Thomas, Dr., and Polly Jackson Babson, May10,1787.*

William D[olliver. int.], Dr. and Maria Palmer, Nov.20,1822.*

BABCOCK (Badcock)

Aaron and Eliza Marshall, Nov.26,1834.*

Hannah E., and George W. Floyd, Mar.21,1830.*

Hannah, Mrs.and Charles Knights, int.Sept.11,1836. [m.Sept.22.PR45]

Joseph, jr., of Manchester, and Sukey Oaks, int.Nov.27,1802.

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Rowe, Dec.14,1818.* [Dec.5,1817.PR45]

Nancy, and John Christy, jr., int.Dec.4,1831.

Nancy, Mrs., of Manchester, and George Tyo, Apr.26,1838.*

Sukey [Mrs.CR1], and Calvin Swift [resident.CR1], Aug.15,1805.*

BABSON (Babston, Bapson)

Abigiall, and Thomas Witham, July8,1691.

Abigail, and Job Denning, Mar.28,1727.

Abigail, and Benjamin Haskell, Mar.15,1770.*

Abigail E., and Nathaniel K. [W.CR6] Watson, Sept.3,1834.*

Abraham, and Ruth Lufkin, int.Nov.24,1787.

Abraham, and Loisa W. Tarr. Dec.13,1836.*

Anna, and Isreal Hendricks, sojourner, Mar.15,1719-20.*

Anna, and Bradbury Sanders, Dec.27,1763.*

Anna Somes, and William Collins, int.Feb.23,1811.

Ann R[ogers.PR251], and Stephen L. Davis, May11,1835.*

Caty, and Joseph Harraden [jr. int; both of Annisquam.CR2], Dec.27,1802.*

Charles, and Sukey Howell, June8,1800.CR2*

Charles, [jr. int.], and Nancy Rogers, Nov.25,1813.*

Charles, and Caroline Shaw, Nov.25,1841.*

Charlotte, and William Rust, Nov.24,1805.*

Charlotte, and Jeremiah Foster, Nov.6,1834.*

David, and Charlotte Wheeler, int.Aug.25,1800.

David, jr., and Clara Lane, Jan.2,1831.*

Deborah, and Charles Fleming, Dec.11,1766.*

Dorcas, and Robert Randall, Jan.19,1720-21.*

Dorcas, and Epes Sargent, jr., Feb.6,1772.*

Dorcas and Capt. Gideon Lane, 3d, Jan.30,1817.*

Dolly, and Moses Sawyer, Nov.11,1795. [1794.CR2]*

Edward, and Amanda Stanwood, Nov.12,1833.*

Eliza, a.45y., b. Lincoln, d.Theodore, and Epes Porter, a.48y., stageman, b. Hamilton, s.Dudley, of Hamilton, Sept.10,1846.*

Eliza, d.Isaac and Polly, and Henry Pew, widr., a.42y., mariner, s.William and Ellis, Feb.11,1847.*

Eliza G., a.24y., d.Nathaniel, and Edward P. Ring, a.35y., mariner, s.Bartholomew and Sally [Aug.19. in pencil. 1847.]*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Sheath, May18,1716.

Elisabeth, and Daniel Fedricks, May30,1762.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Parsons, June21,1763.*

Elisabeth, and Solomon York [resident. int.], Nov.29,1788.*

Betsey, and Henry Haven [resident. int.] Dec.23,1805.*

Emily, and Joseph Sayward, Jan.2,1838.*

Esther G., and Elias E. Davison, Apr.15,1829.*

Eunice, and John Millett, Dec.24,1723.*

Frances, and Nathaniel Griffin, Dec.末,1765, [Dec.19.CR5]*

Gorham, and Mary D. Haraden, Sept.26,1830.*

Gustavus, [ pencil.], yeoman, s.Nathaniel [and Eliza G. in pencil.], and Susanna [Susan.PR39] S. Lowe [a.25y., d.David and Lucy in pencil.], June19,1845. [June12. in pencil].*

Hannah, and James Sawyer, Dec.23,1714.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Webber, Nov.29,1750.*

Hannah, and Aaron Newhall, Dec.14,1758.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Bennet, Dec.4,1766.*

Hannah, and William Center [Senter. int.], Sept.4,1791.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Col. Daniel Collins, Oct.26,1793.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Low [resident. int.], May4,1813.CR2*

Hannah, and Samuel W. Brown, Nov.23,1837. [Nov.22.CR6]*

Horatio, and Mary Norwood Pool, Sept.1,1829.CR3*

Isaac, and Mary Babson, int.Oct.24,1799.

Isaac, and Mary Witham, Oct.3,1829.*

Isabella, and John Collins, June16,1773.*

James, and Elner Hil, Nov.16,1647.

James, and Ruth Lovett, Dec.26,1721.*

James, and Hannah Smith [Dec.16,1738. int.]*

James, and Rebecca Sanders, Apr.6,1764.*

James, and Jane Wharff, Oct.13,1807. [Oct.18.CR1]*

James, and Susan Prindall, Oct.5,1823.*

James [jr.CR1], and Mary M[edlar. int.] Moors, Oct.20,1826.*

James, jr., unm., a.21y., mariners, s.James and Mary M., and Mary E. Brown, a.17y., d.David and Abigail, Dec.3,1848.*

Jane, and Jacob Madison, Feb.11,1830.*

John, and Dorcas Elwell, Nov.8,1686.

John, and Hannah Hodgkins, Aug.20,1711.

John, and Mary Butman, Jan.6,1714-15.*

John, jr., and Deborah S末[Stevens.TC] [int.Dec.2,1738.]*

John, and Abigal Allen, Dec.2,1756.*

John, and Anne Severy, [Anna] Mar.20,1771.*

John, jr., and Susanna Rogers, Apr.26,1775.*

John, 3d, and Hannah Pearson, Nov.21,1775.CR2*

John James, and Mary Coffin Rogers, June17,1832.*

John L. and Mary Hodgkins, Mar.14,1836.*

Joseph, and Martha Somes, June12,1755.*

Joseph, and Polly Babson, Oct.末,1799.PR37 [Oct.5. int.]*

Joseph, jr., and Maria Woodbury, Oct.11,1830.*

Juliann, and [Capt. int.] Thomas J[efferson. int.] Foster. Feb.26,1826.*

Lydia, and Sargent Everdon, May8,1808.*

Lydia N.R., of Boston, and George L. Rogers, int.Jan.30,1844.

Martha, and Jesse Saville, Oct.6,1763.*

Martha, and Nymphas Stacy [of Wiscasset. int.] Sept.19,1813.*

Mary [Mrs.CR5] and Gideon Lane,末蔓末, 末末. [Feb.23,1764.CR5]*

Mary, and Elisha Donham, Apr.16,1717.

Mary, and Jabez Merchant, Jan.12,1720-21.*

Mary, and William Card, Jan.16,1745.*

Mary, and Daniel Wallis, June25,1768.*

Polly Jackson, and Dr. Thomas Babbit, May10,1787.*

Polly, and Joseph Babson, Oct.末,1799.PR37 [Oct.5. int.]

Mary, and Isaac Babson, int.Oct.24,1799.

Mary Eliza, and John Mason [jr. dup.] of Porto Rico, Oct.23,1828.*

Mary, and Capt. Solomon H. Davis, Feb.22,1830.*

Mary, and Solomon Haskell, Aug.20,1834.PR261

Mary Elisabeth, a.18y., d.James and Mary M., and James Hillier, jr., a.20y., mariner, s.James and Sarah B., Dec.3,1848.*

Nancy, and Capt. Gustavus Griffen, int.Dec.2,1797.

Nathaniel, Capt., and Eliza Gorham Low, Nov.16,1809.* [Nov.19.PR36]

Nathanil, and Emeline Davis Rogers, Jan.16,1838.*

Philip, and Mary Elwell, July24,1744.*

Philip, and Abigal Gidding of Exeter, NH, int.June5,1756.

Philip, and Hannah Harvey, Feb.14,1771.*

Philip, and Eliza Blatchford, June9,1834.*

Rachel Rogers, and Capt. Abraham Somes, int.Nov.6,1796.

Rebecca, Mrs., and Edward Wigglesworth, Esq., of Newburyport, int.Oct.16,1790.

Richard, and Jane Reading, Oct.14,1718.

Ruth, wid., and Ebenezer Somes, int.July9,1737.

Samuel, and Lydia Plumer, July16,1765.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Hannah Tarr, Oct.18,1772.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Sally Wharff, Aug.21,1805.CR2

Sarah, and Nathan Millett, Feb.3,1708-9.

Sarah Witham, and Jacob Fisher [resident. int], Nov.27,1825.*

Solomon, and Elisabeth Parsons, Nov.9,1739.*

Solomon, and Dolly (or Dorothy) Brown, Aug.29,1765.*

Theodore, and Betsey Atkinson, int.Mar.11,1797.

William, and Martha Harraden, Nov.20,1743.*

William, jr., and Mary Williams, July24,1744.*

William [jr. int.], and Betty alias Elisabeth Wallis, Nov.7,1769.*

William [Capt.CR2], and [Mrs.CR2] Nancy Rogers, Apr.17,1777.

William, jr., and Mary Griffin, int.Oct.31,1800. [m.Dec.7.PR40]

William, jr. and Polly Edgar Littlehale [2d, w.PR40], Mar.17,1822.*

William, jr., and [] Sarah [(Davis).PR40] Williams, Mar.29,1824.*

Zebulun, and Mary Allen, int.May6,1775.

Zebulun, and Mary Parsons, May20,1819.*

BABSTON (Babson)

Sarah, and Jonathan Stevens, int.June5,1745.

BACHELER (Batcheller)

Elizabeth, and James Davis, 6:10m:1666.CTR


Amasa D., Dr., and Clara T. Choate of Beverly, int.Apr.26,1846.

Jacob, of Bath, ME, and Hannah Favor, May24,1832.*

Jacob, and Mary Eliza Stacy, Dec.28,1837.*

Jacob, widr., a.39y., cooper, b. North Yarmouth [ME. dup], s.Samuel and Ruth, of North Yarmouth [ME.TC], and Abby Webber of Salem, a.36y.[b. Salem.TC], d.Ignatius [of Yarmouth, N.S., Mar.18.TC], 1847.*

Jacob, widr., a.41y., cooper, b. North Yarmouth, ME, s.Samuel and Ruth, of North Yarmouth, ME, and Emily [(Choate.)PR796], Pool, wid., a.32y., d.Solomon and Joanna Choate, Sept.27,1849.*

John, of North Yarmouth, ME, and Harriet Favour, int.Apr.3,1831.

BADCOCK (Babcock)

Lydia, and Jacob Hooper, both of Manchester, Nov.23,1796.CR2

Ruth, and Benjamin Thomson, both of Manchester, Aug.30,1799.CR2


Polly, of Boston, and James Parsons, 3d, int.Feb.23,1788.


James [resident. int.] and Patty Steele, Dec.27,1802.CR2*


John, and Sally Hilbert, Dec.10,1809.*


Josiah, of Connecticut, and Hannah Dresser, int.Aug.28,1813.

BAILEY (Baily, Bayley)

Abagail L. [of Rockport. dup.], b. Rockport, and George Young, fisherman, Dec.10,1845.*

Andrew W[], and Abigail N[ewman. int.] Fitz, Nov.30,1825.CR3*

Benjamin, of Newburyport, and Mary Gaffney, Aug.6,1837.*

Daniel, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Dennen, int.Apr.21,1750.

Ephraim, of Newbury, and Lucy Hayes of Lyman, July10,1781.CR5

Esther of Rockport, and Kilby P. Sargent, Feb.24,1841*

Georgianna, a.16y., d.Benjamin, and Eliphas Dennison, a.26y., mariner, b. Freeport, ME, s.Eliphas and Celia, of Freeport, ME, Dec.28,1846.*

John, resident, and Mrs.Sally Black, int.Mar.27,1802.

John W[allace. int.], and [] Sally Camp, Dec.15,1822.*

Joseph, and Mary [] Woodbury, June21,1787.PR53

Joseph, and Mary Munroe of Boston, int.Mar.21,1812.

Joseph, jr., and Esther Lane Dec.26,1816.*

Joseph [2d.m.PR53] and [Mrs.PR53] Anna Thomas [(Bailey).PR53] Whelpley of Newburyport, int.Aug.20,1821. [m.Sept.20.PR53]

Joseph, 3d, a.24y., mariner, b. Rockport, s.Joseph and Esther, and Elizabeth W. Allen, a 21y., d.Daniel and Susan, Mar.21,1848.*

Levi, and Rebecca Donnahew, Sept.17,1826.CR3*

Polly, and Elias Torrey of Quincy, Oct.31,1833.*

Mary, and Epes Young, jr., Feb.5,1839.*

Nathaniel, and Dorcas Wallis, Mar.16,1769.*

Philip, and [] Mary Ingersoll, Jan.21,1744.*

Samuel and Rhoda Griffin, Aug.31,1823.CR3*

Stephen, of Newburyport, and Elisabeth Woodberry, int.July27,1767.

William, and Elisabeth Thurston, Dec.6,1827.CR5*

BAILY (Bailey)

Philip [], and Mary Sanders, Dec.23,1740.*


Abigail D., wid., a.47y., d.William, and Moses Hodgkins, a.27y., mariner, b. Portsmouth, NH, s.Moses, Sept.29,1848.*

Anna, and Daniel Barber, Sept.29,1727.*

Anna, jr. and Thomas Lee [jr. int.] of Manchester, Oct.28,1756.CR5

Bethiah, and Daniel Smith, jr., Apr.25,1745.*

Deborah, and Morris Millett, Jan.4,1721-2.*

Hannah, and Neal McFederick, May28,1739.*

Jabez, and [], Anne Smith of Beverly, at Beverly, May18,1732.*

John, of Boston, and Frances Sargent, Apr.8,1805.*

Joseph, and Mary Norwood, Feb.7,1771.CR5*

Martha, of Ipswich, and Joseph Sargeant, int.Feb.2,1711-12.

