Abiall, Sept.15,1697.


Desiah, d.Nathan and Elizabeth (Foster), Mar.13,1796, a.19d.PR346

Elizabeth, Apr.3,1757.PR862

Elizabeth (Foster), w.Nathan, at N. Yarmouth, Apr.1,1826, a.66y.29d.PR346

James D., s.Nathan and Elizabeth (Foster), lost at sea,末蔓末,1847.PR346

John D., s.Nathan and Elizabeth (Foster), at Litchfield,末蔓末,1837.PR346

Mary B., d.Nathan and Elizabeth (Foster), at Topsfield,末蔓末,1839.PR346


Nathan, at N. Yarmouth, Dec.27,1823, a.63y.6m.22d.PR346

Nathan, s.Nathan and Elizabeth (Foster), at New Orleans, Jan.末,1833.PR346

Sally Jarvis, at Ipswich, Aug.16,1776, a.40y.1m.16d.PR346

Sally (Smith), w.Nathaniel F., at Salem, Nov.末,1847.PR346

Stephen, at Ipswich, July22,1767, a.50y.PR346

William, s.Nathan and Elizabeth (Foster), May1,1790, a.9d.PR346

William, s.Nathan and Elizabeth (Foster), at Litchfield,末蔓末,1848.PR346


John, Jan.27,1711-12, in his 104th y.

Judith, consumption, Apr.29,1810, a.55y.CR1

Mary, w.George I., Jan.3,1837.

SANBORN (Sanburn)

末末, ch.Joshua and Lucy L. (Clark), June10,1834.PR863

Alfred, s.Daniel and Nancy E., Apr.22,1837.PR864

Ann Elizabeth, d.J., May29,1840, a.5y.CR1

Betsey Goss, w.Levi, Apr.7,1809.PR388

Elizabeth, d.Joshua S. and Mary,末蔓末,1849, a.4y.GR13

Fitz Allen, s.Daniel and Nancy E., Dec.4,1834.PR864

Gilman L., h.Judith, Oct.20,1835.

Henry R., s.Joshua S. and Lydia A., dysentery, Sept.15,1849, a.3y.9m.8d.

John, Oct.5,1842.PR865

John, H., s.Nathaniel [P.GR16], and Sapphira, lung fever, June10,1845, a.1m.8d.[June11.GR16]

John H., Feb.8,1849, a.46y.PR865

Joshua, s.Joshua and Lucy L. (Clark), June30,1832.PR863

Judith, d.Gilman L. and Judith (Story), Aug.22,1838.PR874

Mary Loisa, d.Joshua S. and Mary, Oct.17,1837. [Oct.19, a.3y.CR1]

Mary, w.Joshua S., Sept.27,1841. [a.40y.CR1]

Sophia, w.Nathaniel P., May26,1845, a.30y.5m.GR16

SANBURN (Sanborn)

末末, ch.Joshua, of Sandy Bay, bur. June21,1832.CR6

SANDERS (Saunders)

末末, ch.George, Apr.1,1818.CR3

末末, ch.George,末蔓末,1820.CR3

Abigail, wid.Capt. Thomas, Feb.11,1767, in her 91st y.[Feb.12, in her 90th y.GR1]

Bradbury, Capt., h.Anna,末蔓末, 末末. [after Mar., 1778?]

Daniel, s.Capt. Thomas and Judith [after 1751? bur. Dec.23,1751.]

Betsy, Mar.末,1820.CR3

John, s.John and Jemima,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1759?]

John, Jan.17,1742-3. [in his 30th y.GR1]

Joseph, drown'd in a passage to the Eastward,末蔓末, 末末. [17末?]

Joseph, Nov.18,1712.

Joseph, Capt., commander of a brig belonging to Col. Winthrop and others, smallpox, on his return trip from Ireland to Boston, June25,1732.

Joseph, s.Thomas, jr. [and Judeth.GR1], Apr.5,1734, a.25d.

Joseph, on a schr. belonging to Epes Sargent Esq., supposed to have been run down starting on a fishing trip, Feb.末,1736.

Joseph, s.Thomas, jr., and Judith.[after 1740?]

Joseph, h.Martha (Henderson), "drown'd in Passage from Cape Anne to George's River," Apr.6,1757.

Joseph, Capt. Dec.23,1761, a.25y.GR1

Lydia, Dec.15,1713.

Mary, wid., Dec.21,1717, a.abt. 60y.

Mary, d.John, Jan.15,1743-4, in her 4th y.

Nancy, Sept.15,1810, a.1y.5m.PR871

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, Sept.26,1717, a.abt. 12y.

Thomas, Capt., July17,1742, a.abt. 67y.

Thomas, s.Thomas, jr. and Lucy, July26,1754.


末末, wid., July6,1721, a.abt. 72y.

Bethiah, Feb.20,1719-20, a.abt. 28y.

Robert, May15,1709.

SARGAENT (Sargent)

Jordan, s.William, June22,1689.

SARGANT (Sargent)

Abigail, Mrs.[w.Nathaniel.PR875], Aug.26,1835, a.80y.GR12

Amelia F., d.Epes and Mary P., d.Aug.10,1807.GR12

Christopher, s.Christopher and Julia, Apr.9,1830, a.7w.GR2

Clara Lane, w.Charles, June24,1834, a.36y.GR3

David, s.David and Eliza, grands.Winthrop and Sally, Mar.13,1842, a.19y.7m.GR3

Elbridge, s.Winthrop and Sally, jr., Nov.23,1833, a.11y.GR3

Eliza, d.Winthrop and Sally, Nov.28,1801, a.18m.GR3

Epes, Sept.25,1821.GR2

Fitz E., Jan.29,1835, a.23y.GR2

Harriet Elizabeth, d.C. and C.L., Sept.15,1836, a.6y.2m.GR3

Jonathan, Apr.12,1815, in his 80th y.GR2

Julia, d.Christopher and Julia, Nov.22,1836, a.2y.6m.GR2

Nathaniell, s.William and Abigaile, Nov.7,1663.

Nathaniel [Capt.CR6], Oct.18,1819, a.65y.GR12

Rebecca W., d.Christopher and Julia, June22,1849, a.10y.5m.GR2

Richard W., June27,1847, a.29y.GR2

Sally, w.Winthrop, June21,1836, a.72y.10d.GR3

William Coffin, [inf.CR6], s.Epes and Hannah D.C., June25,1818.GR12

Winthrop, a soldier in the Revolution, Aug.1,1839, a.77y.10m.11d.GR3

SARGEANT (Sargent)

末末, w.Capt. Epes, bur. Sept.11,1807.CR6

Abigaill, d.Nathanaell, Nov.20,1706.

Abigail, w.William, Mar.8,1710-11, in hr 78th or 79th y.

Andrew, on board a fishing sloop, Jeremiah Butman, master, lost at sea on his return voyage from Cape Sable, Oct.末,1716, a.25y.

Charles, s.William, jr., Jan.9,1694-5.

Daniell, s.William, 2d, killed by lightning, July21,1713.

David, on schr. Samuel Stevens, master, lost near Isle Sables, Apr.末,1722, a.23y.

David, s.John and Bethiah, July12,1723, a.26d.

Elizabeth Ann, d.William, bur. Sept.12,1811, a.6y.CR6

Fits William, s.William, 2d, Jan.28,1699-1700.

Jabez, s.William, 2d, Jan.31,1699-1700.

Joshua, Oct.23,1724, a.abt. 21ス y.

Machani, s.William and Mary, Apr.9,1699.

Martha, w.Joseph, May27,1713.

Mary, w.Samuel, clerk, Apr.27,1718, a.abt. 46y.

Mary, wid., Feb.28,1724-5, a.abt. 66y.

Naomy, w.William, Mar.13,1701-2.

Naomy, d.William, jr., Jan.4,1705-6.

Peter, Feb.11,1724-5, a.abt. 44y.

Peter, of Annisquam, bur. Dec.5,1810, a.64y.CR6

Rachell, d.John, May14,1706.

Samuell, s.William, 2d, Oct.11,1699.

Sarah, w.Nathanaell, Feb.5,1705-6.

Stephen, Oct.12,1724, a.abt. 26y.

Thomas, s.Epps, Esq. and Esther, Apr.24,1727, a.12m.8d.

William, s.William, jr., Aug.3,1699.

William, sr., Feb.9,1715-16, a.93y.

Winthrop, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Aug.20,1724, a.abt. 1y.5m.

