Frances, and Thomas Cox, natives of Jamaica, at Jamaica, Jan.9,1801.


David, of Hampton, NH, and Harriet Norwood, Feb.27,1816.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Row, Dec.6,1705.TC

Mary, and William Bardens, seaman. int.Dec.26,1722.

Mary, and Philip Hammons, int.Aug.23,1723.

Mary, and Nathaniel Travis [seaman. int.] Apr.28,1727.*

Moses, of Haverhill, and Sarah Sampson, int.Mar.25,1797.

Sarah, of Haverhill, and Joseph Grover, at Haverhill, May19,1757.*

Woodbury, of Salem, and Martha Jones, int.Nov.24,1810.

PAIN (Paine)

Elisabeth, and William Hoard [of] Oct.29,1733.*

PAINE (Pain, Payne)

Hannah, and William Denning, Dec.5,1706.

Sarah, and Nicholas Denning, Nov.25,1697.

PALFRAY (Palfrey)

John C., and Mary Ingersoll, Sept.23,1829.*

PALFREY (Palfray)

Hannah [of Boston. int.], and John Corney, Sept.23,1770.*

Richard, of Boston, and Sarah Robinson, Oct.17,1745.*

Sarah, and William Elliott [of Boston. int.], Mar.10,1768.*

Susanna, and George Sayword, Feb.14,1774.*


Elisabeth, and William P. Hibbert, Sept.13,1842.*

John, and Polly Riggs Tarr, Mar.1,1818 [Mar.18.PR703]*

John, and Julia D. Wilson, Feb.23,1845.*

Maria, and Dr. William D[olliver. int.] Babbit, Nov.20,1822.*

Mary G., and Freedom Nason, int.Mar.15,1846.


Isaac, and Rachel Kuetvill, Feb.11,1759.*

Rachel, and Matthew Kelly, sojourner, June10,1766.*

PARKEMAN (Parkman)

Brigget, and Silvester Eiveleth, Sept.6,1662.


Abigaill, and Benjamin Loukin, Jan.7,1712-13.

Alden, of Isleborough, ME, and Pela Hoyt, Dec.16,1832.*

Amanda G., a.20y., d.Andrew and Nancy, and Charles Marston, jr., a.21y., stage driver, s.Charles and Ann, Oct.25,1846.*

Amelia, and Samuel Parsons, jr., Feb.26,1818.*

Amelia, and Benjamin Wells of Wells.ME, Feb.18,1838.*

Andrew, and Nancy Lufkin, July15,1812.*

Andrew, jr., and Sophia D. Tappan. May7,1835.*

Benjamin, a.22y., mariner, s.Andrew and Nancy, and Priscilla R. [N.CR7] Sadler, a.18y., b. Maine, d.William and Betsy, Oct.25,1846.*

David, of Boston, and Susanna Broome, Mar.26,1761.*

Hannah [紡rker], and Nathanaell Sawyer, Nov.4,1706.TC

Harriet, and Jacob Allen Smith, Aug.23,1836.PR908

John, and Lucy Gerrit, Sept.26,1781.

John, and Anna Mary Center, Dec.1,1843. [Nov.30.PR153]*

Joseph [of] and Hannah Sawyer, Oct.13,1735.*

Samuel, and Jane B Rowe, Dec.11,1828.*

Sally, and James Norwood, May31,1807.*

Sarah Maria, and Rev. John Allen of Rockport, Oct.31,1841.*

Solomon, and Susannah Beedle, both of Lyman, NH, Sept.13,1780.CR5

William, and Sarah Hoyt, Dec.24,1826.*

PARKES (Parks)

Anna, and Alexander Morrison, Aug.30,1745.*

PARKHURST (Parkuss, Parkust)

Charles, a.24y., seaman., s.William and Sarah (Parsons), and Elizabeth Andrews of Essex., a.23y., b. Essex, d.Moses and Sarah (Andrews), Jan.1,1835.AC

David, and Azubah Andrews of Essex, int.June17,1832.

Elisabeth, and Richard Friend, jr., Mar.20,1817.*

George, and Lucy Lowe of Rockport, int.Dec.13,1840.

Harriet, and Charles Wonson, jr., Apr.22,1819.*

Hugh, and Mary Ann Jane Marchent, Mar.9,1828.*

Lucy, and Barnum Barns, resident, int.Sept.1,1809.

Lucy E., a.18y., d.William and Judith, and Wilmut W. Reed., a.25y., mariner, b. Boothbay, S. John and Eunice,末蔓末,1848. [Dec.9. int.m.Dec.31.PR704]*

Mary Ann, a.19y., d.Hugh and Mary Ann, and John F[letcher. int.] Wonson, Jr., a.21y., mariner, s.John F. and Ann Elisabeth, Dec.1,1848.*

Sally, and Joseph Hibbert, Apr.24,1815.*

William, and Sarah Parsons, Feb.18,1795 [May18.PR706]*

William, jr., and Judith T[] Parsons, Aug.11,1825.*

William, and Mrs.Abigail C. Davis, May3,1839.*

PARKMAN (Parkeman)

Hannah, of Boston, and Nathanaell Martin, int.Nov.17,1715.

Mary, of Boston, and James Parsons, int.Apr.2,1715.

PARKS (Parkes)

Robert, and Ann Cushing, sojourners, Oct.14,1725.*

PARKUSS (Parkhurst)

Polly, and John Allman, Sept.6,1786.*

PARKUST (Parkhurst)

Hugh, and Mary Goss, May9,1773.CR5*


Alexander, and Elisabeth Eveleth, int.Jan.21,1769.

Betsy, and Timothy [Charles.corrected in copy in pencil.] Davis, Oct.19,1795. [1794.CR2]*

Sally, and William Pressen, jr., int.Oct.22,1803.

PARROT (Parrott)

John [sojourner. int.], and Abigail Clark, Nov.28,1771.*

PARROTT (Parrot)

Oliver, of Lynn and Sarah C. Rust, int.Jan.23,1831.

William W[alker. int.], of Portsmouth, NH, and Eliza Pearce, Apr.16,1809.*


Mary [d.William,], and John Eulin [sojourner. int.], Feb.26,1739-40.*

Sarah H. [of Stafford, NH, a.22y.TC] b. Stafford, NH, [d.Ebenezer and Sarah, of Stafford, NH.TC], and William H. Noyes, a.23y., confectioner, b. Newbury [Newburyport.TC]., s.Josiah P. and Patience [of Newburyport, May14.TC] 1848.*

PARSON (Parsons)

Benjamin [jr. int.] and Jane S. Hartley, Dec.25,1827.CR5*

Jonathan, and [] Lydia Bradstreet, Sept.9,1826.CR3*

Laura Matilda, and George Knight, Dec.25,1827CR5*

Lavinia, and Hezekiah Spinney of Georgetown, ME, Sept.19,1833.*

William, 3d.and Sally Davis Phips, Mar.4,1828.CR3*

PARSONS (Parson, Persons)

Aaron, and Poley [Mary.PR711] Dolliver, Apr.25,1784

Aaron W., and Sarah Goss, Nov.8,1831*.

Abigail, Mrs., and Isaac Eveleth, Dec.20,1722.*

Abagail [d.Samuel. int.,] and John Todd of Rowley at Rowley, Jan.11,1741.

Abigail [d.Jonathan,], and Jonathan Row, Mar.18,1742.*

Abigal [], and Benjamin Tarboox, July9,1744.*

Abigal, and John Sargent, jr., Dec.4,1744.*

Abigal, and Benjamin Haskell of Falmouth, May21,1752.*

Abigal, and David Ring, int.Apr.17,1756.

Abigail, and William Yonger, Mar.10,1774.CR5*

Nabby, and Richard Dresser, Dec.27,1780.

Abigail and William Grover, Jan.20,1782.

Nabby, and [Capt. int.], Ignatius Webber, jr., Mar.6,1810.*

Abigail and Winthrop Lee, Dec.26,1810.*

Nabbe, and Benjamin Elwell, Dec.27,1812.CR2*

Abigail Stevens [ClevelandPR505], and David [Saunders.PR505] Holbrook, May5,1831.*

Abigail, Mrs., and William Dunmore, Oct.3,1839.*

Addison, and Lydia Pinkham of Nova Scotia, Apr.28,1838.*

Alice, and Andrew Stanwood, int.Dec.10,1796. (Banns forbidden by Alice Parsons.)

Alice, and William Pew, int.June30,1798.

Almira and Ebenezer Jewett, Nov.15,1838.*

Almira, a.19y., d.Eliza Burphy, and Samuel Herrick, a.24y., druggist, s.Theophilus and Dolly, Nov.24,1844.*

Ambrose Finson of Pergibscott Plain, "adjoining on New Gloucester and Lewistown" and Dorcas Parsons, int.Sept.7,1797.

Amos, and Johanna Hammond of Ipswich, int.Sept.17,1757.

Andrew, and Mary Sawyer, Apr.16,1752.*

Andrew, and Mary Parsons, int.Mar.6,1756.

Andrew, and Rebecca Platts of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.14,1758.

Andrew, and Eleanor Gammage, int.Dec.1,1785.

Andrew, and Betsy Presson[Preston.CR2], Jan.19,1787.*

Andrew, and [] Fanny Parsons, Mar.17,1816.*

Anna, and Capt. Fitz William Sargent, Sept.3,1789.*

Anna, and John Goss, int.Dec.4,1790.

Anna, and John Phinney of Plymouth, int.Sept.18,1831

Anna, and William Haskell, int.Oct.7,1838 (Banns witheld by Willam Haskell.) Anna, a.63y., d.Job and Elisabeth, and Henry Plumer, widr., a.65y., trader, s.Daniel and Mary, Oct.28,1849.*

Anne, and Ebenezer Thistle [late of Beverly, now sojourner in this town. int.] Mar.10, 末末. [1768 int.]*

Benjamin, and Sarah Grover, Nov.9,1752.*

Benjamin, and Sukey [Susannah.PR195] Coose, int.Jan.11,1803 [m.Jan.29.PR195]

Benjamin, and Sarah C[ogswell, int.2d m.PR195] Coas, Jan.3,1818.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Lucy Stacy Tarr, int.Nov.18,1826.

Bethany, and Jonathan Row, jr., May4,1775.CR3*

Bethiah, and Charles Bennett [of New Gloucester.CR3], June2,1816.*

Beulah Burns, see Burns, Beulah.

Beulah C., and Jabez Merchent, Jan.17,1836.*

Caroline, and Azor H. Tuck, Apr.12,1838.CR7*

Catharine G., Mrs.and Capt. David P. Tarr, Mar.16,1812.*

Charles C[], of Boston, and Judith Parsons, Nov.16,1809.*

Charles, jr., and Patience Pearson, Dec.24,1826.*

Charles, and Mary F. Ingersoll, Jan.8,1829.*

Charles, and Mrs.Charlotte M. Smith, Sept.24,1833.*

Charles I., and Elisabeth Stanley of Manchester, int.Nov.29,1840.

Christopher, and Catherine Green Hubbart, int.Sept.12,1801.

Clara, and Mark Allen, jr., Nov.29,1823.CR2*

Clarissa [], and James Thomas, Sept.8,1811.*

Daniel, and [] Susana Worner, May9,1732.*

Daniel, and Dorcas Allen, May13,1762.*

Daniel, and Sarah Davis [July14,1767. int.Oct.CR5; Oct.5.PR710]

Daniel, and Anna Collins, Dec.16,1773.*

Daniel, jr., and Peggy Tucker, Nov.10,1805.*

Daniel, and Martha Perkins, Dec.23,1828.*

David, and Hannah Harris, int.Nov.29,1755.

David, and Mary Winnery, Aug.17,1758.*

David, jr., and Betsy Rowe, Apr.25,1792.*

David S[mith.PR713], and Matilda S. Allen, Dec.8,1838.*

Deborah, and Stephen Norwood, Nov.27,1783.*

Dorcas, and Jonathan Sawyer, Mar.12,1767.*

Dorcas, and Aaron Kingsberry [resident. int.], Nov.30,1786.*

Dorcas, Mrs.and Dea.Nathaniel Kinsman, Nov.22,1787.*

Dorcas, and Ambrose Finson Parsons of Pergibscott Plain, "adjoining on New Gloucester and Lewistown" int.Sept.7,1797.

Dorcas, and Joseph Fears.Jan.26,1805.CR2*

Dorcas, and William Wheeler, Dec.11,1827.CR3 [1828.PR998]*

Eben, and Mary Gorham, May3,1767.*

Eben, and Martha Saville, Nov.5,1795.*

Eben, and Lydia Woodbury, both of the Cape, Oct.7,1802.CR2*

Eben, 3d.and Fanny Rowe, Nov.17,1821.*

Eben, jr., a.22y., laborer, s.Eben and Mary, and Betsy Ann Parsons, a.17y., d.John J. and Betsy Jan.3,1847.*

Eben, a.27y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Sarah, and Sarah Haskell, a.23y., d.Charles and Diana.Jan.4,1848.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Alice Norwood, int.Apr.11,1741.

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Jamima Todd of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.21,1742.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Elisabeth Andrews [of], Oct.31,1754.*

Ebenezer, and Rebecca Jocelyne, Apr.25,1765.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Duley,末蔓末,1810. [Dec.末.CR3]

Ebenezer, jr., and Hannah Bray, Dec.20,1821.*

Edward, and Rachel Saunders, int.Sept.17,1800.

Edward, and Mary W[] Elwell, Dec.3,1826.*

Eliezer, and Mary Day, Feb.18,1719-20.

