Amanda Maria, d.Lonson and Nabby, Nov.9,1809.

Caroline, d.Lonson and Nabby, Dec.23,1811.

Caroline, [Elisabeth.CR7], d.Lonson [D.CR7] jr., baker [and Emily.CR7], June17,1843.

Daniel, s.Lonson and Nabby, June18,1820.

Elisabeth Lowe, d.Lonson and Nabby, July1,1818.

Emily A[manda.CR7], d.Lonson D. and Emily A.,末蔓末,1841.GR5

George, s.William, bp. Aug.16,1772.CR2

Lonson Dewey, s.Lonson and Nabby, Mar.20,1814.

Mary Dennen, d.William and Sarah, Nov.29,1767.

Sarah Jane, d.Lonson and Nabby.Jan.17,1832.

Theodore Stanwood, s.Lonson and Nabby.Aug.2,1816.

William, s.William and Sarah, Nov.22,1769.

William Low, s.Lonson and Nabby, Aug.22,1808.


Abigail, d.Robert, bp. Mar.23,1728-9.CR1

John, s.Robert, bp. Aug.26,1723.CR1

Martha, d.Robert, bp. Oct.8,1721.CR1

Mary, d.Robort and Rebackah, Mar.末,1728-9. [bp. Mar.23.CR1]

Robert, s.Robert, bp. Sept.26,1731.CR1

William, s.Robert, bp. Mar.23,1728-9.CR1


Abigail, d.illegitimate, Abigaill, July1,1716.

Annis, s.William, bp. June25,1727.CR1

Annes [Agnes.dup.], d.William and Mary, May10,1729.

Eliza, d.Stephen and Sally, Jan.29,1836.

Elisabeth, d.William and Mary, Nov.27,1722.

Elisabeth, d.William and Mary, Dec.2,1725.

James, s.William and May, Nov.27,1722.

Ozias, ch.Stephen and Sally, Nov.16,1829.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Sally, Dec.4,1831.

William, s.William, bp. Oct.10,1731.CR1

NEVENS (Nevins)

Sarah, d.Robert, bp. Feb.1,1767.CR1

Susanna, d.Hugh, bp. May4,1760.CR1

NEVINS (Nevens)

Mary, d.Robert, bp. Mar.27,1768.CR1


John, s.John (a Pennsylvanian), and Rachel Pool, at the workhouse, Sept.26,1821.

NEWCOMB (Newcombe)

Anna, d.Henry and Mary, Oct.31,1764.

Elisabeth, d.Henry and Mary, Oct.11,1754.

Johanna, d.Henry and Mary, June15,1762.

John, s.Henry and Mary, Nov.3,1752.

Mary, d.Henry and Mary (Coas), June5,1750.

Robert, s.Henry and Mary, Feb.11,1757.

William, s.Henry and Mary, Nov.1,1759.

William Coas, s.William and Polly, Sept.22,1786.

NEWCOMBE (Newcomb)

William, s.Henry, bp. Nov.4,1759.CR1


末末, s.B., clergyman, and Maria, May13,1844.


Hannah, d.Aaron and Hannah, May25,1761.

NEWMAN (Numan)

Abagail, d.Benjamin and Nabby, Sept.1,1826.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Nabby, Mar.24,1818.

Charles F[ranklin.PR671], s.John, jr., mariner, and Hepsa [Linda (Gott).PR670], June17,1849.

Deborah, d.William and Anne (Steward), Apr.9,1757.

Elisabeth, d.William and Anne (Steward) [bet. 1751 and 1755?]

Elisabeth Kimball, d.John and Mehitable, Apr.28,1801.

Emeline, d.Benjamin and Mary, Apr.22,1814.

George, s.Benjamin and Nabby, Dec.31,1824.

Harriot, d.John and Mehitable, Nov.18,1799.

[ pencil.], d.John, fisherman, and Henrietta, Nov.12,1844.

John, s.John and Mary, Mar.14,1715-16.

John, Oct.19,1790.PR670

John, s.John and Mehitable, Dec.15,1797.

John Appleton, s.Benjamin and Mary, June10,1809.

John Appleton, s.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.9,1810.

