Lonson, Esq., and Nabby Lowe, Sept.26,1807.*

Lanson, D., and Emily A. Stacy, int.Nov.29,1840.

Sylvanus, a.30y., postmaster, b. Abington, s.James, and Mary F. Rust., a.18y., d.Moses and Lucy, int.Sept.9,1848 [ Sept.10. dup.]

William, and Sarah Dennen, Feb.3,1767.*


Daniel, a.23y.mariner, b. Monteville, ME, s.Willoughby and Elmira, and Hannah H. Tyler, a.20y., d.Andrew and Betsy, int.June10,1848.

Freedom, and Mary G. Palmer, int.Mar.14,1846.

Robert, and Rebecca Day, Dec.25,1720.*

Robert, and Hannah Marshall of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.13,1753.*


Mary, Mrs., of Lynn, and Samuel Ingersall, int.July21,1722.


Agnes, and Isaac Elwell, Mar.18,1753.*

Elisabeth, and John Brown, Feb.16,1746.*

Hannah, and Elisha Corney, Mar.7,1756.*

Samuel, of Newburyport, and Sarah Thomas, Dec.3,1772.CR3*

Sarah, a.17y., d.Stephen and Sarah, and John W. Powers, a.20y., mariner, s.Patrick and Mary, Jan.9,1849.*

Stephen C., and Nancy Dresser, Oct.16,1828.*

Stephen C., and Mrs.Sally Grover, Jan.2,1831.*

William, and Elisabeth Tompson, Mar.21,1718.

Willam, and Mary Flinn, Jan.26,1720-21.*

William, and Deborah Carlile, July19,1739.*

NEVENS (Nevins)

Betsy, and Benjamin Hoeg, Aug.10,1812.*

William, of Pelham, and Tammy Lane, Mar.23,1788.CR5

NEVINS (Nevens)

John, and Mary Ring, int.Nov.2,1767.

Robert, and Sara Brown, May18,1766.*

NEWAN (Newman)

Eliza D., and James J. Hibbert, Apr.28,1837.*

NEWCOMB (Newcombe)

Charles, a.27y., shipwright, b. Hull, and C. Francis Peabody, a.25y., b. Shirley, d.James and Lilly, Feb.3,1848.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Elwell, 3d, Oct.18,1774.*

Henry, and Mary Coas, Nov.14,1749.*

Maria, and Edward Millet, Dec.12,1838.*

William, and Polly Coas, int.Dec.11,1784.

NEWCOMBE (Newcomb)

Mary, and William Oxden. [Oxton. int.], Apr.9,1771.*

NEWELL (Nowell)

Phillip, widr., a.60y., gentleman, b. Newburyport, s.Nathaniel and Jane, of Deery, and Palmer Stacy, a.42y., d.John and Anna, July7,1847.*


Aaron, and Hannah Babson, Dec.14,1758.*

Mary [Mercy, of], and Samuel Lane, [jr. int.], at Newbury, Jan.28,1762.*

Sarah, of Boston, and James Dannen, int.Dec.7, 末末.

NEWMAN (Newan)

Ann [], and David Plumer, Aug.29,1723.*

Anne, and George Brown [sojourner. int.], June25,1769.*

Benjamin, of Ipswich and Mary Appleton, int.Nov.19,1803.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Nabby Elwell, Aug.18,1826.*

Deborah, and James Sawyer, int.Mar.29,1776.

John, and Ruth Emorson, d.John, Dec.13,1683.

John, and Hannah Mellen, Sept.27,1780.

John [resident. int.], and Mehitibil Williams [Mehitabel] of Wenham, at Wenham, Aug.12,1796. [Aug.30. int.]*

John, and Eliza Dodd, int.July27,1811.

John, and Lydia Robinson, Oct.26,1815.*

John, of Newbury, and Henrietta Woodbury, Nov.23,1841.*

John, jr., and Henrietta Daggett. Oct.24,1843.*

John, jr., a.26y., fisherman, s.John [and pencil.], and Hipsa [Lydia.PR670] Gott, a.19y., d.Eli [and pencil.], Oct.26,1845. [Oct.30.CR3; Oct.29.PR670]*

Ruth, Mrs., and Samuel Sargeant, June29,1725.*

Sarah, of Ipswich, and William Davis, int.Nov.22,1760.

