DADE (Daid)

Isaac, and Fanny Blundel, Dec.22,1787.PR75

Isaac, jr., and Rachel Witham, Sept.末,1815. [ Sept.18.PR219]*

Thomas, and Mary Burnham of Essex, int.Oct.20,1821.

Reuben, and Lucinda Brooks, Nov.8,1821.*

Daniel, and Loisa Parsons, Mar.29,1833. [1830.CR5]*

Abigail L., and William W. Chard, Jan.3,1836.*

Nancy, and Jonathan Haraden, Nov.13,1836.*

Loisa G., Mrs., of Rockport, and John Jones, int.Oct.10,1841.

Mary L., a.21y., d.William and Mary, and Timothy A. Langsford, a.23y., mariner, s.Timothy H. and Eliza, July8,1849.*

Esther P., a.19y., d.Daniel and Louisa, and Stephen D. Griffin, a.28y., mariner, s.William and Olive, Dec.30,1849.*


Elizabeth, and William Widgery, of New Gloucester, at Boston, Oct.26,1790.

DAGGET (Daggett)

Benjamin, of Plymouth, and Abigal Davis, July1,1750.*

Mary, and Isaac Sargent, Dec.20,1843.*

DAGGETT (Dagget, Dogget, Doggett)

William, and Anna S. [I. int.] Robinson, Jan.14,1828.CR3

Henrietta, and John Newman, jr., Oct.24,1843.*

DAID (Dade)

William [Dade. int.], and Abigail Lane, Nov.17,1816.CR3 [ Sept.27,1819. int.]

William, and Mary Sargent, Dec.6,1826.CR3*


Ebenezer, Dr., and Serena Parker Johnson, of Andover, int.Apr.18,1811.

Serena Parker, a.22y., d.Eben and Serena, and John A. Appleton [or New York, formerly of Boston. int.], a.29y., merchant, b. Boston, s.Daniel and Hannah, Sept.15,1847.*

DALIVER (Doliver)

Mary, and William Davis, July1,1719.


Margaret, and Elexander Thompson, Oct.9,1760.CR5


John of Guilford, NH, and Martha C. Langford, Apr.20,1837.*


William A., a.40y., laborer, b. Northampton, s.William and Sally, and Rebecca D. Noble, a.43y., Nov.28,1848.*


Sarah, of Ipswich, and Benjamin Wheeler, jr.,末蔓末, 末末. [Aug.19,1749. int.]*

John, and Abigal Pool, Jan.27,1742-3.*

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Samuel Griffin, jr., int.Oct.17,1770.

Abigail, and Benjamin Lord, June9,1771.*

William, and Mary Kinsman, Apr.9,1772.*

William, and Mrs.Hannah Coffin, May4,1780.CR2

Lydia, and Thomas Mason, Jan.10,1784.*

Hannah [; Deane. dup.] of Ipswich, and Jesse Saville, at Ipswich, [at Hamilton. dup.], Feb.9,1786.*

Joshua, and Sally Fuller, int.June4,1796.

Hitty, and Michael Sargent, int.Apr.27,1797.

Rheuben, and Judith Lufkin, May29,1803.CR2*


Betsy, Mrs., and John Richards, both of Manchester, Nov.24,1796.CR2

DANIEL (Daniels)

Eliphalet [of "Oitter" River. int.] and Abigail Whiston, Nov.17,1734.*

DANIELS (Daniel, Danill)

Sarah, of Durham, NH, and John Corney, int.Nov.5,1737.

Anna, and Joshua Pool, Dec.31,1806. [Jan.19.PR232]*

Mary Ann, of Salem, and Andrew Elwell, Apr.14,1839.*

DANILL (Daniels)

William, sojourner, and Sara Ward, int.Mar.4,1769.

DANNEN (Dennen)

James, and Sarah Newhall, of Boston, int.Dec.7, 末末.

DANNIHE (Donahue)

Timothy, sojourner, and Agnes Tarr, int.Dec.22,1769.

DARSETT (Dowsett)

Betsy, and James Laingh [(sojourner). int.], Feb.8,1788.*


Ambrose, and Anne Addis, d.William, at Boston, 24:4m:1653.


Joseph, sojourner, and Mary Davis, Nov.23,1750.*

Mary [], and Paul McDonald, sojourner, Jan.8,1765.*

DAVICE (Davis)

Sally and Benjamin Carter, both of Manchester, Dec.7,1796.CR2

DAVIDSON (Davison)

Tammy, Mrs.[resident. int.], and Capt. Isaac Elwell, Mar.13,1791.*

DAVIS (Davice)

Abigail, and David Lurvey,末蔓末, 末末. [ Sept.24,1774. int.]*

Jacob, s.John, and Elizabeth Bennit, Jan.20,1661.

Jams, and Elezabeth Batcheller of Wenham, 6:10m:1666.

Hannah, and Joseph Clarke, Mar.27,1682.

James, jr., and Bethiah Leach, May7,1685.

John, and Ann Harraden, 6:11m:1685.

Elezabeth, and Nathanaell Coyt, Feb.16,1686-7.

Jacob, and Mary Haskall, Sept.14,1687.

Abigaill, and William Haskall, Sept.8,1692.

James, Capt., and Mary Cook, Aug.3,1697.

Sarah, and 末末 Haskell, Jan.3,1704.TC

Ebenezer, and Mary Wharff, Dec.25,1705.TC

Dorcas, and Nathanaell Millett, May21,1708.

Mary, and James Stanwood, Dec.25,1712.*

Sarah, and Nathanaell Bray [Feb.7?], 1714-15.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Tarr, Feb.9,1714-15.*

John, and Elizabeth Procter, Dec.3,1714.*

Bethiah, and John Sargeant, Dec.23,1714.*

John, and Sarah Abbit, [Jan.] 27,1715-16.*

Elias, and 末末, int.Nov.17,1715.

William, and Abigail Andress, May17,1716.*

William, and Patience Foster, Jan.22,1718-9.

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Low, Sept.15,1718.

Mary, and Ezekiel Woodward, Apr.15,1719.*

William, and Mary Doliver, July1,1719.

Abigail, and Daniel Emons, Oct.8,1719.

Sarah, and Symonds Low, Dec.8,1719.*

James, and Mary Harraden, Dec.24,1719.*

Susanna [Susanna], and Peter Patee of Haverhill, Nov.19,1720.*

Solomon, and Mary Small of Kittery, Nov.24,1720.*

Susanna, and David Stainwood, Nov.24,1720.*

Elizabeth, and Ezekiel Woodward, Nov.30,1720.*

Mary, and Jacob Lufkin [of Ipswich.CR2], Nov.30,1720.*

Daniel, and Mary Stainwood, Dec.2,1720.*

Lydia, and John Mogridge, Sept.20,1722.*

Samuel, and Deborah Hains, Dec.24,1723.*

Mary, and Andrew Harraden, Sept.17,1724.*

John, and Hannah Severance, Sept.22,1724.*

Jebediah, and Dorothy Hunt of Ipswich, int.Jan.22,1725-6.

Aaron and Phebe Day, Nov.3,1725.

Moses, and Abigail Sargent, Aug.15,1726.*

Jacob, and Martha Allen, Nov.29,1726.

Elizebth, and Arron Bray, Dec.28,1727.

Joseph, of Boston, and Sarah Parsons, Apr.10,1729.*

Abagail, of Ipswich, and John Smith, at Ipswich, Mar.18,1730.*

Mary, and Andrew Grimes, July10,1731.*

Abraham, and [] Mary Greenleaf of Newbury at Newbury, Jan.10,1732-3.*

Mark, and Abigail Stanwood, Mar.29,1732.*

Joseph, and [] Jemima Haskell, Sept.21,1732.*

Isaac, and Mrs.Mary Stanwood, int.Oct.28,1732.

Hannah, and Joseph Ingersell, Nov.18,1732.*

Abel, and Mary Millet, Nov.22,1733.*

Elias, and Mrs.Sarah Foster, Nov.29,1733.*

James, Lt., and [] Sarah Miller, Dec.31,1733.*

Mary, wid., and Elder James Sayward, Jan.30,1734-5.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Norwood, Mar.26,1734.PR677

Jedidiah, and [] Martha Harraden, Oct.3,1734.*

Jerusha, and Neel Macfederick, Nov.14,1734.*

Sarah, and Samuel Middleton of Bradford, Mar.27,1735.*

Henry, and Lydia Smith, Aug.11,1735.*

James, 3d, and Mary Finson [Vinson. int.], Feb.19,1738-9.*

Elisabeth, and David Harraden, May24,1739.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Henry Herrick [of], Sept.15,1739.*

Job, and Thomasine Greenleafe [d.末末, of Newbury,], Oct.21,1740.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Giddings, Nov.11,1740.*

Anna, and William Stevens, jr., Dec.20,1740.

Hannah, and Jonathan Brown, jr., Dec.3,1741.*

Susanna, Mrs., and Moses Parsons, Jan.11,1742.*

Joseph, jr., and Anna Cunningham, Feb.8,1742-3.*

Abigal, and John Allen, int.Jan.28,1743-4.

Anna, and Evan Williams, Dec.29,1743.*

John, and Patience Haskell, Mar.29,1744.*

Doliver, and Sarah Williams, June19,1744.*

Samuel, jr., and Anna Thomas,末蔓末,1745. [Jan.10,1744-5. int.]*

Abigal, and Richard Grover, Feb.27,1745-6.*

Mary, d.Moses, and Dennis Donahew, sojourner, int.July23,1745.

Mary, and Solomon Davis, jr., Dec.9,1745.*

Solomon, jr. and Mary Davis, Dec.9,1745.*

James, 3d, and Abigal Whitrage, int.July17,1746.

Mary, and John Tucker [jr. int.], Nov.末,1746.*

Mary, and Stephen Greenleaf [of], Jan.24,1747.*

Solomon and Lydia Cannaby, int.May29,1747.

Mary, and Nathaniel Bayley [of], Oct.1,1747.*

Dorothy, and John Stanwood, 3d, int.Oct.31,1747.

Abigal, and Joseph Harraden, 3d, Jan.10,1748-9.*

Jenny, and Daniel Gourdon, jr., June16,1748.*

Samuel [], and Anna Barber, Oct.6,1748.*

Hannah, and Caleb Tarr, jr., Oct.27,1748.*

Bethia, and Ambrose Finson, Dec.15,1748.*

Samuel, 3d, and Sarah Whitrage, int.Apr.17,1750.