Eliza, and William Elwell, Oct.23,1826.*

Eliza, and John Sayward, jr., June8,1828.CR3

Eliza, Mrs.and David Burpy, Jan.5,1832.*

Eliza K., and James Griffen, Nov.24,1834.*

Eliza Ann, and Alexander Shackleford, Oct.9,1842.*

Eliza H., a.20 y,. b. Salem., d.Jonathan and Mary, and John C. Pool, a.28y., mariner, b. Boothbay, ME, July20,1848.*

Eliza E., a.18y., d.Jeremiah and Maria, and Frederick R. Scott [of Newburyport. int.], a.30y., mariner, b. Newburyport, s.Robert and Mary, Nov.26,1848.*

Elisabeth, and Isaac Evielith, jr., Dec.25,1729.

Elisabeth, and Solomon Babson, Nov.9,1739.*

Elisabeth, and James Kelsey, Jan.1,1761.*

Elisabeth, and Nehemiah Allen, Nov.8,1779.

Betty, and Zebulon Witham [jr. int.], Dec.31,1792.CR5*

Elisabeth, and Eleazer Boynton, Nov.28,1793.*

Elisabeth, Mrs.and Joseph Mason [resident. int.], Dec.9,1794.*

Betsy, Mrs., and Philemon,1798

Betsy, and Epes Saville, May9,1799.CR2*

Betsy, and Samuel Tarr, int.May1,1802.

Betsey, and Joseph Patch, June3,1807 [June2.CR1]*

Betsey, and Isaac Fears, Sept.8,1811.*

Betsey, and Joseph Tarr, jr., Oct.17,1818.*

Betsey, and Nehemiah [D.PR213] Cunningham, Dec.7,1818.*

Betsey, and John Hartley, Mar.26,1823.*

Elisabeth B[oynton. int.], and Daniel Allen, jr., June16,1825 [1824.PR9]*

Betsy, and Jonathan J[umper.PR726] Parson, Oct.15,1828.*

Elisabeth, and William Robberson of Camden, [MECR6] Aug.23,1838.*

Betsy, and David Story, Apr.30,1844.*

Betsy Ann, a.17y., d.John J. and Betsy, and Eben Parsons, jr., a.22y., laborer, s.Eben and Mary, Jan.3,1847.*

Ellen Maria, a.17y., d.Winery, and Michael Poland a.23y., mariner, s.Foster. Oct.8,1845.*

Enoch, and Judith Collins, Oct.7,1762.*

Enoch, and Dorcas Sawyer, July6,1779.

Enoch, sojourner, and Johenna Worldly, May9,1782.CR1

Esther, and Joshua Haskell, Dec.4,1767.*

Esther, and Henry Tarr, int.Aug.23,1804.

Esther, and James Davis Rowe, int.Apr.6,1805.

Esther, and Samuel T. Fretch., Nov.23,1828.*

Esther, and John W. Wheeler, Dec.25,1831.CR3*

Esther N., and Henry Harrison, resident, Feb.24,1842.*

Esther, and James B. Adams, Oct.末,1842 [1841.CR7]*

Eunice, and Thomas Millet, May29,1764.*

Eunice G., Mrs.and Henry Staten, Aug.22,1843.*

Ezekiel, and Sarah Creasy of Rowley, aT Rowley, Dec.8,1757.*

Ezekiel, and Fanny [] Guttridge, Jan.27,1790.*

Fanny [], and Andrew Parsons, Mar.17,1816.*

Fanny, and Joshua Ingersoll, Dec.1,1816.*

Frederick, and Susan E. Rowe, int.Mar.19,1837.

George, jr., and Mary Tarr, Apr.24,1820.*

George, and Harriet Abbot [of Sandy Bay.CR3], July19,1820 [July20.PR18]*

George [], and Rachel Greenleaf, June25,1821.CR2*

George, and Susan S[] Goss, Dec.7,1823.*

George, a.24y.mariner, s.Samuel and Amelia, and Purnel K. Pinkham, a.21y., b. Barrington, N.S., d.John D. and Catherine, Apr.14,1847*

George, a.26y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Sarah, and Emily D. Caswell, a.29y., d.Arthur and Judith, May15,1849.*

Gorham, of Boston, and Sally Parsons, int.Feb.13,1790.

Gorham, and Abigail M[arshall. int.] Challis, Nov.30,1823.*

Gorham, jr., and Matilda Elwell, Oct.11,1825.*

Gorham, jr., and Mehitable G. Allen, of Manchester, int.May1,1836.

Gorham, W. [P. dup.], a.20y.mariner, s.Gorham, of Rockport, and Betsy Jane Hodgkins, a.19y., d.James and Betsy,末蔓末,1847 [June24. dup.]*

Hannah, and Jacob Parsons, Sept.12,1738.*

Hannah, and George tucker, Nov.23,1748.*

Hannah, and John Haskell [jr. int.] Jan.18,1769.*

Hannah, [], and Nymphas Stacy, jr., Sept.28,1769.*

Hannah L., a.20y., d.Eben and Hannah, and Charles Bray, a.23y., mariner, s.Daniel and Lois, Dec.26,1847 [Dec.25.PR92]*

Harriet, Mrs.and Daniel M. Stillman [2d m.PR17] int.Nov.29,1838 [June9,1839.PR17]

Henrietta, and George W. Adams, Nov.3,1836.*

Henry, and Betsy Wharff, int.May15,1794.

Henry, and Mrs.Dorcas Miles, Nov.5,1843.*

Isaac, and Hannah Burnham of Ipswich, int.May19,1739.

Isaac, and Judith Roberds, Dec.1,1791.*

Isaac, 3d, and Lucy E[lwell. int.] Christie, Sept.31,1822.*

Isaac, jr., and Esther Shackleford, Jan.8,1826.CR2*

Isaac Watts, and Elisabeth Ann Hodgkins, Dec.25,1839.*

Isaac T., fisherman, and Lucy Gott, Feb.22,1846.*

Isaac W., widr., a.28y., baker, and Abigail Maria Huse, a.18y., d.John, int.July8,1848.

Isaac W., widr., baker, and Elizabeth Laroque, wid., Sept.29,1849.*

Isabella, and Nymphas Stacy, jr., Dec.13,1753.*

Jacob, and [], Sarah Redding, May10,1732.*

Jacob, and Hannah Parsons, Sept.12,1738.

Jacob, and Sarah Rust, wid.Ipswich, int.Oct.31,1752.

Jacob, and Lucy Tomlinson, Nov.29,1807.*

James, and Mary Parkman of Boston, int.Apr.2,1715.

James [jr. int.] and Abigail Tarr, Nov.8,1744.*

James, jr., 2d m., and Sarah Lane, Mar.8,1759.CR5*

James, jr., and Deborah Lane, Dec.24,1767.CR5*

James, and Patience Knight, int.June27,1785.

James, 3d, and Polly Badger of Boston, int.Feb.23,1788.

James, and Olive Cleaveland Pool, int.July2,1796 [m.July21.PR708]

James, jr., and Tammy Vinson Goss, Dec.18,1806.*

James D[], and Elisabeth Bradstreet, Mar.21,1827.*

James D., and Rachel Parsons, May13,1833.*

Jeffery, and Sarah Vinson, d.William, Nov.11,1657.

Jeffry, and Mary Vinson, Nov.12,1767.*

Jeffery, and Betsy Burns, int.July22,1796.

Jeffery, jr., and Eliza Knights, Nov.7,1821.*

Jeffery, and [] Esther Rowe, Aug.3,1824.*

Jemima, and Isaac Eveleth, 3d, Jan.1,1740-41.*

Jemima, and John Sanders, May12,1757.*

Jemima, and Josiah Cook, Nov.29,1764.*

Jeremiah, and Susannah Cogswell of Ipswich, Dec.14,1721. [Dec.24.CR2]*

Jeremiah, jr., and Mary Milberry, Dec.13,1751.*

Jeremiah [Jonathan.CR1], and Molly Parsons, Dec.26,1780.

Jeremiah, and Betty 末末, Sept.16,1781.CR2

Jerusha, and James Jordan, June8,1773.*

Jerusha, and Henry P. Davis, Jan.11,1834.*

Job, and Elizabeth [] Jumper, Feb.14,1771.CR5*

John, and Sarah Norton, at Ipswich, July29,1701.

John, and Elisabeth Haskell, June5,1716.*

John, jr., and Anna [Anne, int] Clarke, Nov.15,1739.*

John, 3d, and Rachel Sawyer, Nov.22,1739.*

John, 3d, and Susanna Elwell, Mar.27,1764.*

John, and Mary Davis, [] May7,1767.*

John, 3d, and Dorcas Row, Mar.7,1787.*

John, jr., and Betsy White, June9,1793.*

John, jr., and Dorcas Witham, int.Jan.3,1801.

John, 3d, and Lucy Day Parsons, Apr.28,1811.*

John, 4th, and Mary C[ampbell. int.] Hodgkins, Oct.末,1814.*

John, 4th and Sally Littlehale Brier, June30,1816.*

John, 4th and Esther Pool Tarr, Jan.21,1819.*

John M[organ. int.] and Martha Parsons, Apr.17,1826CR2*

John, 5th, and Eliza Christy, May11,1829. [Mar.11,1828.CR6]*

John M[organ. int.] and Mary J[ane.CR6] Marshall, Nov.25,1832.*

John B., and Patience W. Allen, Dec.31,1835. [1836.PR731]*

John, jr., and Henrietta C. Hillier, Aug.16,1840.*

Jonathan, and Susannah Hadley, Dec.14,1738.*

Jonathan, jr., and Sarah Winnery, July28,1763.*

Jonathan and Molly Parsons, Dec.26,1780.*

Jonathan Platts, and Martha Bootman, [of Sandy Bay.CR5] Dec.22,1790 [Dec.23.CR5]*

Jonathan, jr., and Betsy Elwell, int.Mar.26,1791.

Jonathan, jr., and Betsy Carnes, int.Oct.23,1798.

Jonathan, 3d, and Esther Clark, int.Dec.7,1804.

Jonathan J[umper.PR726] and Betsy Parsons, Oct.15,1828.*

Jonthan, jr., and Mary Elisabeth Hiltz of Salem, int., Dec.23,1838.

Jonathan, 3d, and Mary M. Younger, Dec.25,1838.*

Joseph, and Jemima Benet, Feb.14,1745-46.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Bethany Gott, Jan.8,1747-48.*

Joseph, and Sally Walker, Jan.20,1775.*

Joseph, and Molly Parsons, Nov.19,1775CR5

Joseph and Mary Coase, int.Oct.10,1801.

Joseph, jr., and Elisabeth Coffin, Oct.21,1832.*

Joseph, 3d, a.22y., mariner, s.Joseph and Polly, and Martha W[ebber. int.] Witham, a.22y., d.Mark and Deborah,末蔓末,1846 [Aug.31, in pencil.]*

Joshua, and Martha Dodge, Feb.18,1754.*

Joshua, jr., and Mrs.Sally Somes, Nov.17,1793.*

Josiah, and Eunice Sargeant, Dec.24,1719.*

Josiah, and Jemima Cook, Feb.10,1779.

Josiah, and Bethiah Abbott of Rowley, Nov.25,1795. [Nov.27. dup.]*

Josiah, and Charlotte Norwood, Jan.20,1805.*

Judith, and Nathaniel Sargeant, Nov.9,1725.*

Judith, and Daniel Warner, Nov.9,1777.

Judith, and Charles C[] Parsons of Boston, Nov.16,1809.*

Judith, T[] and William Parkhurst, jr., Aug.11,1825.*

Judith, Mrs, and Moses Pool of Rockport, int.May28,1843.

Judith, a.27y., d.Nathaniel and Susanna, and David Robinson, a.32y., blacksmith, s.Abraham and Betsy, Dec.10,1846.

Julia M., and John G. Marston, Nov.29,1832.*

Lemuel C[ollins, jr. int.], and Elisabeth Lang, Mar.28,1819.*

Lemuel [] and Eunice G[] Dunphy, Mar.7,1822.*

Lemuel C., and Mrs.Nabby Somes, jr., Feb.8,1835.*

Lemuel C., jr., and Mrs.Lavinia Spinney, int.June7,1840.

Loisa, and Daniel Dade, Mar.29,1833 [1830.CR5]*

Loisa, and Nathan Gott, Dec.5,1833.*

Louisa, of Boston, and Edward Wheeler, of Boston, Apr.13,1848.

Lucy, and William Barrel, Dec.1,1791.*

Lucy Day, and John Parsons, 3d, Apr.28,1811.*

Lucy, and John D[odge. int.] Haskins, Jan.6,1827.*

Lucy Elisabeth, and Benjamin Ellery, jr., Sept.29,1835.*

Lucy and Barnabas D. Haskins, Apr.14,1839.PR229

Lucy, and Thomas Guard, seaman, June17,1845.*

Lucy A., and Winthrop I. Parsons, int.Nov.23,1845. [Nov.20. dup.]

Lucy W., a.20y., b. Rockport, d.William and Eliza, of Rockport, and Harvey Wheeler, a.21y., yeoman, s.Finson and Abigail W., Mar.28,1847.*

Lucy S., a.19y., d.Benjmamin and Sarah, and Samuel Caswell, a.26y., caulker, s.Arthur and Judith, Dec.9,1849.*

Lydia, and Zurubbabel Allin, July2,1728.*

Lydia and William More [sojourner. int.], Jan.20,1731-2.*

Lydia, and William Hobson of Rowley, Mar.9,1758.*

Lydia, and 末末 Morse, Oct.10,1779.CR1

Lydia, and Joseph Thurston, Aug.30,1781.

