John, on board a fishing sloop, James Elwell master, lost near Cape Sable, Oct.末,1716, a.25y.


Nabby, at the workhouse, Nov.12,1823, a.70y.[bur. Nov.13.CR6]

Daniel, returning from a fishing voyage ton Canso, June10,1737.

Hannah, d.John, jr., May19,1711.

Hannah, w.John, Sept.18,1761, a.abt. 70y.

John, Oct.22,1711.

John, June11,1809, a.70y.CR1

John W., s.John and Sally, consumption, Oct.27,1843, a.3m.6d.

Samuell, s.John and Hannah, Dec.22,1727, a.10y.3m.

Sarah, at the poorhouse, May6,1835, a.95y.


Ann, d.Nathaniel and Nancy, July19,1833.

[Joseph.PR425], ch.Nathaniel, Nov.末,1814, a.abt. 9m.CR2 [Nov.20.PR425]

Mary, w.Nathaniel,末蔓末,1759.

Remember, wid., Mar.2,1717-18, a.abt. 64y.

William, drowned, Sept.14,1730.

William, drowned upon the banks, Sept.末,1797, a.49y.CR2

William, s.Nathaniel and Nancy, Aug.16,1830.


William, s.Sarah Row, Dec.末,1725.

HALE (Hales)

末末, d.George D. and Betsey H. (Tarr), Mar.15,1823.PR431

Benjamin, h.Lucy (Tarr), May15,1806.PR429

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Martha (Woodbury), June18,1818.PR428

Edmund, s.Stephen and Amelia, Jan.12,1822.

Elinor (Knight), w.John,末蔓末,1781.PR427

George, s.George D. and Betsey H. (Tarr), Aug.24,1825.

John, h.Elinor (Knight),末蔓末,1787.PR427

Lucy (Tarr), wid.Benjamin, Mar.22,1822.PR429

Martha, w.Benjamin, Aug.17,1777.CR5

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Martha [(Woodbury).PR428], mortification, Apr.5,1773, a.4w.CR3

Sarah (Eaton), w.Stephen, Mar.27,1809.PR430

Sarah J., d.William and Jane (Whalen), Nov.27,1837.PR433

Stephen, h.Amelia.[after 1831?]

Stephen [h.Sarah (Eaton), 1st w., Sally (Hartshorn), 2d., w.PR430], Jan.3,1835, a.63y.GR14

William, h.Betsey G. (Woodbury), Apr.4,1814, a.27y.1m.14d.PR432

HALES (Hale)

Lydia, wid.Capt. William, May15,1833, a.90y.GR1 [bur. May7.CR6]

William, Capt., June5,1790, a.33y.GR1


Thomas, s.Morris and Hannah, dysentery, Aug.17,1849, a.1y.1m.16d.


Thomas, at the workhouse, July29,1823, a.78y.


Olive, b. North Berwick, ME, w.Marshal, consumption, bur. at Rockport, d.Mar.29,1848, a.29y.2m.3d.

HAMANS (Hammond)

John, s.John, Apr.26,1693.

Mary, May6,1689.


Mary, May6,1733.

HAMMOND (Hamans, Hammons, Hamons)

James, "an illegitimate child" at the workhouse, Apr.18,1806.

HAMMONS (Hammond)

John, at Casco Bay, Jan.末,1717-18, a.abt. 54y.

Ruth, Apr.17,1689.

HAMONS (Hammond)

John, Feb.3,1724-5, a.abt. 21y.


Mary E., w.Francis, consumption, May2,1847, a.21y.6m.6d.

HARADAN (Haraden)

Daniel, at Elizabethtown, NJ, putrid fever, June17,1779, a.40y.CR3

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Mary, throat distemper, Mar.13,1776, a.17y.CR3

Mary, d.Andrew and Lydia, chin cough, Aug.31,1777, a.18m.CR3

Mary Beale, d.Daniel and Susanna, chin cough, Aug.31,1777, a.10m.CR3

Susanna, w.Daniel, fever, June27,1779, a.37y.CR3

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Dec.1,173, a.4y.CR2

HARADEN (Haradan, Haradon, Haradan, Harindin, Harradain, Harradan, Harradane, Harraden, Harradin, Harradine, Harridan, Harriden, Heden)

末末, ch.William, Jan.21,1825.CR3

Amy, wid.James, consumption, Apr.18,1845, a.79y.

Andrew, twin brother of Jonathan, Aug.13,1832.

Anna, w.James, Apr.19,1845, a.79y.GR2

David, Oct.7,1821, a.17y.GR12

David, May15,1825, a.50y.GR12 [bur. May23.CR6]

David S., silversmith, s.Andrew and Ann, typhus fever, Dec.28,1845, a.21y.2m.13d.

Betsy, d.John and Betsey (Davis), June4,1794.PR267

Betsy, d.John and Betsey (Davis), June25,1828.PR267

Betsy [(Lane).PR440], w.Nathaniel, cancer, May12,1845, a.36y.[a.37y.4m.GR3]

Eunice [Unice Harriden.GR2], d.James and Amy, consumption, Jan.3,1849, a.59y.4m.3d.[a.53y.GR2]

Hannah, w.David, July5,1821, a.75y.GR12

James, jr., Sept.29,183, a.42y.GR2

John [Capt.CR6], Nov.9,1824, a.55y.GR12

Jonathan, h.Sarah, Apr.15,1832.

Joseph, Dea., h.Lydia, May1,1811.PR443 [a.55y.8m.15d.GR2]

Joseph, s.Joseph and Catharine, driven to sea in a small boat, Apr.末,1845, a.42y.7m.[Apr.3.GR1]

Katherine, w.Joseph, jr., Oct.15,1803. [a.21y.GR2] [a.73y.2m.18d.GR2]

Lydia, wid.Dea.Joseph, Dec.28,1835.PR443

Martha [Patty, wid.CR6], w.John, Sept.5,1827, a.52y.GR12 [bur. Sept.7.CR6]

Martha, wid.Joseph, heart complaint, Jan.11,1849, a.70y.1m.19d.

Martha Elizabeth, d.Caleb and Susannah (Marchant), May3,1849.PR439

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Oct.24,1767, a.4y.21d.GR2

Mary Odell [consumption.CR1], d.John and Martha, Aug.22,1828, a.23y.GR12 [9m.CR1]

Mary, wid.David, jr., Dec.2,1835, a.62y.GR12 [bur. Dec.15.CR6]

Nancy, b. Pigeon Cove, w.Jonathan, d.Isaac and Rachel (Witham) Dade, Oct.23,1843, a.26y.AC

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Nov.7,1767, a.3y.25d.GR2

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Betsey (Lane), Feb.25,1832.PR440

Warren E., May3,1849.PR439

William, m., s.Robert and Martha, consumption, Feb.24,1847, a.58y.4m.

HARADON (Haraden)

John, s.John and Martha, Jan.12,1735-6, a.5y.8m.GR2

HARDAN (Haraden)

Martha, d.Daniel and Susanna, consumption, Mar.19,1777, a.4m.CR3


末末, Mrs., of Essex, bur. Oct.13,1843, a.81y.CR6

Betsey, consumption, May27,1810, a.17y.CR1

Elizabeth, wid.William, old age, May3,1849, a.94y.6m.17d.

