OAKES (Oaks)

Amelia, and John Carter, Dec.19,1819.*

Anna, and Benjamin Marshal, int.Nov.19,1774.

Ebenezer, and Esther Gott, int.Dec.24,1801.

Elisha M[ayo int.], and Harriet Wonson, Oct.8,1819.*

Elisha M., jr., and Hannah T. Burk [Buck.CR6] of Phipsburgh, ME, July2,1843*

Emma, and Moses Gooch of Boston, int.May31,1766.

Emeline T[homas.PR621], a.20y., d.Fitz, deceased.and Elisha Lufkin, a.23y., s.Moses, jr., Oct.26,1845.*

Esther G, and Samuel H. Brooks, Oct.21,1835.*

Harriet F., and Joseph H[askell.PR698] Riggs, May14,1840.*

Harriet E., and Daniel B. Tarr of Rockport [yeoman. dup.] Jan.14,1845.*

Huston, and Susan K[nuttsford.int.] Rowe, July22,1821.*

Joseph S[mith.int.], and Anna Elwell, Nov.3,1819.*

Joseph S[mith.int.], and Mary Jane Maddix, May23,1824.*

Joseph S., and Eunice G. Worten, June30,1828.*

Judith, and William McQueston [resident. int.], Apr.9,1826.*

Lydia G., and Zebulun D. Tucker, Dec.10,1840.*

Margaret, and Samuel Davis Thurstain, int.Mar.26,1796.

Patty, and Benjamin Stanwood,末蔓末, 末末. [Oct.24,1757. int.]

Mary [(Robinson) Mrs.PR696], [2d m.PR 696] a, 52y., and Aaron Riggs, a.74y., Sept.22,1823.CR3*

Mary Elisabeth.and David Harvey, Feb.24,1842.*

Nancy, and Ephraim [T.PR621] Tibbets, fishing, Oct.26,1845.*

Pamela [Mrs.int], and Thomas Hilliah [Hillian.CR6] Nov.22,1821.*

Pamela A., a.16y., d.Fitz E., and Mary, and William H. Perkins, a.23y., mariner, b. York, ME, s.Moses and Elcy, and Jan.23,1848. [Jan.22.PR621]*

Sally [Mrs.int.], and David Sargent, Dec.25,1805.*

Susan, Mrs., and Job Rowe, Dec.9,1827.*

Susanna, wid., and Israel Sheldon, Oct.23,1753.*

Thomas, and Patienc Somes, d.Jane, Dec.1,1730.*

Thomas, and Margaret Grover, int.July26,1754.

William, and Susan Sayward, June2,1814.*

William H., and Julia A. Sayward, Dec.1,1839. [1838.PR699]*

OAKS (Oakes)

Abegail, and Archibald Armstrong [resident. int.], Aug.26,1820.*

Amia, and George Race, sojourner, Apr.11,1771.CR5 [Apr.16. int.]

Benjamin, and Dorcas Hadleigh, int.Nov.16,1784.

Benjamin, and Eleanor Day, int.Nov.1,1806. (Bans forbidden by Elenoor Day, Oct.23,1807.)

Dorcas, Mrs.and Winslow Stevens.int.Aug.7,1790.

Betsy, and William Winter, int.Mar.31,1798. [m.Mar.9.PR1008]

Fitz Edward, and Mary Dumphey, Oct.8,1822.CR3 [Oct.17,1823.PR621]*

Jemima, and Benjamin Sayward, int.July23,1784.

John, jr., and Mrs.Sally Day, int.Sept.7,1784.

John, 3d, and Polly Robinson, Nov.23,1794.*

Sally, and David Dowsett, Dec.2,1792.*

Sukey, and Joseph Babcock, jr., of Manchester, int.Nov.27,1802.

Susan [(Knutsford)PR655] Mrs., and Thomas O[akes.int.] Marshall, Mar.27,1828. [Mar.8.PR653]*

Thomas, and Susanna Clark, Mar.20,1745.*

Thomas, and Judith Husten, Nov.22,1787.CR5

William, and Pamela Sayward, int.Jan.7,1791.

OBEAR (Ober)

Nicholas, and Hannah Herick of Sedgwick, Aug.13,1789.CR5

OBER (Obear)

Abraham, and Maria Loisa Rowe, May4,1839.*

Daniel, and Judith Rowe, int.Nov.29,1804.

Daniel, and Mary Morgan of Ipswich, int.Nov.9,1834

John Plummer, and Ann Lowe Close, May17,1829.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Witte, Dec.27,1774*

Judith, Mrs., and Enoch Small, int.Oct.23,1836. [ Sept.8,1846.CR3]

Lydia Ferson, and John Tucker, Dec.31,1831.*

Maria, Mrs., and William Robinson, Dec.4,1842.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and Ebenezer Steel, int.Mar.21,1795.

Mary, and [Capt. int.] Joseph Richards of Lynn, Aug.20,1809.*

Rebecca, and John Somes, jr., Aug.23,1806.*


James [sojourner. int.], and Anna Sargent, Oct.1,1767.*

Lois, of Beverly, and Seth Norwood, Oct.31,1839. [Oct.23.PR694]*

Mary, and David Harraden, jr., int.Mar.7,1801.

Nancy, and Epes Ellery, jr., Sept.11,1794.*


William, a.25y., mariner, b. Denmark, s.James Maria, of Denmark, and Margaret Jane Allen, a.21y., b. Prince Edward Isle, d.Bartlett and Elisabeth, of Prince Edward Isle, Dec.3,1849.*


John Barnard, Capt., and Nancy Saunders, Nov.25,1778.


Henry, widr., a.52y., mariner, b. Georgetown, ME, s.Henry, of Maine, and Nancy Johnson, wid., a.40y., b. Dresden, ME, d.末末 Monroe, Aug.28,1847.*

Thomas, resident, and Lucy Kenny, int.Oct.29,1803.

ORNE (Ornee)

Benjamin C., and Louis Moore of Topsfield, int.Feb.7,1830.

ORNEE (Orne)

Rachel, and William White, Nov.22,1744.*


Catherine, Mrs., of Boston, and Capt. Epes Sargent, int.Feb.22,1745.


Charlotte, of Newburyport, and Henry Tilden, int.Apr.23,1837.

Isaac, widr., a.35y., cordwainer, b. Andover, s.John and Elisabeth, and Abby Ann Richardson, [of Salem.dup.], a.25y., b. Danvers, d.Parker, int, Jan.21,1848 [Jan.23. dup.]

John, Capt. [of West Newbury.CR3], and Mary Ann B[abson. int.] Griffen, June5,1820,*

John, Capt. [of West Newbury.int.] and Dorcas Griffin, Jan.27,1824.CR3*

Josiah, [Joseph.CR7] of Chelsea, b. Chelsea, s.末末, of Chelsea, and Maryann Gunnison, Dec.19,1845.*

Mary, Mrs.Andover, and William Allen, at Andover, Apr.11,1745.*


Samuel, of Bristol, ME, and Lois Rowe, July11,1826.*


Adrien Alexander [resident. int.] and Nancy Collins, Oct.23,1796.*

OXDEN (Oxton)

Mary, Mrs.and Daniell Emmons, Aug.31,1788.*

Polly, and John Briar, int.June27,1798.

Samuel E., and Sarah T. Parsons, Nov.29,1838.*

William, and Mary Newcombe, Apr.9,1771.*

William, and Nabby Grant, Oct.12,1805.*

OXTON (Oxden)

Mary, and William Tucker, Dec.22,1841.*

William, jr., and Catharine Haraden, Dec.18,1834.CR6

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