Lydia A[], and Jeremiah Coas, Apr.30,1821.*

Lydia P., and William Allen, May21,1837.*

Mark, and Dorcas Ingersoll, Nov.30,1742.*

Martha, and Jonathan Benet, June27,1751.*

Patty, and Samuel Collins, Aug.4,1779

Martha, and William Griffen, Sept.25,1794.*

Patty, and David Elwell, Dec.1,1795.*

Martha, and Benjamin Marble, Jan.9,1822.*

Martha, Mrs.and Samuel Caswell, Jan.4,1825.*

Martha, and John M[organ. int.] Parsons, Apr.17,1826.CR2*

Mary, and Thomas Haskell, Nov.26,1719.*

Mary, Mrs.and Nathaniel Ellery, jr., Sept.17,1751.*

Mary, and Andrew Parsons, int.Mar.6,1756.

Mary, and 末末房Daniel, sojourner. int.] Laighton, June9,1763.*

Molly, and Solomon Bray, Apr.19,1772.*

Molly, and Joseph Parsons, Nov.19,1775CR5

Molly, and Jonathan Parsons, Dec.26,1780.*

Mary, and Zebulun Row [resident. int.] Feb.末,1787.*

Polly, and Joshua Riggs, jr., Dec.4,1787.*

Polly, and Jacob Smith, int.Apr.10,1790.

Mary, and Ignatius Sargent, Apr.26,1791.*

Polly, and Isaac Proctor [jr., sojourner. int.] Nov.24,1804.*

Polly, and Joanthan Burnham, jr.,末蔓末,1813. (beginning of, Oct.CR3)*

Mary, and Zebulun Babson, May20,1819.*

Mary G[erring. int.], and John R[] Huston, July12,1824.*

Mary F[inson. int.], and Elijah Pickering [resident. int.], Nov.11,1825.*

Mary V[], and Daniel Douglass, jr., Dec.15,1825.*

Mary, and William Christy, June19,1829. [1828.CR6]*

Mary, and Robert Douglas, Dec.22,1831.*

Mary, and Moses Gilbert [2d m.PR372], May11,1833.CR1*

Mary, Mrs., and Samuel T. Fretch, Dec.24,1835.*

Mary D., and William T. Abbott, int.Mar.27,1836.

Mary Jane, and John J. Ross, int.Nov.27,1836.

Mary, and Peter Brean, Nov.2,1837.*

Mary S., and Edward C. Gardiner, May17,1838.*

Mary Jane, and John [L.PR690] Norwood, May31,1839.* [Aug.PR690]*

Mary W., and Samuel Witham, Mar.31,1842.*

Mary Augusta, and John R. Davis, Oct.10,1843.*

Mary, a.19y., d.John and Mary, and James J. Pool, a.32y., cordwainer, s.Solomon and Hannah, int.Oct.20,1847. [Oct.24. dup.]

Mary E. [of Rockport. int.], a.20y., b. Rockport, d.Zebulun, and John E. Mason, a.28y., mariner, s.John Jumper and Lucy,末蔓末,1848. [Mar.18.TC]*

Mary Eliza, a.19y., d.John and Eliza, and George A. Webber, a.31y., sailmaker, s.Ignatius and Abigail, Apr.20,1849.*

Matilda, Mrs., and Jonathan Welch, Oct.17,1832.*

Matilda, and John Tarr, jr., July27,1839.*

Matilda, and James Robinson, Oct.5,1843.*

Matilda, wid.[of Rockport. dup.], a.33y., b. Rockport, d.末末 Allen, and Nathaniel Haraden, widr., a.44y., mariner, s.Jonathan and Jane, int.July22,1848. [July23. dup.]

Michael A. [Capt. int.], and Indiana Shipley [of Pepperell. int.] May19,1833.CR1*

Moses, and Mrs.Susanna Davis, Jan.11,1742.*

Moses, and Betsy Rowe, int.Nov.15,1800.

Moses, and Lydia Grover, int.Nov.20,1802. [m.Dec.6.PR717]

Moses, jr., and Judith Thomas, int.Dec.8,1802.

Moses, and Betsey Gerren, June25,1805.*

Moses, 4th, and Sally K. Douglass, Nov.25,1828.*

Nancy Coulston, and Dr. Nehemiah Baker of Boston, int.July19,1824. (Banns forbidden by Nancy C. Parsons, Nov.30,1825.)

Nathan, and Sarah Parsons, Oct.24,1769.*

Nathanaell, and Abigaill Haskall, Dec.27,1697.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Stevens,末蔓末,1746. [Nov.22. int.]*

Nathaniel, and Esther Norwood, Oct.8,1761CR5*

Nathaniel, and Susanna Norwood, Dec.1,1805.*

Nehemiah, and Elizabeth Bray, Feb.11,1752,*

Nehemiah, and Susanna Ellery, Sept.27,1769.*

Nehemiah, and Lucretia Bray, int.Apr.3,1784,

Nehemiah, jr., and Caroline Trask, Nov.4,1806.*

Nehemiah, 3d., and Maria Adams, Jan.13,1828*

Nicholas, G[], and Betsey Greenleaf, Dec.3,1818.*

Obadiah, Reb., and Mrs.Sarah Coffin, Jan.26,1775.CR2*

Pemala, and George Lisk of Nova Scotia, Dec.16,1838.*

Patience [Mrs.PR542], and Nehemiah Knowlton, int.July26,1797.

Philemon, and Patty Davis, Apr.5,1759.*

Rachel, and Jonathan Row, jr.,末蔓末, 末末. [Dec.29,1750. int.]*

Rachel, and William Williams, Oct.30,1763.*

Rachel, and Job Tarr, Dec.27,1780. [Dec.28.CR1]

Rachel, and Samuel Thomas, Nov.17,1799.CR2*

Rachel [wid.CR1], and Jesse Willson, [resident.CR1], Nov.20,1809.*

Rachel, and James D. Parsons, May13,1833.*

Rebekah, and Constantine Josseline [jr. int.] Nov.4,1736.*

Rebecca, and Samuel Tarr, Feb.6,1783.*

Rebecca, and Joshua Woodbury, Apr.17,1817. [Apr.27.CR6]*

Rufus, seaman, s.[James P.TC], and Mary Douglas, May18,1845.*

Ruth, and Benjamin Winter, Oct.28,1736.*

Samuel, jr., and Lydia Sawyer, May6,1741.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Babson, June21,1763.*

Samuel, jr., and Ruth Whipple, Aug.31,1788.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Rowe, int.Mar.11,1791.*

Samuel, jr., and Polly Gerren, Oct.15,1792.*

Samuel, 3d, and Eliza Steele, June16,1817.*

Samuel, jr., and Amelia Parker, Feb.26,1818.*

Samuel, 3d, and Rebecca Woodbury of Lubec, ME, Nov.30,1839.*

Samuel, 3d, and Martha G. Lufkin, Mar.24,1842. [Mar.14.PR733]*

Sarah, and Gifford Cogswell of Ipswich, Dec.27,1722.*

Sarah, and Joseph Davis of Boston, Apr.10,1729.*

Sarah, and Jacob Allen, May16,1758.*

Sarah, and Nathan Parsons, Oct.24,1769.*

Sarah, and Abner Lunt of Newburyport, int.Jan.12,1771.

Sarah, and John Martin, Dec.18,1774.*

Sarah [], and Samuel Whittemore, Dec.27,1774.*

Sarah, and Woodbridge Cushing [Greenwood Cushing. int.], July30,1775.CR2*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Tarr, July25,1781.

Sarah, Mrs., of Newbury, and Rev. Eli Forbes at Newbury, Sept.13,1781.

Sarah, and Thomas Witham, formerly of this town but now residing at New Gloucester, int.Nov.19,1785.

Sally, and Jonathan Somes, Feb.19,1786.*

Sally, and Gorham Parsons of Boston, int.Feb.13,1790

Sally, and Moses Haskell of North Yarmouth, Dec.17,1793.*

Sarah, and William Parkhurst, Feb.18,1795. [May18.PR706]*

Sally, and Zebulun Parsons, int.May29,1802.

Sally, and Samuel Stacy, int.June11,1803.

Sarah, and Henry Elwell, Sept.3,1815.CR2*

Sarah, and Jonathan Dennison, Sept.24,1815.*

Sally, and Daniel Fitzgerald [resident. int.], June6,1819.*

Sarah G[oodhue. int.], and Aaron Hodgkins, Mar.25,1822.*

Sarah C., and William Oliver Hinckly, int.Feb.12,1832.

Sarah A., and Moses Nowell, May23,1833.CR1*

Sally Davis, and Aaron Day Wells of Ipswich, Dec.10,1833.*

Sarah, and Samuel Elwell, jr., Dec.13,1835.*

Sarah, T., and Samuel E. Oxden, Nov.29,1838.*

Sarah K., Mrs., a.32y., d.Daniel Douglas, and Benjamin Rowe, a.25y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Dolly, June1,1847.*

Sarah E., a.18y., d.Moses and Sally, and Richard P. Rowe, a.20y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Dolly, Nov.11,1847.*

Solomon, and Abigail Knowton of Manchester, at Ipswich, Apr.7,1730.*

Solomon, and Sarah Dodge of Wenham, at Wenham, Sept.28,1737.*

Solomon, jr., and Prudence Dodge of Sutton, int.Oct.1,1772.

Solomon, and 末膨y [Nancy.CR6] Elwell, Nov.28,1833.*

Stephen, and [] Abigail Robinson, Mar.9,1731-2.*

Stephen Somes, and Priscilla Stone of Manchester, int.May31,1846. (Banns forbidden by the overseers of the poor, June12,1846.)

Susan, and William Henry Wonson, Jan.26,1826.*

Susan C., and John W. Coffin, Dec.7,1834*

Susan, Mrs., and Dolliver Pew, int.Feb.21,1836.

Susan, and Laurence Griffen, Nov.12,1837.*

Susan, and James Dennison, jr., of Boston, Feb.22,1844.*

Susan C., of Maine, and Francis A. Williams, Oct.17,1844.*

Susan, a.18y., d.Benjamin, jr., and Lucy, and John Deering, jr., [John Geering. int.], a.27y., mariner, b. Salem, s.John and Lois Geering, Feb.6,1848.*

Susan E., wid., a.28y., d.Joseph C. and Susan Rowe, and Solomon Allen, a.36y., ropemaker, s.Solomon and Lydia, int.Nov.29,1848.

Susanna [Parsons,], and William Haskell, jr., Sept.12,1739.*

Susannah, wid., and 末末 末末, int.Aug.25, [174?]

Susanna, and William Coas, jr., Jan.18,1749-50.*

Susanna, and William Jumper, Dec.19,1765.*

Susanna [], and Edward Northey, Apr.8,1770.*

Susanna, and William Coos [Coas.CR1], May19,1781.*

Susanna, and William Wedgery, jr., of Portland int.July29,1801.

Susanna, and Joseph Hicks, int.Sept.28,1803.

Tammy, and Timothy Riggs Davis, Nov.11,1809.*

Tammy, and Edward Tarr, July1,1827.CR5*

Thomas, and Rachel Baker, Jan.21,1728-29.*

Thomas, and Judith Kinsman, Dec.10,1780.

Thomas [jr. int.], and Peggy Dresser of Sandy Bay, July21,1791.CR5*

Thomas, and Judith Wheeler, June20,1817.PR724

Thomas L., and Matilda C. Herrick, Jan.12,1836.*

Thomas F., and Deborah Tarr, Dec.20,1836.*

Timothy, and Lucy Robards, Dec.15,1834.*

Willard, and Martha Wharfe, July16,1765.*

Willard, and Mrs.Mary Ayres, May20,1792.*

William, and Mary Harraden, Mar.15,1726-7.*

William, and [] Abigail Beck of Newbury, at Newbury, Feb.8,175. [1753. int.]*

William, jr., and Sarah Rust, Jan.5,1755.*

William, 3d [s.Jonathan. int.], and Sara Finson [Vinson. int.], Nov.25,1767.*

William, and Susanna Cassaday of Newburyport, int.Sept.10,1792.

William, and Judith Porter, Dec.12,1800.*

William, and Martha Pool, int.July19,1803. [m.Sept.7.PR728]

William and Sally Quarles of Salem, int.Dec.14,1805.

William, jr., and Christianna Hurry, Feb.7,1808.CR1*

William P[], and Eliza Witham, Sept.30,1821.*

William, 3d, and Beulah Burns [], Sept.8,1827.CR5 [Oct.8.PR722]*

William W., and Mary Hartley, Dec.21,1830.*

William, 4th, and Elisabeth Ann Bowins, int.Dec.11,1831. (William Parsons 4th, d.not married.)

William, 3d, and Susan Pearson, int.Oct.26,1833.

William, jr., and Georgianna B. Messer of Portsmouth, NH, int.Nov.23,1834. [m.Dec.10,1834.PR728]

William W., and Almira Cleaves of North Yarmouth, ME, Dec.11,1834.*

William, 4th, and Martha H. Friend, May11,1841.*

William N., and Martha G. Dennison, Dec.12,1844. [ Sept.23.CR7]*

Winnery, and Polly Burrill Abbott, Apr.24,1791.*

Winnery, and Judith Gott, Nov.末,1814.*

Winthrop, and susan Riggs, Feb.4,1839.*

Winthrop L., and Lucy A. Parsons, int.Nov.23,1845. [Nov.20. dup.]

