Ruth (Chase), w.Enoch, June7,1801.

William, s.Enoch, consumption, July2,1801.CR1

William, Capt., formerly of Newburyport, Jan.26,1841. [a.58y.CR1;, a.50y.GR1]


John, h.Elizabeth, Feb.25,1693-4.

CARELTON (Carleton)

Hannah, w.Cornet Edwood, Sept.9,1741, in her 57th y.GR3


Ruby, June28,1847, a.47y.CR5

CARLETON (Carelton, Carlton)

Aaron sr., father Arron, jr., Nov.末,1827.

Abigail, w.Israel, July18,1825, a.64y.GR7

Ann, w.Phineas, and, d.Dr. Daniel and Mary Brickett, Feb.10,1814, a.25y.GR1

Ann, d.Phineas and Fanny [consumption.CR1], Apr.9,1825, a.11m.GR1

Baxter Cross, s.John and Mary Jane (Chapman) [dropsy on the brain. dup.], May3,1847. [a.11m.dup.]

D., wid., consumption, Aug.15,1823, a.81y.CR1

Eben, s.Michael and Ruth (Ayer), at Fayetteville, NC, Apr.末,1833.

Ebenezer, Mar.8,1836. [a.50y.GR1]

Edward, s.Israel and Abigall (Whittier), Feb.12,1824. [a.23y.GR7]

Elisabeth (Ayer), w.Phineas, July8,1783. [in her 35th y.GR1]

George, s.Phineas and Fanny, Feb.1,1821, a.6m.GR1

Hannah, d.Israel and Abigail (Whittier), Mar.22,1793.

Israel, h.Abigall (Whittier), Aug.28,1836. [a.74y.GR7]

James, s.Jonathan and Hannah (Sawyer), drowned, at Lancaster,末蔓末,1820.

John, Lt., Jan.22,1668.

Kimball, s.Kimball and Mary (Mitchel), Sept.22,1807. [a.26y.GR1]

Kimball, h.Mary (Mitchel),末蔓末,1820.

Kimball, Jan.15,1821, a.79y.GR1

Louisa Amelia, w.Oliver and youngest, d.Hon. Bailey Bartlett, June20,1840.GR1

Lucinda, w.Benjamin, b. Lee, NH, fever, July30,1849., a.43y.

Mary (Mitchel), w.Kimball, July7,1823. [a.73y.GR1]

Mehitable, Mrs., mother of Aaron, jr., Apr.4,1809.

Michael, h.Ruth (Ayer), June20,1836. [a.79y.GR1]

Phineas, s.Kimball and Mary (Mitchel), Mar.1,1784.

Prudence, wid.Aaron, of Bradford, June25,1798., a.83y.GR2

Ruth, wid.Michael, Sept.13,1847., a.70y.GR1

CARLTON (Carleton)

Abner, s.Edward and Elizabeth (Kimball), Jan.8,1701-2.

Ebenezer, s.Peter and Hannah (Gage), May23,1766.

Batte, d.Peter and Hannah (Gage), June20,1762.

Enos, Mrs.,末蔓末,1811.

Hannah, d.Peter and Hannah (Gage), Aug.20,1753.

John, s.Phineas and Elisabeth (Ayer), Oct.29,1775.

Mary, d.Phineas and Elisabeth (Ayer), Dec.26,1779.

Mehitable Chadwick, d.Aaron, jr. and Sarah (Merrill), June8,1802.

Michael, s.Michael and Ruth (Ayer) [fits.CR1], Apr.13,1796. [a.12d.CR1]

Nathaniel, s.Michael and Ruth (Ayer) [premature birth.CR1], Dec.8,1800. [Dec.1, a.5d.CR1]

Sarah, d.Phineas and Elisabeth (Ayer), Nov.3,1791.


Charlotte, d.Francis, Esq. and Mary, Sept.22,1794, a.5y.GR5

Charlottee, d.Capt. Francies and Mary (Eliot), Sept.15,1795.

Sarah N., Apr.20,1836.


Albert E., s.William and Sarah, Aug.5,1840., a.3m.GR1

Mary Ann S., d.William and Sarah, Oct.19,1843, a.5m.GR1

Sarah E., d.William and Sarah, dysentery, Sept.12,1849, a.1y.2m.


