FALT (Fault)

FARNHAM (Farnum)

Louisa [of Boston. int.], and Orville Duvey, at Boston, Dec.26,1820.*

Mary M., of Andover, and Capt. John H[askell.PR261] Davis, int.Apr.13,1832, 2d.m.[m.May1.PR261]

Susan Johnson, of Andover, and Henry Smith, int.Mar.22,1827.

FARNUM (Farnham)

Peter, of Salem, and Mary Millett, int.Nov.24,1810.


Anna, of Boston, and Edward Veterey, late of Gloucester, int.July27,1713.


Lydia, of Liverpool, N.S., and James Shaw of Guysborough, N.S., Feb.3,1840.*


George, and Judith Ann Adams, Nov.28,1833.*


Walter M. [Falt.PR333], a.24y., mariner, b. N.S., s.John and Abigail, of N.S., and Mary C. Robinson, a.21y., d.Benjamin and Betsey, Nov.30,1847.*

FAVOR (Favour)

Abigal, and Samuel Randal, Jan.16,1759.*

Hannah, and Jacob Bacon of Bath, ME, May24,1832.*

Lydia H., and Dr. Daniel Mann, Jan.12,1838.*

Timothy, jr., and Dorcas P. Fears, Nov.7,1833.*

Timothy, and Mary A. Gardner of Salem, int.Nov.17,1839.

FAVOUR (Favor)

Harriet, and John Bacon of North Yarmouth, ME, int.Apr.3,1831.

FEAR (Fears)

Anna, and William Elwell, jr.,末蔓末, 末末 [Apr.12,1776. int.]*

Anne, and Benjamin Boynton, Jan.5,1772.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Tarr, June7,1752.*

John, and Sarah Norwood, Jan.1,1778.CR3

Molly, and William Dyer, int.Feb.18,1775.

Susanna, and Benjamin Clark, Aug.9,1777.*

William [Feer. int.], and Naomi Stainwood [Stanwood.int.], July24,1721.*

William, [jr. int.], and Anna Bray, Nov.27,1746.*

FEARS (Fear)

Adeline, and Robert Fears, Aug.23,1829.*

Anna, and Abraham Lurvey, int.Dec.4,1801.

Dorcas P., and Timothy Favor, jr., Nov.7,1833.*

Eliza, and George W. Tuck, seaman, b. Manchester, s.末末, of Manchester, May12,1845.*

Betsey, and Zebulun Lufkin, Nov.15,1807.*

Betsey, and Benjamin Robinson, Sept.13,1819.*

Hannah W., and William Elwell, Sept.20,1835.*

Isaac, and Betsey Parsons, Sept.8,1811.*

Isaac, jr., and Sarah Bickford, Dec.3,1835.*

John, and Hannah Wheeler, Jan.20,1818. [1815.PR333]*

Joseph, and Dorcas Parsons, Jan.26,1805.CR2*

Joseph, and Esther Leighton, Dec.25,1808.*

Joseph, jr., and Loisa Procter, Nov.9,1834.*

Josiah H., and Julia Procter, Apr.10,1836.*

Lucinda W., and Isaac R. Bray, int.Oct.9,1836.

Mary, and William S. Fretch, Oct.25,1837.*

Naomi, and Daniel Davis, int.Oct.2,1756.

Nathaniel, and Betsey Rowe, June11,1827.*

Robert, and Betsey Herrick, Feb.15,1807.*

Robert, and Adeline Fears, Aug.23,1829.*

Samuel P., and Jerusha A[nn. int.] Bickford, Mar.3,1836.PR117*

Samuel L., and Mary Ann R. Tuck of Boston, Nov.15,1838.*

Sally, and Gustavus Norwood, jr., int.Dec.2,1802.

William, and Patience Williams, Jan.10,1775.CR3*

William, and Rhoda Wheeler, Dec.12,1815.*

William, and Tammy Adams, Dec.23,1832.*

William, jr., mariner, and Mary Adams, June30,1844.*


Daniel, and Elizabeth Babson, May30,1762.*

Elisabeth, and Ezekiel Glass [of New Gloucester. int.], Sept.21,1772.*

FEDRIX (Fedricks)

Jabez, jr., and Sally Wier, int.Oct.4,1803.