Martha, at the workhouse, Nov.15,1824, a.77y.

William, consumption, Aug.29,1806, a.53y.CR1 [a.55y.GR1]

HARINDIN (Haraden)

John, Dea., June15,1733, in his 38th y.GR2


末末, Mrs., bur. Dec.26,1812.CR6

Barnett, s.Barnett and Hannah, at sea [bef. Feb.13,1792.]CR6

James, s.Barnett and Hannah, Aug.末,1773, a.5m.CR6

James, h.Eliza Plummer, at Cadiz, received notice, Aug.12,1810.CR6

Sally, d.Barnett and Hannah, Feb.4,1790.CR6


末末, Salomon, s.stillborn, Benjamin and Deborah, Dec.23,1696.


Andrew, Mar.4,1682-3.

Edward, May17,1683.

Thomas, Apr.26,1683.

HARRADAN (Haraden)

Andrew [Harrington.CTR], s.Edward, Apr.21,1688.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, Mar.1,1711-12.

Edward, s.Edward, jr., Apr.22,1715.

Jean, w.Joseph, Sept.6,1700.

Job, s.Capt. John, Apr.28,1709.

Joseph, May19,1716, a.abt. 48y.

Samuell, s.Edward, July3,1708.

Sarah, Mar.4,1690-91.

Sarah, wid., May14,1699, in her 70th y.


Sarah [Harrington.CTR], d.Edward, Apr.10,1688. [1687.CTR]

HARRADEN (Haraden)

末末, wid.末末, of Squam, old age, July6,1775.CR2

末末, ch.William,末蔓末,1821.CR3

末末, w.David, bur. July8,1821, a.75y.CR6

末末, ch.Caleb, Jan.3,1829.CR3

Andrew, Dec.12,1724, a.22y.[in his 23d y.GR1]

Andrew, s.Andrew and Mary, Nov.15,1726, a.abt. 16m.[a.16m.25d.GR1]

Andrew, Aug.13,1832.CR9

Anna, w.Andrew, Nov.2,1837.CR9

Benjamin, Feb.3,1724-5, a.abt. 52y.

Caleb, Jan.11,1722-3, a.abt. 22y.

Caty or Catherine, w.William, Oct.13,1820.CR3

Charlotte, d.John [and Betsey.GR2; (Davis).PR267], June26,1828.CR3 [a.28y.GR2]

David, bur. Oct.11,1821, a.77y.CR6

Dudly, drowned, Sept.8,1818.CR3

Hannah, d.Edward, Dec.21,1694.

Hannah, w.Edward, jr., Feb.21,1722-3, a.abt. 34y.

Hannah, w.Sergt. Edward, Sept.4,1725, a.abt. 50y.

James, s.Edward and Hannah, July15,1718, a.abt. 1y.3m.

James, Oct.5,1818.CR3 [a.52y.GR2]

Job, s.John and Martha, Aug.26,1724, a.16d.

John, Capt., Nov.11,1724, a.abt. 60y.[in his 62d y.GR1]

John [h.Betsey (Davis).PR267], Nov.1,1828, a.60 odd y.CR3 [a.62y.3m.GR2]

Lydia, wid.末末, Jan.22,1824.CR3

Marssah, d.John and Martha, Apr.20,1721, a.1d.

Mary, w.Nathaniel,末蔓末, 末末. [after June1766?]

Mary, d.John [and Betsey (Davis).PR267], Mar.8,1818.CR3 [Mar.5.GR2]

Moses, s.Benjamin and Deborah, July5,1719, a.abt. 2m.25d.

Sarah, w.Capt. John, Oct.10,1722, a.abt. 49y.

Sally, w.Andrew, Dec.11,1815.CR3

Thomas, s.David and Elisabeth (Davis),末蔓末, 末末. [bef. Dec.1754?]

Thomas, s.Edward and Hannah, July9,1720.

William, s.Edward, jr., Jan.2,1713-14.

HARRADIN (Haraden)

Sarah, d.Edward, Sept.3,1672.


Sara, d.Edward, Oct.28,1665.

HARRIDAN (Haraden)

Caleb, Mar.8,1772, a.40y.CR3

George, s.Dea Joseph and Lydia, bur. Dec.4,1806, a.10 or 11y.CR3

Rachel, d.Joseph and Abigail, consumption, May2,1774, a.17y.CR3

HARRIDEN (Haraden)

Nabby, fever and consumption, June末,1803, a.abt. 22y.CR2

Ebenezer, consumption, June末,1803, a.abt. 20y.CR2

Susanna, d.twin, Daniel, Oct.30,1772, a.1y.CR3



末末, Mrs., formerly Kendal, at Pigeon Cove, Apr.18,1820.CR3

末末, Mr., drowned at Pigeon Cove, Oct.1,1820.CR3

Benjamin, s.Thomas, Sept.21,1726, a.abt. 11y.

Benjamin, s.Thomas, jr. and Sarah [(Norwood), throat disease.PR447], June13,1738.

Hannah, w.John H., d.Enoch and Eunice (Choate), Jan.30,1832.PR755

John H., h.Hannah, Mar.28,1830.PR755

Judith, at the workhouse, Feb.14,1825, a.82y.

Mary, Mrs., Dec.9,1777.CR5

Naomi, d.Thomas, jr. and Sarah [(Noorwood).PR447], Nov.2,1752.

Susanna, Jan.15,1704-5.

Susannah, d.John,末蔓末,1736.

Thomas, s.Thomas, jr. and Sarah [(Noorwood), throat disease.PR447], June13,1738.

Thomas, Mar.15,1764.CR5

HARTLEY (Hartly, Harty)

末末, inf.ch.Daniel, bur. Mar.27,1837.CR6

末末, s.stillborn, Daniel and Rebeca, Sept.2,1844.

William W., s.John and Betsy, Dec.9,1826.

HARTLY (Hartley)

Mary, Dec.25,1833.CR5


末末, ch.Susannah, Feb.11,1774.CR2

Levi, Rev., at his father's, Amherst, NH, Sept.27,1819.

Samuel Elliot, s.Rev. Levi and Hannah, Nov.30,1819.

HARTY (Hartley)

Alice [F.GR1], d.William and Mary, diarrhoea, Sept.8,1847, a.1y.11m.8d.[ Sept.9., a.1y.10m.13d.GR1]

Charles J., s.William and Ann [Mary.GR1], throat distemper and scarlet fever, Oct.11,1846, a.3y.1m.26d.[a.3y.3m.GR1]

James E., s.William and Mary, Mar.10,1844, a.1y.3m.GR1

Mary Ann, d.William and Mary, Feb.20,1842, a.4m.GR1

Samuel W.B., s.Michael and Sarah, lung fever, Mar.8,1846, a.3y.7m.23d.

