JACKSON (Jacson)

Andrew [Andrew Healing, of Philadelphia.int.], a.26y., mariner, b. Philadelphia, and Hannah N. Lander, wid., a.38y., d.Joseph Somes, Nov.21,1847.*

Anna, Mrs., of Boston, and Capt. Mark Pool, int.[2d m.PR4], Nov.10,1786. [m.Nov.21.PR4]

Charles A., merchant, of Savanna GA, b. Savanna, GA, and Sarah Mackay Davis, d.Elias, Sept.23,1845.*

Daniel,末蔓末, 末末. int.[1760?]

Daniel, of Falmouth, Casco Bay, and Abigail Day, Nov.17,1726.*

Daniel, and Molly Holland int.May29,1775.

John, s.John and Susanna Jones, d.Thomas, July12,1659. [July22.CTR]

Jonas, sojourner, and Hannah Sawyer, June1,1765.*

Joseph, and Mary Sanders, Oct.28,1762.*

Joseph, and Hannah Sawyer, Apr.16,1772.*

Polly, and Jabez Row, jr., Mar.22,1790.CR5*

Rachel, of Sheepscott, and Arthur Wharfe, jr., alias 3d, int.Mar.1,1755.

Sarah, and Mark Pool, jr., both of the Cape, June11,1798.CR2*

William, and Rachel Murrel, Jan.30,1734-5.*


Abraham Tarr, and Miriam Pool, int.May21,1808.

Anthony D., a.24y., b. Wells, ME, s.Obed and Lucretia, and Rhoda S. Clough, a.24y., d.Moses and Rhoda, Jan.30,1848. [Feb.6.CR3]*

Benjamin, and Mary Phips, Dec.10,1792.CR5

Elisabeth, and Natthaniel Clarke, Jan.1,1761.CR5*

Isaac, resident [sojourner. int.], and Elizabeth Tarr, Feb.15,1757.CR5*

Isaac, and 末末 Grover, Feb.18,1780.CR5

Isaac, and Lois Cleveland Hale, Aug.23,1807.*

Lois Cleaveland Mrs., and Azor Knowlton, Dec.27,1810.*

Martha L., of Wells, ME, and Moses H. Clough, int.Dec.13,1840.

Molly, and Edward Higgins, Jan.6,1793.CR5*

Temperance, b. Ogunquit, ME, and William Bragdon, b. North Berwick, ME, Feb.22,1831.PR85

Timothy, and Dolly R. Hodgkins, Dec.31,1834.*

JACSON (Jackson)

Elezebeth, d.John, and John Briers, Mar.25,1651-2.

JAMERSON (Jameson)

Nancy, and James Miller of Boston, int.June21,1800.


Charles, and Anna Collins, July17,1673.

Ebenezer [resident. int.], and [Mrs.int.] Polly Davis, May18,1811.CR2*

Eliza, and William Dennin, Oct.28,1832.*

George, and Fanny Hoyt, of Bradford, NH, Nov.15,1840.*

Hepzibah, of Manchester, and Nathaniel Millet, at Manchester, Mar.24,17末. [1756. int.]*

John, and Eliza Bray, Apr.10,1836.CR6*

Samuel, [a.26y.in pencil.], laborer, s.[Ebenezer and Mary Stanwood.in pencil.], and Caroline Clarke [Haskell, a.19y., d.Asa and Araline Rust Haskell, in pencil.] May11,1845.*

Thom[as; James Thom.int.] Esq., of Exeter, [NH. int.], and Harriet Coffin, May5,1813.CR2*

JAMESON (Jamerson)

Robert, and Abigail Langford, Jan.12,1772.*


Priscilla, of Nova Scotia, and James Hursford of Philadelphia, int.Apr.15,1838.

JAQUES (Jaqus)

Mary, and Simon Thorla of Newbury, Apr.10,1770.CR2*

Richard, and Marry Ilsley of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.13,1785.*

Sally, and Daniel Bray, Dec.24,1792.*


Polly [of Wilmington. int.], and Dr. James Goss, at Wilmington, June18,1795.*

JAQUS (Jaques)

Thomas, and Sarah Haskell, Apr.9,1745.*

JEFFERDS (Jeffords)

Mary, and Richard Clark, resident, Jan.6,1756.CR5*

JEFFERS (Jeffords)

William, and Martha Rodgers [both resident. int.] Nov.30,1769.*

JEFFORDS (Jefferds, Jeffers)

Margaret, and Ebenezer Grover, Nov.22,1736.*


James, and Mary Wharff, Nov.26,1786.*

James Mitchell, and Nancy Nutter, of Essex, int., Oct.21,1838. (Banns forbidden by Mitchell A. Jeffs.)