SARGENT (Sargaent, Sargant, Sargeant, Sergant, Serjant)

末末,, jr. and Abigail, lived a few minutes, Sept.23,1773.CR3

末末, s.Peter and Rebeca, sore mouth, Feb.18,1775, a.15d.CR3

末末, s.Solomon and Lydia, smallpox, Mar.15,1779, a.7w.CR3

末末, w.Dr.,末蔓末,1781.CR2

末末, s.Dr. 末末, fits, Jan.10,1787, a.abt. 7d.CR2

末末, Epes, bur. Apr.19,1807.CR6

末末, ch.Winthrop, who never had the use of his limbs nor reason, June15,1818, a.abt. 10y.CR3

末末, w.Jonathan, bur. Dec.14,1819.CR6

末末, ch.Winthrop, bur. Aug.12,1821, a.2ス y.CR6

末末, ch.Peter, Feb.6,1824.CR3

末末, L., jr., Apr.7,1827, a.6w.CR3

末末,, jr., Oct.12,1827, a.2w.CR3

末末, w.Samuel, Dec.11,1827, a.75y.CR3

末末, Dr., Aug.29,1829, a.89y.CR1

末末, wid.末末, May26,1830.CR3

末末, ch.Benjamin, deceased, Sept.6,1830.CR3

末末, Fanny, Feb.6,1831.CR3

末末, ch.Christopher, Apr.9,1831.CR3

末末, w.Winthrop, of Annisquam, bur. Aug.4,1832, a.25y.CR6

末末, ch.Ambrose and Sally, Nov.18,1832.CR3

末末, bur. Aug.28,1835, a.80y.CR6

末末, s.Warren and Sarah Sexton, Oct.18,1843, a.1d.

末末, ch.Isaac and Mary, fits, Mar.19,1849, a.6d.

Abigail, w.Joseph, Dec.18,1781, in her 67th y.GR1

Ada, d.Samuel and Esther, Nov.20,1823.PR589

Alexander, s.Samuel and Esther, Feb.8,1816.PR589

Amelia F., d.Epes and Mary P., Aug.10,1807.GR5

Andrew, June18,1807.CR3

Andrew, m., fisherman, s.Andrew and Charity, consumption, July12,1843, a.77y.

Anna Maria, d.Capt. Fitz William and Anna, Aug.27,1794.

Asa, Nov.18,1823, a.17y.CR3


Benjamin, June28,1830.CR3

Banjamin T., Oct.19,1832.CR3

Bethia, w.John, May末,1734, in her 47th y.

Catharine, d.Capt. Epes and Catharine (Osborne), July末,1747.

Charles, s.Charles and Judith [H.GR3], fits and fever, Dec.4,1846, a.6y.[a.5y.9m.GR3]

Charles, m., trader, consumption, Mar.4,1849, a.53y.

Charlotte, d.Winthrop and Sally (Lane), Mar.末,1831.PR591

Charlotte, d.Solomon and Charlotte, throat distemper, Jan.12,1846, a.1y.10m.14d.

Christopher, jr., s.Christopher and Julia, Apr.末,1831.

Clara [Howard.GR3], d.Charles and Judith [H.GR3], lung fever, June29,1844, a.1y.21d.

Daniel, s.John and Mary,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1743?]

Daniel, bur. Aug.22,1821, a.52y.CR6

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary E., May14,1825. [Aug.12., a.30y.GR3]

Daniel, s.John L., Apr.6,1826.CR3

David, at the workhouse, Jan.9,1816, a.65y.

David [of Annisquam.CR6], Nov.末,1820, a.abt. 80y.CR3

David, jr., bur. Aug.14,1825.CR3

David, bur. Dec.24,1842, a.abt. 70y.CR6

Deborah, wid.Jonathan, bur. July24,1818.CR3

Deborah, Apr.16,1840.PR876

Dudley, Capt., Dec.14,1824.CR3

Edward, s.Andrew, bur. Sept.15,1822, a.abt. 21y.CR3

Elbridge, s.twin, Warren and Sarah A. (Lane), Oct.14,1843.PR869

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Lydia, dysentery, Sept.13,1779, a.20y.CR3

Betsey, d.Winthrop and Sally (Lane), Feb.10,1821.PR591

Emily Waldo, d.William, bur. Feb.23,1823, a.12y.CR6

Epes, [after 1804.]

Epes, Sept.29,1823.CR3

Fanny, wid.末末, bur. May1,1831.CR3

Fits John, s.William, 2d, Jan.20,1697-8.

Francis, consumption, July6,1778, a.85y.CR3

Freelove, w.William, bur. Aug.30,1828.CR6

George, s.Warren and Sarah A. (Lane), July4,1840.PR869

Gustavus, Dec.31,1827.CR3

Hannah, D.C., w.Epes, d.July14,1819.GR5 [July25,1818.GR12]

Hannah, wid.Gustavus, Nov.23,1830.CR3

Harry [Henry.CR3], s.Winthorp and Sally (Lane), Dec.12,1824.PR591 [a.27y.GR3]

Hezekiah, Oct.16,1817.CR3

Isaac, bur. Sept.11,1825.CR3

James D., s.John, June末,1821.CR3

John, July27,1747, in his 27th y.GR1

John, s.Winthrop [and Sally (Lane).PR591], May27,1807, a.24y.CR3

John L., Apr.5,1848, a.98y.PR876

Jonathan, Feb.末,1830, a.84y.CR1

Jonathan, bur. Mar.16,1832, a.39y.CR3

Joseph, s.Joseph and Martha, Apr.1,1735, a.2y.6m.3d.

Joshua, Stephen and Hannah, rickets, Dec.末,1774, a.6y.CR3

Judith (Gidding), w.Nathaniel,末蔓末,1767.

Judith, d.John, July21,1820, a.17y.CR3

Judith, d.Andrew and Rachel, old age, May11,1848, a.67y.

Julia, d.Christopher and Julia, throat distemper, Apr.19,1849, a.7y.

Lucinda Medora, d.Luther and Lucinda, scarlet fever, Oct.10,1844, a.10y.4m.3d.[a.9y.11m.6d.GR3]

Lucy, Nov.1,1835.PR278

Lydia, w.Jonathan, consumption, Aug.6,1774, a.38y.CR3

Lydia, "supposed of an apoplexy," May11,1806, a.60y.CR1

Martha, w.Joseph, May13,1733.

Martha [R., d.Solomon of Annisquam.CR6], Miss, Sept.13,1832.CR3 [a.30y.CR6]

Mary, w.William, Feb.28,1724, in her 65th y.GR1

Mary, w.Ignatius, smallpox, at Boston, Oct.末,1792.

Mary, w.Epes, [ Sept.3,1807.CR5; Sept.8.GR12]

Molly, at the workhouse, Aug.27,1816, a.50y.

Polly, consumption, at the workhouse, Aug.27,1816, a.50y.CR1

Molly, wid.末末, Sept.23,1819, 70 and 80y.CR3

Michael, consumption, Nov.2,1776, a.41y.CR3

Michael, bur. Sept.9,1828.CR3

Nathaniel, Dec.12,1732.

Nathaniel, s.Capt. Nathaniel and Abigail, Apr.5,1786, a.5y.GR1

Octavius, s.Oliver [W.GR9], and Sophia Ann, Apr.11,1837.AC [a.3y.8m.GR9]

Olive, w.William, June3,1835.

Oliver, drowned, Sept.19,1792.CR2

Otis, s.Christopher and Julia, throat distemper, Apr.20,1849, a.5y.[Feb.5,1849, a.5y.7m.GR12]

Peter, s.William and Mary, Feb.11,1724, in his 44th y.GR1

Rachel, d.Jonathan and Lydia, dysentery, Sept.11,1779, a.17y.CR3

Richard, mariner, s.Gustavus and Hannah, consumption, June28,1847, a.29y.7m.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Esther, Aug.1,1834.PR589

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Lydia, dysentery, Sept.31,1779, a.13y.CR3

Sally, w.David, bur. Apr.2,1830, a.64y.CR6

Sally, w.Winthrop, Aug.3,1832.CR3

Sally A., d.twin, Warren and Sarah A. (Lane), Aug.24,1842.PR869

Sally, d.Winthrop and Sally (Lane), Mar.27,1847.PR591

Stephen, s.Stephen, Apr.3,1772.CR3

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizebeth, killed by a cart, May27,1729, a.abt. 18y.

Thomas, Apr.29,1735.

Warren, s.Warren and Sarah A. (Lane), Oct.17,1838.PR869

Washington, s.Thomas, Dr.,末蔓末,1778, a.abt. 2y.CR2

William, s.Eps, Esq.,末蔓末,1736.

William Fitz, Capt., bur. Oct.8,1822.CR6

William, ch.Solomon, jr., bur. May27,1826.CR3

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

末末,, Oct.25,1807.CR1

末末, s.Joseph and Deborah, bur. Sept.15,1811, a.2y.CR6

末末, Mrs., suddenly, at the workhouse, bur. Sept.2,1819.CR6

末末, ch.Simeon, July26,1824, a.9m.CR3

末末, ch.Charles and Rachel, bur. Oct.末,1840, a.a few, d.CR6

末末, ch.Henry, cholera morbus, June30,1846, a.11m.

Adeline, d.George and Esther, Jan.15,1825.

Caroline, w.John, consumption, bur. Aug.20,1832, a.24y.CR6

Clarinda W., d.Henry and Clarinda (Woodbury), July31,1839.PR881

Dudley P., printer, s.Henry and Tammy, consumption, Nov.28,1848, a.20y.5m.8d.

Edward, s.George and Esther, Mar.25,1819.