Eunis (Stuard), w.William, Sept.18,1820.

William, h.Eunis (Stuard), Aug.25,1807.

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

末末, wid., fever, Apr.18,1822, a.64y.CR1

Betsy (Mooers) [Elizabeth.GR1], w.Wilson, Oct.11,1821, [a.55y.GR1]

Katherine, d.Wilson and Betsy (Moors) [typhus fever.CR1], Feb.18,1820. [a.17y.CR1]

Mary, w.Hazzen [typhus fever.CR1], Dec.21,1819, a.28y.GR1 [Jan.1,1820.CR1]

Wilson, h.Betsy (Moors) [consumption.CR1], Apr.17,1818. [a.61y.CR1]

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Richard, s.Wilson and Betsy (Moors) [yellow fever, at sea.CR1], Aug.25,1801. [a.18y.CR1]


Aaron, m., b. Boxford, s.Daniel H., lung fever, Feb.21,1847, a.74y.

Alice, d.Andrew J. and Ann D., dropsy on brain, June29,1849, a.11m.

Stephen, s.Aaron and Jane, Jan.2,1834. [a.16y.GR7]


末末, w.James, Apr.1,1785.CR3

末末, ch.S. and H., consumption, July末,1821., a.9m.CR1

末末,, jr. and Sarah (Pearson), Apr.5,1833.

末末,, jr. and Sarah (Pearson), Feb.22,1834.

末末, wid.Moses, Mar.20,1841.

Abigail (Ela), w.Humphrey, Mar.20,1792.

Abigail [Abby T.GR4], d.Charles [and Mary T.GR4], Apr.27,1834. [a.26m.GR4]

Abigail, d.Edmund and Hannah (Pecker), Nov.12,1834. [a.45y.GR1]

Abigail, wid.Ephraim, Apr.30,1842, a.75y.GR4

Abigail, wid.[Dea.William.GR5], b. Kensington, NH, paralysis, Nov.29,1844, a.83y.

Abby [T.GR4], d.Anthony [and Sarah T.GR4], and adopted, d.Charles, spinal complaint, Sept.27,1845, a.6y.CR1

Abby J., d.Tappan and Hannah, July1,1847, a.19y.GR6

Albert, s.Benjamin W. and Ann (Foster), Aug.20,1832.

Alexander, s.Benjamin and Phebe (Buck), Nov.19,1802.

Anna (Woodard), w.Simeon, July末,1831.

Ann, wid., Oct.5,1832.CR6

Ann A., wid.John, July29,1843, a.57y.GR4

Benjamin, h.Phebe (Buck), Feb.11,1815.

Benjamin, Oct.2,1831, a.50y.GR5

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Betsy (Ladd), Mar.5,1833.

Benjamin H., s.Samuel and Priscilla (Cogswell), May8,1834.

Caroline, d.Adrian and Rhoda, Aug.28,1827, a.13d.GR6

Catharine Whittier, d.Jacob, Apr.30,1833, a.6m.

Charles S[eth.GR7], shoemaker, s.Moses M. and Sarah P., consumption, June16,1846, a.15y.6m.8d.

Cynthia (Merrill), w.Edmund, Oct.18,1839. [a.39y.GR1]

Daniel, s.Abner and Elizabeth (Whittier), July28,1736.

Daniel, Sept.22,1791.CR3

Daniel, Jan.末,1833.

Daniel, May14,1841.

David, h.Ruth, Nov.27,1832.

Deborah, w.Joseph, May14,1847, a.84y.GR6

Edmund Eustis, s.Edmund and Cynthia (Merrell), Jan.8,1828.

Elisabeth, d.Ephraim and Abigail (Smith), Jan.14,1792.

Elizabeth, Miss, Apr.19,1810, a.56y.GR4

Elizabeth, w.John, June1,1817, a.35y.GR4

Elisabeth (Bradley), w.Moody, Oct.6,1840. [a.77y.CR5]

Betsy (Ladd), w.Benjamin, jr., Feb.25,1841. [Feb.23.CR6;, a.56y.GR5]

Emily, d.Amos and Judith (Little), May5,1836.