Abigal, and Benjamin Dagget of Plymouth, July1,1750.*

Agnes, and Joseph Thurston, jr., int.July30,1750.

Susannah, and William Young, jr., int.Nov.12,1750.

Mary, and Joseph Daugherty, sojourner, Nov.23,1750.*

James, Esq., and Mrs.Hannah Sanders, int.Dec.1,175.

Rebecca, and Henry Joselyne, Apr.29,1751.*

Joseph, 3d, and Rachel Norwood, Dec.31,1751.*

Jacob, jr., and Jemima Riggs, Feb.6,1752. [Feb.5.CR2]*

Zebulun, and Mary Bray, Mar.12,1752.*

Noah, and Mary Benet, int.Mar.25,1752.

James, 3d, and Abigal Dennison, Oct.18,1752.*

Jacob, 3d, and Abigail Williams, Dec.3,1752.*

Sarah, wid.and Richard Grover, Jan.18,1753.*

Elisabeth, and William Somes, Mar.22,1753.*

Sarah, Mrs.and Ames Cheever of Manchester, int.Apr.29,1753.

Benjamin, jr., and Rebecca Dodge of Ipswich, int.Sept.15,1753.

Abigal, and Israel Haskel, Dec.13,1753.*

Lucy, and Zebulun Rust, May2,1754.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Wheelwright of Boston, int.Aug.3,1754.

Aaron, and Patty Woodhouse, Dec.19,1754.*

Moses, and Lois Moulton of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Dec.24,1754.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Ingersoll, Feb.7,1755.*

Mary, wid., and John Pike of Newmarket, NH, int.Feb.13,1755.

Mary, wid., and Joshua Kendal, int.Apr.3,1755.

Jonathan, and Abigal Hall, Sept.9,1755.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Pearson [of] at Newbury, Sept.11,1755.*

Samuel 4th, and Susannah Bennet, int.Nov.29,1755.

Daniel, and Naomi Fears, int.Oct.2,1756.

Susanna, and Joseph Somes, int.Feb.5,1757.

Martha, and James Robinson, int.Jan.5,1758.

Jemima [(Haskell).PR223], wid.and Lt. Thomas Allen, int.July8,1758. [m.July8,1758.PR223]

Deborah, and John Dennis, int.Oct.7,1758.

Patty, and Philemon Parsons, Apr.5,1759.*

Thomasine, Mrs., and Timothy Patch of Wenham, int.June13,1759.

Mark [jr. int.], and Martha Davis, Dec.6,1759.CR2*

Martha, and Mark Davis [jr. int.], Dec.6,1759.CR2*

Elisabeth, and [Capt. int.] Andrew Giddings, Feb.3,1760.*

Deborah, and Oliver Stevens, Feb.7,1760.CR5*

Samuel, 3d, s.Isaac, and Mary Stone of Manchester, int.May17,1760.

William, and Sarah Newman of Ipswich, int.Nov.22,1760.

Anne, wid.and Daniel Barbar of Epping [Epping Parish, Exeter, NH. int.], Sept.3,1761.CR5*

Hannah, and Samuel Somes, Nov.9,1761. [Dec.10.CR2]*

Hannah, and Samuel Tomas, Dec.10,1761.CR2

Moses, and Sarah Lowe of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Dec.10,17[61? 1761. int.]*

Joanna, and Thomas Winter, May20,1762.

Johanna, and Thomas Winter, May20,1762.*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Collis, July13,1762.*

James [], and Sarah Lurvy, July22,1762.CR5*

Anne, and James Sawyer, jr., Oct.26,1762.*

Hannah, and Isaac Somes, Nov.23,1762.*

Henry [jr. int.], and Anne Herrick of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.7,1762.*

Mary [of Newbury,. int.], and Daniel Plumer [at Newbury.dup.], May19,1763.*

Jacob [jr. int.], and Hannah Webber, Dec.6,1763.*

Mary, and William Roberts, Dec.15,1763.CR2*

Alford, and Abigail Stanwood, Dec.16,1763.*

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Bennet, June13,1764.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Knight, June17,1764.*

Mary, and John Hart, Aug.30,1764.*

Joseph, and Hannah Lane, Nov.15,1764.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Day, Nov.27,1764.*

Samuel, jr. [s.Solomon. int.], and Mary Horle [Hoole. int.], Dec.17,1764.*

William, and Mary Lurvey, Mar.21,1765.*

Amos, of New Gloucester, and Alice Messervey, Aug.22,1765.*

Kinnacom, and Lucy Stacy, Sept.17,1765.*

Sarah, and Robert Elwell, jr., Dec.15,1765.*

Ebenezer, and Abigail Witham, Jan.30,1766.CR5*

Thomasine, and Benjamin Greenleaf, Mar.4,1766.*

Abigail, and Timothy Crowley, sojourner, Dec.7,1766.*

John, and Martha Sawyer, Dec.11,1766.*

Anne, and Oliver Davison, sojourner, Dec.25,1766.*

Mary [], and John Parsons, May7,1767.*

Anna, and John Carter, int.Aug.15,1767.

Abigail, and John Pool, Sept.21,1767.*

Sarah, and Daniel Parsons.[Oct.末,1767.CR5; Oct.5.PR710]

Naomi, and John Moor [sojourner. int.], Oct.6,1767.

Anna [wid.CR5], and Henry Witham, jr., Dec.17,1767.*

Jemima, and Israel Bray, Dec.25,1767.*

Sarah, and Thomas Row, jr., int.Feb.27,1768.

Hannah, and Aaron Bray, jr., Apr.末,1768.*

Abigail, and Thomas Godding, int.June11,1768.

Timothy, and Sara Tyler, June23,1768.*

Anna [of Hampton,. int.], and Hubbard Haskell, jr., Oct.25,1768.*

Susanna, and Joseph Edes, int.Apr.15,1769.

Henry, and Mary Bushel, Apr.18,1769.*

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Marchant, Aug.20,1769.CR5*

Amos, and Elisabeth Haskell, Sept.18,1769.*

Andrew, and Rachael Griffin, Aug.5,1770.CR5*

Benjamin, and Patience Tucker, int.Feb.1,1772.

Hannah, and Samuel Wharff, June末,1772.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Riggs, June1,1772.*

Betty, and Daniel Brown, jr., Oct.13,1772.*

Samuel, and Sarah Smith Robinson, Nov.末,1772.*

Isaac, and Lydia Day, int.Nov.21,1772.

John [jr. int.], and Sarah Ryan, Dec.3,1772.CR2

Sarah, and Samuel Brown, Apr.4,1773.CR2*

Daniel, and Lydia Riggs, int.Mar.12,1774. [m.Aug.2.PR277]

Thomas, and Judith Low, int.Mar.12,1774. [m.Mar.12PR220]

James, 3d, and Lisse Stanwood, int.Mar.17,1774.

Susanna, and Theophilus Lane, int.Aug.30,1774.

Sarah, and Joseph Lane, jr., int.July3,1775.

Sarah, and Benjamin Lane, jr., July3,1775.CR3

Rachel, and Daniel Barber Tarr, Aug.27,1775.CR3

Daniel and Susanna Prime [Prince. int.] of Boston, Apr.25,1776.CR3*

Elizabeth, of Annisquam, and Jonathan Norwood [jr. int.], May19,1776.CR2*

Zebulon, and Triphosa Herrick, Oct.31,1776.CR2*

Samuel, and Margret Grover, Aug.4,1778.CR5

Abraham [Aram.CR1], and Eunice Andrews, May23,1779.

Polly, and Steven Low, jr., Sept.9,1779.CR1

Mark, and Elisabeth Woodbury, Nov.25,1779.

Eliphalet, and Hannah Somes, Dec.8,1779.

Elias, Capt., and Lucy Haskell, Feb.9,1780.PR261

Betty, Mrs., and John Edie of Ipswich, Mar.末,1780.CR2

Deborah, and Ebenezer Row, Jan.23,1781.

Anna [Sarah.CR3], and Andrew Griffen, Feb.1,1781.

Anna, and John Pool, June14,1781.

Mehitable, and Robert Barker, June20,1781.

Sarah, and Aaron Burnham, July8,1781.

Nabby, and Abel Lynkern [Lyncoln.CR1], July9,1781.

Olive, and William Swanson, Nov.25,1781.

Benjamin, and Esther Tarr, July28,1782. [June6.CR1]*

Anna, and Smith Row, Sept.18,1782.*

Susanna, and Joseph Wheeler, Dec.4,1783.*

Henry, and wid.Rebecca Brooks, int.Dec.25,1784. [m.Dec.25.PR168]

Zebulun, and Susanna Allen, int.Nov.21,1785.

Lucy, and Andrew Pearce, Jan.8,1786.*

Susanna, and John Truebody, Mar.5,1787.*

Job, and Elisabeth Batten, July7,1787.*

Lydia, and Isaac Stanwood, int.Nov.24,1787.

Jemima, and Thomas Griffen, jr., Nov.25,1787.*

Joseph, jr., and Rebecca Gatwood, Dec.28,1787.*

Hannah, and Daniel Plummer, jr., int.Feb.1,1788.

Sally [], and Oliver Tarr, Mar.18,1788.CR5*

William, jr., and Sally Griffen, Apr.14,1789.*

Betsy, and William Ingersoll, jr., Feb.28,1790.*

Betsy, and Moses Hodgkins, int.Oct.23,1790.

Betsy, and John Harraden [both of Annisquam.CR2], Dec.5,1791.*

Hannah, and William Knights, Dec.11,1791.CR5*

Joseph, Capt., and wid.Eunice Cunningham [], Dec.22,1791.CR5*

Patty, and James Jones, jr., Apr.28,1792.*

Edward [resident. int.], and Mrs.Bethiah Emmons, Aug.16,1792.*

Lydia, and Samuel Hartley, July5,1793.*

Polly, and Nathaniel Gammage, Sept.28,1793.*

George, and Sally [Sarah.PR262] Whittridge, Nov.17,1793.*

Isaac, and Anna Clark, Jan.28,1794.*

Polly, and David Sargent, 3d, Dec.18,1794.*

John, and Nancy Morgan, June8,1795.*

Lydia, Mrs.and Thomas Griffen, June24,1795.*

Timothy [Charles.corrected in pencil], and Betsy Parran, Oct.19,1795. [1794.CR2]*

Epes, and Nancy Davis, int.Oct.8,1796.

Nancy, and Epes Davis, int.Oct.8,1796.

