Benjamin, and Elizabeth Parsons of Ipswich, int.Mar.7,1840.


Hannah, of Gloucester, and Alonzo Millet, int.Nov.25,1836.

NORTEN (Norton)

Anstice C., a.22y., d.Daniel, and David Knowlten, a.26y., farmer, s.Moses and Hannah, Nov.15,1846.*

Daniel, jr., widr., a.33y., shoemaker, s.Daniel and Hannah, and Susan F. Choate, a.28y., d.John and Elizabeth, Nov.2,1845.*

NORTON (Norten)

Caroline, and Charles [] Andrews, jr., Mar.23,1833.*

Daniel, and Lydia Choate, May20,1827.CR*

Daniel, jr., and Mary Cogswell, int.Apr.9,1836.

George, and Lucinda Burnham, Sept.1,1833.CR*

Hannah and Daniel Whipple of Hamilton, Mar.14,1827.*

Oliver, and Elizabeth K. Patch of Hamilton, int.Oct.16,1844.

Sarah A., and Elias Burnham, int.Dec.7,1839.


Belinda S., and Isaac C. Groce of Beverly, Mar.1,1843.*

George, and Elizabeth Bray of Gloucester. Jan.2,1839.*

George P., and Sarah B. Whitehouse, May16,1843.*

Hannah, and Aaron W. Bray of Gloucester, Nov.18,1840.*

John, and Hannah Hodskins of Gloucester, int.Apr.29,1843.

John, widr., a.32y., cordwainer, s.James and Mahitable, of Gloucester, and Sarah B. Jeffs of Gloucester, a.16y., d.Mitchel and Lydia, Mar.25,1848.*

Nancy, and James Mitchel Jeffs of Gloucester, int.Oct.20,1838. (Certificate not granted.)

Nancy, and James M. Jeffs of Gloucester, int.Jan.2,1841.

Nancy, and Adoniram Burnham,,1842 or 1843.*

William, and Adaline Low, Nov.27,1841.*

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