[Emma.GR6], and Hannah (Johnson), Aug.11,1841. [Aug.10, a.3w.GR6]

Ensign, s.Abner and Elizabeth (Whitter), July28,1736.

Ephraim, s.Humphrey and Abigail (Ela), Nov.6,1754.

Ephraim, h.Abigail (Smith), Apr.5,1836. [a.79y.GR4]

Eustis S. [J.GR5], s.John I. and Charlotte P., drowning, June6,1849, a.7y.6m.

Ezra, Dea., Mar.3,1793, a.75y.GR5

George Washington, s.Woodman and Lydia, Feb.27,1816, a.7y.GR4

Hannah (Cogswell), 2d, w.Samuel [consumption.CR1], Feb.21,1824. [Mar.4, a.28y.CR1]

Hannah (Pecker), w.Edmund, June6,1835. [a.84y.GR1]

Harriet B., d.Moses M. and Sarah P. (Adams), Dec.13,1832. [a.1 m 7d.GR7]

Harriet (Duston), w.Thomas N. [d.Thomas and Susanna (Kimball), dup; consumption.CR1], Feb.27,1841. [a.38y.CR1]

Henry B., s.Samuel and Priscilla (Cogswell), Mar.23,1826.

Humphry, h.Abigial (Ela), June6,1794.

Isaac Tompkins, s.Anthony and Sarah (Tompkins), Dec.12,1841. [a.13y.GR4]

Jacob, h.Joanna (Davis), Sept.11,1754.

James Bailey, s.James, jr. and Elisabeth (Haseltine), Feb.25,1776.

John, s.twin, Abner and Elizabeth (Whitter), July9,1736.

John, Apr.28,1826.CR6

John H., s.John, 2d, July1,1835.

John, June1,1837, a.63y.GR4

Joseph, s.twin, Abner and Elizabeth (Whitter), July13,1736.

Joseph, farmer, old age, Feb.18,1845, a.76y.8m.[a.78y.GR6]

Josiah, h.Ruth (Bradley), Mar.15,1826. [a.69y.GR2]

Judith, w.Dea.Ezra, Feb.28,1808., a.86y.GR5

Laura E., d.Amos and Sarah P., Feb.23,1844, a.22m.GR1

Lydia, wid.Woodman, Nov.5,1845, a.80y.GR4

Mary, d.Ezra and Judith (Davis), Nov.16,1747.

Mary, Jan.28,1828.CR6

Mary, Mar.28,1849, a.48y.GR4

Matilda, d.Tappan and Hannah (Johnson), May7,1834. [a.4y.CR6]

Matilda, m., consumption, Oct.30,1844, a.21y.

Matilda, b. Derry, NH, d.William and Matilda, scarlet fever, May31,1849, a.5y.

Moses, s.Humphrey and Abigail (Ela), Oct.31,1754.

Moses, Dec.21,1830, a.24y.GR4

Permelia S., w.Lorenzo, Nov.30,1844, a.23y.GR4

Phebe, d.Jacob and Joanna (Davis), Nov.17,1721.

Phebe, w.Aaron, Apr.21,1848, a.39y.GR4

Reuben, s.Abner and Elizabeth (Whitter), Aug.20,1725.

Robert, s.Anthoney and Abigail (Woodman), Apr.17,1762. [in his 3d y.GR4]

Ruth, w.Josiah, Sept.10,1829, a.66y.GR4

Samuel, s.Amos and Judith (Little), Feb.17,1830.

Samuel, Sept.24,1848, a.65y.GR4

Sarah, d.Abner and Elizabeth (Whitter), Aug.3,1736.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Hizibah (Sargent), Sept.17,1754.

Sarah (Sweet), wid.Anthony, Oct.末,1823.

Sarah T., w.Anthony, Feb.11,1842, a.42y.GR4

Sarah, unm., d.Tappan and Hannah, consumption, Aug.4,1848, a.16y.

William, s.Ezra and Judith (Davis), Nov.14,1753.

William, Dec.9,1793.CR3

William, h.Abigail (Gove), Dec.8,1838. [Dec.9, a.82y.GR5]

Woodman, h.Lydia (Goodridge), Dec.17,1823. [Dec.1, a.58y.GR4]

Zelenda G., d.William D.S. and Zelenda, Nov.29,1843, a.25y.GR5


William, s.John and Sarah (Colby), Jan.18,1769.