HARVEY (Harvy, Havey)

末末, wid.末末, bur. Jan.9,1823.CR3

David Henry, s.David and Mary, canker on the bowels, Jan.10,1849, a.1y.7m.3d.

Betsy, w.Joseph, June15,1825.

Fitz William, s.David and Mary E., canker, Aug.29,1846, a.1m.

George, Nov.24,1724, a.abt. 37y.

George William, s.Thomas and Rhoda, canker on the bowels, Sept.18,1845, a.1y.20d.

Hanah, d.George, deceased, Aug.13,1735.

Isaac, pedler, s.Isaac and Dorcas, consumption, Dec.19,1848, a.31y.2m.10d.[Dec.18., a.31y.2m.10d.dup.]

James, m., fisherman, s.George and Lucinda, consumption, bur. Dover, d.Sept.30,1848, a.31y.10m.23d.

Joseph H., s.David and Mary E. Oakes, June11, 末末, a.19m.PR454

Joseph, m., s.Benjamin and Sally, suicide, Apr.30,1847, a.51y.1m.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Betsey, drowned, Mar.8,1849, a.22y.GR2

Joseph, jr., mariner, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, drowned, June22,1849, a.29y.3m.

Mary E., d.William and Rachel, Oct.16,1848, a.5m.GR1

Nancy, 2d, w.Joseph, Mar.末,1834.

Nehemiah, one of the company of the schr. Brittania, Thomas Wharfe master, supposed lost on a fishing trip, after Dec.末,1754.

Rose, Feb.25,1705-6.

Sarah, w.George, Nov.29,1718, a.abt. 25y.

Sargent, s.Joseph and Nancy, consumption, Feb.2,1849, a.22y.9m.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Nancy, Mar.2,1849, a.18y.GR2

HARVY (Harvey)

末末, ch.Mr., Sept.11,1815.CR3

HASCALL (Haskell)

Abigaiel, w.Dea.William, Dec.30,1730, in her 59th y.

George, s.Lt. William and Jemima, Feb.19,1728-9.

Joseph, Dea., Nov.12,1727, in his 82d y.

William, Dea., Jan.17,1730-1, in his 61st y.

HASKAL (Haskell)

Mary, w.Dea.Joseph, Apr.8,1733, a.abt. 80y.

HASKALL (Haskell)

Andrew, s.William and Mary, Aug.14,1680.

Edward, decline, Dec.5,1848.CR5

Elizabeth, d.Dea.Joseph, Oct.26,1700.

Georg, s.Marke, Nov.10,1686.

Hannah, d.Benjamin, Dec.28,1679.

Hanah, d.William, Feb.15,1690.

James, s.William, Aug.1,1703.

Jidediah, s.William and Abigaill, Aug.17,1708.

Jemima, w.Dea.William, June1,1761, in the 77th y.GR4

John, s.John and Mary, Apr.21,1686.

Mark, Sept.8,1691.

Mary, w.Capt. William, Aug.16,1693.

Mary, w.Benjamin, d.Thomas Riggs, sr., Jan.29,1697-8, in her 39th y.

Mary, d.Mark and Jemima, July4,1728, a.abt. 2y.10m.

Ruth, d.Henry, Oct.15,1703.

Sarah, d.William, Feb.20,1690.

Walter, s.Joseph, and Mary, Nov.22,1677.

William, Capt., Aug.20,1693.

HASKEL (Haskell)

末末, twin chn. Nathaniel and Hannah, Aug.末,1760.

末末, ch.Mr. 末末,末蔓末,1844, a.1y.CR1

Daniel, s.Daniel and Sarah, Dec.15,1717, a.abt. 2m.3w.

Hannah, d.Hubbard and Anna,末蔓末, 末末. [bet. 1754 and 1761.]

Lucy, w.Alexander,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1749.]

HASKELL (Hascall, Haskal, Haskall, Haskel)

末末, wid.Benjamin, Dec.末,1774.CR2

末末, wid.末末, Apr.10,1777, a.upwards of 80y.CR2

末末, ch.Daniel, jr., Mar.末,1782, a.abt. 6m.CR2

末末, w.Steven, Nov.末,1782, a.abt. 40y.CR2

末末, inf.ch.Daniel, jr., stillborn, Nov.2,1787.CR2

末末, w.Daniel, Sept.30,1790.CR2

末末, inf.ch.Adoniram, May末,1795.CR2

末末, inf.ch.Amos, jr., May末,1800.CR2

末末, w.William, fever, Feb.20,1801, a.abt. 73y.CR2

末末, inf.d.Amos, jr., Mar.末,1801, lived a few hours.CR2

末末, s.William, Feb.19,1806, a.13y.CR1

末末, ch.Dea.Moses, Mar.末,1810.CR2

末末, ch.William E., Jan.9,1811, a.abt. 2y.CR2

末末, ch.Charles, Aug.末,1811, a.1m.CR2

末末, ch.Capt. Daniel, on a visit, Aug.末,1811, a.abt. 19y.CR2

末末, inf.twin, Charles, Aug.8,1812.CR2

末末, inf.ch.Asa, May末,1818, a.abt. 7w.CR2

末末, wid., consumption, Feb.23,1819, a.48y.CR1

末末, s.Dea.Nathaniel,末蔓末,1827.CR2

Aaron, s.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.30,1717, a.abt. 3m.15d.

Aaron, h.Sarah (Burnham), Dec.18,1834.PR457

Abigail, w.William, Feb.2,1737-8, in her 37th y.GR4

Abigail, d.Zebulon and Elizabeth, July6,1811.PR455

Abraham, jr., fever, in the West Indies, Jan.17,1817, a.17y.CR2

Abraham, m., yeoman, s.Stephen and S., old age, Aug.16,1849, a.76y.[Aug.17., a.78y.GR6]

Adoniram, widr., hatter, old age, Aug.5,1845, a.84y.

Anna, d.John, May23,1706.

Anna, Mrs., old age, Oct.17,1811, a.93y.CR1

Anne, w.Dea.Stephen, Dec.20,1808, a.abt. 60y.CR2

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Aug.4,1722, a.abt. 4y.

Benjamin, s.Charles and Ann (Witham), July17,1832.PR461

Calvin, s.Samuel and Betsey, Sept.13,1835, a.15y.GR6

Caroline, July末,1817, a.abt. 19y.CR2

Caroline Augusta, d.John W. and Ruthy, Dec.31,1840. [a.10y.9m.GR13]

Comfort, d.William and Jemima, Sept.5,1809.

Cyrus [S.GR6], mariner, fever, May23,1845, a.31y.[a.32y.GR6]

Daniel, s.Daniel and Sarah, Dec.12,1718, a.abt. 12w.

Daniel, sleepy leatherge, Oct.末,1804, a.abt. 80y.CR2

Daniel, Capt., May25,1834, a.75y.8m.GR6

David [h.Elizabeth (Pope).PR452], Aug.末,1791., a.abt. 77y.CR2

Deliverance, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Nov.1,1709.