Judith, and Robert Huntress, resident, int.July20,1799.


末末, d.Henry, and Samuell Haieward, Mar.2,1641.


Abigal, of Ipswich, and Josiah Haskell, int.Jan.25,1772.

Anstrice, and William Baker, sojourner, int.Sept.3,1837. (Banns forbidden by a court of justice, William Baker having a wife living.)

Benjamin [of Ipswich.int.], and [wid.int.] Sarah Elwell, Mar.29,1749.

Benjamin, jr., of Ipswich, and Anna Webber, int.Apr.8,1784.

Cyrus, and Lucy Rowe, Mar.10,1832.*

Deborah, of Ipswich, and Jonathan Goodhue, int.Mar.13,1758.

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Low,末蔓末, 末末 [Oct.7,1758. int.]*

Betsey, of Ipswich, and Benjamin Bradstreet Day, int.June25,1811.

Betsey, and Joseph Moore, Sept.26,1811.*

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Joseph Chapman, int.Nov.12,1805.

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Elisabeth A[tkinson. int.] Dennison, May23,1821. [May22.PR291]*

Mary [of Ipswich.int.], and Moses Lane, Jan.29,1829.CR3 [Jan.20,1828.PR595]*

Olive, of Ipswich, and Moses Lane, int.Feb.5,1819. [m.Feb.23.PR595]

Samuel, and Mercy Treadwell of Ipswich, int.Apr.15,1763.

Sally, of Ipswich, and Ammi Brown, int.June25,1798.

Sophronia, of Hopkinton, NH, and Thomas L. Pulcifer, Jan.18,1829.CR3*

Susan, of Ipswich, and Jonathan Dennison, int.Mar.3,1821. [Apr.3.PR291]

William, of Ipswich, and Sally Potter Haskell, int.Oct.4,1823.


Elizabeth, of Lynn alias Boston, and William Tarr, Dec.21,1708.*

Phoebe, of Salem, and Capt. John Haskell Davis, int.Oct.12,1816.

William, and Jane Harraden, Nov.17,1780.PR220

William [of Salem.int.], and Susannah Haskell, Aug.15,1809.CR2*


Peter, of Newburyport, and Hannah Haskell, int.May3,1829.

FERNALD (Furnell)

James, and Betsy Tarr, Mar.28,1837.*


William, and Lydia Dodge, May3,1803.


James, and Alice Riggs, Sept.20,1838.*

Jane B., and John D. Safford, June27,1824.PR346

Maryann, of Salem, and Addison Smith, int.Dec.9,1838.


Jane, and Thomas Foster,末蔓末,1739. [ Sept.15. int.]*

FIGGERS (Figgies)

Judith Ann, and Abraham D. Hodgkins, Mar.21,1841.*

FIGGIES (Figgers)

Mary, A., a.25y., d.William and Judith, and John Lane, a.24y., mariner, s.David and Mary, Feb.18,1849.*

William [from Europe.CR3], and Judith Riggs [d.Aaron.CR3], June末,1813. [June26.PR19]*


John, sojourner, and Martha Robinson, int.June11,1753.

FINSON (Vinson)

Ambrose, and Bethia Davis, Dec.15,1748.*

Elisabeth, and Timothy Hinckly [Kenchly.int.], sojourner, Dec.23,1770.CR5 [May4,1770. int.]*

Mary, and Joseph Thurston, Mar.9,1724-5.*

Mary [Vinson. int.], and James Davis, 3d, Feb.19,1738-9.*

Polly [MaryCR3], and Aaron Wheeler, Oct.末,1779. [Nov.25.CR3]

Sara [Vinson. int.], and William Parsons, 3d [s.Jonathan. int.], Nov.25,1767.*

Susanna, and Philemon Capada [sojourner. int.], Nov.27,1768.*

Tammy, and Thomas Goss, jr., Nov.25,1777.CR5

Thomas, and Mary Lane, Dec.6,1716.

Thomas, and Mary [Molly.int.] Dresser, Sept.7,1777.CR5*


Penelope, and William Hadlock, Dec.23,1717.


Jacob [resident. int.], and Sarah Witham Babson, Nov.27,1825.*


John, and wid.Mary Coite, Oct.3,1667.