George, s.Orlando, Sept.22,1836.


Hannah, d.Peter and Hannah (Allen), Mar.23,1804.


Edward, "at Mrs.Bachellers," Jan.7,1830.

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

Aaron, Dea."at the house of Joseph Coffin," Mar.3,1829, a.90y.

Amos, s.Jonathan and Martha (Ela), Dec.12,1716.

Gift (Stevens), w.Timothy, Dec.8,1737.

Hannah, w.Moses, June23,1836, a.71y.GR7

Isaac, s.Edward and Sarah (Stevens), Nov.30,1727.

John, s.Edward and Sarah (Stevens), Aug.15,1730.

Judith, w.Dea.Aaron, Nov.19,1823, a.71y.GR7

Martha, d.Jonathan and Martha (Ela), Dec.3,1717.

Mary, w.Nathaniel, June13,1817, a.84y.GR7

Mary (Kimball), w.Moses, Aug.末,1819. [Aug.16, a.40y.GR7]

Moses, h.Hannah (Emerson), Sept.28,1840. [a.70y.GR7]

Nathaniel, Nov.5,1805, a.77y.GR7

Paul, s.Nathaniel, Nov.20,1789.CR3 [a.22y.GR7]

Sarah, unm., b. Boston, d.Samuel and Sarah, consumption, Apr.7,1845, a.27y.

Sally, w.John W., Dec.19,1846, a.56y.GR1

Timothy, h.Gift (Stevens), Feb.7,1735-6.

CLARKE (Clark)

Dorcas, w.Edward, Feb.13,1681.

Elizabeth, d.Hanniel and Mary (Gutterson), Feb.29,1727-8. [in her 24th y.GR1]

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Mary (Davis), Nov.20,1690.

Mathew, s.Mathew and Mary, Feb.22,1683.

Sarah, d.Hanniel and Mary (Gutterson), Oct.13,1689.

CLEMENT (Clements, Clemments)

末末, ch.stillborn, Job, Nov.17,1645.

Abigail,末蔓末,1734, a.15y.GR2

Amos, s.Moses and Phebe (Wilson), Oct.6,1754.

Benaiah, June4,1830, a.48y.7m.5d.GR2

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary (Bartlet), June29,1754.

Benjamin, Dea., Dec.22,1786, a.69y.GR2

Caleb, Aug.末, [17末].GR2

Caleb, s.Benjamin and Mary (Bartlet), July15,1743.

Caleb, s.Benjamin and Mary (Bartlet), Aug.5,1747.

Caleb, s.Peter and Elizabeth, May2,1784, a.19y.GR2

Daniel, s.Robert, jr. and Elizabeth (Fane), at New Jersey, Jan.10,1679-80.

David, s.Nathaniel and Sarah (Merrill), Mar.30,1729.

David, s.Nathaniel and Sarah (Merrill), Dec.末,1738.

Deliverance (Oddihorn), w.Robert, jr., Mar.3,1741.

Eben, s.Peter and Elizabeth, Nov.6,1775, a.3y.GR2

Edward, s.Moses and Phebe (Wilson), Oct.20,1754.

Elizabeth, w.Robert, jr., Mar.27,1715.

Elizebeth, d.John and Elizabeth (Kimball), Sept.23,1715.

Elisabeth, w.John, Nov.6,1754.

Elizabeth, wid.Peter, Esq., Oct.27,1831, a.91y.GR2

Hanah, d.John and Elizabeth (Ayers), Sept.15,1691.

Hannah, d.John and Elizabeth (Kemball), Oct.9,1729.

Hannah, d.Samuel, jr. and Elisabeth (Carlton), Jan.27,1750.

Jesse, s.Peter and Elizabeth, Jan.25,1787, a.13y.GR2

Job, h.Mehetable (Ayer), Dec.23,1732.

John, s.Job,末蔓末,1646, a.abt. 2w.

John, h.Elizabeth (Ayers), May16,1692.

