William Warren, and Eliza Steele, int.June14,1813.


Joseph, and Mrs.Judith Lane, int.Feb.13,1802.


Arthur, sojourner, and Susan A. McKenzie,末蔓末,1843. [Feb.19. int.]*

Sumner, of Clinton, ME, and Eliza Greenleaf, Dec.2,1833.*


Samuel, Capt., and Nancy Ellery, May7,1791.*

Samuel G., a.22y., mariner [s.Samuel and Sarah Medler. in pencil.], and Mary F. Rowe, a.17., d.Ignatius and Serena, int.Nov.13,1847. [Nov.14. dup.]

CALDWELL (Coldwell)

David Harridell, of Ipswich, and Emeline Choate, int.Oct.21,1826.

John, of Ipswich, and Sarah Harraden, Jan.19,1764.*

John, sojourner, and Elisabeth Hammond, int.Jan.12,1772.

Martha, and Stephen Ayres, Apr.2,1713.

William, and Eliza Goss, Mar.14,1824.*


Harriet, of Portland ME, and Nehemiah Knowlton, jr. [2d.m.PR147] Nov.5,1836. [Dec.1.PR147]*

John C[hurch.PR146], and Eliza B[aldwin.PR146] Haskell, June3,1835.*

Mary J[ane.PR1042], and Dr. Benjamin Haskell, Dec.10,1839.*


Mary, d.Hugh, husbandman, and Hugh Roberts, husbandman, 8:9m:1649.

Sarah, d.Hugh and William Hough, house carpenter, Oct.28,1645.


Isreal H., and Ann W. Haskell, Feb.28,1830.CR6


Robert, [sojourner,. int.], and Lydia Gardner, June12,1772.*

William, sojourner, and Hannah Clarke, June20,1755.*


Joseph, of Boston, and Mary Jane Norwood, int.Apr.21,1839.

CAMEL (Campbell)

Mary [of Annisquam.CR2], and John Hodgkins, Mar.19,1784.*


Joseph, a.27y., mariner, b. Nova Scotia, s.Joseph and Sarah, and Harriet Adams, a.20y., d.Ezekiel and Nancy, May29,1849.*

CAMMEL (Campbell)

John, and Fanny [] Hodge, Nov.20,1769. [Nov.30.PR1044]*

John, and Susannah Gilbert, Jan.14,1772.CR2*

William, and Mary Lanksford, Mar.13,1777.CR3*


Betsey, and Henry Wotton [jr. int.], Jan.1,1813.*

Joseph [resident. int.], and Sally Sampson, Nov.17,1812.*

Sally [], and John W[allace. int.] Bailey, Dec.15,1822.

William [resident. int.], and Susanna Stanwood, alias Patrick alias Candelen, Sept.22,1793.*

CAMPBELL (Camel, Cammel)

John, and Sarah Gilbert, Feb.3,1767.*

Robert, and Mary Pierce, Nov.27,1738*


Patrick, and Susanna Millet, int.Jan.5,1771.


Susannah, and Thomas Wood of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.27,1733.*


Mary, sojourner, and Benjamin Robinson, int.Jan.1,1757.

CANNABY (Canneby)

Anne, and John Ellery, June2,1756.*

Lydia, and Solomon Davis, int.May29,1747.

CANNEBY (Cannaby)

Lydia and Benjamin Woodberry, jr., int.Mar.9,1749.


Charles C., a.28y., mariner, b. Dover, NH, s.Ichabod and Mary, and Almira E. Frazier, a.19y., b. Yarmouth, ME, d.Micheal and Lydia, Jan.30,1849.*


Philemon [sojourner. int.] and Susanna Finson, Nov.27,1768.*


Polly, and John Somes, jr., Nov.24,1791.*

Thomasine, and Elias Shaw, resident, int.June2,1787.


Abigal, and David Row, Nov.15,1774.*

Thomas, and Abigal Collins, [late of Boston, now resident. int.], May23,1751.*


Nabby, and Obadiah Woodbury, Jan.14,1812.*

Abigail, and David G[ardner. int.] Brown, Aug.29,1819.*

Benjamin, and Rachel York, Dec.28,1732.*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Witham, Feb.17,1756.*

Hannah, and James Wallis, Dec.8,1720.*

Harriet, and George Smith of Boston, May29,1826.*

Lydia, and Thomas Witham, May15,1794.

Martha, and William Tarr. jr., Dec.17,1739.*

Mary, and James Hawkins, seaman, int.Jan.23,1726-7.

Mary, and John Hains, Apr.2,1732.

Mary, and John Harris of Boston, int.Mar.10,1732-3.

Mary, and William Sargent, Jan.31,1776.CR2

Rachel, wid., and Jonathan Stanwood, 3d., Sept.18,1739.*

Rachel [], and William Pearson, jr., Feb.14,1808.*

Rebecca, and Benjamin Tarr, Feb.4,1723-4.*

Samuell [resident. int.], and Sarah Robins, Apr.12,1786.*

Sarah, and Andrew Millett, jr., Mar.12,1792.*

Sally, and John Higgens, July18,1805.CR3

William, and Hannah Coite, Jan.10,1692-3.

William, and Rebecca Wallis, Aug.25,1717.

William, and Mary Babson, Jan.16,1745.*

William, Capt., and Abigail Ryerson, int.Mar.19,1787.

William [Capt. int.], and Sally Allen, May3,1791.*


Lois, Mrs., and William H. Plumer, Nov.29,1835.*

CARLILE (Carlisle, Corlile)

Deborah, wid., and James Russel of Yarmouth, int.Apr.21,1739.

Deborah, and William Nelson, July19,1739.*

Elizabeth, and James Gibson of Boston, int.Sept.22,1753. [m.Mar.14,1754.PR1044]

Ester, and Solomon Hourd, int.Feb.28,1732-3.

Esther, and Solomon Gardner, May4,1748.*

Joseph, and Deborah Elwell, Jan.1,1722-3*

Leonard, and Betty Burnel, int.Oct.23,1756.

Lydia, and John Gardner, 3d, Dec.6,1748.*

Mary, and Jonathan Smith, Apr.26,1723.*

Mary, and Joseph Boynton, Mar.14,1750-1.*

CARLISLE (Carlile)

John, jr., of Chillicothe, Ohio, and Mary P. Beach, Oct.29,1835.*

CARNE (Carnes)

John, sojourner, and Lucy Tarr, July21,1766.CR5*

CARNES (Carne)

Betsy, and Jonathan Parsons, jr., int.Oct.23,1798.


Rebecca, of Haverhill, and William Pearson, Mar.8,1837.CR6

CARSTAIRS (Castairs)

Philip, and Mrs.Anna Roberts, of Manchester, Aug.21,1791.CR2


Abigal, and Samuel Griffin, int.July26,1755.

Abigail, and Alexander Walker, int.Feb.11,1769.

Abigail, and Joseph Goodrich [jr. int.], Feb.12,1815.*

Abraham, and wid.Mary Kinsman of Ipswich, int.July4,1750.

Amelia, Mrs., and Joseph Goodrich, int.Dec.11,1824.

Anna, Mrs., and Joseph Row, July9,1776.*

Anna, and James Willson, 末. [Aug.29,1787. int.]*

Ann, and Charles Sutton, Mar.5,1833. [Feb.16,1834. int.]*

Ann, and Stuart H. Colby, Nov.21,1839.*

Asa, of Boston, and Sally Lurvey, int.May5,1802.

Benjamin, and Sally Davice, both of Manchester, Dec.7,1796.CR2

Benjamin N[oble. int.], Harriet Shackleford, Sept.28,1820.*

Benjamin N., and Mrs.Mary Ann Frazer of Boston, Nov.19,1843.*

Bethia, of Charlestown, and Andrew Bennet, at Charlestown, Aug.6,1713.*

Betsy, and William Elwell, 3d, Nov.17,1792.*

Betsey, and Joseph Harvey, Dec.6,1818.*

Gideon, and Sarah Row, int.Nov.26,1774.

Gideon, and Sarah Witham, int.Sept.1,1784.

Gideon, and Mrs.Anna Brown, int.Mar.17,1804.

Jacob, and Abigail Philips, Jan.8,1718-19.

Jacob, jr., and Margaret Low of Ipswich, int.Oct.13,1744.

Jacob, ad Tryphena Munchmore of Ipswich, int.Nov.25,1758.

James, and Polly Rowe, June1,1811.*

James, and Alice S. Riggs, Feb.18,1830.*

Jenny, and Phillip Priestley, int.Apr.2,1796.

John [], and Jane [Jean. int.], Brady, Nov.6,1733.*

John, and Jane Day, Dec.27,1744.*

John, and Anna Davis, int.Aug.15,1767.

John, and Susannah Clark, Sept.10,1782.

John, and Susannah Elwell, June22,1794.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Younger, int.Oct.24,1801.