John, s.John and Lydia (Robinson), Sept.26,1819.PR670

[John. in pencil.], s.John and Hypzibah [Lydia (Gott).PR670], July7,1846. [Aug.PR670]

[John, 3d.], s.John, fisherman and Hepsibah [Lydia (Gott).PR670], Feb.15,1848.

Lucy, d.Benjamin and Mary, Nov.16,1807.

Mark, s.Benjamin and Nabby, Nov.4,1822.

Mary, d.John, bp. July25,1714.CR1

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.17,1805.

Robert, s.William and Anne (Steward), June10,1755.

Samuel, s.John and Mary, July16,1722. [bp. July15.CR1]

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Nabby, Jan.18,1821.

Sarah Kilham, d.John and Mehitable, Aug.6,1804.

Sarah Ann, d.Benjamin and Nabby, May23,1829.

William, s.William and Anne (Steward), May7,1751.

William, s.William, bp. Apr.13,1777.CR1

William, s.Benjamin and Nabby, Sept.24,1819.

NICHOLES (Nichols)

George, bp. Aug.30,1840.CR8

Mary Elisabeth, bp. Aug.30,1840.CR8

NICHOLS (Nicholes, Nickells, Nickels, Nickles)

Alonso, s.Peter, mariner, and Mary, May2,1849.

Mary Wilson, d.Christopher M., clergyman, and Mary W., Mar.20,1848.

NICKELLS (Nichols)

Margaret, d.Peter and Mary, July27,1844.

Mary Elisabeth, d.Peter and Mary, Dec.8,1836.

Peter, 1st., s.Peter and Mary, Nov.16,1838.

Peter, s.Peter and Mary [(Tarr).PR669], Aug.26,1841.

NICKELS (Nichols)

末末, d.Peter, mariner, and Mary, July27,1844.

C.M., s.C.M. and Mary W., bp.末蔓末,1840.CR7


George S., s.Zenas and Mary (Dennen), Feb.19,1818.PR672

George E., s.George S., carpenter, and Jane, Aug.6,1845.

James B., s.Zenas and Mary (Dennen), Sept.20,1821.PR672

James B[lanchard.CR6], s.Zenas and Mary (Dennen), Feb.14,1824.PR672

James, s.James B. and Mary E. (Stone), June22,1849.PR672

James B., s.James B., mariner, and Mary E., June24,1849.

John Dennis, s.Maho, bp. Dec.10,1797.CR1

[John Lloyd.TC], s.George, carpenter, and Jane, Mar.7,1847.

Mary L., d.Mayo, of Cape Cod, and Nancy (Wallis),末蔓末,1803.PR673

Zenas Stutson, s.Zenas, cordwainer, and Mary [(Dennen).PR672], Nov.19,1845.

NICKLES (Nichols)

William H [enry.dup.], s.Peter, fisherman, and Mary, Oct.6,1846.


Harriet T. (w.Alexander McJannett), Jan.20,1833.PR631


Alice, d.Thomas, gentleman, and Maria Victoria, June7,1845.

Frank Howard, s.Thomas, gentleman, and Maria Victoria, Apr.11,1847.

Rallston, [1848 or 1849?]

NOBLE (Nobles)

Abigail, d.Daniel, bp. Aug.28,1825.CR6

Benjamin, s.John and Hannah (Foster), Dec.6,1750.

Daniel, s.John and Lydia, July24,1778.

Daniel, s.末末, bp. Oct.26,1800.CR1

Daniel, s.Rebecca, at the poorhouse, Feb.9,1840.

Allener [Eleanor.PR666], d.Francis and Hannah, Apr.末,1797.PR674 [May15.PR666]

Eleazar Grover, s.William and Rachel, Apr.22,1823.

Betsey, d.Francis and Hannah, May末,1810.PR674

Francis, May末,1763.PR674

Francis, s.Francis and Hannah, Oct.5,1804.PR674

Hannah, w.Francis, Oct.1,1769.PR674

Hannah, d.Francis and Hannah, Dec.6,1793.PR674

Harriet Somes, d.William and Rachel, Nov.16,1829.

James Kelsey, s.Benjamin and Rachel, Nov.6,1774.

John, s.John and Hannah (Foster), July30,1752.

John, s.John and Lydia, Mar.11,1773.