Dorcas, Darkes, Feb.12,1793, a.abt. 80y.CR2

Ebenezer, old age, June23,1771.CR2

Ebenezer, jr., fever, Nov.9,1773.CR2

Edward, suddenly, Mar.4,1771.CR2

Edward A., s.Jacob and Adaline, Oct.1,1843, a.2w.GR6

Eliezer, s.Isaac and Dorothy, Nov.6,1743.

Eli, jr., Sept.1,1833, a.26y.GR6

Elias, s.Nathaniel and Hannah (White), Dec.22,1748.

Elias, Mar.27,1816, a.abt. 63y.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, Dec.23,1706.

Elisabeth, d.William, jr. and Jemimah, Dec.8,1723, a.1m.

Elisabeth, w.Benjamin, Sept.3,1724, a.abt. 35y.

Elizabeth, d.Zebulon and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1785, a.22y.6m.PR455

Elizabeth, w.Enoch, June27,1807.CR2

Elizabeth, wid.[w.Dea.Zebulon.GR6],末蔓末,1825.CR2 [Mar.6., a.84y.6m.GR6]

Betsy, m., d.Amos and Elisabeth Davis, fever, Mar.19,1847, a.74y.8m.

Betsy, m., d.Moses and E. Davis, fever, Mar.22,1847, a.65y.

Betsey, w.Abraham, Mar.19,1849, a.75y.GR6

Epes W., s.Epes [B.GR6], and Minerva [N.GR6], fever, June7,1845, a.1y.[a.7y.GR6]

Esther, d.Zebulon and Elizabeth, Sept.20,1848.PR455

Eunice, wid.末末, Apr.末,1805, a.abt. 80y.CR2

Eunice, w.Abel, June23,1843, a.57y.GR6

George, s.Mark and Martha, Aug.15,1726, a.abt. 12d.

Hannah, d.Hubbard and Anna (Millet),末蔓末, 末末. [after Dec.14,1752.]

Hannah, w.Thomas, Feb.10,1717-18, a.abt. 20y.

Hannah, w.Jonathan, lung fever, Feb.23,1806, a.abt. 24y.CR2

Hannah [(White).PR453], wid.Dea.Nathaniel, Oct.26,1814, a.93y.CR2

Hannah, d.Capt. Addison,末蔓末,1821.CR2 [Apr.8,1821, a.9y.GR6]

Hannah, wid.Stephen, May16,1843.PR458

Harriet Pool, d.James and Mary [(Pool).PR464], Sept.末,1836. [ Sept.16.PR464]

Henry M., s.Phillip, fever, June7,1845, a.7d.

Hubbard, s.Hubbard [and Anna (Millet) dup.], July12,1743, in his 2d y.

Hubbard [Dea.CR1], s.William and Jemima, Apr.9,1811. [a.91y.CR1]

Isaac, jr., privateering,末蔓末,1778, a.upwards of 20y.CR2

Isaac, Apr.末,1804, a.abt. 88y.CR2

Isaac Franklin, s.Sidney and Ruth A[very (Herrick).PR465], Mar.27,1838.AC

Isaac, s.Zebulon and Betsy, suddenly, Aug.20,1845, a.65y.[Aug.24., a.64y.GR6]

Jacob, s.Zebulon and Elizabeth, June27,1800.PR455

Jacob, s.Jacob, bur. Aug.16,1838, a.10m.CR6

Jacob G., s.Jacob and Adaline, Sept.24,1848, a.3y.6m.GR6

James Davis, s.Charles and Diana, Feb.11,1819.

Jane, d.Mark and Martha, July2,1722, a.10d.

Jane, d.Mark and Martha, June19,1723, a.19d.

Jeanna, d.Mark and Martha, Oct.15,1724, a.18d.

Jerusha, w.William E., Sept.30,1811, a.abt. 27y.CR2

Jerusha, w.Ezra, Sept.6,1842. [Aug.6., a.32y.GR6]

Job, s.William and Jemima, at New Gloucester, July末,1806.

John, Feb.2,1717-18, a.abt. 69y.

John, fever, Sept.29,1774.CR2

John, inf.s.Elias, June15,1796, a.1d.CR2

John, s.John and Sally, Aug.6,1803.

John, fever, Nov.22,1806, a.42y.CR1

John, s.John and Sally, at Boston, May13,1811.

[John.PR460], inf.ch.Capt. John [and Harriet E. (Gilbert).PR460], bur. Feb.12,1819.CR6

John, Capt. [h.Harriet E. (Gilbert).PR460], at sea, Mar.30,1827, a.40y.GR5

John, James, s.John H. [M. dup.] and Betsy, croup, Oct.7,1844, a.1y.1m.12d.[Oct.8. dup.]

John M., m., fisherman, s.Jonathan and Nancy, caused by a fall, July24,1846, a.23y.1m.25d.

John, s.Jacob and H., fever, Sept.26,1848, a.5y.7m.20d.

Jonathan, "Supposed to be lost on a fishing Voyage to ye Banks of ye Isle of Sables in the Spring of ye year 1738. "

Jonathan, at Bay of Honduras, Feb.末,1799, a.abt. 21y.CR2

Joseph Sergt., Apr.11,1718, a.abt. 45y.

Joseph, s.Aaron and Sarah (Burnham),末蔓末,1847.PR457

Josiah, s.Zebulon and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1807, a.40y.11m.PR455

Judith, maiden, Sept.末,1783, a.under 70y.CR2

Judith, putrid fever, Aug.7,1819, a.abt. 19y.CR2

Judith, w.Zebulon, Jan.16,1838, a.62y.GR6

Laura Ann, d.Charles and Ann (Witham), May28,1837.PR461

Lucinda, d.Samuel and Betsey, Sept.23,1834, a.18y.GR6

Lucy, w.Enoch, Sept.末,1757.

Lucy, d.Capt. Addison,末蔓末,1821.CR2 [Jan.26., a.19y.GR6]

Lucy, Apr.6,1839.CR10

Lucy E., w.George, Jan.6,1841, a.33y.7m.GR6

Mary, wid., Nov.12,1715.

Mary, wid., Nov.24,1723, a.abt. 58y.

Mary, Nov.末,1802, a.upwards of 80y.CR2

Mary [wid.John.GR1], old age, Jan.8,1846, a.82y.5d.

Mary E., tailoress, d.John W. and Ruthy, consumption, May22,1846, a.18y.

Mercy, d.Joseph and Sarah, July1,1717, a.abt. 8y.2m.

Mercy, d.twin, Benjamin and Elisabeth, Nov.8,1719.

Moses, jr., consumption, Apr.6,1811, a.abt. 23y.CR2

Nancy, wid.Jacob, Feb.13,1818, a.abt. 38y.CR2

Nancy, d.Zebulon,末蔓末,1821.CR2

Nathan, s.Hubbard and Anna (Millet), Jan.19,1749-50.

Nathaniel [Dea.CR2;, h.Hannah (White).PR453], s.William and Jemima, July31,1808. [a.abt. 90y.CR2]

Nathaniel, Jan.7,1827, a.84y.CR2

Nathaniel, at the poorhouse, Jan.11,1837, a.30y.[Jan.17. dup.]