William, and Anne Steward, Nov.29,1750.*

William, and Sally Bray, May28,1772.*

William, of Ipswich, and Hannah Haskell, int.Nov.5,1796.

NICHOLS (Nickels, Nickles, Nicols)

Adams, and Martha Boardman Fulsom of Exeter, NH, int.Oct.25,1829.

Hannah, and Alonzo Millet of Essex, Jan.4,1837.*

Mary, and Benjamin Stone, Apr.28,1734. [Apr.26.CR2]*

William, and Mary Goodrich, int.Nov.25,1832.


Elisabeth, and Joel Weston [both], Nov.13,1735.*

NICKELS (Nichols)

Charles, a.28y., yeoman, b. New York, and Lucy Ann Porter, a.20y., b. Derry, NH, d.John W. Adams.Nov.8,1847.*

Mary, and Charles Gott, Nov.15,1843.*

NICKERSON (Nicholson)

George S., fisherman, and Jane Lloyd, Jan.12,1845.*

James B., a.26y., mariner, b. Boston, s.Zenas and Mary, and Mary Eliza Stone, a.19y., Feb.11,1849.*

Mary L[], and Fitz William Winter, Jan.16,1826. [1825.PR673]*

Mayo, of Provincetown, and Nancy Wallace, int.Nov.4,1795.

Nancy, D[], and John Steele, jr., June17,1820.*

Zenas, and Mary Dennen, Apr.19,1817.PR672

NICKLES (Nichols)

Peter, and Mary Tarr, Nov.30,1835.*

NICOLS (Nichols)

Mary, "of Jemaco," and Jonathan Stainwood, Dec.27,1688.


Betsy, Mrs., and George S. Phillips, Sept.30,1837.*

John, and Betsy Hodgskins, Oct.16,1826.CR3*


Eben, a.27y., gentleman, b. Boston, s.Thomas, and Mary E. Boomer., a.22y., b. Portsmouth, d.Joshua and Mary, Aug.25,1847.*

Sarah M, a.19y., b. Boston, d.Thomas, and James Gaffield, a.20y., yeoman, b. Boston, s.Thomas and Betsey of Boston, Dec.28,1847.*

Susan H., b. Boston, d.Thomas, and Frederick Almy [of Boston. dup.] int.Mar.25,1847. [Mar.28. dup.]


Abigail, and Joseph Somes, Feb.20,1808.*

Abigail, and Edward Somes, June22,1828.*

Barbary, and Thomas Wharff, Oct.10,1814.*

Benjamin, and Rachel Noble, int.Apr.22,1774.

Daniel, and Polly Brown, int.Aug.24,1799.

Daniel, and Abigail N[oble. int.] Somers, Aug.19,1823.*

Eleanor, and Esrom Morse, Apr.6,1812.*

Eleazer G., a.23y., mariner, and Elisabeth Pickering of Rockport, a.20y., b. Rockport, Oct.18,1845.*

Betsy, and Isaac Day [jr. int.], Dec.1,1804.*

Betsy, and William Pittee, jr., int.Nov.29,1835.

Francis, and [Mrs.dup.] Hanah Gover, Aug.1,1790.CR5*

Francis, and Ann Tarr, Sept.16,1838. [ Sept.14,1837.PR668]*

Hannah, and John Cleaveland June13,1812. [July5,1814.PR674]*

Hannah, and Jacob Hill [Hilt. copy.] of Salem.Aug.22,1812.*

Harriet Somes., a.19y., d.William and Rachel, and Daniel Lufkin, a.20y., mariner., s.Samuel and Judith, Nov.7,1848.*

John, sojourner, and Hannah Foster, int.Nov.25,1749.

John, and Lydia Lurvey, int.Mar.13,1773.

John, and Sally F. Blatchford, Dec.5,1834.*

Joseph, and Sally Smith, int.Nov.23,1799.

Lydia, and William Somes, June13,1803.CR2*

Peggy, and Isaac Bennet, jr., Nov.13,1791.CR5*

Mary [], and Roland Batten, Mar.29,1811.*

Mary, and Richard Hall, resident, int.June21,1823.