Mary, and John Haskall, May20,1685.

Mary, and John Row, Nov.11,1736.*

Mary of Boston, and Ebenezer Tarboox, Oct.26,1752.*

Polly, Mrs., and Aaron Riggs 2d m., Sept.2,1823.PR19

Nehemiah, Dr., of Boston, and Nancy Coulston Parsons, int.July19,1824. (Banns forbidden by Nancy C. Parsons, Nov.30,1825.)

Rachel, and Thomas Parsons, Jan.21,1728-9.*

Rachel, and Edward Low, Jan.9,1772.CR5*

Thomas, sojourner, and Elisabeth Kingsberry, int.Sept.9,1769.

Thomas, Capt., and Mrs.Rebecca Rowe, int.Mar.17,1804.

William, and Martha Low, Feb.11,1761.*

William, sojourner, and Anstrice Fellows, int.Sept.3,1837 (Banns forbidden by a court of justice. Wiliam Baker, having a wife living.)

William, and Abigail Dowsett, Mar.19,1838.*


Lucy, Mrs., of Brookfield, and Rev. Eli Forbes, at Brookfield, Nov.13,1793.*

Sally, of Salem, and Gorham Burnham, int.Dec.12,1821.


Hannah, and Silas Howell of Falmouth, int.Dec.2,1775.

John, and Judith Day, Nov.7,1734.*

Judith, and Micheal Welcome, June5,1770.*

Sally, and Jacob Lurvey, Nov.23,1787.*


Abigail, of Lynn, and John Poole, at Lynn, June5,1728. [1721. int.]*

Daniel, and Lydia Watson, int.Sept.21,1799.

Joseph, resident, and Rachel Sanders, int.Oct.29,1791.

Lydia [], and Andrew Kilgour [resident. int.], Mar.1,1806.*


James Tilleard, resident and Lucy Roberds, int.Aug.3,1805.


Sarah, and Theodore Simpson, May19,1749.PR1044

BAPSON (Babson)

Henry, and Lucy Bray, May12,1804CR2*

Joseph, and Ruth Herrick, Apr.1,1781.CR2

Mary, and Philimon Noble, June9,1821.CR2*

Philip, and Betsy Witham, Jan.16,1803.CR2*

BARBAR (Barber)

Daniel, of Epping [NH. int.] and wid.Anne Davis, [(Barber).PR226], Sept.3,1761.CR5*

BARBER (Barbar)

Anna [], and David Plumer, Aug.25,1737.*

Anna, and Samuel Davis [], Oct.6,1748.*

Daniel, and Anna Baker, Sept.29,1727.*

Joseph S., Dr, [of Annisquam.CR3] and Betsy Tucker, Jan.8,1844.*

Mary, and Benjamin Tarr, jr., Dec.22,1748.*

Polly [Polly Barber Tarr.PR786], and Solomon Pool, int.Nov.27,1802.

Rachel, and Paul Doliver, Feb.27,1749-50.*


Williams, seaman, and Mary Page, int.Dec.26,1722.


Nathaniel, and Sally Rowe, Oct.20,1795.*

Robert, and Mehitable Davis, June20,1781.

BARNES (Barus)

Henry, of Hingham, and Eliza Hayes, Feb.16,1837.*

BARNS (Barnes)

Barnum, resident, and Lucy Parkhurst, int, Sept.1,1809.

William, seaman, and Jemima Elwell, Dec.24,1724.*

BARREL (Burrill)

William, and Lucy Parsons, Dec.1,1791.*


Peter, and Judith Bootman, Sept.10,1781.

BARRET (Barrett)

Agnis, and Richard Dolever, Nov.25,1697.

BARRETT (Barret, Berrit)

Abby, and George Augustus Marshall, fisherman, Oct.26,1845.*

Charles H., of Lynn, and Eliza Cloutman of Salem, Oct.7,1838*

Clarissa T., and George Sawyer, Aug.15,1838.*

Clementine S., a.21y., d.John and Clara, and James Marshall, jr., a.26y., mariner, s.Samuel and Betsy, Jan.29,1849.*

Elizabeth, and Francis Andros [], Dec.11,1712.*

Ellen Maria, and Charles Sawyer, Dec.30,1843.*

George T[ucker. int.], and Abigail W[] Greenleaf, Mar.28,1824.*

George, a.22y., mariner, s.George T., and Abigail W., and Sarah A. Bickford, a.25y., b. Boston, d.William M. and Mary, of Boston, int.Oct.21,1846. [Oct.25. dup.]

John, and Clarissa Shackleford, Oct.15,1818.*

Moses, a.21y., mariner, b. Newburyport, s.Joseph, and Lydia Ann Wonson, a.17y., d.John and Lydia Ann, Nov.18,1847.*

Priscilla T., and Charles H. Pew, Aug.27,1838.*

Sally, and James Knights, Oct.18,1818.*


Mary [Bartholmew.CTR], d.William, and Mathewe Whippell, Dec.24,1657.

BARTLET (Bartlett)

John, of Marblehead, and Mary Pierce, Dec.28,1724.*

Mary, and Thomas Haley of Exeter, Aug.6,1728.*

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Benjamin F., of Newburyport, and Tamson Doyle. int.Nov.17,1833.

Elisabeth M., of Newburyport, and John Burns, jr., int.Jan.6,1833.

Joseph, [b. Eliot, ME, s.Daniel and Sarah (Cutts).PR59], and Mary Poole, Oct.26,1830.*


Daniel, resident, and Mrs.Betsey Batlin, int.Oct.1,1807.


Ann Maria, of Boston, and Capt. Samuel Pearson, int.Jan.5, [1845?]

BASSET (Bassett)

Isaac, and Sally Somes, May23,1787.CR5*

BASSETT (Basset)

David, and Susanna Lane, Dec.7,1823.CR3*

Sarah, and Thomas Elwell, Nov.23,1675.

BATCHALER (Batcheller)

El末, and Thomas Millett, June18,1696.

BATCHELDER (Batcheller)

BATCHELLER (Bacheler, Batchaler)

Elezabeth, of Wenham, and Jams Davis, 6:10m:1666.


Anna, and Eliakin Prindale, Dec.16,1810.CR2*

Caroline C., of Boston, and Samuel Sayward, int.Jan.9,1831.

Deborah S., of Boston, and James Mansfield, jr., int.Nov.2,1828.

Henry, and Anna Lane, Jan.16,1793.*


Jonothon, and Jude Hutsen of Newbury, int.Nov.30,1733.

BATTEN (Battin, Batting)

Elisabeth, and Job Davis, July7,1787.*

Elisabeth, a.16y., d.Samuel and Betsy, and Benjamin Steele, a.28y., mariner, b. Portland ME, s.David and Ann, of Portland ME, Sept.23,1849.*

Rachel, Mrs., and William Leonard, resident, int.May5,1798.

Roland and [] Mary Noble, Mar.29,1811.*

Samuel E., and Betsy Clarke, July10,1833.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Jonathan Robinson, July26,1795.*

BATTIN (Batten)

Betsey, Mrs., and Daniel Barton, resident, int.Oct.1,1807.

John, and Dorcas Stanwood, int.Dec.3,1796.

Rowland and Abigail Carney, Feb.11,1730-31.*

Roland and Sally Hardy, int.Nov.29,1800.

Sally, and Samuel Coas, Aug.3,1786.*

BATTING (Batten)

Abraham, and Ann Elwell, June3,1735.*

Abraham, and Rebecca Witham, Jan.19,1768.*

Anna [jr. int.], and Jonathan Robinson, Jan.10,1765.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Stanwood, Nov.26,1767.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Mrs.Rachel Singer, Oct.15,1792.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Arlem, int.Apr.26,1774.

Roland and Sarah Ingersoll, Nov.8,1759.*


William, and Poly How, Feb.8,1792.*

William, and Rachel King, Apr.19,1795.*

BAYLEY (Bailey)

Daniel, of Newbury, and Sarah Stone, int.July10,1765.

James, resident, and Mrs.Lucy Bennett, int.Nov.26,1785.

Nathaniel [of Newbury int.], and Mary Davis, Oct.1,1747.*


Elisabeth, and John G. [H. int.] Fudger, June23,1794.*

Elisabeth, and William Patton, Esq., of Centre Co., Penn, int.Sept.26,1812. (Banns withdrawn by Elizabeth Beach, July31,1817.)

John, Capt., and Polly Peirce, Jan.4,1781.

John, jr., and Emily Foster, May28,1807.*

John, Capt., and Mrs.Mary Plummer, Jan.2,1814.*

Mary, and Thomas W[] Penhallow of Portsmouth, NH, Apr.9,1809.*

Mary P., and John Carlisle, jr. of Chillicothe Ohio, Oct.29,1835.*

William, Capt., and Lucy Tucker, May26,1811.*

BEAL (Beals)

Katherine, of Newbury, and Robinson Hidden, at Newbury, Nov.21,1775,*

Sarah, of Marblehead, and Richard Tarr, int.Aug.15,1719.

BEALE (Beals)

Mary, and Peter Woodberry, Mar.11,1766.*

BEALS (Beal, Beale)

Dolly, Mrs., and Joseph Haycock, June22,1826.*

Francis, and Dorothy Lane, int.May15,1807. [m.May19.PR1040]

Mary, see Griffin, Mary Beals.

Nancy, of Rockport, Lancelot Rowe, int.June25,1843.


Elizabeth Ann [Eliza A. dup.] and Wilbra Maxwell of Wells, ME. [mariner. dup.], Dec.12,1844. [Dec.6. dup.]

Hezekiah, and Jane Davis Lufkin, Nov.28,1827.*

Hezekiah, and Elisabeth Hodgkins, Jan.3,1833.*

Jane, Mrs., and Samuel Lufkin, June25,1834.*


John, and Mary Fowler, 20:11m:1672.

Prudence, and Samuell Dyer, Jan.4,1727-8.


Abigail [], of Newbury, and William Parsons at Newbury, Feb.8,175, [int.1753.]

Robert, and Mary Hutchings, Nov.22,1780.

BECKET (Beckett)

Caroline, of Salem, and Otis Allen, of Danvers, Oct.10,1824.CR6

Elizabeth [], and Timothy Condre of Newbury, Dec.29,1756.CR2*

Jemima, and Andrew Grimes [jr. int.], Apr.28,1761.*

Robert [jr. int.], and Sarah Mitchell [of]at Newbury, Dec.16,1756.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Coats of Newbury, June18,1752.*

BECKETT (Becket)

Robert, and Jemina Lufkin, both of Ipswich, Nov.5,1724.

BECKFORD (Bickford)

Simeon, of Beverly, and Sarah D. Trask, Sept.13,1832.*


Susannah, and Solomon Parker, both of Lyman, NH, Sept.13,1780.CR5


Charles A., 22y., mariner, b. Bridgeton, ME, s.Aaron and Deborah, and Sarah Wonson, a.19y., b. Rockport, d.William, of Rockport, Aug.30,1847.*


Frederick, and Mrs.Ann Smith, int.Apr.23,1837.


Francis, a.27y.mariner, b. Sandwich Islands; [Western Islands, s.Frankcis and Aleanda, of Western islands, in pencil. dup.] and Lydia Harvey [a.29y.b. Canso, d.John Rogers and Betsy, of Canso, in pencil. dup.], Sept.9,1849.*

BENET (Bennett)

Aaron, Capt. [of Manchester. int.], and wid.Abigail Gardner, Mar.11,1735-6.*

Andrew, and Rebeckah Townzin of Charlestown, int.Nov.12,1709.

Anne, and Jacob Pike of Salisbury, int.Feb.3,1753.

Anthony, and Susanah Hascall, Apr.27,1732.*

Francis, and Keturah Fuller, Oct.29,1772.CR2*

Hannah, of Manchester, and John Durgee, int.Oct.18,1712.

Jemima, and Joseph Parsons, Feb.14,1745-6.*

Jerusha, and Nathaniel Stevens, Nov.27,1750.*

John, and Elizabeth Hibbert, int.Oct.27,1711.

John, and Experenc Hascall, Feb.11,1730-31.*

Jonathan [Capt.PR1044], and [Mrs.PR1044] Martha Parsons, June27,1751.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Day, Dec.2,1741.*

Mary, and Noah Davis, int.Mar.25,1752.

Moses, and Elizabeth Fox of Boston, int.Jan.19,1744. 5.

Rachel, and Jacob Hibbard, int.Oct.9,1747.

Rebekah [], and Ezekiel Woodward, Nov.24,1740.*

Rebeka, and Benjamin Burdett of Durham, NH, int.Oct.3,1751.

Ruth, and William Haskell, 4th, Oct.16,1742.*

BENNET (Bennett)

Abigail, and Job Knights, int.Aug.12,1769.

Andrew, and Bethia Carter of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Aug.6,1713.*

Benjamin, of Dover, NH, and Penelope Cook, Dec.16,1714.*

Dorcas, and Isaac Lane, Dec.20,1771.*

Betty and Solomon Stanwood, Nov.20,1755.*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Davis, June13,1764.*

Elizabeth, and William Edwards, both of Manchester, Aug.7,1799.CR2

Betsey, and Stephen Jewett of Cornish, Oct.29,1815.*

Experience, and William Allen []末蔓末, 末末. [Nov.28,1767. int.]*

Experience, and Moses Cooper, int.Jan.12,1765.