Noah, and Mary Humphreys, int.Aug.12,1797.

Hannah, and Moses Davis, int., Mar.31,1798.

Moses, and Hannah Davis, int.Mar.31,1798.

Andrew, Capt., and Polly Corllis of New Haven, CT, int.Apr.28,1798.

Oliver, and Polly Haskell, int.Oct.10,1798.

Betty [], and Abraham Haskell, Dec.3,1798.CR2*

Mark, and Mrs.Polly Stanwood, Aug.31,1800.CR2*

Betsy, and Stover Sayward, int.Oct.11,1800.

Ebenezer, and Lucy Hale, int.July13,1801.

Deborah, and Caleb Herrick, Sept.末,1801.PR840

Nancy B., and William Andrews, int.Feb.5,1803.

Solomon, and Nancy Fuller, int.May8,1803. [m.May10.PR220]

Betsy, and Edward Saunders, Oct.11,1804.*

Judith, and Arthur Caswell, Nov.3,1804.*

Samuel, jr., and Sally Day, int.Nov.8,1804.

Eliphalet, and Mary Foster, Nov.9,1804.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Patty Abbot, int.Feb.9,1805.

Thomas, Capt., and Mary Rogers, June22,1805.*

Mary, and Shubael G. Rogers, July20,1805.*

John [Woodbury.PR257], and Esther Wilson, Dec.1,1805.*

Lucy, and Samuel Somes, Dec.15,1805.*

Peggy, and Stephen Norwood, Jan.6,1806.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Abigail Jones, Mar.13,1806.*

Stephen Low, Capt., and Elizabeth Cockerin of Marblehead, int.Oct.11,1806.

Benjamin, jr., and Dolly Davis, Dec.末,1806.*

Dolly, and Benjamin Davis, jr., Dec.6,1806.*

Betsey, and Capt. Stephen Knights, Jan.4,1807.*

Daniel, and Abigail Henderson, May2,1807.*

Hannah, of Plaistow, NH, and William Gilbert, jr., int.Jan.10,1808.

Elias, jr., Capt., and Abigail Somes, Sept.10,1809.*

Timothy Riggs, and Tammy [Vinson (Goss).PR239] Parsons, Nov.11,1809.*

Susanna, and Ebenezer Burnham, jr., Jan.14,1810.CR2*

William, jr., and Sarah Thurston, Nov.29,1810.*

John, and Sally Burnham, Jan.20,1811.*

Sally, and Capt. John Williams, Apr.2,1811.CR2*

Polly [], and Ebenezer James [resident. int.], May18,1811.CR2*

Eliphalet, Capt., and Nancy Pearson, June2,1811.CR2*

Experience, and Jacob Tucker, Sept.11,1811.PR269

Pelly [Experience.CR3], and Jacob Tucker, Sept.11,1811.*

Emeline, and George Wood, int.Oct.19,1811. (not married)

Nabby, and Joseph Stevens, jr., Feb.末,1812.*

Mary P[], and William Pulcifer, Mar.15,1815.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Nancy Andrews, July4,1816.*

John Haskell, Capt., and Phoebe Felt of Salem, int.Oct.12,1816. [m.Nov.3.PR261]

Eliza, and Frederick G[ilman. int.] Low, Sept.2,1817.*

Susanna, and Eliphalet Poor of Newbury, Dec.25,1817.*

Sally, and Dudley Harraden, int.July11,1818.

John, 3d, and Mary F[], Phelps, Oct.13,1819.CR2*

Timothy, jr., and Eliza Foster, June1,1820.*

Sally, and William Wonson, July9,1820.*

Eliphalet [Capt. int.], and Clementina Brown, Sept.10,1820.*

Sally, Mrs., and Anthony Chipman [2d.m.PR159], int.Dec.6,1820. [m.Nov.29.PR159]

Lucy and William Currier, Mar.29,1821.CR2*

Hannah, and Winthrop Adams, int.Oct.7,1821.

Betsey, and John Ropper, Oct.14,1821.*

Epes, jr., and Mary R[] Griffen, Dec.13,1821.*

Martha, and David Day, jr., Jan.10,1822.*

Lucy, and Nathan Fellows Morgan, jr., int.Apr.26,1822.

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Hannah Bradstreet, Oct.12,1822.CR3*

Francis H[askell; Capt. int.], and Eliza Smith, Mar.9,1823.*

Eben, and Sally Tarr, Mar.16,1823.*

Mary, and Jabez Rowe, jr., Sept.5,1823. [ Sept.25.CR5]*

Epes, Elder, and Betsey Robinson, int.Dec.10,1823.

George, and Lydia Phipps, Dec.28,1823.CR3*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Allen Smith [of Londonderry, NH,. int.], Apr.30,1824. [Apr.29.CR2]*

Lucy, and Harvey Knowlton, Nov.12,1824.*

Mary, and Silas Bray [jr. int.], Mar.10,1825.CR2*

Moses [Capt. int.], and Anna Stacy, Apr.4,1825.*

John N[ewman. int.], and Clary [Clara.PR256] Woodbury, Mar.16,1826.CR3*

Robert, and Elizabeth Day, May7,1826.CR3*

Lucinda T., and Michael Gaffney, jr., June11,1826.CR3*

Martha, and Jacob C[lark. int.] Bray, Dec.14,1828.CR3*

Sally, and Charles Wheeler, Apr.19,1829.CR3*

Charles, and Clarissa Brown, Apr.21,1829.*

Solomon H., Capt., and Mary Babson, Feb.22,1830.*

James, and Mary Morrill Tappan, July15,1830.*

Henrietta, and Elbridge G. [C.CR3] Colby, Jan.2,1831.*

Hannah, and William Coffin Rogers, Aug.7,1831.*

Epes, Elder, and Sally F. Elwell, int.Oct.9,1831.

Elias, jr., and Dorcas Griffin, Dec.15,1831.CR3*

William, and Emily Lane, Jan.29,1832.CR3*

Abigail S[omes.PR637] and Alfred Mansfield, June13,1832.*

Julia, and Joseph S. Emerson, Dec.20,1832.*

Eben, and Mary Dennis, of Newburyport, int.Jan.13,1833.

Andrew, and Elisabeth Wheeler, Nov.28,1833.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Greer of Goffstown, NH, Dec.22,1833.*

Henry P., and Jerusha Parsons, Jan.11,1834.*

Charlotte H[araden.PR624], and Daniel [D.CR6] Lurvey, Jan.16,1834.*

John H[askell.PR261], Capt. [2d m.PR261], and Mary M. Farnham of Andover, int.Apr.13,1834. [m.May1.PR261]

Sally, and Samuel Marchent, June8,1834.*

Mary, and Samuel Pearson, Aug.20,1834.*

Joseph, and Betsey Pulcifer, Oct.12,1834.*

Lucy, and George H[omans.PR833] Rogers, Nov.3,1834.*

Gorham, and Phebe Ann Haskell, Nov.26,1834.*

Sally, Mrs., and William Grover, jr., Jan.16 or 18,1835.*

Stephen L., and Ann R. Babson, May11,1835.*

Olivia C., and Thomas Frost of New Hampshire, int.July5,1835.

William Fuller, and Lucy Kinsman Brown, July28,1835.*

Daniel, of Washington, NH, and Susan E. Rowe, Dec.2,1835.*

William, of Hartland VT, and Mary L. Rowe, Dec.2,1835.*

William, 3d, and Hannah Bradstreet, int.Dec.3,1835.

James, and Susanna [Susan Tarr.CR780] Pool, Aug.28,1836.*

John James and Dorcas Fears Williams, Sept.7,1836.*

James, jr., and Joanna C. Wonson, Dec.4,1836.*

Joseph E., of Lowell, and Adeline T. Saville, Dec.4,1836.*

Timothy, and Juliann Lurvey, Dec.13,1836.*

Abigail, and Lemuel J. Clark, Apr.18,1837.*

Mary, and John B. Welch of Monmouth, ME, May9,1837.*

Solomon, jr., and Elisabeth Harris, Oct.17,1837.*

Augustine, and Mrs.Susanna Robinson, Dec.14,1837.*

Mary P., and Frederick Haskell, Jan.8,1838.*

George W[ashington.PR261], and Mrs.Ann Smith [Ann Carter Priestly.PR261], May20,1838.*

John T., and Ann F. Buckman of Ipswich, 末末. [Nov.14,1838.TC]*

John, and Ann Lewis, both of Nova Scotia, Dec.4,1838.*

Mary, and William Haskins, int.Nov.25,1838. [m.Jan.9,1839.PR271]

Abigail C., Mrs., and William Parkhurst, May3,1839.*

William F[uller.PR225] and Hannah H. Stanwood, May9,1839.*

James P., and Esther Haskins, int.Aug.4,1839.

Anna, Mrs., and Philip Nowell of West Newbury, Oct.17,1839.*

Eliphalet, of Beverly, and Mrs.Clarissa Harris Elliot, Nov.4,1839.*

William, and Nancy Rowe, int.Oct.25,1840.

Judith, and William H. Bradley of Rockport, int.Dec.26,1841.

Lydia S., and James A. Bray, Jan.14,1842.*

Charles, and Henrietta Duley, Oct.3,1842. [ Sept.25.PR236]*

Olivia C., and James M. Riggs, Oct.31,1842.*

William R., and Mary Stover Stacy, Dec.21,1842.*

Ephraim, and Mrs.Betsy Hodgkins, Dec.26,1842.*

George N. [Capt.CR3], and Rachel Whittredge, Mar.5,1843.*

John R., and Mary Augusta Parsons, Oct.10,1843.*

Lydia A[nn. dup.], and Joshua S. Sanborn, widr., housewright, May26,1844.*

Joseph, of Lowell, housewright, and Lucy Langsford, Sept.10,1844.*

Phebe F., and Francis Monroe of Concord, stationer, Nov.12,1844.*

Elias, widr., mariner, s.Elias, and Mary Mansfield, d.James, Aug.4,1845.*

Sarah Mackay, d.Elias, and Charles A. Jackson of Savannah, GA, merchant, b. Savannah, GA, Sept.23,1845.*

Epes, 3d, a.22y., shipwright, s.Epes and Mary [Moses.CR3] Wheeler, a.19y., d.James, Feb.8,1846.*

George, and Mary A. Everett, Sept.8,1846.PR244

Esther, a.27y., d.Thomas, and Peter Sexten, widr., [of Truro,. int.], a.38y., mariner, b. Truro, s.Peter and Joanna, of Nova Scotia, Oct.28,1846.*

George N. [widr., a.74y., packer, s.William and], and Betsy Allen [a.55y.,], Feb.17,1848.CR7*

Benjamin, unm., a.40y., mariner, s.Oliver and Mary, and Mary A. Riggs, a.34y., d.Samuel and Alice, Jan.1,1849.*

Eleanor, a.26y., d.Epes, and William C. Wonson, a.19y., shipwright, s.John and Joanna, Feb.11,1849. [Feb.18 dup.]*

Fitz W., a.30y., sailmaker, s.Joseph and Abigail, and Mary L. Butler, a.25y., d.Epes and Betsy, Nov.29,1849.*

Lydia, a.17y., d.Gorham P. and Lydia, and William H. Steele, jr., a.20y., sailmaker, s.William H. and Eliza A., Dec.16,1849.*

DAVISON (Davidson)

Oliver, sojourner, and Anne Davis, Dec.25,1766.*

Elias, and Nancy Elwell, int.Dec.30,1797.