Edward, bur. Apr.8,1841, a.67y.CR6

Elbridge, s.Simeon [and Sarah.GR3], brain fever, Oct.19,1846, a.15y.21d.[a.6y.1m.25d.GR3]

Eliza Jane, d.Henry and Clarinda (Woodbury), June29,1846.PR881

Betsey, w.Edward, Aug.31,1819.

Betsey Ann, d.Simeon and Sarah, July25,1824, a.9m.22d.

Isaac E., bur. Mar.3,1823, a.23y.CR6

James, s.John and Eliza, Nov.10,1834.

James Henry, s.John, jr. and Eliza,末蔓末,1835.

John [Capt.GR1], Oct.4,1807, a.72y.CR1 [Oct.22.GR1]

John, jr., mariner, s.John and Mary, sailed on the schooner Canton, supposed to have been drowned on George's Bank in the gale, Nov.25,1846, a.41y.5m.20d.

Joseph [Capt.CR6], at the poorhouse, Apr.4,1841, a.84y.[a.82y.CR6]

Judith, w.Capt. Thomas, Aug.30,1770, in her 60th y.GR1

Lucy, w.Hon. Thomas, Esq., d.Rev. Dr. Thomas Smith of Portland June5,1780, in her 48th y.GR1

Mary Eliza, d.John, jr. and Eliza,末蔓末,1835.

Mary Eliza, d.John and Eliza, May10,1836. [a.15m.CR6]

Mary A., seamstress, d.Henry and Tamma, dysentery, Mar.23,1849, a.23y.8m.8d.

Nancy, w.Capt. J., bur June11,1812, a.34y.CR6

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Susan (Elwell), Dec.15,1795.PR204

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Susan (Elwell), lost at sea, Dec.20,1812.PR204

Rachel O., d.Charles and Rachel, Oct.7,1840. [a.12d.PR309]

Robert Henry, s.John, jr. and Eliza,末蔓末,1839.

Simeon, Feb.16,1842, a.62y.11m.24d.GR3

Thomas, Hon., Jan.10,1774, in his 45th y.GR1

Thomas, Capt., Oct.24,1774, a.70y.GR1

William, s.George and Esther, June19,1813.

William, s.George and Esther, July1,1820.

William D., s.John and Eliza, throat distemper and scarlet fever, Dec.17,1846, a.1y.5m.3d.

William, painter, s.Henry and Tammy, consumption, July9,1847, a.23y.2m.16d.

SAVELL (Saville)

Hannah, d.Thomas and Mary, May6,1727.

James, s.Thomas and Mary, July14,1726.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, Mar.19,1724.

SAVELLE (Saville)

Betsey, d.Nov.17,1842.GR5

SAVILLE (Savell, Savelle)

末末, d.Thomas and Betsey (Haraden), stillborn, Feb.20,1790.PR891

末末, d.Thomas and Betsey (Haraden), Sept.11,1799.PR891

末末, wid.末末, May3,1827, a.80y.CR3

Abiah, s.Jesse and Martha (Babson), Feb.末,1843.PR892

David, s.Jesse and Martha (Babson), lost at sea末蔓末, 末末.

David, s.Thomas and Betsey (Haraden), Jan.14,1801.PR891

Edgar, s.William and Sally B., Nov.12,1826. [a.20m.CR6]

Edward [inf.CR6], s.James and Judith [typhus fever.CR6], Oct.10,1828.

Betsey, d.Thomas and Betsey (Haraden), May22,1816.PR891

Betsey (Haraden), w.Thomas, Sept.20,1830.PR891

Betsey, w.[Capt.CR6], Thomas [of Annisquam.CR6], Sept.26,1836, in her 73d y.GR2 [a.72y.CR6]

Epes, h.Betsy, July12,1819.

Epes, s.Jesse and Martha (Babson), July末,1820. [bur. July13.CR6]

George, s.George and Mary, dysentery, Aug.25,1849, a.3m.15d.

Indiana P., d.Stephen and Mary, typhus fever, June4,1847, a.6y.7d.

Ira A., s.Ira and Mary, scarlet fever, Dec.27,1844, a.3y.2m.9d.

Irena, d.Epes and Betsy, consumption, Jan.30,1846, a.27y.1m.6d.[1845.GR5]

James, s.Jesse and Martha (Babson), June6,1805.

Jesse, h.1st Martha (Babson), [of Annisquam.CR6], 2d Hannah Dane, Mar.11,1823. [Mar.9.CR3;, a.83y.CR6]

John, s.Thomas and Mary (Haraden),末蔓末,1790.PR890

John, s.David and Ann W., Jan.8,183. [1838., a.2y.6m.GR2]

John, s.Thomas and Mary (Haraden), in Boston, Dec.20,1833.PR891

Martha B., w.Jesse, Apr.19,1785.

Martha, d.Jesse and Martha (Babson), Dec.13,1801.

Mary, w.Thomas, consumption, June4,1776, a.75y.CR3 [June10,1775.PR890]

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary (Haraden),末蔓末,1808.PR890

Mary Rowel, d.Jesse, bur. Sept.13,1818.CR3

Nathaniel Tucker, s.William and Sally B., May28,1826. [a.17y.CR6]

Norman D., s.Stephen and Mary, typhus fever, Apr.13,1848, a.1y.5m.27d.[1847. dup.]

Oliver, s.Jesse and Martha (Babson), [smallpox.PR892], at sea, Mar.14,1801.

Oliver, s.Epes and Betsy [abroad, received notice.CR6], Aug.末,181. [Aug.1,1819.CR6]

Oliver, s.Stephen P. and Mary, scarlet fever, July18,1849, a.8y.2m.10d.

Sally B. [w.William.CR6],末蔓末,1829.GR5 [bur. Sept.14.CR6]

Sarah, at the poorhouse, May13,1840, a.82y.[a.83y.CR6]

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary (Haraden), Mar.9,1724.PR890

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary (Haraden), smallpox,末蔓末,1769.PR890

Thomas, Apr.19,1785.PR890

Thomas, s.Capt. Thomas, on his passage from the West Indies, Sept.末,1809, a.perhaps 17 or 18y.CR3 [ Sept.4.PR891]

Thomas, s.Jesse and Martha (Babson), May7,1845. [a.81y.GR2]

William O. [s.William and Esther.GR5], at Boston, Aug.28,1832, a.35y.9m.25d.[a.36y.CR6]

SAWYER (Soyer)

末末, inf ch.George, Jan.20,1817.CR1

Abigail, d.Nathaniel, Oct.24,1738, in her 25th y.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Mary,末蔓末, 末末. [after Feb., 1759?]

Alexander S., b. Boston, s.George and Clarissa, defect in the brain, July22,1845, a.3y.8m.12d.

Benjamin, s.James and Deborah, May1,1746, a.4w.GR1

Charles, s.Abraham and Rachel, [malignant fever.CR6], Aug.11,1821, a.33y.GR5

Comfort, old age, Sept.6,1809, a.92y.CR1

David, s.David and Martha (Boynton), Apr.末,1751.

David, May14,1795.PR519

David Sargent, Dec.11,1805.PR519

Deborah, d.James and Deborah, July17,1746, a.4y.8m.GR1

Elizabeth [wid.James.CR6], Aug.6,1833, a.69y.GR5

Eunice, d.James and Hannah, Apr.末,1727, a.5y.

Francis, s.Thomas, Aug.8,1695.

Hannah, Sept.15,1690.

Hannah, d.twin, David, Sept.9,1747.

James, May31,1703.

James, Nov.1,1730, a.abt. 38y.

James, jr.,末蔓末,1746. [July16, in his 31st y.GR1]

James, s.James and Anna (Davis), at sea, Nov.26,1784.PR895

James, mortification, June14,1807, a.51y.CR1

James, drowned, at Magadore, Jan.5,1811, a.23y.CR1

John, s.Thomas and Hanah, Sept.14,1690.

John, unm., s.Abraham and Mary, consumption, Nov.20,1849, a.73y.2m.

Judith, d.Isaac and Martha, May18,1722, a.abt. 3y.

Judith, w.James, consumption, Sept.9,1845, a.63y.4m.10d.

Martha, d.John and Martha (Hubbard),末蔓末, 末末. [after 1746?]

Nathaniel, Apr.11,1741, in his 64th y.GR1

Rachel, w.Abraham, old age, Sept.26,1843, a.84y.7m.17d.[a.86y.GR5]

Robert S., h.Lydia, in smack Forest, at Cape Cod, Oct.3,1841.

Samuel J., [s.Charles, jr. and Almira Hotchkiss],末蔓末,1842.GR5

Samuel C. Jones, s.Charles, bur. Mar.9,1842, a.6m.CR6

Sally, Apr.25,1773.PR519

Sargant, Dec.11,1805, a.27y.GR1

Thomas, Jan.12,1710-11.

Warren T., m., painter, s.James and Lydia, consumption, Sept.22,1849, a.39y.11m.15d.