John, s.John and Elizabeth (Kemball), May16,1714. [a.3y.GR1]

John, Lt., Nov.23,1762, in his 77th y.GR2

John, Jan.9,1821, a.25y.GR2

Joseph, s.Moses and Phebe (Wilson), Aug.28,1743.

Lydia, d.Timothy and Hannah (Ford), Apr.3,1758.

Mary, d.Robert, jr. and Elizabeth (Fane), July1,1670.

Mary, d.Robert, jr. and Elizabeth (Fane), Feb.11,1678.

Mary, d.Moses and Phebe (Wilson), Nov.12,1736.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary (Bartlet), Nov.16,1754.

Moses, s.Moses and Phebe (Willson), Sept.20,1746.

Nathaniel, s.Robert, jr. and Elizabeth (Fane), at Saco, Apr.末,1689.

Peter,末蔓末, [17末], a.3y.GR2

Peter, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Watts), Dec.4,1737.

Peter, Esq., Dec.30,1815, a.75y.GR2

Releaf, d.Peter and Elizabeth, Oct.3,1789, a.19y.GR2

Robert sr., Sept.29,1658.

Robert, h.Deliverance (Oddihorn), Sept.3,1741.

Samuel, s.Timothy and Hannah (Ford), Sept.2,1749.

Samuel, h.Ruth (Peasly), Oct.3,1754.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ruth (Peasly), Dec.24,1803.

Simeon, s.Timothy and Hannah (Ford), Mar.17,1749-50.

Susanna, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Rachel (Bayley), Feb.12,1756.

Susanna, wid.Dea.John, Nov.7,1840, a.84y.GR2

CLEMENTS (Clement)

Abigail, w.Ebenezer, consumption, Jan.7,1815, a.55y.CR1

Amos, h.Abigail (Hills) [consumption.CR1], Jan.30,1819. [Feb.4, a.66y.CR1]

Anna, d.Samuel, 3d and Anne (Gage), Sept.20,1754.

Elizabeth, d.Amos and Abigail (Hills) [consumption.CR1], July4,1802. [a.20y.CR1]

John [Dea.GR2], h.Susanna (Massey), Oct.14,1823. [a.68y.GR2]

Moses, Dea., h.Phebe (Willson),末蔓末,1788.

Phebe, d.Moses, jr. and Sarah (Bailey), Oct.23,1786.

Ruth, d.Samuel, 3d and Anne (Gage), Sept.25,1754.

Sarah (Merrill), w.Nathaniel, July10,1748.

Sarah G., d.Benjamin and Polly (Griffin), Sept.末,1838.


Benaiah [Dr.GR2], h.Abigail (Sawyer), Mar.23,1784. [a.24y.GR2]

CLERK (Clark)

Martha (Ela), w.Jonathan, Dec.5,1717.


Abigail, wid., b. Bradford, d.William and Abigail Atwood, old age, July5,1846, a.82y.

Benjamin, s.Mr. 末, July28,1797.CR3

David, July1,1840.


William, "at Moses Emerson House," [typhus fever.CR1], Dec.末,1820. [Dec.21, a.69y.CR1]


Hannah M., Mar.29,1845, a.4y.11m.

Harriet Maria, d.Augustus M. and Harriet S. (Hale), Mar.28,1845.

Harriet E., d.A.M. and Harriet S., dysentery, Sept.3,1848, a.1y.10m.24d.

Harriet A., d.S.M. and Harriet A., dysentery, Sept.11,1849, a.6y.

Herbert M., s.S.M. and Harriet A., dysentery, Sept.17,1849, a.1y.3m.


John, May8,1836.


Abigail, w.John, and, d.Capt. John and Dorcas Soley, "she was drove from Charlestown in April 1775 by ye Cruel hand of Oppression," Sept.4,1775, a.51y.GR1


Deborah, d.Tristram, Dec.30,1642.

John, s.Tristram, Oct.30,1642. [Oct.20.CTR]

John, Nov.11,1843, a.23y.GR8

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, July27,1837, a.13y.GR8

Tristram, s.Stephen and Sarah (Atkinson), Mar.9,1687-8.

Tristram, s.Joseph and Sarah (Clark), Nov.7,1836. [a.21y.GR8]


末末, d.Nathaniel and Judith (Badger), Jan.末,1759.