Pliny, and Hannah Woodbury, int.Nov.8,1800.

Mary E[], and Nathaniel Wharff, Apr.18,1824.*

Elias E., and Esther G. Babson, Apr.15,1829.*

Pliny H., and Besty A. Staten, Nov.24,1829.*

Zebulun W., and Abby Kemp of Boston, int.June17,1838.

Pliny, widr., blacksmith, s.Pliny, and Sophia Forbes, wid.Oct.16,1845.*

Eleanor, a.30y., d.James and Hannah, and George Brown, a.30y., mariner, s.George and Mary, Apr.27,1849.*


Thomas, s.Anthony, and Mary Laugton, Dec.30,1673.

Bridget, and Henry Joslen, June4,1678.

Temothy, and Pheby Wiles, July24,1679.

John, and Abigall Leach, Dec.12,1681. [1682.CTR]

Nathanaell, and Ruth Row, Feb.13,1689-90.

Ezekiall, and Mary Row, Jan.27,1690.

Samuell, and Rachal Roe, Aug.9,169.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Gauge, Aug.15,1695.

末mas, and Hannah Clark, 末mber 25,1706.TC

Bethiah, and Andrew Millett, May8,1707.

Susanah, and John Kent, July25,1711.

Ezekiall, and Elizabeth Littleaill of Ipswich, int.Nov.27,1714.

Susanna, and David Ring, Mar.12,1717-18.

Elisabeth, and Laurance Giddings, Jan.15,1718-19.

Hephzibah, and Francis Pinkett, Jan.7,1719-20.*

Mary, and Eliezer Parsons, Feb.18,1719-20.

Hannah, of Manchester, and Josiah Sanford, Nov.19,1719.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Downing, Dec.3,1719.*

Joseph, and Jane Boyd, Dec.7,1719.*

Sarah, and Joseph Winslow, Dec.24,1719.*

Rebecca, and Robert Nason, Dec.25,1720.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Stevens, Feb.5,1722-3.*

James, of Boston, and Mary Ring, int.Mar.6,1723-4.

Rachel, and Samuel Allen, Jan.11,1725-6.*

Phebe, and Aaron Davis, Nov.3,1725.

Pelatia, and Abigail Giddings, Nov.19,1725.*

Mary, and Richard Varrel of Ipswich, Jan.12,1726-7.*

Martha, and Joseph Sargeant, Jan.26,1726-7.*

Abigail, and Daniel Jackson of Falmouth, Casco Bay, Nov.17,1726.*

John, and Rachel Lurvey, Dec.22,1726.*

Lydia, and Abraham Robinson [jr. int.], Nov.28,1728.*

Ann, and Richard Vaugn, Dec.12,1728.

Joseph, of Attleboro, and Martha Smith, Nov.末,1729.*

Samuell, and Sarah Lurvey, Dec.18,1729.*

Josiah, and Mary Thomas of "Mintinicus" ["Milinecus.". int.], Nov.29,1730.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Ingersell, Dec.3,1730.*

Dorothy, and Joseph Killum, Dec.17,1730.*

Marcy, and Stephen Row, Dec.13,1731.*

Bethiah, and William Ring, jr., int.Aug.3,1734.

Judith, and John Ball, Nov.7,1734.*

Isaac, and Sarah Downing of Lynn, int.Nov.16,1734.

Eliphalet, and Sarah Lane, Apr.29,1735.*

Stephen, and Rebecca Witham, Dec.30,1736.*

Elisabeth, and James Stevens [of Oyster River, NH. int.], Sept.13,1737.*

Sarah [wid.Jonathan. int.], and Joseph Row, jr., Nov.28,1737.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Douning, Jan.30,1738-9.

Lucy, and Morris Somes, Mar.24,1739-40.*

Tabitha, and [Jacob. int.] Haskell, jr., Nov.29,1739.*

Nathaniel, and Susannah Stanwood [d.James,. int.], Dec.5,1739.*

Abner, and Susanna Marshall of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Apr.9,1740.*

Abigal [], and Josiah Burnam [of Ipswich,. int.], June25,1741.*

Rebecca [] and John Smith [of Biddeford,. int.], July23,1741.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Benet, Dec.2,1741.*

Susanna, and Ebenezer Harraden, Dec.31,1741.*

Eunice, and James Wharfe, Jan.5,1743-4.*

Zebedee, and Margaret Bofee, Feb.19,1743.*

Rachel, wid., and John Scott [of Rowley,. int.], Nov.16,1743.*

Joseph, and Martha Merchant, Apr.17,1744.*

Jemima, and Richard Fowler [sojourner. int.], June19,1744.*

Thomas, and Sarah Tucker, July11,1744.*

Lucretia, and Thomas Edes, int.Oct.13,1744.

Jame, and John Carter, Dec.27,1744.*

Hannah, and William Morgan, Feb.5,1745-6.*

Thomas, and Mary Webber of Manchester, at Manchester, Feb.19,1745-6.*

Isaac, and Abigail Emons, int.Oct.18,1746.

Bethula, and Joseph Marshal [of], Nov.24,1748.*

Martha, and Joseph Young of Salem alias of this town, int.Jan.21,1749.

Isaac, and Ann Botham, Nov.5,1749.*

Hannah, and Jacob Lufkin, Nov.13,1750.*

Mary, and Edmund Pulcifer, Jan.10,1751.*

Pelatiah, and Elisabeth [Elenor,. int.] Shortwell,末蔓末,1753.*

David, and Bethia Dimmock, Aug.2,1753.*

Isabella, and Samuel Merchant, int.Oct.31,1753.

Jonathan, and Anne Howard, Dec.29,1753.*

Rachel, and John Liscom, 末. [Nov.9,1754. int.]*

Samuel, jr., and Sarah Hoole, int.Nov.9,1754.

Sarah, and William Stacy, Dec.9,1754.*

Job, and Mrs.Susanna Tilton of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Dec.25,1754.*

Jerusha, and Abel Woodberry.[Nov.15,1755. int.; m.Dec.18.CR2]*

Abigail, of Ipswich, and John Cunningham, int.Mar.15,1757.

James, and Elisabeth Bradstreet, July1,1762.*

Pelatiah, and Mary Stanwood, int.Dec.25,1762.

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary Davis, Nov.27,1764.*

Anna, and Rufus Stacy, Mar.12,1765.*

Mary, and Thomas Edes, int.Apr.3,1767.

Judith, and William Low, Apr.7,1767.*

Lydia, and Isaac Davis, int.Nov.21,1772.

Anne, and Philip Castairs, Mar.11,1773.

Martha, and James Eliot, int.Oct.28,1773.

Bethia, and Zaccheus Row, Nov.13,1774.*

Rachael, and Elias Low, int.Dec.29,1776.

Abigail, and Auther Wharfe, 3d, int.May3,1777.

Susanna, and Jonathan Woodman [of Newbury,. int.], June22,1777.*

Sarah, and Samuel Thomas, May21,1778.

Polly, and Simon Smith [of Wheelsborough.CR1], Oct.22,1778. [Oct.2.CR1]

David, and Polly Adams, Jan.15,1781.

Joseph, and Betsy Collins, Oct.22,1781.

Dimmock [Domnaick.CR1], and Sally Ingersoll, Jan.12,1783.*

Lucy, and Henry Ingersoll, June16,1783.*

Ezra, and Susy [Mrs.Susannah.CR2] Warner [of Annisquam.CR2], Nov.12,1783.*

Sally, Mrs.and John Oakes, jr., int.Sept.7,1784.

Isaac, jr., and Sarah Rust, int.Dec.10,1784.

Lucy [of], Enoch Bray, July27,1786.*

David, jr. and Susanna Smith, Nov.12,1786.*

Dorcas, and John Loyd, int.Aug.11,1787.

Samuell, and Elisabeth Hales Lufkin [June15,1788.CR2]*

David, and Elizabeth Elwell, Sept.7,1788.CR5*

James, jr., and Susanna Phipps, Oct.末,1788.*

Nathaniell, jr., and Polly Elwell, int.Jan.7,1791.

Judith, and Nathaniel Norcross of Boston, Aug.末,1791.*

Mercy, and Benjamin Stacey, jr., Nov.10,1793.*

George, and Judith [Edith.CR2] Phipps, [both of Annisquam.CR2], June20,1796.*

Rachel, and Andrew Driver, both of Manchester, Sept.30,1796.CR2

Joseph, jr., and Anna Allen, both of Manchester, Aug.12,1798.CR2

Sarah, of Ipswich, and George Clark, jr., at Ipswich, July21,1799.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Mary Simmons, both of Manchester, Feb.17,1800.CR2

William, and Charity Woodberry, int.Dec.20,1800.

Eliza, and John Poland Feb.21,1802.CR2*

Isabella, and James Hodgkins, jr., int.May8,1802.

Sally, and Samuel Davis, jr., int., Nov.8,1804.

Isaac [jr. int.], and Betsy Noble, Dec.1,1804.*

Rebecca, and George Elwell, Jan.10,1806.*

Susanna, and Joseph Lurvey, July27,1806.*

Aaron, and Judith S. Tarbox, Apr.4,1807.*

Nancy, and James Simpson, Oct.11,1807.*

Eleanor, and Benjamin Oakes, int.Nov.1,1806. (Banns forbidden by Elenoor Day, Oct.23,1807.)