Nemone, consumption, Jan.19,1776.CR2

Perkins, May16,1804, a.abt. 5y.CR2

Philemon, May12,1792, a.46y.GR1

Rebecca, Apr.16,1838, a.78y.CR1

Rebecca, June末,1843.CR10

Ruth, w.Capt. Daniel, Apr.4,1833, a.77y.8m.GR6

Ruth, w.Adoniram, July31,1837, a.60y.GR6

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.17,1707-8.

Sarah, w.Joseph, Mar.15,1724-5, a.abt. 40y.

Sarah, wid.末末, measles, July10,1773, a.above 70y.CR2

Sarah, Mar.末,1780, a.abt. 30y.CR2

Sarah, wid.末末, Dec.末,1814, a.abt. 85y.CR2

Sarah, d.Nathaniel,末蔓末,1826.CR2

Sarah R., d.Stephen and Hannah, Aug.10,1829.PR458

Sarah Ann, w.William H., Sept.12,1836. [a.25y.GR6]

Sarah Ashton [w.Henry jr. dup.], d.John W. and Ruthy, Jan.18,1843. [a.23y.GR13]

Sarah Ann, w.Cyrus S., consumption, Jan.23,1844, a.26y.6m.13d.[Jan.22., a.27y.GR6]

Sarah, wid., b. Essex, d.Jonathan and Sally Burnham, old age, June25,1846, a.92y.

[Sarah (Burnham).PR457], wid.Aaron, old age, June20,1849, a.80y.[June15,1846.PR457]

Sidney, s.Sidney and Ruth A[very (Herrick).PR465], Dec.9,1841.AC

Solomon, s.Mark and Jemime, Sept.11,1731, a.2m.

Stephen, Dea.Aug.31,1809, a.abt. 73y.CR2

Stephen [h.Hannah.PR458], bur. Feb.27,1843, a.77y.CR6 [d.Feb.25.PR458]

Susannah, w.Dea.Moses, [d.Zebulon and Elizabeth.PR455], May29,1810, a.60y.CR2 [May31.PR455]

Thankfull, d.twin, Benjamin and Elisabeth, Nov.8,1719.

Thomas, s.Thomas, Casco Bay or Falmouth, Apr.2,1739, in his 22d y.

William, sr., June5,1708.

William, s.Nathaniel, Dec.21,175.

William, Dea., Feb.10,1766, in his 77th y.GR4

William,末蔓末,1778, a.upwards of 80y.CR2

William, West Indies, Feb.末,1799, a.abt. 18y.CR2

William, Apr.27,1806, a.abt. 80y.CR2

William, s.Zebulon and Elizabeth, Apr.24,1819, a.43y.8m.15d.PR455

William, widr., laborer, old age, Oct.16,1843, a.83y.6m.28d.

Zebulon, Dea.[h.Elizabeth.PR455], June8,1819, a.84y.CR2 [June23., a.84y.8m.GR6]


Aaron S., s.Edmund and Mary (Sargent), Oct.18,1825, a.18y.PR478

Bennet, h.Ruth (Boynton), drowned on Squam Bar, Oct.10,1804.PR479

Edmund, s.Edmund and Mary, Aug.17,1823.

Esther [(Tarr).PR479], w.William B. [d.David.PR479], Dec.8,1830.

John D., h.Lucy (Parsons), s.John and Sally (Dodge), Sept.26,1835.PR299

Lucy (Parsons), w.John Dodge, d.John and Betsy (White) Parsons, Sept.26,1835, a.28y.6m.PR483

Lydda D., Nov.1,1817.CR5

Martha (Woodberry), d.Moses and Betsey D. (Clark), Aug.29,1829.PR480

Mary D., d.John and Sally (Dodge), Nov.18,1834.PR299

Moses, jr., s.Moses and Betsy D. (Clark), Sept.5,1828, a.5d.PR480

Ruth (Boynton), wid.Bennet, Dec.26,1814.PR479

Sally [(Dodge)., w.John.PR299], Sept.30,1831.CR5

Sarah T., d.William B. and Esther (Tarr), Sept.1,1833.PR479

Susannah, Oct.21,1838, a.93y.CR5

William [B. jr.PR479], s.William B. and Esther [(Tarr).PR479], Sept.23,1833.

William L., s.William and Mary (Davis), Nov.24,1840.PR299

HAUFFINS (Huffain)

Adam, a Revolutionary soldier, who was in the battle of Monmouth and Bunker Hill, bur. Aug.17,1827, a.73y.CR6

HAVEY (Harvey)

George, Dec.23,1723, a.abt. 70y.


John, mariner, b. Nova Scotia, sailed on the schooner General Scott, drowned in the gale Nov.25,1846.


末末, inf.ch.Joseph, Oct.23,1807.CR1

Patty, w.Joseph, Aug.9,1838.


末末, inf.ch.D., Mar.11,1808.CR1

Abigail, wid.Daniel, consumption, July3,1843, a.64y.3m.10d.

[Augusta.GR1], inf.ch.James, jr., June13,1808.CR1

Eliza, Apr.25,1807, a.16y.CR1

[Harrison.GR1], ch.James, jr., Nov.28,1806, a.3y.CR1

James, mariner, s.Daniel and Abigail, bur. New Orleans, Sept.29,1843, a.22y.2m.7d.

HEARICK (Herrick)

Kezia, w.Samuel, May13,1732, a.21y.2m.GR4

HEDEN (Haraden)

Joseph, apprentice to Edward Sanders, Dec.20,1717, a.abt. 19y.


Edward, s.Michael L. and Frances Almira [whooping cough and measles.CR6], Mar.18,1841. [a.9m.CR6]

HERING (Herring)

Robart, s.Robart and Experenc, drowned in a tub of water, Sept.末,1727, a.abt. 2y.

HERRICK (Hearick)

末末, old age, Mar.27,1772.CR2

末末, inf.ch.William, July末,1780.CR2

末末, w.William, fits, Dec.14,1785, a.abt. 23y.CR2

末末, ch.William, stillborn, Feb.6,1787.CR2

末末, wid., Thomas, Feb.8,1788, a.above 70y.CR2

末末, ch.Capt. Richard, Feb., 1795, a.abt. 8m.CR2

末末, w.Joseph, Nov.末,1813, a.abt. 84y.CR2

末末, ch.Joseph, Apr.17,1816, a.18m.CR2

末末, s.Capt. Samuel, Feb.15,1819, a.abt. 8y.CR2

Abigail, Nov.22,1817, a.abt. 14y.CR2

Augusta, d.Joseph and Eliza, dropsy of the head, Dec.27,1845, a.8y.10m.22d.[a.6y.GR5]

Daniel, h.Ruth (Avery), May19,1835.PR24

Israel, from home, May6,1779.CR2

Jerry Perkins, s.illegitimate, Joan Herrick, at the workhouse, Sept.16,1813.

Joanna, at the workhouse, Dec.7,1822, a.43y.[bur. Dec.1.CR6]

John, drowned, July13,1800, a.abt. 18y.CR2

John G., s.Isaac and Mary, fits, Aug.12,1846, a.4m.2d.