Zebulun, and Sarah Sayword, Feb.13,1751-2.*

Zebulun, and Sally Parsons, int.May29,1802.

Zebulun, and Polly Millett, int.Nov.23,1811.

Zebulun, jr., and Mary Cook, Aug.5,1821.*


David Franklin [of Dorchester. int.], a.22y., tailor, b. Dorchester, s.David and Sarah P., of Dorchester, and Frances M. Day, a.24y., d.David and Martha, Nov.30,1846.*

Dorcas, and William Stevens, 4th, July10,1763.*

Eliza, of Hamilton, and Gorham Norwood, int.Nov.24,1823. [m.Dec.25.PR688]

Eunice, and Caleb Harraden, int.Nov.29,1755.

Isaac, of Ipswich [b. Hamilton.PR751], and Hannah Pool, int.Nov.25,1799. [m.Dec.末.PR751]

Isaac, Jr., and Eliza Knowlton of Hamilton, int.Dec.9,1827.

Joseph, and Betsey Parsons, June3,1807. [June2.CR1]*

Nathan, and Dorcas Stanwood, int.Sept.7,1754.

Nicholas [of], and Susanna [] Marshall, Jan.15,1801.CR2*

Reuben, and Elisabeth Jones, Nov.24,1807.*

Sukey, Mrs., and John Lawrence, resident, int.Jan.28,1804.

Timothy, of Wenham, and Mrs.Thomasine Davis, int.June13,1759.

PATEE (Pattee)

Benjamin, and Patience Collins, Jan.7,1719-20.

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer [Eleaezer. int.] Witham, Jan.14,1734-5.*

Peter, of Haverhill and Susanna Davis [Susanna], Nov.19,1720.*

Sarah, and Joseph Row, [jr. int.], Aug.4,1741.*

PATERSON (Patterson)

James, and Abigail Craddock, Dec.26,1749.*


Joshua, of Salem, and Nancy Dowsett, June5,1808.*


James, and Mrs.Martha Malcolm, Sept.13,1792.*

James, and Mary Watson, int.Mar.10,1804.

PATTEE (Patee, Pittee)

Nathaniel, of Hingham, and Mrs.Hannah Lurvey, int.Jan.7,1804.

PATTEN (Patton)

John, Capt., of Wells, and Lydia Robinson, Nov.16,1794.*

PATTERSON (Paterson)

Hugh, and Elisabeth Row, Apr.12,1784.*

PATTIN (Patton)

John and Lucy Glover, Jan.22,1781.CR1

PATTON (Patten, Pattin)

William, Esq., of Center Co. PA, and Elisabeth Beach, int.Sept.26,1812. (Banns withdrawn by Elizabeth Beach, July31,1817.)


Charles, and Susan Chase, May30,1830.*

David, and Mrs.Mary Dennen, int.July3,1819.

James, and Nancy B. Young, Aug.28,1836.*

PAYNE (Paine)

Edward, and Mrs.Rebekah Amory of Boston, int.Sept.25,1756.


Abijah and Emily Williams, Oct.12,1836.*

C. Francis, a.25y., b. Shirley, d.James and Lilly, and Charles Newcomb [of Boston. int.], a.27y., shipwright, b. Hull. Feb.3,184[8?]*

Clarissa M., of Bucksport, ME, and Gustavus A. Lane, June29,1834.*

Cyrus [of Topsfield.dup.], yeoman, b. Topsfield, and Amelia Whalen, int.Oct.1,1845. [Oct.5, dup.; m.Oct.12.PR648]

Eliza H[arper; of Buskport, ME. int.], and Capt. Gideon Lane 3d, at Boston,末蔓末, 末末. [Oct.7,1820. int.m.Oct.22,1820.PR572]*

Elisabeth [of Boston. in pencil.], a.30y., b. Boston, d.[William B. and pencil.], and James P., Collins, a.28y., mariner, s.James P. and Betsy W., [Jan.25. in pencil.] 1848*

Joel R., and Mary B. Safford, at N. Yarmouth, May20,1827.PR346

John, and Eliza Haskell, int.Nov.27,1831

Mary, and Tristram Griffen, Nov.末,1834.PR410

Nancy, of Middleton, and Nathaniel Rowe Dumpha, int.May28,1825.

Rachel Louisa, of Middleton, and Frederick Tarr, Nov.27,1828. [Nov.25.PR749]*

Samuel James, and Martha A. Marble, Dec.30,1841.*

Sally, of Middleton, and Combs Tarr, int.Nov.17,1826.

Seth, sojourner, and Dorcas Lane, int.June16,1767.


Thomas, 2d, of Marblehead, and Sarah H. Sylvester, May12,1829.CR3*

PEARCE (Pierce)

Andrew, and Lucy Davis, Jan.8,1786.*

Anna, and Moses Dodge, int.Apr.14,1810.

Clara S., and Samuel E. Cowes, of Portsmouth, NH, Nov.10,1823. [Oct.11.CR6]*

David, and Susanna Stevens, Jan.20,1735-6.*

David, Capt., and Abigail Ingersoll, Dec.16,1792.*

David, Capt., and Eliza [Mrs.Elizabeth.CR1], Gilbert, Sept.22,1805.*

Edward Henry, and Eliza Gilbert, Apr.28,1822. [Apr.24.PR753]*

Edward Henry, and Mary Brown of Hamilton, int.Mar.18,1824.

Eliza, and William W[alker. int.] Parrott of Portsmouth, NH, Apr.16,1809.*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin K. Hough, jr., Feb.5,1833.*

George W[ashington. int.], Capt., and Hannah D[] Low, Aug.1,1819.*

Harriet, Mrs., and John Scott of Boston, Nov.17,1799.CR2*

Henry, Capt., and Nabby Knights, int.Nov.20,1802.

John [Pearcy.CTR], and Jane Stainwood [Stanwood.CTR], Sept.12,1673. [July17.CTR]

Joseph Stevens, and Dorcas Witham, June2,1768.*

Lucy, and Epes Griffen, Mar.17,1807.*

Mary, and James Goodridge, Dec.22,1737.*

Mary, d.John, and William Gott, int.Aug.19,1738.

Mercy, d.John, and James Travis, Apr.8,1667.

Nancy, and William Stevens, May11,1823.*

Nancy, a.22y., d.William and Clara, and Oliver G. Lane, jr., a.23y., mariner, b. Salem, s.Oliver G. and Charlotte, May7,1848.*

Samuel, Capt., and Julia Maria Trask, May10,1818.*

Sally and Jonathan Williams of boston, July12,1789.*

Sukey, and William Black, int.Aug.30,1800.

William Capt., jr., and Clarissa Sargent, Sept.21,1805.*

William, Co., and [] Judith Atkins, Oct.7,1821.*

PEARSE (Pierce)

Bethiah, and Robert Williams of Boston, int.Apr.11,1787.

John, husbandman, and Elizabeth 末末, Nov.4,1643.

John, jr., and Esther Gott, Aug.20,1775.CR3*

Mary, and James Blake, sojourner, May22,1757.*

Rebecca, and Peter Sargent, Apr.7,1774.CR3*

Thomasin, and James Woodbury, Nov.27,1774.CR3*

William, and Thomasine Brown, Dec.30,1773.*


Abigail, Mrs., and Capt. William Pearson, Nov.16,1794.*

Anna, and George Creighton, May11,1772.*

Gibbs, and Rebecca Edgar, Jan.1,1769.*

Hannah, and John Babson, 3d, Nov.21,1775.CR2*

James, [sojourner. int.] and Hannah Robinson, Jan.6,1737-8.*

James [Peerson. int.], and Mary Edgar, Feb.3,1748-9.*

James, Capt., and Abigail Smith, Nov.14,1780.

Lucy S., a.19y., d.Samuel and Lucy D. and Joseph A. Norcross, a.25y., merchant, b. Boston, s.Otis, Nov.27,1848.*

Mary [of], and Ebenezer Davis, at Newbury, Sept.11,1755.*

Mary, and Epes Sargent, jr., Jan.5,1806.*

Mary P., Mrs., and John G. Brooks of Salem, Jan.5,1836.*

Nancy, and Capt. Eliphalet Davis, June2,1811.CR2*

Nehemiah Somes, and Nancy Tarr, Dec.18,1825.*

Patience, and Charles Parsons, jr., Dec.24,1826.*

Rebecca, and Benjamin Hill [late of Manchester. int.], Mar.10,1773.*

Richard, and Bethia Stanwood, Nov.26,1765.*

Samuel, and Susanna Somes, Dec.16,1789.*

Samuel, Capt., and Lucy D[] Stanwood, May2,1824. [May15. int.]CR3*

Samuel, and Mary Davis, Aug.20,1834.*

Samuel, Capt., and Ann Maria Bass of Boston, int.Jan.5, [1845?]

Susan, and William Parsons, 3d., int.Oct.26,1833.

William and Anna Hill, Sept.9,1765.*

William Capt., and Elisabeth Rogers, Feb.2,1778.

William, Capt., and Mrs., Abigail Pearson, Nov.16,1794.*

William, resident, and Sarah carter, int.Sept.9,1797.

William, jr., and [] Rachel Card, Feb.14,1808.*

William B[uonaparte. int.] and Mary B. [Porter. int.] Stevens.June11,1820.CR2*

William, and Rebecca Carr of Haverhill, Mar.8,1837.*

William, and Margaret. Wonson, Nov.12,1843.*


Ann [Mrs.Haverhill. int.], and Edward Tompson, at Haverhill, Oct.27,1720.


Elijah, of Enfield, NH, and Mrs.Rachel Pool, int.Nov.22,1807.


Dorcas, and Benjamin Hadlock, at Ipwsich, June29,1725.*

PEIRCE (Pierce)

John, of Boston, and Harriet Chard, int.Jan.9,1831.

Polly, and Capt., John Beach, Jan.4,1781.

Sally C., and Patrick Troy of Manchester, Mar.21,1828. [Mar.31. dup.]*

Sylvester, and Esther Ward of Lowell, int.July28,1839.


Thomas [of Boston. int.], and Susanna Griffin, Apr.3,1768.*

Thomas, and Judith Williams, Oct.13,1774.*

PENEY (Penny)

Jane [Joane.CTR], d.Thomas, and Thomas Kente, Mar.28,1658. [1659CTR]


Benjamin, of Portsmouth, NH, and Mrs.Susan Pearce Black, int.May11,1804.

Hunking [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], and Mrs.Harriet Scott, Dec.2,1804.*

Thomas W[] of Portsmouth, NH, and Mary Beach, Apr.9,1809.*


Thomas, and Sarah Duren, Jan.30,1717-18.

PENNY (Peney, Peny)

Abigal, and Joshua Poland末蔓末, 末末 [Feb.15,1752. int.]*

Anna, and Zaccheus Welcome, jr., Oct.22,1772.*

Anne, and William Hilton, Oct.27,1761.*

Elizabeth, and William Jocelyne, Jan.4,1753.*

Mary, and Charles John Fullerton, sojourner, int., July9,1768.

Molly, and John Avery [sojourner. int.], Feb.27,1770.*

Sarah, and Edward Thorpe, sojourner, Feb.26,1767.*

Thomas, and Agnus Clarke, June15,1668.

Thomas, and Miriam Elwell, Feb.5,1720-21.*

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Tucker [], Sept.4,1749.*

PENY (Penny)

Thomas, and Joan Brabuck, May17,1682.


David, and Abigail Brock, Apr.10,1757.*

David, and Susanna Varrel, Feb.21,1765.*

PERKINS (Pirkens)

Aaron, of Old York, ME, and Susan Eliza Lufkin, Feb.24,1839.*

Abigail [H. b. Dover, NH.PR1009], and William Wingood [in Bermuda.PR1009], Dec.24,1831. [Dec.26.PR1009]*

Asa, F., of Essex, and Mary Ann Bray, int.Oct.3,1841.

Delia, and Isam Bundley, Mar.16,1805.CR6

David, and Lois W. Wonson, Dec.26,1841.*

Dean, a.25y., cordwainer, b. Topsfield, s.Henry and Lucy, of Topsfield, and Ann Maria Ellery, a.24y., d.John, Feb.6,1848.*

Dolly, and Benjamin Rowe, jr., Apr.19,1820.*

Edward, and Mary Smith of Ipswich, Nov.20,1834.*

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Ingerson, June14,1717.

Elisabeth [], and William Goodwin of Boston, Feb.5,1759.*

Betsey, and John Hodgkins, July13,1813.*

George, of York, ME, and Jane Pool of Bristol, ME, Nov.24,1836.*

Hannah, and Daniel Gardner, June20,1765.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Blatchford, 3d, int.Sept.16,1849.

Hephzibah, of Ipswich, and Capt. Joseph Steele, Nov.20,1778.CR2

Jacob, and Margaret A. Collins, Oct.29,1843.*

John and Henrietta Story, Dec.3,1835.*

John L., of Waltham, and Charlotte F. Howe, Nov.15,1843.*

Jonathan Thomas, and Tammy Thurston, July25,1807.*

Jonathan T[], and Sarah Robinson, Apr.21,1816.*

Jonathan T[], and Mrs.Susan P[earce. int.] Collins, Nov.10,1822.CR3*

Josiah [resident. int.], and Polly Norwood, Aug.26,1789.*

Kitty, and James Williams, Sept.20,1806.CR6*

Martha, and Daniel Parsons, Dec.23,1828.*

Martha G., a.24y., d.John, and George C. Butler, a.24y., cabinet maker, s.Ignatius, Apr.30,1846.*

Mary, and Alexander Smith, July19,1752.*

Moses, and Mary Marsh, int.Nov.26,1787.

