Robert, of Newbury, and Sarah Poor, int. July ––, 1843.

Julia A[nn. int.] M., of Boxford, and Leverett W. Spofford of G., Feb. 1, 1844.

Enoch, and Caroline A. Perkins, Aug. 20, 1846. PR33

Sarah S., of G., a. 25 y., d. Benjamin and Loiza, and C.S. Piper of G., a. 26 y., shoemaker, s. John and Hannah, Oct. 22, 1846.

Lydia R. [B. int.], of G., a. 27 y. b. ME, d. J. and Hannah, and Laban Smith of G., a. 25 y., shoemaker, b. ME, s. Jariel and Catherine, Feb. 17, 1848.

Samuel, of G., a. 37 y., clerk, s. Benjamin, and Elizabeth M. Gould of G., b. Topsfield, d. ––––– of Topsfield, Dec. 25, 1848.


Charles H., of G., and Diantha A. Gilman [of West Newbury. int.], Mar. 15, 1839.


Eliza Mary, and Nicholas Reynolds, both of G., int. Nov. 3, 1839.


Hannah, and Samuel Worth [both of G. int.], Nov. 22, 1843.

Mary E. [of Bradford. int.], and David Haskell [of G. int.], Jan. 29, 1845. PR6

Augustus H., of [East. int.] Bradford, a. 25 y., shoemaker, s. Simeon and Mary H., and Dolly A[nn. PR35. ] Boynton of G., a. 20 y. tailoress, d. Edmond and Elizabeth, June 4, 1845.


Isaac N., of Topsfield and Mary P. Bradstreet of G., May 17, 1849.

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