SAYWARD (Sayword)

末末, inf ch.J., July13,1807.CR1

末末, Mr., of Eastern Point, bur. Feb.13,1812, a.81y.CR6

末末, ch.William, jr., bur. Mar.24,1814.CR6

末末, s.Samuel and Caroline, consumption, Nov.13,1846, a.2m.9d.

Abigail, w.William, consumption, Mar.15,1847, a.78y.2m.5d.

Amanda, d.Epes and Mary Ann, Mar.末,1835. [Mar.14.PR900]

Amanda, d.Samuel and Hannah, Mar.14,1835.AC

Caroline [inf.CR1], d.William and Nabby, May13,1809. [May8.CR1]

Daniel, s.Daniel and Ann Maria [(Gilbert).PR901], Apr.5,1832. [Apr.30.PR901]

Daniel, s.Daniel, jr., bur. May1,1832, a.6m.CR6

Daniel [Capt.CR6], Mar.29,1834, a.67y.GR10

Deborah, w.Elder James, July13,1734. [a.67y.GR1]

Eliza [H.GR10], w.Fitz W., Feb.1,1842. [a.36y.CR6]

Eliza, w.William, consumption, Mar.15,1848, a.78y.2m.5d.

Betsey, w.Capt. James H., d.末蔓末,1830.GR5

Betsey, w.James S., bur. Dec.29,1830, a.69y.CR6

Henry, Capt., bur. Feb.23,1814.CR6

Henry, s.Capt. Henry, deceased, bur. Oct.12,1820, a.abt. 15y.CR6

James H., Capt., d.末蔓末,1845.GR5

James S., m., mariner, old age, Dec.28,1845, a.81y.3m.10d.

John, at the poorhouse, Mar.3,1829, a.59y.[a.60y.CR6]

Joseph, consumption, Apr.21,1814, a.82y.CR1

Joseph H[enry.CR6], s.Joseph and Emily [B. throat distemper.CR6], Dec.21,1841, a.2y.GR12 [bur. Dec.15, a.2y.4m.CR6]

Lydia, wid.Capt. Henry, bur. May21,1837, a.55y.CR6

Samuel, s.Samuel and Caroline, canker, Apr.5,1849, a.1m.14d.

Sarah, wid.Capt. William, Sept.26,1834.GR12 [a.44y.CR6]

Sarah [S.CR6], d.Capt. William [jr. deceased.CR6] and Sarah, Dec.2,1838, a.16y.GR12

Sarah, w.[Capt. Daniel.CR6], Jan.22,1839.GR10 [a.69y.CR6]

Sidney, s.Epps, bur. Feb.20,1838, a.2y.6m.CR6 [Feb.25.PR900]

Sydney, s.Epes and Mary Ann, Mar.12,1841.AC [Mar.9. dup.]

William, jr., Capt., at sea, received notice, Oct.13,1822.CR6

William, Capt., Sept.11,1823.GR12

William Franklin, s.Fitz W. and Eliza [whooping cough.CR6], Mar.17,1841. [a.1y.CR6]

William, widr., pilot, s.Joseph and Abigail, dropsy, Apr.18,1849, a.84y.4m.10d.

SAYWORD (Sayward)

James, s.James, Nov.26,1697.

James, Elder, Feb.末,1736-7, in his 68th y.[Feb.13.GR1]

SCAMPE (Skamp)

Jone, w.Robbard, Nov.9,1662.


末末, twin sons, Frederick and Eliza, canker, Aug.7,1849, a.15d.


Frederick Augustus, b. Boston, s.Frederick and Mary E., consumption, Aug.29,1843, a.1y.2m.10d.

SEGARS (Segers)

Experience, consumption, Oct.13,1807, a.50y.CR1

SEGERS (Segars)

Lydia, wid., consumption, Sept.16,1816, a.72y.CR1

Mercy [Nancy.CR6], at the workhouse, Dec.9,1817, a.29y.

SENTER (Center)

末末, w.Enoch, bur. Nov.8,1821.CR6

Charlotte, d.Betsey, July26,1840, a.12y.CR1

Georgian, d.Addison and Mary P., dysentery, Oct.16,1847, a.2y.7m.22d.

SERGANT (Sargent)

末末, ch.Benjamin,末蔓末,1805, a.5y.CR3

SERJANT (Sargent)

Mary, w.Eps, Apr.末,1806.CR3 [Apr.19.GR2]


末末, h.Adeline, jr., Louisanna, received notice, Nov.8,1835.CR6

SHACKELFORD (Shackleford)

Alexander, m., mariner, s.William and Priscilla, heart disease, Sept.7,1849, a.35y.8m.7d.

James, s.James and Sarah, heart complaint, June26,1849, a.8y.5m.4d.

SHACKLEFORD (Shackelford)

Alexander, s.Alexander, dropsy in the head, bur. Mar.10,1841, a.2y.CR6

Elizabeth [w?] Alexander, bur. June16,1841, a.32y.CR6

Elisabeth, d.George Augustus and Elisabeth Ann, Mar.9,1842. [a.3y.6m.CR6]

George, s.George Augustus and Elisabeth Ann, throat distemper [dropsy following sore throat and scarlet fever.CR6], Mar.26,1842. [a.1y.6m.CR6]

Priscilla, wid., William, fits, Jan.18,1845, a.72y.3m.

Susan P., d.Alexander, bur. Aug.20,1837, a.1y.7m.CR6


John [of England.CR6], at the poorhouse, Apr.22,1836, a.75y.[a.70y.CR6]

SHARP (Sharpe)

Mary E., at the poorhouse, Sept.4,1838, a.4y.

SHARPE (Sharp)

Lafayette, s.Rachel, poison, Feb.6,1849, a.2y.

Lucy, d.Rachel, poison, Apr.18,1849, a.12d.


Emeline, d.James and Lydia, throat distemper, June18,1846, a.4y.

Joseph G., hostler, s.Moses H. and Elisabeth H., suicide, Nov.17,1848, a.25y.3m.29d.

Lydia, b. Shelburne, N.S., w.James, comsumption, Dec.25,1848, a.24y.5m.15d.

Mary, Dec.14,1703.

William, Mar.23,1723-4, a.abt. 24y.


末末, s.stillborn, Joseph and Olive, July20,1843.

Joseph Lemuel, s.Joseph and Olive, at Schenectady, Feb.8,1824.

Sarah Ann, d.Joseph and Olive, Nov.14,1832. [a.12y.GR13]


末末, h.Elizabeth, killed, Oct.4,1777.PR357

Elizabeth, Oct.31,1777.PR357

SILVESTER (Sylvester)

Abigail, w.Samuel, bur. Apr.10,1808.CR3


Nancy, wid.Henry, dysentery, Aug.29,1849, a.71y.29d.


Peter David, s.Peter and Hannah, dysentery, Sept.16,1848, a.2y.2m.5d.

SKAMP (Scampe)

Robert, Apr.23,1691.


末末, Mrs., an aged woman at the workhouse, bur. July23,1812.CR6

末末, ch.William, scalded, Dec.18,1816, a.10m.CR1

末末, s.末末, bur. July17,1827, a.6m.CR6

末末,, May3,1829.CR1

末末, inf.d.Jos[eph or James?], bur. Feb.14,1831.CR6

末末,, 3d [June18?], 1836.CR1

末末, s.stillborn, David and Eliza, Aug.10,1845.

Abigaill, d.John, Aug.26,1701.

Nabby, d.Sargent and Lydia, Sept.23,1784, a.5w.GR1

Abigail [wid.Capt. John.GR1], old age, Nov.21,1807, a.85y.CR1 [a.82y.GR1]

Abigail [D.CR6; P.CR1], wid.[Capt.GR1], Joseph [d.David Plumer deceased.GR1], Dec.6,1840. [a.72y.GR1]

Amos, h.Rebecca (Rowe),末蔓末,1765, a.25y.PR168

Benjamin, in captivity,末蔓末,1781.CR2

Benjamin, by a fall at sea, Sept.27,1807, a.18y.CR1

Benjamin, jr., seaman, b. Port Matoon, N.S., s.Henry and Margaret, diarrhoea, Oct.24,1847, a.24y.3m.2d.

Bethiah, w.Daniel, jr.,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1745?]

Charles, lost at sea on his passage from Lisbon to Gloucester, fall, 1810.GR1

Charles B., butcher, b. Charlestowm, brain fever, bur. Charlestown, Dec.2,1843, a.26y.5m.8d.

Charles, widr., cooper, b. Ipswich, consumption, May23,1845, a.78y.5m.3d.

Charles, m., fisherman, consumption, Nov.10,1845, a.73y.8m.

Charles, m., b. Sanborntown, NH, mariner, s.Timothy and Mary, cancer, Jan.6,1849, a.45y.4m.3d.

Charles, 3d, m., boot and shoe store, b. Rockport, s.Joseph, consumption, Feb.26,1849, a.4- y.[a.49y.CR1]

Charlotte, measles, Apr.13,1816, a.6y.CR1

Charlotte, at the workhouse, Aug.5,1817, a.abt. 30y.