Olcut, of York, ME, and Jane Powers, Oct.19,1843.*

Procter, a.22y., housewright, b. Topsfield, s.William Henry and Lucy, and Susan E. Wonson, a.18y., d.William H., Oct.15,1848.*

Richard, and Dolly Adams, resident, int., June16,1794.

Richard, 2d, and Hannah Adams, May27,1830.*

Ruth, of Ipswich, and Adoniram Haskell, at Ipswich, May13,1794.

Sarah, and Coas Gardner, Dec.4,1763.*

Stephen, of Old York, ME, and Rachel Thomas Greene, Nov.11,1835.*

Theodosia, and William Lane, Mar.27,1842.*

William Henry, and Ruthy Ann Haskell, Sept.17,1838.*

William, and Lydia Day of Topsfield, [both of Topsfield.dup.], Nov.29,1844.*

William H., a.23y., mariner, b. York, ME, s.Moses and Elcy, and Pamela A. Oakes, a.16y., d.Fitz E. and Mary, Jan.23,1848 [Jan.22.PR602]*


Mary, of Ipswich, and John Donham, int.Dec.3,1774.


John, and Hannah Eliot, Mar.13,1759.*

Mary L., and William Tarr, jr., Feb.2,1834.*

Rachel [], and John Ellery, Dec.7,1822.*

William R., and Emily B. Clarke, Nov.23,1834.*

PERSE (Pierce)

Elizbeth, and Joseph Littlehale, Dec.11,1728.*

PERSONS (Parsons)

James, and Hannah Younglove of Ipswich, Dec.18,1688.

Jephery, and Abigaill Younglove, May5,1686.

John, and Issabella 末nes, 末uary 19,1692-3.

Jonathan, and Lydia Stanwood, Feb.6,1710-11.

Rachel [], and Henery Witham, June18,1733.*

Samuell, and Ruth Lee of Manchester, int.Nov.28,1713.


Genny, and Moses Stephens, both of Manchester, Nov.15,1798.CR2


John, sojourner, and Mary Sweet of Ipswich, int.Jan.5,1770.

Joseph T., of Boston, and Abigail Trask, July16,1815.*

William, and Abigail Littlefield, Oct.31,1734.*

PETINGALE (Pettengill)

Warren, and Hannah A. Bray.Nov.12,1841.*

PETTENGILL (Petingale, Pettingale)

Maria, and John McLeod, at Charlestown, July8,1832.CR6

PETTINGALE (Pettengill)

Dorcas, and Nehemiah B. Witham, laborer, s.Nehemiah, July31,1845, [July21. dup.]*

Hannah A. wid., a.29y., d.James Bray, and William Cook, widr., a.37y., mariner, s.William and Mary, Mar.6,1848.*

Sophia, of North Yarmouth, ME, and Esrom Morse, jr., Apr.5,1839.*


Lydia Ann, a.19y., b. Hampton Falls, d.George and Lydia, of Hampton Falls, and Isaac Day, a.23y., yeoman, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, June27,1847.*


Nabby, and William Marshall, May7,1791.*

Alice, and William Mann of Boston, Apr.20,1823.*

Benjamin L[ane. int.], and Judith Clark, Jan.22,1826.*

Charles H., and Priscilla T. Barrett, Aug.27,1838.*

Dolliver, and Betsey Hilbert, Mar.3,1814.*

Dolliver, and Mrs.Susan Parsons, int.Feb.21,1836

Dolliver, and Olivia P. Goss, Jan.22,1844 [Jan.29.PR385]*

Elisabeth, and Elias Staten, Dec.30,1769.*

Esther, and Moses R. Millett, Jan.23,1825 [Nov.12,1824.CR6]*

Henry, and Mary.R. Marchent, Jan.5,1828.*

Henry, widr., a.42y., mariner, s.William and Ellis, and Eliza Babson, d.Isaac and Polly, Feb.11,1847.*

John, and Sarah K. Tarr, Dec.26,1829 [Nov.CR5]*

Joseph, and Tammy Turner of Rockport, Nov.10,1842.*

Joseph M., a.26y., mariner, s.William and Lois, and Nancy Ann Wiggen, [of Tamworth, NH. int.], a.22y., b. Tamworth, NH, d.末末, of Tamworth, May12,1847.*

Loisa, a.20y., d.William and Lois, 2d w., and Charles Procter, a.26y., cabinet maker, s.John and Charlotte., Dec.25,1847.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Rust, jr., int.Aug.13,1803.

Mary Eliza, and Francis Hilton, Oct.7,1827.*

Richard Grover, and Esther Lane Annis, Oct.末,1791.*

Sally, and Joseph Adams, jr., int.Nov.14,1801.

Susan, and George Watson, jr., int.Aug.11,1833.

William, and Abigail Grover, both of Manchester, Apr.19,1767.

William, and Alice Parsons, int.June30,1798.

William, jr., and Mrs.Lois Kinsey [KuseyCR5] Mar.26,1815.*

William, jr., and Mrs.Mary Aikins, Jan.4,1838 [Jan.7.CR7]*


Hannah, of Wenham, and Edmund Clark, at Wenham, Apr.16,1758.*


Eli Forbes, of Lexington, and Susan Burnham, Apr.19,1836.*

Hannah D., and William Phelps, jr., of Salem, Nov.1,1831.*

Henry, and Polly Forbes Coffin, Feb.25,1795.*

Henry, Esq., and [] Polly Elliot, July27,1821 [Aug.末.CR1]*

Henry, Esq., and [] Mary Foster, Apr.19,1826.*

John, and Anna Corbett of Mendon, at Mendon, Dec.21,1774.

John Punchard, of Salem, and Lucy C. Phelps, Apr.4,1835.*

Lucy C., and John Punchard Phelps of Salem, Apr.4,1835.*

Mary F[], and John Davis, 3d.Oct.13,1819.CR2*

Sarah C[offin. int.], and Henry Haskell, jr., July19,1825 [July17.CR6]*

William Dane, and Susan Haskell, int.Jan.22,1826.

William, jr., of Salem, and Hannah D. Phelps, Nov.1,1831.*


Mary [resident. int.], and William P[earce. int.] Taylor, Mar.24,1822.*

PHILIPS (Phillips)

Abigail, and Jacob Carter, Jan.8,1718-19.

Freelove, resident, and William Sargent, int.Feb.18,1804.

PHILLIP (Phillips)

George S., and Mrs.Betsy Nightingale, Sept.30,1837.*

PHILLIPS (Philips, Phillip)

Charlotte, and George Brown, Feb.18,1823.*

Eben B., of Lynn, and Maria L. Stanwood, int.Mar.7,1841.

Ebenezer B., of Lynn, and Nancy Knowlton, int.Nov.27,1836.

Betsey, and William Dexter, Dec.9,1811,*

Ezekiel, and Molly Cummings of Uxbidge, at Uxbridge, May22,1788.

Henry L., a.24y., cabinet maker, b. Lynn, s.Jonathan and and Nancy of Lynn, and Mary Francis Dennis, a.27y., d.William and Mary, int.Oct.31,1847 [Nov.7. dup.]

Mary, and Edward Currier, Feb.17,1816.*

Walter, 3d, of Lynn, and Hannah Gilbert, int.Mar.12,1837.


John, of Plymouth, and Anna Parsons, int.Sept.18,1831.

PHIPPEN (Phippeny)

Seeth, and Samuel Edwards, Nov.27,1794.CR2

PHIPPENY (Phippen)

Elizabeth, and Abraham Stone, both of Manchester, Dec.7,1791.CR2

PHIPPS (Phips)

Abigail, and Asa R[] Elwell,末蔓末,1817 [ Sept.CR3]*

Amos, and Lydia Lane, int.Dec.10,1796. [Dec.20,1797.PR586]

Charlotte, and Daniel Robinson [jr.CR3], Apr.18,1831.*

Elisabeth, and Harry Clark, int.Dec.29,1804.

James, and Abigal Goodwin, [], Nov.末,1747.*

John, and Martha Lurvey, int.Dec.11,1784.

John, and Polly Marsh [both of Annisquam.CR2], Jan.15,1797.*

Jonathan S., and Mary Robards, Dec.3,1837.*

Judith [Edith.CR2], and George Day, [both of Annisquam.CR2], June20,1796.*

Lois, of Salem, and John Douglass Gerren, int.July29,1820.

Lucy Ann, and Joseph Gilmore of Boston, June28,1848.*

Lydia, and George Davis, Dec.28,1823.CR3*

Rachel, and James Griffin, jr., June21,1779.CR3

Rachel J[ackson. int.], and David Griffin, Dec.25,1817. [Oct.末.CR3]*

Roxana, and John Geering, May11,1829.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Riggs, Dec.13,1742.*

Sarah, and Daniel Williams of Beverly, int.Mar.2,1750.

Susanna, and James Day, jr., Oct.末,1788.*

Thomas, and Lydia Murrel, Dec.19,1737.*

William, and Loies Wonson, int.Nov.2,1795.

PHIPS (Phipps)

Amos, and Susanna Gott, Mar.12,1766.CR5*

Eliza and George Riggs Sargent, Dec.30,1827.CR3*

Elisabeth, and William Brown, Dec.9,1735.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Sargent, Aug.7,1777.CR3*

Mary, and Benjamin Jacobs, Dec.10,1792.CR5

Sally Davis, and William Parson, 3d.Mar.4,1828.CR3*


Elijah [resident. int.], and Mary F[inson. int.] Parsons, Nov.11,1825.*

Elisabeth, of Rockport, a.20y., b. Rockport, and Eleazer G. Noble, a.23y., mariner, Oct.18,1845.*

Mary, Mrs., and Joshua Younger, int.Apr.19,1829.

Winthrop, and Lucy Clark, Dec.14,1823.CR3*

Winthrop, a.22y., yeoman, s.Elijah and Mary, and Mary Russell [of Beverly.dup], a.17y., b. Beverly, d.Joseph, int.Aug.11,1848. [Aug 13. dup.]


Robert, of Beverly, and Judith Sewell, at Beverly, Oct.22,1761.*


Rachall [Pickworth, 末, of Manchester.TC], and Joseph Clark, Mar.5,1706-7. [Ju末 6.TC]

PIERCE (Pearce, Pearse, Peirce, Perse, Pirce)

Abigail, ad Ezekiel Robinson, June26,1760.*

Nabby, and Benjamin Homer of Boston, Apr.1,1790.*

Abigail B., of Salem, and John Honnors, int.Feb.17,1828.

Anna, and Moses Dodge, May13,1810.CR2*

Charity, and Andrew Sargent, int.Dec.13,1766.

David, jr., and Bethia Ingersol, Mar.15,1759.*

Elisabeth, of Manchester, and Edmund Clark, Nov.24,1718.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Steel, Apr.26,1763.*

Elisabeth, and John Wotton, Jan.17,1765.*

George, and Betsy Steele, June17,1792.*

John, and Ruth Hilton, Aug.12,1717.

John, and Mrs.Sarah Humphries of Newburyport, int.Apr.17,1790

Joseph, of New Gloucester, and Betsy Stacy, Mar.末,1789.*

Lucy, and Thomas Elwell, Oct.22,1740.*

Mary, and John Bartlet of Marblehead, Dec.28,1724.*

Mary, [d.John. int.], and Robert Campbell, Nov.27,1738.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and William Tucker, 3d, int.Dec.3,1791.

Samuell, and Abigiel Pool, Nov.21,1728.*

Samuel, jr., and Elisabeth Pulcifer of Boston, int.Oct.15,1737.

Susanna, and Adoniram Griffin, jr., Jan.24,1760.*

Thomas, Rev. of Scarborough, and Mrs.Anna Haskell, Nov.30,1762.CR2

William, and Molly Matchett, Mar.末,1783.*


Jacob, of Salisbury, and Anne Benet, int.Feb.3,1753.

John, of Newmarket, NH, and Mary Davis,,1755.

Jonathan, and Rachel Hutchins, int.May27,1775.

Rachel, and Joseph Littlehale, int.May31,1784.

Sarah, of Newmarket, and William Hunter, int.Sept.19,1741.


Hannah, and Samuell Hodgkins, Sept.30,1708. [ Sept.28. dup.]*

PINDER (Pindor)

Moses, and Mary Procter [formerly of this town, now of Ipswich.CR1], Sept.8,1778.

PINDOR (Pinder)

Marie, d.Henrie, and Sollomon Marten, ship carpenter, 21:1m:1643.

PINE (Pyne)


Francis, and Hepzibah Day, Jan.7,1719-20.*


Lydia, of Nova Scotia, and Addison Parsons, Apr.28,1838.*

Purnel K., a 21y., b. Barrington, N.S., d.John D. and Catharine, and George Parsons, a.24, y., mariner, s.Samuel and Amelia, Apr.14,1847.*

Robert, resident, and Mrs.Eliza Wonson, May末,1843*

PIPER (Pyper)

Charles, a.24y., laborer, b. Newfield, ME, s.Nathaniel and Mehitable, and Frances A. Langford, a.17y., d.Charles and Mary, Feb.25,1849.*

Betsy, and Joseph Procter, jr., Feb.6,1801.CR2*

Betsey, Mrs., and Capt. Richard Goss Stanwood, Dec.26,1813.*

John, and Betsey Collins, May10,1806.*

Paul Wiggins, and Harriet Parsons Collins, int.Dec.2,1826.