末末, ch.John, jr., premature birth, Jan.25,1800, a.1d.CR1

Abigail (White), w.John [jr., Sept.10,1750, in her 21st y.GR1]

Nabba, d.John, jr. and Betty (Griffin) [whooping cough.CR1], May17,1796. [a.1y.7m.CR1]

Abigail White, d.John, jr. and Betty (Griffin) [inflammation on brain.CR1], May17,1805. [a.9y.CR1;, a.8y.GR1]

Ambrose, s.Thomas, quinsy, Oct.2,1796, a.2y.CR1

Ebenezer, s.John, jr. and Betty (Griffin) [throat distemper.CR1], Aug.18,1795. [a.2y.CR1]

Betsey, Dec.末,1835, a.77y.CR5

Betsey (Griffin), w.John, Jan.4,1836. [Jan.5, a.76y.GR1]

George, h.Mary (Sandmon), Apr.13,1833.

John, Dec.18,1780, in his 82d y.GR1

John, h.Betty (Griffin) [s.John, consumption.CR1], Nov.5,1801. [a.43y.CR1]

John, h.Sarah (Bartlet) [old age.CR1], Mar.31,1818. [a.91y.GR1;, a.89y.CR1]

Joseph, s.Nathaneil and Judith (Badger), Dec.1,1746. [in his, 3d y.GR1]

Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Judith (Badger), July2,1752. [in his 5th y.GR1]

Joseph [3d.GR1], s.Nathaniel and Judith (Badger), Aug.27,1756. [in his 1st y.GR1]

Judith, d.Nathaniel and Judith (Badger), Aug.21,1753. [in her 3d y.GR1]

Judith, d.Nathaniel and Judith (Badger), Sept.29,1754. [in her 1st y.GR1]

Judith, d.Nathaniel Peaslee and Susanna (Lakeman), Sept.12,1784.

Lydia (Harriman), w.Thomas [child bed.CR1], Apr.20,1810. [a.38y.CR1]

Nathanael, s.Nathaniel and Judith (Badger), Nov.9,1754. [in his 14th y.GR1]

Priscilla, d.John, jr. and Betty (Griffin) [nervous fever.CR1], Mar.25,1800. [a.12y.CR1]

Sarah, w.John, consumption, Sept.12,1799, a.74y.CR1 [a.73y.GR1]

Thomas, s.John and Sarah, Aug.6,1761, a.3w.GR1

Thomas, s.John, jr. and Sarah (Bartlet), Aug.27,1761.

William, s.John, jr., dysentery, Sept.15,1801.CR1

William Hazen, s.Ebenezer and Mary (Goodridge), May14,1833.

COLBEY (Colby)

末末, wid., fever, Aug.2,1824, a.40y.CR1

COLBY (Colbey)

末末, d.Lewis and Mary (Emerson), July末,1836, a.2m.

Asa, Sept.19,1828, a.24y.GR1

Elizabeth, 2d, w.Anthony, June25,1738.

Elizabeth, Mrs., Mar.14,1809, a.69y.GR1

Ephraim, Mar.11,1818, a.73y.GR5

Ephraim, h.Lydia (Chase), June18,1833.

Eunice, d.Ebenezer and Mary (Chase), Aug.2,1757.

Isadella, d.Nathan and Mria, lung fever, Mar.27,1845, a.8m.

Mary (Currier), w.Anthony, Apr.8,1719.

Sarah (Davis), w.Isaac, June3,1755.

Theophilus, h.Mary (Whiting), Oct.4,1834.

Zaccheus, h.Betsey (George), July24,1831.


Benjamin, h.Hannah (Runnels), "drowned with 5 other persons," May24,1807.


Elizabeth, in the family of Capt. Benjamin Willis [lung fever.CR1], Mar.14,1809, a.69y.

COLLINGS (Collins)

Robert, h.Esther, June17,1688.

COLLINS (Collings)

Georgianna, d.J.K. and Ann D., canker rash, Feb.4,1849, a.6y.

Hannah, wid., Nov.10,1832.

John Clarence, s.John K. and Ann D., June18,1847, a.1y.10m.18d.GR1

Rhoda, Dec.4,1841.