Johon Warrin, Nov.末,1779.CR2

Joseph, Jan.12,1777, a.81y.CR2

Joseph, Mar.16,1816, a.abt. 86y.CR2

Joseph, s.Richard and Betsy, Mar.29,1820.

Joseph, jr., drowned at sea, Aug.末,1820.CR2

Josephine, d.Isaac A. and Mary Friend, Apr.18,1841. [a.11m.GR5]

Josiah, m., Mariner, consumption, Oct.9,1844, a.83y.

Judith, d.Daniel and Ruth (Avery), Jan.16,1832.PR24

Lauriette, ch.William and Augusta, heart disease, Sept.8,1844, a.1y.4m.

Patty, at the workhouse, Oct.24,1815, a.43y.

Martha, at the workhouse, bur. Oct.25,1815.CR6

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary,末蔓末, 末末. [after Mar.13,1744-5?]

Mary, at the workhouse, Sept.23,1805. [ Sept.25.CR1]

Mary, d.Joanna, supported by the town, at the workhouse, June8,1816, a.9m.

Nancy, d.Daniel and Ruth (Avery), Feb.12,1818.PR24

Orestes, d.Josiah and Caroline, cholera morbus, Sept.11,1847, a.2y.9m.8d.

Prudence, wid.末末, fever, Sept.30,1774.CR2

Rachel Steele, d.William and Augusta, [scarlet fever and throat distemper.CR6] Feb.1,1833 [a.2y.CR6]

Rachel, wid.Josiah, old age, Mar.25,1849, a.82y.

Richard, s.Capt. 末末, Nov.12,1794, a.abt. 4y.CR2

Richard, s.Richard and Betsy, Sept.29,1823.

Richard, h.Betsy, Oct.29,1831.

Ruth, June末,1809, a.abt. 13y.CR2

Ruth (Avery), wid.Daniel, Oct.30,1840.PR24

Samuel, Sept.11,1764, a.62y.GR4

Samuel, Capt. [Daniel and Ruth (Avery).PR24] drowned, Aug.末,1818.CR2 [Aug.26,1817.PR24]

Sarah, wid., Dec.29,1711.


Solomon, drowned at sea, Jan.末,1800, a.abt. 19y.CR2

Thankful, w.Capt. Richard, June27,1794, a.abt. 40y.CR2

Thankful, d.Richard and Betsy, June23,1799.

Thankful, d.Isaac and Mary, Feb.7,1839, a.5m.GR5

Thankful, d.Joseph and Eliza, lung fever, May9,1845, a.1m.8d.

Thomas, Capt., drowned near the bar of Chebacco River, Oct.1,1784, a.50y.CR2

Thomas, cancer, Apr.21,1787, a.abt. 80y.CR2

William, s.twin, Thomas and Mary, Oct.4,1749.

William Haskell, lung fever, Feb.4,1806, a.abt. 46y.CR2

William Haskell, Nov.末,1809, a.abt. 25y.CR2

Zachariah, at the workhouse, Nov.20,1812.

HERRIN (Herring)

末末, ch.Horatio Gates, June19,1825.CR3

末末, inf.ch.Mr., of 末末, Feb.2,1826.CR1

Elizabeth, Nov.末,1820.CR3

Experience, d.Robert and Experience, June21,1721, a.11w.

Judith, w.Horatio Gates, Feb.9,1829.CR3

HERRING (Hering, Herrin)

末末, of Annisquam, bur. Dec.末,1820.CR6 [Bef. Dec.19?]


Mary, w.John, jr., Sept.6,1769.

HIBBARD (Hibbert, Hibert)

Jacob, s.Jacob and Rachel (Benet), May9,1751.

William, at the poorhouse, found drowned, Sept.12,1838, a.38y.

HIBBERT (Hibbard)

末末, wid.末末,末蔓末,1778, a.upwards of 80y.CR2

Charles Edward, s.Noah and Deborah J., consumption, Sept.19,1848, a.11m.7d.

Charles E., s.Noah and Deborah Jane, fits, May19,1849, a.5m.7d.

Jacob, Sept.27,1825, a.68y.CR1

John, suddenly, drowned at sea, Apr.14,1786, a.abt. 23y.CR2

Sarah, wid.Joseph, cancer, Oct.2,1843, a.48y.3m.24d.

HIBERT (Hibbard)

末末, w.Jacob, suddenly, June2,1809, a.45y.CR1


末末, inf.s.Joseph, bur. Mar.15,1822.CR6

末末, ch.James, bur. Jan.19,1836, a.14m.CR6

Adelaide, d.Moses P. and Julia M., typhus fever, Sept.3,1847, a.4y.2m.19d.

Charles C., mariner, s.Moses P. and Julia M., typhus fever, Aug.27,1847, a.14y.11m.27d.

Eliza Allen, d.Joseph and Susanna, Sept.26,1805.

Emma Frances, d.Moses P. and Julia M., typhus fever, Sept.16,1847, a.10m.4d.

Francis Eliza[abeth.CR6], d.James A. and Judith Eliza, Oct.1,1838. [a.2y.CR6]

James Edwin, s.James A. and Judith Eliza, Jan.18,1837.

Joseph, bur. Oct.11,1823.CR6

Joseph, bur. Feb.7,1827, a.21y.CR6

Lucy Davis, d.Charles S. and Elisabeth, Jan.22,1837.

Moses P., mariner, s.Joseph and Eliza, drowned in the Kennebec River, Nov.7,1846, a.39y.3m.21d.


Jonathan, drowned, June or July末,1817, a.19y.CR3

Judith, w.Robinson,末蔓末,1775.

Nirum, drowned, Aug.末,1805, a.18y.CR3

HIGGENS (Higgins)

Anna, (wid.in pencil), Mar.3,1841, a.75y.CR5

HIGGINS (Higgens)

末末, wid.末末, Nov.末,1824.CR3

John, May9,1837, a.32y.GR1


末末, Mrs., originally from Salem, at the workhouse, bur. Mar.31,1819.CR6

末末, inf.ch.末末, at the workhouse, bur. Apr.6,1832.CR6

末末, inf.ch.William, bur. Apr.13,1834.CR6

Betsy, at the poorhouse, Aug.5,1839.

Thomas, a native of one of the Isles of Britain, at the workhouse, bur. July29,1823, a.78y.CR6


Abby, d.Joseph and Charlotte, Nov.11,1832.

Annett, d.Joshua and Harriet, dropsy, July2,1849, a.1y.3m.25d.

Edwin, s.James and Sarah, spine complaint, June3,1848, a.13y.10m.6d.

Harriet, d.James and Sally [of Eastern Point.CR6], Apr.13,1837. [a.6y.CR6]

Hattie, d.Joshua and Annette, d.末蔓末,1849.GR5

Joshua, s.Thomas and Sarah, June18,1819, a.18y.8m.18d.GR1

Sarah, w.Thomas, Mar.22,1820, a.54y.GR1

Sally, d.James and Sally, Nov.13,1837.