Francis, and Martha Proctor, Aug.17,1834.*

Isaac, and Dorcas Wharfe, Sept.30,1762.*

Isaac, jr., and Peggy Noble, Nov.13,1791.CR5*

Job, and Mary Harraden, Nov.22,1770.*

Judith, and Ebenezer Bray, Apr.19,1762.*

Martha, and Zebedec Hammond [of North] Oct.16,1774.*

Patty, and Edward Morgain, both of Manchester, Nov.26,1794.CR2

Nathaniel, and Hannah Babson, Dec.4,1766.*

Nathaniel, and Abigail Lane, June18,1778.CR3

Noah, and Lizzey Griffin, Apr.20,1779.CR3

Sarah, and Jacob Lorue [] May23,1733.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Allen, int.Nov.1,1760.

Susannah, and Samuel Davis,,1755.

William, and Lucy Rust, int.Sept.17,1777.

William, and Betsy Smith, int.Dec.18,1802.

BENNETT (Benet, Bennet, Bennit, Bennitt, Beynet)

末末, and Rebeckah 末末, July13,1704.TC

Nabby, and Benjamin Smith [resident. int.], Aug.22,1792.*

Charles [of New Gloucester.CR3], and Bethiah Parsons, June2,1816.*

David [resident. int.], and Sarah Mayhew, July3,1794.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Haskell, Aug.24,1725.*

Lucy, Mrs., and James Bayley, resident, int.Nov.26,1785.

Lucy, and David Stanwood, jr., int.Oct.4,1799.

Patty, Mrs., and Thomas Douglass [sojourner and resident. int.], Dec.4,1782.*

Mary, and Benjamin Wright of Andover, now a soldier, [in His Majesty's Service. int.], Jan.11,1725-6.*

Mary [now resident, late of], and Samuel Platts of Rowley, at Rowley, May7,1752.*

Moses, jr., and Sally Roberts, int.Dec.26,1801.

BENNIT (Bennett)

Elizabeth, and Jacob Davis, s.John, Jan.20,1661.

Stephen, and Mary Hook of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Jan.2,1728-9.*

BENNITT (Bennett)

Bethiah and John Millett, Jan.30,1720-21.*

Jerushe, and William Hascall, Jan.1,1728-9.


Rhoda, and Addison Mansfield, Nov.6,1838.*


John, and Emeline E. Hodgkins, Aug.22,1830.*

Nathaniel B., of Quincy, and Elisabeth A. Sargent, Feb.17,1833.*

BERGEN (Burgen)

Abigail, see Burgoyn, Abigail.

Abigail, and Jacob P. Bray, Dec.9,1817.CR2*

Kerim [sojourner. int.], and Sarah Brown, Apr.20,1768.*

BERRIT (Barrett)

Susannah [Bennit.CR1], and Joseph Wharff, June11,1780.


Alinda, of Boston, and Elbridge G. Friend, int.Sept.16,1838.

Joseph, and Hannah Millett, July末,1791.*

Onan [resident int.] and Lydia Stanwood, Jan.29,1786.*

BEYNET (Bennett)

Abigail [Bignal.CR1], and Richard French, Mar.21,1780.


Nancy, and Nicholas Lane, Mar.10,1771.*


Clarissa R., of Portland ME, and Enoch Anderson, int.June7,1835.

BICKFORD (Beckford)

Andrew, and Olive Clark Dec.1,1808.*

Jerusha A[nn. int.], and Samuel P. Fears, Mar.3,1836.PR117*

Olive, and David Brooks, jr., Dec.11,1834.*

Sarah, and Isaac Fears, jr., Dec.末,1835.*

Sarah A. [of Boston. dup.], a.25y., b. Boston, d.William M. and Mary, of Boston, and George Barrett, a.22, y.mariner, s.George T. and Abigail W., int.Oct.21,1846. [Oct.25. dup.]

William, of Beverly, and Phoebe Ayres, int.Sept.11,1799.

William, a.21y., carpenter, b. Rockport, s.Andrew and Olive, of Rockport, and Louisa Tarr, d.Frederic and Louisa, July1,1849.*


Benjamin and Mary Littlehail, Aug.16,1719.

Samuel [sojourner. int.], and Abigail Littlehale, May11,1760.*


Andrew, Rev., of Medford, and Amelia [Sargent. int.] Stanwood, Jan.末,1824. [Jan.8. int.]*

BILES (Boyles)

Mary, of Beverly, and Nathaniel Roberts, at Beverly, July1,1707.


Alanson, of Brighton, and Abigail H[arraden. int.], Dennison, May3,1827.CR3*


James, and Sarah Warren, sojourner, Feb.10,1725-6.*


Abigail [], of Portsmouth, NH [now resident in Gloucester. int.], and Benjamin Gott,末蔓末, 末末. [Jan.30,1747. int.]

Molly, and Serjint Gun, at Dorchester, Oct.19,1775.CR5

Moly, of Dorchester and 末末 Jones, fifer,末蔓末,1776.CR5

Samuel, and Sally Elwell, int.Sept.11,1790.


Abigail, and William Diggs, Aug.28,1770.*

Benjamin, sojourner, and Hannah Lufkin, int.Mar.5,1768.

George, and Deborah Hadlock, Dec.27,1752.*

Hannah, and David Ingersoll, int.June16,1798.

Hannah, and Ezekiel Hathorne of Henniker, NH, Feb.13,1832.*

James [of], and Sarah Millet, Dec.13,1750.*

James, and [] Deborah Sawyer, Mar.24,1751-2.*

John [sojourner. int.], and Sarah Grey, Dec.10,1767.*

John, and Mrs.Elizabeth Brier, June13,1783.*

John, and Judith Rand Oct.15,1792.*

John, jr., and Rachel Rich, Oct.5,1794.* [1793?]

Martha, and Micheal Flanikin, alias Flamingham [Flanniken. int.] sojourner, Dec.9,1766.*

Martha, and Ebenezer Trask, Apr.21,1768.*

Rachel, and Solomon Driver, at Manchester, Nov.17,1718.

Rachel, and Thomas Smith, int.Oct.31,1800.

Samuel, and Elisabeth Potter of Ipswich, int.Dec.12,1769.

Samuel, and Mary Porter of Beverly, int.July28,1770.

Sukey, and Nathaniel Hodgkins, Nov.30,1793.*

Susanna, and John Gilbert, Dec.8,1767.*

William [jr. int.], and Lucy Clark, Dec.25,1827.*

BLACHFORD (Blatchford)

Henry, and Hannah Gamage of Sandy Bay, Mar.15,1791.*


Gideon [resident. int.], and Sally Foster, Dec.28,1794.*

Peter, alias Lee, and wid.Sarah,1759. (Banns forbidden by Elizabeth Row, mother of Sarah's deceased husband.)

Sally, Mrs.and John Bailey, resident, int.Mar.27,1802.

Susan Pearce, Mrs., and Benjamin Penhallow of Portsmouth, NH, int.May11,1804.

William, and Sukey Pearce, int.Aug.30,1800.


Ruth of Rowley, and Samuel Clark, at Rowley, July6,1758.*


Mary, and Phillip Stainwood, Nov.22,1677.


Abigal, Mrs., of Boston, and Rev. John White, int.Aug.26,1727.


Olive, wid., and Stephen Lovjoy, June26,1749.PR1044


James, sojourner, and Mary Pearse, May22,1757.*

James, and Elisabeth Allen, Jan.9,1766.*

James, jr., and Mrs.Polly Cook, int.Dec.3,1785.

William, resident, and Betsy Stilman, June7,1790.CR5


Rachel, and Nathaniel Foster, Jan.10,1782.

Rachel, and Francis Hilton, Dec.17,1805.*

BLANCHFILL (Blatchford)

John, and [] Sarah Clark, Jan.8,1795.*

BLANCHFORD (Blatchford)

John, [Blanchfill. int.], sojourner, and Mary Morgan, June7,1771.CR5*

BLATCHFORD (Blachford, Blanchfill, Blanchford)

Anna, Mrs., and Edward Higgens, jr., int.Aug.31,1797.

Caroline P., and Benjamin Marshall, jr., Dec.21,1837.*

Charles, and Zelinda W[ing. int.] Goss, July7,1822.*

Charlotte F., and Lemuel Norwood, Nov.29,1832.*

Clary, and Nehemiah Adams, Mar.17,1816.CR6

Ebenezer, and Jane Webster, Feb.15,1819.*

Eliza, and Philip Babson, June9,1834.*

Eliza Ann, a.20y., d.Nathaniel, jr., and Hiram S. Buffinton, widr.[of Providence. int.], a.28y., barber, b. Swanzey, s.[Benjamin and Mary, in pencil.], July5,1846.*

Eliza, a.17y., d.Samuel, and David Lufkin, jr., a.24y.[fisherman. int.], s.Samuel and Judith, Feb.23,1847.*

George, and Abigail Smith, Nov.6,1827.*

Hannah, and Ezekiel Bradstreet [jr. int.], Dec.12,1812.*

John, sojourner, and Rachel Clark, Jan.7,1755.*

John, and Anna Grover, Mar.4,1784.*

John and Margaret Oaks Marshall, Sept.24,1809.*

John, and Sally Norwood, Oct.26,1828.*

Lucy, and James T[yler. int.] Allen, Aug.29,1822.CR3

Lydia, and Nathaniel E[lwell. int.] Meddix, June4,1826.*

Margaret Oakes, and Wililam Thurston, jr., Dec.5,1833.*

Mary [C.PR72], and Albert [G.PR72] Hale, int.Mar.17,1839. [m.Apr.7.PR72]

Mary P., and Charles P. Nute, Aug.1,1839.*

Mary E., and John Dennis, int.Sept.26,1841.

Nathaniel, and Nabby Cloughlin [of Sandy Bay.CR5], Oct.2,1790.*

Nathaniel, and Lydia Elwell, June9,1811.*

Nathaniel [jr. int.], and [] Nabby Stevens, Dec.8,1825.*

Nathaniel, 3d, and Hannah Perkins, int.Sept.16,1849.

Rhoda, and Abraham T[hurston. int.] Doyl, Feb.23,1822. [Feb.28.CR5]*

Samuel, and Lydia Clark, int.Mar.30,1785.

Samuel, and Eliza Row, Oct.12,1828.*

Samuel, jr., a.19y., mariner, s.Samuel and Eliza, and Anstiss F. Burnham, a.21y., d.Charles and Deborah Oct.30,1849.*

Sally, and Eleazer Boynton, jr., Dec.13,1822.*

Sally, F., and John Noble, Dec.5,1834.*

Stephen, and Caroline Tarr, Nov.21,1829.*

Stephen, and Nancy Kinsman of Ipswich, int.July27,1834.

William, and Betsey Foster, Aug.18,1814.*

William, and Polly Rowe, June15,1818.*

William, and Mrs.Mary Tarr, Dec.4,1833.*

Zelinda, Mrs., and Lot Keen, Dec.28,1837.*


James, M. and Ruth Rust, Feb.25,1811.CR2*

BLOOD (Bloyd)

Betsey, and Joseph Mason of Hartford, ME, Feb.15,1829.*

BLOYD (Blood)

Francis, and Jane Mackphedris [Mackpherdrix.CR2] Nov.7,1723.


Fanny, and Isaac Dade. Dec.22,1787.PR75

BOARDMAN (Boreman, Bowman)

Martha Kinsman, of Ipswich, and Elias Haskell, int.Aug.22,1812.

Rachel, of Essex, and Augustus Burnham; int.Nov.17,1839.

BODEN (Bowden)

Samuel, and Catey Huffains, int.Dec.9,1791.

Susanah, of Marblehead, and Amos Collens, int.Nov.10,1733.

BOFEE (Bovee)

Margaret, and Zebedee Day, Feb.19,1743.*

BOFFEE (Bovee)

Thomas [], and Margaret Denning, Nov.9,1736.*


Christian, a.28y., mariner, b. Denmark, and Martha W. Brown, a.19y., d.Samuel W. and Martha, Dec.8,1847.*


John [of], and Mary Andrew [] Oct.2,1744.*


Aaron, and Hannah Samson, Apr.30,1792.*

Emma, of Beverly, and Benjamin Hascall, at Beverly, June10,1698.

Hannah, Mrs., and Solomon Bond, int.Oct.2,1802.

John, and Mrs.Esther Haskell, Dec.8,1782,*

Joseph, and Mary Kent, Dec.31,1722.

Joseph, and Elisabeth Brown, Dec.17,1765.*

Laurence, and Abigail Mains, July23,1733.*

Lydia, and John Sadler, Dec.2,1792.*

Martha, and Isaac Sawyer, Mar.19,1705-6.TC

Mary, Mrs., and Jonathan Hilliard, resident, int.Oct.19,1797.

Samuel, and Mary Josselyne, Mar.24,1771.*

Samuell, and Mrs.Lydia Millett, int.May1,1790.

Samuel, jr., and Polly Mann. Oct.21,1795.*

Solomon, and Mrs.Hannah Bond, int.Oct.2,1802.


Mary E., a.22y., b. Portsmouth, d.Joshua and Mary, and Eben Niles, a.27y., gentleman, b. Boston, s.Thomas, Aug.25,1847.*

BOOTMAN (Batman)

Abigail, and Jonathan Stanwood, int.Aug.3,1765.

Nabby, and Joseph Smith, int.Feb.3,1798.

Deborah, see Butman Deborah.