John, s.Francis, bp. Dec.7,1794.CR5

John, s.Francis and Hannah, Dec.3,1806.PR674

Joseph, s.John and Lydia, Aug.20,1775.

Lucy E., d.Eleazer G., mariner, and Elizabeth, Nov.4,1848.

Martha Ann, d.Francis and Anna [(Tarr).PR668], Jan.25,1838.

Mary, d.Philemon and Mercy, June25,1799.

Mary Babson, d.Phillip and Mary, Jan.8,1822.

Nancy, d.Francis and Hannah,末蔓末,1802.PR674

Philemon, s.Philemon and Mercy, Aug.23,1800.

Philemon, apprentice to Eppes Merchant, bp. Sept.28,1811.CR6

Rachell, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.15,1776.CR4

Richard [Smith.CR1], s.Joseph and Sally, Jan.22,1803.

Samuel Somes, s.William and Rachel, July16,1832.

Sarah Brackett, d.William and Rachel, Nov.9,1836.

William, s.William and Rachel, July6,1827.

William B., s.Eleazer, fisherman, and Elisabeth, Apr.25,1846.

NOBLES (Noble)

Charles, s.John and Lydia, Feb.24,1791.


Jams, s.Dea.Cutting, bp. Oct.2,1791.CR5


Reguse, d.Moses, bp. Aug.2,1783.CR5


Harry, s.Edward and Susanna, Mar.3,1775.

Sally, d.Edward and Susanna, Sept.4,1774.

Susanna, d.Edward and Susannah, Aug.4,1772.


Marie, d.Georg and Marie, Feb.28,1643.

NORWOD (Norwood)

Mary, d.Francis and Mary, Nov.3,1697.

Thomas, s, Fransis and Elezabeth, Dec.10,1664.

NORWOOD (Norwod)

末末, ch.Joshua and Sarah, bp. Jan.15,1748-9.CR3

末末, s.Francis and Lucy (Pool),末蔓末,1805.PR681

末末, d.Francis and Lucy (Pool), Mar.1,1811.PR681

末末, ch.Abram and Nancy, bp. Aug.19,1821.CR3

末末, d.Charles, yeoman, and Mary, Mar.24,1844.

末末, d.John, fisherman, and Mary J., Aug.11,1844.

末末, s.Henry, fisherman, and Mary A., Dec.19,1844.

末末, d.Charles, yeoman, and Mary, Mar.17,1845.

末末, s.Charles, yeoman, and Mary, Jan.26,1847.

末末, d.Caleb E., mariner, and Margaret O., July7,1849.

Abigall, d.Frances and Elezebeth, Jan.30,1689-90.

Abigaill, d.Caleb and Alis, Mar.8,1713-14.

Abigaill, d.Francis and Mary, Dec.18,1715.

Abigail, d.Joshua and Elisabeth, Mar.28,1723.

Abigail, d.Joshua, bp. Oct.15,1727.CR1

Abigail, w.Gustavus, Nov.20,1753.PR675

Abigail, d.Gustavus and Abigail, May11,1775.

Abraham, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Mar.4,17末. [1746.PR677]

Abraham, s.Isaac and Patty, bp. Mar.28,1773.CR5

Abraham Tarr, s.Daniel, jr. and Emily, July11,1838.

Addison, s.Daniel, jr. and Emily, Oct.28,1835.

Adelia A. (w.Rev. Henry C. Leonard), June8,1826.PR604

Adeline, d.Nathan and Eunice, Jan.29,1821.

Adeline, d.James S. and Adeline, June21,1831.

Albert, s.Seth and Louisa (Odell), Sept.23,1844.PR694

Alexander, s.John and Betsy, Aug.27,1820.

Alice, d.Caleb and Alice, May21,1721. [bp. May14.CR1]

Elmira (w.William Coas),末蔓末,1828.PR691

Almira, d.John and Betsy, May27,1828.

Amanda, d.Charles and Thomasine, Apr.23,1831.

Amanda Melvina, d.James S. and Adeline, Nov.3,1837.

Amelia, d.Nathan and Eunice, Dec.16,1826.