Sally, and John Turner, int.Oct.17,1787.

William, of Canterbury, CT, and Margaret Grover, int.Sept.22,1767.


Aaron [resident. int.], and Nancy Riggs, Mar.5,1804.CR2*

Aaron, jr., and Sophia Norwood, Jan.14,1840.*

Abigail N[ewman. int.], and Andrew W. Bailey, Nov.30,1825.CR3*

Abraham [of Ipswich.int.], and Mrs.Abigail Morgan, Mar.31,1790.*

Alfred, and Elizabeth Allen, int.Jan.13,1839.

Charles, and Betsey B. Day, July3,1831.*

John, and Elisabeth White, Dec.12,1807.*

Mary W., and Enos Griffin, Nov.24,1833.*

Moses, and Rebecca Giddinge, Feb.28,1790.*


Anthony D., and Sarah Lloyd, int.Sept.10,1843.

Daniel [resident. int.], and Sally Parsons, June6,1819.*

Mary, and Benjamin L. Curtiss, int.Oct.8,1843.

FLAG (Flagg)

Sarah, and Barzilla Bray, July4,1779.CR2

FLAGG (Flag)

Joseph, sojourner, and Sarah Bray, int.Nov.9,1767.


John, and Sarah Prince, int.Feb.12,17末.


Michael, alias Flaminham [Flanniken. int.], sojourner, and Martha Bishop, Dec.9,1766.*


Michael, and Elisabeth Kelsey, Mar.19,1769.*

FLECHER (Fletcher)

John, and Patience Wonson, Mar.2,1769.CR5*

Nathan, and Lydia Cleaveland Dec.3,1765.CR5*

FLEMING (Flemmeng)

Abigal, and John Smith, Nov.27,1746.*

Charles, and Deborah Babson, Dec.11,1766.*

Mary, of Tewksbury, and Henry Edgar, jr., int.Oct.22,1743.

FLEMMENG (Fleming)

Jennit, and James Mecoy, Dec.19,1732.*

FLETCHER (Flecher)

Nathan, and Lucy Elwell, June11,1733.*

FLIN (Flynn)

John, and Mary Hammons, Oct.20,1719.

FLINN (Flynn)

Mary, and William Nelson, Jan.26,1720-21.*


Eben S., widr., a.29y., s.Samuel and Rebecca, and Ann R. Rust, a.24y., both of Danvers, Apr.21,1846.

Ruth, of Salem, and Thomas Medcise, int.Sept.14,1728.


Charles, and Sally W[oodwell. int.] Bray, June末,1813. [Jan.末.CR3]*


Abigail, and Jonathan Foster of Sedgwick, int.Nov.23,1799. (Banns forbidden by Abigail Flowers, May19,1800.)

Abigail, and Solomon Allen, jr., int.May20,1800.

William, and Marcy Knolton, both of Manchester, Apr.19,1798.CR2


Enoch, jr., of Newbury, and Sarah E. Hervey, Jan.21,1833.*

George W., and Hannah E. Babcock, Mar.21,1830.*

Hannah, of Newbury, and Mark Allen, int.Oct.23,1807.

Philip, sojourner, and Elizabeth Denning, int.May27,1730.

FLYNN (Flin, Flinn)

Mary, and 末末ard [Richard.int.] Tarr, Jan.1,1739-40.*

Nancy [Mrs.int.], and Joseph Smith, 3d [jr.CR1], June25,1826.*

Thomas [resident. int.], and [Mrs.int.] Nancy Lancey, Apr.21,1821.*


Laban, resident, and Polly Mayhew, int.Nov.11,1796.


Eli, Rev., and wid.Lucy Saunders, Sept.15,1776.CR3*

Eli, Rev., and Mrs.Sarah Parsons of Newbury, at Newbury, Sept.13,1781.

Eli, Rev., and Mrs.Lucy Baldwin of Brookfield, at Brookfield, Nov.13,1793.*

Eunice A., a.19y., d.William and Sophia, and Elisha Brown, a.22y., laborer, s.Samuel W., and Martha, Aug.25,1848.*

Polly [of Brookfield.int.], and Peter Coffin, jr., at Brookfield, Oct.21,1773.*

Sophia, wid., and Pliny Davison, widr., blacksmith, s.Pliny, Oct.16,1845.*


John, and Betsy Sanborn [of Amesbury.int.], Oct.18,1795.