末末, Mr., consumption "and hurt aboard ship," bur. Apr.13,1811.CR6

Mary, w.William.[after Aug.7,1747.]

Mary Jane, d.Frances and Mary Eliza, consumption, June8,1848, a.8y.7m.2d.

Sarah, d.William and Mary, Apr.29,1721, a.abt. 6y.


Fitz William, s.Edward P. and Mary, dysentery, Oct.22,1847, a.2y.2m.25d.

William, h.Sarah, lost on Georges Bank, Apr.24,1837.


Abner F., Oct.23,1849, a.60y.GR4


Sarah, bur. Feb.14,1820, a.81y.CR6


Melville, inf.s.Z.A. and C.W., Apr.14,1843.GR7

HODGKIN (Hodgkins)

Hannah, w.M. Samuel, Sept.16,1755, a.64y.4m.GR1

HODGKINS (Hodgkin, Hodgskins)

末末, w.Christopher, smallpox, Dec.末,1778.CR2

末末, s.Timothy, jr., Apr.末,1820.CR3

末末, d.Timothy, jr., July20,1820.CR3

末末, ch.Timothy, jr., Oct.2,1826, a.3y.CR3

末末, d.Eben., bur. June10,1835, a.8m.CR6

末末, s.Stillborn, Levi and Caroline, July19,1848.

末末, ch.stillborn, Benjamin and Charlotte, Aug.25,1848.

Nabby, consumption, Sept.30,1818, a.43y.CR1

Abigail, d.Henry and Abigail, July7,1828.

Albert, s.Moses and Nancy [(Rowe).PR490], Apr.19,1837.

Christopher, of Ipswich, drowned near mouth of Annisquam River, Mar.4,1724-5.

David, s.Charlotte, at sea, received notice, Aug.16,1829.CR6

Deborah, d.Moses and Nancy (Rowe),末蔓末,1815.PR490

Ebenezer, m., laborer, s.Ebenezer, lung fever, Jan.23,1848, a.43y.11m.10d.

Ebenezer [h.Sarah ElwellPR780; J., s.Morris and Lydia P.PR494], Sept.8,1849.CR7, a.32y.PR780

Edward F., s.Morris and Lydia P. (Tarr), July12,1838.PR494

Betsey, at the workhouse, Feb.7,1821, a.abt. 30y.

Emily Beach, d.Aaron and Sarah G., Feb.5,1836. [Mar.12, a.2y.GR1]

Emmy, d.Henry and Charlotte (Cummings), Mar.20,1836.PR500

Emma, Jan.5,1849, a.72y.GR7

Emeline, inf.d.Ebenezer, bur. Sept.25,1833.CR6

Emeline Marchent, d.Eben and Sarah, Oct.末,1835.

Emeline Marchent, d.Eben and Sarah, May末,1836.

Unice, w.Timothy, Aug.8,1841, a.81y.GR2

Eunice Ann, d.Morris and Lydia P. (Tarr), Apr.20,1842.PR494

Hannah, d.Samuell, jr., Mar.7,1711-12.

Hannah, w.Samuel, sr., July28,1724, a.60y.

Jacob, July9,1813, a.45y.GR1

Jane, d.Isaac and Mary, consumption, Apr.17,1846, a.14y.4m.4d.

Jemima, w.Samuel, Mar.20,1840, a.86y.GR1

Jemima, d.Samuel and Jemima, consumption, Jan.4,1849, a.71y.10m.2d.

John, s.John and Betsy, Oct.10,1829.

John Tucker, s.Aaron and Sarah G., Jan.6,1834. [June6, a.4y.GR1]

John, h.Betsy, July28,1834.

Judith, d.Jacob and Mary, Oct.10,1775.

Juliann, d.Henry and Abigail, Aug.末,1833.

Leafy, ch.Moses and Nancy (Rowe), Sept.15,1845.PR490

Lydia, wid.末末, Apr.13,1789, a.abt. 85y.CR2

Martha, d.William and Thankful (Rowe), Oct.1,1822.PR491 [Oct.3.CR3]

Martha, old age, Nov.11,1843, a.86y.

Mary B., d.John and Betsey,末蔓末,1839.GR7

Mary, d.Timothy and Hannah, Apr.21,1843.

Morris, s.Samuell and Jemima, Nov.29,1788.

Moses, mariner, s.Morris and Lydia, lost on Georges Bank, Feb.15,1844.

Nancy, twin, d.Morris and Lydia P. (Tarr), July20,1825.PR494

Nancy G[ee.PR495], d.Benjamin and Mary [(Low).PR495], May17,1836, a.3y.6m.GR7

Nancy, fever, Jan.27,1848.CR5

Nathaniel, Nov.末,1809, a.20y.CR3

Nathaniel, laborer, s.Isaac and Mary, drowned, Aug.9,1847, a.20y.11m.1d.

Phoebe, at the workhouse, Jan.24,1807.

Rebecca, twin, d.Morris and Lydia P. (Tarr), July20,1825.PR494

Samuel, cancer, Sept.15,1818, a.66y.CR1

Sally, d.Samuell and Jemima, Oct.28,1794.

Sarah E[lizabeth.GR1], d.Aaron and Sarah G., Feb.5,1830. [a.2y.5m.GR1]

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Moses and Nancy, Oct.末,1833.

Thomasin Clark, d.John and Mary, palsy, Feb.3,1848, a.78y.6m.

Timothy, jr., Dec.31,1829.CR3

Timothy, a soldier of the Revolution, Oct.13,1830, a.74y.GR2

Timothy R. Elwell, s.Timothy R. and Isabel Hodgkins, dysentery, Apr.19,1849, a.4m.

William, s.William and Thankful (Rowe), Aug.23,1836.PR491

HODGSKINS (Hodgkins)

末末, wid.末末, bur. July1,1814, a.above 80y.CR3

末末, ch.illegitimate, wid.末末,末蔓末,1830.CR3

James, s.Samuell and Hannah, June2,1732. [dup. June1.]

Molly, wid.末末, Jan.末,1820.CR3


Martha, d.Adam and Martha, Jan.26,1759.


Abigail, d.David Saunders and Abigail Cleaveland (Parsons),末蔓末,1831.PR505


Florence, b. Boston, d.Susan, dysentery, Sept.7,1849, a.1y.6m.20d.

HOLEMAN (Holman)

Thomas, Feb.25,1722-3, a.abt. 37y.


Mary, d.Richard and Sarah (Cunningham), Oct.16,1759.


Daniel, s.Daniel and Dolly [(Rowe).PR506], Feb.末,1836. [Feb.10.PR506]

Rachel, d.Daniel and Dolly (Rowe), Mar.22,1841.PR506

HOLMAN (Holeman)

William, throat distemper, June18,1738, in his 16th y.


Anna, Aug.末,1787.PR508

Hannah, [J.PR508] 2d, d.[Robert and Hannah (Witham).PR508], consumption, Jan.10,1844.CR5

Lydia, Jan.10,1812, a.50y.PR508

William,末蔓末,1812, a.56y.PR508


Nancy, wid.Timothy, dysentery, Aug.20,1849, a.87y.9m.