Eliezer, see Butman Eleizer.

Betty, and Micheal Whaling [sojourner. int], May9,1771.*

Esther, and Daniel Wheeler, jr., int.Nov.3,1803.

Hannah, and Joshua Witham, Jan.14,1795.*

Jeremiah, see Butman, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah, jr., and Lucy Norwood, int.June16,1800.

John [Butman. int.], and Marcy Giddings, Jan.18,1727-8.*

Jonathan, and Judith Hudson of Newbury, at Newbury.Dec.27,1732.

Jonathan, and Hannah Griffen, Dec.5,1758.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Harraden, Nov.29,1771.*

Joseph, and Polly Rowe, int.Jan.29,1791.

Judith, and Andrew Woodberry, jr., int.Nov.20,1754.

Judith, and Arthur Wharfe, int.June24,1766.

Judith, and Peter Barren, Sept.10,1781.

Lydia, and Cornelius Merchant, int.Nov.15,1783.

Martha [of Sandy Bay.CR5], and Jonathan Platts Parsons, Dec.22,1790.* [Dec.23.CR5]

Molly, and George Lane, June7,1786.*

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Rowe, int.Nov.8,1804.

Nancy, and Andrew Elwell, int.May13,1797.

Sarah, see Butman Sarah.

Sally, and Aaron Pool, int.June3,1791.

Susanna, and Samuel Robinson, jr., int.May1,1761.

BOREMAN (Boardman)

Martha, of Ipswich, and Caleb Pool, Mar.28,1727.*

BOTHAM (Botheam)

Ann, and Isaac Day, Nov.5,1749.*

William, and Lois Rowe, July12,1807.*

BOTHEAM (Botham)

William, and Martha Bray, Dec.7,1715,*


James, L., and Eliza H. Hersey, June5,1842.*

Tabitha [Ball.CR2], and Stephen Lufkin of Ipswich, int.Feb.26,1755.


John [Batton.CR1], and Esther Gardner, Sept.24,1782.*

BOVEE (Bofee, Boffee)

Samuel [resident. int.], and Mrs.Mary Lee, Oct.19,1794.*

BOWDEN (Boden)

Edward, sojourner, and Mary Wheeler, int.June11,1771.


Sarah, and Thomas Haff, Apr.14,1746.PR1044

BOWEN (Bowens, Bowins)

David C., and Lydia B. Sadler, Jan.9,1844. [Jan.14. int.]*

Eliza [Boxson.TC], and Edward Ryan of Nova Scotia, int.Mar.7,1830.

Elisabeth A., and Charles S. Hicks, Oct.10,1834.*

John, and Johanna [Hannah.CR6] Gaffney, Mar.29,1812.*

Judith E., and James M. Hicks, Sept.4,1834.*

Mary G., and Benjamin P. Norwood, Nov.13,1834.*

BOWENS (Bowen)

John D., and Iabella Rogers, Mar.21,1837.*


Hannah (Mrs., of Middleton, int.), and Rev. Daniel Fuller, Aug.20,1770.*

BOWINS (Bowen)

Elisabeth Ann, and William Parsons 4th, int.Dec.11,1831. (William Parsons, 4th d., not married.)

BOWMAN (Boardman)

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Sanders, Nov.23,1741.*


Abraham, and Olive Pool, Dec.10,1789.*

Abraham, and Peggy Haskins, int.Sept.22,1798.

Abraham [of] and Patience Lufkin, Sept.16,1814.CR2*

Adoniram, of Essex, and Martha Pulcifer, Nov.3,1829.CR3*

Jane, and Joseph Day, Dec.7,1719.*

Peggy, and Micheal Knowlton, int.Apr.6,1805.

Minerva N., and Epes B. Haskell, int.Dec.10,1837.

Patience C., and Frederick Bray, Mar.29,1835.*


William, and Judith Ingersoll, Nov.28,1754.*

BOYLES (Biles, Byles)

末末, and Nathanaell Roberts, int.Apr.22,17[07?]TC

Anna, and David Miller, Feb.15,1744-5CR2

Charles, and Hannah Eveleth, Jan.17,1726-7.

Mary, and William Maning, Apr.1,1723.


Abigail, and Andrew Elwell, jr., Nov.2,1773.*

Abigail H., and Levi Brackett of Acton, ME, Nov.6,1836.*

Abraham, and Mrs., Hannah J. Tarr, Dec.20,1843.*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Goodrich, Dec.12,17末.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Stevens, int.Feb.17,1721-2. (Banns forbidden by Boynton's father for the present, Feb.21,1721-2.)

Benjamin, and Martha Row, Nov.29,1723.*

Benjamin, jr., and Abigal Millet, July11,1744.*

Benjamin, and wid.Abigal Hodgkins, int.Jan.17,1754.

Benjamin, jr., and Lydia Brown, Nov.28,1764.*

Benjamin, and Anne Fear, Jan.5,1772.*

Charles, and Mina Hodgkins, July4,1836.*

David P. [a.27y.11m.15d.PR1038] and Betsy Tarr [a.25y.2m.11d.PR1038], May15,1837.*

Eleanor P., a.25y., d.Joshua and Rebecca, and Addison Griffin, widr., a.36y., mariner, s.Tristram and Nancy, Mar.5,1848.*

Eleazer, and Elisabeth Parsons, Nov.28,1793.*

Eleazer, jr., and Sally Blatchford, Dec.13,1822.*

Elijah, and Martha Lord of Ipswich, Sept.19,1771.CR2*

Elijah, and Susanna Low, Aug.7,1808.*

Eliza Ann, a.18y., d.Joshua and Rebecca, and George G. Stanwood, a.26y., fisherman, s.Henry and Nancy, Dec.3,1845.*

Enoch, jr., and Abigail Tarring of Manchester, Mar.5,1771.CR2*

Jerusha, and Bennett Hodgkins, int.Feb.10,1786.

John, and Polly Wharff, Dec.1,1805.CR2*

Joseph, and Mary Carlile, Mar.14,1750-1.*

Joseph, and Mary Smith, int.Feb.19,1760.

Joseph, and Mary Stockbridge, 末末 [Apr.19,1760. int.]

Joshua, and Rebecca Tucker, Dec.末,1811.*

Joshua, and Judith Riggs, Dec.6,1833.*

Martha, and David Sawyer, 末末 [Aug.16,1746. int.]*

Martha L., and Samuel Hodgkins, Apr.28,1838.*

Mary, and Samuel Elwell, jr., Jan.7,1759.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Robins of Ipswich, Jan.10,1770.CR2*

Mary, and Moses Dresser, int.Sept.3,1774.

Mary W., and Augustus M. Howe of Salem, Sept.10,1839.*

Mary, a.62y., and Oliver Younger, a.52y., yeoman, Dec.24,1849.*

Russell J., and Mary R. Haskins, Sept.11,1828.* [ Sept.14.CR3]*

Ruth, and Bennit Haskins of Sandy Bay, July30,1786.CR5

Susan, and Aaron R. Allen, Nov.13,1836.*

William, and Ruth Grover, Feb.14,1759.CR5*

William, and Eliza Tarr, Jan.9,1825.*


Joan, and Thomas Peny, May17,1682.


Levi, of Acton, Maine, and Abigail H. Boynton, Nov.6,1836.*

Thomas E. [of Boston. int.], a.27y., mariner, b. Boston, s.Lemuel and Sarah, of Boston, and Charlotte Robinson, a.19y., d.Daniel and Judith, Nov.21,1847.*


John, of Newburyport, and Augusta Hayes, Oct.6,1836.

John M., of Newburyport, and Sarah A. Hayes, Aug.28,1843.*

Josiah, and Anne Stevens, Mar.6,1737-8.*

BRADEY (Brady)

Polly, and James Lane, Dec.16,1792.*


Deborah, of Kingston and Barnabas Winslow of New Gloucester, at Kingston, June13,1776.

Lodowick H., of Boston, a.28y., artist, b. Boston, s.John R. and Pheebe, and Martha Brown, a.24y., d.Stephen and Esther, Oct.9,1849.*

Thomas, [sojourner. int.], and Elisabeth Denning, Nov.14,1741.*


William H[ooper. int.] [a.23y.PR84.], and Eleanor P[] Haskell [a.16y.PR84] Dec.28,1825. [Dec.23.CR5]*

William H., of Rockport, and Judith Davis, int.Dec.26,1841.


Anna [of], and David Ingersoll, [jr. int.], at Newbury, Apr.12,1756.*

BRADSTRAT (Bradstreet)

Moses, of Newbury, and Mrs.Mary Sayward, Feb.16,1730-31.*

BRADSTREET (Bradstrat, Broadstreet)

Dolly, and Charles Andrews of Ipswich, Dec.3,1815.*

Elisabeth, and James Day, July1,1762.*

Elisabeth, and James D[] Parsons, Mar.21,1827.*

Ezekiel, and Lydia Joint of Manchester, at Manchester, Dec.8,1789.*

Ezekiel [jr. int.], and Hannah Blatchford, Dec.12,1812.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Ebenezer Davis, Oct.12,1822.CR3*

Hannah, and William Davis, 3d., int.Dec.3,1835.

Humphrey, and Ann Reed of Marblehead, at Marblehead, May4,1758.*

Josiah, and Eliza Allen Hicks, Oct.20,1829.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Andrews, [jr. int.] of Ipswich, Dec.20,1817.*

Lydia [] and Jonathan Parson, Sept.9,1826.CR3*

Mary, and Timothy Harraden, int.Dec.8,1761.

Mary, and Stephen N. Tarr of Sandy Bay, July19,1835.CR6 [July6,1834.PR86]*

Nathaniel, and Charlotte Thompson, July26,1814.*

Rhoda, and Gorham Norwood, May17,1839.*

Thomasine, and George Dennison, Feb.2,1748-9.*

BRADY (Bradey)

James, and Jane Stevens, Dec.7,1730.*

Jane [Jean. int.], and John Carter [], Nov.6,1733.*

BRAG (Bragg)

James, and Abigail Gallichan, Apr.21,1774.*


Dorothy, and Theodore Kimball, Dec.24,1822.PR85

William, b. North Berwick, ME, and Temperance Jacobs, b. Ogunquit, ME, Feb.22,1831.PR85

BRAGG (Brag, Bragge)

Abigail, and Joseph Smith, int.May22,1784.

Ingalls, and Betsy Gardner, Feb.13,1809.CR2

BRAGGE (Bragg)

Mary, and Joseph Eavly, 1:11m:1667CTR


Arron, and Elizabeth Davis, Dec.28,1727.

Aaron, and Ruth Winter, Dec.17,1744.CR2*

Aaron, jr. and Hannah Davis, Apr.末,1768.*

Aaron, and Polly Robins, Sept.19,1795. [1794.CR2]*

Aaron, jr., and Abigail Burgoyn [Bergen. int.] Nov.19,1810.CR2*

Aaron D., and Mary Haskell, Nov.13,1838.*

Aaron, W., and Hannah Nutter of Essex, Nov.18,1840.*

Abigail, and Humphrey Woodbery, Jan.13,1725-6.

Abigal, and Mark Haskell, jr., Dec.25,1745.*

Abigal, and William Cordwell, Nov.7,1751.*

Abigal, and Richard Guire [McGuire. int.], Nov.12,1759.*

Abigail, and John Morgan, Oct.29,1772.*

Abigail, and Amos Haskell, Apr.21,1774.CR2*

Abigail, Mrs., and Samuel Somes, Nov.28,1779.CR2

Nabby J[umper. int.], and [Capt.CR3] John Harris, Mar.9,1815.*

Abigail, and Isaac Burnham of Essex, int.Dec.23,1827. (Banns forbidden by Jocob Story and Elias Andrews, overseers of the poor of Essex, Jan.5,1828.)

Abigail, and David W. Robbins, June5,1829.*

Alexander D. [ pencil.], shoemaker, s.[Edward and Sally, in pencil.] and Maria H[askell.PR1051] Herrick, a.[17y.TC; 17y.6m., d.Thiophilus and Dolly [(Bray).PR1051], Dec.21. in pencil.] 1845.*

Almira, F. [a.20y., d.Edward and Sally in pencil.], and Jesper Richardson [a.24y., grocer, b. Middleton, s.Jeremiah and Hannah, of Middleton, Nov.23, in pencil.], 1845.*

Amos, and Sarah Thurlow Currier of Byfield, int.Nov.4,1826.

Amos, and Jane Hoffin, July12,1838.*

Anna, and William Fear, [jr. int.], Nov.27,1746.*

Ann Jane, and Asa Haskell, jr., Apr.26,1835.CR6*

Azor H., and Sally P. Brown of Ipswich, int.Nov.13,1836.

Barzilla, and Sarah Flag, July4,1779.CR2

Benjamin Row, and Abigail Brookins [both of Annisquam.CR2] Nov.7,1793. [ Sept.21.CR2]

Benjamin R., jr., and Nancy Andrews, Sept.11,1828.*

Caleb B., and Almira C. Proctor, Nov.3,1842.*

Charles, a.23y., mariner, s.Daniel and Lois, and Hannah L. Parsons, a.20y., d.Eben and Hannah, Dec.26,1847.*

Charlotte, and Johon Robbins, Feb.20,1806.CR2*

Charlotte, and Azor Cole Haskell, Jan.10,1833.*

Clarissa, and Lemuel Haskell, Dec.25,1834.*

Daniel, and Sally Jaques, Dec.24,1792.*

Daniel, jr., and Lois Bray, Apr.16,1820.CR2*

Daniel, 3d, and Sarah Ann Lufkin, Jan.10,1833.*

Daniel, jr., a.25y., laborer, s.Daniel, and Elisabeth Roberts, a.22y., d.James, Dec.24,1845.*

Dolly, and Theophilus Herrick, Sept.12,1813.*

Ebenezer, and Judith Bennet, Apr.19,1762.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Adams, May8,1786.*

Ebenezer, of Newburyport, and Mary Rowe, int.Nov.22,1817.