Mary, and Aaron Andrews, Jan.5,1772.CR2*

William, and Mary Gilbert [sr. int.], Jan.末,1754.*


John, of Boston, and Anne Burnam, int.Oct.10,1749.


George E., a.25y., mariner, s.William and Ann, and Mary Pool, a.18y., d.Dominicus and Clementin, Dec.19,1849.*

FORSTER (Foster)

William, and Sarah Grover, Sept.6,1770.CR5*

FOSTER (Forster)

Abigail [Mrs.int.], of Boston, and Capt. William Ellery [jr. int.], Aug.1,1765.*

Nabby Ellery, and Edward Langdon Coffin, int.May12,1804.

Almira, Mrs., and William Sargent, June20,1830.*

Anah R., a.27y., d.John R. and Mary, and James Gerrish [of Boston. int.], a.33y., counsellor, b. Lebanon, ME, s.George and Elisabeth, of Lebanon, Jan.2,1847.*

Arria, and James Ellery, July10,1832.*

Bartholemew, and Hanah Very, d.Thomas, 9:9m:1668. [1669.CTR]

Benjamin, and Susanah Andress, Aug.23,1711.

Benjamin, Capt., and Polly Ingersoll, Jan.11,1789.*

Benjamin, Capt., and Ruby Frye of Andover, Apr.16,1822. [Apr.9.PR342]*

Caroline S., a.21y., d.Jeremiah and Caroline, and Joseph L. Stevens, jr., a.24y., merchant, b. Castine, ME, s.Joseph L. and Dorothy, of Castine, Oct.12,1847.*

Daniel, and Elisabeth Rea, Apr.4,1765.*

David [sojourner. int.], and Jenny Morgan, Apr.17,1771.*

Elinor, and Joshua Gamage, Dec.27,1764.CR5*

Elijah, jr., and Betsy Wallace, int.Oct.13,1799.

Eliza, and Timothy Davis, jr., June1,1820.*

Elizebeth, and Thomas Mesaruey, Jan.5,1731-2.*

Elizabeth, and Nathan Safford, at Salem, Sept.29,1785.PR346

Elisabeth, and William Dolliver, jr., Nov.25,1789.*

Betsy, and Benjamin Thurstain, int.Sept.11,1802.

Betsey, and William Blatchford, Aug.18,1814.*

Betsey, and John White Marshall, Dec.11,1832.PR347*

Emily, and John Beach, jr., May28,1807.*

Emma, and John Edwin Moody of Boston, Sept.4,1841.*

Esther, Mrs., of Charlestown, and Francis Norwood at Charlestown, Sept.12,1726.*

George, and Loisa Knowlton, June28,1827.CR5*

Hannah, and Thomas Sawyer, Nov.18,1691.

Hannah, and John Kelsey, sojourner, int.July14,1739.

Hannah, and John Noble, sojourner, int.Nov.25,1749.

Harriet N., of Wenham, and Alexander Haskell, int.Oct.22,1837.

Jeremiah, and Polly Tarr, Nov.24,1780.

Jeremiah, and Caroline Stevens, May10,1821.*

Jeremiah, and Charlotte Babson, Nov.6,1834.*

John Hardy [Hadly.CR1], and Mary Shappen [Shapch.CR1], Dec.16,1776.*

John, and Deborah Tarr, Jan.13,1810.*

John R[obinson. int.], of Bristol, ME, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Cummings, June26,1817.*

John, jr., and Ann Maria Stockman, Dec.18,1834.*

John F[rye.PR342], a.21y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Ruby, and Mary Ann Norris, a.20y., d.[George and Mary.in pencil], Dec.20,1847.*

Jonathan, of Sedgwick, and Abigail Flowers, int.Nov.23,1799. (Banns forbidden by Abigail Flowers, May19,1800.)

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Abigail Ring [Kink. int.], Mar.28,1728.*

Joseph, jr., and Becca Ingersoll, Nov.3,1782.*

Joseph, Col., and Mrs.Hannah Somes,末蔓末,1790. [Oct.30. int.]*

Joseph, jr., and Sally Hall, int.Dec.7,1793.

