Susan E., d. John, farmer, and Elizabeth, at Boxford, Feb. 28, 1847.

Sarah P., d. Samuel, farmer, and Almira R., both b. Charlestown, Oct. 16, 1849.


John Burden, s. Flint, July 4, 1836.

George Spofford, s. Orin, Aug. 24, 1836.

Mary Follansbee, d. Orin [and Lavinia S. PR12], May 28, 1838.

Bartlett Hardy, s. Flint [and Carolin. PR12], Dec. 24, 1840.

Lucy Richmond, d. Orin [and Lavinia S. PR12], Sept. 26, 1841.


Sarah Elizabeth, d. William, farmer, and Sarah, Mar. 29, 1844.

Clara Euginia, d. William, yeoman, and Sarah E., Oct. 17, 1848.


Sherburn K., s. Elijah P. and Hannah G., Jan. 7, 1838.

Statira H., d. Elijah P. and Hannah G., Mar. 11, 1840.


Louisa Maria, d. William, joiner, b. Liberty, ME, and Louisa K., b. Rowley, at Andover, Aug. 4, 1849.


Augusta Ann, d. J.B., shoe manufacturer, and Ann, Apr. 28, 1847.

WILDES (Wilds)

James B., s. Green and Mary B. (Jewett), May 25, 1840.

John Milton, s. Charles, shoemaker, and Maria E., Oct. 27, 1844.

Ebenezer Jackman, s. Green, shoemaker, and Mary B., Oct. 12, 1845.

Abby J., d. Green, shoemaker, and Mary B., both b. Rowley, May 15, 1846.

Roena [Rowena Wilds. dup.], d. Green, jr., shoemaker, Mar. 15, 1847.

Lucretia, d. Elbridge G., mechanic, and Mary, Aug. 14, 1848.

Lyman G., s. Green, shoemaker, and Mary B., both b. Rowley, Aug. 4, 1849.


Lucy Maria, d. Samuel, teamster, and Lucy, Dec. 13, 1847.

WITHUM (Witham)

H[erbert. PR26] Adams, s. James and Eunice [R. (Pearson). PR26], Dec. 4, 1843.

John (Witham), s. Naham [Nahum. dup.], shoemaker, and Almira, Aug. 11, 1844.

[Asbury W. PR26], s. James G., shoemaker, b. Wells, ME, and Eunice R. [(Pearson). PR26], b. Rowley, Oct. 13, 1849.


Justin Henry, s. C.T., shoemaker, and Sarah J., Dec. 26, 1846.


John Little, s. Samuel, shoemaker, and Hannah, Nov. 9, 1844.


Martha C., d. Moses W., Apr. 12, 1836.

Phebe Anna, d. Moses W., July 14, 1837.

John Sherron [Sharon. CR1], s. Moses W., Oct. 11, 1839.

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