Edward and Sarah Woodberry, May25,1748.*

Edward, and Edeth Doane, Dec.8,1774.CR2*

Edward, and Mary Bray, Mar.25,1776.CR2

Edward, and Sally Avery, Nov.24,1803.CR2*

Edward, jr., and Lydia Haskell, Oct.23,1836.*

Edwin, and Mrs.Thankful Herrick, int.Aug.19,1826.

Elenor, and Joshua Haskell, Mar.31,1741.*

Eli, and Eunice Burnham, July31,1814.CR2*

Eli, jr., and Sarah E. Denning, May2,1843.*

Eliza, and John James, Apr.10,1836.CR6*

Elizabeth, and Nehemiah Parsons, Feb.11,1752.*

Elizabeth, and John Herrick, May22,1772.CR2*

Elisabeth, and John Guyer, int.Nov.26,1785.

Elisabeth, and Abner Walker, May17,1795.*

Betsey, and John Norwood, Apr.11,1807.CR2*

Betsy G[uier. int.], and Thomas M[atchett int.], Proctor, Jan.11,1808.CR2*

Elizabeth Parsons, and Abner Foster Hobbs [resident. int.] June23,1811.CR2*

Elisabeth D., and George Nutter of Essex, int.Oct.21,1838.

Elisabeth, and Joseph Procter of Derry, NH, Jan.8,1843.*

Enoch, and Hannah Bray, May10,1753.*

Enoch, and Mrs.Hannah Low [of], Aug.22,1782.*

Enoch, and Lucy Day [of], July27,1786.*

Enoch, jr., and Phoebe Poland Feb.9,1832.*

Epes, and Sally [SarahPR264] Day, Feb.8,1811.CR2*

Ester, and Phillep Stainwood, Oct.30,1683.

Eunice and Samuel Varrell, Jan.7,1755.CR2*

Frederick, and Patience C. Boyd, Mar.29,1835.*

Gideon Woodwell, and Emily Elwell Huston, int.Mar.10,1827. [Mar.25.CR5]

Hanah, and John Robarts, 4:12m:1677.

Hannah, and John Hews [sojouner. int.], Oct.10,1735.*

Hannah, and Enoch Bray, May10,1753.*

Hannah, and Mark Bray, Mar.10,1768.*

Hannah, and Ephraim Roberds jr., Apr.27,1797.*

Hannah and Ebenezer Parsons, jr., Dec.20,1821.*

Hannah A., and Warren Petingale, Nov.12,1841.*

Harriot and John Dodge of Ipswich, Jan.12,1802.CR2*

Henry, and Lydia Bray, Jan.11,1776.CR2*

Humphry, and Lydia Woodberry, June22,1749.*

Humphry, and Mrs.Molley Bray, May20,1777.CR2*

Isaac, and Abigal Averill, July22,1748.*

Isaac [jr. int.], and Sarah Killum, Jan.20,1771.*

Isaac R., and Lucinda W. Fears, int.Oct.9,1836.

Isreal, and Jemima Davis, Dec.25,1767.*

Issachar, and Sally White, Oct.1,1813.CR2*

Jacob P., and Abigail Bergen, Dec.9,1817.CR2*

Jacob C[lark. int.], and Martha Davis, Dec.14,1823.CR3*

James, of Newbury, and Nancy [Ann.PR264] Day, Nov.15,1816.*

James A., and Lois Bray, July17,1832.*

James M., and Betsy A. Hough, Nov.28,1838.*

James A., and Lydia S. Davis, Jan.14,1842.*

Jeremiah, and Lucy Bray, Oct.20,1816.CR2*

John, and Margrett Lambert, Nov.10,1679.

John, and Susanna Woodbury, Dec.19,1716.

John, and [] Mary Brown, Apr.16,1750.*

John, and [] Abigail Row.Oct.20,1768*

John, and Nabby Poland Nov.21,1796. [Nov.22CR2]*

John, and Lois Bray, Aug.30,1802.CR2*

John, 3d, and Mary Butler, Dec.4,1817.CR2*

John W., and Nancy Cressy, Dec.19,1843.*

Joshua P[], and Polly Bray, Dec.8,1817.CR2*

Josiah, and Eunice Lufkin, Sept.24,1807.CR2*

Judith, and William Wise Bray, Apr.23,1802.CR2*

Judith, and Joshua Robert, Nov.20,1823.CR2*

Keziah, and Samuel Denning, Mar.14,1754.CR2*

Lois, and John Witham, Jan.11,1753.*

Lois, and John Bray, Aug.30,1802.CR2*

Lois, and Daniel Bray, jr., Apr.16,1820.CR2*

Lois, and James A. Bray, July17,1832.*

Louisa, and Thomas Griffin [of Hamilton. int.], Aug.31,1820.CR2*

Lucinda, and John Morgan of Manchester, int.Nov.25,1838.

Lucretia, and Nehemiah Parsons, int.Apr.3,1784.

Lucy, and Jacob Procter of Ipswich, Jan.22,1776.CR2*

Lucy, and Benjamin Rust, Dec.19,1784.*

Lucy, and Henry Bapson, May12,1804.CR2*

Lucy, and Jeremiah Bray, Oct.20,1816.CR2*

Lucy, and Abner Hobbs, jr., Sept.12,1838.*

Lydia, and Henry Bray, Jan.11,1776.CR2*

Lydia, Woodbury, and Eli Haskell, Dec.27,1802.CR2*

Lydia, and John Poland Dec.2,1827.*

Mark, and Hannah Bray, Mar.10,1768.*

Mark, jr., and Nancy Poland Nov.25,1802.CR2*

Martha, and William Botheam, Dec.7,1715.*

Mary, and Joseph Eveleth, s.Selvester, 1:11m:1667.

Mary, and William Ring, Jan.25,1719-20.*

Mary, and John Haskell, jr., Nov.15,1743.

Mary, and Zebulun Davis, Mar.12,1752.*

Mary, and Edward Bray, Mar.25,1776.CR2

Molley, Mrs., and Humphry Bray, May20,1777.CR2*

Polley, Mrs., and Nicholas Bray, Dec.9,1777.CR2

Polly, and Joshua P [] Bray, Dec.8,1817.CR2*

Mary [], and Moses Bray, Apr.24,1823.CR2*

Mary Burnham, and Samuel Robbins Bray, Apr.23,1827.CR2*

Mary J., and James Harris, jr., Nov.24,1829.*

Mary, wid., and Rufus Holmes, Oct.19,1835.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Denning, Dec.6,1838.*

Mary Ann, and Asa F. Perkins of Essex, int.Oct.3,1841.

Mary E., a.20y., d.Samuel R. and Mary E., and Solomon N. Bray, a.22y., mariner, s.Daniel and Lois, Dec.25,1849.*

Moses, and Mary Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov.21,1717.

Moses, jr., and Lucy Goodrich, Apr.12,1759.CR2*

Moses, and [] Mary Bray, Apr.24,1823.CR2*

Nancy, Mrs., and Jonathan Haskell, Dec.21,1807.CR2*

Nancy, and Zebulun Stanwood, int.Oct.25,1829.

Nancy B., a.21y., d.Joshua and Mary, and William B. Roberts, a.22y., yeoman, s.Joshua and Judith, Nov.30,1846.*

Nathaniell, and Marthew Wadin, Jan.22,1684.

Nathanaell, and Sarah Davis [Feb.7?], 1714-15.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Haskell, Nov.22,1733.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Ruth Riggs, June10,1755.*

Nicholas, and Ann Ring, May29,1747.*

Nicholas, and Mrs.Polley Bray, Dec.9,1777.CR2

Pamela, and Jabez Hunter Pulcifer, int.Apr.23,1789.

Patience, and James Tyler, Feb.28,1782.

Patience, and Isaac Tyler, May14,1786.*

Rachel R. [], and Thomas Bray, Apr.24,1823.CR2*

Ruth, and William Procter, jr., July14,1811. CR2*

Samuel, and Abigal Grover, June13,1743.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Choate, May14,1765.*

Samuel, jr., and Molley Herrick, May23,1771.CR2*

Samuel Robbins, and Mary Burnham Bray, Apr.23,1827.CR2*

Samuel A., and Sally Thurston, Dec.3,1834.*

Samuel Benton, and Mary Elizabeth Friend, June12,1844.PR1041

Sarah Woodberry, see Woodberry, Sarah.

Sarah [], and [Capt. int.] William Goodrich, Dec.9,1755.CR2*

Sarah, and Thomas Witham, Mar.16,1756.*

Sarah, and Joseph Flagg, sojourner, int.Nov.9,1767.

Sally, and William Newman, May28,1772. [May20.PR1044]*

Sally, and Abraham Roberts, Mar.5,1789.*

Sally, and Silas Bray, Mar.12,1793.*

Sally, and Osborn Moores, int.Sept.22,1798.

Sally W[oodwell. int.], and Charles Florence, June末,1813. [Jan.CR3]*

Sally, and Joseph Wallis, int.Aug.10,1816.

Sarah, and Joseph Wallis, Sept.15,1816.CR2

Sarah, and Oliver Honners, Mar.19,1818.*

Sally, and William Coas, jr., Dec.27,1819.*

Sally W., and Willard Younger, jr., int.June14,1829.

Sarah Ann, and William H. Haskell, Dec.10,1831 [Dec.11.CR1]*

Sarah Elisabeth, and Josiah Tuck, Dec.4,1842.*

Sarah R., and Thaddeus Griffin of Rockport, fisherman, Jan.14,1845.*

Silas, and Sally Bray, Mar.12,1793.*

Silas [jr. int.], and Mary Davis, Mar.10,1825.CR2*

Silas, Capt., and Almira Cressy of Bradford, NH, int.Mar.9,1834.

Simon T[], and [] Elisabeth Elwell, Feb.19,1824.*

Solomon, and Molly Parsons, Apr.19,1772.*

Solomon N., a.22y., mariner, s.Daniel and Lois, and Mary E. Bray, a.20y., d.Samuel R. and Mary E., Dec.25,1849.*

Susan Tilton, and George Tar, Apr.16,1820.CR2*

Susan W., and William C. Haskell, Dec.3,1828.*

Susanna, and Nehemiah Somes, int.Nov.8,1755.

Tabitha, and William Allen, 3d, Dec.13,1770.CR2*

Thankful, and Joshua Plummer, Oct.9,1803.CR2*

Thomas, ship carpenter, and Marie Wilson, 3:3m:1646.

Thomas, and Eleanor Dodge of Beverly, at Beverly, Jan.29,1716-17.

Thomas, and Judith Sargent, Jan.16,1745-6.*

Thomas, and [] Rachel R. Bray, Apr.24,1823.CR2*

William, and Sarah Woodberry [], Mar.8,1785.*

William Wise, and Judith Bray, Apr.23,1802.CR2*


Benjamin S. [ pencil.], mariner, s.[John and Susan. in pencil.], and Minerva C. Gill [a.16y., b. Wellfleet, d.Dan. A. and Mary C. in pencil.], Sept.30,1845.*

Eliza A. [a.17y., d.John and Susan, in pencil.], and Russell G. Gill [ pencil.], mariner [b. Wellfleet, s.Daniel and pencil.], Oct.7,1845.*

Mary T., a.22y., d.John and Susan, and William H. Young [of Norway, ME int.], a.25y., yeoman, b. Norway, ME, s.William and Sarah, of Norway, Oct.15,1846.*

Thomas, of Charlestown, and Esther Howard resident, Apr.17,1755.*


Peter, and Mary Parsons, Nov.2,1837.*


Albert, of Manchester, and Mrs.Lucy Haskell, int.Oct.20,1843.

David, and Betsey Rowe, Dec.12,1827.CR5 [Dec.15.PR97]*

Elizabeth, and Job Galloway, int.Dec.14,1754.

John, jr., and Lucy Stanwood, int.Sept.14,1745.

Lucy, and John Dow, int.Nov.26,1774.

Mary, and Joseph Ingalsall, Dec.11,1707.

Mary, and John Hoole, int.Sept.1,1753.

Mary, and Nathaniel Cleaves, June6,1773.CR3*

Mitchel, and Abigail Gardner, both of Boothbay.ME, Aug.1,1841.*


George A., of Philadelphia, a.32y., mariner, b. Philadelphia, s.Daniel and Mary, of Philadelphia, and Jane Madison, wid., a.36y., d.Phillip Babson, Jan.3,1847.*


Lewis, and Anna White, Jan.末,1806. [Jan.1.CR1]*

BRIANT (Bryant)

Mary and James Denirrit [Demerritt.CR2; sojourner. int.], Mar.7,1726-7*

William [of "Palmouth." int.], and Sarah Smallman, Apr.2,1734.*

BRIAR (Brier, Briers)

John, and Polly Oxden, int.June27,1798.

Joseph, resident, and Elisabeth Hammond Walton, int.Dec.10,1803.


Hephzibah, and Joseph Wise, Nov.7,1718.

Joshua, and Mrs.Ann Marston, Oct.9,1843.*


Joshua, jr. [Bridges.copy.] of Old York, ME, and Lousia Marston, Sept.10,1833.*


William, of Salem, and Ann Cushing, resident, int.Sept.4,1725. (Banns forbidden by Ann Cushing, Sept.9,1725.)