John, and Amelia Oakes, Dec.19,1819.*

Joseph, and Judith Stanwood, Dec.6,1767.*

Joseph, and Abigail Randal, Apr.2,1773.*

Joseph, and Anna Robinson, Nov.30,1818.*

Joseph, and Matilda Robinson, Nov.28,1821.*

Joseph, and Mary Robinson, Dec.16,1830.*

Judith, and Samuel Hilton of Manchester, int.Apr.25,1761.

Judith, and Enoch Medley, int.Dec.26,1795.

Polly, and Winthrop Adams, July29,1816.*

Mary, and Calvin W. Swift, May25,1833.*

Mary, and Emerson Colby, Dec.4,1833.*

Rachel N[oble. int.], and Benjamin Low, Feb.23,1823.CR3*

Sally, and John Medley, Nov.17,1792.*

Sarah, and William Pearson, resident, int.Sept.9,1797.

Tryphena, and Daniel Doyle, Nov.29,1793.*

William, and Anna Hodgkins, int.Sept.1,1768.

William, and Rachel Noble, int.Dec.9,1799.

William, jr., mariner, and Lydia A. Sawyer, Sept.16,1844.*


[Carey.CR6] Sheperd, of Dorchester, and Mrs.Abigail Low, Nov.4,1810.*


Samuel [sojourner. int.], and [] Lucy Mogridge, June10,1754.*


Ebenezer and Lydia Sargent, Jan.5,1732-3.*

Rachall, and Abraham Stanwood, Mar.24,1772.CR5*

Sarah, and John Atkins, int.Dec.11,1760.


Susanna, of Newburyport, and William Parsons, int.Sept.10,1792.

CASTAIRS (Carstairs)

Philip and Anne Day, Mar.11,1773.*


Arthur, and Judith Davis, Nov.3,1804.*

Eliza Ann, and Rufus Leighton, Oct.2,1825.*

Emily D., a.29y., d.Arthur and Judith and George Parsons, a.26y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Sarah, May15,1849.*

George, and Abigail Shaw, Oct.18,1836.*

Maria Davis, and Lewis Millet, Nov.15,1835.*

Samuel [resident. int.], and Betsy Fuller, June20,1793.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Martha Parsons, Jan.4,1825.*

Samuel, a.26y., caulker, s.Arther and Judith, and Lucy S. Parsons, a.19y., d.Benjamin and Sarah, Dec.9,1849.*


Joseph, and Nancy Chard, July20,1815.PR155


Thomas, and Charlotte Worley, int.Jan.12,1805.


Edward, of Halifax, N.S., and Sarah Thurston of Rockport, int.Mar.10,1844. (forbidden by Edward Cavenagh, his mark X, Mar.22,1844.)


Addison, and Mary P. Currier, Dec.29,1833.*

Anna Mary, and John Parker, Dec.1,1843. [Nov.30.PR153]*

Eliza, and Samuel Pulcifer, Dec.28,1833.*

Enoch, and Mary Holt, int.May11,1823.

Hannah, and Stephen Lane, July3,1826.*

Loammi, and Susan E. Lurvey, Oct.24,1832.*

Mary, a.25y., d.William and Hannah, and Samuel M. Haskell, a.27y., cordwainer, s.Samuel and Betsey, Aug.29,1849.*

Solomon, and Amanda [Susanna.PR151] Currier, Dec.19,1841.*

William [Senter. int.], and Hannah Babson, Sept.4,1791.*

William, jr. Capt., and Hannah Ingersoll, Mar.29,1821.CR2


Susan, of Limerick, ME, and Hiram Hayes, int.Dec.6,1835.

CHALICE (Challis)

Gideon, and Lucy Stanwood, May7,1771.*

CHALLIS (Chalice)

Abigail M[arshall. int.], and Gorham Parsons, Nov.30,1823.*

Alice, and William Martin, int.Nov.26,1803.

Enoch, and Sally Marshall, int.Oct.23,1802.

Lucy, and Lewis de la Brunir, Mar.12,1789.*


Ebenezer, and Eliza Bryant of Boston, int.Feb.11,1838.


John [sojourner. int.], and Mary Tucker, June7,1759.*

John, and Martha Haskell, int.May23,1767.

Sarah, and Williams Haines [sojourner. int.], Aug.16,1769.*

Sarah, of Cambridge, and David White, int.Dec.14,1828.

CHAPIN (Chaplin)

Prentis H., a.24y., trader, b. Calais, VT, s.John A. and Diadama, and Maria Le Baron, a.20y., b. Calais, VT. [Springfield.dup.], d.Joseph, int.Feb.15,1849. [Feb.18. dup.]

CHAPLE (Chappel)

Henry, and Nancy Glover, Feb.8,1778.

CHAPLIN (Chapin)

Susan, of Rowley, and Ignatius Sargent, int.Mar.13,1831.


Joanna, of Ipswich, and Elbridge Day, int.Nov.16,1834.

Jonas Wilder, and Mrs.Mary Coles Stanley of Beverly, int.July23,1825.

Joseph, and Hannah Fellows of Ipswich, int.Nov.12,1805.

Press, sojourner, and Anna Row, int.Aug.20,1768.

CHAPPEL (Chaple)

Anna, and Michael Sylvan, resident, July21,1791.*

Peres, sojourner, and Hannah Harraden, int.Nov.1,1770.

CHARD (Churd)

David [Thompson.PR157], and Nancy [Anna.PR157] Warner, Dec.31,1789.*

David, and Mary Ann Lurvey, Dec.21,1824CR3*

Elisabeth W., and [Capt.] Joseph Day [of Portsmouth.], July4,1842.*CR6

Ezekiel W., and Loisa Griffin, Aug.13,1834.*

Ezekiel W., and Betsy M. Lane, Jan.29,1837.*

Fanny B[abson,. int.], and Gustavus Sargent, Jan.18,1827.CR3*

Harriet, and John Peirce of Boston, int.Jan.9,1831.

Nancy, and Joseph Cate, July20,1815.PR155

Sally, and Job Tarr, May24,1795.*

Sally [], and John Higgens, July18,1805.*

Stephen, and Nancy Griffen, Dec.7,1795.*

Stephen, and [] Patty Griffen, Mar.28,1819.*

Susanna, and Samuel Marshall, Apr.末,1779.CR3

Thomas, sojourner, and Patience Goss, int.Oct.2,1756.

Thomas, and Mary Dennison, Dec.30,1827.CR3 [Nov.7,1822.PR291]*

William W., and Abigail L. Dade, Jan.3,1836.*


Samuel [Clark. int.], and Mary King of Dorchester, at Dorchester, Feb.13,1777.*


Mary Ann, of Dover, NH, and Henry Harraden, int.Dec.22,1826.

Sarah L., of Newbury, and Eben Tucker, Oct.19,1837.*

Susan, and Charles Paul, May30,1830.*

CHEEVER (Chever)

Ames, of Manchester, and Mrs.Sarah Davis, int.Apr.29,1753.

Sarah, and John Mansfield, Oct.14,1747.PR1078

CHEVER (Cheever)

Sally, and Capt. Jonathan Hassam, both of Manchester, Oct.23,1808.CR2


John G. [ pencil.], laborer, b. North Berwick, ME, s.[Joshua and Betsey of North Berwick, ME, in pencil.], and Maria E. Brown [a.19y., Mar. in pencil.], 1846.*


Joseph, of Hubbardston, and Emeline Jones, int.Mar.10,1833.

Samuel, of Charlestown, and Mary L. Pulcifer, Aug.30,1829.CR3*


Anna, Mrs., and Samuel Wonson, Nov.25,1793.*

Anthony, and Anna Lurvey, 末末, [Jan.25,1777. int.]*

Anthony, and Sally Goss Pool, Dec.3,1809.*

Anthony [2d m.PR159] and Mrs.Sally Davis, int.Dec.6,1820. [m.Nov.29.PR159]

CHOAT (Choate)

John, and Miriam Pool, Mar.3,1717-18.

CHOATE (Choat)

Abigail Patch, of Ipswich, and Ebenezer Pool, 4th, int.Dec.31,1808.

Addison, and Lydia Cliffords of Wenham, int.Nov.25,1832.

Adoniram, and Hannah Steele, Nov.30,1795.*

Benjamin, and Rhoda Clark, Jan.3,1833.CR5*

Clara T., of Beverly, and Dr. Amasa D. Bacon, int.Apr.26,1846.

Clementine, and Joseph D. Standley, Dec.12,1836.*

David, and Sarah Appleton of Ipswich, at Ipswich, July18,1789.*

Dudley, and Mary Pollard, May16,1833.*

Elizabeth, and Josiah Haskell, [jr.,. int.], May13,1759.CR2

Elisabeth, and Samuel Bray, May14,1765.*

Betsy, and John Steel, Feb.20,1791.*

Emily, and James Pool, 3d, Dec.19,1837.*

Emeline, and David Harridell Caldwell of Ipswich, int.Oct.21,1826.

Ephraim, and Judith Haskell, Dec.5,1765.*

Eunice, and Jacob Andrews, June6,1802.PR35

Hannah, and Jeremiah Cogswell of Essex, Dec.19,1833.*

Helen Augusta, and George Robinson, Oct.27,1831.*

Jeremiah, and Hannah Edwards of Beverly, int.July1,1832.

