Susan, and George J. Tenney, both of G., Dec. 21, 1836.*

Mary S., and Richard Tenney, both of G., Dec. 20, 1837.*

George M., of G., and Eliza M. Dodge of Rowley, Feb. 25, 1839.

Humphrey, and S[uzan. int.] Rebecca Horner, both of G., Oct. 13, 1840.

Sarah L., and Lewis H. Bateman [both of G. int.], Jan. 22, 1842.

Caroline M., and George Dole, both of G., Dec. 6, 1842.

William, and Mary S. Stickney, both of G., int. Jan. 8, 1843.

Horatio, and Mrs. Martha H. Plumer, both of G., int. June 17, 1843.

Louisa [A. int.], of G., and John P. Conant of G., shoemaker both b. Rowley, s. Daniel, of Rowley, Apr. 13, 1844. [1843. dup.]

Asa, jr., of G., a. 44 y., farmer, s. Thomas and Susan, and Mary L. Poor, wid., of G., a. 51 y., Dec. 26, 1847.

Solomon, and Elizabeth A. Hobson, both of G., int. Nov. 15, 1848.


Albert, and Phebe R. Pearson, both of G., int. Sept. 29, 1839.


Elizabeth, of Amesbury, and Samuel Hood, jr. of G., int. May 16, 1846.


Charles, and Elizabeth L. Hardy, both of G., int. Aug. ––, 1847.

Hannah M., and Isaac P. Hager, both of G., int. Sept. 17, 1848.


David B., and Mary E. Prescott, both of G., Oct. 2, 1842.


Hiram N[ewton, b. Bradford. PR13], and Caroline Matilda Chaplin, both of G. [d. Eliphalet and Martha. PR13], Nov. 15, 1840.

Hannah [Susanna. int.; and PR1], and John W. Merrill, both of G., Sept. 23, 1841.

Joshua, of G., and Alice Larkin of Newbury, int. May 1, 1843.

Martha Mrs. [wid. dup.], of G., and Jonathan Glynds of Kingston, Oct. 16, 1845.

Alfred B., of G., a. 30 y., b. Bradford, and Mary E[lizabeth. int.] Holt of G., a. 20 y., b. Haverhill, d. Dudley F., of Haverhill, Sept. 5, 1848.


Martha B. [of G. int.], and David W. Lowell, Sept. 12, 1842.

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