PIRCE (Pierce)

William [jr. int.] and Ruth Knolton, Dec.29,1790.CR5*

PIRKINS (Perkins)

Benjamin, and Mary Robinson, Feb.12,1727-8*

Henry, [of], and Lucy Gilbert, July16,1812.CR2*

PITTEE (Pattee)

Lucy, and Eben [Ebenezer.PR958] Gott, jr., Feb.2,1836.*

Sarah C., and Levi Sanborn, July27,1833.*

William, and Mrs.Abigail Gott, Dec.1,1829.*

William, jr., and Betsy Noble, int.Nov.29,1835.


Ebenezer, resident, and Eliza Laingh, int., Nov.25,1815.

PLATS (Platts)

Jonathan, and Martha Lane, Mar.23,1760.CR5*

Martha, and Francis Hains, sojourner, Mar.21,1771.CR5*

Moses, and Ruth Williams, Dec.2,1731.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and Nathaniell Gamage, Nov.27,1759.CR5*

PLATTS (Plats)

Rebecca, of Rowley, and Andrew Parsons, at Rowley, Dec.14,1758.

Samuel, of Rowley, and Mary Bennett, [now resident, late of] at Rowley, May7,1752.*

PLUMER (Plummer)

Abigail, Mrs., and David Tenny, of Barrington, NH, int.Aug.17,1771.

Caroline A., and John W. Lurvey, Sept.8,1836.*

Daniel, and Mary Davis [of Newbury, Newbury.dup.], May19,1763.*

Daniel, a.40y., laborer, s.Daniel and Hannah, and Susannah, [Luranna.dup.] T[hayer.PR820] Riggs, a.31y., d.James and Sarah, Dec.6,1849.*

David, and Judith Norwood, Apr.9, 末末. [176. int.]*

David, and [], Ann Newman, Aug.29,1723.*

David, and Anna Barber, [], Aug.25,1737.*

David, and Mary Sargent, Jan.20,1782.

Emeline, and Amos Trask, jr., of Danvers, Apr.5,1832.*

Henrietta W., and Samuel Gilbert, jr., Oct.25,1835.*

Henry, widr., a.65y., trader, s.Daniel and Mary, and Anna Parsons, a.63, y., d.Job and Elisabeth, Oct.28,1849.*

Joshua, Dr., and Olive Lyman [of York. int.], May27,1777.*

Lydia, and Samuel Babson, July16,1765.*

Mary, and Joseph Allen, jr.,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Nov.25,1748.]

Mary Jane, and Luke P. Goodrich of Beverly, Dec.18,1834.*

Rhoda, and Leonard Burnham, Mar.16,1835.*

Samuel, and Mary Low, Dec.13,1748.*

Samuel, and Hannah Moodey of York, int.Oct.15,1750.

Samuel, Dr., and Mrs, Elesabeth Gee, Dec.5,1753.*

Samuel, Dr., and Anna Sanders, [], Nov.17,1763.*

Sally Gee, and Thomas Sparling, May12,1779.

Sarah, [], and Joseph F[] Huntres,末蔓末,1823.CR2 [ Sept.25. int.]*

William H., and Mrs.Lois Carleton, Nov.29,1835.*

PLUMMER (Plumer)

Aaron, and Abigail Webber, Aug.11,1804.*

Nabby, and [Capt. int.] Joseph Smith, Jan.11,1795.*

Abigail, and Edward Smothers, Aug.5,1827.*

Addison, and Mary Haskell, Nov.12,1809.*

Addison, Maj., and Mary Whittemore, July17,1816.*

Addison, and Nancy O. Rogers, Dec.24,1835.*

Catharine M., and Addison Marchant, June18,1837.*

Charlotte, and Jacob Hodgkins, Apr.17,1796.*

Charlotte, and Solomon Sargent, 3d, Nov.19,1843.*

Daniel, jr., and Hannah Davis, int.Feb.1,1788.

Daniel, jr., and Judith Day Poland int.Nov.15,1835.

David, and [] Elizabeth Marshall, at Boston [of Boston, May19. int.] June13,1765.*

Diana, and Charles Haskell, [jr. int.] Sept.29,1816.CR2*

Eben, and Polly Allen, Jan.19,1805.*

Betsy, and Benjamin Kent Hough, Jan.12,1791.*

Betsey, and James Tuttle [Y.CR2] Wheeler, int.July20,1821 [ Sept 2.CR2]

Elisabeth W., and Edward Atkinson, Apr.14,1839.*

Hannah, and Bulkeley Emerson of York, int.Mar.19,1793.

Henry, and Mary Webber, Oct.13,1807. [Oct.18.CR1]*

Isaac, and Mrs.Polly Wallace, int.Oct.10,1801.

James, and Mary J. Jones, Mar.29,1825.PR762

Jonathan, of Bangor, and Mary Harkins, Jan.7,1808.*

Joshua, and Thankful Bray, Oct.9,1803.CR2*

Lucy, and Thomas Lufkin, jr., Nov.9,1820.CR2*

Polly, [Mary.PR2], and John Atkinson, int.Sept.22,1799. [Sep. 15.PR2]

Mary, and [Dr.CR6] John Kittredge [Esq. int.], May21,1806.*

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. John Beach, Jan.2,1814.*

Moses, and Sally Allen, int.Nov.1,1790.

Moses, Jr., and Betsey Woodbury Rust, int.Mar.19,1815.

Nancy, and Simeon Dodge, June27,1812*

Nancy Silloway, and Henry Merchant, Nov.8,1827.*

William D[], and Mary M[organ. int.] Stanwood, Dec.9,1823.CR3*

POLAND (Pollend)

Aaron, D[], and Sally W[ier. int.]Rowe, Nov.16,1826.*

Nabby, and Joseph Emmons, resident, int.Jan.14,1793.

Nabby, and John Bray, Nov.21,1796. [Nov.22.CR2]*

Ellen [a.18y., d.John F. and Elliot W.G., in pencil], and Albion C. Knowlton [a.23y., b. Maine, s.Washington and Susan B., of Maine. in pencil.], May5,1844*

James, and Elizabeth Dyke, Nov.27,1718.

John, and Eliza Day, Feb.21,1802.CR*

John F[oster. int.], and Elliot Woodbury, Dec.25,1816*

John and Lydia Bray, Dec.2,1827.*

John, and Hannah Sargent, Dec.6,1831.CR3*

Joshua, and Abigal Penny,末蔓末, 末末. [Feb.15,1752. int.]*

Joshua, and Anne Trubody, Nov.30,1773.*

Judith Day, and Daniel Plummer, jr., int.Nov.15,1835.

Judith D., and Stephen H. Lane, Dec.4,1836.CR6

Mary W., and Moses H. Marshall, Dec.24,1835.*

Michael, a.23y., mariner, s.Foster, and Ellen Maria Parsons, a.17y., d.Winery, Oct.8,1845.*

Nancy, and Mark Bray, jr., Nov.25,1802.CR2*

Phoebe, and Enoch Bray, jr., Feb.9,1832.*

Sarah Ann, a 16y., d.Aaron, and Sally W., and John S. Hicks, a.23, y., mariner, s.Joseph and Susan, Jan.17,1847.*

Suard [of Bristol. int.], and Anna Wharff, May2,1782.*


Mary, and Dudley Choate, May16,1833.*

POLLEND (Poland)

Caleb, [], and Hannah Hoitter [Hoilter. int.], Mar.2,1730-31.*

POOL (Poole)

Aaron, and Sally Butman [Bootman. int.] of Sandy Bay, June22,1791.CR5*

Aaron, jr., and Hannah Goings, Oct.30,1828.CR3 [Oct.10.PR787]*

Abigiel, and Samuell Pierce, Nov.21,1728.*

Abigal, and John Dane, Jan.27,1742-3.*

Abigal, and Ephraim Sheldon, Apr.18,1754.*

Abigail [], and John Low, Oct.18,1768.*

Abigail, and Enoch Rowell, Feb.4,1821.*

Abigail D., and Eben Trask, int.Feb.10,1833.

Abraham, and Mary Lufkin, int.Oct.17,1785. [m.Dec.19.PR626]

Abraham How, and Rachel Tarr, May4,1811.*

Almira, and Lot Keen, Sept.18,1834.*

Benjamin C., of Boston, and Mary P. Aiken, int.May12,1844.

Caleb, and Martha Boreman of Ipswich, Mar.28,1727.*

Caleb, and Sarah Howe of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Aug.4,17[61?]

Caleb, jr., and Lucy Haskell, Jan.19,1773.CR2*

Caleb, jr., and Rebecca Brown, int.Mar.17,1797. [m.Apr.5.PR774]

Charles, 3d, and Lois Lane, May10,1824. [May6.PR785]*

Charlotte, and William Smith, jr., int.Mar.15,1822. [m.Mar.31.PR 909]*

David, and Betsy Norwood, int.Mar.23,1785.

Deborah, and Joshua Gott, Dec.23,1779.CR5

Deliverance, and Samuel Lane, May17,1745.*

Deliverance, and Joseph Gott, Dec.31,1745.*

Dominicus, and Clementine B[] Harraden, Feb.21,1822.*

Dorcas, and Andrew Lane, int.Dec.20,1799.

Eben, jr., and Loisa Richardson, Dec.24,1834.*

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Norwood, Jan.30,1723-4.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Martha Tarr, Oct.30,1746.*

Ebenezer, Lt., and Dorcas Robins, Apr.12,1778.CR5

Ebenezer, and Sally [Sarah.PR6] Grover of Atkinson, NH, int.Dec.22,1786. [m.Oct.6.PR6]

Ebenezer, 3d, [jr.PR791], and Nancy Barber Tarr, Dec.13,1806. [Dec.1,1807.PR791]*

Ebenezer, 5th, and Sally Howe Pool, Oct.23,1808.*

Ebenezer, 4th, and Abigail Patch Choate of Ipswich, int.Dec.31,1808.

Ebenezer, jr., and Mrs.Jerusha [Norwood. PR6] Kinsman, June5,1826.*

Ebenezer, 3d.and Lydia Gott, Sept.14,1837.*

Ebenezer, 3d, and Phebe Jane Pool, Nov.28,1839.*

Edmund, and Sally [Polly.CR1] Tarr, June10,1782.*

Eliza, and Charles Lane, Dec.6,1821.CR3*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Smith, int.Jan.19,1744-5.

Betsy, and William Robins, Jan.8,1793.*

Elisabeth, and Joshua Pool Feb.14,1808.*

Elisabeth, and William G. [PR797] Pool, jr., Nov.6,1828.*

Emily, and William Thurston, 3d, Oct.10,1835. [ Sept.10,1836.PR965]*

Emily, wid., a.32y., d.Solomon and Joanna Choate, and Jacob Bacon, widr., a.41y., cooper, b. North Yarmouth, ME, s.Samuel and Ruth, of North Yarmouth, ME, Sept.27,1849.*

Esther, and Josiah Smith, Sept.29,1760.*

Esther, and Joshua Webster, int.June13,1785. [m.June1785.PR992]

Esther, and William Saville, int.Mar.1,1796.

Esther, and Benjamin D. Hartley, Nov.27,1834.*

Francis, and Lois Story of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Oct.19,1752.*

Francis, and Margaret Somes, int.Dec.22,1776.

Francis, and Mary Baker Norwood, Jan.11,1808.*

George, and Lavina Whalen, Dec.24,1835. [Dec.25.PR793]*

George H., a.28y., fisherman, s.Dominicus, and Betsy D. Butler, a.20y., d.Charles, Oct.18,1845. [Oct.25. int.; Nov.18.CR3]*

Hannah, and Simeon Richardson, int.Dec.15,1798.

Hannah, and Isaac Patch of Ipswich, int.Nov.25,1799. [m.Dec.末.PR751]

Hannah, and Job Dennen, Nov.24,1812.*

Isaac, and Olive Cleaveland Dec.5,1765.CR5*

James, and Sarah Marshall, Mar.26,1772.*

James, and Mary Millett, Mar.25,1810.*

James, jr., and Polly Smith, Mar.24,1811.*

James, 3d.[jr.PR788], and Martha Smith, Dec.5,1822.*

James, jr., [2d m.PR777], and Mrs.Ann [PPR777] Gott, Mar.14,1831. [Mar.11.PR777]*

James 3d, and Emily Choate, Dec.19,1837.*

James J., a.32y., cordwainer, s.Solomon and Hannah, and Mary Parsons, a.19y., d.John and Mary, int.Oct.20,1847.

Jane, of Bristol, ME, and George Perkins, of York, ME, Nov.24,1836.*

John, and Elisabeth Holmes of Salem, int., June20,1719.

John and Jemima Elwell, Oct.29,1729.*

John, and Patience Grover, wid., June3,1752.*

John, and Abigail Davis, Sept.21,1767.*

John, and Anna Davis, June14,1781. John, jr., and Ruth Gammage, int.Mar.21,1787.