Joseph, jr., and Lucy Elwell, May16,1806. [May17.CR6]*

Joseph S[tory, of Ipswich.int.], and Susanna Knowlton, July末,1812. [Feb.末.CR3]*

Joseph, Capt., and Adelaide Cowes [Spalding of Portsmouth, NH, July29,1838. int.]*

Judith, and John Keily, sojourner, int.Sept.19,1768.

Judith, and Thomas Bradbury Sanders, Apr.16,1793.*

Julia A[nn. dup.], a.22y., d.Thomas J., and Julia A., and Joseph S. Hooper, of Manchester, a.23y., cabinet maker, b. Manchester, s.Joseph and Lucy, of Manchester, Nov.11,1849.*

Lucy, and William Younger [sojourner. int.], Mar.6,1749-50.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Benjamin K. Hough, int.Oct.1,1801.

Lucy, and Samuel Rogers, Dec.8,1804.*

Lucy E., and Solomon Stanwood, Sept.11,1832.*

Lydia, and John Sargent, Mar.5,1780.CR1

Lydia, and Senter Merrill, Sept.24,1817.*

Mary, and Solomon Cole, int.Dec.13,1746.

Mary, and Thomas Worley, sojourner [from NC. int.], Jan.14,1747-8.*

Mary, d.Col. Joseph, and [Capt.CR1] Nathaniel Wade of Ipswich, at Ipswich, July17,1777.*

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Locke, int.Sept.8,1800.

Mary, and Eliphalet Davis, Nov.9,1804.*

Mary, and Samuel A[ppleton. int.] Gale, May14,1807.*

Mary F[rances.int.], and Eben H[ough.int.] Redding, Sept.26,1824.*

Mary [Mrs.int.], and Henry Phelps, Esq., Apr.19,1826.*

Miriam, and Ezra Witham, int.Aug.27,1796.

Nancy Saunders, and Capt. John Corliss, Feb.21,1813.*

Nathaniel, and Rachel Blanchard, Jan.10,1782.

Nathaniel, and Lucy Ober Rowe, Nov.12,1829.*

Patience, and William Davis, Jan.22,1718-19.

Rebecca, and Capt. David Elwell, jr., July16,1815.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Elias Davis, Nov.29,1733.*

Sarah, and Paul Hughes [sojourner. int.], Nov.30,1749.*

Sally, and Capt. William Dolliver, 3d, Aug.7,1790.*

Sally, and Gideon Black [resident. int.], Dec.28,1794.*

Sally, and [Capt. int.] William Allen, 3d, June28,1808.*

Sally, and Capt. Jonathan Gilbert, jr., May18,1816.*

Sarah, and Abraham Hobbs, Mar.25,1832.*

Susanna, and John Gansey, int.Nov.9,1771.

Thomas, and Jane Fielding,末蔓末,1739. [ Sept.15. int.]*

Thomas, and Elisabeth Somes, Aug.4,1768.*

Thomas J[efferson. int.], Capt., and Juliann Babson, Feb.26,1826.CR6*

Thomas J. [Capt.CR6], and Elisabeth Elwell, Nov.3,1834.*


Mary, and John Bear, 20:11m:1672.

Richard [sojourner. int.], and Jemima Day, June19,1744.*


Elizabeth, of Boston, and Moses Benet, int.Jan.19,1744-5.


Samuel, Rev., of New Gloucester, and Lucy Ellery, int.Feb.6,1770.


Dolly, of Medford, and Ephraim Robberts, June13,1751.*

George, sojourner, and Hepzibah Varrel, Nov.28,1751.*

Hepzibah, and John May [sojourner. int.], Mar.28,1771.*

FRAZER (Frazier)

Mary Ann, Mrs., of Boston, and Benjamin N. Carter, Nov.19,1843.*

FRAZIER (Frazer)

Almira E., a.19y., b. Yarmouth, ME, d.Michael and Lydia, and Charles C. Canney, a.28y., mariner, b. Dover, NH, s.Ichabod and Mary, Jan.30,1849.*

William, and Dorothy Killam, Oct.22,1767.*

FRECH (French)

末末, Mrs., and John Turney, Nov.13,1787.CR5


Abigail, [Mrs.int.], and James Millett, 3d, Dec.4,1818.*

Emily A., and William S. Rowe, Oct.26,1836.*

George, and Serena Sargent, Aug.19,1812.*

George, and Abigail Doyl, July19,1813.*

Philip, of Boston, and Susanna Haskell, June18,1765.*

Robin, and Mrs.Lucretia Hector of Salem, int.July25,1830.