Joseph, and Dorothy Millett, int.Mar.10,1787.

Mary, Mrs., and Tristram Coffin, Oct.7,1800.CR2*

Mary C., and Josiah Choate, Dec.4,1835.*

Sarah B., a.16y., d.Mitchel and Lydia, and John Nutter, widr., a.32y., cordwainer, b. Essex, s.James and Mehitable, int.Mar.末,1848. [Feb.20. dup.]

Thomas, and Abigal Clark, int.Feb.11,1755.

Thomas, jr., and Abigail Stevens, int.Aug.27,1785.

Thomas, and Elisabeth Stevens, Oct.9,1791.*

William, fisherman, and Julia A. [Augusta.dup.] Griffin, Dec.1,1844.*


William [Garrison.CR1], and 末末 Smith, Nov.8,1780.

JERAL (Jerals)

Israel R., and Susan M. Lane, Nov.13,1831.CR3*

JERALS (Jeral)

George W., and Mary J. Dexter, Apr.30,1835.*

JEWET (Jewett)

Harriet, of Ipswich, and William T. Averill, int.May2,1841.

JEWETT (Jewet)

Charles S., a.22y., cordwainer, b. Ipswich, s.John and Judith, and Judith Ann Knights, wid., a.21y., d.William and Charlotte Smith, Aug.13,1848.*

David, Rev. [b. Hollis, NH.PR520], and Rebecca Reed of Marblehead, int.June16,1807.

Ebenezer, and Diadama York, Dec.17,1829.*

Ebenezer, and Almira Parsons, Nov.15,1838.*

Ebenezer, of Rockport, and Mrs.Clarissa Williams, Aug.27,1843.*

Elizabeth [Betsey.int.], of Ipswich, and Joseph Jane, jr., at Ipswich, Dec.20,1792.*

Hannah B[elknap. int.], [b. Pembroke, NH.PR395], and Jabez R[ichardson. int.] Gott, Sept.19,1816.*

Isaiah, of Rowley [of Bradford.int.], and Martha [B. int.] Saville, Oct.26,1828.CR3*

James, and Elisabeth Shepherd of Boston, int.Apr.5,1760.

Lucy C[onant. int.], [b. Goshen, NH.PR165], and Solomon Choate jr., May13,1824.*

Mary Ann, of Ipswich, and Perkins Potter, int.Jan.3,1830.

Mary Appleton, and Rev. John Whitney of Boxford, Oct.15,1835.*

Mercy [wid.int.], and Willilliam Fullerton [Fullinton of Boston. int.], Nov.18,1743.*

Stephen, of Cornish, and Betsey Bennet, Oct.29,1815.*

Susan B[artlett. int.], and Josiah Haskell, jr., Apr.3,1821.*

Susan H., a.23y., b. Ipswich, d.John and Judith, of Ipswich, and Andrew Tucker, a.22y., mariner, s.Daniel and Patience, int.Apr.3, [Apr.4. dup.] 1847.


Hana, and Richard Godinge, 20:9m:1666.CTR

JOCELYNE (Joselin, Joseline, Joselyne, Joslen, Joslin, Josline, Josseline, Josselyne, Josslin, Jossline)

Rebecca, and Ebenezer Parsons, Apr.25,1765.*

William, and Elizabeth Penny, Jan.4,1753.*


Alexander, a.27y., mariner, b. Denmark, s.Peter and Hannah Maria, of Denmark, and Maria A. Smith, wid., a.22y., d.Oliver and Maria Tarr, Dec.13,1846.*

Charles A., of Savannah, GA, merchant, d.Savannah, GA, and Sarah Mackay Davis, d.Elias, Sept.23,1845.*

Eliza Ann, and Solomon Poole, int.Feb.23,1840.

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Daniel Haskell, jr., int.Nov.13,1750.

John, and Polly Knights, int.July13,1798.

Martha, and Duncan Pyper,末蔓末, 末末. [Feb.20,1773. int.]

Mary, of Salem, and Peter Herrick, int.Sept.7,1791.

