

MERIAM (Merriam)

Catharine [of Middleton. int.], 2d w., and [Capt. int.] Stephen Wilkins, at Middleton, Mar.17,1836.*

Agnes, and James Dreghorn, b. Ireland, at Jacksonville, July4,1847.

MERRIAM (Marium, Meriam)

Elizabeth, of Middleton, and Jesse Putnam, int.May5,1804.

Fanny, b. Middleton, and Simon Mudge, June11,1837. [May8,1807. int.]*

Francis P., of Middleton, a.25y., trader, b. Middleton, s.Andrew and Ann Jane of Middleton, and Mary F. Crosby, a.20y., d.John and Mary, Nov.21,1844.*

MERRIL (Merrill)

Clarisa, and Timothy Walton, May14,1820.*

MERRILL (Merril)

Love, and James Carr, jr., at Newburyport, May7,1796.

Hannah, 2d w., and James Carr, jr., Nov.8,1807.*

Wingate, and Hannah Chapman [of], Sept.26,1819.*

Samuel, and Hannah Cook of Salem, NH, int.Aug.5,1820.

Hannah C. [of], and Nathan Poor, Feb.27,1826.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth K. Clifton, at Salem [of], Oct.末,1827.*

Joseph, of Salem, and Phebe Felton, May31,1829.*

Alvan, and Tabitha Beadle [of], at Salem, Nov.30,1830.*

Levi H., and Sally Carter, Dec.6,1835.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Fish [of Middleton. int.], at Middleton, Dec.末,1836. [Dec.19,1835. dup.]*

Ann Maria, of Salem, and John Gaffney, Nov.13,1838.*

Joseph, and Eunice Hutchinson Kenney, 2d w., June18,1840.*

Sarah G., and Rev. John G. Richardson, at Gilmanton, NH, Oct.4,1841.

Joseph, jr., and Emily Ann Brown, both of Salem, Nov.25,1841.

Stephen C., and Melinda Flint, Apr.7,1844.*

Rosilla R., and David Richardson, b. Middleton, May5,1844.

Amos, and Abigail Allen Upton, Dec.19,1844.*

Hannah R., a.26y., d.Joseph, and Francisco Benatiz [of Middleton. int.], a.23y., farmer, s.Francisco, Apr.6,1845.*

Caroline Ellen, and Warren Wilson, May15,1845.*

Emily A., Mrs., and Jason Richardson, both of Middleton, June11,1845.

Harriet T., of Levant, ME, and George W. Tufts, int.Apr.11,1846.

Franklin Augustus, and Sarah Ellen Saul [of], at Salem, Nov.1,1846.*

William Augustus, of Eaton, NH, and Elmira Priscilla Bedell, int.Mar.27,1847.

Samuel A., of Lawrence, and Elizabeth E. Needham, int.Nov.1,1848.

Elizabeth, of Andover, and Joseph Warren Upton, Sept.12,1849.*

MERROW (Marrow)

Mark U., of Salem, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Ezekiel, and Ruhannah D. Baldwin of Salem, a.22y., d.Thomas D., Dec.31,1846.

MESERVEY (Messervy)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Reed, int.Dec.29,1810.


Sarah, of Salem, and Samuel W. Wiswell, Dec.25,1828.*

Eliza [of], and William Poor, at Salem, June末,1830.*

David, and Louisa Emerson of Methuen, Oct.23,1836.*

David, and Hannah Gardner, Dec.22,1838.

Maria M., and Rodney C. Fletcher, at Loudon, NH, Dec.5,1839.

David, and Hannah Foster, Dec.23,1839.*

Albert A., and Sophronia A. Bushby, Sept.24,1843.*

Julitta, and Joseph Warren Prescott, at Boston, Sept.29,1844.

Job C., and Eliza Abbott, Aug.19,1846.*

Laura A., and Joseph D. Morland, Sept.28,1847.*

MESSERVY (Meservey)

Lydia [of], and Thomas Henry Sawyer, at Marblehead, Dec.9,1847.*


Fisher, and Eunice Peabody, at Salem, Mar.31,1836.


Catherine, and Patrick Egan, at Salem, Feb.5,1848.

MILBORN (Milbourn)

Thomas, and Mehitable Putney, Apr.18,1782.*

MILBOURN (Milborn)

Mary, of Salem, and Francis Very, int.Oct.27,1831.


Annah, and William B. Littlefield, int.Dec.22,1831.