Mary B., and Benjamin Haskell, Jan.5,1840.*

Nancy, and Jacob Knights, int.Apr.7,1821.

Philimon, sojourner, and Molly Lurvey, Nov.12,1767.CR5*

Philemon, and Mercy Brown, int.May24,1799.

Philimon, and Mary Bapson, June9,1821.CR2*

Rachel, and Benjamin Noble, int.Apr.22,1774.

Rachel, and William Carter, int.Dec.9,1799.

Rebecca D., a.43y., and William A. Damon, a.40y., laborer, b. Northampton, s.William and Sally, Nov.28,1848.*

William, and Harriet Grover, Oct.28,1821.*

William, and Rachel Grover, int.Oct.14,1826.


Joseph A., a.25y., merchant, b. Boston, s.Otis, and Lucy S. Pearsons, a.19y., d.Samuel and Lucy D., Nov.27,1848.*

Nathaniel, of Boston, and Judith Day, Aug.末,1791.*

NORRIES (Norris)

Mary, Mrs., and William Brophy, Mar.6,1834.*

NORRIS (Norries)

Abraham, of Wayne, PA, and Susanna Wilson of Nottingham, NH, Aug.28,1843.*

George, and Mary Jones, May末, [25. int.] 1825.CR3*

Mary Ann, a.20y., d.[George and pencil.], and John F[rye.PR342], Foster., a.21y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Ruby, Dec.20,1847.*

Nathaniel, and Eunice Langsford, int.May5,1810.


Edward, and [] Susanna Parsons, Apr.8,1770.*

Edward, and Susannah Somes [Corning.CR1], Dec.14,1779.


Margaret, and Thomas Granton, Dec.19,1728.

Mary [of Hampton. int.], and Thomas Sewall, July29,1734.*

Sarah, and John Parsons, at Ipswich, July29,1701.

Sarah, of Essex, and Elias Burnham, Jan.9,1840.*

NORWOD (Norwood)

Sarah, and Thomas Haries, Oct.2,1727.*

NORWOOD (Norwod, Norword)

末末, and Elisabeth 末末, Sept.25,1704.TC

Abagail, and Nathanaell Elery, Jan.1,1710-11.

Abigal, and Jeremiah Butman, Nov.17,1737.*

Abigal and Josiah Lane, jr., Mar.20,1742-3.*

Abigail, and Josiah Main [resident. int.from beyond Dover.CR3], Nov.21,1819.*

Abraham, and Nancy Norwood, int.Jan.14,1804.

Addison, and Susan Tarr, Dec.12,1836.*

Alexander, a.26y., mariner, s.John and Betsy, and Rachel E. Rowe, a.18y., d.John and Esther, Feb.15,1848.*

Alice, Mrs., and Ebenezer Parsons, int.Apr.11,1741.

Alice, Mrs., and Rev. John White, June1,1749.*

Almira, and William Coos, jr. [fisherman.,], Dec.14,1845. [Oct.25. int.]*

Anna, and Robert Tarr [jr. both of the Cape.CR2] July24,1788.*

Anna Smith, of Booth Bay, ME, and William Norwood, jr., int.Jan.18,1823.

Anna, and Albert Richardson of Boston, Oct.2,1838.*

Bathsheba, and Daniel N. Dunzack of Salem [of Dedham.CR6], Mar.5,1838.*

Benjamin P., and Mary G. Bowen. Nov.13,1834.*

Caleb, and Allis Donall of York, int.Sept.末, [1708?]TC

Caleb, and Elizabeth Grover, Feb.21,1760.CR5*

Caleb, and [Mrs.PR678] Jerusha Story of Ipswich at Ipswich, Apr.19,1770. [Apr.21.PR678]*

Caleb, jr. and Jerushe Story of Sandy Bay, at Ipswich, Sept.27,1781.CR5 [Dec.16,1780.PR680]

Caleb [2d.m.PR680], and Mrs.Esther Gott, Dec.16,1816.*

Caleb, jr., and Jerusha N. Butman [both? of Sandy Bay.CR6] Nov.19,1832.*

Caleb P., fisherman, and Margaret O. Grover of Rockport b. Rockport, d.John, of Rockport, Nov.30,1845.*