Amos, s.末末, bp. June15,1799.CR1

Anna Lee, w.Francis, Dec.28,1738.PR679

Anna, d.Francis and Anna, Mar.15,1769.PR679

Anna, d.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], Apr.24,1810.

Arria, ch.Charles and Susanna [(Norwood).PR684], Apr.11,1831. [ Sept.11.PR684]

Aurela, d.Gustavus, jr. and Sally, bp. Oct.16,1817., a.9m.CR3

Bathsheba, d.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], June2,1814.

Benjamin, s.Joshua and Ruth, bp. at Mount Desert, July27,1787.CR5

Benjamin, s.James and Sally, Jan.5,1813.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Charles and Martha [(Brooks).PR104], Aug.15,1830.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin P. and Mary, Aug.末,1835.

Caira, ch.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683]. July3,1823.

Caleb, s.Frances and Elezabath, 12:6m:1685.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Alis, Feb.25,1711-12.


Caleb, s.Caleb and Elisabeth [(Grover).PR678], July5,1762.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Jerusha (Story), Mar.29,1785.PR280

Caleb, s.Solomon and Lois, Nov.15,1807.

Caleb, s.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], June20,1808.

Caleb Franklin, s.Caleb, fisherman, and Margaret, Sept.17,1846.

Caroline Eliza, d.Daniel, jr. and Emily, Oct.11,1825.

Catharine, d.Charles and Mary, June16,1839.

Charles, s.Gustavus and Abigail, May31,1793.

Charles, s.Caleb and Jerusha (Story), Dec.31,1794.PR680

Charles, s.Solomon and Lois, Nov.2,1797.

Charles, s.Gutsavus and Abigail, bp. Oct.1,1798.CR3

Charles Warner, s.Charles and Thomasine, Aug.30,1815.

Charles Franklin, s.Charles and Susanna [(Norwood).PR684], July16,1817.

Charles, s.Charles and Martha [(Brooks).PR104], Dec.9,1817.

Charles [E.PR685], s.William, jr. and Sally [H. (Smith).PR685], July3,1834.

Charles Edwin, s.Charles and Mary, Feb.1,1836.

Charles Edgar, s.William and Sally H. (Smith), Mar.19,1838.PR685

Charlotte, d.Samuel and Polly, Mar.26,1786.

Charlotte, d.Samuel and Mary, bp. Aug.26,1792.CR3

Charlotte Blatchford, d.Daniel, jr. and Emily, July24,1831.

Clarissa, d.Gustavus and Abigail, Aug.16,1789.

Delia, d.Charles and Mary, Aug.8,1834.

Correlia, d.James S. and Adeline, Aug.26,1842.

Daniel, s.Solomon and Rebecca, bp. Feb.2,1777.CR5

Daniel, s.Solomon and Rebecca, Nov.4,1780.

Daniel, s.Daniel, bp. Oct.27,1808.CR1

Daniel, s.Daniel, jr. and Emily, Dec.3,1833.

Deborah, d.Frances and Elezabeth, Sept.4,1677. [14:7m:CTR]

Deborah, d.Caleb and Alice, Jan.31,1726-7.

Ebenezer, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis)PR677] Mar.14,1747-8.

Elbridge, s.Francis and Lucy (Pool), May6,1809.PR681

Elias, s.Gustavus and Abigail, Nov.6,1791.

Eliza, d.Francis and Lucy (Pool), Mar.2,1803.PR681

Eliza (w.Henry Clark), Sept.6,1809.PR173

Eliza, d.Nathan and Eunice, Oct.15,1812.

Eliza J., d.John L. and Mary J. (Parsons), Aug.1,1844.PR690

Elezabath, d.Francis and Elezabath, 17:12m:1668.

Elizabeth, d.Stephen and Elizabeth (Ingolsbee), May7,1703.PR676

Elizabeth, d.Josuah and Elizabeth, Jan.2,1705-6.

Elizabeth, d.Caleb and Allis, July31,1709.

Elizabeth, d.Josuah and Elizabeth, Oct.8,1709.

Elizabeth, d.Joshua, bp. Oct.15,1727.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Feb.12 [bef. 1744? 1742.PR677]

Betty, d.wid.Rachel, bp. Nov.14,1756.CR3

Elizabeth, d.Caleb and Elisabeth [(Grover).PR678], Mar.27,1765.

