Walter R., of Bridgewater, NH, and Rebeccah Phillips of Rowley, Oct. 10, 1838.*


Susan A[bigail. PR34], of G., a. 29 y., seamstress, d. G.P. and Susan, and Oliver T[enney. PR34] Hilliard of G., a. 32 y., tanner, s. Henry and Hannah H., Oct. 10, 1847.

Samuel, of G., and Almira R. Pierce of West Cambridge, int. Nov. 8, 1848.

Clarinda, of G., a. 37 y., d. Gideon P. and Susan, and Zacheus [S. int.] Purington of Gardiner, ME, 2d. m., a. 45 y., blacksmith, s. Daniel and Lydia, Nov. 18, 1849.


Lorenzo D., of Boxford, a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. Barnard and Susan, and Eliza J. Spofford of Boxford, a. 18 y., d. Aaron and Elizabeth, Mar. 28, 1846.*


William, of Haverhill, and Susan L. Spofford of G., int. Aug. 10, 1844.

Elijah P., of G., and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Lee of Newbury, Nov. 20, 1844. PR1


William [C. int.], of Andover, carpenter, b. ME, and Louisa K. [H. dup.] Spiller of G., a. 24 y., d. Jonathan, Nov. 21, 1848.


Abiah S., of Tuftonborough, NH, and John W. Bickford of G., int. Mar. 20, 1844.


Hulda, Mrs., and William Tenney, both of Rowley, Jan. 13, 1842.*

Elbridge G., and Mary J[ane PR1] Rodgers, both of Newbury, Feb. 28, 1842.*

Green, and Mary B. Davis, both of G., int. Sept. 5, 1846.


Payne, of Bradford, and Elizabeth Ilsley of G., int. May 11, 1838.


Samuel, of G., a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Asa and Martha, and Lucy P. Saunders of G., a. 20 y., d. John and Sophronia, Mar. 17, 1846.*


John W., of G., and Mary J. Withey of Lowell, int. Mar. 12, 1843.

Arial K., and Mary Jane Sawyer, both of G., int. Apr. 11, 1846.


James, and Eunice R. Pearson, Dec. 13, 1838. PR26*

Nathan [Naham. int.], and Almira D. Pearson, both of G., Apr. 6, 1843.


Catherine, of Brookline, NH, and Lorenzo C. Flanders of G., int. Sept. 8, 1839.

Mary J., of Lowell, and John W. Winter of G., int. Mar. 12, 1843.


Harriet A., of Manchester, NH, and True G. Morrill of G., int. Oct. 29, 1842.

Charles T., of G., a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Thomas and Betsey, and Sarah J. Harnden of G., a. 20 y., d. William and Hannah, Nov. 9, 1845.


Aphia S., of Wilton, ME, and Milton Holmes of G., int. Jan. 3, 1846.


Selenda [Zolinda. int.], and Ebenezer W. Jewett, both of g., Jan. 7, 1841.

James, of G., and Mrs. Abi Carter of Newbury, Apr. 5, 1841.

Abby Jane, and Humphrey S. Howe, both of G., Nov. 28, 1844.


Samuel, and Hannah Atwood [both of G. int.], Nov. 22, 1843.


S[usan. int.] A., and William H. Jewett, both of G., May 29, 1843.

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