COMPTON (Cumpton)

末末, d.William, Nov.20,1664.CTR


Robert, of Amherst, NH, "at the house of Henry Plummer," May6,1823.


Elisabeth, d.Benjamin and Jane (Fifield), Nov.6,1798.

Hannah, d.twin, James and Dorithy (Hibberd), Nov.19,1758.

James, s.James and Dorithy (Hibberd), Sept.16,1748.

John, s.James and Dorithy (Hibberd), June12,1759.


Susanna, wid.Samuel, Esq., of Roxbury, Dec.2,1820, a.68y.GR1


Mary P. [w.Elbridge.GR5], milliner, d.David and Tamson (Silloway), Oct.12,1846, a.28y.1m.29d.


Ruth, wid.George, consumption, Mar.26,1849, a.78y.


Anna, at the poorhouse, July3,1833.

CORLIS (Corliss)

末末, w.Timothy, Dec.6,1784.CR3

末末, ch.stillborn, Emerson, Aug.2,1791.CR3

Abigail (Mitchel), w.John, jr., Jan.4,1753.

Anna, d.Thomas and Rebecka (George), Aug.5,1736.

Elisabeth, d.stillborn, John, jr. and Abigail (Mitchel), Sept.1,1739.

George, Oct.19,1686.

George, s.John and Ruth (Haines), Apr.4,1714.

George, s.George and Judith (Webster), Jan.23,1758.

John, h, Mary (Wilford), Feb.17,1697-8.

John, jr., h.Abiah (Whittier), Nov.15,1769.

Joseph, h.Mary (Emerson), Nov.3,1762.

Judith (Webster), w.George, Sept.17,1764.

Martha, d.Thomas and Rebecka (George), Nov.10,1727.

Rebeckah, d.Thomas and Rebecka (George), Aug.2,1736.

Ruth, d.John, jr. and Abigail (Mitchel), Aug.22,1755.

Samuel, s.John, jr. and Abigail (Mitchel), Dec.31,1753.

Sarah, d.John and Ruth (Haines), Dec.31,1736.

Sarah, d.John, jr. and Abigail (Mitchel), Nov.3,1738.

Solomon, s.Joseph and Mary (Emerson), Sept.15,1755.

Susannah, d.Thomas and Rebecka (George), Aug.1,1736.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Rebecka (George), Aug.4,1736.

Thomas, Sept.3,1781, a.93y.CR3

William, s.Thomas and Rebecka (George), Aug.24,1736.

CORLISS (Corlis)

末末, ch.末末, fits, Oct.12,1826, a.1d.CR1

Abigail B., w.John, Dec.8,1841, a.75y.GR7

Abigail B., wid.John, jaundice, Dec.8,1847, a.75y.

Elizabeth (Annice), w.John Swaddock, Oct.8,1805.

Ephraim, h.Lydia (Ayer), Oct.25,1824. [a.73y.GR7]

John S., Jan.31,1823.CR3

John, h.Abigail (Bradley), Nov.21,1841. [a.80y.GR7]

Laurena, unm., d.John [and Abigail.GR7], inflammation, Nov.1,1844, a.30y.

Lydia (Ayer), w.[Capt.GR7] Ephraim, Sept.23,1805. [a.48y.GR7]

Polly, d.Capt. Ephraim and Lydia, Dec.5,1798, a.4y.GR7

Mary, wid.末末, Nov.8,1815, a.88y.GR7

Phineas, s.Ephraim and Lydia (Ayer), at Otter Creek, IN, Aug.4,1838.

Sally, unm., d.Stephen and Sarah, heart disease, Jan.19,1849, a.53y.

Sophronia, w.John, jr., June2,1821, a.24y.GR7

Stephen, h.Sally (Bailey), Dec.3,1832. [a.60y.GR7]


Christiana, w.Thomas, Apr.24,1840.


Joseph S., b. Billerica, s.Joseph and Analisa, scarlet fever, Aug.14,1845, a.7y.


John, Capt. [a native of Halifax, consumption.CR1], Apr.24,1801. [a.40y.CR1;, a.42y.GR1]


James, s.Jedediah and Nancy (Holland), Nov.1,1802.