BRIER (Briar)

Elisabeth, Mrs., and John Bishop, June13,1783.*

Elisabeth H[ammond.Mrs.], and Edward Saunders, Dec.23,1822.*

Sally Littlehale, and John Parsons, 4th, June30,1816.*

BRIERS (Briar)

John, and Elizabeth Jacson, d.John, Mar.25,1651-2.


Abel A. [resident. int.] and [] Hannah Honners, Nov.28,1840.CR2*

BROADSTREET (Bradstreet)

Lydia, and Josiah Thurstain, int.Nov.26,1796.


Mary, and John Allen, May, 1st w., 169.CTR


Abigal, and David Perigo, Apr.10,1757.*

John, and Abigail Elwell, Mar.25,1736.*

John, and Martha Tucker, Dec.8,1763.*


James, [Broaik.CR1], and Martha Wharff, Sept.27,1780.


Abigail, and Benjamin Row Bray [both of Annisquam.CR2], Nov.7,1793. [ Sept.21.CR2]


Abigail, and James Henderson, July31,1780.

Abigail [H.CR5], and Nathaniel Pool, Nov.30,1830.*

Abigail C., and John Lowe, 3d., Nov.22,1834.*

Benjamin, and Louisa Tarr, Mar.18,1829.*

David, and Patty Rowe, int.July7,1796.

David, jr., and Olive Bickford, Dec.11,1834.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Parsons Knight, Dec.4,1792.CR5

Irene, and Joseph L. Sturtevant, Mar.6,1832.*

John [Brock.CR1], of Philadelphia, and Polly Sawyer, June17,1776.*

John G., of Salem, and Mrs.Mary P. Pearson, Jan.5,1836.*

Josiah, and Rebecca Smith, Dec.9,1766.CR5*

Lucinda, and Reuben Dade, Nov.8,1821.*

Patty [Martha.PR104], and Charles Norwood, jr., May19,1818.*

Mary, and James Andrews [Andros.CR1], Sept.末,1780.

Polly, and Isaac Lewis, Jan.26,1784.*

Mary, and Aaron Giddings, Mar.18,1814.*

Nancy, and Nathaniel Robbins, int.Oct.14,1796.

Rebecca, wid., and Henry Davis, int.Dec.25,1784. [m.Dec.25.PR168]

Reuben, and Abigail Cleveland jr., Dec.25,1768.CR5*

Reuben, and Polly [Mary.PR102], Hadley, Apr.5,1792.*

Reuben, jr., and Mary Norwood, Apr.2,1818.*

Reuben, and Nabby Dresser, Jan.13,1822.*

Reuben, jr., widr., and Mrs.Nancy Eames Allen, b. Wilmington, Sept.11,1840.PR102

Samuel H., and Liefa [Lusee.CR5] Witham, Mar.10,1828.*

Samuel H., and Esther G. Oakes, Oct.21,1835.*

Sally Lurvey, and George Witham, Nov.25,1824.*

William, of Boston, and Nancy Lufkin, int.Apr.5,1828. [Apr.6. dup.]

BROOM (Broome)

James [Browne. int.], and Mary Tricker, Oct.26,1721.*

BROOME (Broom)

Anne, and Joseph Everton, July12,1748.*

Esther, and Sargent Ingersoll, Jan.10,1748-9.*

Mary, and Robert Elwell, Mar.7,1741-2.

Rebecca, and Andrew Ingersoll, Jan.10,1748-9.*

Sarah, and Joseph Littlehale, jr., Oct.24,1752.*

Susanna, and David Parker of Boston, Mar.26,1761.*


William, and Mrs.Mary Norries, Mar.6,1834.*

BROWN (Browne)

Abel, of Scituate, and Judith Lufkin, Nov.27,1836.*

Abigal, and Kenelm Winslow, both sojourners, Feb.1,1746.

Nabby, and Benjamin Brown, Oct.19,1792.*

Nabby, and Andrew Simonds, both of Manchester, Oct.18,1796.CR2

Nabby, and Samuel Ayers, both of Manchester, Jan.7,1800.CR2

Abigail H., Mrs., and Samuel Friend, jr., Sept.13,1829.*

Abby K., and William Williams, Esq., Oct.5,1843.*

Abigail E., d.David, and Williams Adams, 2d, laborer, s.Nehemiah, June21,1845.*

Abraham Elwell, and Miriam Rowe, int.Nov.26,1803.

Alice, and Jonathan Cook, June26,1774.*

Ammi, and Sally Fellows of Ipswich, int.June25,1798.

Andrew, and Esther Craft, both of Manchester, July10,1800.CR2

Andrew, and Ruth Morgan, int.May16,1804.

Anna, of Ipswich, and Paul Morgan, jr., int.Dec.14,1774.

Anna, and Abraham Row, 3d, int.June18,1796.

Anna, Mrs., and Gideon Carter, int.Mar.17,1804.

Ann, and Elisha Lufkin, 末末. [MayTC int.Apr.24,1842.]*

Asa [of Hamilton. int.], and Nabby Maskell, Oct.末,1809.*

Bailey C. [of Manchester. int.], a.24y., tailor, b. Manchester, and Frances Cogswell, a.22, y., d.James and Mary, Oct.25,1846.*

Benjamin, and Nabby Brown, Oct.19,1792.*

Benjamin, and Polly Brown. int.Sept.1,1796.

Benjamin H[], and Dorcas Thomas, Mar.16,1823.CR6*

Benjamin H., a.22y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Dorcas, and Catherine E. Loughrey [of North Whitefield, ME. dup.], a.22y., b. North Whitefield, ME, d.James and Catherine E., of North Whitefield, ME, June26,1849.*

Catharine, Mrs., of Salem, and Epes Sargent, Esq., int.July7,1744.

Charles, and Beulah C. Burns, Sept.4,1814.*

Charles [of Scituate. int.], and Martha Lufkin, Jan.2,1827.*

Charles, and Margaret Remby, Mar.28,1839.*

Clarissa, and Charles Davis, Apr.21,1829.*

Clementina, and [Capt. int.] Eliphalet Davis, Sept.10,1820.*

Daniel, and Sarah Row, Feb.2,1741.*

Daniel, jr., and Abigal Sanders, May7,1744.*

Daniel, jr., and Betty Davis, Oct.13,1772.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Betsy Somes, Sept.3,1786.*

Daniel, and Abigail Smith, Sept.12,1812.*

Daniel, and Mary Elwell, Nov.6,1824.CR3*

David G[ardner. int.], and Abigail Card, Aug.29,1819.*

David, jr. and Sarah E. Martin, May22,1842.*

Deborah, and Samuel Stacy of Ipswich, int.Sept.10,1810.

Deborah, and Joseph Dowsett,末蔓末,1821. [June27.CR3]*

Dorcas, and Benjamin Hadley, Aug.10,1766.*

Dorcas, and Peter Joseph, resident. int.Jan.29,1791.

Dorcas, and John Cristie [of Manchester. int.], Oct.21,1795.*

Dolly (or Dorothy), and Solomon Babson, Aug.29,1765.*

Eben C., and Abigail P. Rowe, June10,1843. [June11.CR6]*

Elisha, and Hannah Gardner, Nov.21,1717.

Elisha, and Mary [Mercy.PR1044] Row, June20,1771.*

Elisha, and Rachel Hadlock, Aug.13,1780.

Elisha, jr., and Sally Witham, Mar.4,1793.*

Elisha, and Susan E[] Saunders, Feb.23,1817.*

Elisha, and Abigail H[inds.† int.] Reed, Sept.10,1826.*

Elisha, a.22y., laborer, s.Samuel W. and Martha, and Eunice A. Forbes, a.19y., d.William and Sophia, Aug.25,1848.*

Eliza, and William Kennedy, Oct.1,1807.*

Eliza, and Samuel Clark, June18,1833.*

Eliza, wid., and John L. Griffin, widr., trader, Sept.26,1844.*

Eliza T. [Eliza Jane. dup.], and James A. Clarkson, of Rockport [of Newburyport. dup.], mariner, Apr.2,1845.*

Eliza, and Joshua Riggs, jr. [2d.m.PR820] int.May6,1845.

Elisabeth, and Joseph Bond, Dec.17,1765.*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Row, Nov.17,1767.*

Elisabeth, and William Gee, Dec.2,1767.*

Betsy, and Ignatius Medley, July15,1789.*

Betsey, and Matthew Joseph, int.Jan.23,1796.

Betsy, and Robert Elwell,,1801.

Elisabeth, and Charles H. Crandall, int.Jan.26,1840.

Betsy, and Timothy Healy of Shelbourne, N.S., Nov.末,1842.*

Elisabeth S., resident, and Samuel Lufkin, jr., Nov.27,1842.*

Eliot, of Hamilton, and Lucy Riggs, int.Dec.27,1824.

Ephraim, and Deborah Curtiss, Feb.7,1788.*

Ephraim Jr., and Hannah Kinsman of Ipswich, Oct.6,1811.*

Ephrain, jr., and Eliza Low, Dec.31,1826.*

Esther, and Walter Wilson, Oct.20,1760.CR5

Esther, Mrs., and Ebenezer Tarbox, Sept.22,1787.*

Eunice, and James Hardy, Dec.17,1766.*

George [sojourner. int.], and Anne Newman, June25,1769.*

George, and Charlotte Phillips, Feb.18,1823.*

George, a.30y., mariner, s.George and Mary, and Eleanor Davison, a.30y., d.James and Hannah, Apr.27,1849.*

Hannah, and John Thomas, Aug.22,1745.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Bennett Harkin, int.Nov.15,1769.

Hannah, and Nathan Lancaster, sojourner, int.Dec.16,1775.

Hannah, and Hugh Dennison, Jan.6,1777.*

Hannah, of Hamilton, and Stephen Norwood, at Hamilton, Jan.23,1798.*

Hannah, and William Somes, May27,1827.*

Jacob, and Alice Williams, 末末. [ Sept.30,1741. int.]*

James, and Susanna Stacy, int.Nov.18,1752,

James [sojourner. int.], and Mary Elwell, Aug.6,1772.*

James, and Elizabeth Robinson, int.Aug.31,1776.

James, jr., and Sally Knights, Dec.18,1794.*

James, and Dorcas Low, May23,1807.CR2*

James, and Lydia Lurvey, Oct.11,1823.*

John, and Elizabeth Somes, int.Apr.3,1713.

John, and Hannah Elwell, Jan.23,1720-21.*

John, and Elisabeth Nelson, Feb.16,1746.*

John [jr. int.], and Anne Wharfe, Jan.26,1772.*

John, and Esther Norwood, Nov.18,1779. [Nov.23.CR1]

John, and Polly Stanwood, int.Mar.19,1791.

John, jr., and Sally Hodgkins, Nov.7,1813.CR2*

John, and Mrs.Eunice Edwards, resident, int.Mar.19,1826.

John A., and Susan H. Scavey of Rye, NH, int.Dec.25,1831.

Jonathan, and Lydia Elwell, Mar.7,1727-8.*

Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Davis, Dec.3,1741.*

Jonathan, of Falmouth, and Mary Brown, Dec.6,1750.*

Jonathan, and Rebekah Ayer, July9,1752.*

Jonathan, and Mary Tuck, both of Manchester, Nov.19,1767.

Jonathan, jr., and Mrs.Judith Warner, Nov.19,1786.*

Jonathan, jr., and Mrs.Judith Warner, Nov.19,1786.*

Jonathan jr., [], and Dorcas Sawyer, Dec.29,1789.*

Jonathan, jr., and Lydia P. Remby of Liverpool, N.S., Dec.25,1838.

Joseph, and Mary Elwell, Dec.2,1732.*

Joseph, jr., and Lydia Maddox, Dec.26,1754.*

Josiah, resident, and Abigail Lord of Ipswich, int.Dec.19,1762.

Judith, and Samuel Lee, May18,1769. [JunePR1044]*

Judith, and Eliakim Smith, Dec.29,1793.*

Judith, and Eben C. Procter,末蔓末,1843. [Jan.29. int.]*

Lucy, and Samuel Wallace, Sept.22,1787.*

Lucy Kinsman, and William Fuller Davis, July28,1835.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Boynton, jr., Nov.28,1764.

Lydia, and Daniel Dunneywun [resident int.], Apr.22,1789.*

Lydia, and John Smith, jr., Dec.6,1791.*

Lydia, of Haverhill, and Capt. Jonathan Gilbert, at Haverhill, Dec.13,1792.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Trask, resident, int.May14,1808.

Maria E. [ pencil.], and John G. Chick [formerly of North Berwick, ME dup., pencil.], laborer, b. North Berwick, ME, s.[Joshua and Betsy, of North Berwick, ME. Mar. in pencil.], 1846.*

Martha, and John Tomlinson [sojourner. int.], Sept.5,1751.*

Martha, and Isaac Elwell, jr., Nov.17,1767.*

Patty, and Daniel Lurvey, May7,1777.*

Martha R., a.18y., d.Benjamin and Dorcas, and Nathaniel S. Lufkin, a.22y., mariner, s.Moses and Polly, Nov.20,1847.*

Martha W., a.19y., d.Samuel W. and Martha, and Christian Bolt, a.28y., mariner, b. Denmark, Dec.8,1847.*

Martha, a.24y., d.Stephen and Esther, and Lodowick H. Bradford, of Boston, a.28y., artist, b. Boston, s.John R. and Pheebe, Oct.9,1849.*

Mary [], and John Bray, Apr.16,1750.*

Mary, and Jonathan Brown of Falmouth, Dec.6,1750.*

Mary, and Francis Renew [sojourner. int.], Jan.25,1757.*

Mary, and Daniel Row.Dec.3,1780.