Caroline E., and Daniel McFadding of Georgetown, ME, Dec.3,1833.*

Caroline Eliza, and James Green, jr., June17,1842.*

Charles, and Tammy York, Oct.16,1813.*

Charles, jr. [of Sandy Bay.CR3], and Susan Norwood, Apr.24,1816. [Feb.7.PR684]*

Charles, jr., and Patty [Martha.PR104] Brooks, May19,1818.*

Charles, and Mary Pool, May16,1833.*

Charles, and Loisa Tucker, Mar.21,1837.*

Charlotte, and Josiah Parsons, Jan.20,1805.*

Clarissa, and Joseph Norwood, June1,1814.*

Daniel, and Esther Grover, int.July18,1801.

Deborah, and Benjamin Harraden, Jan.15,1695-6.

Deborah, and Caleb Tarr, int.Dec.10,1802.

Ebenezer, and Dorcas Medley, int.Oct.23,1813.

Eliza, and Nathan Norwood, jr., int.Mar.28,1803.

Eliza, and Winthrop Pool, Jan.24,1822.*

Eliza, and Henry Clark, jr., Nov.11,1829.*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Pool, Jan.30,1723-4.*

Betsy, and David Pool. int.Mar.23,1785.

Elisabeth, and John Hanson, sojourner, int.Oct.25,1785.

Elisabeth, and Amos Storey [both of the CapeCR2], Sept.1,1792 [ Sept.3.CR2]*

Betsy, and Samuel Prince, both of Manchester, Jan.16,1799.CR2

Betsy Warner. and William Thompson of New Boston, NH, int.Jan.22,1799.

Elizabeth [; Nathaniel Parsons wife's mother.CR3], and Benjamin Lane [of Poland ME. int], Mar.26,1816.*

Betsey Parsons, and Stephen Tarr, int.Jan.11,1827.

Emily Tarr, and James Green, mariner, Nov.17,1844.*

Epes, and Fanny P. Rowe, May7,1829.*

Ester, and Nathaniel Parsons, Oct.8,1761.CR5*

Esther, and John Brown, Nov.18,1779. [Nov.23.CR1]

Esther, and Joseph Thurston, int.Aug.2,1808.

Eunice, d.[Nathan and Eunice. in pencil.], and Edward Lane, fisherman, Dec.25,1844.*

Francis, and Elizabeth Coldom, d.Clemment, Oct.15,1663.

Francis, jr., and Mary Stevens, Jan.24,1692-3.

Francis, and Mrs.Esther Foster of Charlestown. at Charlestown, Sept.12,1726.*

Francis, and [Mrs.PR679] Anne Lee, May27,1762.CR5*

Francis, and Mrs.Mercy Tarr, Sept.15,1793.*

Francis, jr., and Lucy Pool, Nov.7,1793.*

Frederick, and Eliza Friend, Dec.3,1832.*

George, and Lavinia Knowton, Dec.20,1826.*

George, jr., and Mary Elizabeth Wheeler, Mar.2,1837.*

George W., and Anne H. Rowe, Nov.12,1843.*

George, and Lucy Stillman, Nov.17,1849.PR932

Gorham, and Eliza Patch of Hamilton, int.Nov.24,1823 [m.Dec.25.PR688]

Gorham, and Rhoda Bradstreet, May17,1839.*

Gustavus, jr., and Sally Fears, int.Dec.2,1802.

Hannah, Mrs., and Samuel Tompson, Nov.26,1716.

Hannah, and Daniel Gott, Sept.20,1761.CR5*

Hannah, and John Stirling, resident, Apr.24,1793.CR5*

Harriet, and David Page of Hampton, NH, Feb.27,1816.*

Harriet, and Benjamin Hoyt, June3,1833.*

Harriet, a.22y., d.Charles, and Aaron Lane, a.32y., mariner, s.Joseph, Aug.25,1845.*

Henry, and Sarah P[age.PR695] Pool, May24,1838.*

Henry, and Maryann R. Hodgkins, int.May26,1844.