Nathaniel, and Sally Clark of Beverly, int.Nov.3,1821.

John, and Elizabeth Very, Dec.21,1845.*


William B., of Lynnfield, and Nancy Southwick, July8,1817.*

Mary Curtis, and Joseph Jenney of Salem, int.Nov.8,1846.

Daniel, of Salisbury, NH, and Mary [] Jane Straw, Feb.20,1847. [should be 1848.]*


Benjamin, of Salem, and Sarah Clark, int.June14,1828.

Mary (Porter), wid.[of Plaistow, NH. int.], b. Salem, and Benaiah Clements Brickett, at Plaistow, NH, June4,1829.*

J. Hardy, and Eliza R. Daniels, May21,1840.CR4

Eliza S., Mrs., and Augustus Hammond, Sept.6,1846.


Elizabeth, and William Wood, at Rochester, Eng., Sept.17,1841.

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Betsey, and Myland Murfey, int.Oct.8,1784.

Mary, and John Rea, Feb.15,1797.*

James, and Hannah Southwick, int.Dec.12,1801.

Elijah [Nourse. dup.], and Lucy Taylor, Oct.24,1822.*

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Dorcas, and Henry Blake, at Boston, Aug.8,1835.

William, and Rusha Ann Patch of Lynnfield, Mar.29,1842.*

Levina [], and William Downing, at Lynn, Feb.28,1847.*

Hannah Jane, and Josiah Boynton, Oct.27,1848.*

MOLYNDA (Melendy)

Cynthia, of Reading, and William Chamberlain, int.Mar.2,1831.


Margaret, and Edward Welch, in Ireland, Feb.末,1847.

MONROE (Munroe)

Hannah, and John Parsons, Aug.5,1835.*

Lydia N., and Albert A. Kesar, both of Salem, Dec.31,1840.


George, of York, ME, and Matilda Putnam, May10,1833.*

Lucy Ann, and Charles Northend, b. Byfield, at Troy, NY, Aug.18,1834.

William, of Newbury, and Rebecca Gray of Rowley, Dec.23,1835.*

Hannah S., of Augusta, ME, and George Abbot Osborne, June15,1844.*

MOOR (Moore)

Susan, and John McArthey, at Salem, Apr.16,1848.

MOORE (Moor, Moors, More)

Annah, of Topsfield, and Stephen P. Averell, Dec.13,1818.*

Lydia Lucretia, and John C. Barstow, Oct.9,1831.

Fanny, and Samuel Brown, at Thetford, Feb.5,1832.

Benedicta, and Josiah Beckford, at Salem, Mar.29,1837.

Benjamin, and Mary K. Burnham, at Essex, Oct.29,1839.

Jennett, and Allen Sutherland, at Boston, May7,1847.*

Jane, and Jared P. Whitcomb, at Derry, NH, Jan.9,1849.

Eliza, and David Shubert, at Philadelphia, Jan.28,1849.

Ellen, and Duglas R. Wilson, int.Apr.14,1849.

Joseph, and Mary S. Day of Salem, int.May16,1849.


Jane, and John Moran, at Salem, Jan.末,1849.

MOORS (Moore)

Jesse, of Chelmsford, and Susan Marshall, Feb.17,1818.*


John, and Jane Moorey, at Salem, Jan.末,1849.

MORE (Moore)

Adam, of Salem, and Patience Whipple, int.Dec.6,1777.

MORELAND (Morland)

James H., and Elizabeth A. Thompson, int.Jan.6,1849.

MORGAN (Morgen)

Israel, of Salem, and Susannah Southwick, Apr.27,1766.*

Isaac P., and Rebecah Glading of Salem, int.Jan.4,1830.

Mary Ann, and William B. Dodge, Jan.20,1847.*

Nancy, and Nahum M. Forbush, July29,1847.*

MORGEN (Morgan)

Lucy, and Jonathan Peabody of Boxford, Mar.14,1785.*


Thomas, and Deborah Bowditch, Oct.31,1782.

MORISON (Morrison)

Albra, and Lucretia Butler, Dec.1,1836.

MORLAND (Moreland)

Thomas, and Joanna Rowell [of], at Salem, Sept.9,1819.*

John [S. int.], and Hannah Larrabee [of Merrimac, NH. int.], at Merrimac, NH, Dec.10,1814. [Oct.7,1820. int.]*

Joseph D., and Laura A. Messer, Sept.28,1847.*

James Harvey, and Elizabeth Gray Thompson, at Salem, Jan.28,1849. [Jan.29. dup.]*


Harriot [of Wilmington. int.], and Thomas Stimpson, at Wilmington, Apr.22,1825.*

Sophia, and Isaac Floyd, jr., at Wilmington, Apr.23,1829.