Polly, and Benjamin Stacy, jr., Sept.16,1787.*

Polly, and Thomas Crosby, Jan.15,1793.*

Polly, and Benjamin Lufkin, Feb.25,1794.*

Polly, and Benjamin Brown, int.Sept.1,1796.

Polly, and Daniel Noble, int.Aug.24,1799.

Polly, and Solomon Roberts, int.Nov.4,1802. [m.Nov.25.PR827]*

Mary, and Joseph Smith, 4th, int.Jan.11,1817. (Banns forbidden by Mary Brown.)

Mary, and Abner P[inchin. int.] Marble of Cohassett, Nov.16,1817.*

Polly, and George Gardner, int.Sept.14,1822.

Mary, of Hamilton, and Edward Henry Pearce, int.Mar.18,1824.

Polly, and Joseph Corney, int.Feb.3,1827.

Polly, and George Tarr. Dec.16,1829.*

Mary J., and George I. Sampson, May24,1832.*

Mary Ann, and Watson Middleton, sojourner, Nov.10,1841.*

Mary Jane, and Moses Riggs, Nov.19,1843.*

Mary E., a.17y., d.David and Abigail, and James Babson, jr., unm., a.21y., mariner, s.James and Mary M., Dec.3,1848.*

Mercy, and Philemon Noble, int.May24,1799.

Nancy M., of Bristol, ME, and Solomon Haskell, int.Oct.20,1839.

Nathaniel, s.Ephraim, and Betsy Turner, Apr.27,1823.CR3*

Nathaniel M., and Mary Ann Collins, May22,1842.*

Rachel, and Stephen Soams, Sept.29,1719.

Rachel, and Abraham Williams, jr., Aug.11,1757.*

Rebecca, and Samuel Elwell, Apr.17,1718.

Rebecca, and John Clarke, Feb.21,1739-40.*

Rebecca, and Christopher Putts, int.Sept.15,1787.

Rebecca, and David Donnehew, int.Dec.22,1796.

Rebecca, and Caleb Pool, jr., int.Mar.17,1797. [m.Apr.5.PR774]

Rebecca, and Isreal Dillingham, int.Nov.27,1805.

Samuel, and Molly Hidden, Dec.7, 末末. [1762.PR1044]*

Samuel, and Dorcas Elwell, Nov.28,1765.*

Samuel, and Sarah Davis, Apr.4,1773.CR2*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Sayward, Dec.6,1789.*

Samuel W[], and Martha E[lwell. int.] Woodbury, Jan.23,1823.*

Samuel, of Ipswich, and Eliza Saville, Aug.4,1829.CR6*

Samuel W., and Hannah Babson, Nov.23,1837.* [Nov.22.CR6]

Sarah, and John Wooten, Dec.17,1719.*

Sarah, and Joseph Smith, jr., Feb.24,1754.*

Sara, and Robert Nevins, May18,1766.*

Sarah, and Kerim Bergen [sojourner. int.], Apr.20,1768.*

Sally, Mrs., and Nathaniell Merchant, jr., int.Aug.11,1804.

Sally, of Ipswich, and Daniel Witham, int.Sept.26,1805.

Sally, and Samuel Eulin, int.Dec.10,1808.

Sally, and Christopher Lufkin, June14,1819.*

Sally, and Zebulun Tarr, Dec.10,1822.*

Sally P., of Ipswich, and Azor H. Bray, int.Nov.13,183[6.]

Sarah [E.PR112], a.23y., d.Nathaniel and Betsy, and Isaac Hodgkins [3d.PR112], a.27y., mariner, s.Isaac and Mary, Dec.27,1847.*

Silas B., and Laura Ann Webber, Oct.14,1838.*

Smith R[owe. int.], and Eliza Marchant, Dec.31,1826.*

Stephen, and Lucy Elwell, Jan.10,1763.*

Stephen, and Tammy Riggs, int.Sept.10,1785.

Stephen, and Mrs.Sarah Coas, int.May10,1800.

Stephen [jr. int.], [Capt.CR6], of Hamilton, and Esther Wheeler, Oct.29,1810.*

Stephen, jr., and Sarah Burnham, int.Jan.31,1841.

Susie, and William Robbins, jr., July24,1775.*

Susannah, and Moses Dresser, Jan.6,1756.CR5*

Tammy, and Capt. Elias Elwell, May1,1814.*

Theodore, of Salem, and Mary F. Marchant, Jan.31,1841.*

Thomas, jr., and Mrs.Judith Gaivens, int.Feb.12,1797.

Thomasine, and William Pearse, Dec.30,1773.*

Timothy Welman, and Eliza Ellery, Dec.16,1827.*

Vincent, and Anna Stanwood, int.Oct.15,1796.

William, and Elisabeth Phips, Dec.9,1735.*

William, and Jemima Sanders, July16,1777.*

William, and Rhoda Tarr of Rockport, May4,1843.*

BROWNE (Brown)

Mary, wid., and Henery Walker, Sept.26,1662.

Mary, and William Hascall, jr., 3:5m:1667.CTR

William, and Mary Robeson, July15,1646.


Phinehas [Brousdon.CR1], of Milton, and Rachel Lee, Feb.9,1817.*


Ann R., of Boston, a.18y., b. Boston, d.Jonathan, of Boston, and Joseph W. Story, a.23y., tin plate worker, s.Amos and Susan, Oct.8,1846.*

Caroline A[melia.PR848; of Boston. int.], a.17y., b. Boston [Hingham.PR848], d.Jonathan, of Boston, and George P[roctor.PR848] Rust, a.22y., blacksmith, s.Moses and Lucy, Oct.8,1846.*

Catherine [of Boston. int.], a.23y., b. Boston, d.Jonathan, of Boston, and Cyrus Story, jr., a.24y., painter and glazier, s.Cyrus and Susan, Oct.8,1846.*

Robert [resident. int.], and Elisabeth Allen, Jan.9,1795.*

BRYANT (Briant)

Eliza, of Boston, and Ebenezer Chamberlain, int.Feb.11,1838.*

Betsey, and Benjamin S[teel. int.] Marsters [Marston.PR110] Dec.11,1825.*

Mary, and John Grover, jr., Nov.2,1824.*

Samuel [of Boston. int.], and Lydia Porter, May末,1782.*

Thomas [late of] and Mary Joslin, Oct.28,1712.*


Jacob, and Elisabeth Burne, int.Jan.25,1766.

Jacob, and Sarah Littlehale, Mar.29,1787.*


Mary of Nova Scotia, and William Hillier, Jan.1,1837.*


Hannah T., of Phipsburg, ME, and Elisha M. Oakes, July2,1843.CR6


Ann F., of Ipswich, and John T. Davis, 末末. [Nov.14,1838.TC]*

Joseph, resident, and Judith Maddox, Oct.16,1791.*


Sally, of North Yarmouth, ME, and John Mason, jr., int.Dec.7,1828.


Hiram S., widr.[of Providence. int.], a.28y., barber, b. Swanzey, s.[Benjamin and Mary, in pencil.], and Eliza Ann Blatchford, a.20y., d.Nathaniel, jr., July5,1846.*


Hanah, and Joseph Lawrence, Sept.3,1823.CR2


Samuel, and Mrs.Eliza Plummer Harkin, Dec.4,1814.*

William F., of Boston, and Mary F. Stacey, Mar.6,1841.*


Isam, and Delia Perkins, Mar.16,1805.CR6


John [of Mount Desert, Lincoln Co. int.], and Hannah Hadlock, Aug.7,1785.*


James, of Beverly, and Mary Morgrage, int.Mar.16,1827.


Benjamin, of Dunham, NH, and Rebeka Benet, int.Oct.3,1751.


Joshua, and Jerusha Vinson, Aug.2,1782.*

BURGIN (Bergen)

Thomas, and Susan [Susannah.PR119] C. Herrick, int.Nov.14,1830. [m.Dec.4.PR119]


Abigail [Bergen. int.], and Aaron Bray, jr., Nov.19,1810.CR2*

BURK (Burke)

Hannah T., of Phipsburgh, ME, and Elisha M. Oakes, jr., July2,1843.*

BURKE (Burk)

Edmund, and Sarah Hill, Oct.8,1780.

Edmund [Edward.CR1], and Hannah Richardson, May19,1781.

BURNALL (Burnel)

Betty, and Jonathan Kendal, int.Dec.5,1757.

BURNAM (Burnham)

Abigail and Aaron Riggs, int.July10,1774.

Anna, and Joel Haskell, June19,1755.PR1044

Anne, and John Foreland of Boston, int.Oct.10,1749.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Hooper, Feb.20,1776.CR2

Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and Samuel Griffin, 4th, int.June5,1754.

Elisabeth, and William Elwell, May12,1763.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Leach of Manchester, Sept.8,1774.CR2*

Hannah, (of Ipswich), and Jonathan Pool, Jan.4,1721-2.*

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Isaac Parsons, int.May19,1739.

Jeremiah [], of Ipswich, and Mary Burnam, Nov.29,1754.CR2*

Janna [], and Joel Haskell, June19,1755.*

Josiah [of], and [] Abigal Day, June25,1741.*

Lucy, of Ipswich, and Enoch Haskell, int.Dec.30,1756.

Mary, and Jeremiah Burnam, [] of Ipswich, Nov.29,1754.CR2*

Robert, and Mary Haskell, [], Jan.14,1751-2.*

Stephen, [jr. int.], and Mrs.Hannah Butler of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Apr.10,1760.*

Susanna, of Ipswich, and Daniel Harraden, int.July4,1767.

Thomas, of Ipswich, and Mary Lane, int.May26,1753.

BURNE (Burns)

Elisabeth, and Jacob Bryar, int.Jan.25,1766.

Mary, of Wenham, and Benjamin Clarke, jr., Feb.20,1755.*

BURNEL (Burnall)

Betty, and Leonard Carlile, int.Oct.23,1756.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Kendal, Jan.5,1758.CR5

Martha [resident. int.], and Ralph Hacock, Nov.26,1755.CR5*

BURNES (Burns)

Elizabeth, and 末末, both removed to New Gloucester, int.末蔓末, [174?]

BURNHAM (Burnam, Burnum)

Aaron and Sarah Davis, July8,1781.

Aaron, jr., of Essex, and Lucy Pulcifer, int.Dec.15,1821.

Abigail, and Josiah Burnham [of] Jan.2,1806.CR2

Nabby, of Ipswich, and William Gilbert, jr., int.Feb.14,1807. (Int. dissolved.Jan.10,1808.)

Abigail W., a.18y., d.Jonathan and Polly, and William W. Day, a.23y., mariner, s.William W. and Lydia, Sept.17,1846. [ Sept.16. dup.]*

Abner, jr., of Essex, and Mrs.Lydia White, int.Jan.25,1829.

Andrew H[askell. int.], and Judith Dodd, Dec.24,1815.*

Andrew H., and Mrs.Betsy Gott [both of Annisquam.CR6], Jan.9,1842,*

Anstiss F., a.21y., d.Charles and Deborah and Samuel Blatchford, jr., a.19y., mariner, s.Samuel and Eliza, Oct.30,1849.*

Augustus, and Rachel Boardman of Essex, int.Nov.17,1839.

Charles, and Nancy Ingersoll, Jan.5,1808.*

Charles, and Deborah Sargent [Brown.CR3], June27,1821.*

David, of Essex, and Lucy Lufkin, int.Sept.29,1839.

Deborah Jane, a.20y., d.Charles, and Noah Hebbert, a.24y., mariner, s.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.30,1846. [Dec.13.CR7]*

Ebenezer, jr., and Susanna Davis, Jan.14,1810.CR2*

Ebenezer, of Essex, and Susan Y. Burnham, int.Apr.29,1832.

Elias, and Sarah Norton of Essex, Jan.9,1840.*

Eliza Jane, of Essex, and Benjamin Courtney, int.Feb.2,1834.

Eliza, and James H. Stickney, int.Jan.16,1848. (Banns forbidden by Eliza Burnham.)

Eliza, a.18y., d.Warren and Eliza, and James H. Stickney, a.20y., tailor, s.Abraham and Mary [Mar.18. in pencil.] 1848.*

Betsey, and Isaac Elwell, 3d, May25,1805.*

Emily A., and Gorham Marchent, Feb.2,1843.*

Eunice, and Eli Bray, July31,1814.CR2*

Gorham, and Sally Baldwin of Salem, int.Dec.12,1821.

Hannah, and Caleb Lane, jr., both of Annisquam, May3,1804.CR2 [May.28. int.]*

Hannah, and Simeon Wells, jr. [of New Gloucester. int.], Jan.24,1805.CR2

Isaac, of Essex, and Abigail Bray, int.Dec.23,1827. (Banns forbidden by Jacob Story and Elias Andrews, overseers of the poor of Essex, Jan.5,1828.)

Jacob, jr., of Essex, and Judith Haskell, Jan.21,1836.*

James, and Ruhannah [Rue. int.] Low, of Ipswich at Ipswich, Nov.25,1770.*

James F., and Elmira F[oster.PR124] Currier, May5,1841.*

Jane H., and James Thomas, Dec.25,1837.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Stanwood, Sept.3,1779.