Eleanor Shortwell, and Nathaniel Low, Nov.7,1807.*

Lucrecia, and John Cogswell, jr. [of], Jan.29,1810.CR2*

Sally [Sarah.PR264], and Epes Bray, Feb.8,1811.CR2*

Benjamin Bradstreet, and Betsey Fellows of Ipswich, int.June25,1811.

Mary, and William Dennis, Aug.末,1811.*

Betsey, and Samuel Ingersoll, May末,1813.*

Isaac, 3d, and Susan Haskell, June14,1813.CR2*

Samuel, jr., and [Mrs.CR3] Hannah Stevens, Mar.14,1814.*

Betsey, and John A[] Pulcifer, May8,1814.*

William, and Clarissa Griffen, Mar.24,1816.*

David, 3d, and Olivia Cordell, May10,1816.*

Elisabeth H[ill. int.], and Israel Trask, jr., Nov.14,1816.*

Nancy, and James Bray of Newbury, Nov.15,1816.*

Ebenezer D[], and Hannah Hodgkins [at Dogtown.CR3], Dec.10,1816.*

Mary, and Isaac Hodgkins [at Dogtown.CR3], Dec.10,1816.*

Mary W[arner. int.], and George Stevens, Mar.23,1820.*

Sarah, and Jacob Butler, Jan.3,1821.*

William, jr., and Lydia N[oble. int.] Somes, Aug.11,1821.*

David, jr., and Martha Davis, Jan.10,1822.*

Betsy, and Samuel Marshall, Mar.21,1822.CR2*

Dorcas, and Robert Elwell, 4th, Dec.9,1824.CR3*

William [jr. int.] and Stella Leonard, Jan.5,1826.CR3*

Elizabeth, and Robert Davis, May7,1826.CR3*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Langdon Stevens, Nov.24,1827.*

Mary, and James Marshall, Nov.29,1827.*

Elias Warner, and Judith L. Curtiss, June27,1828.*

Betsey, and Benjamin Harvey, jr., Dec.16,1828.*

Sophia Ann, and Oliver W. Sargent, Dec.17,1829.CR3*

John, and Judith Day, int.July11,1830.

Judith, and John Day, int.July11,1830.

Isaac, 3d, and Rachel Elwell, int.Nov.14,1830.

Hannah, and Abner Andrews of Essex, int.Nov.28,1830.

Isaac, and Sarah Riggs Elwell, Dec.21,1830.PR274

Betsey B., and Charles Fitz, July3,1831.*

Isaac, and Esther Haskell, int.Dec.11,1831.

Lucy, and David Butler, Mar.24,1833.*

Elbridge, and Joanna Chapman of Ipswich, int.Nov.16,1834.

Hannah L., and Joseph Swift, Apr.6,1835.*

Abraham, and Elisabeth Hodgkins, Dec.10,1835.*

John M., and Ann Wheeler, Apr.3,1836.*

Judith, of Poland and Stephen H. Lane, Dec.4,1836.*

Joseph, and Augusta Leonard, Jan.12,1837.*

Judith, and Timothy Dennis, Jan.24,1837.*

Sarah, and James Steele, jr., Feb.1,1837.*

David S., and Elisabeth Riley of Boston, Nov.1,1837.*

Rachel M., and Henry Stanwood, jr., Dec.19,1837.*

Amos P., of Salem, and Mary Jane Day, Jan.18,1838.*

Mary Jane, and Amos P. Day of Salem, Jan.18,1838.*

Sarah E., and David Tarr, jr., Oct.22,1838.*

Pliny B., of Derry, NH, and Emily Haskell, Oct.22,1839.*

Nancy P., and William M. Winchester, Nov.26,1841.*

Joseph [Capt., of], and Elisabeth W. Chard, July4,1842.*

Sargent S., and Rachel Swift, int.Oct.23,1842. (forbidden by Sargent S. Day, Nov.5,1842.)

Abigail, and Fitz W. Sayward, Apr.16,1843.*

William [Capt.CR3], of Portsmouth, NH, and Phebe Woodbury, Sept.25,1843.*

Sargent S., mariner, s.Aaron and Judith, and Lucy Greenleaf, d.James and Lucy, June2,1844.*

Lydia, and William Perkins, both of Topsfield, Nov.29,1844.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah D. Rust, Jan.16,1845.*

James E., a.25y., mariner, s.William and Clara L. Griffin, a.23y., d.Epes, Apr.2,1846. [Apr.3.CR3]*

Shubal B., a.35y., mariner, b. Stratford, NH, s.Eliphalet and Tirza, of Stratford, and Abigail D. Adams, a.19y., d.Joseph and Priscila, Sept.4,1846.*

William W., a.23y., mariner, s.William W. and Lydia, and Abigail W. Burnham, a.18y., d.Jonathan and Polly, Sept.17,1846.*

Frances M., a.24y., d.David and Martha, and David Franklin Patch [of Dorchester. int.], a.22y., tailor, b. Dorchester, s.David and Sarah P., of Dorchester, Nov.30,1846.*

Sarah E., a.19y., d.Aaron and Judith, and Daniel W. [H,. int.] Hillier, a.20y., mariner, s.James and Sarah, Jan.17,1847.*

Isaac, a.23y., yeoman, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, and Lydia Ann Pevear [of Hampton], a.19y., b. Hampton Falls, r. George and Lydia, of Hampton Falls, June27,1847.*

Abraham, a.27y., stonecutter, b. Alfred, ME, s.Henry and Mehitable, and Mary E. Langsford, a.25y., d.William L. and Peta, 末末. [Nov.24,1847. int.]*

Albert, a.26y., mariner, s.Aaron and Judith, and Lydia Ann Morse, a.20y., d.Nathan P. and Abigail, Nov.7,1848.*


Lewis, and Lucy Challis, Mar.12,1789.*


Stephen Peter [Christmas.CR1], and Susanna Clarke, Aug.14,1781.


William, and Agnes Hammons, June18,1719.


William, and Cynthia Woodbury, Nov.1,1817.


Hannah, see Dane, Hannah.


Thomas [Derbin,. int.], and Lucy Tar, both of Sandy Bay, June25,1826.CR3


Margaret, and Nathaniel Low, int.July16,1808.


John, jr., a.27y., mariner, b. Salem, s.John and Lois Geering, and Susan Parsons, a.18y., d.Benjamin, jr., and Lucy, Feb.6,1848.*

Isaac, a.27y., mariner, b. Edgecomb, ME, s.David and Sarah, and Sarah Elisabeth Hibbard, a.18y., d.Joseph and Sarah, Sept.23,1848.*

DEMERIT (Demeritt)

James and [] Sarah Elwell, Jan.25,1743-4.*

Sarah, wid., and Joseph Riggs, int.Sept.30,1751.

James [jr. int.], and Susanna Allen, Dec.3,1765.*

DEMERITT (Demerit, Denirrit)

James, and Ruth Stanwood, int.Sept.30,1797.


Richard (of Marblehead), and Grace Hodgkins, int.June4,1720.

DENING (Dennen)

George and Hannah Dike, Mar.30,1708.*

Nicholas, and Ann Fuller, Jan.14,1731-2.*

DENIRRIT (Demeritt)

James [Demeritt.CR2; sojourner. int.], and Mary Briant, Mar.7,1726-7.*

DENISON (Dennison)

George, and Abigail Harraden, Jan.14,1724-5.*

Eliza, and William Row,末蔓末,1782.CR3

DENNEN (Dannen, Dening, Dennin, Denning)

Joseph [Denning. int.], and Hannah Williams, Jan.7,1745-6.*

Hannah, wid., and Arthur Churchwood, Dec.24,1749.*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Bailey of Newbury, int.Apr.21,1750.

John, and Mary Marvel, Jan.30,1755.*

Benjamin, and Lucy Collins, int.Jan.19,1765.

Sarah, and William Nash, Feb.3,1767.*

Judith, and Samuel Morgan, jr., int.Oct.31,1772.

Judith, and Samuel Morgan, jr., Nov.12,1772.CR2

Joseph, and Mary Haskell, Oct.28,1773.CR2*

Job, and Nabby Marshall, June18,1783.*

Job, and Mary Dennen, Aug.31,1788.*

Mary, and Job Dennen, Aug.31,1788.*

John, and Tammy Witham, Feb.末,1789.*

Joseph, and Betsy Avery, May23,1798.CR2*

Polly, and Thomas Procter [of], Aug.26,1803.CR2*

Martha, and Epes Roberts [both of West Parish.CR3], May末,1812.*

Job, and Hannah Pool, Nov.24,1812.*

Mary, and Zenas Nickerson, Apr.19,1817.PR672

Job, and Lucy Gott, June1,1817.*

Mary, Mrs.and David Paul, int.July3,1819.

Sally, and John Roberts, 3d, Aug.24,1819.*

Levi, widr.[of Rockport. in pencil.], a.26y., carpenter, b. Rockport, s.Job and Lucy, and Lucy Maria Young, a.22y., d.Epes and Rhoda, Nov.30,1848.*

DENNIN (Dennen)

Joseph, jr. and [] Polly Stanwood, Nov.1,1807.CR2*

William, and Eliza James, Oct.28,1832.*

DENNING (Dennen)

Nicholas, and Sarah Paine, Nov.25,1697.

William, and Hannah Paine, Dec.5,1706.

Hannah, and Daniel Mackafee, Feb.20,1717-8.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Gordan, Nov.7,1722.*

William, and Mary Reading, int.Sept.26,1724.

William, and Susannah Galloway of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Dec.1,1726.*

Job, and Abigail Babson, Mar.28,1727.

Ann, and Daniel Ring, Dec.17,1733.*

Sarah, and Joshua Tucker, Mar.6,1734.*

Naomi, and Robert Honnors [], Mar.26,1734.*

Margaret, and Thomas Boffee [], Nov.9,1736.*

George, and Mary Eveleth, Nov.21,1738.*

Hannah, and John Millet, jr., Dec.5,1738.*

Elizabeth, and Philip Floyd, sojourner, int.May27,1739.

James, and Sarah Wallis, Sept.9,1739.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Bradford, [sojourner. int.], Nov.14,1741.*

Samuel, and Keziah Bray, Mar.14,1754.CR2*

Samuel, and Mary Marchant, Apr.28,1815.*

Peter R[obert. int.], and Susan R[] Stanwood, Nov.9,1823.CR2*

Lucy, and Nathaniel Wharf, Oct.24,1830.*

William, and Eliza James, Oct.28,1832.CR6

John M., and Margaret McKensie, July11,1837.*

Mary, and Daniel Adams, int.Apr.22,1838.