John 3d, and Olly [OlivePR772] Tarr, Dec.4,1788.*

John Jr., and Sally Pool, int.June2,1800. [m.June1800.PR781]

John, and Eunice C[] Tarr, Oct.9,1814. [1815.CR5]*

John, 4th, and Sally Elwell, June26,1815.*

John C., a.28y., b. Boothbay, ME, and Eliza H. Parsons, a.20y., b. Salem, d.Jonathan and Mary, July20,1848.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Burnham (of Ipswich), Jan.4,1721-2.*

Jonathan, jr., and Sarah Howard, Feb.7,1771.*

Joseph, and Miriam Trask of Beverly, int.Dec.24,1799. [m.Jan.30,1800.PR 778]

Joshua, and Deliverance Giddings, Dec.28,1725.*

Joshua, and Anna Daniels, Dec.21,1806. [m.Jan.19.PR232]*

Joshua and Elizabeth Pool, Feb.14,1808.*

Judith, and Edward Witham, May16,1781.

Lavinia [(Walen).PR830], Mrs., and Levi Robinson, Feb.24,1841.CR6*

Lois, and Capt. Ebenezer Cleaveland May8,1777.CR5*

Lois, and Simeon Richardson, Mar.27,1808.*

Lois, and Jabez Tarr, jr., Jan.7,1809.*

Lucinda, and David Low, 3d, Jan.11,1821.*

Lucy, and James Tarr, int.Nov.17,1753.

Lucy, and David Tarr, Dec.5,1758.CR5*

Lucy, and Benjamin Tarr, Feb.28,1786.*

Lucy, and Francis Norwood, jr., Nov.7,1793.*

Lydia, and James Gott, jr., Mar.5,1809. [Mar.12.PR389]

Peggy, and William Butman, int.Dec.22,1802.

Maria, and John Butman, Sept.4,1814.*

Mark, and Deborah Tarr, Apr.15,1760.CR5*

Mark, Capt. [2d m.PR4], and Mrs.Anna Jackson of Boston, int.Nov.10,1786. [m.Nov.21.PR4]

Mark, jr., and Sarah Jackson, both of the Cape, June11,1798.CR2*

Mark, and Lois Tarr Clark, [Elwell. int.andPR789], Dec.25,1827.CR5*

Martha, wid., and John Hobson [jr. int.] of Rowley, Nov.29,1753.*

Martha, and William Thurston, int.Nov.12,176.

Martha, and William Parsons, int.July19,1803. [m.Sept.7.PR728]

Mary, and William Thursten, Jan.10,1764.CR5

Mary, [], and Simeon Richardson, sojourner, Feb.4,1768.CR5* [Jan.2. int]

Mary, and John Keezer, of Newburyport, Mar.14,1773.CR5*

Mary Norwood, and Horatio Babson, Sept.1,1829.CR3*

Mary, and James Haskell, Jan.4,1831.*

Mary, and Charles Norwood, May16,1833.*

Mary L., and Andrew L. Clarke, Dec.16,1835.*

Mary, and John B. Hodgkins, int.Nov.20,1836.

Mary, a.18y., d.Dominicus, and Clementin, and George E. Forest, a.25y., mariner, s.William and Ann, Dec.19,1849.*

Miriam, and John Choat, Mar.3,1717-18.

Miriam, and Abraham Tarr Jacobs, int.May21,1808.

Moses, and Hannah Tarr, Nov.22,1785.PR771

Moses and Rhoda Robertson, int.June18,1813.

Moses, jr., and Charlotte B. Rowe, May21,1838.*

Moses, of Rockport, and Mrs.Judith Parsons, int.May28,1843.

Moses, widr., a.56y., mariner, s.Moses and Hannah, and Betsy Rowe, wid., a.52y., d.William, int.Aug.27,1847. [Aug 29. dup.]

Nancy, and Moses Emerson Colbey, Nov.26,1810.*

Nancy, Mrs., and William Lane [2d m.PR569], May4,1826.*

Nancy I., and William H. Hasard of Boston, int.Dec.16,1849.

Nathan, and Rachel Norwood, int.July2,1785.

Nathan, and Sally Wheeler, Dec.25,1813.*

Nathaniel, and Abagail [H.CR5] Brooks, Nov.30,1830.*

Nathaniel, jr., [of Sandy BayCR3], and Mary Eveline Woodbury, Dec.5,1830.*

Olive, and Abraham Boyd, Dec.10,1789.*

Olive Cleaveland and James Parsons, int.July2,1796. [m.July21.PR708]

Olly [Olive.PR773], and Jonathan Tarr, Oct.11,1817.*

Olive, and Thomas P[] Knights, Sept.13,1818.*

Patience, and Robert Hooper of Marblehead, June2,1777.CR5 [Feb.21.PR509]

Phebe Jane, and Ebenezer Pool, 3d, Nov.28,1839.*

Rachel, Mrs., and Elijah Peddleford of Enfield, NH, int.Nov.22,1807.

Rachel, and Henry T. Lowe, Jan.15,1839.*

Rebecca, and Asa Todd, Mar.15,1818.*

Rhoda, and Isaac Hilton, Oct.8,1833.*

Robert, and Ann Sargeant, Jan.1,1723-4.*

Rosilla, and Stephen Robards [RobertsCR5], May14,1831. [Apr.6.PR980]*

Sarah, and Eliezer Lurvey, Nov.11,1742.*

Sarah, and John Row, jr., Jan.11,1759.CR5*

Sally, and Jonathan Tarr, int.Dec.16,1789.

Sally, and Jonathan Low, Dec.31,1789.CR5

Sally, and Thomas Witham, Dec.1,1795.*

Sally, and John Pool, jr., int., June2,1800. [m.June1800.PR871]

Sally Howe, and Ebenezer Pool 5th, Oct.23,1808.*

Sally Goss, and Anthony Chipman, Dec.3,1809.*

Sally, Mrs., and Levi Sanburn, May4,1810.*

Sally J[ackson. int.], and William Goss, jr., Nov.22,1818.*

Sally, and Philip Goldthwait, Aug.2,1830.*

Sarah, and James S. Lane, Nov.6,1831.CR3*

Sally and Lewis Lane, int.Oct.28,1832.

Sally, and William Lane, 3d, int.Oct.30,1836. [m.Nov.21.PR570]

Sarah P., and Henry Norwood, May24,1838.*

Sarah E. [a.25y., d.John jr., and Eunice. of Rockport. int.], and Ebenezer [Eben. int.] T. Hodgkins [a.30y., mariner, s.Morris and], Dec.25,1847.CR7*

Solomon, and Polly [(Tarr).PR786] Barber, int.Nov.27,1802. [m.Dec.24.PR786]

Solomon, jr., and Hannah Jourdean of Poland int.Aug.5,1809. [m.Nov.7.PR527]

Solomon, and Rebecca Jewett Choate, Dec.16,1841.PR168

Sophia, and Daniel Rowe, jr., June19,1819.*

Sophronia, and George W[ashington.PR201] Colby, int.Dec.9,1832.

Stephen, and Judith Grover, July29,1754.*

Stephen, and Abigail Harris, Oct.10,1781.PR902

Stephen, jr., and Abigail Witham, Oct.10,1781.

Susanna, and James Davis, Aug.28,1836.*

Theodore, and Mary Eliza Lane, Aug.26,1838.*

William, and Phebe Grover, int.Nov.28,1795.

William, and Sophia Tarr, Mar.21,1822.*

William [G.PR797] jr., and Elisabeth Pool, Nov.6,1828.*

William, 3d, and Sally Norwood, Dec.29,1828.*

Winthrop, and Eliza Norwood, Jan.24,1822.*

Zebulun, and [Mrs.CR3] Betsey Hale, Jan.18,1818.*

POOLE (Pool)

Anna, and Zachary Herrick [Aug.5,1761. int.]

John, and Abigail Ballard of Lynn, at Lynn, June5,1728. [1721. int.]*

Patty, and George Tarr, jr., int.Oct.16,1820.

Mary Holden, and David Wallace, Nov.7,1824. [Oct.30.PR798]*

Mary, and Joseph Bartlett, Oct.26,1830.*

Solomon Story, and Eliza Ann Johnson, int.Feb.23,1840.


Catharine, and Godfrey Cook, both of Nova Scotia, May29,1842.*

Eliphalet of Newbury, and Susanna Davis, Dec.25,1817.*

Tabby, of Newbury, and John Woodberry, int.Sept.27,1808.


Elisabeth, and David Haskell, Jan.15,1740-41.*


Dudley, and Polly Austin of Salem, int.Jan.2,1793.

Eliza A., and Asa Knowlton, jr., Aug.13,1831.*

Betsey, K[], and William Upton, July24,1815.CR2*

Epes, a.48. y., stagemen, b. Hamilton, s.Dudley, of Hamilton, and Eliza Babson, a.45y., b. Lincoln, d.Theodore, Sept.10,1846.*

James, and Lydia Witham, Nov.25,1762.*

James, and Judith Witham, Sept.9,1776.CR1

Judith, and Wiiliam Parsons, Dec.12,1800.*

Lucy Ann, a 20y., b. Deery NH, d.John W. Adams, and Charles Nickels [of New York, int], a.28y., yeoman, b. New York, Nov.8,1847.*

Lydia, and Samuel Bryant [of Boston. int.], May末,1782.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Samuel Bishop, int.July28,1770.

Mary C[hadwick. int.], and Isaac Dennison [jr. int.], Jan.1,1816. [1815.PR291]

Nancy H., of boston, and Joseph Thompson, int.Apr.22,1838.

Ruth, of Wenham, and Caleb Rea, int.Feb.26,1750.


Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and Samuel Bishop, int.Dec.12,1769.

Perkins, and Mary Ann Jewett of Ipswich, int.Jan.3,1830.

POWEL (Powell)

John, of Boston, and Marth Winslow, int.June11,1748.

POWELL (Powel)

James, of Halifax, N.S., and Mrs.Mary A. Dexter, Dec.25,1832.*

James, mariner, and Martha Reed, Sept.13,1844.*

POWER (Powers)

John [], a.21y., mariner, b. Milford, Eng., s.Henry and Margaret, and Eliza Watson, a.20y., d.Robert and Elizabeth, Jan.10,1848. [Dec.25,1847. int.]*

Michael, so jounrer, and Elisabeth Messervy, Apr.2,1767.

POWERS (Power)

Betsy, of Halifax, N.S., and Charles Reed, jr., Apr.11,1841.*

Jane, and Olcut Perkins of York, ME, Oct.19,1843.*

John W., a.20y., mariner, s.Patrick and Mary, and Sarah Nelson, a.17y., d.Stephen and Sarah, Jan.9,1849.*

Mary Ann, of Milton, N.S., and Stephen Smith of Liverpool, N.S., July14,1839.*


Joseph, and Patience Collins, int.Nov.27,1756.


Sarah, of Essex, and James Haskell, resident, int.Sept.22,1821.


Benjamin, and Betsey Safford, at N. Yarmouth, July3,1811.PR346

PRENTICE (Prentiss)

James, and Lydia Sanders, Oct.21,1765.*

PRENTISS (Prentice)

Anna, and Capt. Solomon Stanwood, Aug.20,1807.*

Henry, Dr., and Caroline Holt Staniford of Boston, June18,1825.*

John, and Azubah Towne of Ward, Oct.29,1809.*


Miriam, B., Mrs., and Benkelly Munsey, int.July14,1844.

PRESON (Preston)

Mary, [Preston. int.], of Beverly, and Thomas Herrick, at Beverly, Aug.末,1742.*

PRESSEN (Preston)

William, jr., and Sally Parran, int.Oct.22,1803.

PRESSER (Preston)

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Samuell Stainwood, Nov.16,1686.

PRESSON (Preston)

Abigail [Preston.CR2], and Isaac Trask, July13,1786.*

Alfred, and Mary A. Moore, Nov.19,1837.*

Betsy [Preston.CR2], and Andrew Parsons, Jan.19,1787.*

Esther, and Zenas Cushing, int.Sept.27,1801.

Leonard J. and Caroline M. Winchester, Nov.25,1833.*

Polly, and Zenas Cushing, Feb.8,1792.*

Priscilla [Preston.CR2], and William Shackleford, Dec.11,1791.*

PRESSV (Preston)

Hannah of Amesbury, and Samuel Stanwood, at Amesbury, Nov.16,1686.

PRESTON (Preson, Pressen, Presser, Presson, Pressy)

Dickri [], and Hannah Goodrig,末蔓末,1733.*

Hannah, and Ambrose Ryan, sojourner, Nov.26,1744.*

John, of Rumney, NH, and Mary Cook, int.June22,1811.

John, and Mary Ann Sturdevant, May19,1836.*

Joseph, and Mary Harris, Nov.4,1756.CR5*

Joshua Putnam, of Boston, and Sarah Somes, Dec.16,1844.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Lane, Apr.8,1762.CR5*

William, and Abigail Sargent, Aug.6,1761.*

PRIDE (Proyd)


Ann C., and John Smith, int.Aug.14,1831.

Eliza, and Joseph Greeenleaf, Dec.7,1838.*

Hannah, and Thales Yeaton Curtiss, Sept.15,1828. [ Sept.14.PR218]*

James, sojourner, and Deborah Harraden Luvey, int.Nov.28,1767.

James, and Abigail Walker, Jan.1,1792.*

Philip, sojourner, and Hannah Winslow, int.Dec.23,1769.

Phillip, and Jenny Carter, int.Apr.2,1796.

Phillip, jr., and Naomi Clark, June28,1828.*

Phillip, and Mrs.Lydia Wharff, Sept.17,1828.*

Phillip, and Mrs.Nancy Lancy, Oct.22,1837.*

Tammy, and Mark Grimes, May23,1792.*


Susannah, [Prince. int.] of Boston, and Daniel Davis, Apr.25,1776.CR3*


Abigail, and Elias Elwell, jr., int.Mar.29,1735.

