John, s. David D., Apr. 18, 1837.

Sarah Elizabeth, d. David D., Nov. 27, 1839.

Mary, d. David D., June 27, 1841.

Delia, d. David D. and Sarah C., Mar. 4, 1843.

George Harenden, s. Charles, mechanic, and Sarah, Aug. 25, 1848.


Lewis M., s. Julian, mechanic, and Mary J., June 28, 1848.

George H., s. Julian M., boot crimper, b. "on passage," and Mary J., b. Portland, ME, Oct. 5, 1849.


Emaline Moody, d. Moses H., shoemaker, and Laura A., Jan. 24, 1845.

Elmae Harland, s. Moses, mechanic, and L.A., Nov. 17, 1847.

Jane F., d. Moses H., shoemaker, b. Wells, Me, and Laura A., b. Rowley, Sept. 24, 1849.


Stephen Hervey, s. Henry B. [F. dup.], carpenter, and Elizabeth M., Jan. 14, 1845.

Joseph P.S., s. Henry B., mechanic, and Elisabeth M., May 2, 1847.

Frank N., s. Henry B., joiner, b. Boston, and Elisabeth M., b. Dunbarton, NH, Sept. 29, 1849.


Harriet P., d. John A. and Eliza, Aug. 28, 1843.


Charles M., s. Benjamin, Sept. 17, 1839.

Matilda Chaplin, d. Benjamin, Mar. 2, 1842.

Benjamin P., s. Benjamin and Ann, June 26, 1843.

Lewis N., s. J.G., postmaster, and Mary A., Oct. 4, 1846.


Ellen, d. George W. and Eliza B., July 26, 1843.

George Atkins, s. George William [currier. dup.] and Elizabeth, Jan. 5, 1846.

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