Jerusha, and William E. Haskell, Jan.5,1804.CR2*

Jerusha Haskell, and Ezra Haskell, Dec.23,1832.*

Joann, and Hiram S. Elkins, Dec.25,1828.*

John S[teele.PR162], and Olivia (Leifa) [Lusa.CR5] M. Tarr, Dec.25,1833.*

Josiah, and Patience Roberts, Nov.11,1736.*

Josiah, jr., and Hannah Roberts, Jan.21,1773.CR2*

Josiah and Lucy Lord [Mrs.Boxford,. int.], Nov.17,1817.CR2*

Josiah, and Mary C. Jeffs, Dec.4,1835.*

Judith, and Thomas Lufkin, jr. of Chebacco, Dec.21,1780.CR2

Lucy L., and Ebenezer Haskell, Jan.8,1828.*

Margaret, and George Dennison, Jan.25,1816. [Jan.28.PR291]*

Maryann, of Essex, and George Shepherd, int.May12,1844.

Mary, of Ipswich, and Thomas Millett, jr., June27,1806.

Mary, and James H. Kendall of Ipswich, int.July20,1828.

Mary, Mrs., and William Currier, int.May9,1841.

Nancy, and James Tappan of Kingston, Nov.10,1793.*

Patience, and William Lufken of Chebacco, July25,1773.CR2*

Prentiss, and Lydia S. Haskell, Oct.23,1833.*

Rebecca Jewett, and Solomon Pool, Dec.16,1841.PR168

Sarah, and Moses Rust, Dec.8,1763.CR2*

Sarah, of Ipswich, and Stephen Lufkin, at Ipswich, Dec.22,1763.*

Sally, and George J[ackson. int.] Webster, Jan.19,1824.*

Solomon, jr., and Lucy C[onant. int.] Jewett [b. Goshen, NH.PR165], May13,1824.*

Stephen, and Harriet E. Webber, Aug.6,1837.*

Susanna, of Ipswich, and Thomas Herrick, jr., at Ipswich, Nov.20,1766.*

Thomas, 3d, of Ipswich, and Abigal Haskell, Dec.7,1742.*

William, and Sally Soper Marshall, int.Oct.14,1801. [m.Oct.25.PR1057]

CHRISTIE (Christy, Cristie)

John, jr., and Lucy Emmons, int.Sept.24,1824.

Lucy E[lwell. int.], and Isaac Parsons, 3d, Sept.31,1822. (sic).*

CHRISTY (Christie)

Eliza, and John Parsons, 5th, May11,1829. [Mar.11,1828.CR6]*

John, jr., and Martha Row, int.Sept.14,1828.

John, jr., and Nancy Babcock, int.Dec.4,1831.

John, and Mrs.Betsy Triton, July28,1833.*

Mary E., a.19y., d.William and Mary, and Charles A. Frosbury, a.22y., mariner, b. Liverpool, Eng., s.John H. and Betsy Ann, Nov.17,1847.*

William, and Mary Parsons, June19,1829 [1828.CR6]*


Thomas, and Ruth Stainwood, Dec.3,1724.*


Zaccheus, of Salem, and Eliza Gilbert, int.Aug.30,1819.


Arther, and wid.Hannah Dennen, Dec.24,1749.*

CHURD (Chard)

Susannah, Mrs., and Samuel Marshell, Apr.7,1780.CR2


George, of Dorchester, and Adelaide Woodbury, Nov.2,1820.*


James, and Charlotte McGee, both of Halifax, N.S., Mar.19,1844.*

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

Abegele, d.Edement, husbandman, and Williame Sargante, carpenter, at Ipswich, 10:7m:1651.

Abigal, and Thomas Jeffs, int.Feb.11,1755.

Abigail, and John Parrot [sojourner,. int.], Nov.28,1771.*

Abigail, and Solomon Gott, May末,1807.*

Abigail, and John Wharff, Feb.11,1808. [Feb.16.CR1]*

Abraham Tarr, and Esther Gammage, int.Jan.22,1803.

Agnus, and Thomas Penny, June15,1668.

Albert, and Ora Norwood, Sept.20,1837.*

Alice, and Josiah W[] Stevens, Sept.10,1820.*

Andrew L., and Mary L. Pool, Dec.16,1835.*

Anna [Anne. int.], and John Parsons, jr., Nov.15,1739.*

Anna, and Isaac Davis, Jan.28,1794.*

Anna, and John Hamson Clark, int.Aug.5,1809.

Benjamin, and Lucy Stanwood, 末末, [Nov.21,1741. int.]*

Benjamin, and Naomi Stanwood, int.Nov.24,1750.

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Burne of Wenham, Feb.20,1755.*

Benjamin, jr., and Anna Leech of Manchester. int.Aug.3,1765.

Benjamin, and Easter Lurvey, int.Mar.8,1777.

Benjamin, and Susanna Fear, Aug.9,1777. [Aug.6.CR1]*

Caroline [Caroline Haskell;, a.19y., d.Asa and Araline Rust Haskell, in pencil.], and Samuel James [ pencil.], laborer, s.[Ebenezer and Mary pencil.], May11,1845.*

Charles, and Jane Procter Lowe of Essex, int.Mar.12,1840. (not published by request.)

Charles, a.27y., truckman, s.Joshua and Betsy, of Rockport, and Betsy Haskell, wid., a.23y., d.Charles Reed, Feb.21,1847.*

Charlotte, and George Watson, int.June4,1808. (withdrawn by George Watson)

Deborah, and Oliver Stevens, jr., Dec.6,1820.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Renew, int.Dec.27,1774.

Ebenezer, and Abigail Renew, Aug.20,1775.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Lee, Dec.3,1795.*

Ebenezer, and Judith Clark, Dec.13,1830.*

Edmund, and Elisabeth Pierce of Manchester, Nov.24,1718.

Edmund, jr., and Margaret Collet [of Manchester. int.], Oct.21,1743.*

Edmund, and Elizabeth Annoble, both of Manchester, Apr.7,1755.CR2*

Edmund, and Hannah Peyton of Wenham, at Wenham, Apr.16,1758.*

Eliza, Mrs., and William Dennis, Mar.8,1831.*

Eliza S., and Moses Russel, Mar.28,1840.*

Elisabeth, and Elias Hammond [sojourner,. int.], Feb.22,1750-1.*

Elizabeth, and Hugh Richardson, sojourner, Sept.28,1766.CR5*

Elisabeth, and James Harris, Aug.1,1782. [Aug.2.CR1]*

Elisabeth, and Nathan Norwood, Nov.25,1783. [Nov.24.CR1]*

Betsey [Elisabeth.CR3], and John Hodgkins,末蔓末,1809. [Oct.末.CR3]*

Betsey, and Benjamin P[] Tarr, June29,1816.*

Betsey, and George Knights, int.Feb.28,1821.

Betsy Davis, and Moses Haskins, Oct.15,1825.*

Betsy, and Samuel E. Batten, July10,1833.*

Elisabeth, and John Cogswell of Essex, int.Mar.15,1835. [m.May11.PR184]

Betsy, and David Butler, July6,1837.*

Emily B., and William R. Perry, Nov.23,1834.*

Esther, and Jonathan Parsons, 3d, int.Dec.7,1804.

Esther T., and Noah Conant of Lowell, June21,1837.*

Eunice, and Stephen Robinson, jr., int.Feb.22,1755.

Eunice, and Micheal Cochran, sojourner, int.June25,1757.

Eunice, and John Donahew, Aug.26,1762.*

George, and Susanna Stevens, May6,1779.CR2

George, jr., and Sarah Day of Ipswich, at Ipswich, July21,1799.*

George, 3d, and Mary Burnham of Ipswich, int.Nov.27,1820.

George, 3d, of Essex, fisherman, and Elizabeth Tucker, Feb.2,1845.*

George, 3d, and Elizabeth K. Tucker, Feb.2,1845.*

Gorham, and Sarah Allen Plumer Adams, Dec.7,1828.CR6*

Hannah, and 末mas Day, 末mber 25,1706.TC

Hannah, and John Stanwood, Feb.25,1733-4.*

Hannah, and Matthew Ryan, sojourner, int.Feb.26,1750.

Hannah, and Daniel Williams, resident, late of Beverly, Nov.22,1753.*

Hannah, and William Callaghan, sojourner, June20,1755.*

Henry, and Elisabeth Thurston, int.Feb.28,1754.

Henry, jr., and Anne Row, Oct.14,1773.CR5*

Henry, jr., and Betsy Smith, int.Sept.19,1796.

Henry, jr., and Sally Lane, int.Dec.20,1799. [m.June1,1798.PR172]

Harry, and Elisabeth Phipps, int.Dec.29,1804.

Henry, jr., and Eliza Norwood, Nov.11,1829.*

James, jr., of Boston, and Priscilla Harraden, int.Oct.13,1753.