Betsy [Elizabeth.PR285], and Charles L. Goodhue of Essex, int.Nov.18,1838. [m.Dec.16.PR285]

Nathaniel, and Mary Bray, Dec.6,1838.*

Sarah E., and Eli Bray, jr., May2,1843.*

Solomon, and Mary Ann Robinson, Nov.7,1843.*

Maria, wid.[of Boston. int.], a.27y., b. Essex, d.William Foster of Essex, and Benjamin Adams, widr., a.40y., trader, s.Joseph and Sarah,末蔓末,1847. [Mar.28. int.]*


Ruth, of Beverly [of Wenham.CR2], and Josiah Wood, Jan.31,1717-18.

John, and Deborah Davis, int.Oct.7,1758.

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Griffin, int.Aug.30,1766.

John, and Sarah Griffin, Apr.9,1771.CR5*

James, and Polly Griffen [both of Annisquam.CR2], Dec.4,1787.*

Judith, and Jonathan Wheeler, int.Aug.27,1791.

Samuel, and Polly Griffin, int.Oct.29,1796.

Daniel, and Polly Lurvey, int.Dec.24,1803.

Moses, and Lydia Jumper, Feb.4,1805. [Feb.3. dup.]*

William, and Mary Day, Aug.末,1811.*

Henry, and Mary Gott, Dec.4,1826.*

William, and Mrs.Eliza Clarke, Mar.8,1831.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and Eben Davis, int.Jan.13,1833.

Elisabeth B., and Fitz E. Sargent, June29,1834.*

Timothy, and Judith Day, Jan.24,1837.*

Joseph J., and Hannah S. Rowe, Dec.10,1837.*

William, jr., and Emily L. Griffin, Jan.7,1838.*

Mary, and Thomas Grant, int.July8,1838.

Sarah, and Oliver Sargent Emerton, Dec.11,1838.*

Eliza Ann, and William H. Steele, Sept.22,1839.*

John, and Mary E. Blatchford, int.Sept.26,1841.

Joseph, and Sabina R. Cole, both of Marblehead, May7,1844.CR6

Lydia, and George Minot, both of Dorchester, Aug.26,1844.*

William, jr., a.33y., mariner, s.William and Lucy D. Griffin [of Dover, NH. int.], a.33y., d.Ephes, Dec.11,1845.*

Mary, a.21y., d.Moses and Lydia, and Zachariah B. Hall of Quincy, a.23y., housewright, b. Newbury, VT, s.Cotton H. and Hannah, of Newbury, VT, Sept.6,1846.*

Mary Frances, a.27y., d.William and Mary, and Henry L. Phillips, a.24y., cabinet-maker, b. Lynn, s.Jonathan and Nancy, of Lynn, int.Oct.31,1847.

DENNISON (Denison)

George, and Thomasine Bradstreet, Feb.2,1748-9.*

Abigal, and James David, 3d, Oct.18,1752.*

Ryan, sojourner, and Sarah Gott, int.Dec.9,1752.

Abner, and Emma Lane, int.Feb.22,1755.

David, and Jenny Harraden, int.Nov.19,1757.

Isaac, and [Mrs.PR294] Lucretia Edes, Mar.16,1760.*

Jonathan, and Jemima Haskell, Jan.10,1768.*

Benjamin Bradstreet, and Jane Hale, Jan.3,1776.CR3*

Hugh, and Hannah Brown, Jan.6,1777.*

Betsy [Patty.CR1], and William Row, July28,1782.*

Hannah, and John Wallace, Dec.22,1782.*

Isaac, and Sarah Row, Jan.15,1784.*

John, jr., and Anna Wallace, int.Nov.18,1785.

Jonathan, and Judith Stanwood, Dec.11,1788.*

Judith, and Jonathan Wheeler, Nov.27,1791.CR5

Betsy Goss, and Stephen Knights, Jan.3,1793.*

Anna, and Elijah Haskell [of], Apr.21,1794.*

James, and Tammy Griffen, int.Nov.9,1799.

Sally, and Robert Hooper [of Sandy Bay.CR3], May末,1807. [May10.PR510]*

Sarah, and 末末, May10,1807.PR291

Jonathan, and Sarah Parsons, Sept.24,1815.*

James, jr. [3d.CR3], and Mary Wheeler, Nov.30,1815. [1818.PR291]*

Isaac [jr. int.], and Mary C[hadwick. int.] Porter, Jan.1,1816. [1815.PR291]*

George, and Margaret Choate, Jan.25,1816. [Jan.28.PR291]*

Jonathan, and Susan Fellows of Ipswich, int.Mar.3,1821. [Apr.3.PR291]

Elisabeth A[tkinson. int.], and Joseph Fellows, of Ipswich, May23,1821. [Mar.22.PR291]*

Mary, and Thomas Chard, Dec.30,1827.CR3 [Nov.7,1822.PR291]*

David, and Martha Story, Jan.28,1823.CR3 [Jan.18.PR291]*

Jonathan, widr.2d m., and Mary Sweetzer, Oct.1,1826.PR290

Rhoda, and Noah B[ennett. int.] Griffin, Jan.2,1827.CR3*

Abigail H[arraden. int.], and Alanson Bingham of Brighton, May3,1827.CR3*

Tammy, and George Woodward of York, ME, Dec.1,1836.*

Elisabeth W., of Boston, and Charles Wheeler, jr., int.Nov.26,1837.

Margaret Ann, and Newell Burnham of Essex, Jan.3,1839.*

Margaret, Mrs., and John Gott, Dec.25,1839.*

James, jr., of Boston, and Susan Parsons, Feb.22,1844.*

Martha G., and William N. Parsons, Dec.12,1844. [ Sept.23.CR7]*

Jonathan A., yeoman, and Adeline Story, Dec.25,1844.*

Eliphas [of Freeport, ME. int.], a.26y., mariner, b. Freeport, ME, s.Eliphas and Celia, of Freeport, ME, and Georgianna Bailey, a.16y., d.Benjamin, Dec.28,1846.*

Martha [(Story).PR443], wid., a.44y., d.James and Sally Story, and Samuel Lane, Esq., widr.[of], a.54y., s.David and Hannah, May7,1848.*

DERBIN (Dearbin)


Sarah A., of Salem, and Samuel K. Cook, int.Feb.21,1836.


Hannah, and Timothy Soames, Mar.11,1696-7.

Lambard, of Pembrook, and Hannah Somes, int.June19,1713.

DEWLEY (Duley)

Michael [], and Anna Elwell, Oct.27,1777.CR3*


Thomas, resident, and Polly Higgins, Nov.4,1792.*

John, and Judith Wyer Sawyer, int.Mar.10,1798.

Charles, and Sally West, Sept.22,1811.CR2*

William, and Betsey Phillips, Dec.9,1811.*

John, of Ipswich, and Eliza Elwell, June27,1818.*

George Washington, and Eliza Webber, Oct.24,1822.CR3*

Elizabeth D[earing. int.], and James Vila of Boston, Dec.4,1822.CR3*

Samuel, and Mrs.Eliza Schaffer of Bedford, int.July30,1824.

James W., and Sarah E. Hildrith, Sept.24,1829.*

William, Capt., and Mrs.Nancy Corliss, Mar.7,1830.*

William, and Mary Eliza Clarke, June13,1831.*

Mary A., Mrs., and James Powell of Halifax, N.S., Dec.25,1832.*

Mary J., and George W. Jerals, Apr.30,1835.*

Samuel D., jr., and Tamesin Hoyt, Dec.4,1838.*


Sally, Mrs.and Nathaniel Pulcifer, Dec.9,1792.*


Mary [Dickesson. int.], and John Roe, Sept.27,1663.


Mary [wid., resident, late of], and Job Andrews, Aug.1,1754.CR2*

William, and Abigail Bishop, Aug.28,1770.*

DIKE (Dyke)

Elezebeth, d.Agnes Clarke, and Zebulon Hill, cooper, 16:9m:1651.

Richard, and Rebecah [Dolever.CTR], d.Samuell, Aug.7,1667.

Hannah, and George Dening, Mar.30,1708.

Mary, and John Matchet, Jan.29,1710-11.

James, and Sarah Dolever, Feb.4,1712-13.*

James, and Miriam Rust, int.Nov.16,1771.


Israel, and Rebecca Brown, int.Nov.27,1805.


Mary, and Edward Gearing, June22,1750.*

Bethia, and David Day, Aug.2,1753.*

DISKELL (Driscall)

Daniel D., and Elizabeth B. Elwell, Jan.19,1832.*


John, of Michigan, and Mary Eliza Hayes, Mar.7,1825.*

DOAL (Dole)

Stephen [of Atkinson, NH, and] Elisabeth Wales, Jan.22,1784.*


Edeth, and Edward Bray, Dec.8,1774.CR2*


William, resident, and Mrs.Martha Medley, int.Dec.12,1812. (Banns forbidden. Dec.24.)


John Martin, of Boston, and Mary Ann Warner, Nov.2,1834.*

John M., and Margaret Webber, int.entered Mar.22,1836. postponed.


Judith, and Daniel A[nnise. int.] Robinson, Dec.25,1806.*

Eliza, and John Newman, int.July27,1811.

John, and Tammy alias Thomasin Woodbury, Nov.5,1815.*

Judith, and Andrew H[askell. int.] Burnham, Dec.24,1815.*

William, and Abigail Griffen, May4,1820.*

Abigail, and Augustus Lane, Sept.8,1836.*

Dorcas, and Samuel Lucas of Rockport, Nov.10,1842.*

Betsy W[oodbury.PR1031], a.23y., d.John, and Warren Young, a.27y., fisherman, s.Daniel, Nov.2,1845.*

Annette, and Joshua Hillier, fisherman, s.Joseph, Nov.30,1845.*


Eleanor, of Beverly, and Thomas Bray, at Beverly, Jan.29,1716-17.

Sarah, of Wenham, and Peter Uran, int.Sept.26,1724.

Ruth, of Wenham, and Thomas Riggs, int.Aug.26,1727.

Sarah, of Wenham, and Josiah Kent, int.Aug.26,1737.

Sarah, of Wenham, and Solomon Parsons, at Wenham, Sept.28,1737.*

Ruth [of], and Job Tucker, Dec.21,1749.*

Rebecca, of Ipswich, and Benjamin Davis, jr., int.Sept.15,1753.