Nancy, wid., a.40y., b. Dresden, ME, d.末末 Monroe, and Henry Oliver, widr., a.52y., mariner, b. Georgetown, ME, s.Henry of Maine, Aug.28,1847.*

Serena Parker, of Andover, and Dr. Ebenezer Dale, int.Apr.18,1811.

William, and Lucy Williams Ingalls, at Charlestown, July14,1833.CR6

William, b. Lynn, and Amelia Scott, b. Guysborough, NS, Dec.3,1848.

William F., widr., of Farmington, NH, cordwainer, and Sarah W. Procter, a.21y., d.William and Ruth, June6,1849.*


Francis A., a.23y., baker, s.John S. and Harriet, and Emma C. French, a.21y., b. Boston, d.George and Harriet, of Boston, Oct.30,1849.*

George, and Susanna Driscal, Apr.27,1773.*

John, Capt., and Mrs.Anna Stanwood, Nov.6,1819.*

Mary E., a.22y., d.John S., and Edward Ayers [of Boston. int.], a.30y., coppersmith, b. Boston, s.Lemuel of Boston,末蔓末,1846. [Mar.30.CR7]


Lydia, of Manchester, and Ezekiel Bradstreet, at Manchester, Dec.8,1789.*

JONES (Jons)

末末, fifer, and Moly Bird of Dorchester,末蔓末,1776.CR5

Abigail, and Joseph David [jr. int.], Mar.13,1806.*

Adeline, a.21y., d.Samuel and Adeline, and Cyrus H. Robinson, a.26y., blacksmith, b. Waterbury, ME, Jan.12,1849.*

Agnes, and Jacob Hibbert, Mar.3,1782.

Ambrose, and Susanna Griffen, Dec.3,1772.CR3*

Ambrose, jr., and Polly [Mary.PR442] Harraden, Sept.6,1807. [1806.CR3; May5,1805.PR442]*

Abrose, a.30y.housewright, s.Ambrose, and Eliza C. Griffin, a.23y., d.Timothy, Jan.9,1846. [29.CR3]*

Benjamin, and Elezebeth Willes, 22:11m:1678.

Benjamin, a.26y., blacksmith, s.Samuel Y. and Mary B., and Lucy Wheeler, a.23y., d.Samuel, int.July18,1846. [July19, dup.; m.Sept.10.CR3]

Bethia, and Alexander Walker, int.Apr.6,1771.

Catharine Plummer, of Boston, and Levi Younger, int.Oct.23,1816.

Charlotte, and Joseph Harvey, Nov.16,1834.*

Edward, foreigner, and Mary Tarr, Oct.29,1832.*

Eliza, and Warren Burnham, Dec.21,1828.CR3*

Betsy, and James Webber Atkins, Dec.9,1787.*

Elisabeth, and Reuben Patch, Nov.24,1807.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Duley, Nov.14,1831.CR3

Emeline, and Joseph Chickering of Hubbardston, int.Mar.10,1833.

Esther, and Charles G. Millet, July26,1831.*

George, and Julia A. Sargent, Nov.30,1843.*

James, and Agnes Grover, Apr.8,1759.*

James, jr., and Patty David, Apr.28,1792.*

John [sojourner. int.] and Bethia Millet, Mar.10,1767.*

John [Capt. int.], and Nancy Jones, Dec.19,1820.*

John, and Mrs.Loisa G. Dade of Rockport, int.Oct.10,1841.

Joseph, and Esther Webber, int.Nov.28,1795.

Joseph, a.41y., mariner, s.Joseph and Sarah Esther, and Louisa Wonson, wid., a.39y., d.Joseph and Dorcas Smith, Jan.24,1847.*

Julia Ann, wid., a.23y., d.Samuel and Esther Sargent, and Walter Butler, widr., a.35y., mariner, s.Walter and Martha, Nov.14,1847.*

Lydia [Davis.int.], and George Webber, Nov.27,1820.*

Martha, Mrs., and Thomas Millett, int.Nov.20,1802.

Martha, and Woodbury Page of Salem, int.Nov.24,1810.

Mary J., and James Plummer, Mar.29,1825.PR762

Mary, and George Norris, May末,1825.CR3*

Mary, and Loa Richardson of Medford, June10,1833.*

Mary, and Andrew H. Langford, July10,1837.CR7*

Nancy, and [Capt. int.] John Jones, Dec.19,1820.*

Owen, a.25y., mariner, b. Wales, s.David and Catherine of Wales, and Maria Griffin, a.20y., d.Amos and Lucy, Oct.20,1849.*

Remember, and Nathaniell Hadlocke, May1,1673.

