NORTEN (Norton)

Abby Proctor, d. Daniel jr., shoemaker, and Susan F., Sept. 12, 1849.

Francis C., s. Oliver, shoemaker, and Elizabeth, May 29, 1845.

Lydia Choate, d. Oliver, shoemaker, and Elizabeth, b. Hamilton, Aug. 3, 1849.

Mary Cummings, d. Daniel, jr., shoemaker, and Susan F., Nov. 12, 1846.

NORTON (Norten)

Austress, d. Daniel, May 7, 1823.

Edward, s. Daniel and Lydia, bp. Aug. 28, 1836. CR

Harriet Choate, d. Daniel and Lydia, bp. June 26, 1831. CR

Oliver, s. Daniel and Hannah, Aug. 6, 1819.


Hannah F., d. John, shoemaker, and Hannah, Oct. 4, 1846.

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