Elizabeth, d.Francis and Anna, Sept.末,1775.PR679

Betty, d.Isaac and Betty, bp. Nov.8,1778.CR5

Betsey, d.Gustavus and Abigail, Jan.22,1781.

Elizabeth, d.Moses and Jerusha, bp. June15,1787.CR5

Betsey, d.Joshua and Ruth, bp. at Mount Desert, July27,1787.CR5

Betsey, d.Caleb and Jerusha (Story), Dec.28,1789.PR680

Betsy Warner, d.Gustavus and Abigail, bp. Oct.1,1798.CR3

Betsy, d.John and Betsy, Sept.3,1807.

Betsy Parsons, d.John, bp. Mar.13,1808.CR2

Emily, d.Daniel, jr. and Emily, Sept.3,1827.

Emma F., d.George W., mariner, and Anne H., Aug.21,1848.

Emeline, d.twin, Benjamin P. and Mary, Oct.22,1836.

Epes, s.Solomon, bp. June6,1802.CR1

Esther, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Feb.20,1737-8.

Esther Gott, w.Caleb, Aug.17,1764.PR680

Esther, d.Daniel, bp. Oct.27,1808.CR1

Esther Grover, d.James S. and Adeline, Oct.13,1835.

Eunice, d.Nathan and Eunice, June2,1811.

Eunice M., d.John L. and Mary J. (Parsons), Aug.10,1842.PR690

Fitz William, s.James and Sally, Sept.12,1820.

Fitz William, s.James and Sally, Sept.12,1822.

Frances, s.Frances and Elezabath, 9:10m:1666.

Francis, s.Francis and Mary, Apr.1,1695.

Francis, s.Joshua and Elizabeth, Apr.7,1721.

Francis, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Feb.9,1735-6.

Francis, s.Caleb and Jerusha, Apr.23,1771.

Francis, s.Francis and Lucy (Pool), Oct.30,1795.PR681

Francis, s.Francis and Lucy (Pool), May2,1797.PR681

Francis, s.Seth and Louisa (Odell), Jan.10,1841.PR694

Frederick, s.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], Mar.16,1804.

Fredrick, s.William and Susannah, bp. Oct.22,1809.CR6

Frederick, s.Nathan and Eunice, Oct.14,1818.

Frederick, s.George and Mary Elizabeth (Wheeler), May1,1838.PR686

George, s.Solom and Lois, Jan.23,1805.

George, s.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683]. June11,1812.

George, s.Nathan and Eunice, Oct.21,1816.

George Washington, s.twin, John and Betsy, Sept.14,1817.

George, Sept.14,1818.PR687

[George W.AC], s.Geo[rge W.AC], yeoman [marinerAC] and Ann [H. Rowe.AC], July19,1844.

George Francis, s.George and Elisabeth [Mary Elizabeth (Wheeler).PR686], July22,1846.AC

Gorham, s.Caleb and Jerusha (Story), Jan.28,1797.PR680

Gorham, s.Daniel, bp. Oct.27,1808.CR1

Gorham, s.Gorham and Eliza [(Patch).PR688], Mar.11,1825.

Gustavus, s.Caleb, bp. Aug.9,1719.CR1

Gustavus, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Mar.16,175. [1752.PR677]

Gustavus, s.Gustavus and Abigail, Mar.10,1777.

Gustavus, s.Gustavus and Sally, bp. Aug.10,1806.CR3

Hamilton, s.Francis and Lucy (Pool), Feb.11,1813.PR681

Hanah, d.Frances and Elezabeth, Nov.8,1679.

Hannah, d.Joshuah and Elizabeth, Mar.10,1714-15.

Hannah, d.Joshua, jr. and Sarah, bp. Sept.9,1744.CR3

Hannah, d.Solomon and Rebecca, bp. Aug.28,1774.CR5

Hannah, d.Gustavus, jr., bp. Dec.30,1824.CR3

Harriott, d.James and Judith, May13,1793.

Harriet Newell, d.Solomon and Lois, Dec.21,1815.

Harriett, d.Charles and Thomasine, Feb.5,1824.

Harriet Newell, d.William, jr. and Sally [H. (Smith).PR685], May20,1830.