James, and Sarah S[] Butler, Nov.5,1820. [Nov.15.CR3]*

James, of Rockport, and Mrs.Nancy Stevens, int.Nov.3,1844.

James, of Rockport, mariner, and Nancy Stevens, Nov.20,1844.*

Jerusha, and John Kindal, Nov.20,1777.CR5

John, and Ruth Haskell, Nov.17,1718.

John and Rebecca Brown, Feb.21,1739-40.*

John, and Martha Sargent, Oct.10,1783.*

John, and Patty Stanwood, int.Nov.26,1791.

John Hamson, and Anna Clark, int.Aug.5,1809.

John, jr., and Rachel Rowe, Apr.29,1810. [Apr.21.CR1]* int.Apr.21.

John, and Esther Joseph, Nov.15,1825.CR3*

John, jr., and Lucy G. Allen of Manchester, Oct.17,1828.*

John, jr., and Etta H. Wetherell, b. Norridgewalk, ME, Feb.2,1846.PR171

Joseph, and Hannah Davis, Mar.27,1682.

Joseph, and 末末 Pickworth of Manchester, Ju末 6,1706.TC

Joseph, and Rachall Pickwoth, Mar.5,1706-7.

Joseph, jr., and wid.Mercy Ridgell, Jan.11,1738-9.*

Joshua, and Sarah Lurvey, Feb.26,1785.*

Joshua, jr., and Betsey Tarr, Oct.3,1807.*

Judith, and Ephraim Shelden, jr., Aug.25,1774.CR5*

Judith, and Benjamin L[ane. int.] Pew, Jan.22,1826.*

Judith, and Ebenezer Clark, Dec.13,1830.*

Lemuel J[ason.PR169], and Abigail Davis, Apr.18,1837.*

Lois Tarr [Elwell. int.andPR789] and Mark Pool, Dec.25,1827.CR5

Lucy, and John Jumper, Jan.17,1818.*

Lucy, and Winthrop Pickering, Dec.14,1823.CR3*

Lucy, and William Bishop, jr., int.Apr.5,1826.

Lucy L[ane. int.], and Joshua Sanborn. Oct.1,1826.*

Lucy, and William Bishop, Dec.25,1827.*

Lucy E., and Edward Walters, int.July22,1849. (banns forbidden by Miss Clark, July28.)

Lydia, and Samuel Huston, sojourner, 末. [ Sept.10,1755.CR2]*

Lydia, and Samuel Blatchford, int.Mar.30,1785.

Lydia, Mrs., and Bazil Ellison, int.June22,1794.

Lydia, and Winthrop Woodbury, Aug.9,1795.CR2*

Lydia, Mrs., and Moses Thorpe, int.Aug.29,1801.

Lydia, and John Marshall [jr. int.], Jan.3,1807.*

Martha, and Robert Steavens of Marblehead, Sept.26,1769.CR5*

Martha, and Walter Butler, Dec.17,1809.*

Mary, and Stephen Robinson [jr. int.], Feb.末,1729-30.*

Mary, and John Hewling, jr., July25,1764.*

Polly, and Abner Higgens [resident. int.], July31,1788.*

Mary, and David Genness, resident, int.June6,1796.

Mary, and John Varney [of], Jan.5,1808.*

Mary Eliza, and William Dexter, June13,1831.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Charles Dodge, int.Mar.2,1834.

Mary, and Roswell Littlefield of York, ME, Oct.30,1837.*

Mary, and 末末 末末, Oct.14,1844.PR184

Mercy, and Ralph Andrews, int.May7,1757.

Moses Platts, and Sarah Thurstain, Oct.23,1788.*

Moses Platts, jr., and Rhoda Tarr, Aug.31,1811.*

Naomi, and William Lurvey, int.Mar.29,1777.

Naomi, and Phillip Priestly, jr., June28,1828.*

Nathan T., and Abigail H. Sylvester, Mar.23,1839.*

Nathaniel, and Elisabeth Jacobs, Jan.1,1761.CR5*

Olive, and Andrew Bickford, Dec.1,1808.*

Rachel, and John Blatchford, sojourner, Jan.7,1755.*

Rebecca, and Abraham Burrel, jr., Sept.14,1769.*

Rhoda, and Benjamin Choate, Jan.3,1833.CR5*

Richard, resident [sojourner. int.] and Mary Jefferds, Jan.6,1756.CR5*

Richard, and Polly Lloyd, Aug.5,1783.*

Samuel, see Chark, Samuel.

Samuel [Clarke, jr. int.], and Elisabeth Tarr [],末蔓末,1747 [Apr.4. int.]*

Samuel, 3d, and Sarah Lurvey [Nov.15,1752. int.]*

Samuel, and Ruth Blackledge of Rowley, at Rowley, July6,1758.*

Samuel, jr., and Sally Dresser, Jan.4,1794.*

Samuel L[] and Lucy Thurstain, Apr. [Mar.17,1814. int.; Apr.6,1814.CR5]*

Samuel, and [] Thomasia Herring, Aug.13,1820.*

Samuel, and Eliza Brown, June18,1833.*

Sarah, and Daniel Gardner, sojourner, int.Nov.13,1756.

Sarah, of Londonderry, and Thomas Lewes [of Londonderry, NH,. int.], Apr.7,1757.CR2

Sally, and Isaac Robinson, Nov.11,1791.*

Sarah [], and John Blanchfill, Jan.8,1795.*

Sally, and Peter Lurvey, int.Aug.13,1803.

Sally, and Timothy Griffen, Jan.1,1807.*

Sally Platts, and Amos Tarr, Sept.19,1818.*

Sarah, and William Butler, Feb.18,1822.CR2*

Sarah, and Samuel T[] Lloyd, Mar.28,1824.CR2*

Sally, and Joesph E[des,. int.] Norwood, Jan.13,1825.*

Sarah E., of Waltham, and Temple Dodge, Feb.21,1837.*

Seth, and Sarah Morril of Salisbury, int.June11,1768.

Susan, and Samuel Gorten, jr. of Essex, July16,1835.*

Susanna, and Thomas Oaks, Mar.20,1745.*

Susanna, and Stephen Peter [Christmas.CR1] De Lature, Aug.14,1781.

Susannah, and John Carter, Sept.10,1782.

Susanna, and James Robinson, (resident), int.Sept.1,1787.

Tammy, and Felix Doyl, Mar.18,1816.*

Thomas Lee, and Judith Witham, int.Oct.15,1818.

William, and Sarah Gamage, Feb.16,1768.CR5*

William, and Lydia Wharff, Dec.7,1780.

William Platts, and Sarah Thurston, Aug.28,1813.*

William, and Eliza Whittridge, Dec.10,1820.*

William P., and Judith Woodbury Griffin, int.Sept.4,1836. [m.Dec.2,1837.PR177]


James, Capt., of Newburyport, and Sophia Wheeler, Dec.9,1810.*

James A., of Rockport [of Newburyport. dup.], and Eliza T. [Eliza Jane. dup.] Brown, Apr.2,1845.*

CLAY (Cleigh)

Elizabeth, of Boston, and Davis Whitman, int.Feb.1,1755.


Jenny, of Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, and Garretson Meers, int.Mar.29,1760.


末末, and Hannah Noble, July5,1814.PR674

Abigail, jr., and Reuben Brooks, Dec.25,1768.CR5*

Beulah, and John Burns, int.Oct.30,1790. [m.Oct.30.PR131]

Ebenezer, Capt., and Lois Pool, May8,1777.CR5*

John Vass, and [Mrs.PR190] Hannah Tarr [both of the Cape.CR2] July8,1787.*

John, and Hannah Noble, June13,1812. [July5,1814.PR674]*

Lydia, and Nathan Fle[t. int.]cher, Dec.3,1765.CR5*

Mary, and Rev. John Smith of Dartmouth College, Feb.9,1781.CR5

Olive, and Isaac Pool, Dec.5,1765.CR5*

CLEAVES (Cleves)

Aaron, and Eliza Hamilton of Cumberland ME, int.Dec.1,1839.

Almira, of North Yarmouth, ME, and William W. Parsons, Dec.11,1834.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Sarah Dodge. int.Mar.22,1769.

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Lucy Stratton, Nov.27,1782.*

Joanna, of Wenham, and Joseph Worley, at Wenham, June9,1773.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Brewer, June6,1773.CR3*

Philis, and Joshua McNeel, Aug.10,1776.CR1


Hannah, of Boston, and John Wharff, int.Mar.5,1718-19.

CLEVES (Cleaves)

Ebenezer [of], and [wid.Anne. int.] Anna Stevens, Mar.4,1744.*

Robert, of Beverly, and wid.Abigal Allen, Sept.28,1752.*


Lydia, of Wenham, and Addison Choate, int.Nov.25,1832.


Ann Lowe, and John Plummer Ober, May17,1829.*

Edward, and Lucy Harvey, int.Feb.3,1839.

John, and Mrs.Sarah Merrill, int.Feb.11,1797.