Serena Ann S., and Ignatius Rowe, Mar.15,1830.*

FRENCH (Frech)

Emma C. [of Boston. dup.], a.21y., b. Boston, d.George and Harriet, of Boston, and Francis A. Johnston, a.23y., baker, s.John S. and Harriet, Oct.30,1849.*

Fanny, Mrs., a.50y., d.Ezekiel and Fanny Parsons, and William Laurence, a.43y., mariner, b. England s.Godfrey, Jan.3,1849.*

Joseph, and Lydia D. Gove, Dec.15,1843.*

Richard, and Abigail Beynet [Bignal.CR1], Mar.21,1780.

Samuel, and Charlotte Woodbury, June5,1806.*

Winthrop G., and Mrs.Fanny Ingersoll, June15,1834.*


Elizabeth, and Thomas Riggs, sr., Oct.30,1695.

FRETCH (Fritch)

Elizabeth T., and Paul Morgan, Dec.27,1836.*

Mary, and John Rowe, Dec.20,1827.CR5*

Samuel T., and Esther Parsons, Nov.23,1828.*

Samuel T., and Mrs.Mary Parsons, Dec.24,1835.*

William S[tevens.int.], and [Mrs.int.] Lydia Gee, Mar.28,1826.*

William S., and Mary Fears, Oct.25,1837.*

FRIE (Frye)

Isaac, and Nami Haskell, Oct.13,1725.


Ann T., and Charles E. Grover, Feb.2,1834.*

Belinda [D. dup.], and John E. Hunt [Esq. of New York, NY. dup.], widr., b. NY, s.末末, of NY, June8,1845.*

Charles, and Clarissa F. Laroque, June12,1842.*

Daniel W. [of Manchester. int.], widr., a.27y., housewright, b. Manchester, s.Daniel and Lucy, of Manchester, and Hannah M. Haskell, a.21y., d.Charles and Dianna G., Jan.4,1848.*

Elbridge G., and Alinda Berry of Boston, int.Sept.16,1838.

Elbridge G[erry.AC], widr., mason, s.Samuel, and Hannah P. Collins, d.James P., Dec.17,1845. [Dec.7.AC]*

Eliza, and Joseph Herrick, jr., June12,1831.*

Eliza, and Frederick Norwood, Dec.3,1832.*

Elisabeth, a.22y., d.Richard, jr., and William Procter, of Lynn, a.24y., carpenter, s.Denmark and Lavinia, deceased, at Lynn,末蔓末,1846. [Apr.27. int.May10. dup.]*

George, and Mary I[ngersoll. int.] Sayward, Apr.2,1820.*

George, jr., and Betsy D. Roper, int.Oct.4,1840.

George F., a.20y., housewright, s.Richard, jr. and Sally, and Hannah E. Gott, a.18y., d.William and Judith, deceased, Aug.2,1846.*

Hannah O. [P.CR6], and Lemuel Friend, jr., Dec.4,1831. [Dec.8.AC]*

Joseph, and Emeline Thomas, May4,1830.CR6*

Joseph S., a.23y., merchant, s.George and Mary, and Helen M. Elwell, a.23y., d.Elias and Thomasin, int.Oct.8,1847.

Josiah Ober, and Caroline Dolliver Sayward, June3,1827.*

Lemuel, and Betsey Thomas, Oct.9,1808.*

Lemuel, jr., and Hannah O. [P.CR6] Friend, Dec.4,1831. [Dec.8.AC]*

Lucy Ann, of Manchester, and Edward Staten, int.Dec.5,1830.