Harriet, d.John, fisherman, and Ann, Nov.22,1843.

Helen, d.James S. and Adeline, July6,1841.

Harry, s.Gustavus and Abigail, Nov.10,1787.

Henry, s.Solomon and Lois, Nov.25,1811.

Henry, s.Charles and Thomasine, Sept.12,1821.

Henry, s.Henry, fisherman, and Mary, Sept.15,1846.

Henry A., s.Henry, mariner, and Mary Ann, Feb.12,1849.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Patty, bp. June16,1771.CR5

Isreal, s.James and Sally, Nov.25,1824.

Jacob, s.Isaac, jr. and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.17,1776.CR3

James, s.Francis and Mary, Dec.16,1700.

James, s.William and Judith, May5,1745.

James, s.Solomon and Rebecca, May15,1782.

James Sullivan., s.Daniel, bp. Oct.27,1808.CR1

James, s.James, bp. Nov.20,1808.CR1

James, s.James and Sally, Aug.14,1809.

James, s.James, 3d and Polly, Dec.4,1833.

James Lewis, s.James [S. dup.], fisherman, and Adelaide [Adeline. dup], July11,1843. [July18. dup.]

James Alphonso, s.James S., fisherman, and Adeline, Dec.14,1846.

Jane, d.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], Aug.8,1816.

Jerusha Story, w.Caleb, Sept.29,1732.PR678

Jaruse, d.Moses and Jerusha, bp. July18,1781.CR5

Jerusha, d.Francis and Lucy (Pool), Mar.20,1801.PR681

John, s.Caleb and Elisabeth [(Grover).PR678], Oct.11,1766.

John, s.Joshua and Ruth, bp. at Mount Desert, July27,1787.CR5

John, s.Solomon, bp. July20,1788.CR5

John [L.PR690], s.Nathan and Eunice, Aug.5,1809.

John, s.John and Betsy, Oct.10,1814.

John, s.James and Sally, Mar.28,1815.

John Brooks, s.Charles and Martha [(Brooks).PR104], Nov.9,1832.

John P., s.John L. and Mary J. (Parsons), Aug.22,1839.PR690

John Howard, s.John G., fisherman, and Mary J., Sept.17,1845.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Mar.28,17末, [1740.PR677]

Jonathan, s.Francis and Mary, Jan.14,1711-12.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, bp. Sept.22,1793.CR2

Joseph Eddes, s.Solomon and Lucretia (Eddes), Aug.末,1798.PR682

Joseph Warren, s.twin, John and Betsy, Sept.14,1817.

Joseph York, s.Charles and Thomasine, Nov.27,1817.

Joseph F., s.Joseph [York.PR689], fisherman, and Mary F. [(Wheeler).PR689], Jan.10,1846.

Joseph F., s.Joseph [York and Mary F. (Wheeler).PR689], Aug.8,1848.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Elizabeth, Oct.18,1707.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Sarah, bp. Nov.6,1743.CR3

Joshua, s.Joshua and Ruth, bp. at Mount Desert, July27,1787.CR5

Josiah, s.Frances and Elezabeth, Feb.27,1682.

Judith, d.William and Judith, May16,1738.

Judith, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], June4,175, [1756.PR677]

Judith, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Nov.16,1753.

Laura Mattilda, d.Francis and Lucy (Pool), June16,1807.PR681

Lemuel, s.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], Oct.23,1800.

Lois Lufkin, d.Charles and Martha [(Brooks).PR104], June10,1828.

Loisa, d.John and Betsy, at Northport, ME, Nov.20,1825.

Louise Foster (w.Sebastian S. Davis), Sept.10,1839.PR692

Lucretia, d.Solomon, bp. Sept.24,1797.CR1

Lucretia, d.James S. and Adeline, Oct.5,1833.

Lucy, d.Francis and Mary, Oct.20,1703.

Lucy, d.[Capt.CR5] Francis and Anna, May25,1765.

Lucy, d.Caleb and Jerusha (Story), Sept.24,1781.PR680

Lucy, d.Francis [jr.CR5] and Lucy (Pool), June27,1794.PR681

Lucy, d.twin, John and Betsy, Apr.22,1809.

