La Forest, s. W.E., mechanic, and Mary A., Mar. 2, 1848.

TEBBETTS (Tibbetts)

––––– (Tibbetts), d. John I., mechanic, and Mary Ann, Mar. 30, 1849.

Charles W., s. C.A., Mar. 21, 1841.

TENNEY (Tenny)

Alice Loisa [Tenny. dup.], d. Edmond O., wheelwright, and Joanna, Apr. 3, 1845.

Appia N., d. C.S. and Elizaabeth, Nov. 4, 1843.

Elizabeth Nelson, d. C.S. and Elizabeth, Apr. 8, 1841.

Lucy Spofford, d. George J. and Susan, Oct. 29, 1839.

Mary Sophia, d. Richard, shoestring manufacturer, and Mary Sophia, Mar. 24, 1846.

Milton Grenvill, s. George J. and Susan, Sept. 4, 1837.

Ward M., s. Orlando B., shoemaker, and Lydia M., both b. Rowley, May 25, 1849.

William Milton, s. C.S. and Elizabeth, Nov. 16, 1833.


Albert Parsons, s. Otis and Maria, Jan. 26, 1838.

Albert Parsons, s. Otis and Maria, Aug. 3, 1841.

Charles Erie, s. Erie P., shoemaker, and Ann W., Apr. 14, 1845.

Clara, d. [s. (sic.). dup.], Otis [sheriff. dup.] and Maria, Aug. 11, 1846.

George Otis, s. Otis, shoe manufacturer, and Maria, Nov. 25, 1848.

Harriet Ann, d. Otis and Maria, Feb. 24, 1836.

Mary Adams, d. Isaac, Feb. 22, 1841.

Susan Maria, d. Otis and Maria, Sept. 21, 1833.


Edward Baxter, s. Augustus, shoe manufacturer, and Mary, May 27, 1845.

Ellen Mighill, s. Augustus, shoe manufacturer, and Mary, July 19, 1846.

H. Maria, d. M.A. and Mary, Nov. 4, 1842.

Harriet Maria, d. Augustus, shoe manufacturer, and Mary, Oct. 14, 1843.

Henry Augustus, s. M.A., Aug. 19, 1840.


Alvin Meader, s. Aura S. and E.S., Aug. 15, 1842.

Frederic Harris, s. Ezra and Mary H. Feb. 14, 1843.

Gorham Pilsbury, s. Ezra, mason, and Mary H., Mar. 6, 1846.


Abby Augusta, d. Ira S. [and Harriet (Esney). PR15], June 26, 1840.

Ann Maria, d. Ira S., and Harriet (Esney), June 26, 1839. PR15

Chaplin G., ch. Caleb G. and R. Chaplin, in Alabama, Aug. 10, 1834.

Charles Edwin, s. Caleb G[reenleaf. PR14] and R. Chaplin [Rooxbee L. (Chaplin). PR14], at Boston, July 7, 1839.

Francis [Frank. PR15] Henry, s. Ira S. [T.S. dup.], currier, and Harriett [(Esney). PR15], Aug. 24, 1845.

George Melvin, s. Ira [S. PR15] and Harriet [(Esney). PR15], July 17, 1842.

George P[rescott. PR14], s. Caleb G[reenleaf. PR14] and R[ooxbee (Chaplin). PR14] K., Aug. 1, 1843.

Roxanna, d. Ira S., and Harriet (Esney), July 31, 1838. PR15

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