Charlotte, d.William and Charlotte (Pool), May7,1828.PR909

Charlotte, Mrs., cancer, Oct.25,1847.CR5

Conrad, s.Timothy A. and Correlia, diarrhoea, Sept.20,1847, a.6m.4d.

Daniel, Aug.24,1747, a.54y.9m.24d.GR1

David P., s.[Capt.GR1], Joseph and Abigail [P.GR1], inflammation of the stomach, Nov.10,1846, a.50y.3m.14d.

Dorcas, Mar.8,1843.CR10

Edwin, s.William and Charlotte (Pool), Mar.24,1833.PR909

Elbridge B., s.William and Charlotte (Pool), Sept.3,1847.PR909

Eliza, d.David and Eliza [G.GR5], June14,1832. [a.7y.GR5]

Eliza Giddings, d.David and Eliza [G.GR5], Aug.16,1837. [Aug.17., a.1y.GR5]

Eliza [W.CR1], w.Charles, 3d, Aug.31,1837. [a.35y.CR1]

Eliza, b. Boston, w.Charles G., bleeding of lungs, Feb.3,1845, a.46y.[a.47y.GR2]

Eliza G., d.David and Eliza.[G.GR5], typhus fever, Sept.31,1846, a.9y.3m.12d.[ Sept.30.GR5]

Betsy, at the workhouse, July22,1812, a.abt. 8y.

Elisabeth, w.Charles, consumption, Apr.15,1845, a.74y.5m.5d.

Elizabeth [Procter, w.Charles.GR1], Apr.15,1845, a.74y.CR1

Emily Williams, d.Charles, 3d and Eliza, July11,1836.

Emily Williams, d.Charles and Eliza,末蔓末,1837.GR13

Eveline, d.William and Charlotte (Pool), Oct.12,1836.PR909

Hannah, at the almshouse, Feb.25,1810, a.38y.CR1

Hannah, w.Joseph, childbirth, bur. Mar.3,1825.CR6

Hannah, d.Samuel E. and Hannah, throat distemper, Mar.27,1849, a.1y.10m.8d.

Helen Augusta, d.Allen and Sally (Young), Aug.31,1836.PR911

Henry [Capt.GR10], supposed fit at Demerara [at Surinam.GR10], Aug.26,1810, a.41y.CR1 [Aug.29.GR10]

Henry Sargent, s.Capt. Henry and Lydia Allen, Dec.11,1834.GR10

Henry, Aug.26,1836, a.46y.CR1

Isaac A., m., goldsmith, s.John and Martha, consumption, June28,1844, a.46y.3m.17d.[June29.GR13]

Jacob, Col., Mar.18,1812, a.46y.GR13

James, foreigner, at the workhouse, Apr.17,1815, a.abt. 80y.

James, Dec.14,1816, a.73y.CR1

James, drowned, Apr.11,1819, a.14y.CR1

John, June25,1719, a.abt. 16ス y.

John, Capt., Jan.9,1789, in his 67th y.GR1

John, s.Capt. Henry and Lydia Allen, lost at sea, Aug.末,1816.GR10

John, Oct.28,1828, a.68y.GR5

Jonathan, Oct.末,1732. [Oct.3., a.30y.GR1]

Joseph, s.John, Aug.28,1701.

Joseph, bur. Aug.28,1823.CR6

Joseph, s.Allen and Sally (Young), Sept.28,1829.PR911

Joseph [Capt.CR6], h.Abigail, Jan.24,1839. [a.70y.CR6]

Judeth Eliza, Oct.21,1837, a.4y.CR1 [Oct.23.GR1]

Julia F., d.Daniel and Marcy, scarlet fever, Apr.5,1849, a.2y.10m.7d.

Lucy, d.John and Martha, Mar.4,1796.

Lydia, June14,1816.PR908

Lydia Allen, w.Capt. Henry, Aug.1,1816.GR10

Lydia [wid.CR1], at the workhouse. [cancer.CR1], Aug.15,1816, a.abt. 72y.

Lydia, d.Capt. Henry and Lydia Allen, d.Apr.14,1841.GR10

Martha A., w.John, Feb.28,1799, a.42y.GR5

Martha, wid.Charles, lung fever, Mar.8,1848, a.75y.2m.12d.[1847 dup.]

Mary,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1760?]

Mary, d.John, Mar.15,1696-7.

Mary, w.Alexander, Sept.13,1759. [ Sept.12. in her 24th y.GR1]

Mary, d.Henry and Lydia (Allen), July29,1828.PR908

Mary Ann, d.Benjamin H. and Sally, June16,1832. [June10.PR1910]

Miranda B., b. Boston, d.Daniel D. [and L.W.H. dup.], dropsy, Apr.15,1848, a.13y.11m.15d.[1847 dup.]

Moris, s.Moris and Sarah, Feb.3,1685.

Morrice, May13,1726, a.abt. 70y.

Nancy, d.Capt. Henry and Lydia Allen, d.May20,1815.GR10 [Aug.20.PR908]

Nancy, wid., d.Benjamin, old age, Dec.19,1847, a.79y.7m.10d.

Nathaniel, Capt., Nov.9,1829, a.55y.GR1

Sarah, w.Morris, Jan.20,1724-5, a.above 80y.

Sarah, d.John, 3d and Sarah, June5,1775.

Sally, only, d.Capt. John, jr., Feb.20,1795, a.19y.GR1

Sally, w.Cephas, Oct.末,1833.PR490

Sarah Allen, d.stillborn, William P., fisherman and Emeline, July12,1843.

Sarah A., d.William P. and Emeline, consumption, Feb.11,1844, a.7m.3d.

Sarah, wid.[Capt. Nathaniel.GR1], heart complaint, Apr.15,1849, a.76y.6m.28d.

Sargent, s.Sargent and Lydia, June11,1782, a.12m.21d.GR1

Susanna, wid., Mar.2,1724-5, a.abt. 46y.

Susanna, at the workhouse, Aug.15,1817, a.76y.

Thomas, late of Ipswich, Apr.24,1706.

Thomas, Esq., late of Falmouth, Feb.10,1776, a.40y.GR1

William, drowned, Apr.11,1819, a.16y.CR1

William, s.Charles, 3d and Eliza, July13,1834.

William [Williams.GR13], s.Charles, 3d and Eliza, May5,1837.

William, s.William P. and Jane, Sept.22,1838.

William P. jr., s.William P. and Emmeline (Collins), Apr.3,1841, a.1y.2m.PR915

William P[earson.GR10], m., mariner, s.[Capt.GR10], Henry E. and Nancy [Lydia Allen.GR10], brain fever, Mar.13,1848, a.32y.2m.12d.[May12.GR10]


Abigail [P.GR5], wid.Edward, cancer, June17,1849, a.44y.1m.2d.


Anna, w.Marmaduke, July20,1731, a.23y.GR1

SOAMES (Somes)

Eliza, d.John, jr., bur. Apr.18,1806, a.11y.CR6

SOAMS (Somes)

Susannah, w.Joseph, consumption, June7,1773, a.37y.CR3

SOMES (Soames, Soams)

末末, ch.John, 3d, Sept.2,1807, a.2y.CR1

末末, inf.s.John and Betsey W., Sept.7,1837.GR5

末末,, Sept.22,1837.CR1

Abigail, w.Nehemiah, July17,1731, in her 24th y.

Abigail, d.Nehemiah and Abigail, Aug.11,1731.

Abigail, wid.Capt. Samuel, Mar.18,1811, a.56y.GR1

Anna, wid.[Capt.GR5], John, old age, Apr.13,1846, a.90y.5m.25d.

Ann C., d.Charles N. and Caroline E., May10,1835, a.6m.18d.GR5

Benjamin, Jan.31,1805, a.72y.GR1 [a.73y.CR6]

Benjamin, s.Samuell and Abigail [(Bray).PR920], Sept.28,1813. [a.27y.GR1]

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin F. and Hannah Maria, May14,1836.AC [a.10m.GR5]

Benjamin Franklin [Franklin.GR5], s.Benjamin F. and Hannah Maria, Jan.5,1838. [a.9m.GR5]

Benjamin, at sea, Nov.24,1841, a.31y.GR13

Charles, May25,1826, a.25y.GR1

Charlotte, d.Isaac and Charlotte W., d.Sept.15,1807.GR5

Charlotte [Webber.GR5], w.Isaac, July20,1822. [1829.PR921]

Eliza O., d.John and Rebecca, Feb.8,1833, a.23y.GR5 [a.22y.CR6]

Elizabeth, Jan.4,1696-7.

Elizabeth, Mrs.,末蔓末, [17末. footstone.]

I., Capt., lost in Ship "Tempest," abt. 1781 or 2.CR5

Frederick, bur. Aug.31,1817, a.19y.CR6

George Herbert, s.Samuel and Abigail (Bray), June4,1791, a.6m.PR920

George Herbert, s.Isaac and Charlotte [W.GR5], Apr.4,1811.