Lucy Ann, d.James and Sally, Feb.13,1827.

Lydia, d.Solomon and Rebecca, bp. Apr.19,1778.CR5

Lydia Ann, d.James, 3d and Polly, Oct.15,1831.

Marietta, d.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], Oct.19,1821. [Feb.19.PR683]

Martha Brooks, d.Charles and Martha [(Brooks).PR104], Nov.2,1823.

Martha, d.James and Sally, Feb.8,1829.

Mary, d.Frances and Elezabath, Mar.7,1671-2.

Mary, d.Joshua and Elisabeth, Apr.15,1717.

Mary, d.William and Judith, May6,1743.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Apr.24,1750.

Mary, d.Joshua, jr. and Sarah, bp. Apr.22,1761.CR5

Molly, d.Solomon and Rebecca, bp. Feb.9,1772.CR5

Mary, d.Francis and Anna, Nov.末,1774.PR679

Mary Baker, d.Samuel and Mary, bp. Aug.26,1792.CR3

Mary, d.Francis and Lucy (Pool), Apr.19,1799.PR681

Mary (w.Zebulon Lufkin), Feb.13,1814.PR628

Mary Wheeler, d.Gustavus, jr. and Sally, bp. Oct.16,1817., a.4y.CR3

Mary Jane, d.James and Sally, Jan.25,1818.

Mary, d.Gustavus, jr., bp. Dec.30,1824.CR3

Mary Ann, d.Charles and Thomasine, Oct.18,1828.

Polly, d.James, 3d and Polly, Nov.3,1828.

Mary Gamage, d.Daniel, jr. and Emily, Oct.27,1829.

Mary, d.John and Betsy, June7,1830.

Mary, d.twin, Benjamin P. and Mary, Oct.22,1836.

Mary Eliza, d.John, fisherman, and Mary J., Sept.20,1846.

Mary Abby, d.John L. and Mary J. (Parsons), July20,1847.PR690

Malinda, d.Charles and Mary, Oct.28,1842.

Miriam, d.Joshua and Elisabeth, Feb.14,1724-5.

Moses, s.Joshua, jr. and Sarah, bp. June20,1756.CR5

Moses, s.Joshua and Ruth, bp. at Mount Desert, July27,1787.CR5

Nancy, d.Gustavus and Abigail, Sept.10,1785.

Nancy, d.Gustavus and Abigail, bp. Oct.1,1798.CR3

Nancy, d.twin, John and Betsy, Apr.22,1809.

Nancy T., d.George W., fisherman, and Hannah, July27,1846.

Nathan, jr., s.Nathan and Eunice, July1,1814.

Nathaniel, s.Moses, bp. Mar.29,1789.CR5

Nelson, s.Charles and Mary, Mar.16,1837.

Nicholas, s.William and Judith, bp. May3,1747.CR3

Ora, ch.Charles and Susanna [(Norwood).PR684], June29,1819.

Patience, d.Joshua and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.18,1731.CR3

Patienc, d.Joshua and Elizebth, Aug.5,1731.

Philemon, s.Gustavus and Abigail, Sept.3,1796.

Rachel, d.Joshua and Elizebth, Dec.27,1728.

Rachel, d.Caleb and Elisabeth [(Grover).PR678], Aug.9,1768.

Rebecca, d.Solomon and Rebecca, bp. Jan.21,1770.CR5

Rebecca, d.Daniel, bp. Oct.27,1808.CR1

Rebecca Stacy, d.John and Betsy, Jan.10,1822.

Reuben Dade, s.Charles and Martha [(Brooks).PR104], July19,1821.

Reuben, s.Gustavus, jr., bp. Dec.30,1824.CR3

Rhoda, d.Solomon and Lois, Dec.11,1799.

Rhoda, d.Daniel, jr. and Emily, Sept.15,1840.

Romulus, ch.Charles and Susanna [(Norwood).PR684], Feb.24,1822.

Ruth, d.Joshua and Ruth, bp. Aug.28,1769.CR5

Samuel, s.Caleb and Allice, Apr.5,1719.

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Nov.22, [1754.PR677]

Samuel, June7,1812.GR14

Samuel, s.Gustavus, jr. and Sally, bp. Oct.16,1817., a.5 yr.CR3

Samuel Ferdinand s.William, jr. and Sally [H. (Smith).PR685], Sept.27,1836.