Maria T., July11,1837, a.9y.PR833

Relief, Aug.14,1842, a.87y.PR833

William Albert, May28,1833.PR833

William, Aug.15,1839, a.90y.PR833

HONNERS (Honner, Honnor, Honnors, Honors)

Eli, Nov.末,1795, a.abt. 10y.CR2

George Brown, s.John and Abigail, Dec.9,1833.

John, suddenly, mortification, Aug.末,1805.CR2

Mehitable, w.Oliver, Apr.24,1812.

Hitty, w.Oliver, Apr.末,1813, a.abt. 25y.CR2

Oliver, s.Oliver and Mehitable [consumption.CR1], Jan.16,1826. [Jan.18, a.17y.CR1]

Robert, Capt., Sept.7,1763, a.53y.GR1

HONNOR (Honners)

末末, ch.Oliver, Apr.末,1813.CR2

John, Aug.6,1806, a.32y.GR16

HONNORS (Honners)

George Brown, s.John and Abigail, Sept.9,1832, a.20m.GR13

Hannah, Miss, Mar.6,1842, a.44y.GR16

John, May1,1841, a.38y.GR13

Robert, June末,1808, a.abt. 63y.CR2

Samuel G., bur., May27,1842, a.15y.CR1

HONORS (Honners)

末末, ch.末末, bur. Dec.11,1832, a.19m.CR6

Nancy, w.Oliver, consumption, Dec.12,1846, a.56y.1m.4d.


Robert, Revolutionary War.末蔓末,1779.PR509

Sally, d.Robert and Sally (Dennison), June8,1816.PR510

Sally (Dennison), w.Robert, Sept.4,1847.PR510


Caroline, w.Levi [J.GR5], inflammation of the bowles, July31,1848, a.28y.11m.28d.

HOUGH (Huff)

Ann, bur. Sept.18,1812, a.86y.CR6

Benjamin, d.Feb.17,1839.GR5

Benjamin Kent, s.Benjamin K., jr. bur. Feb.20,1839, a.21m.CR6

Clara [d.Benjamin K. jr.CR6], d.June27,1839.GR5 [a.3y.10m.CR6]

Elizabeth, w.Benjamin K., d.David Plumer, July19,1796, a.30y.GR1

Leander B. [Bradbury C.GR9], s.Leander and Esther, diarrhoea, Sept.10,1847, a.18m.3d.

Lucy, w.Benjamin K., bur. Jan.6,1825.CR6

Mary E., d.Benjamin, bur. June末,1805, a.2y.CR6

Mary, wid., consumption, bur. Jan.13,1808., a.48y.CR6

Richard Foster, June8,1780, a.19y.GR1

Sarah Anderson, Feb.22,1832, a.28y.GR5

Sarah, d.Benjamin K., Esq., bur. Mar.1,1832, a.28y.CR6


末末, wid., Apr.1,1827, a.73y.CR1

Eliza, w.Theron, June4,1840. [a.38y.GR11]

Theron, m., mason, b. Beverly, s.Phineas and Betsy, consumption, Sept.10,1849, a.42y.11m.12d.[a.43y.GR11]


末末, Mrs.bur. Apr.末,1805, a.90y.CR6

Augustus E., s.Augustus M., Jan.6,1842, a.22m.GR5

Betsey, Nov.21,1815.CR1


末末, ch.John and Polly (Low), Feb.27,1839.PR512

Mary Emily, d.John and Polly (Low), Oct.4,1839.PR512

Tammy [Tamazene.GR5], wid.Chase, diarrhoea, Feb.12,1846, a.56y.4m.12d.[Feb.11, a.65y.GR5]

HUFF (Hough)

Bradbury C., s.Leander and Esther (Griffin), Sept.8,1847.PR513

Elisabeth Pearce, d.Leander and Esther [(Griffin).PR513],末蔓末,1842 [Apr.6.PR513]

Lizzie, d.Leander and Esther [(Griffin).PR513]末蔓末,1844.GR9 [June18.PR513]

HUFFAIN (Hauffins, Hoffaines, Huffin)

Catey, at the workhouse, Jan.7,1815, a.abt. 50y.

Sarah [Mrs.CR6], at the workhouse, Apr.20,1819, a.98y.[bur. Apr.19.CR6]

HUFFIN (Huffain)

末末, Dec.29,1816.CR1


Jonathan, Apr.16,1689.

Rechall, Apr.24,1689.

HULIN (Eulin)

末末, ch.Ann, at the workhouse, bur. Sept.16,1821.CR6

Anna, at the workhouse, bur. Nov.16,1835, a.90y.CR6


末末, s.stillborn, David and Mary, June22,1849.

Frederick William, s.Daniel and Mary J., heart complaint, Aug.30,1848, a.1y.11m.12d.


Abbie S., Dec.1,1841, a.8y.GR15

Eliza K., Mrs., Nov.22,1840, a.38y.GR15


Mary, d.Jabez and Abagal, Nov.28,1733.

Molly, Miss, at Dogtown, Apr.5,1816.CR3

Sarah, at the workhouse, Sept.19,1819, a.79y.


Caroline M., d.J.F. and Sally D., May11,1841.GR5

Joseph, s.J.F. and Sally D., d.Oct.14,1831.GR5

Judith, Dec.11,1801, a.28y.GR5

Robert,末蔓末,1830, a.54y.GR5


Charles, b. Boston, s.Nichol L. and Almira, lung fever, Feb.14,1849, a.1y.9m.5d.


Enoch, s.Calvin and Matilda, typhus fever, June20,1845, a.4y.5d.

HUSE (Hughes)

末末, Mrs., suddenly, bur. Sept.11,1812.CR6

Abigail, [ch.John.CR6], at the workhouse, Sept.19,1825, a.14m.

Eunice, at the workhouse, Nov.23,1806. [a.80y.CR1]

Eunice [d.John.CR6], at the poorhouse, Aug.13,1831, a.39y.[a.40y.CR6]

John, widr., yeoman, old age, May13,1849, a.94y.

Susan, w.John, consumption, Apr.28,1849, a.57y.


末末, s.stillborn, John R., fisherman, and Mary, Mar.20,1844.

末末, d.John and Mary, consumption, Sept.14,1846, a.2m.22d.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Lydia (Clarke), Mar.12,1757.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Apr.20,1844, a.28d.

Samuel, on Thatchers Island keeper of the lights, spring of末蔓末,1793.PR514

Samuel, h.Sally (Rowe), May末,1835.PR515

Sally (Rowe), w.Samuel, jr., June14,1831, a.63y.PR515


末末, s.stillborn, Alexander and Susan, Apr.17,1846.

Alfred, s.Alexander and Susan, typhus fever, Nov.11,1845, a.1y.9d.

Andrew, s.Alexander and Susan, Dec.29,1840.

H末末, Sarah, d.John, Feb.1, 末末. [1690?]

William, Capt., h.Hannah G., at sea, received notice, Jan.16,1825.CR6

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