Martha, and Joshua Parsons, Feb.18,1754.*

Jonas, of Beverly, and Lydia Herrick, May4,1762.CR2*

Zechariah, and Sarah Somes, Feb.12,1765.*

Eunice, and John Cunningham, Apr.9,1765.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Cleaves, jr., int.Mar.22,1769.

Prudence, of Sutton, and Solomon Parsons, jr., int.Oct.1,1772.

Enos, and Tammy Sawyer, Dec.8,1772.*

Ruth, and Moses Hunt, both of Bath, May4,1782.CR5

Barnabas, Capt., and [] Hannah Dodge of Ipswich, at Hamilton, Dec.8,1782.*

Hannah [], of Ipswich, and Capt. Barnabas Dodge, at Hamilton, Dec.8,1782.*

Sally, of Hamilton, and John Haskins, at Hamilton, Feb.16,1794. [Jan.4.PR299]*

Betsey, and [Capt.CR2] Richard Herrick, Jan.31,1797.*

Nathaniel, of Boston, and Mary Allen, int.Nov.22,1800.

John, of Ipswich, and Harriot Bray, Jan.12,1802.CR2*

Lydia, and William Ferson, May3,1803.

Patty, of Hamilton, and John Harraden, int.Aug.12,1803.

Benjamin [Capt. int.], and Nabby Lufkin, Apr.2,1809.*

Moses, and Anna Pierce, May13,1810.CR2*

William, and Sally Butler, Apr.12,1812.CR2*

Simeon, and Nancy Plummer, June27,1812.*

Mehitabel, of Hamilton, and Peter Woodbury, jr., int.Mar.20,1825.

Israel, and Elisabeth Watson, Sept.28,1828.*

Charles, and Mary Clark of Beverly, int.Mar.2,1834.

Temple, and Sarah E. Clark of Waltham, Feb.21,1837.*

Herbert T., of New Boston, NH, and Betsy Adams, Oct.28,1838.*

Moses, and Lucy Gordon of Essex, int.Sept.22,1839.

Priscilla C., and Willialm Smith of Ipswich, Mar.24,1844.

Anna [of Boston, NH,. int.], a.26y., b. New Boston, NH, and Simon Haraden, a.24y., bricklayer, s.Caleb and Susanna末蔓末,1849. [Mar.4,. int.]*

Benjamin G. [L. int.], unm.[of Lynn. int.], a.28y., mariner, b. Lynn, s.Benjamin G.L., and Harriet K. Adams, a.17y., d.Joseph and Priscilla, Jan.9,1849.*


Almira, and Cyrus Dudley of Lebanon, NH, Feb.5,1836.*

Eliza, and Charles Willington of Rindge, NH, int.Jan.23,1842.

DOGGETT (Daggett)

William, and Polly Millett, Apr.12,1792.*

William, and Mary York, Dec.15,1816.*

William, jr. and Judith Robinson, Oct.21,1839.*

DOHERTY (Daugherty)


James, a.22y., laborer, b. Europe, s.Francis and Bridget, and Margaret Leonard, a.23y., b. Europe, d.Thomas and Bridget, 1849. [Feb.4. dup]*

DOLE (Doal)

Phebe, of Ipswich, and Nymphas Stacy, [jr. int.], at Rowley, Sept.30,1767.*

Joseph, jr., of Rowley, and Ann Roberts, Apr.6,1815.*

DOLEVER (Doliver)

Rebecah, d.Samuell, and Richard Dike, Aug.7,1667.

Mary, wid., and James Gardner, Dec.16,1684.

Richard, and Agnis Barret, Nov.25,1697.

John, and Elizabeth Wood, Feb.11,1706-7.

Sarah, and James Dike, Feb.4,1712-13.*

Paul, and Mary Wallis, Feb.11,1712-13.*

Sarah, and Joseph Kilum, Oct.11,1727.*

Susana, and Thomas Vorel of Ipswich, Dec.18,1728.*

DOLIVER (Dolever, Dollivar, Dolliver)

Hannah, and Josiah Grover, July1,1719.

Rebeckah, and Joseph Coward, Jan.22,1721-2.*

Peter, and Abigail Sanders, Jan.25,1721-2.*

Anna, and Daniel Fuller of Ipswich, Oct.17,1726.*

Mary, and John Sanders, Dec.1,1736.*

William and Mary Merchant, Dec.3,1745.*

Sarah, and Jacob Row, July23,1747.*

Peter, jr., and Abigail Ingersoll, 末末. [ Sept.24,1748. int.]

Paul, and Rachel Barber, Feb.27,1749-50.*

William, and Abigal Sanders, May14,1759.*

Abigal, and John Ingersoll, May7,1761.*

Peter, and [] Esther Rogers, June17,1770.*

DOLLIVAR (Doliver)

Samuell, and Mary Elwell, d.Robbard, Aug.15,1654.

DOLLIVER (Doliver)

Anna and John Colson, June22,1776.*

Mary, and Aaron Parsons, Apr.25,1784.PR711

Poley, and Aaron Parsons, Apr.25,1784.*

Rachel, and Abraham Sawyer, jr., Sept.26,1784.*

William, jr., and Elisabeth Foster, Nov.25,1789.*

William, Capt., 3d, and Sally Foster, Aug.7,1790.*

William H[enry, int., Capt.CR6], and Adeline Sayward, Apr.1,1822.*

Esther G., and Francis A. Hutchings, June21,1829.*

William P., and Elisabeth Collins, June4,1837.*

Judith Clementina, and Robert Williams of Boston, int.Dec.31,1843.

Sarah E. [a.21y.TC;, d.William H. and Adeline pencil.], and Ignatius Gilbert [a.26y.TC], cabinetmaker, s.[Jonathan G. and Sally G. Foster. in pencil.]末蔓末,1844. [Dec.8.TC]*

DONAHEW (Donahue)

Dennis, sojourner, and Mary Davis, d.Moses, int.July23,1745.

John, and Eunice Clark, Aug.26,1762.*

DONAHUE (Dannihe, Donahew, Donnahew, Donnahue, Donnehew)

David, and Eliza White Lane, Nov.14,1822.*

Mary E., of Rockport, and John T. Harvey, int.June23,1845.

Margaret [of Canada.dup.], a.25y., b. Cassiar, Canada, and Thomas Mackey [resident. dup.], a.25y., laborer, b. Cassiar, Canada, s.David and Bridget, int.Dec.31,1848. [Jan.2. dup.]

DONHAM (Dunham)

Elisha, and Mary Babson, Apr.16,1717.

Bathshabah, and John Collins, at Plymouth, Nov.3,1719.*

Ezekiel, sojourner, and Susanna Riggs, Jan.24,1750-1.*

John, and Mary Perley of Ipswich, int.Dec.3,1774.

DONNAHEW (Donahue)

Rebecca, and Levi Bailey, Sept.17,1826.CR3*


Allis, of York, and Caleb Norwood, int.Sept.末, [1708?]TC

DONNEHEW (Donahue)

Catherine, and Abraham Row, jr., int.Nov.5,1791.

John, and Sarah Evens, int.Oct.6,1792.

David, and Rebecca Brown, int.Dec.22,1796.

Philemon, and Mrs.Betsy Parsons, int.May19,1798.

DOOLEY (Duley)


Mariquita B., and Sidney Mason, at St. Johns, Porto Rico, May26,1823.


Hannah, a.19y., b. Yarmouth, NS, and [C. int.] Andrew J. Hammond, a.22y., mariner, s.Andrew and Martha, June11,1848.*

DOUBLIN (Dublin)

John, and Dorcas Williams, Aug.13,1776.CR1

DOUCETT (Dowsett)

Isidore, and Rachel 末末, int.Nov.22,1760.

Sally, and Joshua Tarr, jr., Jan.2,1838.PR302

DOUGLAS (Douglass)

Robert, and Mary Parsons, Dec.33,1831.*

Eliza T., and George Geering, int.Nov.25,1832.

Robert, and Sarah Jane Norwood, Apr.6,1834.*

Eliza T., and Elias Griffin, Nov.30,1834.*

Samuel C., and Lydia Ann Adams, Oct.2,1835.*

Jonathan, jr., and Nancy Gardner, July24,1836.*

Charles, and Abigail Greenleaf, Feb.28,1842.*

Mary, and Rufus Parsons, seaman, s.[James P.TC], May18,1845.*

William C., fisherman, s.[Jonathan and pencil.], and Abby Lane, d.[Gideon and Abigail. In pencil.], Nov.2,1845.*

Thomas, fisherman, and Dorcas Geering, Dec.20,1845. [Nov.30 dup.]*

Mary, a.18y., d.Daniel and Mary, and Charles Tarr, a.22y., mariner, s.John and Judith, Nov.12,1846.*

Eliza Ann, a.17y., d.Daniel and Mary, and Benjamin Tarr, a.24y., mariner, s.John [fisherman. int.], and Judith, Dec.16,1846.*

Nancy, a.17 or 18y., d.John and Nancy, and George Hibbert, a.21y., mariner, s.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.末,1847. [Jan.10.CR7]*

DOUGLASS (Douglas)

Thomas [sojourner and resident. int.], and Mrs.Patty Bennett, Dec.4,1782.*

Fanny, and Edward Gerren, jr., Feb.7,1795.*

Polly [Mary.PR306], and Charles Wonson, Dec.22,1795.*

Daniel, and Lydia Adams, int.Oct.14,1797.

Betsy, and William Turner, int.July6,1799.

Jonathan, and Sally Coas, Dec.23,1810.*

Lydia, and Robert S[tewart. int.] Sawyer, Oct.17,1820.CR2*

Daniel, jr., and Mary V[] Parsons, Dec.15,1825.*

John, and Nancy Norwood, Nov.18,1828.*

Sally K., and Moses Parsons, 4th, Nov.25,1828.*

Hugh, and Betsy Knowlton, Oct.14,1833.*

Mary, and George Marchant, Jan.26,1841.PR649


Mary [], resident in this town [or Portsmouth, NH,. int.], and James Stevens, Jan.20,1754.*

John, and Lucy Brewer, int.Nov.26,1774.

Betsy, Mrs., of Manchester, and Samuel Youlen, int.Feb.3,1833. (Banns forbidden by the overseers of the poor.)

Elijah, of Lubec, ME, and Mary Ann Goodrich, Oct.22,1833.CR1*

Betsey, Mrs., of Manchester, and Samuel Youlin, resident, int.May2,1841.


Edward, sojourner, and Katherine Richardson, int.June20,1767.