Irene, and Mayhew Main of Rochester, NH, Feb.28,1839.*

Isaac, and Elizebeth Andrews [], Jan.26,1769.CR5*

James, and Judith Norwood, Sept.20,1791. [ Sept.21.CR2]*

James, and Sally Parker, May31,1807.*

James, jr., and Polly Elwell, June3,1829 [1828.CR6]*

James S., and Adeline Tarr, int.Nov.28,1830.

Jane, and Edward H. Shaw, Mar.25,1838.*

Jerusha, and Farley Kinsman, Mar.27,1823.*

John, and Lucy Kendall, Sept.11,1780.

John, and Lucy Norwood [of the Cape.CR2], June1,1786.*

John, and Betsey Bray, Apr.11,1807.CR2*

John [L.PR690] and Mary Jane Parsons, May31,1839. [Aug.PR690]*

John jr., and Mrs.and Mrs.Ann Matthews, Nov.27,1842.*

John, G., and Mary Jane Grover of Rockport, int.Oct.13,1844.

Jonathan [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Davis of Annisquam, May19,1776.CR2 [Mar.26,1734.PR677]*

Joseph, and Clarissa Norwood, June1,1814.*

Joseph E[], and Sally Clark, Jan.13,1825.*

Joseph Y[ork.PR689], fisherman, and Mary F. Wheeler, Dec.11,1844.*

Joshua, jr., and Ruth Andrews, Dec.12,1765.CR5*

Judith, and David Plumer, Apr.9, 末末. [176. int.]*

Judith, and James Norwood, Sept.20,1791. [ Sept.21.CR2]*

Lemuel, and Charlotte F. Blatchford, Nov.29,1832.*

Lois, Mrs., and John Gamage, Oct.23,1828.*

Loisa, and Simeon Tarr, fisherman, Nov.23,1845.*

Lucretia, and James Smith, May4,1814.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Samuell Saywood, Apr.7,1729.*

Lucy, [of Cape.CR2], and John Norwood, June1,1786.*

Lucy, and Jeremiah Bootman, jr., int.June16,1800.

Lucy, and Francis Tarr, jr., May29,1815. [May27.PR951]*

Lucy, and George Merchant, Nov.18,1826. [Nov.11,1836.PR649]*

Lydia, and William Smith [resident. int.], June8,1806.*

Peggy, and Samuel Giles, Mar.17,1811.*

Patty, Mrs., and Nathaniel Lowe, May7,1835.*

Martha Mrs., and Nathaniel Low, July7,1835.PR613

Martha, a.19y., d.James and Sally, and Joseph Rowe., a.23y., mariner, s.William and Hannah [Nov. ?] 16,1848. [Oct.22. int.]*

Mary, and Samuell Sargeant, May24,1689.

Mary, and Daniel Collins, Jan.3,1716.

Mary, and Nathaniel Gamage of Cambridge, May23,1734.*

Mary, and Rev. Ebenezer Williams of New Casco [], May25,1769.CR5*

Mary, and Joseph Baker, Feb.7,1771.CR5*

Polly, and Josiah Perkins [resident. int.], Aug.26,1789.*

Polly, and Abraham Tarr, Aug.21,1791.*

Polly, and Joseph Smith, jr., [both of the Cape.CR2], Nov.19,1793.*

Mary, Baker, and Samuel York Jones, int.Dec.9,1801.

Mary Baker, and Francis Pool, Jan.11,1808.*

Mary, and Reuben Brooks, jr., Apr.2,1818.*

Mary, W., and Zebulun Lufkin, jr., Oct.25,1837.*

Mary Jane, and Joseph Calrow of Boston, int.Apr.21,1839.

Mary, and Charles Lufkin, fisherman, Dec.25,1844.*

Mary, a.17y., d.John and Betsy, and Edward Geering, a.23y., mariner., s.John and Lois, Nov.21,1847.*

Nancy, and Abraham Norwood, int.Jan.14,1804.

Nancy, and John Douglass, Nov.18,1828.*

Nancy, and William B. Lufkin, Dec.25,1842.PR605

Nathan, and Elisabeth Clark, Nov.25,1783. [Nov.24.CR1]*

Nathan, and Judith Morgan, int.May5,1789.

Nathan, jr., and Eliza Norwood, int.Mar.28,1803.