Gorham, lost overboard on his passage to Sumartra, Jan.25,1826.GR1

Hannah M[aria.CR6], wid.Benjamin F., Apr.22,1838. [Apr.21., a.28y.CR6]

Harriet, d.[twin.CR1], Isaac and Charlotte [W.CR1], diarrhoea, Oct.10,1847, a.25y.3m.5d.

Henrietta, d.[twin.CR1], Isaac and Charlotte [W.CR5], cholera morbus, Sept.28,1847, a.25y.[ Sept.29.CR1]

Jacob, mariner, s.Joseph and Abigail, bilious fever, bur. at Cayenne, June16,1844, a.33y.2m.19d.

Jane, w.Timothy, Oct.30,1696.

John, Capt., Aug.17,1816, a.73y.GR12 [Aug.1.GR5]

John, jr. [rope maker, consumption.CR6], drowned Sept.3,1820, a.54y.GR1 [a.53y.GR5]

John, jr., s.John and Mary, Nov.9,1841. [a.17y.CR1]

Joseph, s.Joseph, he had eaten too many wild cherries and sweet apples the day before which occasioned his death suddenly, Sept.5,1780, a.9y.CR3

Joseph, bur. Oct.17,1833.CR6

Lucy, Apr.11,1837, a.28y.CR1

Margerie, w.Moris, 22:11m:1646.

Polly, w.John, Sept.18,1788, a.25y.GR1

Mary S., d.John and Rebecca, Nov.15,1815, a.15m.GR5 [bur. Nov.5.CR6]

Mary, w.John, June20,1826, a.33y.GR5

Mercy, d.Timothy, Nov.17,1696.

Mercy, d.Abraham and Martha, Dec.末,1743.

Moris, Jan.13,1688-9.

Morris, on board a fishing sloop, Jeremiah Butman, master, lost at sea on his return voyage from Cape Sable, Oct.末,1716, a.24y.

Nathanaell, July12,1690.

Patiance, d.Timothy, Jan.11,1696-7.

Rebecca [Elwell.GR5], w.Alfred, consumption, May3,1843, a.25y.11m.9d.[May2. dup.]

Rebecca [Eliza.GR5], d.Alfred and Rebecca E[lwell.GR5], Aug.6,1849. [a.6y.8m.GR5]

Ruthy, w.John, jr. [consumption.CR6], Aug.19,1805, a.33y.GR1 [bur. Aug.14.CR6]

Samuell, s.Timothy sr., Dec.9,1699.

Samuel, Capt. [s.Isaac.PR920], Mar.27,1797, a.41y.GR1 [1796., a.42y.PR920]

Samuel, jr., at sea, Dec.3,1822, a.16y.GR13

Samuel [yellow fever], at New Orleans, Aug.18,1839, a.57y.CR1

Stephen [s.John jr.GR1], fever at Santiago, June27,1819, a.24y.CR1

Susanna, w.Capt. Benjamin, Feb.10,1789, a.55y.GR1

Timothy, sr., Feb.1,1705-6.

William, m., laborer, s.William and Lydia, consumption, Mar.11,1846, a.40y.4m.11d.

William Saville, s.George [W.GR5] and Esther, consumption, Oct.1,1848, a.1y.1m.21d.


John, s.William [and Millisson. dup.], 16:10m:1645.

SOYER (Sawyer)

末末, Mrs., bur. Mar.29,1815.CR6


Barnett, s.S.G., at sea, abroad, received notice, July11,1819.CR6

Sally G., bur. Apr.10,1827, a.66y.CR6


Louiza, d.wid.Lavinia, bur. Sept.22,1836, a.abt. 19m.CR6

SPRINGAR (Springer)

Jonathan, May25,1714.

SPRINGER (Springar)

Elizabeth, w.Jonathan, Nov.16,1713.


末末, ch.Cutler, bur. Sept.15,1828.CR6

STACEY (Stacy)

Elizabeth, w.John, Oct.25,1733, a.61y.GR9

Hannah, wid.John, July8,1771, a.39y.GR1

John, Feb.22,1732, in his 67th y.GR1

Nancy, w.Benjamin, Jan.10,1821, a.29y.6m.GR1

STACY (Stacey)

末末,, bur. Dec.22,1819.CR6

末末, d.Joseph, bur. June29,1825, a.18m.CR6

末末, s.Joseph, bur. May16,1828, a.1y.9m.CR6

末末, s.Benjamin K., of Manchester, bur. Aug.16,1839, a.15m.CR6

末末, and Clementine, Sept.27,1845.

Alexandria [], d.John and Anna, Dec.8,1807. [a.9m.GR1]

Anna Watts, d.Eli and Mary S., Nov.8,1815. [a.5y.CR6]

Benjamin, May6,1848, a.81y.GR1

Benjamin K., b. Salem, m., baker, dysentery, Sept.3,1848, a.34y.5m.25d.

Eli, h.Mary S., Sept.29,1833. [a.53y.CR6]

Eliza, wid.Joseph, suicide, May14,1849, a.53y.5m.

Elizabeth, w.Dea.Nymphas, Sept.9,1768, a.39th y.GR1

Hannah, w.Dea.Nymphas, May1,1761, in her 59th y.GR1

Hannah Harken, w.Benjamin, childbirth, bur. Mar.31,1808.CR6

Isabella, d.Nymphas, jr. and Lydia, July7,1758.

John, July13,1766, a.39y.6m.12d.GR1

John, s.John and Hannah, Dec.31,1768, a.11y.4m.GR1

John [Capt.GR1], John and Anna, Apr.13,1825. [a.30y.GR1]

John, jr., at Boston, Aug.11,1835, a.23y.GR1

John, Capt., h.Anna, Dec.26,1841. [a.73y.CR1]

Joseph, m., yeoman, s.Benjamin and Mary, dropsy, Mar.24,1849, a.53y.5m.9d.

Lucy, w.Benjamin, Jan.3,1820, a.80y.GR1

Lydia, w.Nymphas, jr., Apr.6,1758, a.25y.

Lydia, d.Nymphas, jr. and Lydia, Apr.26,1758.

Mary, d.Nymphas and Hannah, Feb.21,1760, a.19y.GR1

Mary Saunders, d.Eli and Mary S., May11,1816.

Mary Eliza, Mar.16,1840.CR7

Mary Eliza, w.Jacob Bacon, Mar.末,1846.CR9

Mary Eliza, d.Eli F. and Clementine D., throat distemper and scarlet fever, Jan.2,1849, a.6y.6m.

Nancy, w.Benjamin Stacy, jr., Jan.10,1821.

Nancy Norwood, d.Benjamin and Nancy (Tarr), May7,1846 or 7.PR605

Nymphas, Dea., Nov.14,1774, a.75y.GR1

Philemon, s.Nymphas and Hannah, Oct.4,1742, a.10y.GR1

Samuel, Jan.5,1838, a.66y.GR1

Samuel Adison, s.Samuel Adams and Harriet Scott (Gilbert), Aug.13,1849.PR371

Samuel S., s.Samuel A. and Harriet, Cholera morbus, Aug.16,1849., a.1y.1m.4d.

William, s.[Capt.GR1], John and Anna [drowned in Surinam.GR1], Mar.3,1812. [a.14y.GR1]

STAINWOOD (Stanwood)

David, s.David and Susanna, May16,1724, a.15d.

John, s.Philip and Ester, Mar.5,1717-18, a.abt. 20y.

John, s.Philip and Sarah, Feb.16,1722-3, a.abt. 1y.6m.

Jonathan, May7,1745.

Mark, s.David and Susanna, June18,1725.

Mark, s.David and Susannah, July13,1738. [a.18d.dup.]

Martha, d.James and Mary, Mar.9,1721-2, a.24h.

Mary [d.Mary.CTR], Mar.3,1673-4.

Mary, w.Philep, Jan.3,1678.

Phillep, sr., Aug.7,1672.

Phillep, s.Phillep, Jan.10,1685.


Abigail, at the poorhouse, May29,1833, a.88y.

Daniel, master of a schr., lost at sea on a fishing voyage near Isle of Sables, Aug.末,1716, a.23y.

STANWOD (Stanwood)

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan, Aug.11,1708.

Easter, Dec.30,1732.

STANWOOD (Stainwood, Stanwod)

末末, s.John and Dorothy,末蔓末, 末末. [after Sept.1766?]

末末, wid.末末, consumption, Mar.末,1776.CR2

末末, Mrs., Sept.24,1778, a.abt. 80y.CR2

末末, Mr., at the workhouse, bur. Apr.末,1812, a.78y.CR6

末末, inf.s.George G. and Eliza A. (Boynton), Nov.24,1847.PR923

末末, s.George [G.GR7], and Eliza A., fits, Dec.2,1849, a.1d.[Nov.24.GR7]

紡niel, s.末謀, jr. and Dorcas, Sept.24,1750.

Aaron, at sea, Feb.21,1806, a.47y.CR1

Abigail, Mar.末,1780, a.abt. 40y.CR2

Amelia Foster, d.Solomon and Lucy E., Mar.13,1834. [a.7m.16d.CR6;, a.8m.GR5]

Anna, at the workhouse, Apr.13,1812.