Sarah, and Thomas Lovekin, Dec.22,1692.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Day, Dec.3,1719.*

David, and Mary Josline, Dec.14,1722.

Jonathan, and Saray Day, Jan.30,1728-9.

Sarah, of Lynn, and Isaac Day, int.Nov.16,1734.


Eliza Jane, and Nathaniel Ellery, jr., Aug.12,1832.CR6*


John, and 末末 末末, Apr.23, 末末. [17末]

John, and Sarah Williams, Apr.22,1760.CR2

DOWSETT (Darsett, Doucett)

Peter, and Narey [Nancy.CR1] Cook, Dec.2,1778.

David, and Sally Oaks, Dec.2,1792.*

Nancy, and Coffin White of Newburyport, int.Oct.22,1803.

Nancy, and Joshua Patfield of Salem, June5,1808.*

David, and Sally Tarr, Nov.14,1814.*

Joseph, and Deborah Brown,末蔓末,1821. [June27.CR3]*

Sally, and Joshua Tarr, jr., Jan.2,1838.*

Abigail, and William Baker, Mar.19,1838.*

Eliza, and Joseph Griffin, Dec.28,1838.*

DOYL (Doyle)

Foelix [sojourner. int.], and Mary Goodridge, Dec.25,1735.*

Mary, wid., and Matthew Ryan, sojourner, May30,1752.*

Felix, and Sarah Goodhue of Ipswich, int.Dec.1,1759.

Daniel, and Sarah Stockbridge, Aug.23,1763.*

Sara, and John Burns, int.Sept.2,1769.

Felix, and Patty Thurston, June14,1786.*

William, and Mary Stillman, Nov.24,1809.*

Abigail, and George Freeman, July19,1813.*

Felix, and Tammy Clark, Mar.18,1816.*

Abraham T[hurston. int.], and Rhoda Blatchford, Feb.23,1822. [Feb.28.CR5]*

Daniel, and Eliza Allen, int.May3,1826.

DOYLE (Doyl)

Daniel, and Tryphena Carter, Nov.29,1793.*

William [Capt.CR3] and Sally G[rover. int.] Gott [both of Sandy Bay.CR3], Dec.2,1818.*

Samuel, and Mary Harvey, int.Nov.25,1826.

Sally, Mrs.and Henry G. Robinson, Dec.5,1830.*

William, and Martha Hodgkins, Dec.28,1830.*

Mary J., and George Knowlton, June1,1833.*

Tamzon, and Benjamin F. Bartlett of Newburyport, int.Nov.17,1833.

DRAPER (Dreaper)

DRASER (Dresser)

Aaron [Dresser.CR1], and Ellis Row, Sept.5,1781.

Mary Elisabeth [Dresser.CR6], and John H. Wait of Ipswich, Dec.17,1829.*


Thomas, and Sarah Tar, Jan.6,1732.*

DRESSER (Draser)

John, and Mary Grover, Mar.13,1755.*

Moses, and Susannah Brown, Jan.6,1756.CR5*

Thomas, jr., and Dorcas Grover, Dec.13,1759.CR5*

Mary, wid, and Jabez Row, Aug.23,1764.CR5*

Sarah, and Robert Luis, sojourner, Nov.10,1767.CR5*

Abigail, and Samuel Sargent, Mar.18,1773.CR3*

Joseph, and Mary Lane, Dec.5,1773.CR5*

Moses, and Mary Boynton, int.Sept.3,1774.

Susee, and William Eaton, int.Feb.10,1775.

Mary [], and Thomas Finson, Sept.7,1777.CR5*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Stockbridge, Aug.4,1778.CR5

Richard, and Nabby Parsons, Dec.27,1780.

John, and Peggy Hariden, Sept.27,1789.CR5*

Peggy, of Sandy Bay, and Thomas Parsons [jr. int.], July21,1791.CR5*

Sally, and Samuel Clark, jr., Jan.4,1794.*

Richard, and Mrs.Susanna Murphy [both of the Cape.CR2], June6,1796.*

Sally, and Samuel Griffen, jr., Nov.11,1807.*

Eben, and Betsy G[reen. int.] Laha, Dec.25,1808.*

Hannah, and Josiah Bail of Connecticut, int.Aug.28,1813.

Nabby, and Reuben Brooks, Jan.13,1822.*

Susan, and John R[] Curtis, Apr.14,1822.CR3*

Nancy, and Stephen C. Nelson, Oct.16,1828.*

DRISCAL (Driscall)

Susanna, and George Johnston, Apr.27,1773.*

DRISCALL (Diskell, Driscal, Driskell)

Elias [sojourner. int.], and Susannah Clough, Aug.28,1768.

Jeremiah, and Rach White, Apr.10,1770.*

DRISCOLL (Driscall)

DRISKELL (Driscall)

William, and Sukey Trubody, int.Dec.5,1801.

Susanna, and Joseph Mason, Feb.24,1820.*

Rachel [O.PR309], and Charles Saunders, Sept.16,1823.*

Fanny A., and Michael L. Herbon, Sept.12,1830.*

Daniel D., and Elizabeth B. Elwell, Jan.19,1832.CR6

Margaret, of Boston, and Alonzo P. Low, int.July15,1849.


Solomon, and Rachel Bishop, at Manchester, Nov.17,1718.

Andrew, and Rachel Day, both of Manchester, Sept.30,1796.CR2

Samuel, and Anna Allin, both of Manchester, Dec.9,1800.CR2

Bethiah, and Aaron Lee, both of Manchester, Jan.1,1801.CR2

Joseph D[ay.PR310], of Manchester, and Adelia Lowe, Oct.6,1834. [Nov.8.PR310]*


John O[sborne. int.], and Susan T[hurston. int.] Tarr, Oct.24,1824.*

DUBLIN (Doublin)

John [of Western], and Doras [] Williams, May13,1776.*

DUCH (Dutch)

Hester, d.Osserman [Ester, d.Osman.CTR], and Samuell Elwell [s.Robert.CTR], June7,1758.


Anthony [formerly of], a.25y., laborer, b. Canada, s.Louis [and Matilda, of pencil. dup.], and Emeline F. Lufkin, wid., a.20y., d.Fitz and Mary Oakes,末蔓末,1849. [Feb.22. dup.]*


Cyrus, of Lebanon, NH, and Almira Doe, Feb.5,1836.*

DULEY (Dewley, Duly)

John C. [], and Judith Griffen, Mar.26,1805.*

Michael, and Betsey Sargent, Mar.16,1806.*

Nathaniel H[arraden. int.], and Abigail Griffen, Mar.13,1808.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Parsons,末蔓末,1810. [Dec.末.CR3]

Betsey [], and Michael Whalen, Sept.10,1816.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Jones, Nov.14,1831.CR3*

Judith, and Thomas Moses, Dec.6,1832.*

Abigail, and Charles W. Furnell [Funnell.CR6] Dec.16,1832.*

Mary, and John F. Stickney, Dec.末,1833. [Dec.12.CR6]*

Michael, and Betsey G. Lane, Dec.25,1833.*

Eben, and Judith Langsford, Dec.9,1838.*

Michael, and Mary W. Langsford, Feb.25,1841. [Feb.24.CR6]*

Henrietta, and Charles Davis, Oct.3,1842. [ Sept.25.PR236]*

James, and Nancy Hoyt, int.Apr.19,1846. [m.May10.PR314]

Michael, widr., a.39y., trader, s.Michael and Betsy, and Sarah P. Sargent, a.30y., d.Peter and Sarah, Apr.18,1847.*

DULY (Duley)

Charlotte, and Jessee Tay, Aug.10,1828.CR3*

DUMPHA (Dumphey)

Nathaniel Rowe, and Nancy Peabody of Middleton, int.May28,1825.

DUMPHEY (Dumpha, Dunphy)

Betsey [], and John L[ane. int.] Witham, Feb.10,1809.CR2*

Mary, and Fitz Edward Oakes, Oct.8,1822.CR3 [Oct.17,1823.PR621]*

DUNCAN (Dunton)

Mary, d.Petter, and William Sargaint, June21,1678.

Elizebeth, and Elisha Corney, jr., int.Apr.14,17末.

DUNHAM (Donham)

George [resident. int.], and Mrs.Esther Tarbox, Nov.20,1804.*


William, and Mrs.Abigail Parsons, Oct.3,1839.*


Daniel, and Nancy Wainwright, int.Jan.25,1810.

DUNNELS (Daniels)

Ira, resident, and Patience Roberts, int.Dec.20,1819. (Banns forbidden by Patience Roberts.)

Benjamin F., and Jane Tarr, Nov.17,1833.*

Moses M., of Newfield, ME, and Nancy S. Knutsford, June23,1839.*


Daniels [resident. int.], and Lydia Brown, Apr.22,1789.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Peter Anderson, resident, int.Jan.12,1805.

DUNPHY (Dumphey)

Eunice, and Michael Gaffney, int.Apr.21,1787.

Eunice G[affney,. int.], and Lemuel [] Parsons, Mar.7,1822.*

DUNTON (Duncan)

Abigail, of Stoneham, and Hazzadiah Smith, at Stoneham, Jan.18,1742-3.


Daniel N., of Salem [of Dedham.CR6], and Bathsheba Norwood, Mar.5,1838.*


Isaac, of Boston, and Mary W. Hooper of Charlestown, May19,1825.CR6


Nathaniel, and Hannah Elwell, Feb.7,1716.

Sarah, and Thomas Pennill, Jan.30,1717-18.


John, and Anna Low of Chebacco, int.Jan.26,1711-12.

John, and Hannah Benet, of Manchester, int.Oct.18,1712.

John, and Mary Lee of Manchester, int.Dec.12,1713.

DUTCH (Duch)

Mary, and Joseph Elwell, June22,1669.

Mary, and Samuel York, at Ipswich, Feb.21,1705.


Orville, and Louisa Farnham [of Boston. int.] at Boston, Dec.26,1820.*


Mary, of Marblehead, and Joseph Tucker, int.Aug.28,1721.

Samuell, and Prudence Bear, Jan.4,1727-8.

William, and Molly Fear, int.Feb.18,1775.

Mary, Mrs., and Andrew Elwell, Feb.8,1780. [Feb.7. dup.]

DYKE (Dike)

Elizabeth, and James Poland Nov.27,1718.

James, and Miriam Rust. Jan.8,1772.CR2


Robert, of Painesville, Ohio, and Emeline Trask of Jefferson, ME, int.entered Aug.14,1829. (Revoked by Mr. Dyson.)

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