Lucy, of Ipswich, and Daniel Story, jr., int. May 12, 1825.


Joseph, and Sally Burnham, 2d, July 22, 1821.*

Thurzah, and Jonathan Lufkin, jr., Mar. 21, 1825.*

Charles, and Louisa Andrews, Dec. 15, 1829. [Nov. CR]*

Sally F., and Nathaniel Lufkin, Oct. 8, 1833. CR*

Matilda, and Oliver Burnham, Nov. 20, 1834.*

Lydia [Mrs. int.], and Jotham Jackson, ––– ––, 1835. [Apr. 20. int.]*

Adaline, and Jacob Haskell, both of Gloucester, Apr. 28, 1839. CR

William, and Martha [W. int.] Butler, Nov. 26, 1840.*

Harriet N., a. 31 y., d. William and Lucy, and John Low, jr., a. 37 y., shoemaker, s. John and Lucy, Dec. 31, 1846.*

William, jr., a. 23 y., yeoman, s. William and Lucy, and Mary Ann Burnham, a. 24 y., d. Francis, 2d, deceased, and Mary, Dec. 26, 1849.*


Lydia Ann, and Asa Holmes, int. Nov. 30, 1839.


Mary, of Beverly, and Joel Burnham, int. Sept. 8, 1836.

McKENZIE (McKinzie)

Leonard, widr., a. 34 y., ship carpenter, s. John and Rebecca, and Almira E. Burnham, a. 28 y., d. Parker, 2d and Mary, Dec. 9, 1849.*

McKINZIE (McKenzie)

John, jr., and Sally B. Andrews, Apr. 30, 1840.*

Leonard, and Harriet Story, Oct. 24, 1840.*

William, a. 25 y., shipwright, s. John and Rebecca, and Lucy Mary Hardy, a. 21 y., d. Thomas and Esther, July 6, 1844.*

Washington, and Martha A. Coffin of Newbury, int. July 21, 1844.


Francis, resident of Ipswich, and Sophia Butler, int. Oct. 14, 1820.


Florence, of Ipswich, and Sophia Butler, Nov. 3, 1820. CR


Elizabeth, and Samuel Caldwell of Marblehead, Apr. 11, 1821. CR*

Henry, and Abigail Butler, Mar. 27, 1822.*

Samuel, and Lydia W. Burnham, Mar. 29, 1823. CR*

Susan, and Levi Brown of Ipswich, May 31, 1826.*

John, jr., and Lucy Low, Nov. 18, 1830.

Adaline, and William S. Tozer of Ipswich, Nov. 19, 1834.

William H., and Mary Ann Peabody of Topsfield, int. May 4, 1835.

Phebe, and Addison [P. int.] Burnham of Manchester, June 30, 1840.*

Lucy, and Edward Eveleth, Nov. 28, 1840.*

David, and Abigail Burnham, Dec. 24, 1840.*

Abigail, and Thomas P. Gentlee of Manchester, May 12, 1842.*

Harriet [A. int], and Ira Burnham, Dec. 8, 1842.*

Samuel, jr., a. 20 y., shoemaker, s. Samuel and L.W., and Sarah Ann Burnham, a. 23 y., d. Henry and Sally, Apr. 20, 1844.*

John jr., and Sarah W. Rutherford of Newburyport, int. Jan. 24, 1846.

John, widr., a. 71 y., line and turn maker, s. Alexander and Martha, and Elizabeth S. Cole, wid., a. 71 y., d. John and Hannah Story, Oct. 2, 1849.*


Elizabeth, and George Story [int. June 13, 1829].*

Alonzo, and Hannah Nichols of Gloucester, int. Nov. 25, 1836.

MOORE (More)

Louisa, of Ipswich, and Aaron Goodwin, int. Nov. 2, 1839.

MORE (Moore)

Benjamin, and Mary K. Burnham, Oct. 28, 1840.*


Elizabeth, of Manchester, and Moses Burnham, jr., int. Oct. 10, 1829.

Susannah, of Manchester, and Moses Burnham, jr., int. Sept. 28, 1836.


Moses, jr., of Salisbury, and Martha Percival, int. Jan. 23, 1829.


Irene, a. 20 y., d. Samuel and Anna, and John C. Butman, a. 26 y., mariner, s. John and Hypsabeth, Nov. 20, 1845.*

Alse Ann, a. 19 y., d. Samuel and Anna, and Ancill K. Butman, a. 25 y., shoemaker, s. John and Hypsabeth, Mar. 22, 1846.*

Samuel, jr., a. 26 y., carpenter, s. Samuel and Anna, and Mary Ann Troy, a. 18 y., d. Patrick and Sally, Nov. 29, 1846.*


Lydia, and William Babcock, both of Manchester, Sept. 2, 1819. CR

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