Anna, wid., consumption, Dec.12,1817.CR1

Ann, d.David and Susanah, Oct.4,1730.

Benoni, s.twin, Jonathan and Mary, Feb.29,1707.

David, h.Lucy, suppossed lost in the ship Winthrop and Mary, Capt. James Collins, on their return from India,末蔓末, 末末.

David, s.David, jr. and Dorcas, Aug.21,1734, a.12d.

David [Capt.CR6], Feb.3,1839, a.32y.GR12

David, h.Susan, Feb.5,1840.

Debrah, w.John, Mar.16,1733.

Ebenezer, Sept.9,1727.

Betty, d.Solomon and Betty, Nov.19,1758.

Betty, w.Solomon, Dec.28,1760, in her 24th y.

Esther Rogers, d.[Capt.CR1], Theodore and Sally, Nov.20,1823. [Nov.14., a.13y.GR1]

George G. [E.PR923], s.George G. and Ann [Eliza A.GR7; (Boynton).PR923], cholera morbus, Sept.25,1847, a.1y.1m.4d.[ Sept.26., a.11m.GR7]

Hannah, d.Andrew and Hannah (Milberry), Oct.15,1742.

Hannah, w.Job, Mar.1,1753, in her 24th y.GR2

Hannah, w.[Capt.GR12], Richard Goss, Apr.8,1813. [a.34y.GR12]

Hannah Fuller, w.[Capt.CR6], Richard G., jr., Nov.27,1834, a.31y.GR12

Harriet K., w.Barnet, consumption, Nov.12,1844, a.29y.10m.6d.

Henry, m., mariner, consumption, Sept.29,1849, a.60y.[ Sept.15.GR7]

James, s.David and Susanna, Feb.24,1739-40.

James Albert, s.Barnard and Harriet, lung fever, Feb.2,1844, a.16m.10d.

Job, s.Andrew and Hannah, Nov.14,1759.

John, Serg., Jan.25,1705-6.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, Apr.27,1693.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Rachel (Sargent),末蔓末, 末末. [after 1739?]

Joshua, s.Joshua and Mary (Riggs),末蔓末, 末末. [after 1755.]

Joshua, s.Joshua, Mar.9,1759, a.3y.

Joshua, at the workhouse, Apr.30,1812, a.78y.

Lemuel, suddenly, at Newburyport, May30,1810, a.67y.CR1

Patty, w.Benjamin,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1757?]

Mary R., w.Zebulon, Nov.22,1827, a.72y.GR4

Nancy Jane, d.Henry and Nancy G., Sept.15,1836. [a.2y.6m.CR6]

Nancy J., d.Henry, jr. and Rachel N., Dec.26,1836, a.3m.15d.GR7

Nancy G., w.Henry, consumption, Jan.25,1848, a.52y.10m.26d.[Jan.26.GR7]

Patiance, d., twin, Jonathan and Mary, Feb.29,1707.

Philip, Sept.24,1728.

Rachall, d.Jonathan, Nov.25,1695.

Rachel, wid.末末, May28,1819.CR3

Richard G., 3d [s.Capt. G., jr.CR6], Nov.9,1829, a.5m.18d.GR12

Sarah, d.Philip, July13,1720, a.13d.

Sarah, w.Phillip, Dec.23,1732.

Sarah, w.Theodore, suddenly at Boston, June25,1825, a.52y.GR1

Sarah S., Mar.2,1848.PR833

Solomon, Capt., h.Anna,末蔓末, 末末. [Nov.5,1811, a.39y.GR12;, a.89y.GR5]

Sukey, w.Richard Goss, Apr.12,1801.

Susan, d.Capt. Richard G., Feb.21,1822, a.21y.GR12

Susan [wid.CR6], at the poorhouse, June27,1835, a.87y.

Susannah, wid., bur. Aug.21,1814.CR6

Theodore, h.Sally, drowned on his passage from Russia to Havanna.[after 1810?]

Thomas, Feb.6,1714-15.

Zebulon, Capt., at Surranam,末蔓末,1802, a.abt. 29y.CR2

Zebulon, July30,1838, a.86y.GR4


Benjamin Pool, b. Salem, s.Henry, jr. and Sarah C., chin cough, bur. at Boston, d.May23,1847, a.10m.16d.

Benjamin Francis, b. Salem, s.Henry and C., dysentery, Sept.11,1848, a.5m.22d.

Charles, s.Henry, June23,1823, a.2d.?GR11

Charles Albert, s.Edward and Lucy Ann, May5,1841. [a.2y.6m.CR6]

Betsy, w.Henry, June13,1823. [a.26y.GR11]

Hannah, d.Henry, Mar.28,1838, a.11y.GR11 [a.12y.CR6]

Hannah, w.2d, Henry, July1,1842. [a.37y.GR11]

Henry, s.Henry and Betsy, Mar.28,1838.

Henry, m., sexton, s.Henry and Elizabeth, dysentery, Oct.13,1849, a.51y.10m.21d.[Oct.18.GR11]

John James, s.Henry and Hannah 2d w., Apr.24,1839. [Apr.21., a.1y.GR11]

Lydia, d.Henry, Sept.13,1842, a.2m.GR11

[Mary Elisabeth], d.Henry and Betsy,末蔓末,1838.

Samuel C., s.Edward and Lucy, dysentery, Aug.26,1849, a.11m.13d.

William Morgan, s.Henry and Hannah, 2d w., Sept.4,1841. [ Sept.1., a.9y.GR11;, a.8y.CR6]

STEEL (Steele)

William, fever, Oct.末,1799, a.abt. 69y.CR2

STEELE (Steel)


末末,, July末,1780.CR2

末末, w.William, July末,1780, middle aged.CR2

末末, wid., old age, Oct.4,1817, a.80y.CR1

末末, and Polly, Dec.1,1846.

Adney, s.James, jr. and Sarah, drowned, Dec.18,1849, a.4y.9m.

Amanda, Sept.30,1841, a.8m.GR5

Amanda, d.George and Polly, consumption, Oct.1,1884, a.8m.

Charles, bur. Sept.14,1814.CR6

Charles C., d.George and Lucy, consumption, Jan.28,1846, a.13y.6m.24d.[Jan.29.GR5]

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary, Jan.14,1827, a.27y.PR926

Daniel, Maj., bur May4,1831.CR6 [d.May2., a.63y.PR926]

Eliza Ann, w.William H., July12,1838. [a.31y.GR5]

Elizabeth [Betsey.GR5], w.Capt. James, bur. July28,1825, a.60y.CR6 [Jul. 27., a.61.GR5]

Emily, d.John, croup, bur. June1,1839, a.5y.CR6

George, s.George and Rachel, Aug.2,1825. [a.2y.2m.CR6]

Harriet, d.George and Rachel, Dec.3,1817. [a.5w.CR6]

Isaac A., Oct.15,1837, a.1y.GR5

James [inf.CR6], s.George and Rachel, Oct.4,1814.

James, Capt., bur. Apr.15,1831, a.74y.CR6

James, jr., m., mariner, s.George and Rachel, bur. at Surinam, d.July9,1847, a.31y.6m.3d.

James, s.James and Betsy, consumption, Feb.3,1848, a.61y.2m.6d.

Joel, Rev., clergyman, b. Toland Conn., cancer, Aug.24,1846, a.64y.10d.

John, yeoman, consumption, May23,1845, a.70y.

John D., housewright, s.John [Nancy D.GR5], typhus fever, Oct.11,1845, a.23y.7m.4d.

John, jr., s.John and Betsy, consumption, Dec.28,1847, a.56y.2m.

John, jr., m., yeoman, s.John and Betsy, fever, Dec.30,1849, a.49y.

Louisa [T.CR6], w.John, jr., June25,1818.

Lucy Smith, d.George and Lucy, Jan.29,1834. [a.3y.7m.GR5]

Lucy Smith, w.George, Sept.9,1835. [a.39y.GR5]

Mary, d.Daniel and Mary, Feb.4,1814, a.18y.PR926

Mary Pearce, d.George and Rachel, Sept.13,1822. [a.1y.10m.CR6]

Mary, w.Daniel, Nov.15,1829, a.64y.PR926

Mary E., d.John and Nancy D., Oct.14,1836, a.18y.GR5

Mary P. [T.GR5], d.George and Rachel, consumption, Nov.26,1845, a.20y.3m.17d.

Rochel, w.George [d.Capt. Josiah Herrick.GR5], Feb.13,1829. [a.34y.GR5]

Sarah, wid.末末, Aug.末,1818, a.abt. 82y.CR2

Solomon, bur. Apr.17,1828, a.35y.CR6

Warren, bur. Feb.末,1831, a.18y.CR6


James, s.James, Jan.30,1660.

STEEVENS (Stevens)

John, s.James and Susana, 30:11m:1660.CTR

STEEVINS (Stevens)

Isacke, s.James [and Susana.CTR], Dec.21,1664.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

末末, wid.Ebenezer, Mar.11,1820, a.93y.CR2

STEVENS (Steevenes, Steevens, Steevins, Stephens)

末末, ch.stillborn, David, Nov.17,1703.