John, and Betsey Woodbury Steele, Aug.22,1807.*


Benjamin, and Mrs.Polly Hilliard, int.May16,1802.


Anne, and John Wallis, Aug.14,1774.*

Elias, and Mrs.Jenny Clough, Nov.13,1796.*

Jenny, Mrs., and Elias Clough, Nov.13,1796.*

Joseph, and Susanna Tarboox, Feb.4,1747-8.*

Joseph, and Abigal Stacy, Sept.4,1760.*

Joseph, and Martha Honnours, Dec.31,1761.*

Joseph, and Jenny Mann, int.July16,1793.

Joseph, and Lucy E. Hayes, Oct.29,1830. [Nov.末.CR1]*

Joseph, and Nancy D. Allen, July3,1839.*

Mehetabel, and Abraham Tarr, int.Nov.1,1755.

Moses H., and Martha L. Jacobs of Wells, ME, int.Dec.13,1840.

Rhoda S., a.24y., d.Moses and Rhoda, and Anthony D. Jacobs, a.24y., b. Wells, ME, s.Obed and Lucretia, Jan.30,1848. [Feb.6.CR3]*

Susannah, and Elias Driscall [sojourner. int.], Aug.28,1768.


Nabby [Cloulin, of Sandy Bay.CR5], and Nathaniel Blatchford, Oct.2,1790.*


Eliza, of Salem, and Charles H. Barrett of Lynn, Oct.7,1838.*

CLOWLIN (Cloughlin)

Peter, and Ann Elwell, int.Dec.13,1766.


James [resident. int.], and [] Nancy White, May10,1806.*


John, a.25y., yeoman, b. Ireland s.Curnalious and Margeret [of pencil.], and Hannah Lane, a.24y., b. Ireland d.Jeremiah and [Julia "Buckley", of Ireland at Salem, Feb.17. in pencil.], 1849.*

COAS (Coos)

Nabby, and John Sayward, int.Oct.26,1796.

Jeremiah, and Lydia Maddox, Aug.15,1787.*

Jeremiah, and Lydia A[] Parsons, Apr.30,1821.*

Johanna, and Jonathan Elwell, jr., int.Oct.30,1762.

Joanna, and John Wonson, Nov.16,1815.*

Mary, and Henry Newcomb, Nov.14,1749.*

Polly, and William Newcomb, int.Dec.11,1784.

Samuel, and Sally Battin, Aug.3,1786.*

Sally, and Daniel Sayward, int.Apr.10,1789.

Sarah, Mrs.and Stephen Brown, int.May18,1800.

Sally, and Jonathan Douglass, Dec.23,1810.*

Sarah C[ogswell. int.], and Benjamin Parsons [2d m.PR109], Jan.3,1818.*

Thomas, and Eunice Maddox, July13,1791.*

William, seaman, and Mary Gardner, Feb.5,1722-3.*

William, jr., and Susanna Parsons, Jan.18,1749-50.*

William, jr., and Sally Bray, Dec.27,1819.*

COASE (Coos)

Mary, and Joseph Parsons, int.Oct.10,1801.


Jonathan, of Newbury, and Sarah Becket, June18,1752.*


Mary, and John Marriner, at Ipswich, Feb.16,1724.*

COCHRAN (Cockerin)

Micheal, sojourner, and Eunice Clark, int.June25,1757.

COCKERIN (Cochran)

Elizabeth, of Marblehead, and Capt. Stephen Low Davis, int.Oct.11,1806.

John, of Marblehead, and Hannah Trask, at Marblehead, Sept.26,1780.


Mathew, and Elizebeth Wakly, d.Thomas, June15,1647.


Adelea, and John B[] Swett of Philadelphia, Dec.25,1815.*

Clarrissa, and Timothy Rogers, May29,1801.*

Dolly, and Aaron Smith of Ipswich, int.Apr.29,1769.

Edward Langdon, and Nabby Ellery Foster, int.May12,1804.

Elisabeth, and Joseph Parsons, jr., Oct.21,1832.*

Emily S., and John Turner, jr., Dec.28,1834. [Oct.28,1830.PR902].

Eunice, and Dr. Aaron Lummus [of Lynn. int.], Mar.26,1786.*

Hannah, and William Dane, May4,1780.CR2

Hannah D[ane. int.], and Capt. Epes Sargent, jr., Oct.18,1808.*

Harriet, and Thomas James [James], Esq. of Exeter [NH. int.], May5,1813.CR2*

Henrietta Maria, and John Mulliken Atwood of Philadelphia, int.Dec.3,1819.

John B[rown,. int.] of Newburyport, and Lydia P[earce. int.] Huston of Sandy Bay, Mar.17,1822.CR3*

John W., and Susan C. Parsons, Dec.7,1834.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Smith of Ipswich, May30,1765.*

Polly Forbes, and Henry Phelps, Feb.25,1795.*

Polly Langdon, and Arthur Gilman, int.Apr.21,1798.

Peter, jr., and Polly Forbes, at Brookfield, Oct.21,1773.*

Peter, Esq., and Harrah P[] Sargent, Oct.16,1813.CR2*

Sarah, Mrs., and Rev. Obadiah Parsons, Jan.26,1775.CR2*

Simeon, jr., of Sanford, ME, and Mrs.Maryann Cormickles of Belfast, Ire., July22,1838.*

Tristram, and Mrs.Mary Jeffs, Oct.7,1800.CR2*

William, and Nancy Ollive Saunders, int.Dec.27,1800.


Amanda, and Abel C. King of NY, July7,1844.*

Bethany [], of Ipswich, and Samuel Gott, July22,1723.*

David, and Hannah Haskell, Jan.3,1813.CR2*

Frances, a.22y., d.James and Mary, and Bailey C. Brown, a.24y., tailor, b. Manchester, Oct.25,1846.*

Gifford, of Ipswich, and Sarah Parsons, Dec.27,1722.*

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Zebulum Lane, int.Mar.29,1750.

James, of Ipswich, and Mary P[] Allen, June9,1818.*

Jemima, and William Cogswell of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Oct.21,1781.

Jeremiah, of Essex, and Hannah Choate, Dec.19,1833.*

John, jr. [of], and Lucretia Day, Jan.29,1810.CR2 [Apr.2. int.]*

John, of Essex, and Elisabeth Clarke, int.Mar.15,1835.

Samuel, of Ipswich, and Mary Lufkin, Feb.13,1723-4.

Susanna, of Ipswich, and Jeremiah Parsons, Dec.14,1721. [Dec.24.CR2]*

William, of Ipswich, and Jemima Cogswell, at Ipswich, Oct.21,1781.

COIT (Coite, Coyt, Coyte)

Abigail, and John Riggs, int.Dec.2,1720.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Allin, Feb.8,1710-11.

Lydia, and Nymphas Stacy, jr., Dec.4,1755.*

Martha, and John Harraden, Dec.25,1718.

Mary, and 末末h Allin, Jan.末,1706-7.TC

Nathanaell, Capt. and wid, Hannah Sargeant, int.Nov.30,1711.

COITE (Coit)

Hannah, and William Card, Jan.10,1692-3.

Mary, wid., and John Fitch, Oct.3,1667.

COLBE (Colby)

David, of Hopkinton, and Rachel Lee of Manchester, Oct.18,1796.CR2

COLBEY (Colby)

Moses, of Newburyport, and Polly Witham, int.Aug.23,1802. [m.Sept.PR199]

Moses Emerson, and Nancy Pool, Nov.26,1810.*


Benaiah, and Sarah Ann Wheeler, Feb.17,1831.*

Jeremiah, of Dunstable, NH, and Frances Hodgkins, int.Sept.27,1754.

Lemuel, and Miriam Reed, Mar.27,1793.PR203

Miriam [R.PR319], of Lowell, and Ezra Eames, int.Dec.11,1836. [ Lowell, Dec.29.PR319]

COLBY (Colbe, Colbey)

Benjamin, and Lois Tarr, Dec.24,1816.*

Cornelius, and Harriet Marean, Sept.21,1828.*

Cornelius, and Ms.Abigail G. Moddex, Feb.13,1837.*

Elbridge G. [C.CR3], and Henrietta Davis, Jan.2,1831.*

Emerson, and Mary Carter, Dec.4,1833.*

Enoch, and Honor York, Nov.6,1828.*

Gardner, of Boston, and Mary Low Roberts, June1,1836.*

George W., and Sophronia Pool, int.Dec.9,1832. [m.Dec.9.PR201]

Lois, and William Haskell, jr., Oct.10,1839.*

Polly, of Newburyport, and Jonathan Butman, int.Aug.15,1796.

Moses, of Newburyport, and Polly Witham, int.Aug.23,1802. [m.Sept.末.PR199]

Roxana, and James B. Stillman, Dec.28,1838.*

Sally, and William Tucker, jr., Dec.17,1815.*

Stuart H., and Ann Carter, Nov.21,1839.*

Tristram, of Deer Isle, ME, and Mrs.Rachel Murphy, Nov.17,1833.*

William, and Clarissa A. Young of Ossipee, NH, Dec.6,1836.*

William, and Martha Sandborn of Peacham, VT, int.Dec.15,1839.