Mary A., and Jacob W. Worthen of Concord, NH, Apr.26,1838.CR2*

Abigail, and Nathan H. Poor, May17,1843.*


Harriet Augusta, and George Mayhew, Aug.23,1845.*

Mary, and John Hunt, in Ireland, Jan.8,1846.

James, and Lydia Ann Lavis [Lewis?] of Salem, int.Feb.25,1846.

James, and Sarah Jane Graham [of], at Salem, Oct.29,1848.*

MORRISON (Morison)

Stephen, and Euradica Earle of Paxton, int.Mar.7,1812.

John, and Mary Ann Nutting, May25,1826.*

Jane, and Oliver Stanley, at Sanford, ME, Feb.16,1834.

Sarah, and Moses Shackley, at Sanford, ME, Nov.15,1837.

Joseph, and Sally Hutchinson Demsey, Mar.5,1840.*

Agness, of Saxonville, and James Dreghorn, int.June12,1847.

Alexander M., and Mary Jane Elliot, Dec.31,1848.*


Nancy, and Benjamin Haws, at Roxbury, Jan.17,1809.

Joseph S., and Achsah Smith of Beverly, int.Apr.17,1824.

Healey, and Harriet N. Adams, June4,1840.*

Eliza Augusta [of], and Ephraim Hildreth Johnson, at Salem, Oct.24,1845.*


Joseph P., and Lucy Bryant, int.June30,1798.

MOULTEN (Moulton)

Sarah, and Benjamin Jacobs, Sept.4,1766.*

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Jacobs, Dec.8,1768.*

Daniel, and Hannah Lindsey, July12,1770.*

Joshua, and Mary Brage, Dec.20,1774.*

Elijah, and Elisabeth Russel, Dec.12,1776.*

Mehitabel, jr., and Richard Crispin, June4,1778.*

Bartholomew, and Elisabeth Twiss of Charlton, Mar.16,1784.*

Benjamin, jr., and Catherine Johnson of Billerica, int.Jan.26,1799.

Nancy, and Charles Richardson of Lynnfield, Jan.20,1800.*

John, and Alice Harwood, Dec.25,1806.*

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Smith, Dec.22,1807.*

Lucy, and Jonathan Shaw, int.Apr.30,1808.

James, and Polly Shaw, Jan.2,1810.*

Mary, and Amos Carlton, June13,1819.*

MOULTON (Moulten)

Elisabeth, of Brimfield, and Stephen Needham, int.Nov.18,1758.

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Curtis, Mar.31,1772.*

Meriam, and John Brown, Oct.3,1781.

Judith, and Aaron Gilford, Feb.6,1782.*

Sarah, and William Verry, int.Dec.27,1783.

Anne, and Ezra Harwood, Apr.13,1786.*

Jonathan, jr., of Wenham, and Hannah Wyatt, Apr.16,1793.*

Polly, and Nathan Southwick, Feb.19,1795. [Feb.11. dup.]*

Betsy, and Aaron Marsh, Jan.5,1796.*

Joseph, of Lynn, and Rebeccah Laraby, int.May9,1798.

Meriam, and John Brown, jr., Oct.3,1798.*

Sarah, and Amos Carlton, int.Nov.27,1802.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Daniel Marsh, Jan.26,1809. [Jan.24. dup.]*

Lucy, and Jonathan Shaw, both residents in Danvers, Jan.16,1816.*

Sophia, and David Titcomb of Lynnfield, Apr.11,1830.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Coffin, Nov.18,1830.*

Benjamin, of Lynnfield, and Abigail R. Phelps, Aug.15,1833.*

Dorcas, and Edmund G. Clough, Jan.1,1839.*

Warren, and Ann Maria Ham [of Rochester, NH. dup.], Nov.17,1839.*

Mary Jane, and William T. Dole, Feb.22,1843.*

Warren, and Harriett D. Snell, int.July30,1847.


Catharine, and Patrick Agan, at Salem, Feb.5,1848.

MUCKFORD (Mugford)

Abagail P., of Salem, and William Petingel, int.July27,1833.