末末, s.Samuell and Mary, Aug.末,1704.

末末, d.Cyrus and Hannah, bur. Aug.5,1810, a.1y.2m.CR6

末末,, bur. Jan.6,1814.CR6

末末, inf.d.William, bur. Sept.22,1824.CR6

末末,, bur. Feb.20,1829.CR6

末末, d.Joseph and Priscilla, Mar.11,1844, a.6m.

末末, d.Joseph and Arzelia, Oct.5,1846, a.1m.

末末, s.stillborn, Elias and Sarah, Nov.13,1849.

Abigaill, d.William, Mar.25,1690.

Abigail (Cleaveland), w.Oliver, June3,1790.PR445

Abigail, at the poorhouse, Nov.21,1838, a.85y.

Alice, wid.Joseph, of Andover, Mar.7,1804, a.67y.GR1

Anna, Mar.1780, a.abt. 80y.CR2

Charles, s.Cyrus, bur. Oct.31,1815, a.3y.CR6

Cyrus, d.1838.GR5 [bur. Feb.1, a.69y.CR6] [d.Jan.29.PR322]

David, at the poorhouse, July22,1830, a.64y.

Ebenezer, s.Samuell and Mary, Mar.26,1706.

Ebenezer, s.William,末蔓末,1735-6.

Ebenezer, Nov.21,1807, a.upwards of 80y.CR2

Elisabeth, d.William, 2d and Elisabeth (Allen), July8,1738.

Elizabeth, w.William, Esq., Aug.18,1778, in her 65th y.GR1

Elizabeth, w.Col. John, former, w.Col. John Gorham, Dec.25,1786, in her 73d y.GR1

Betsey, d.Zachariah and Betsy, June12,1795, a.1y.9m.GR1

Elizabeth J.,末蔓末,1836.CR9

Elizabeth, w.Zachariah, Feb.26,1836, a.72y.GR5

George, s.George and Mary,末蔓末,1827.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1791?]


Hannah, w.Cyrus, bur. July4,1824.CR6

Hannah, wid., d.Thomas ans Sarah Witham, consumption, Sept.21,1849, a.90y.9m.1d.

Isaac [Steevens.CTR], s.James, 27:9m:1668.

Isabella, Apr.30,1834, a.20y.6m.17d.GR3

James [Stephens.CTR], s.William, Dec.26,1687.

James, Sept.27,1688.

John, Dea., Mar.25,1697.

John, s.John and Rachel, Oct.21,1730.

John, s.John and Rachel, Oct.4,1736, a.3y.3m.21d.GR1

John, Col., Apr.13,1779, a.72y.GR1

John, suddenly, at the workhouse, bur. July22,1830, a.abt. 60y.CR6

Joseph, s.William,末蔓末, 末末. [1735?]

Joseph, jr., s.Joseph and Hannah,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1791?]

Joseph, jr., h.Nabby,末蔓末, 末末. [after July, 1818?]

Joseph, h.Hannah,末蔓末, 末末.

Joseph, s.Cyrus, scarlet and spotted fever, bur. Oct.23,1815, a.5y.CR6

Joseph,, bur. Oct.14,1817.CR6

Joseph, m., mariner on schooner Byron, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, lost on Georges Bank, Aug.13,1843, a.34y.

Mary, Mrs., Mar.27, 末末. [17末?]GR1

Mary Grover, Mrs., w.Samuel, June1,1758, in her 82d y.GR1

Molly, at the poorhouse, Jan.6,1829, a.76y.[a.70y.CR6]

Mary, w.Joseph O., bur. July11,1838, a.25y.CR6

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Jerusha (Benet), Sept.7,1754.

Oliver, at the poorhouse, July1,1828, a.63y.

Phillepe [Steevens.CTR], Aug.31,1681. [Aug.3.CTR]

Rachel, w.John, July22,1753, in her 42d y.GR1

Samuel, master of a schr., lost near Isle Sables, Apr.末,1722, a.26y.

Samuel, Nov.16,1756, in his 92d y.GR1

Samuel [widr.dup.], m., dropsy, May15,1849, a.78y.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Jerusha, Nov.7,1764.

Susan, Miss, Sept.27,1820, a.46y.GR1

Thomas, s.Joseph and Hannah,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1791?]

William, s.William, 2d and Elisabeth (Allen),末蔓末, 末末. [bef. 1737.]

William, s.William, June3,1697.

William, s.William, Nov.1,1699.

William, Lt., Sept.24,1701.

William, s.William, Apr.16,1735.

William, jr., s.William, Esq., and Elizabeth, Sept.27,1763, in his 26th y.GR1

William, Esq., May10,1767, in his 55th y.GR1

William, numb palsy, June末,1773, a.above 70y.CR2

Zachariah, b. Andover, old age, Aug.29,1846, a.84y.


末末, and Abigail, Mar.12,1778, a.a few, d.CR3

William, s.William and Abigail, mortification, July3,1776, a.2y.CR3


末末, ch.John F., July末,1843, a.1m.

Abraham, h.Mary S., Sept.7,1831.


末末, ch.Elisabeth, at the poorhouse, Mar.4,1838, a.2m.

Benjamin F., s.Daniel M. and Rhoda (Abbott), Sept.30,1833.PR17

M., d.Daniel M. and Rhoda (Abbott), Aug.27,1833.PR17

Francis P., at the poorhouse, May30,1830, a.6ス m.

George M., s.Daniel M. and Rhoda (Abbott), July5,1831.PR17

Polly [Stilman.CR5], w.Peter, Mar.9,1839.PR307

Rhoda (Abbott), w.Daniel M., Aug.13,1833.PR17

Rhoda Mace, d.William and Judith Maria, Sept.15,1836.

Rhoda, Mar.26,1849.CR5


Charles [William.GR13], s.John and Martha Ann, measles, July20,1849, a.2y.1m.15d.

Susan Merrill, d.John and Hannah, July11,1837. [a.16y.CR1]


Benjamin, s.Samuell and Mary, Mar.9,1710-11.


Anne, internal abscess, at Hamilton, Sept.2,1848.CR5

Sally, lung fever, Feb.29,1844, a.54y.CR5


Nathaniel, June20,1716, a.near 22y.


末末, ch.末末 and Lucy Sargent, Aug.3,1816.CR3

末末,, jr., bur. May22,1824.CR6

末末,, Dec.13,1825.CR3

末末, s.Cyrus and Susan, Mar.28,1847, a.1d.

末末, ch.Cyrus and Susan, heart complaint, Mar.28,1848, a.1d.

Adeline, w.David, Nov.11,1839, a.36y.

Aderial, ch.Amos and Susan (Rowe), Dec.4,1811.

Amos, s.Amos and Elizabeth (Norwood), Aug.18,1841.PR935

Amos, fisherman, s.Amos, lung fever, May18,1844, a.45y.2m.12d.

Charles, s.Cyrus and Susan [deformed.CR6], Nov.24,1823. [a.3w.CR6]

David, mariner, s.James and Sally, bilious fever, Aug.12,1846, a.45y.

Edward, s.Amos and Elizabeth (Norwood), Dec.4,1811.PR935

Edward, s.Cyrus, bur. Sept.8,1836, a.4y.CR6

Isaac,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1769?]

John, Oct.14,1785.

Martha, d.John and Abigail (Walen), Dec.10,1825.PR937

Martha, d.David and Adeline (Lane), Dec.13,1835.PR741

Mary, d.David and Adeline (Lane), Aug.25,1835.PR741

Susan, w.William, bur. Apr.27,1837, a.abt. 24y.CR6

Susan, w.Amos, lung fever, Jan.14,1847, a.62y.10m.28d.

William, s.Cyrus and Susan, Sept.5,1825.PR938

William Wallace, s.Isaac and Lucy [canker dup.], Aug.25,1846. [a.6m.25d.dup.]


Abraham, s.George, Sept.30,1707.

Hannah, d.George and Abigaill, Feb.26,1701-2.

Jonathan, s.George, Aug.3,1696.

Mehetabell, d.Georg, May19,1706.


Abigail M., w.John J., of Boston, bur. Oct.8,1835, a.31y.CR6


Ellen, at the poorhouse, June10,1840, a.1y.


John, dropsy, in the West Indies, supposed Feb.10,1811, a.59y.CR1

Lucy, June3,1840.CR8


Calvin W.,末蔓末,1838.GR5

Calvin, Capt., May8,1840, a.56y.GR8

SYLVESTER (Silvester)

末末, ch.Samuel and E.A., croup, Dec.14,1844, a.5m.7d.

Elisabeth Ann, d.Samuel and Eliza, dropsy, Dec.末,1843, a.5y.8m.17d.

Hosea, s.Ignatius B. and Ann [Judith A.GR7], lung fever, Apr.25,1849, a.3m.

Judith, w.Samuel, Mar.末,1836, a.40y.9m.GR2


Jenny, at the poorhouse, Feb.15,1828, a.68y.


Elizebth, Mrs., Jan.31,1727-8, a.90y.

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