Isaac, and Honer Wonson, Dec.10,1730.*

John, and Mary Sayword, [], Aug.7,1746.*

John jr., and Mary Haskell, int.Nov.29,1755.

Jonathan, and Jenny Leach, both of Manchester, Jan.17,1797.CR2

Mary, d.Thomas, sr., and Hugh Rowe, Sept.16,1674.

Mary, and Philemon Warner, Nov.3,1726.*

Polly, Mrs., and Richard Allin, both of Manchester, Dec.5,1796.CR2

Samuel, and Betsy Norwood, both of Manchester, Jan.16,1799.CR2

Sarah, and John Flanders, int.Feb.12,17末.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Collins, jr., Jan.26,1750.-1*

Susannah, see Prime, Susanna.

Thomas, and Elezabeth Harrdaine, 27:7m:1676.

PRINDALE (Prindall)

Eliakim, and Betsy Glover, int.June20,1789.

Eliakim, and Anna Bates, Dec.16,1810.CR2*

PRINDALL (Prindale, Prindle)

Annette, a.19y., d.Daniel [S. in pencil. dup.], and Mary, and James Reed [of Newburyport. int.], a.20y., [21y.dup.] mariner, b. Newburyport, s.Charles and Betsey, of Newburyport, [Jan.30,1848. in pencil. dup.]*

Charles, a.22y., sailmaker, s.Daniell and Mary, and Belinda Adams, a.19, y., d.Ezekiel and Nancy, May2,1847.*

Daniel S[mith.PR803], and Mary Burnham, int.July5,1812.

Daniel S. jr., and Jane P. Lowe of Essex, int.Dec.2,1838. [Jul. 5,1840. dup.]

David, and Mary Webber, Feb.8,1843.*

Lucy, and Nehemiah D. Cunningham, jr., Nov.15,1842.PR210

Mary Eliza, and Asa Lowe of Essex, int.Apr.8,1838.

Sally, and Daniel Lamson, int.Nov.19,1797.

Susan, and James Babson, Oct.5,1823.*

Susanna, and Daniel Lamson, Jan.2,1792.*

PRINDLE (Prindall)

Eldad [sojourner. int.], and Keturah Smith, [ Sept.24,1768. int.]*

PROCTER (Proctor)

Abigail, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel Pulsipher, at Ipswich, Feb.6,1766.*

Addison, and Ann Jane Elwell, Mar.4,1838.*

Almira C., and Caleb B. Bray, Nov.3,1842.*

Anna, and Samuel Rust, Mar.23,1737-8.*

Charles, a.26, y., cabinet maker, s.John and Charlotte, and Loisa Pew, a.20y., d.William and Lois, 2d w., Dec.25,1847.*

Daniel Epes, and Lydia Gould, Oct.4,1792.*

Denmark, and Lavinia Collins, Jan.6,1810.CR2*

Denmark, jr., and Lucinda Grover, Oct.27,1835.*

Eben C., and Judith Brown,末蔓末,1843. [Jan.29. int.]*

Elisabeth, and John Davis [of] Dec.3,1714.*

Elisabeth, and Charles Smith, Sept.4,1790.*

Elisabeth, and Alfred Adams, yeoman, Oct.7,1844.*

Francis E., and Ann Allen, Nov.26,1829.*

Hannah, and Capt. John Kinsman, Feb.27,1799.CR2*

Hannah and George Ellery, May3,1827.*

Humphrey, jr., and Lucy Haskell, June14,1812.CR2*

Isaac, and Mary Ingersoll, int.Feb.3,1775.

Isaac, [jr., sojourner. int.], and Polly Parsons, Nov.24,1804.*

Jacob, of Ipswich, and Lucy Bray, Jan.22,1776.CR2*

Jacob, and Lois Lufkin of Ipswich, int.Nov.16,1802.

John [Capt.CR2], resident [of Ipswich.CR2], and Sally Gardner, Apr.11,1792.*

Joseph, jr., and Betsy Piper, Feb.6,1801.CR2*

Joseph Johnston, and Eliza Ann Gilbert, June17,1827.*

Joseph, jr, and Sally Allen, Aug.3,1828.*

Joseph, of Deery, NH, and Elizabeth Bray, Jan.8,1843.*

Joseph O[slorn.PR805], trader, a.20y., s.Joseph L. and Lydia Ann Gaffney, a.20y., d.Michael and Lucinda, Nov.28,1849. [Nov, 25.PR805]*

Julia, and Josiah H. Fears, Apr.10,1836.*

Lavinia, and Addison Winter, Feb.11,1835.*

Loisa, and Joseph Fears, jr., Nov.9,1834.*

Lucy, of Essex, and Moses Rust, jr., int.Nov.25,1820. [m.Dec.24,1819.PR808]

Lydia, and Solomon Allen, 4th, Feb.17,1801*

Martha, and Francis Bennet, Aug.17,1834.*

Mary [formerly of this town, now of Ipswich.CR1], and Moses Pinder, Sept.8,1778.

Polly, and Eben Hall Collins [of New Haven. int.], July7,1804.CR2*

Mary and John Atkinson, jr., Oct.3,1827.*

Mary T., and William Gott, int.Mar.22,1846.

Nathan [jr., of] and Patience Leighton, Oct.26,1786.*

Sarah, of Ipswich, and Nathaniell Byles, at Ipswich, Mar.27,1766.*

Sally, and William Woodbury, Jan.11,1807.CR2*

Sarah W., a.21, y., d.William and Ruth, and William F. Johnson, widr., of Farmington, NH, cordwainer, June6,1849.*

Thomas [of], and Polly Dennen, Aug.26,1803.CR2*

Thomas M[atchett int.], and Betsy G[uier. int.] Bray, Jan.11,1808.CR2*

William [of], and Ruth Mitchell, Aug.21,1785.*

William, jr., and Ruth Bray, July14,1811.CR2*

William, of Lynn, a.24y., carpenter, s.Denmark and Lavinia, deceased, and Eliabeth Friend, a.22y., d.Richard, jr., at Lynn,末蔓末,1846. [Apr.27, int., May10. int.dup.]

PROCTOR (Procter)

John, and Rachel Woodbury, int.Feb.7,1756.

John, and Charlotte Millet, Jan.12,1812.CR2*

Lucy, of Ipswich, and Coos Gardner, at Ipswich, Oct.21,1777.

Sarah, of Danvers, and John Gould, int.June6,1761.

William, jr., [], and Susan [P. int.] Shackleford, Dec.3,1835.CR6*


Elizabeth [Pride.CR2], and John Lufkin of Ipswich, Nov.5,1724.


Abegail, E., a.25y., b. Nova Scotia, d.Lawrence and Nancy, of Nova Scotia, and Bryant Rogers, a.24, y., mariner, b. Nova Scotia, s.John and Elisabeth, of Nova Scotia, Nov.26,1849.*

PULCIFER (Pulsifer)

Abigail, and Vinson Lurvey, int, Jan.27,1770.

Anna, and Benjamin Adams, Nov.9,1828.*

Daniel, and Patience Rust, May1,1796.*

Daniel, and Sarah Haskins, June11,1837.*

David, Jr., and Hannah Pulcifer of Brentwood, NH, int.Feb.4,1762.

Debby, and Adoniram Currier, June1,1800.CR2*

Edmund, and Mary Day, Jan.10,1751.*

Edmund, and Mary Haskell [], Feb.7,1765.*

Elisabeth, of Boston, and Samuel Pierce, jr., int.Oct.15,1737.

Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and Benjamin Wheeler, jr., int.Dec.22,1746.

Elisabeth, and Michael Kingsberry, Jan.1,1750-51.*

Betsy, and Edward Lane, Dec.30,1827.*

Betsey, Mrs., and Joel Griffin int.June2,1833.

Betsey, and Joseph Davis, Oct.12,1834.*

Elisabeth, and Barnet S. Knowlton, Nov.27,1834.*

Elisabeth, and George Elwell, int.Aug.21,1836.

Elisabeth, and Henry Laroque, Sept.29,1836.*

Emily, and Benjamin Marble, Aug.24,1830.*

Epes Proctor, and Mrs.Betsy Lufkin [of], Sept.12,1811.CR2*

Epes P. jr., and Mary Ann Haskell, int.Aug.24,1834.

Ephraim, and Betsy Gilbert, July15,1789.*

Hannah, of Brentwood, NH, and David Pulcifer, jr., int.Feb.4,1762.

Hannah, and Joseph Moore, Feb.16,1794.*

Huldah, and William Putham, sojourner, [of Boston dup.] int.July12,1756. [Apr.8,1769. dup.]

Jabez Hunter, and Pamela Bray, int.Apr.23,1789.

James D., of Southport, "Ouisconsin Territor," and Sarah H. Friend, Aug.26,1839.*

John, and Sarah Hunter, Feb.28,1744-5.*

John, and Martha Millett, Dec.8,1782.*

John, jr., and Ann Gilbert, May21,1810.CR2*

John A[], and Betsey Day, May8,1814.*

Jonathan, and Polly Rust, Aug.30,1789.*

Joseph, and Anne Harris, Oct.8,1767.CR5*

Judith, and John Burnham, jr., of Ipswich [of the CapeCR2], Jan.1,1793.*

Leonora, a.22y., d.William and Mary, and Augustus Haskell of Manchester, a.30y., cabinet maker, b. Manchester, s.William and Betsy, Nov.22,1846.*

Lucy, and Aaron Burnham, jr., of Essex, int.Dec.15,1821.

Martha and Luke Morgan, jr., Dec.1,1747.*

Patty, and Joseph Haycock, resident, Dec.4,1791.*

Martha, and Adoniram Boyd, of Essex, Nov.3,1829.CR3*

Polley, and Moses Knowlton, Dec.27,1781.CR2

Mary, and Ebenezer Lord, 3d, of Ipswich, Sept.25,1795. [1794.CR2]

Mary, and John G[over. int.] Burnham, July15,1824.CR3*

Mary L., and Samuel Chickering of Charlestown, Aug.30,1829.CR3*

Mary E., Mrs., and Moses Tarr, jr., Feb.12,1835.*

Miriam and John Wordly, int.Feb.5,1785.

Nancy Maria, and Joseph Marean, int.July17,1831.

Nancy B., and Ezra Russell of Ipswich, Oct.1,1840.*

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Sally Dial, Dec.9,1792.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Dorcas Rowe, int.Aug.29,1799.

Obed, and Rebecca H. Kendall of Boston, int.Aug.5,1838.

Samuell, and Betsy White, int.Mar.28,1801.

Samuel, and Eliza Center, Dec.28,1833.*

Sarah, and William Moore, Dec.9,1762.*

Sarah, and William Woodward [of Poland Cumberland Co. int.], Apr.14,1795.*

Sarah L[], and Asa Gage [of Essex. int.], Nov.30,1826.CR2*

Susan D., and Albert Tarr, Nov.16,1838.

Susan W., and William Witham, July30,1842.*

Thomas, jr., and Jemima Morehead, Jan.2,1771.CR2*

Thomas, jr., and Tabby Allen, Sept.7,1777.CR2*

Thomas L., and Sophronia Fellows of Hopkington, NH, Jan.18,1829.CR3*

William Hunter, and Elisabeth Andross, May19,1798.*

William, and Mary P[] Davis, Mar.15,1815.*

William, 3d, and Betsey C. Smith, Nov.17,1828.*

William, 3d, and Lydia Elwell, Dec.1,1831.*

William Henry, and Lucy Witham, Nov.26,1842.*

PULSEFER (Pulsifer)

Mary, and Samuell Goolthrite of Salem, int.Oct.31,1730.

Thomas, and Sarah Grover, Jan.6,1725-6.*

Thomas, and Hannah Woodward, Oct.29,1730.

PULSEPHER (Pulsifer)

Jonethan, and Susannah Hadley, Dec.11,1729.*

PULSEVER (Pulsifer)

John, and Joannah Kent, Dec.31,1684.

PULSIFER (Pulcifer, Pulsefer, Pulsepher, Pulsever, Pulsipher)

Ebenezer, and Huldah Silley, Feb.11,1719-20.*

Hannah, and William Allen, jr., Apr.26,1757.CR2*

Jacob Haskell, and Lucy Adam, Sept.3,1800.CR2*

Nancy, [], and Oliver Honnors, Dec.24,1825.CR2*

PULSIPHER (Pulsifer)

Hannah, and Samuell Stedman, Sept.26,1728.

Nathaniell and Abigail Procter of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Feb.6,1766.*


Mary, of Bowdoin [ME.PR810], and Dnaiel Barber Tarr, jr., int.Dec.21,1816. [m.Feb.13,1817.PR810]


William, sojourner, [of Boston. dup.], and Huldah Pulcifer, int.July12,1756. [Apr.8,1769. dup.]


Benjamin W[hipple. int.], and Mary D[] Tucker, Sept.15,1822.CR3*

David, and Elenor Haskell, Jan.17,1773.*

James H., of Salem, and Mary Williams, Jan.10,1828.*

Lois, of Danvers, and David Whipple, at Danvers, Apr.16,1786.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and James Tucker, Oct.19,1837.*


Elisabeth, of Salem, and Charles G. Marshall, int.Nov.15,1840.


Christopher, and Rebecca Brown, int.Sept.15,1787.

Rebecca, and Hugh Luttrell, Nov.17,1792.*


Edmund, and Ruth E. Hadley, int.Oct.21,1849.

PYPER (Piper)

Duncan, and Martha Johnson,末蔓末, 末末. [Feb.20,1773. int.]

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