John, and Hannah Hutchinson, May13,1766.*

Simon, and Elizabeth Whittradge, May19,1773.*

Simon, and Fanny Merriam, b. Middleton, June11,1837. [May8,1807. int.]*

Nancy, and Elijah Hutchinson of Middleton, Feb.3,1808.*

Amos, and Sarah Willson, May29,1810. [May4. dup.]*

Nancy, and Zephaniah Pope, Apr.9,1835.*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Fisk, June8,1835.*

Almira, and Capt. Amos Pratt, Apr.16,1838.*

Josiah, and Eliza Ann Flint Skinner, at Lynnfield, Dec.28,1839.*

Otis, and Elizabeth Proctor, Aug.24,1842.*

Augustus, and Lucy Ann Wentworth, Oct.3,1843.*

Edwin, and Lydia Nichols Bryant [of Lynnfield.dup.], at Lynnfield, Nov.28,1844.*

William W., and Harriet Perry, Apr.26,1848.*


William, and Nancy Hersey of Salem, int.Dec.2,1815.

MUGFORD (Muckford)

Mary, and Ebenezer G. Walcut, Mar.30,1819.*

MULLEN (McMellen)

Bartholomew, and Julia Raddin, at Salem, Nov.末,1849.


Robert, of Charlestown, and Ruth Trask, Jan.1,1773.*


Mary, and Peter Lynn, in Ireland, Feb.末,1842.


Mehitable [Munsey.CR5], and John S. Lane of Gloucester, Dec.14,1838.*


Edmund, and Mary Reeves of Salem, Feb.8,1758.*

Gabriel, and Anna Phelps, Feb.8,1762.*

MUNRO (Munroe)

Andrew, and Ruth Simonds, at Burlington, Mar.22,1785.

Isaac, and Mary Curtis, Sept.8,1807.*

Andrew, jr., and Mary Beers, Oct.25,1809.*

Ishmael, and Rhoda Symonds, b. Burlington, Feb.20,1817.

Ruth, and John Jacobs, jr., June6,1821.*

Sarah, and Eben Twiss, May6,1824.*

Luther Simonds, and Olive Flint [of Reading. int.], at Reading, Sept.3,1826.*

Edmund, and Eliza Stanley, 2d w., b. Beverly, Apr.1,1830.

Isaac, and Hannah L. Galleucia, Dec.31,1843.*

Melissa F., and William Stone of Salem, Feb.29,1844.*

Lucy J., and Moses Spiller of Boston, Mar.1,1847.*

Elizabeth S., and Thomas Burk, int.Aug.29,1847.

MUNROE (Monroe, Munro)

Mary, and Eliphalet Taylor of Lynnfield, Jan.20,1808.*

Lucy, and Ebenezer Hunt, June13,1811.*

Edmund, and Betsey Jacobs, Sept.15,1819.*

Uriah, and Esther E. Twiss, Oct.20,1819.*

Phebe U[pton. int.], and William Cross, Dec.25,1828.*

Edmund, and Eliza Stanley of Beverly, Apr.1,1830.*

Eliza, and Joseph Poor, jr., June3,1830.*

Mary, and Jonathan C. Clough, June5,1836.*

Clarissa, and Robert A. Herrick, int.Dec.24,1837.

Lucinda S., and Jonathan M. Goldthwait, July9,1840.*


Curtis Coe, and Matilda Howard, at Beverly, Oct.25,1833.

Sarah, and Peter W. Roberts, at Salem, Apr.13,1840.

MUNYAN (Munnion)

MURFEY (Murphy)

William, and Susanna Beacon, Apr.11,1776.*

Myland, and Betsey Mitchel, int.Oct.8,1784.

MURFY (Murphy)

Henry, of Frankfort, ME, and Mary Richards, int.May11,1837.

MURPHY (McMurphy, Murfey, Murfy)

Miland, and Hiphzi Johnson of Andover, int.July23,1802.

Betsey, and William Haskell, both of Hamilton, Dec.2,1803.

Debby, and Peter Chadwic, both of Hamilton, Dec.2,1803.

John, and Ann Elizabeth Norris, at Salem, Feb.19,1845.

John, and Ellen Crow, at Lowell, May29,1845.

MURRAY (Murrey, Murry)

Margaret, and Jeremiah McMahon, at Salem, Apr.25,1836.

Moses, and Susan Maxey of Beverly, int.Nov.16,1841.

MURREY (Murray)

Samuel, and Elizabeth Laribee of Salem, Mar.21,1773.

MURRY (Murray)

Michael, and Mary Dailey, in Ireland, May12,1846.

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