Elizabeth, d.Clemment, and Francis Norwood, Oct.15,1663.

COLDWELL (Caldwell)

William, of Portland and Abigail Smith, Nov.14,1795.*


Azor, and Catherine Herrick, July5,1792.*

Azor, and Sarah Wallis, Feb.末,1824.CR2*

Emma, and Israel Morgan of Beverly, int.Nov.11,1805.

Israel H., and Ann W. Haskell, Feb.28,1830.*

John Marsh, resident, and Elisabeth Story, int.Aug.8,1801.

Katharine, and Amos Haskell [jr.CR2], Dec.5,1797.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Lurvey, Nov.15,1736.*

Mary, Mrs., and Joel Griffin, int.May1,1836.

Rebecca [], and Jacob Lurvey [jr. Aug.1,1755. int.]*

Sabina R., and Joseph Dennis, both of Marblehead, May7,1844.CR6

Salathel, and Susana Lufkin, Oct.12,1823.CR2*

Solomon, and Mary Foster, int.Dec.13,1746.

Solomon, and Rebecka Hunter, int.Jan.23,1747.

Solomon, of Beverly or Gloucester, and Mary Hibbert. Nov.29,1749.*

Susannah, and Benjamin C[hoat. int.] Sargent, Jan.6,1808.CR2*

Weeden, and Mrs.Mary Holmes of Essex, int.May28,1825.

Weedon [of], widr., a.48y., cabinet maker, s.Weeden and Naomi, and Adeline Tappan, a.33y., d.James and Nancy, May17,1848.*

Wheden, of Beverly, and Sarah Herrick, Nov.23,1756.CR2*

Wheedon, and Emma Herrick, Dec.14,1795. [1794.CR2]*

William, and Emma Herrick, July23,1789.*

William, and Mary Wallis, Feb.25,1813.CR2*

COLEMAN (Collman, Colman)

William, and wid.Bridgett Roe, 14:9m:1662.CTR

COLLENS (Collins)

Amos, and Susanah Boden of Marblehead, int.Nov.10,1733.


Margaret [of Manchester. int.], and Edmund Clarke, jr., Oct.21,1743.*

Simon, and Mary Crowel [both], Sept.28,1737.*


Montague, and Lydia Rogers, int.Nov.20,1842. (Withdrawn by Collick, Sept.7,1843.)

COLLINS (Collens)

Abigail, and Nehemiah Somes, July27,1730.*

Abigal, and Thomas Capron [late of Boston, now resident. int.], May23,1751.

Abigail, and Mark Witham, Sept.5,1765.*

Abigail, and [Maj.CR2] John Burnham, Jan.31,1786.*

Anna, and Charles James, July17,1673.

Anna, and Daniel Parsons, Dec.16,1773.*

Ann Somes, and William Edmund Pearson Rogers, Aug.8,1831.*

Benjamin, and Molly Stevens, int.June20,1774.

Charles, and Susan Pearce Saunders, Nov.28,1812.*

Daniel, and [] Sarah Stevens,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Mar.14,1748.]*

Daniel, and Mary Norwood, Jan.3,1716.

Daniel, and Lucy Warner [of], Mar.2,1736-7.*

Daniel and Lucy Elwell, July20,1767.*

Daniel, and Mary Tuffts of Medford, at Medford, Nov.3,1777.*

Daniel, Col., and Mrs.Hannah Babson, Oct.26,1793.*

Daniel, and Mary Stillman, Sept.28,1839.*

Eben Hall, [of New Haven. int.], and Polly Procter, July7,1804.CR2*

Ebenezer, and Eunice Collins, Jan.7,1719-20.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Sarah Prince, Jan.26,1750-1.*

Eliza, of Nova Scotia, and Benjamin R. Wonson, Feb.27,1838.*

Elizabeth, and James Tyler, Dec.21,1749.*

Elisabeth, and John Sanders, jr., Dec.5,1758.*

Betsy, and Joseph Day, Oct.22,1781.

Betsey, and John Piper, May10,1806.*

Elisabeth [wid.CR1], and Henry Witham [jr. int.], Jan.6,1807.*

Elizabeth, and William P. Dolliver, June4,1837.*

Emeline, of Deer Isle, ME, and William P[earson.PR908] Smith, Apr.18,1839.*

Esther, and Samuel Leighton, Nov.5,1778.

Eunice, and Ebenezer Collins, Jan.7,1719-20.*

Eunice, and Joshua Tarr, May21,1754.*

Eunice, and William White, Sept.5,1765.*

Evelina, and Joseph Lurvey, May12,1833. [May21.CR6]*

Ezekiall, and Elizabeth Riggs, Apr.28,1692.

Ezekiel, and Mary Adams, Nov.3,1748.*

George, a.22y., teamster, b. Nova Scotia, s.George and Sarah, and Charlotte A. Smith, a.24y., b. Nova Scotia, d.Christopher and Catherine, Dec.2,1849.*

Hannah P., d.James P., and Elbridge G[erry.dup.] Friend, widr., mason, s.Samuel, Dec.17,1845.*

Harriet Parsons, and Paul Wiggins Piper, int.Dec.2,1826.

Isaac [resident. int.] and [wid.CR1] Martha Collins, Jan.4,1807.*

James, and Rebeka Elwell, Dec.28,1743.*

James, Capt., and Mrs.Abigal Warner, Oct.1,1771.*

James, and Elizabeth Homans of Beverly, at Beverly, Aug.5,1798.*

James P[earson. int.], and Betsey West, June24,1817.*

James Albert, and Jane Stevens of Salem, int.Apr.26,1823.

James P., a.28y., mariner, s.James P. and Betsy W., and Elisabeth Peabody [of Boston, in pencil.]*, a.30y., b. Boston, d.[William B. and Hannah, Jan.25,1848, in pencil.]*

Jane D., and Henry S. Wonson, mariner, Nov.12,1844.*

Joane, and Robert Scamp, 25:10m:1661.CTR

Jone, d.John, and Roblard Scampe, Dec.25,1661.

John, and Bathshabah Donham, at Plymouth, Nov.3,1719.*

John, and Rachel Somes, Nov.末,1745.*

John, and Abigal Tyler, Jan.6,1746-7.*

John, and Isabella Babson, June16,1773.*

John, a.22y., mariner, b. Liverpool, N.S., s.George and Sarah, and Susan I. Wood, a.29y., d.Benjamin and Susan, May22,1848.*

Judith, and Enoch Parsons, Oct.7,1762.

Lavinia, and Denmark Procter, Jan.6,1810.CR2*

Lemuel, and Mary Witham, June13,1755.*

Lemuel, and Mary [MercyCR1] Geren, Dec.7,1780.

Lucy, and Benjamin Dennen, int.Jan.19,1765.

Lucy, and Elijah Haskell, int.Jan.18,1797.

Margaret Ann, of Liverpool, and James Roberts, Mar.9,1837.*

Margaret A., and Jacob Perkins, Oct.29,1843.*

Martha [wid.CR1], and Isaac Collins [resident. int.], Jan.4,1807.*

Mary, d.John, sr., and Josiah Ellwell, s.Robart, June15,1666.

Mary, [late of Gloucester. int.] and Josiah Haskell, Dec.17,1715.*

Mary, [], and Joseph Corney, jr., Nov.15,1763.CR5*

Molley, and Jeremiah Robinson, Apr.17,1770.*

Mary, and Timothy Speer [of Braintree. int.], June29,1777.CR1*

Mary P., and George Saville, Dec.25,1837.*

Mary P., of Deer Isle, ME, and Samul G. Wonson, int.June9,1839.

Mary Ann, and Nathaniel M. Brown, May22,1842.*

Nancy, and Adrien Alexander Outein [resident. int.], Oct.23,1796.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Haskell, Apr.12,1792.*

Patience, and Benjamin Patee, Jan.7,1719-20.

Patience, and Joseph Prady, int.Nov.27,1756.

Rebecca, and Henry Edgar, Feb.6,1764.*

Samuel, and Patty Parsons, Aug.4,1779.

Sarah, and William Tyler, Jan.3,1744.*

Sarah, and Edward Harradan, July30,1775.CR3

Sarah, Mrs., and Robert Hill, resident, int.Sept.12,1790.

Sarah, and Alexander Roberts, Dec.28,1835.*

Stephen, of Newbury, and Betsy L. Williams, Sept.29,1842.*

Susan P[earce. int.], Mrs., and Jonathan T. [] Perkins, Nov.10,1822.CR3*

Susanna, and John Riggs, June17,1746.*

Susanna, of Boston, and William Gardner. int.Nov.21,1765.

William, and Anna Somes Babson, int.Feb.23,1811.

COLLIS (Corliss)

Daniel, and Elisabeth Davis, July13,1762.*

COLLMAN (Coleman)

William, and wid.Brigget Roe, Nov.14,1662.