Jesse, and Joanna Andrews, Apr.14,1789.PR15

Jesse [Capt.PR15], jr., and Sally R. [Sarah Ring. int.] Haskell, Sept.2,1821.CR2 [Aug.12.PR15]*

Jesse, Capt., and Adelaide Cross,末蔓末,1829.PR15

Joanna, and James Eveleth [of Ipswich.] Aug.14,1817.CR2*

John, and Betsy Riggs, Apr.18,1782.*

John [Maj.CR2], and Abigail Collins, Jan.31,1786.*

John, jr., of Ipswich [of the Cape.CR2], and Judith Pulcifer, Jan.1,1793.*

John [jr. int.] of Chebacco [of], and Lydia Herrick, Mar.20,1803.CR2*

John G[rover. int.] and Mary Pulcifer, July15,1824.CR3*

Jonathan [jr.CR2], of Ipswich, and Ruth Haskell, Nov.21,1784.*

Jonathan, jr., and Polly Parsons,末蔓末,1813. [beginning of Oct.CR3]*

Jonathan, 3d, [jr.PR127], and Sally Geering Tarr, June28,1835.*

Jonathan, widr., a.51y., fisherman, s.Jonathan, and Lydia Tarr, wid., a.51y., d.Charles G. Marston, Mar.1,1846.*

Jonathan, jr., widr.[of Boston. int.], a.33y., inspector of customs, s.Jonathan and Polly, and Susan E. Laroque, a.24y., d.Benjamin and Lydia, June3,1847.*

Joseph, jr., of Ipswich, and Hannah Toppan, at Ipswich, Apr.2,1765.*

Joseph [jr.CR6], of Essex, and Eliza Lane [of Annisquam.CR6], Dec.26,1822.*

Joseph A., and Lydia Gray, both of Essex, Jan.2,1845.*

Josiah, and Abigail Burnham, Jan.2,1806.CR2*

Judith N., and Solomon Levit of New Haven, CT, Nov.9,1841.*

Leonard, and Rhoda Plumer, Mar.16,1835.*

Lucas, of Essex, and Abigail Adams, Nov.30,1828.*

Lucy E[merson. int.], and Capt. George Haskell, Jan.17,1827.CR2

Margeret, of Ipswich, and Samuel Griffin, at Ipswich, Oct.28,1729.*

Martha, and Benjamin H. Corliss, int.Nov.1,1840.

Mary, and Daniel S[mith.PR803] Prindall, int.July5,1812.

Mary, of Ipswich, and George Clarke, 3d, int.Nov.27,1820.

Mary, of Essex, and Thomas Dade, int.Oct.20,1821.

Mary Ann, and Leonard Walen, Jan.10,1828.CR3*

Mary Elisabeth, of Manchester, and Morris Younger, Dec.17,1833.*

Mary Eliza, and Pettingale Hinckley, Aug.2,1835.*

Mehetabel, of Essex, and Josiah Lufkin, jr., int.June18,1825.

Micheal, 3d, of Essex, and Mary Ann Sargent, Apr.23,1832.*

Moses, and Mrs.Thankful Herrick, Apr.8,1827.CR2*

Nancy, and William Young, Feb.14,1827.CR2*

Newell, of Essex, and Margaret Ann Dennison Jan.3,1839.*

Parker, and Lucy Todd of Rowley, int.Jan.3,1841.

Reuben, of Essex, and Almira Haskell, int.Nov.8,1835.

Samuel [of], and [] Ruth Lifken, Feb.25,1762.CR2*

Sally, and Ambrose Allen, Jan.13,1805.*

Sally, and John Davis, Jan.20,1811.*

Sally Herrick, of Essex, and Isaac Lufkin, int.Dec.1,1831.

Sarah, and Stephen Brown, jr., int.Jan.31,1841.

Seth, of Ipswich, and Rebecca Andrews, int.May15,1813.

Simeon, of Ipswich, and Hannah Sargent, at Ipswich, Nov.6,1766.*

Simeon, and Sally Friend, Dec.5,1816.*

Simon P., and Susan Haskell, Nov.7,1830.*

Solomon, of Essex, and Lucy Gilbert, Nov.20,1833.*

Susan Y., and Ebenezer Burnham of Essex, int.Apr.29,1832.

Susan, and Eli Forbes Phelps of Lexington, Apr.19,1836.*

Susan L., a.19y., d.Gorham and Sarah, and Thomas W. Slade, a.23y., cabinet maker, b. Portsmouth, s.William and Elisabeth, Apr.23,1848.*

Susanna, of Ipswich, and Phinehas Haskell, at Ipswich, June4,1761.*

Tabitha, of Ipswich, and Abner Andrews, int.Nov.29,1815.

Warren, and Eliza Jones, Dec.21,1828.CR3*

William, 5th, and Mary Goldsmith both of Manchester, Oct.10,1811.CR2

William, 3d., of Essex, and Lucy W. Lufkin, Jan.22,1828.*

BURNS (Burne, Burnes, Byrne)

Nabby, and William Goss, int.Aug.30,1785.

Beulah C., and Charles Brown, Sept.4,1814.*

Beulah [Beulah Burns], and William Parsons, 3d, Sept.8,1827.CR5 [Oct.8.PR722]*

Betsy, and Jeffery Parsons, int.July22,1796.

John, and Sara Doyl, int.Sept.2,1769.*

John, and Beulah Cleaveland int.Oct.30,1790. [m.Oct.30.PR131]

John, jr., and Anna D[] Rowe, Sept.2,1814.*

John, jr., and Elisabeth M. Bartlett of Newburyport, int.Jan.6,1833.

Sarah, a.42. y.and John Row, a.67y.Aug.5,1779.CR3

William P[] and Laura Tarr, Mar.22,1824.*

William Lovejoy, of Boston, and Amelia Wharf of Cambridge, Sept.26,1824.CR3

BURNUM (Burnham)

John, and Sarah Andrews, June23,1774.CR5*

BURPEY (Burpy)

Ebenezer, resident, and Mrs.Nancy Millett, int.Sept.19,1805.

BURPY (Burpey)

David, and Mrs.Eliza Parsons, Jan.5,1832.*


Nathan Franklin, of Johnstown, NY, and Azebu P[rentiss.PR270] Giles, Mar.18,1833.*

BURREL (Burrill)

Abraham [sojourner. int.], and Mary Row [d.Jacob,], Jan.11,1736 [-7. in pencil.]*

Abraham, jr., and Rebecca Clark, Sept.14,1769.*

Ann [of], and Solomon Stanwood, Jan.7,1817.CR2*

BURRIL (Burrill)

Dorcas, of Morriesstown, and Thomas Hatch, Oct.26,1782.CR5

BURRILL (Barrel, Burrel, Burrell, Burril)

Abraham, jr., and Lydia Trew, int.June23,1798.

Henry, and Charlotte Gamage, Dec.3,1829.*


Henry H., and Mary Jane Winn, July21,1843.PR129

Warner, and Betsy Steele, June27,1813.*


Mary and Henry Davis, Apr.18,1769.*

BUTLER (Buttler)

Addison, and Maryan [Mary Ann.CR6], Gott, Feb.22,1838.*

Asa, and Elisabeth H. Emmons of Ipswich, int.Dec.25,1831.

Charles, and Charlotte Sargent, May末,1812.*

Charles, and [] Susannah Marchant, Mar.15,1832.*CR3

David, and Mercy Tarr, Jan.27,1825.*

David, and Mrs.Susan Wood, Aug.18,1829.*

David, and Lucy Day, Mar.24,1833.*

David, and Betsy Clark, July6,1837.*

Elesebeth, of Boston, and William Elwell, int.Oct.18,1733.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Talor, sojourner, Jan.19,1766.CR5*

Elizabeth [], of Ipswich, and Isaac Rowe, at Ipswich, July10,1783.*

Elisabeth A., and Moses L. Griffin, Nov.20,1834.*

Betsy D., a.20y., d.Charles, and George H. Pool, a.28y., fisherman, s.Dominicus, Oct.18,1845. [Oct.26. int.Nov.18.CR3]*

Emily A [nn. dup.], a.18y., d.William and Sally, and Phillip H. Haskell, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Abel and Eunice, Sept.18,1844.*

Epes, and Elizabeth Lane, Jan.4,1816.*

Esther, Maria, and James Gott, jr., Dec.22,1844.*

Franklin, and Eliza Sargent, July7,1839.*

George C., a.24y., cabinet maker, s.Ignatius, and Martha G. Perkins, a.24y., d.John, Apr.30,1846.*

Hannah, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Stephen Burnam, [jr. int.], at Ipswich, Apr.10,1760.*

Ignatius, and Esther Robinson, Nov.19,1820.*

Irene, and John K. Lane, Oct.22,1837.*

Jacob, and Sarah Day, Jan.3,1821.*

James, jr., and Martha Medley, int.July31,1819.

John, jr., and Sarah Thurston, Mar.12,1745-6.*

John, and Mary Merchant, Dec.5,1774.CR3*

John, jr., and Patty Everden, int.Mar.26,1801.

John, and Susan Jones, int.Mar.25,1832. [m.June3.PR134]

Jonathan [of Chebacco.CR2], and Sally Hale Steele, Sept.3,1793.*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Nancy Lancy, int.Nov.26,1817.

Judith, and Samuel Sylvester, Sept.1,1811.*

Louisa, a.18y.[of Bristol. int.], b. Bristol, d.Jacob and Sarah of Bristol, and Lewis Rowe, a.24y., housewright, s.John and Angeline, May13,1847.*

Ledia, and John Stainwood, Dec.9,1680.

Polly, and Dudley Griffin, int.Mar.3,1803.

Mary, and John Bray, 3d.Dec.4,1817.CR2*

Mary Elisabeth, and Nathan Richardson of Manchester, int.Sept.22,1844.

Mary L., a.25y., d.Epes and Betsy, and Fitz W. Davis, a.30y., sailmaker, s.Joseph and Abigail, Nov.29,1849.*

Rachel [of], and William Grover, Feb.17,1763.*

Ruth, and Nathanial Thurston, jr., Nov.30,1828.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Horiden [Hamlen. int.], sojourner, June18,1772.CR5*

Sarah, and Daniel Somes, June2,1774.*

Sally, and David Ingersoll, Feb.27,1803.CR2*

Sally [], and William Dodge, Apr.12,1812.CR2*

Sarah S[], and James Clark. Nov.5,1820. [Nov.15.CR3]*

Sarah, and Joseph Geering, Dec.17,1822.*

Seth, and Mrs.Mary Griffin, int.Oct.13,1808.

Steven, and Sarah Ingles, Dec.11,1730.

Stephen, and wid.Elisabeth Gott, Dec.12,1752.*

Volantine, and Dorcas Jummare of Topsfield, int.Nov.10,1711.

Walter, and Martha Clark, Dec.17,1809.*

Walter, jr, and Susan Marchent, Apr.26,1836.*

Walter, widr., a.35y., mariner, s.Walter and Martha, and Julia Ann Jones, wid., a.23y., d.Samuel and Esther Sargent, Nov.14,1847.*

William, and Sarah Clark, Feb.18,1822.CR2*

William, and Susan Younger, July9,1833 [July21.CR1]*

BUTMAN (Bootman)

Abigail, and Jonathan Rey of Salem, int.Aug.26,1721.

Abigail, and John Sanford, Nov.8,1722.*

Abigail, and Jonathan Stanwood, Dec.3,1765.CR5

Deborah [Bootman. int.], and Ambros Griffin, Apr.12,1763.CR5*

Eliezer, sojourner, and Molly Row, July14,1767.CR5*

Hannah, and Charles Glover, Sept.9,1723.*

Hannah, and Joshua Witham, Jan.14,1795.PR1011

Jerimiah, and Abigail Stevens, Jan.8,1712-13.*

Jeremiah, jr., and Abigail Norwood, Nov.17,1737.*

Jeremiah [Bootman. int.], and Martha Harris, Jan.30,1766.CR5*

Jeremiah, jr., and Lucy Norwood.[bef 1800 ?].PR138

Jerusha N., and Caleb Norwood, jr. [both ? of Sandy Bay.CR6], Nov.19,1832.*

John, and Sarah Robinson, June30,1690.

John, jr. and Mary Sargent [d.Samuel, jr. int.], Dec.20,1734.*

John, and Maria Pool, Sept.4,1814.*

Jonathan, and Polly Colby of Newburyport, int.Aug.15,1796.

Joseph, and Polly Row of Sandy Bay, Feb.17,1791.CR5*

Maria, and William James Torrey, Aug.17,1837.*

Martha, and Jonathan Parsons, Dec.22,1790.PR712

Mary, and John Babson, Jan.6,1714-15.*

Nancy, and Daniel Low, Dec.20,1807.*

Rhoda W., and Albert Lane, int.Oct.13,1839.

Sarah, and George Harvey, int.Dec.19,1713.

Sarah [Bootman. int.], and John Harriden, Dec.1,1763.CR5*

Sarah, and Aaron Lufkin, Jan.5,1779.CR3

Sally, of Sandy Bay, and Aaron Pool, June22,1791.CR5

William, and Peggy Pool, int.Dec.22,1802.

BUTTLER (Butler)

John, and Phebee Lane, Nov.12,1724.*


Henry, and Eliza Ann Saunders [Sargent. dup.], Jan.2,1845.*

BYLES (Boyles)

Abigal, and Jonathan Trask, Feb.1,1753.*

Anna, and David Millet, int.Jan.6,1744-5.

Hannah [Boyls.CR2], and Job Stanwood, Sept.14,1749.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Procter of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Mar.27,1766.*

Sarah, and Andrew Eveleth, int.Aug.10,1765.

Sarah, and Henry Edgar, 末末. [Dec.3,1768. int.]*

Susanna, and Caleb Lincoln, 末末. [Jan.5,1758.CR2]*

BYRNE (Burns)

Mary, of Nova Scotia, and William Hillier, Jan.1,1837.CR6

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