Nathan, jr., and Eunice Langford, May末,1810.CR3

Ora, and Albert Clarke, Sept.20,1837. [ Sept.18.PR182]*

Patience, and Samuel Wanson, int.Aug.25,1750.

Rachel, and Joseph Davis 3d, Dec.31,1751.*

Rachel, and Nathan Pool, int.July2,1785.

Rebecca Story, and Abraham Tarr, July末, 末末. [July11,1841. int.]*

Rhoda, and Thomas Thompson, Oct.17,1817.*

Ruth, of Mt. Desert, and John Mack of Union River, Sept.4,1787.CR5

Samuel, and Polly Row, int.Aug.21,1784.

Sarah, and Thomas Harris, jr., Oct.2,1727.PR447

Sarah, and John Fear, Jan.1,1778.CR3

Sally, and John Edwards, 3d, both of Manchester, May27,1800.CR2

Sally Pool, and Peter Sargent, jr., Nov.13,1807. [Nov.12,1806.CR3]*

Sally, and John Blatchford, Oct.26,1828.*

Sally, and William Pool, 3d., Dec.29,1828.*

Sarah Jane, and Robert Douglas, Apr.6,1834.*

Seth, and Lois Odell of Beverly, Oct.31,1839. [Oct.23.PR694]*

Solomon, and Rebecca Gamage, Nov.2,1766.CR5*

Solomon, and Lucretia Edes, int.June18,1791.

Solomon, and Mrs.Lois Rowe, int.Jan.25,1797.

Sophia [Wheeler.PR636], and James Manning [Sandy Bay.CR3], Oct.5,1830.*

Sophia, and Aaron Fitz, jr., Jan.14,1840.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Ingolsbee, Feb.23,1701.PR676

Stephen, and Anna Andrews, Nov.5,1778.CR3

Stephen, and Deborah Parsons, Nov.27,1783.*

Stephen, and Hannah Brown of Hamilton, at Hamilton, Jan.23,1798.*

Stephen, and Peggy Davis, Jan.6,1806.*

Stephen, and Mary Jane Andrews, Dec.1,1836.*

Susan, and John Main [resident. int.], Dec.3,1815.*

Susan, and Charles Norwood, jr., [of Sandy Bay.CR3], Apr.24,1816. [Feb.7.PR684]*

Susanna, and Moses Wheeler, May7,1750. [May21,1752.PR168]*

Susanna, and Nathaniel Parsons, Dec.1,1805.*

Wiliam, and [], Judith Woodbary, May30,1732.*

William, and Susanna Wheeler, int.Dec.11,1795. [m.Feb.4,1796.PR683]

William, jr, and Anna Smith Norwood of Booth Bay, ME, int Jan.18,1823.

William, 3d, and Sally H[ale. int.] Smith, Aug.29,1824.*

NORWORD (Norwood)

Elisa [Mrs.PR475], and Jabes Rowe [2d m.PR475], July31,1827.CR5 [July30.PR475]*

NOWELL (Newell)

Moses, and Sarah A. Parsons, May23,1833.CR1*

Philip, of West Newbury and Mrs.Anna Davis, Oct.17,1839.*


Julia A., of Atkinson, NH, and Rev. John Harriman, int.Mar.15,1835.

William H., a.23y., confectioner. b. Newbury [Newburyport.TC], s.Josiah P. and Patience [of Newburyport.TC], and Sarah H. Parsley [of Strafford, NH, a.22y.], b. Strafford, NH [d.Ebenezer and Sarah, of Strafford, NH, May14.TC], 1848.*


Charles P., and Mary P. Blatchford, Aug.1,1839.*


Stephen, sojourner, and Mary Andrews, Nov.5,1778.CR3


George, of Essex, and Elisabeth D. Bray, int.Oct.21,1838.

Hannah, of Essex, and Aaron W. Bray, Nov.18,1840.*

John, of Essex, and Hannah Hodgkins, May16,1843. [May15.CR3]*

John, widr., a.32y., cordwainer, b. Essex, s.James and Mehitabel, and Sarah B. Jeffs, a.16y., d.Mitchel and Lydia, int.Mar.末,1848.

Nancy, of Essex, and James Mitchell Jeffs, int.Oct.21,1838. (Banns forbidden by Mitchell A. Jeffs.)

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