COLMAN (Coleman)

James, and Esther Ingersoll, Nov.10,1774.*

COLSON (Coullson)

John, and Anna Dolliver, June22,1776.*


Henry, and [] Elisabeth Ingersoll, May1,1758.*

William Henry, and Polly Allen, May2,1782.*


Mary A. [of Topsfield.PR976], b. Topsfield, d.末末, of Topsfield, and Richard Tucker, fisherman, int.Oct.25,1845. [Oct.26. dup.]

Noah, of Lowell, and Esther T. Clark, June21,1837.*


Timothy, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Becker, Dec.29,1756. CR2*


Catherine [of], and Isaac Wharfe, Sept.9,1744.*


Benjamin, of Newburyport, and Peggy Griffin, Apr.13,1773.CR3*

Miles, [sojourner. int.], and Mary Savery, Jan.19,1756.*

COOK (Cooke)

Nabby, and Oliver Steavens, jr., Apr.1,1792.CR5*

Edmund, and Elisabeth Allen, Jan.3,1842,*

Godfrey, and Catharine Poor, both of Nova Scotia, May29,1842.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Sargent, int.Oct.22,1772.

Jemima, and Josiah Parsons, Feb.10,1779.

John [of Cambridge. int.], and Sarah Young,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Oct.29,1750.]

John, and Mary Elwell, 2:12m:1679.

Jonathan, and Alice Brown, June26,1774.*

Josiah, and wid.Hannah Emmons, Jan.8,1753.*

Josiah, and Jemima Parsons, Nov.29,1764.*

Mary, and Capt. James Davis, Aug.3,1697.

Mary, and John Curney, Jan.15,1712-13.*

Polly, Mrs., and James Blake, jr., int.Dec.3,1785.

Mary, and John Preston of Rumney, NH, int June22,1811.

Mary, [wid.CR3], and David Lane, jr., June21,1814.*

Mary, and Zebulum Parsons, Aug.5,1821.*

Norey [NancyCR1], and Peter Dowsett, Dec.2,1778.

Penelope, and Benjamin Bennet of Dover, NH, Dec.16,1714.*

Rachell, and William Vincen, June10,1661. [17:8m.1660.CTR]

Robert, sojourner, and Rhoda Witham, Jan.6,1842.*

Samuel K., and Sarah A. Derby of Salem, int.Feb.21,1836.

William, and Polly Gardner, Jan.25,1781.

William, and Polly Thurston, int.June13,1785.

William, and Mary Gott, Dec.20,1809.*

William, and Experience Tucker, Dec.28,1833.*

William, of Guisborough, N.S., and Jane Martin of Halifax, N.S., June30,1838.*

William, widr., a.37y., mariner, s.William and Mary, and Hannah A. Pettingale, wid., a.29y., d.James Bray, Mar.6,1848.*

Zebedee, jr., Esq., of Boston, and Ann Somes Trask, Apr.2,1834.*


Anthony, and Marssah Hodgkins, Oct.21,1722.*


Ann Maria, of Salem, and Isaac Watts Elwell, int.June1,1827.

James, and Hannah Tarr, July27,1756.CR5*

Moses, and Experience Bennet, int.Jan.12,1765.

Moses, and Mehetabel Tarr, Feb.16,1767.CR5*

William [sojourner. int.], and Anne Elwell, Aug.10, 末末. [1768. int]*

COOS (Coas, Coase, Coose, Coues, Cowes)

Sarah, and Benjamin Elwell, Oct.25,1840.*

Thomas, fisherman, s.Jeremiah, and Elisabeth A. Lane, d.Gideon, Apr.27,1846.*

William [Coas.CR1], and Susanna Parsons, May19,1781.

William, jr., [fisherman,], and Almira Norwood, Dec.14,1845.*

COOSE (Coos)

Sukey [Susannah.PR195.], and Benjamin Parsons, int.Jan.11,1803. [m.Jan.29.PR195]

William, 3d, and Polly Knights, Dec.11,1818.*


Anna, of Mendon, and John Phelps, at Mendon, Dec.21,1774.


Patt, resident, and Jemima Eveleth, int.Jan.15,1785.

CORDELL (Cordwell)

Olivia, and David Day, 3d.May10,1816.*

CORDWELL (Cordell)

William, and Abigal Bray, Nov.7,1751.*

CORLILE (Carlile)

William, and Mary Springer, Mar.17,1727-8.*

CORLISS (Collis)

Benjamin H., and Martha Burnham, int.Nov.1,1840.

Esther S., of North Yarmouth, and William M. Sawyer, int.Nov.14,1830.

John, Capt., and Nancy Saunders Foster, Feb.21,1813.*

John F., and Harriet W. Steele, Feb.1,1838.*

Polly, of New Haven, CT, and Capt. Andrew Davis, int.Apr.28,1798.

Nancy, Mrs., and Capt. William Dexter, Mar.7,1830.*

Sally, of North Yarmouth, and Charles Sawyer, May28,1812.*

Sarah H., and Alfred Cressy, June26,1843.*


Maryann, Mrs., of Belfast, Ire., and Simeon Coffin, jr., of Sanford, ME, July22,1838.*

CORNEY (Curnay, Curney)

Abigail, and Gregory Savery of Marblehead, int.Mar.28,1723. (Banns forbidden by Abigail Corney's father Apr.6,1723.)

Abigail, and Rowland Battin, Feb.11,1730-31.*

Abigal, [], and Arthur Lansford [Langsford, sojourner. int.] Aug.2,1764.

Elisha, jr., and Elizebeth Duncan, int.Apr.14,17末.

Elisha, and Hannah Nelson, Mar.7,1756. [Mar.8.PR1044]*

Elisabeth, and Stephen Row, Nov.6,1721.*

John, and Sarah Daniels of Durham, NH, int.Nov.5,1737.

John, and Hannah Palfrey [of Boston. int.], Sept.23,1770.*

Joseph, and Ann Marchett, June3,1736.*

Joseph, jr., and Mary Collins, Nov.15,1763.CR5*

Joseph, and Lydia Witham, Dec.19,1786.*

Joseph, and Polly Brown, int.Feb.3,1827.

Mary, and James Webester, Feb.26,1727-8.*

Mary, and William Goodrich, Mar.3,1776.CR3

Rebecca, and Thomas Ayres, June9,1724.*


Thomas, (sic), d.John Stone, and Thomas Cornish, Sept.4,1641.

Thomas, and Thomas Cornish, (sic), d.John Stone, Sept.4,1641.

William, and Ann Elwell, June末,1782.*


Timothy, sojourner, and Miriam Lurvy, Jan.25,1768.CR5*


Adam, and Judith Haskell, May28,1762.CR2*

Thomas, and Comfort Riggs, July28,1717.

COUES (Coos)

Samuel E., and Clarry S. Pearce, Oct.11,1823.CR6


Anna [wid.PR1050] and [Capt.PR1050] John Somes, Oct.1,1780.


Antony, sojourner, and Susanna Stanwood, Aug.31,1766.*

Benjamin, and Eliza Jane Burnham of Essex, int.Feb.2,1834.

Clarissa, and David Storms, Nov.6,1824.CR2*

Samuel, and Nabby Woodberry, Feb.1,1798.CR2*

Samuel, and Sarah Ann Seymour, Dec.27,1829.*

Sally, and Abraham Elwell, jr., Oct.2,1819.*

Susannah, Mrs., and William Hadlock, July2,1780.CR2


Joseph, and Rebeckah Doliver, Jan.22,1721-2.*

COWES (Coos)

Adelaide [Cowes Spaulding of], and Capt. Joseph Foster. [July29,1838. int.]

Samuel E., of Portsmouth, NH, and Clara S. Pearce, Nov.10,1823.*


Moses, resident, and Nancy Millett, Nov.14,1792.*

Thomas, and Frances Packharris, natives of Jamaica, at Jamaica, Jan.9,1801.

William [resident. int.], and [] Mary Morgan, July12,1802.CR2*


John, and Molly Millet, Nov.28,1773.*

Mary, and John Gilbert, jr., Mar.6,1733-4.*

COYT (Coit)

Abigail, and Isaac Eveleth, Nov.13,1677.

Mary, and William Ellery, June13,1676.

Nathanaell, and Elizabeth Davis, Feb.16,1686-7.

COYTE (Coit)

John, and Mary Stevens, d.William, 21:7m:1652.


Abigal, and James Paterson, Dec.26,1749.*


Esther, and Anrew Brown, both of Manchester, July10,1800.CR2

Sally, Mrs., and Aaron Allen, both of Manchester, Nov.末,1795.CR2

CRAIGE (Craigg)

John, and Martha Millet, Dec.4,1766.*

CRAIGG (Craige)

Nabby [], and Francis Mess, June25,1805.CR2*

John, and Nabby Woodberry, Aug.18,1793.*

Martha, and Joseph Malcolm, int.Apr.29,1786.

CRANDAL (Crandall)

Charles H., and Abigail Stanwood, Dec.21,1837.*

CRANDALL (Crandal)

Charles H., and Elisabeth Brown, int.Jan.26,1840.