Sarah, mother of Jedediah, Nov.7,1802.

Solomon, June18,1796, a.23y.GR1


Seth, June27,1719.GR1


Anne, d.twin, Stephen and Hannah (Guild), July25,1758.

Rebecca G., w.Benjamin, erysipelas, Mar.22,1845, a.38y.8m.


Jonathan W., s.Jonathan and [Betsy (Ayer), in pencil], Sept.26,1834.


Jacob Abbot, b. Hollis, NH, "many years a teacher of youth and a bookseller in Boston," at Boston, Feb.24,1820, a.48y.GR2

CUMPTON (Compton)

Mary, d.William, Mar.30,1664.


Abigail (Kelly), w.Samuel, May20,1734.

Abigail, d.Reuben and Elizabeth (Robbinson), Jan.6,1737-8.

Amos, s.John and Rachel (Whitticker), Aug.22,1736.

Amos, of Atkinson, "at the house of Joseph Gubtal," June13,1824.

Ann, d.Samuel and Mary (Hardy), Oct.22,1696.

Anne Knight, d.Eliphalet and Hannah (Ingalls), Sept.27,1807. [a.6m.GR1]

Aretas, ch.Daniel and Sophia (Chase), Oct.19,1819.

Asa, Apr.16,1841, a.24y.GR8

Caleb, s.Caleb and Abigail (Roberds), Feb.3,1737-8.

Caleb, s.Reuben and Elizabeth (Robbinson), Dec.17,1737.

Caleb, h.Abigail (Roberds), Oct.18,1757.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Abigail (Roberds), June4,1759.

Caleb, h.Martha (Dennis), June13,1810.

Daniel H., s.Daniel and Sophia (Chase), Aug.6,1825.

David, s.Caleb and Abigail (Roberds), Jan.26,1750-1.

David, s.Caleb and Abigail (Roberds), Nov.23,1754.

Eliphalet, h.Eliza (White), Mar.26,1831.

Elisabeth (Robbinson), w.Reuben, Oct.18,1768.

Ellizabeth, d.Eliphalet and Hannah (Ingalls), May2,1817. [a.6m.GR1]

Ellen M., d.Daniel and Sophia (Chase), Apr.6,1839.

Eustis Cary, s.Eliphalet and Eliza (White), Nov.16,1829.

George, s.Eliphalet and Eliza (White), Apr.2,1821.

Grace (Hall), w.John, May20,1761.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Mary (Hardy), Feb.4,1682.

Hannah (Ingalls), w.Eliphalet, Nov.17,1817. [Nov.19, a.32y.GR1]

John, h.Grace (Hall), July25,1722.

Martha, wid., b. Gloucester, old age, Sept.14,1848, a.91y.

Molly Webster, w.Nathaniel of Methuen, d.Stephen Webster, Apr.24,1813, a.36y.GR7

Mary Frances, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Eliza (Sargent), Sept.14,1833.

Peter, s.John, jr. and Elisabeth (Watts), Sept.2,1740.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Elizabeth (Robbinson), Jan.6,1737-8.

Reuben, Lt., h.Elizabeth (Robbinson), Aug.19,1773.

Reuben, Apr.15,1827.

Richard, s.Samuel and Mary (Hardy), Apr.6,1689.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary (Hardy), Feb.26,1669.

Samuel, h.Mary, Mar.14,1712-13. [a.77y.GR1]

Warren, s.Gilman, Aug.13,1836.

William, s.John and Rachel (Whitticker), Sept.3,1736.


末末, ch.illegitimate, E., quinsy, Sept.末,1821, a.4m.CR1

Ann (Wainwright), w.Rev. James, Feb.12,1810.

Hannah, w.Rev. James R., June24,1843, a.42y.GR4

Millicent R., d.James R. and Hannah, Sept.22,1842.PR60

Milliscent R., d.Rev. James R. and Hannah L., Sept.22,1842, a.3y.7m.GR4

Moses, s.Rev. James and Ann (Wainwright), Dec.31,1826.

Thomas, s.Rev. James and Ann, Nov.28,1764, a.10y.5m.GR2

Thomas, s.Moses and Elisabeth (Jackman), drowned in the River, July3,1802. [a.23y.GR2]

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