Martha, and George Watson, Dec.24,1809.*

Martha H., and William Parsons, 4th, May11,1841.*

Martha Ann, d.Lemuel, and Timothy S. Rowe, seaman, s.James, May25,1845.*

Mary, and James Merchant, Sept.29,1811. [ Sept.14. dup.]*

Mary, and Isaac A. Herrick, Jan.1,1835.*

Nathaniel, fisherman, s.Lemuel, and Mary Elisabeth Kemp, d.John, Nov.27,1845.*

Richard, and Martha Kimball, Oct.21,1787.PR349

Richard, jr., and Elisabeth Parkhurst, Mar.20,1817.*

Richard, jr., and Sally Friend of Beverly, int.Oct.22,1825.

Richard, 3d, and Ann Calder Hersey, Jan.10,1844.*

Samuel Kimball, and Lucy E[llery.PR350] Ryerson, May24,1829.*

Samuel, jr., and Mrs.Abigail H. Brown, Sept.13,1829.*

Sally, and Simeon Burnham, Dec.5,1816.*

Sally, of Beverly, and Richard Friend, jr., int.Oct.22,1825.

Sarah H., and James D. Pulcifer of Southport, Ouisconsin Territory, Aug.26,1839.*

William Scott, and Nancy Thomas, Nov.29,1823.*

William H., and Ann Wilson, Dec.3,1837.*

FRITCH (Fretch)

William, and Rebecca Tarr, int.Sept.13,1804.


Dorrite, and John Riggs, int.May26,1733.


Charles A. [of Liverpool, Eng. int.], a.22y., mariner, b. Liverpool, Eng., s.John H. and Betsy Ann, and Mary E. Christy, a.19y., d.William and Mary, Nov.17,1847.*


Mary, and Benjamin Josslin, Apr.12,1716.*

Thomas, of NH, and Olivia C. Davis, int.July5,1835.

FRYE (Frie)

Dorcas, of Andover, and Enoch Haskell, at Andover, Dec.9,1759.*

Ruby, of Andover, and Capt. Benjamin Foster, Apr.16,1822.*

Sarah, of Andover, and Thomas Ireland int.Oct.31,1818.


John G. [H. int.], and Elisabeth Beach, June23,1794.*


Ann, and Nicholas Dening, Jan.14,1731-2.*

Clarinda M. [of Lynn. dup.], a.17y., b. Lynn, d.William and Miriam, of Lynn, and James A. Knowlton, a.26y., housewright, s.James and Nancy, int.May8,1847. [May9. dup.]

Daniel, of Ipswich, and Anna Doliver, Oct.17,1726.*

Daniel, and Keturah Rust, Nov.5,1751.*

Daniel, Rev., and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Bowers [of Middleton. int.], Aug.20,1770.*

Betsy, and Samuel Caswell [resident. int.], June20,1793.*

Hannah Peters, and [Capt.CR2] Dudley Sargent, June25,1795.*

Keturah, and Francis Benet, Oct.29,1772.CR2*

Mary, and Benjamin Haskell, June16,1808.CR2

Nancy, and Solomon Davis, int.May8,1803. [m.May10.PR220]

Richard, and Mrs.Lavinia Spinney, Nov.21,1842.*

Sally, and Joshua Dane, int.June4,1796.

Sarah, and James Appleton, Nov.19,1807.CR2*

Sarah E., and Albert T. Minot of Boston, Nov.24,1843.*

William, and Mary Harraden [wid., d.Rev. Benjamin Bradstreet.PR220], int.Sept.15,1769. [m.Sept.15.PR220]

FULLERTON (Fullington)

Charles John, sojourner, and Mary Penny, int.July9,1768.

Charles John, sojourner, and Martha Grover, int.Oct.4,1768. (Banns forbidden by Abigail Grover, mother of Martha.)

Willilliam [Fullinton of Boston. int.], and Mercy Jewett [wid.int.], Nov.18,1743.*

FULLINGTON (Fullerton)

Jeremiah, and Mary Henderson, Dec.16,1770.*


Martha Boardman, of Exeter, NH, and Adams Nichols, int.Oct.25,1829.


Anna, and William Grimes [jr. int.], Feb.26,1789.*

John, and Anna Tipping, Sept.1,1765.*

FUNNELL (Furnell)

FURNELL (Fernald)

Charles W. [Funnell.CR6], and Abigail Duley, Dec.16,1832.*


James, alias Furnald, and Esther Stillman, int.Nov.11,1796.

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