Ezekiel, and Sarah Annis, Nov.14,1807.*


Elisha P., of Hartford, Conn., and Mary Eliza Thurston, June1,1833.*


Polly, of Sandy Bay, and Joseph Tucker [jr. int.], Nov.17,1791.CR5*

CREASEY (Cressy)

Sarah, of Rowley, and Ezekiel Parsons, at Rowley, Dec.8,1757.*


George, and Anna Pearson, May11,1772.*

CRESSY (Creasey)

Alfred, and Sarah H. Corliss, June26,1843.*

Almira, of Bradford, NH, and Capt. Silas Bray, int.Mar.9,1834.

Curtis C., and Abigail Swift, Oct.24,1841.*

Nancy, and John W. Bray, Dec.19,1843.*

Oliver S., of Hamilton, and Sarah Stanwood, int.May1,1831.

CRISTIE (Christie)

John [of Manchester. int.], and Dorcas Brown, Oct.21,1795.*

CROEL (Crowel)

Susanna [Crowel. int.], and Joseph Gardner, Feb.15,1727-8.*


John [Crowfoot.CR2], of Springfield, and Sarah Kent, Apr.1,1717.


Thomas, and Polly Brown, Jan.15,1793.*


Adelaide, and Capt. Jesse Burnham,末蔓末,1829.PR15

Benjamin L., and Elisabeth E. Torman, May8,1841.*

Margaret, and Nathaniel B. Gee, Sept.30,1833.CR1*

Robert, and Anstace Ellery, Oct.23,1744.*

Sarah Warner, [sojourner. int.], and David Row, jr., Sept.18,1774.CR3*


Nathan [Crossman.CR5] of Milton, and Eliza Marston, June18,1820.*


Rebeca Ann, a.18y., b. Nova Scotia, d.Jacob and Rebecca, of Nova Scotia, and James B. Saville, a.42y.mariner, s.Thomas and Betsey, Nov.13,1849.*

CROWEL (Croel)

Mary, and Simon Collet [both], Sept.28,1737.*


Timothy, sojourner, and Abigail Davis, Dec.7,1766.*


William, and Abigail Mains, int.Sept.30,1727.


Joshua, of Casco Bay, and Grace Tarr, Nov.10,1726.*


Charlotte C., and Henry Hodgkins, jr., Sept.23,1834.

Grace, and John Haskell, May16,1723.

Molly, of Uxbridge, and Ezekiel Phillips, at Uxbridge, May22,1788.

Mary, [], and John R[obinson. int.] Foster of Bristol, ME, June26,1817.*

Mary Jane Clough, and Sampel W[hipple. int.] Rogers, Feb.29,1824.*

Rebecca, and John York, at Shrewsbury, May4,1831.PR569

Samuel, of Topsfield, and Joanna Andrews, int.Nov.7,1825.


Anna and Joseph Davis, jr., Feb.8,1742-3.*

David, sojourner, and Mary Elwell, Aug.12,1766.*

Dolly, Mrs., and Michael Gallacher, Nov.27,1837.*

Elias, and Hepzi[beth.CR5] Tarr, Dec.12,1822.*

Eunice [], wid., and Capt. Joseph Davis, Dec.22,1791.CR5*

Hepzibah, Mrs., and William Cunningham, Dec.20,1832. [Dec.18.CR5]*

John, and Abigal Day of Ipswich, int.Mar.15,1757.

John, and Eunice Dodge, Apr.9,1765.*

John, and Polly Somes, Oct.17,1792.PR211

John, jr., and Dolley Tarr, Sept.28,1818.*

John, and Mrs.Deborah Rowe, Nov.4,1832.*

Lydia, and Arthur Wharfe, jr., Oct.31,1751.*

Mary [], and Job Lurvey, Oct.13,1741.*

Nehemiah, and Betsey Parsons, Dec.7,1818.*

Nehemiah, jr. and Lucy Prindall, Nov.15,1842.PR210

Rhoda, and Peter Stillman, jr., Sept.10,1827.CR5*

Sarah, and Richard Holland Dec.11,1747.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Nancy Haskell, Sept.18,1829.*

William, and Mrs.Hepsibah Cunningham, Dec.20,1832. [Dec.18,1832.CR5]*

CURNAY (Corney)

John, and Abegall Skilling, Nov.18,1670.

CURNEY (Corney)

Elisha, and Rebeckah Smith, Dec.16,1697.

John, and Mary Cook, Jan.15,1712-13.*

Mary, and Jacob Rowe, Jan.7,1712-13.*


Adoniram, and Debby Pulcifer, June1,1800.CR2*

Elmira F[oster.PR124], and James F. Burnham, May5,1841.*

Amanda, and Solomon Center, Dec.19,1841.*

Benjamin, and Augusta Tappan, Apr.13,1834.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Elizabeth Wing, Aug.15,1840.*

Charlotte, a.19y., d.Edward and Mary, and Benjamin Hodgkins [jr. int.], a.22y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Mary, Feb.7,1848.*

Edward, and Mary Phillips, Feb.17,1816.*

Edward H. [jr. int.], a.26y., butcher, s.Edward and Mary, and Susan H. Trask, a.25y., d.Israel, jr. and Elisabeth, May10,1848.*

Betsey, and Roger Sargent, Aug.26,1815.*

Elisabeth Ann, and George A. Shackleford, Oct.21,1834.*

Emily, a.20y., d.Edward and Mary and Thomas Raymond, a.19y., hairdresser, s.John and Phebe, Apr.4,1847.*

Gratia [], and William Morgan, jr., Dec.23,1827.CR3*

John, of Amesbury, and Mary Ann Riggs, May5,1833.PR817

Mary P., and Addison Center, Dec.29,1833.*

Moses, of Cornish, NH, and Tammy York, int.Nov.18,1800.

Nancy, and James Reed, int.Dec.12,1830.

Philander, and Clementine Knowlton, Dec.23,1832.*

Samuel, and Lydia Williams, at Ipswich, Mar.7,1733. [1733-4. int.]*

Samuel, of Boston, and Hephzibah Story, Jan.13,1822.CR3

Samuel, jr. and Susan Coffin Gray, Feb.4,1846.PR216

Sarah Thurlow, of Byfield, and Amos Bray, int.Nov.4,1826.

Susanna, and Solomon Center, Dec.19,1841.PR151

William, and Lucy Davis, Mar.29,1821.CR2*

William, and Mrs.Mary Choate, int.May9,1841.

William, and Mary McGee, Apr.5,1843.*

CURTIS (Curtiss)

Benjamin, and Dorcas Marstins, Dec.1,1816.*

Benjamin L., and Mary Fitzgerald, int.Oct.8,1843.

Bowry, sojourner, and Rebecca Gardner, Dec.15,1767.*

Charles M., fisherman, and Emily Tarr, Dec.29,1844.*

Deborah, and Ephraim Brown, Feb.7,1788.*

Deborah, and (William) Edmund P. Haskell, Nov.26,1837.*

Dorcas, and Isaac Harvey, int.Sept.26,1812.

Helen E., and William Adams, laborer, June2,1844.*

John, and Hannah Millett, Oct.22,1716.

John, and Hannah Ingersoll, int.Jan.27,1749.

John R[], and Susan Dresser, Apr.14,1822.CR3*

John R., and Mary Mess, Nov.19,1837.*

Judith L., and Elias Warner Day, June27,1828.*

Polly, and Winthrop Stanwood, Nov.17,1793.*

Samuel, and Dorcas Low, Nov.18,1787.*

Samuel, and Hanah Allen, Dec.26,1833.*

Sarah [late of Chebacco,. int.], and John Andress, Jan.22,1711-12.*

Susan M. [d.John and Susan. dup.], and Benjamin Vanderford, widr.[unm., a.26y.dup. of], fireman, b. Salem,末蔓末,1849. [Mar.27. dup.]*

Thales Yeaton, and Hannah Priestly, Sept.15,1828.*

William, and Betsey Knowlton, July末,1814. [July21. int.]*


Ann, resident, and William Bridgman of Salem, int.Sept.4,1725. (Banns forbidden by Ann Cushing, Sept.9,1725.)

Ann, and Robert Parks, sojourners, Oct.14,1725.*

Eliza, and Charles S[] Lincoln, Oct.21,1821.CR2*

Esther E., and Hammond Morse [of] Sept.11,1833.CR1*

Greenwood, and Sarah Parsons, int.July15,1775.

Woodbridge, and Sarah Parsons, July30,1775.CR2

Zenas, and Polly Presson, Feb.8,1792.*

Zenas, and Esther Presson, int.Sept.27,1801.

Zenas, and Mrs.Elizabeth Killbourn [resident. int.], Sept.30,1804.*

CUTLER (Cuttler)

Jonathan, Dr., of Danvers, and Mrs.Sarah Lufkin, May1,1777.CR2*

CUTTLER (Cutler)

Lidea, and John Stainewood, 9:10m:1680.CTR

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