Sarah, d.Joshuah and Elizabeth, Nov.10,1710.

Sarah, d.Caleb and Alice, Mar.25,1716.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Sarah, bp. Feb.24,1750-51.CR3

Sarah, d.Isaac, bp. July6,1788.CR5

Sarah Pool, d.Samuel and Mary, bp. Aug.26,1792.CR3

Sally, d.Gustavus and Sally, bp. Aug.10,1806.CR3

Sally, d.Solomon and Lois, Mar.18,1809.

Sarah Jane, d.John and Betsy, Sept.29,1811.

Sally, d.James and Sally, Oct.17,1811.

Sally, Oct.25,1814.GR14

Sarah Ann Waters, d.William, jr. and Sally [H. (Smith).PR685], Apr.3,1825.

Sally, d.James, fisherman, and Polly, Jan.29,1846.

Seth, s.Francis and Lucy (Pool), June23,1815.PR681

Solomon, s.Joshua, jr. and Sarah, bp. Feb.8,1746-7.CR3

Solomon, s.Solomon and Rebecca, bp. Sept.6,1767.CR5

Solomon, s.Solomon [jr.CR5] and Lucretia, Feb.10,1794.

Sophia [Wheeler.PR636], d.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], June25,1806. [July23.PR636]

Sophia, d.Gustavus, jr. and Sally, bp. Oct.16,1817., a.7y.CR3

Steven, s.Frances and Elezabeth, Nov.24,1674.

Stephen, s.Francis and Mary, Feb.21,1705-6.

Stephen, s.Joshua, bp. June28,1713.CR1

Stephen, s.Joshua and Sarah, bp. Nov.6,1743.CR3

Stephen, s.Joshua, jr. and Sarah, bp. Feb.26,1758.CR5

Stephen, s.Caleb and Elisabeth [(Grover).PR678], Sept.28,1763.

Susanna, d.Joshua and Elisabeth, Feb.26,1718-19.

Susannah, d.Joshua and Elizebth, Feb.24,1726-7.

Susanna, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Apr.3,1744.

Susanna, d.Gustavus and Abigail, Dec.4,1782.

Susanna, d.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], Mar.8,1797.

Susanna, d.Charles and Susanna [(Norwood).PR684], June30,1826.

Thomasin, d.Charles and Thomasine, Jan.22,1827.

Theodore, s.Caleb and Jerusha (Story), Sept.3,1798.PR680

Theodore, s.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683], Apr.29,1802.

Theodore, s.William and Susannah, bp. Oct.22,1809.CR6

William, s.Francis and Mary, Apr.4,1708.

William, s.William and Judith, Oct.1,1740.

William, s.Joshua and Ruth, bp. Aug.28,1769.CR5

William, s.Caleb and Jerusha, bp. Oct.30,1774.CR5

William, s.James and Judith, Mar.14,1795.

William, s.William and Susanna [(Wheeler).PR683] Oct.19,1798.

William, Oct.25,1802.PR685

William, s.Solomon and Lois, Oct.23,1803.

William Van de Camp, s.Francis and Lucy (Pool), Aug.5,1818.PR681

William, s.William.jr. and Sally [H. (Smith).PR685], July21,1827.

William E., s.Seth and Louisa (Odell), Oct.7,1842.PR694

Zaccheus, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth [(Davis).PR677], Mar.21,1758.

NOUEL (Newell)

William Brown, s.Daniel, bp. Aug.28,1803.CR1

NOYES (Noise)

NUMAN (Newman)

Deborah, d.William, bp. Apr.10,1757.CR1

Elisabeth, d.William, bp. Jan.7,1753.CR1

Betty, d.William, bp. Jan.8,1775.CR1

Sarah, d.William, bp. Nov.22,1772.CR1


[Hezekiah, in pencil.], s.Charles P., stone worker, and Mary, Feb.22,1846.


Adeline Low, d.George, cordwainer, and Hannah, July15,1847.

[George J.AC], s.George, cordwainer, [b. Essex.AC] and Elizabeth [D. (Bray).AC]. Nov.14,1844.

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