Samuel, of Exeter, and Mary Lane, Nov.3,1726.

Samuel York, and Mary Baker Norwood, int.Dec.9,1801.

Samuel, and Adeline Lane, Jan.19,1827.CR3 [Mar.5. int.]*

Sally, and Israel McFarland Aug.20,1846.PR632

Sophia Newell [Newhall. int.] and Benjamin Atkins, Nov.28,1824.*

Stephen H., and Sally Lane, Apr.27,1845.PR523

Susan, and John Butler, int.Mar.25,1832. [m.June3.PR134]

Susanna, d.Thomas, and John Jackson, s.John, July12,1659.

William, and Anna Lufkin, both of Manchester, Jan.17,1767.

JONS (Jones)

Eppharam, of Manchester, and Sarah Gooden, at Manchester, July6,1721.*

Hanah, d.Thomas, of Manchester, and Richard Godinge, Nov.20,1666.


James, and Jerusha Parsons, June8,1773.*

Samuel, and Lydia Grover, Mar.11,1770.*

JOSELIN (Jocelyne)

Henry, and Mary Lambert, Nov.9,1685.

JOSELINE (Jocelyne)

Mary, and Isaac Hall, at Ipswich, Aug.22,1734.

JOSELYNE (Jocelyne)

Henry, and Rebecca Davis, Apr.29,1751.*


David, and Rachel Gardiner, Dec.9,1838.*

Betsey, and Daniel Stillman, Dec.25,1814.*

Esther, and John Clark, Nov.15,1825.CR3*

Matthew [Joseph Matthews, alias Matthew Joseph, sojourner. int.], and Sarah Graham, alias Grimes (Hannah Graham in Mr. Roger's return.), May14,1765.*

Matthew, and Betsey Brown, int.Jan.23,1796.

Peter, resident, and Dorcas Brown, int.Jan.29,1791.


Frances W., of Lowell, and Aaron Haskell, int.Aug.4,1839.

JOSLEN (Jocelyne)

Henry, and Bridget Day, June4,1678.

JOSLIN (Jocelyne)

Constantine, and Agnis Tinny [Annis Tenney.int.] Dec.9,1713.*

Betty, and Edward Throp [Trop.CR1], June26,1777.*

Mary, and John Elwwell, Jan.7,1708-9.

Mary, and Thomas Bryant [late of Ipswich.int.], Oct.28,1712.*

Marcy, and John Rigel, Dec.25,1727.*

Rebecca, and Michael Tool, July3,1777.*

JOSLINE (Jocelyne)

Margarett, and Benjamin Kinnicum, Feb.8,1710-11.

Mary, and David Downing, Dec.14,1722.

JOSSELINE (Jocelyne)

Constantine [jr. int.] and Rebekah Parsons, Nov.4,1736.*

JOSSELYNE (Jocelyne)

Mary, and Samuel Bond, Mar.24,1771.*

JOSSLIN (Jocelyne)

Benjamin, and Mary Frost, Apr.12,1716.*

JOSSLINE (Jocelyne)

Marcy, and Edward Hindes, int.Oct.8,1723.


Hannah, of Poland and Solomon Pool, jr., int.Aug.5,1809. [m.Nov.7.PR527]


Nathan, and Sally Eastman of Bath, Oct.20,1782.CR5


Thomas, and Anna Howard, wid., Nov.25,1665.


Dorcas, of Topsfield, and Volantine Butler, int.Nov.10,1711.


Abigail, and Benjamin Row, Dec.23,1765.CR5*

Nabby, and Henry Hodgkins, int.Sept.29,1804.

Edward, and Abigail Wise, Dec.14,1730.*

Edward, and Anna Knowlton of Manchester, at Manchester, Nov.20,1753.*

Betty [Elizabeth.CR5], and Job Parsons, int.Jan.26,1771. [Feb.14.CR5]

John, and Lucy Clark, Jan.17,1818.*

Joseph, and Lydia Sargent, Dec.16,1780. [Jan.16,1781.CR3]

Lydia, and Moses Dennis, Feb.4,1805.*

Mary [of the Cape.CR2], and Thomas Sedmans [sojourner. int.], Dec.7,1788.*

Susannah, and Ebenezer Tarr, int.Oct.30,1790.

William, and Susanna Parsons, Dec.19,1765.*

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